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Kame Radio Tidbits 2017.02.04

Fanmail: (Talks about his 5th grade daughter who has a crush on a boy and his advice to her.) Kame-chan is still single, but if you become a father with a daughter, what kind of advice would you give her?

Kame: Ehh… My own daughter right? Until you’re 20, I’m your boyfriend. [Translator’s Note: 20 is coming of age in Japan] *LOL* That’s super annoying isn’t it? Like, “Huhhh?” *LOL* Actually she’d probably say, “Mom, don’t wash my clothes with dad’s clothes!” That would be a shock

But what kind of advice would I give ne. Since it’s my own daughter, I’d say it’s fine, date the way you’d like. Do what you like. But if she brought home a guy who’s better than I am, I really would be a bit jealous. “Oh, this guy is really kakkoii…” *LOL*  

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Fanmail: (Introduces streetcar/train from his hometown that provides oden, beer, and karaoke during the winter.) Kame-chan, what do you think about trains like this?

Kame: That sounds super fun! I want to try riding it, sounds like fun. Oden is nice ne [Translator’s Note: Oden is a Japanese dish traditionally eaten during winter. Kame actually owns the equipment to make his own]. We had oden during the new year and throughout winter, but I haven’t made any since then. I want to go have some, there are lots of tasty oden restaurants these days

In middle school, on my way home there was a place that sold chikuwa (fish cake) for 30 yen each, sausage for 20 yen, etc. I’d eat that while returning home; it was so tasty. Was I not supposed to eat on my way home? I forgot *LOL* Is that shop still around? Next time I return to my hometown I’m going to check

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Okay I realize this is kind of out-of-season at this point BUT I was reminded this morning that I actually have a couple of commissions I never posted. This one was supposed to go up back in December but I didn’t actually have access to the original file until recently.

ANYway a personal birthday gift for the lovely frimu~

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