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Every Exo Comeback Ever

Suho: What kind of concept do you guys want to do this time around?

Baekhyun: I don’t really care

Chen: Same

Yixing: *in China*

Chanyeol: Something fun

Xiumin: Whatever you guys want

Kai: My leg will be broken anyway

Sehun: I just want lines

D.O.: How about we do some deep moving concept that involves deep sorrow meaningful lyrics and pain, but showcases our talent in a new and inventive way??

Exo: *Debuts MV on sound stage with abstract background and nonsensical English*

Suho: What kind of dance style do you want this time around? Normal or Sexy?

Baekhyun: Whatever is fine

Chen: Ditto

Yixing: *still in China*

Chanyeol: Something easy

Xiumin: You guys pick

Kai: Um are ankles suppose to swell like this?

Sehun: Can I please have lines?!

D.O.: How about something light and easy with a fun simple dance that the whole family can dance to???

Exo: *Debuts MV filled with pelvic thrusts, floor grinds and body rolls*


D.O.: I hate this fcknign group

1. you will lose friends over time,
2. you’ll gain a few back though
3. most of them are just there to have a laugh with, that’s okay
4. for those you do have more than meaningful conversations with, keep them
5. because if people find a way to your soul, they are meant to be there
6. Family will always stay family, you do not have any obligations towards them though
7. make the best of every situation, make sure you can leave with pride.
8. if the people who are supposed to love you don’t really show it, show it to yourself.
9. Being your own best friend is not always the best thing but it sure can help you out a lot
10. If you love someone, tell them.
11. Share what’s going on inside your head, it won’t make it go away, but believe me, it’ll be less heavy
12. Sometimes things happen to you and you don’t really know why, it’s okay, you don’t always need to know everything. Let it go, you’ll figure it out along the way
13. sometimes the biggest changes lead to your best self, it is scary but you’ll gain a lot
14. never stop figuring yourself out
15. keep learning from others
16. stay focused on your goal, it’s hard and somedays will feel like the end of the world but tomorrow is just a new beginning.
17. It’s okay if you stay in bed
18. but try to at least shower, it’ll be something really energie-taking but i promise you, it’ll make you feel better
19. being 20 years of age really says nothing, it’s in the way you approach things and your additude towards the world
20. be yourself, be more yourself than you have ever been, fuck what others think. Be you, be you, be you, be you.
21. You got this
22. You got this
23. You got this.
—  2017 advice for myself
wild world condensed
  • good grief: death and how confusing it is
  • the currents: donald trump sucks and so does the media
  • an act of kindness: regret and self loathing
  • warmth: how to recover from 2016
  • glory: oHMYGOD WHAT IS ThIs bLESSInG
  • power: an abusive relationship??? the media is shit????? who knows not me but i hope no one hurt dan
  • two evils: again, more self loathing but slightly more optimistic self loathing
  • send them off!: religion, demons and jealously?? insecurity??
  • lethargy: anxiety (particularly about dying)
  • four walls: the song about a convicted murderer
  • blame: two gangsters fighting??? thanks dan for this deep meaningful song
  • fake it: idk man i suppose it's about how shit the media is?? (again)
  • snakes: more anxiety, this time about life in 2016 in general
  • winter of our youth: MORE self loathing and nostalgia and anxiety
  • way beyond: the media, if u didn't already know, is SHIT
  • oil on water: sex, but empowering sex. u go girl, u have all the sex
  • campus: don't stay in school kids y'all are wasting your time it's a trap
  • shame: bad blood 2.0, otherwise known as, "u were my best friend and then u changed and ur horrible now" (also, hidden self loathing)
  • the anchor: so yeah conclusion i hate myself but ily
so today i went on deviantart to look at bad art with my friends

like, really bad art. and so after looking at quintessencial deviantart goodness, i decided to make my own version of anshu, deviantart style. an improvement:

here you can see she is not chubby anymore but Fit™ because diabetes is bad. youll notice the efficient use of primary colours and beautiful and meaningful shading. since she is a Female, there is emphasis on her incredible bosoms. never mind what physics tell us, this is how clothes are supposed to fold. her dynamic posing and suggestive face also symbolize an open mind. i gave her bare feet because Feet Fetishists Lives Matter. then i made her horns look more like cat ears, because i can. i gave her eyelashes and magnificent pulpous lips as to remind everyone that anshu is, in fact, a Female™. and last but not least, i felt the need to change her skin colour from grey to beige, just as to make sure she is seen as Caucasian™.

truly, this is the superior version of anshu and i will only draw her like that from now on. i hope you all appreciate the true beauty of fine artwork.

“I don’t want to imagine my life without you in it” seems even more important and meaningful now that we know about Maggie’s past. Maggie’s parents learn she’s gay cut her off, kick her out; she has had to not only imagine, but actually live her life without people who were supposed to be there for her.

And then follow up her parents with the relationships that she’s had that haven’t worked out, including one where she was called work obsessed, stubborn, and borderline sociopathic.

Imagine how much she must have been feeling for Alex at that point - to lie to Alex about her past to make Alex feel safer about coming out, to be afraid of losing Alex before their relationship even started because she has been cut out people’s lives before, and she didn’t want to go through that with Alex, who already meant so much to her.

(because “I knew we were right for each other, Danvers” has implications. Implications about the fact that maybe Maggie got to know gorgeous, badass, nerdy, secretly vulnerable Alex Danvers and thought - wow, she could be it)

Even “we should kiss the girls we want to kiss” has even more to talk about now, really. How many times has Maggie had to tell herself that she’s allowed to be who she is and kiss who she wants? And when it came to Alex, it wasn’t anything with her past or her family holding her back, it was her own voice in her head that was afraid.


Alex Danvers is exactly the kind of person Maggie Sawyer thought she would end up with even as a kid in Nebraska; she is the person who makes the work-obsessed detective take the morning off, the person who makes the stubborn woman re-evaluate her stance on hating Valentine’s Day, the person who makes a “borderline sociopath” lie about her painful past to give hope and courage in a scary situation.

Maggie doesn’t get easily attached to a lot of people, but she did to Alex because Alex is something special. The woman who can make her love Valentine’s Day.

And Alex has spent so much of her life feeling the opposite of special because of growing up with a superhero sister and she has so much love to give… these two are made for each other

Holidays (Jonathan Byers x reader)

Summary:Head-canons for moments during the holidays with Jonathan.

Warnings:Just Jonathan being stupid romantic.

Requested: @theelliebean02

New Years Eve: In the Byers home, New Years wasn’t a holiday where they went all out. Usually Joyce wouldn’t be home, and instead she’d be out working. But you would do something small with Jonathan, watching the ball drop on T.V, and a kiss the second the clock strikes 12.

Valentines Day: Considering you’re his first girlfriend, he’d go all out your first valentines together, and he’d use every cliche in the book. Jonathan would drive down to the convince store and buy a huge bear, chocolates, flowers, and a card with a stupid pun about love or something cheesy on it. After finding out that valentines gifts were supposed to be meaningful, he’d instead make a small scrapbook, that documents the little parts of your relationship, that to him meant the most.

4th of July: the 4th was probably Jonathan’s favorite holiday. The fireworks were perfect for taking pictures, and when you would come to watch the fireworks with him he, loves taking pictures of you standing in front of the fireworks. Usually the fireworks were so bright only your silhouette showed up in the photo with an array of bright colors in the background.

Halloween: Jonathan wasn’t all that big on the holiday, he never went trick or treating as a kid. But Will loves going with his friends, and Jonathan is usually the one chaperoning. While dating you, he’d watch horror movies and scary shows while cuddling on the couch. You weren’t easily frightened, but any opportunity to be snuggled up in Jonathan’s arms was good enough for you.

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving was an all-out event. Joyce and Jonathan would spend hours making enough dishes to feed probably the entire town. Joyce would invite you entire family over, and there would be a enough leftovers, that everyone in the Byers home was eating leftovers until New Years.

Christmas: Christmas is one of Jonathan’s favorite holidays. He gets to spend time with his family and you, and taking holiday family photos. He’d set up Christmas lights everywhere, and his favorite thing to do was drive around town with you and look at peoples ridiculous outdoor decorations. He loves the big inflatable Santa’s, and crazy light-up fixtures outside of peoples homes. After the Christmas festivities where over, he’d throw a slow tune on the record, and you two would slow-dance to Frank Sinatra. He loved to pull you in close and hum along, breathing in the scent of cinnamon in the air. He lived for times like this.


Thank you for reading! Requests are open, feel free to drop a request in our ask box. Please do not reupload any of my stories! Gif is not mine.



I’m in mourning.

I’m not alone, I think. Those were the exact words my boss used when I wrote to tell her I couldn’t come in because anxiety and disappointment chewed through me like an acid last night, and it became rapidly apparent that I wasn’t going able to DO the things I am supposed to do, professionally, today. She wrote back that she understands, because she, too, is in mourning.  

Look, we suffered a loss. In a meaningful sense, Americans who thought their country was moving forwards just had the rug yanked out from under them. I am disappointed in my country, enormously disappointed at the hate in the hearts of many of my countrymen, and worried - terribly worried - for the future, and for my friends and family and loved ones, and yes, for myself.

What I’m not going to be is afraid.

Fear is a paralysis. Fear is, you know, the mind-killer. Fear is how Donald Trump became president elect of the United States. He pandered to that ugly part of all of us, that inborn instinct of distrust when we’re confronted with someone different than what we’re accustomed to. Like it or not, on some level, we all have it, because we have brains that have evolved to be wary of men with axes lurking in alleys or the part of the woods that’s a little quieter than the rest - on some level, fear is what has kept the human species alive.

Brains, as I often mention, are not perfect machines though. They’re sloppy messes of chemicals that misfire and conflate and react in kneejerk ways, and for a decade now, I’ve watched that ugly, misplaced, confused and unconfronted fear of difference that lies in the heart of a lot of people be massaged and cultivated by people who have every interest in a fearful populace. These are people who have been absolutely convinced that there are wolves at the door, that the color of someone’s skin, or their gender, or sexuality, or religion, or, fuck, anything… that those things make someone dangerous, and that dangerous people want to hurt them. So they fear the wolves at the door, and then finally some asshole comes around and he says the words they want, that he’s going to close the door, and these weary fearful groups, whipped into a lather of concern because the DIFFERENCE is bearing down on them, they vote to close the fucking door and now half of their countrymen are out in the cold, oh, and the other side of the door isn’t safer for the fearful cohort anyway.

So no. Let’s not be afraid.

Here’s the thing. We are dangerous. This messy, disconnected group of “people that can’t be trusted,” we genuinely are dangerous, because we can make change happen. Change is scary. When you’re afraid, you don’t want change. Well. We’re not going to be afraid.

We’re going to respect each other. We’re going to do the radical act of loving each other. When you meet someone different from you and that part of your lizard brain screams out in fear, you’re going to silence that fear, because all that matters in this world is your actions, and you are going to act with bravery, not fear, you’re going to hold your arms open and embrace that difference.

We have to love each other. We have to look out for each other. We have to protect each other.

From hereon in, you can’t just watch out for your own interests. You have to fight every single battle, even the ones that don’t “belong” to you. Every single one of us has to act like we are Black-Muslim-Atheist-Immigrant-Trans-Gay-Woman-Poor-Ill…I’m sure I could go on, but you get the picture, right? We have to stand up for each other in every single fight, even if it’s not “our” fight. That’s how we move forward from this national nightmare. That’s how we win the terrified back, how we show them with the grace and passion and dedication of our actions that we are stronger together.

I love you guys. I’m here for you. Be here for each other.

We’ve got stream tonight, and we’re going to try to have the closest approximation of normalcy for all of us. If you need a safe place to be, or a place to put your radical love and acceptance training wheels on and try out that universal support? We’ve got your back.

Stay safe out there. Love each other.

Like. I talk a lot about what YD is going through- because if you don’t think that’s sad you haven’t been paying attention- but the part that really baffles me is the rebuttal of “But Clockie she’s trying to blow up Earth!”

Yes Anon, and perhaps the fact that this is literally the fictional equivalent of the planet we live on which is in-universe repeatedly emphasized as important and meaningful and somewhere a lot of people live might tell us that we are, in fact, not supposed to be okay with that. Well spotted. 

But like. Consider Sworn To The Sword.

Pearl is doing a bad thing.

Steven realizes the thing is bad.

Steven (and Connie) intercede, push back, and emphasize the thing is bad and wrong.

We get insight into why Pearl is doing what she is.

But Pearl also stops doing that.

It’s entirely possible to deconstruct, analyze, and feel sympathy for what led Pearl to the conclusions she’s making while also going “hey y’know that’s not okay and you need to stop.”

Feeling bad for YD and not killing YD doesn’t mean let’s all let her off the hook and stand back and let her blow up Earth.

In fact, heck, the narrative has even already set it up in such a way that even if YD succeeded, there’s a hefty narrative punishment waiting, which is that none of what she’s doing is actually going to make her feel better. Not only is it something bad we’re not going to let her do, it doesn’t even actually help her.

Stopping YD from blowing up Earth is part of helping her. It’s also part of helping a lot of other people. Message Received was basically Peridot pointing out how badly YD is shooting herself in the foot at this point and YD didn’t wanna hear it because sometimes you don’t really take life-advice from someone who calls you at 3AM from the basement with a surprisingly put-together argument about sustainable infrastructure. 


You were holding hands when you came into the room. It was impossible not to notice the steely, cold glare Cas sent over immediately when your partner entered. 

You grimaced internally. It had been three years since the forgotten birthday incident but Cas still glared like it was just yesterday. “Oh, shoot… I forgot my phone in the car and Sam is supposed to call when he and Dean get in…” You glanced over at Cas, whose expression softened immediately when he saw you looking at him. “Will you two be okay in here for a minute?” you asked hesitantly, shooting a meaningful glance at the angel.

He nodded. As you breezed past him you muttered, “Please… just cool it.”

I am figuratively cool,” he replied, which almost made you laugh.

As soon as you were out of the room, Cas could see how uncomfortable your partner was being alone with him. “So,” Cas said, his deep voice definitely had a hard edge to it. “How are…things?”

Your partner shifted uncomfortably. “Umm. Fine. Yes. We have an important meeting at work next week…so… that’s–that’s something.”

Cas’ brow furrowed and narrowed in dislike. “I see. THAT you remember…”

I honestly love ryhsand and feyre’s relationship so much. I mean he respects her on such a huge level and its never praised because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

I mean they talked about how men have destroyed houses if their mate looks at another male too soon after they’re bonded. And Ryhsand is not any high fae he is the most powerful high lord ever. And when feyre shares a long meaningful look with azriel like two days after they’re bonded he initially gets super on edge but he comes back to himself and immediately apologizes to feyre because he knows how much she hates it.

And during the battle in Velaris feyre completely blocked him out to fight dangerous monsters even though he was calling for her and risks her life just so the Attor won’t get away again. And after all of that when ryhsand finds her all he does is praise her and love her for defending their home.

Feyre is not a helpless weak little girl and ryhsand has known that since before she was even turned.

And not only that but ryhsand is such a good guy. He comes from two cultures where one maims their women and the other sells them like cattle and as soon as he took power he appointed two women into the most powerful positions and outlawed the mistreatment of the women in the camps. Idk man I just think ryhsand is such a genuinely good person I can’t take it.

Christmas Presents

A product of being around (too much) family. Written entirely on my phone cause I was just that desperate.

I hope you guys are not yet sick of Christmas fic :)

His fingers dance across the delicate surface of the sparkling glass. Will follows the contours of the Christmas animal, a reindeer probably, carefully with his finger. He’s surrounded by all these ornaments, staring at him, waiting for him to buy him. The music here in this shop, like in every one in this mall, is supposed to inspire him to be generous and spend all his money on silly decoration. Mulder told him so.

He doesn’t want to buy them something like this, a trinket, that they can put out every Christmas. Maybe smile at him in remembrance of that first, later second time they celebrated together as a new family. William doesn’t want any of that. He wants to give them something, for lack of a better word, meaningful. A few weeks back, Dana - his new mom - told him that he was the greatest, most beautiful gift she could have asked for. William has heard these words before, when he was young, and they hadn’t meant much. No, he wants to give them a gift, a real one. After all, they really have given him a real gift, a truly magnificent, life changing gift when they gave him a new home. Parents. He is a son, now. He belongs to a family. William smiles, unable to stop his lips from curling upwards, when he thinks of the warm feeling, of knowing that someone will come pick him up from this mall soon. It also reminds him that he doesn’t have time to just stand here, look at funny ornaments, and dream his life away.

He told them he just wanted to look around a bit; though he suspects they know what his real plan is. They seem to know everything about him without even trying. William doesn’t know enough about parents and their children, what they know and how they feel. He lost his first parents when he was eight years old, knowing that he was adopted and always hoping that his real parents would come and just pick him up. Now that wish has come true, William has been too happy these last few months to come up with new ideas. He should have paid more attention, he thinks. If he had, maybe this wouldn’t be so difficult.

“Can I help you, young man?” A well-dressed sales woman approaches William with a set smile. He can tell she doesn’t want to help him, not really. Her hands, folded in front of her stomach, seem to want to drag him away from here. Scared he might destroy something, or worse even: steal.

“Uhm, I’m looking for a gift. For my… uhm, my parents.” Again, he can’t help the grin. He has parents! William knows that his woman, who is just doing her job, couldn’t even begin to understand. There is a woman with bright hair, the same one William used to have when he was younger, that only a few years ago turned into this darker, brownish-red color. A woman who has his eyes. There is a man, too, with his nose (and realization that he will grow into it), his chin and the same kind of laugh. There are people; his parents. The word refuses to lose its meaning, burns intensely in his growing body. It’s so warm that he begins to sweat under his soft winter coat. Dana bought it for him in October. He’s grown since then, but she seemed to anticipate that; it fits him perfectly now in the places where it seemed too big two months ago.

“What do they like?” The sugary sweet voice of the saleswoman hurts William’s ears.

“I don’t really… know.”

“Your parents must have hobbies, don’t you think? What do they like to do? I’m sure we can find something for them. Does either of them like to cook?” Will thinks about running off without an answer. That would only result in the sales woman being even more suspicious of him, though, and so he just stands there.

The truth is that he has no idea what they like. He’s been living with them for 7 months almost; he moved in a few days after his 12th birthday. There had been a cake and two rather awkward hugs from Dana and Mulder. He doesn’t think Dana made the cake and he isn’t sure she likes cooking. He and Mulder made Christmas cookies last weekend. The cookies were burnt at the edges, some hard like little rocks. Others more dough than anything else. So he isn’t sure either of his parents is really happy in the kitchen.

“Not really. I mean they don’t really like to cook.” He finally says. Maybe he’s wrong, but buying a spatula seems wrong anyway. It’s not special enough.

“Books? Do they like to read?” The sales woman tries to be patient with him, William can tell, but she’d rather be somewhere else. That makes two of them.

Books. Books are strewn around the whole house. They’re basically everywhere; just the other day, Will found a book right next to the cereal box up in the cupboard. So he is certain that Mulder likes to read. But what kind of book?

“My dad likes to read.” The words feel strange coming out of his mouth. For years all he wanted was a father and now he has one. A real, live one who apparently likes to read. The word, however, is still so new. He still calls them Mulder and Dana, rather than mom and dad.

“He likes space, too.” It sounds stupid, he knows, like he is a small child. But in his mind his parents and his new life are still an unfinished puzzle. There are so many pieces he doesn’t know how to put it; he has no idea where they’ll fit.

“Oh, I think I have the perfect idea for you.” The sales woman puts her hand on his shoulder, a little too firmly, leading him away from the sparkling, expensive ornaments. She shoves a book into his hands and attempts to smile. Her lips barely turn upwards.

“Your dad will like this. Merry Christmas.” With that she just walks away, leaving Will standing there. He stares at the book: “Space Atlas: Mapping The Universe And Beyond”. Will feels his heart beat faster; he wants to read the book. Maybe it could be something he and Mulder read together. He turns the book and groans at the price. $35. All he has is a twenty that he saved from his six months of allowance. Dana and Mulder always tell him to just ask if he needs anything. How can he buy them a gift if he asks them for the money? Tears sting his eyes, but he refuses to let them fall. There’s no reason to be sad today, this year. Carefully he puts the book back on the pile. Will wishes he didn’t have to leave it behind. Maybe Mulder wouldn’t have liked it anyway, thinks sadly, caressing the letters on the cover.

“William! Will!” It’s only been a couple of months, but he’d recognize his mother’s voice anywhere now. His lips curl upwards without a choice as he turns to them. The joy on his face is mirrored in theirs. It feels like they haven’t seen him in ages. Dana hugs him tightly; he is almost taller than her already, but right now he feels like a small child; safe, warm and happy.

“You find anything?” Mulder’s eyes roam the assorted novels and Will grins. He was right about this; Mulder loves to read, just like Will, and he knows this. A small, significant detail about his dad that he can store away in his mind.

“Maybe.” William shrugs. Maybe he can ask Dana for the money to buy the book for Mulder. And maybe Mulder can help him find something special for Dana. He knows her so well. Will watches his parents, standing close together, and in a way they are so mismatched. One tall, one small, one pale and one not. Yet somehow, when they whisper together, when their eyes join in a dance no one else has ever learned, Will knows that they’re perfectly matched. And he’s the product of that. He grins, laughs, at his own joke and his parents return the smile. They don’t need to know his little joke. They’re simply pleased that he’s happy.

“Ready to go home?” Dana asks and Will nods. He follows them and when he sees the sales woman, he slips his hand into Dana’s. The woman watches, still not sure what the whole thing has been about, and eventually turns away. William leaves his hand in Dana’s. Feeling strong.

Not just the voicemails

It’s not just the 336 voice mails, it’s the whatsapp messages too. And it’s the old texts: some of them short, others, the most recent, getting longer and longer. 

It’s the handful of pictures he has in his phone; his life in Los Angeles, the last year (not even a complete blink in the life of an eternal being): Chloe at her desk doing paperwork, her brows furrowed in concentration

“How many bullets: two or three?” She asked.

“Three.” Came his reply as he played with the handcuffs.

 Chloe,   detective douche - no, Dan, and him on a crime scene, each looking in a different direction, but Lucifer sees how he was looking at Chloe. Ella had snapped that picture and sent it to him, with a three words caption: really, subtle, dude.

It’s only a handful of images, of soundbytes of data and it’s not supposed to be meaningful, it was never real after all.

It’s just plastic, silicon and pixels - and he can and should throw it all away.

Except that he can’t. 

He can’t listen to her messages because he knows he will drive back to Los Angeles; he will be lured back to her because it might be a scheme, a long con - but what he feels is real. 

He cannot delete the messages either – he has never been able to ignore Chloe, he can’t start now.

He drives away, that piece of plastic and silicon burning a hole in his breast pocket.

He still feel like breathing is a vastly underrated process when he spots the sign that he has entered Nevada. The cellphone vibrates again. He slows his Corvette to a stop: it’s dawning, it’s humid and he is tired. 

He shoves the cellphone in the glove compartment of his car after he shrugs off his jacket. 

Images: Chloe laughing during her night out with her - their - friends. He lets out a sigh. 

If he is the devil and there is no escape from his Father’s plan then the City of  Angels was definitely not the place for him.

He hears the cellphone vibrate again.  

“Sorry,” He says.

He starts the car, he doesn’t even know whom he’s saying sorry to. He’s not keen on finding out. 

He drives away and only stops when he feels he can’t breathe. 

“Oh, hello Las Vegas!”

He’s the Devil. The devil doesn’t fall in love. Sin City is just his place. 

He will make it so. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think Lapis meant by her 'I am lapis lazuli' statement? Since there are other lapis gems. I took it as a kind of like when the lone cop says "I AM the police force!" Or maybe she is the oldest? What is your take?

I’ve always taken at as extremely suspicious that so far we have actually only ever heard Lapis refer to specifically herself singularly when a comparable character- Jasper, who is explicitly an exceptional and unusual Jasper- in Crack The Whip talks about her gem caste collectively. In fact, with I think the sole exception of Peridot in Barn Mates and YD in That Will Be All, Lapis has only been mentioned singularly by others as well.

We were also pretty clearly supposed to take something meaningful from that statement considering a couple of things:

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i'm actually dying to see number 11, haha... number 11 please?

11. Friends with benefits… but I actually like you

Nico buttoned up his jeans. His brain urged him to get the words out quickly, he had a shift starting in half an hour and time was never on his side. 

Percy Jackson, his best friend since sophomore year in high school, had the type of relationship with Nico he had with all his other friends. Hang out, drink beer on Friday nights and tell stupid jokes. But Nico was different, they had deeper, meaningful conversations about life and desires, they had no shame in sharing the same straw or toothbrush… even the same bed. 

Throughout college, they relied on each other for all-nighters, rides, advice, and someone to relax with. The first time they had sex, it was supposed to be a no-strings-attached thing that would never happen again. But it did. They both loved it, they wanted to do it again, and it surprisingly didn’t make anything weird between them. They still joked around, talked, scolded each other and everything. Sex was just another thing that naturally flowed between them. 

However, Nico now stood half-naked in Percy’s bedroom, trying to get out what might destroy everything. He had always heard you’re not supposed to develop feelings for a friend you have sex with, and now he knows why. 

It hurt. It hurt so bad being intimate with someone who might only think of you in that way. Percy is his best friend, and Nico knows for a fact he cares about him, but dating was a line they made clear of from the begining. He hated the idea of ruining their friendship, but he couldn't continue. 

“Percy, can I be honest for a moment before I go?” 

Percy turned to look at him with a smile, “‘Bout what?” 

Nico’s eyes darted from Percy’s bare upper half to a pile of dirty clothes in the corner. “I can’t continue doing this. It…it doesn’t mean the same to me anymore.”

The words may have been easier to get out because it was Percy he was talking to, or maybe it was the fact that now he had grown up. Whatever it was, Nico just wanted to get it over with and somehow keep his friendship. 

“What do you mean?” Percy sat on the edge of his bed, Nico sat beside him with distance. 

“I know we’ve already talked about this in college, so I just have to be honest. I accidentally fell in love with you in the past year. I’m not expecting a relationship but I can’t continue this benefits thing anymore.” 

Percy stared at the floor longer than Nico wished he would. It made him feel like a teenager again, telling some straight boy he had a crush on him and waiting for the let-down. 

“You know what’s funny? I felt like we were together this whole time. You practically live here, I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone and it feels natural to kiss you. It’s not like I thought of you as my boyfriend or anything but I might as well have.” 

Percy looked in Nico’s dark and shocked eyes, “I understand if it would be weird for you, but I’m fully willing to give it a shot.” 

Nico swallowed, “okay… good.” was all he could think to say. 

Percy cautiously took hold of Nico’s hand and squeezed. “When you get back we’ll talk about it. Thanks for telling me.” He leaned over the small distance Nico put between them and kissed his cheek.

Nico nodded, “of course.” He tried looking normal but his insides were melting and the heat was showing on his cheeks. 

“Come on, I’ll find your work shirt and you brush your hair. You look like an ape.” 

Nico laughed and threw a pillow at him. 

“It’s not okay.”

Suppose the conversation just before the hug had two meanings?–that John wasn’t working through just his guilt over Mary, but even more, his guilt over how he’s hurt Sherlock?

Mary functions as a kind of lesser/dark Sherlock mirror; coming into John’s life when he’s lost someone he loves, when he’s suicidal and alone and without meaningful work. She gave him energy and purpose again; just as Sherlock did after John lost Sholto and the army.

John committed to Mary; trusted her, the way he’d trusted Sherlock. Took her as a kind of new commander, after Sherlock; the way he’d taken Sherlock, after Sholto.

Then, in HLV, John found out Mary was hiding things from him, and she shot Sherlock and made John watch him dying; the way Sherlock had hidden the plan to stop Moriarty from John, and faked his death in front of him.

After that, in T6T, John is too hurt to trust Mary the way he used to; she stole Sherlock from him. So he turns to someone he doesn’t care about as much, the bus stop lady, for a distraction; the way he married Mary anyway after Sherlock came back, because he didn’t trust Sherlock anymore not to steal himself from John again.

He doesn’t believe he matters to either of them the way they do to him–Sherlock more than Mary.

An old enemy comes after Mary, and she leaves John to travel the world alone instead of coming to him for help, the way Sherlock left John when Moriarty came after him, and didn’t come to him for help.

But Mary comes back and throws herself into a bullet’s path, possibly because she knows John needs Sherlock. And John finds out in her last moments that apparently he WAS the most important thing to her. We’ll see if that’s true; but either way, the mirroring works.

Because then, in TLD, John finds out that Sherlock’s put himself in the way of a murderer, a metaphorical bullet’s path, because Sherlock knows John needs him; and John finds out that he IS the most important thing in Sherlock’s life. He’s the man “we both love.”

He couldn’t save Mary. But he saves Sherlock; and then he’s left dealing with his guilt over both of them; and just before the hug, he’s talking to his idea of who Mary was; but he’s also talking to Sherlock.

He says he feels awful for not being satisfied with their partnership as it was, and always wanting something more, and taking someone on the side, Elizabeth the bus lady (or Mary Elizabeth) to satisfy the wish for more.

But the wish wasn’t satisfied. The bus lady didn’t satisfy him; he said, “This won’t end well. I’m not free.” Mary didn’t satisfy him, and it didn’t end well, because he wasn’t free. He was always Sherlock’s first.

And he says he still wants more. He feels like he could never live up to Mary’s hopes, can never live up to who Sherlock thinks he is; that it’s his weakness, wanting more. But he’s going to “get the hell on with it” anyway and try to be what Sherlock needs; to be his best self, the way Sherlock sees him; the way he couldn’t with Mary.

He cries and says it isn’t okay, what he did to Sherlock and Mary; but Sherlock says, “It is what it is,” and hugs him.

Then Sherlock tells him it’s okay to be human, to want and need; that they both do that. John married Mary, and Sherlock texted Irene, instead of going for what they really wanted. But Sherlock tries to tell John that Irene doesn’t make him want to be his best self; John does. And Mary didn’t give John motivation to be his best self; Sherlock will.

And they’ll both get far more out of that than they’re expecting to. After all, we all saw the post saying that “It is what it is” was a well-known focus of the philosopher John Locke.

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Castiel saying “I love you” to the Winchester brothers was so cheesy. It was forced and just didn’t sound right. It’s like that stupid “I love you” line that Dean was supposed to say to Castiel in 8.17. It was so out of character that Jensen changed the line to “I need you”. As if Dean says “I love you” to anyone on this show, especially another guy. Dean is just not that kind of person. The only person that I can see Dean saying “I love you” to and having an emotional, meaningful impact to it is SAM. But even then, the only time Dean would say I love you to Sam is at the very end of the series, which would make it more emotional and meaningful. 

renae9000  asked:

I read an article as to why Stefan and Elena should End up together... It basically stated that A love that sanctifies (Pure ) is better than a love that consumes you.. And that even though Damon met her first and without the sirebond intensifying her feelings for Damon that her love for Stefan was greater.. And because of the differences in Stefan and Damon's personalities that Stefan is her Best option..

Yeah, I completely agree with that article. For me, Stelena’s love is purer, more romantic and meaningful than D*lena’s, which is why I’ve always had a preference to Stelena. I’ve always said that the whole point of the triangle is to show the contrast between the two brothers and the love they have with Elena. Our bias and opinions makes us usually view one of those loves as being better than the other, but I think that generally it’s not supposed to be perceived like that. We’re supposed to understand that Stelena and D*lena both have real love that is equal in strength, but the dynamic of those two loves is very different.  And it’s the writers job to decide which one of those loves (if any) they believe should win out in the end. 

I do think that people put too much emphasis on the sire bond sometimes in regards to Elena’s feelings for Damon. It’s like we want to believe it’s the only reason she fell in love with Damon, when in reality I think we all know that isn’t true. Elena had an attraction to Damon going all the way back to season 1 and in season 3 she definitely developed some very strong feelings for him. It’s natural for us to pick and choose what we see, but in 3x18 Stefan told Elena she was in love with Damon and in 3x22 Matt also told Elena that when you’ve fallen in love with someone you can’t ever shake them. So the idea of Elena being in love with Damon was planted long before 4x07. What the sire-bond did, was push Elena to finally act on those feelings when before she always held back because she was too afraid to. 

But I do agree, that Elena’s love for Stefan was always greater, at least until the sire bond. She had a choice in 3x22, I always think that the fact that she chose Stefan says a lot. It proved that regardless of how strongly Elena felt for Damon or whether she loved him or not, she still loved Stefan more and he was still the person she wanted to be with. The only comparison I can really think of here is Bella from Twilight, because it’s practically the same thing. Edward left and Bella was lost and heartbroken and Jacob was there for her through it. She grew to love him, but the second Edward came back there was no question about who she wanted to be with. Yet, Jacob kept pushing and insisting there was something between them, just like Damon did with Elena and when finally Bella let go in Eclipse and kissed Jacob, she realised that she did love him, just like Elena in 3x19. Yet the first thing Bella said to Edward after that kiss was, “I love you more,” and later on she told Jacob she didn’t admit it sooner because she knew it wouldn’t change anything, and that’s exactly like Elena. She didn’t want to admit she felt something for Damon because she felt like that made her a terrible person and she knew that even if she did admit it to him and herself, it wouldn’t change the fact that she still loved Stefan more. So although I definitley don’t think the sire-bond was responsible for creating Elena’s feelings for Damon, it’s obvious that the sire-bond is 100% pushed Elena to act on those feelings fully, which turn intensified them until they were enough for her to break-up with Stefan. Julie herself has even confirmed that on numerous occasions. 

I also agree that Stefan is better for Elena in terms of compatibility and personality. I’ve already explored that in other posts in the past, but the fact that Stefan and Elena still have such a healthy, supportive friendship even after they broke-up on pretty bad terms (I mean, c’mon she dumped him for his brother!). And really, in the history of their relationship Stefan and Elena have never been on bad terms. Whilst Damon and Elena have had periods of time where their relationship has been incredibly hostile and Elena has actually hated him, the same can never be said for Elena and Stefan. If you look at any of their scenes in season 5-6 you see that compatibility even in small scenes such as the one in 5x19 (x) where Stefan helps her revise or their interactions in 5x20 (x). They’re just two people that connect so easily, because they’re very similar people. Here are some of their similarities: 

  • They both kept journals 
  • They both dreamed of working in medicine 
  • They both enjoyed literature 
  • They both wanted to be human
  • They both wanted a “normal” human life with children 

These kind of things, although they might seem small, are what can bind two people together for life, because Stefan and Elena share a common dream and vision for their future and have a deep understanding of the way each other think. They get each other. And Paul himself has said before that Stefan is suited more to Elena, because Damon is too unstable and reckless and Elena isn’t that sort of person. She needs to feel safe and have some stability. That’s why I’ve never understood the whole D*lena quote of, “You want passion and danger and adventure”, because Elena has never, ever expressed a want for that. It’s actually something Damon’s projected onto her and we hear her say it in season 6, “Thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted.” Yet when had Elena ever said that was what she wanted? Did she want love? Of course, but other than that what she wanted was normality. She wanted a life where she got to go to school, hang out with her friends at the Grill, come back home to her parents and eat dinner with them, tease her little brother, go shopping with Caroline and Bonnie for homecoming dresses, fill out college applications and choose her major and where she wanted to go and eventually get married and have a family. We know this because in 1x07 she told Stefan she wished she could forget all about the supernatural world, in 2x20 she told Stefan she wanted to grow old and start a family, in 3x22 she dreamed of her senior year when she was happy and her life was normal, in season 4 she repeatedly talked about how she wanted to be human again, in season 5 she actually went away to college despite being a vampire, because that’s what she’d always wanted to do. The clues as to what Elena’s always wanted are right there and “danger” and “adventure” is not even included. Passion, yes, because when she first met Stefan she admitted that’s what was lacking in her relationship with Matt and that’s what she was looking for. And that’s why her and Stefan are so much more compatible. Especially now that they’re both human, they could grow old together, have that ordinary, happy, family life, run their own medical practice together and just get to experience life the way they always wanted. 

Personally, I just can’t see that ever happening with D*lena. When I close my eyes I can see the happy ending for Stelena and I can see it lasting forever, but with D*lena I can’t, because they’re not compatible in this way. I mean, Damon being a human, a father, a husband, living the 9-5 life…am I the only one that thinks that’s absolutely absurd? Like Stefan said, it would be his hell. That’s not who Damon is at all. He would despise living that kind of life and there’s only so far his love for Elena can extend. It’s all very good him sacrificing his vamprisim for her, but eventually he would become so miserable that just being with Elena wouldn’t even be worth it anymore. But if Stefan and Elena were human together, I just know they would be together until the day they died. I know it. Because they have all of the components and foundations in place that make relationships last a lifetime - compassion, understanding, empathy, rationale, friendship, respect, communication, an emotional connection, shared passions. It’s all there. Passion, danger, adventure, a love that consumes you…that kind of love has an expiry date. Eventually it will burn out, because when you’ve been with someone for 50+ years it goes without saying that the passion will have likely fizzled out, the danger will have gotten tiresome (because who wants that kind of unnecessary fear in their life?), the adventures will have worn out and won’t be as fun and the love will have been sucked into oblivion. Everything that is used to describe D*lena’s love is the definition of temporary. Love like that can be more intense than any other kind of love, because it’s almost an obsession, but it does not last. My grandparents have been together for over 50 years and do you want to know what my nan says whenever I ask her how she’s managed to keep her marriage alive for so long? “Because he’s my best friend.” That’s it. It’s not because it’s passionate or exciting or consuming or any of those other things, because whether you like it or not those things can’t last a lifetime. In the end, it’s friendship, having that mutual respect, adoration, fun, camaraderie and trust - that is what keeps a marriage alive and I just don’t think that D*lena have the potential for that like Stelena do. 

“That lightsaber was Luke’s, and his father’s before him - and now it calls to you”

ok so this line here is supposed to be really meaningful and stuff but i can’t help but chuckle at the fact that Anakin once broke 3 lightsabers in less than 24 hours

and I can’t help but imagine that the reason Obi Wan made that specific light saber seem so valuable was so that he didn’t have to deal with another Skywalker kid going through lightsabers like Oreos