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Wishes (Part 2) - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Day 2 of Animal Kingdom! I hope everyone likes Bruce’s wing men (haha get it? wing men? No? I’ll stop now)

Words: 1713

After talking to Jason all of your suspicions about the way Bruce talked to you seemed to be confirmed. You look at the number in your hands for the tenth time since receiving it. Had he really been flirting with you? According to Jason, the answer was yes. The thought sends butterflies through your stomach.

The person in line in front of you finishes their order at the snack kiosk, and you quickly shove the paper in your pocket before ordering a bottle of water. You pull the number out again when you walk away from the cart.

Should you text him? What good would it do, really? You’re both on vacation after all. Even if he did like you, could it really go anywhere?

But then again, what would it hurt? The only thing you have planned is dinner with your friend and her fiancé. Bruce and his sons are certainly very entertaining. At the very least this could brighten up your solo trip.

You pull out your cell phone before you lose your nerve. You type the number into your contacts and open up a new message.

Great. Now you don’t know what to say.

Several different things run through your head before you decide to start off with simply being friendly.

Hey! This is Y/N! Jason gave me your number. I just wanted to say it was nice bumping into you again. Though I didn’t mean for that to be quite so literal lol

Your finger hovers over the send button for a second. You take a deep breath and steady your resolve before pushing the button, staring at the screen until it says the message was delivered.

Well. No turning back now. Pushing away the sudden onset of nervousness, you decide to find a show or a ride to occupy your mind.

Luckily a small parade is about to start, and as soon as you find a nice place to sit your phone buzzes. When his name flashes across the screen your heart jumps a little. You swipe the screen to read Bruce’s response.

They say the third time’s the charm. The odds of meeting the same person in a place like this are really small. I was starting to think it’s fate. And now that you’re talking to me I’m fairly certain it’s true. The words on the screen make you blush even as you roll you eyes.

Unless Fate goes by the name of Jason, I doubt that’s a big factor

His response is faster this time. Haha I guess you’re right. Are you enjoying your vacation?

You look up at the parade and snort to yourself. You’re sitting under a tree watching a parade by yourself. That’s not really your definition of a great vacation. But then you suppose it’s better than staying at home. I’m watching a parade right now. It’s been fairly interesting day. Better than most, anyway. How about you?

Well, Dick, my oldest, tried to get Damian, my youngest, to get their picture taken with Pocahontas. It was interesting to say the least.

You chuckle as you imagine the younger boy glaring at the camera while Dick hugs the princess with one arm. They seem to have very different personalities

You’re telling me. Then Tim and Jason got their picture taken with Tarzan. They had a flexing competition with the actor.

This time you laugh outright, and a passerby casts a quizzical glance at you before continuing on their way. That sounds like it was entertainment in and of itself

It was something alright. Dick and Jason are currently trying to keep Tim and Damian from killing each other over a churro

Sounds like a healthy sibling rivalry to me

It’s not I promise. This message is accompanied by a picture. Bruce’s face is closest to the camera, and his eyes look tired and pleading. In the background Damian is pushing against Dick’s face, who is struggling to hold Damian by the waist as the younger boy reaches for Tim, who is being restrained by Jason. Both boys have terrifyingly furious expressions. A sad smushed churro lies on the pavement between them.

Wow. I will buy them both another churro if it’s that important to them lol

I think it’s a matter of pride at this point. The statement makes you smile in amusement, and you look up to notice that the crowd is dissipating as the parade ends. You would like to see them in person again.

Suddenly you recall one of your favorite shows at this park. Hey, have you seen the Finding Nemo musical yet? The next one is starting soon. We can watch it together. And I can buy them each a peace churro lol

Haha that sounds like a plan. We’ll meet you out front


It wasn’t difficult to spot Bruce and the boys in front of the Finding Nemo building. Bruce himself is tall enough to stand out in a crowd, let alone the unique energy each of his sons brought to their surroundings. Even if you hadn’t spotted them from a distance, Dick would have made sure you found them. You only know this because Dick started waving frantically to get your attention as you were walking toward them.

You greeted everyone with smiles and gave Tim and Damian each a churro, eliciting a chuckle from Bruce. You reminded him that you weren’t kidding when you said you would buy them one, and Tim and Damian, though surprised at their gifts, decided to quickly eat their treats before entering the theater.

When you got in the theater the boys were careful to make sure you and Bruce sat together, and they weren’t the most discrete when trying to do so. Dick yanked on Damian’s arm when the boy tried following after his father down the row of seats, and Tim all but pushed you into Bruce’s chest while guiding you in front of him.

Everyone enjoyed the show, even if they refused to openly admit it. Jason poked Bruce in the side when the shark came on stage, asking why he ever decided to leave the sea. Dick and Tim left singing some of the catchier tunes from the musical, and you’re fairly certain you even heard Damian humming along with the two.

You all gather in the same place you met after the show, discussing the next course of action. Or you would have if your stomach hadn’t decided to complain about eating only churros and soft pretzels since breakfast. When Bruce suggests you all eat dinner together, you are reluctant to admit that you already had plans to—

Your phone buzzes. As you read the words on the screen, your bubbly energy takes a noticeable dive. She cancelled. The only plans you had with your best friend and she cancelled them last minute.

Bruce absolutely refuses to leave you while you’re feeling so low. No amount of objecting stops him from taking you to the Yak & Yeti for dinner, where you can all enjoy a nice meal and have a conversation that lasts longer than five minutes.

“So, Y/N, What are your plans for the week? Is this your first day at Disney?” Tim asks after the waiter leaves with your drink orders.

“Well, I’ve got fast passes and everything for Epcot tomorrow—”

“Darn. I was hoping we would be going to the same park tomorrow, too.” Dick’s shoulders slump in disappointment.

“To be fair, it’s highly unlikely that she would have randomly chosen to go to more than one park on the same day as us.” Damian says, cutting an annoyed glance at his oldest brother.

“Even so, I do wish it would have worked out that way.” Bruce looks at you. “Today has been much more enjoyable that it would have ordinarily.”

You ignore the slight blush at Bruce’s implication. “While I would love to change my plans, it would be virtually impossible to change all of my fast passes and reservations last minute to match yours.”

“I guess you’re right.” Bruce sighs as he runs his fingers through his hair. He looks at you again with a soft smile. “Well, at least we have now.”

“You’re right. We do.” You smile back at him, and for a moment it feels like you’re the only people in the restaurant.

That is until Jason pipes up from across the table.

“God! Can’t you two get a room?!”


With a contented sigh you fall into the soft comforter of your hotel room. Though meeting Bruce had made your day exponentially better, it had been no less tiring. You lie on the bed for a few seconds, allowing your aching body a bit of rest before pulling out your phone.

You want to text Bruce some more. But the logical side of you says to make sure your plans are still in order for tomorrow, first.

But when you pull up the Disney World app, you can hardly believe your eyes.

You refresh the app. Nothing changes. You make sure it’s logged on to the correct account. It is.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Your next response is to text Bruce.

So, you know how I had planned on going to Epcot tomorrow? Well my account says otherwise.

Almost immediately you see Bruce typing his response. What do you mean?

I mean somehow my account has screwed up. And now I’m scheduled to ride Star Tours at Hollywood Studios tomorrow morning.

That’s funny… We are too

Well then I guess I’m not complaining. I’m just confused. What are the odds of that happening?

Bruce looks up from his phone screen. What are the odds, indeed? It’s far more likely that someone hacked into your phone. But in order to do that the culprit would have needed direct access to your phone, and you’d had it all day. Except for when you bumped into Bruce.

Bruce narrows his eyes as his suspicions rise and pieces click into place.

“Tim. Did you use Wayne Enterprise’s newest technology to hack into Y/N’s phone and change all of her fast passes to match ours?”

Tim doesn’t even look up from his laptop, but his words are proof enough for Bruce.

“You can’t prove anything.”

Neighbors (epilogue)

Summary: Kat is an Avenger and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and when S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Winter Soldier in a domesticated life she is sent in to watch over him undercover as his new neighbor.

A/N: Finally, the epilogue, plus a little something extra at the end. Sorry it took so long to post, I have so much homework. *sobs in the corner forever*

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“James the movie is about to start,” I call out getting into a comfortable position on the couch.

“You know you can call me Bucky,” he laughs plopping down next to me with a bowl of popcorn.

“I know,” I smirk grabbing a handful of popcorn and shoving it in my mouth.

“What are we watching today,” he laughs turning to the screen in front of us.

“Today we are watching Finding Nemo,” I say with a mouth full of popcorn. “I really think you are going to like this one.”

“You say that about all the Disney movies we have watched,” he says throwing his warm arm around me and pulling me close.

“And have I been wrong about any of them,” I look up at him snuggling to him.

“Surprisingly not yet,” he laughs reaching for the popcorn and popping some into his mouth.

It had been six months since the accident. I had to do almost a month of rehabilitation before I was let out back on the field. It was torturous having to stay behind while the team went out on missions. It was even worse when James was the one out on solo missions.

Once I was given the all clear I jumped at the first opportunity to get out with the team. With James and I’s relationship stronger than ever we were unstoppable out in the field. We were almost as synced in the field together as he was with Steve.  

With our unpredictable schedules it was hard to find time like this to finish watching all the Disney movies.

James was now living with me. He had been staying with Steve, until a few weeks back when I asked him if he wanted to move in with me. He said yes without a hesitation.

The movie was about half way over and the popcorn was already running out.

I reach forward to grab the last handful and stuff it into my mouth.

On my second bite I feel something harder than apiece of popcorn grind between my teeth. My first reaction is to spit it out, but with my mouth full of popcorn I turn into a loud coughing fit.

James was up in an instant gently patting my back as I spit out the popcorn, along with something I wasn’t expecting.

Staring at the diamond ring I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and lean forward to pick it up with trembling fingers.

“Yes,” I say looking up to James.

“I’m supposed to ask the question before you answer,” he smiles placing his hands on my hips and pulling me to him.

“I don’t care,” I lean forward and wrap my arms around his neck. “I know the question, and you know my answer. The only thing left for us to do is celebrate.”

“But I had this entire speech planed,” he sighed. “I rehearsed it with Steve all week long.”

“Steve knew,” I raise an eyebrow at James.

“Yeah,” James smiled sheepishly. “He was the one that suggested I put the ring in the popcorn.”

“Well that makes sense,” I laugh. “James, promise me that next time you want romantic advice, you ask someone who has at least been in a relationship. I mean when was the last time Steve had a date.”

“Well I thought it was better than what I had in mind,” he sighs.

“What did you plan to do it,” I ask him.

He smiles and takes the ring from my hand.

“I would have gotten down on one knee,” he says pecking my lips before dropping down on one knee. In one hand he held my hand and in the other he held up the ring.

“So far so good,” I smirk.

“Then I would have told you how mush I love you,” he smiles up at me. “I would have told you that you are my world. That there is not enough paper on this earth for me to list everything about you that I love. You saved me in more ways than one, and I have never been happier to have you in my life. You make me the happiest man in existence.”

My free hand was pressed to my mouth as I smiled down at him tears brimming my eyes.

“Will you marry me,” he finally asks with a smile that spread warmth through me.

“You already know my answer,” I sink down to my knees in front of him.

“I want to hear you say it,” he says rubbing his thumb across the back of my hand.

“Yes,” I smile. “I will marry you.”

How would the Avengers react to the first time Kat makes lasagna since she came back? Asked by @preserumrogersyesplease

First of all Tony would make a huge deal out of it. He would make sure to clear up some time in his schedule just so nothing would get in the way of eating. Bruce tries to act normal, but clearly he was a little impatient as he walked by the kitchen every once in a while to see how things were going.

Steve would spend the time before dinner working out to work up an appetite. Nat and Clint would do the same, but as soon as the aroma of the lasagna cooking in the oven reaches their noses things turn violent as they fight and race to the kitchen.

Wanda and Pietro (clearly he’s not dead cuz that’s crazy talk) wouldn’t really know why everyone is acting so strange over a plate of food since it will be the first time they try it. They spend some time in the kitchen while it’s being made to try to see what’s so special.

Sam of course is invited. He shows up just before the cooking starts and sits on the counter and makes small talk. He was really only there to try to learn the recipe that has been denied to him multiple times.

When the food is on the table and being served everyone fights over the largest portion, but it is cut so evenly that Tony has to pull out a ruler.

Waterlogged + A GFSS Gift

A very belated Merry Christmas to @kat2609 :] ‘tis I, my friend - your tardy GFSS! Thank you for being so patient with me and my fickle muse. It’s been so fun chatting with you and picking your brain (even though Tumblr likes to eat our messages). I hope you had a lovely break from school and are dreading going back as much as I am haha. So here it is, 4.7K words about a distractingly wet pirate. Rated M for a bit of smut!

“A fish? Really?”

Emma shrugged with an apologetic yet entertained smile as she leaned over to get a peek at the section of the classic text he was perusing. They hadn’t had much time to discuss many of the town’s new visitors - especially what with her traveling to some alternate dream or wish or whatever reality - but now that they’d found some very rare breathing room, Killian had brought along the novel Henry had loaned him to clarify a few details of his past.

The fact that present day film had turned the seafaring tale he was trying to share into an animated under the ocean adventure wasn’t her fault - but the amusement she found once again as he failed to comprehend the modern world’s mysterious ways was something she’d take the blame for.

“Swan - no,” he argued, shaking his head as he sighed in exasperation with his hand on his coffee mug. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I think I’ve heard in this realm. Nemo is a sea captain - not a damn cartoon animal.”

“Hey, you asked me if I already knew anything about his story,” she grinned, propping her elbows up on the table. “I can’t help it if things got lost in translation between that world and this one.”

“I just don’t get….why would a fish even be in a doctor’s office in-” he huffed, folding his arms in annoyance. “-whatever that place is called.”

Australia, Killian, and it was a dentist office,” Emma reminded him. “The movie was very cute actually. Don’t be such a grouch.”

“Love, I can assure you that I’m not at all like that green monster who makes his home in a trash can,” he countered, his pride quite evident over recalling a morning show he’d encountered when they babysat Neal one weekend. “Nor is Nemo a clown or a fish. Bloody hell, this realm truly has a way with skewing the facts.”

“Is this you still being salty about a certain pirate with a waxed mustache and an awful perm?”

“No, this is a whole new level of insult,” he pouted, narrowing his stare playfully at her. “Though I will always be bitter about that one.”

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Carmilla: The Series: Episode 24: I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT

Columnist’s Note: I want to apologize in advance for any inaccuracies in this review. I usually watch each episode multiple times so that I can catch all the details, but this episode, to put it lightly, is soul-crushing, so I watched it but twice, once the night it came out for my own notes, and once again for the finalization of this review.

The scene: Danny bursts into the room and, believing Carmilla to have escaped and Laura to be in mortal danger, brandishes a wooden stake and challenges Carmilla to a fight to the death. It’s kind of epic. 

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

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Hi Guys! I hope you enjoy this little fic. 3,200+

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Summary: Rae goes to Finns to return some things and takes his dad up on that rain check.

Rain Check AU

It was strange the last time she was at this door she was breaking not only her heart but the heart of the boy she loved. She breathed deeply steadying herself before knocking knowing when the door opened she’d be facing a man who probably hated her, she was after all the one who drove his son away, even if she didn’t admit it out loud she knew deep down he left because of her.

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Prince Tribute. The Revolution Reunites for 3 Nights at First Avenue

by Sara Savoy

A Pilgrimage: a journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of devotion.  

They came from all corners of the Earth.  Belgium, Australia, Japan, every corner of the United States…small towns, big cities and everything in between.  It didn’t matter who you talked to, they had all made a journey from somewhere far and somewhere within themselves to honor the one and only Prince Rogers Nelson at the 3 night concert put on by the Revolution, Prince’s backing band from the early 1980’s.  

It has been over 4 months since that fateful day in April that rocked the music world and turned the entire world purple.  There has been no tribute at all whatsoever during these long 4 months for the fans.  Many of us felt left out.  Prince let us into his world in a way that no other celebrity ever has.  He welcomed us into his home on a regular basis.  He knew many of us by name.  He never made us feel less-than.  But on April 21, the gates of Paisley Park locked up and there was a sudden, clear delineation between the estate (whatever that means) and the followers.  There were several tributes, but none of them included us.  During the latest one at Paisley Park one fan commented “It is almost as if they are just trying to have yet another tribute that the public is not invited to.”  It was very clear to us that being included was over.

I was one of the lucky ones that got to spend a lot of time at Paisley Park over the last 3 years.  It felt like my second home.  I know they are opening it up for tours now but I have no desire to go…this is a very different Post-Prince world and it is no question that it is now a business.  The announcement that they were trying to book Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars for the “Official fan Tribute” in October could not make that any clearer.  A lot of us have met that news with valid resentment.  Those commercial stars have nothing to do with Prince and that type of tribute could not be any farther from the Prince that I grew to know and love.  If I sound a bit bitter please forgive me.  I am struggling to accept how very different things have already become.  Despite members of the representatives for the estates’ best efforts with their “Prince Army” and “Purple Army” Hashtags, we all sense the truth and can see straight through to it.  Everything has changed and the fans have been struggling for 4 long months like a lost Nemo in a vast open ocean, trying to find our way home.  

The Revolution played this weekend at First Avenue.  It was supposed to be one show, but due to demand it grew into 3 nights.  Some fans were disjointed.  “Old Friends for Sale” was a common thread.  They resentfully questioned the intentions after everything that has happened since April.  I am happy to say that this ended up being a very sincere and loving tribute but I understand the skepticism.  

I was there for all 3 nights.  I have watched Purple Rain every single week for no less than 3-5 times a week for my entire adult life.  I was not going to miss it.  For days and days leading up to Thursday night I could not sleep, I could not eat and I was physically ill.  I was so worried and so excited and so so so very sad.  My physical body couldn’t deal with all of the emotions and my hands shook uncontrollably.  I just needed this band that I loved so much to come through for me in the worst way.  

I did not know what to expect.  Living here in Minnesota you hear a lot of people say “I am a huge Prince fan” and then they say something to the effect of “He hasn’t had a hit in a long time though” …and you just know that they are one of the fans that got stuck in the Purple Rain era.  I understand that that is a very important era for a lot of people, but there is a difference between those fans and the Prince Army.  I was not sure who would be attending these concerts.  I worried it would be fans just looking for a Purple Rain moment.  

Standing in line on Thursday night it became apparent who was there.  These were not casual fans.  These were fans that emptied their rainy day savings piggy banks to travel very far…and they were grieving.  They had made the pilgrimage to pay respects.  They did not come to stand at the gates of Paisley Park just to take a photo to say that they had been there; they were there because they had lost someone that they really loved and they wanted to pay tribute.  They were hurting deeply.  These were my people.  

These fans were fans of Purple Rain but had not been stuck there.  They knew every word to the tracks from the vault played by the opening DJs inside of First Avenue.  They spoke in inside information nuances.  They knew every band member by name and recognized all of the VIP guests that included Prince’s ex wives, girlfriends, protégés, family and employees.  It was very clear.  First Avenue was full of purple and the Prince Army had reported for duty.    

The Thursday night show began about 10pm and lasted for 2 solid hours.  I was lucky enough to score a front row spot just underneath Wendy Melvoins’ feet.  Within moments of the band taking the stage it was very apparent that the band was here to process and grieve and heal right along with us…through music.  Their pain was sincere and it was glaringly apparent on their faces and by their energy and it was deep.  The moment the lights went up I immediately started to sob uncontrollably.  In order to contain myself I got out my phone and began to Livestream.  I had to do something with my shaking hands.  I got lightheaded and almost passed out.  There were highs; there were lows, Wendy, Lisa, Dez, Dr Fink, BrownMark, BobbyZ…Andre… They were all there.  We grieved together.  The first night was all about our own sadness.  We all wept openly and without shame.

During the entire set Prince’s Hohner guitar sat in the center of the stage.  I noticed it right away “I think that is Prince’s guitar!”  I said to my friends.  At the end of the night, during the very last song, Wendy picked up that guitar and put it on.  Yes, it was most certainly Prince’s.  The unmistakable animal print strap that had been my very favorite one that he wore…wrapped around her like loving arms as she put it on.  I remembered touching that strap one night that we got to see all of his instruments up close.  It was the night of a dance party and the back parts of Paisley Park by the pool tables were all open for us to explore and I went up and gently touched each of his guitars.  When Wendy put it on and began to play the opening bars of Purple Rain it was a perfect moment.  It was overwhelmingly sad, but so very touching.  

Prince did not want to reunite with the Revolution when he was alive.  He purposefully and obviously did not show up 5 years ago during the first reunion for the Bobby Z benefit.  There was an empty microphone there all night long that night as we waited with anticipation for him to show.  In the end it felt like a cruel but expected snub but we understood it. It was apparent he did not want to go backwards and continued to move forward.  

Despite the fact that Prince moved forward without them, the Revolution is a band full of authentic members that did not latch onto Prince in order to get famous.  Prince was well on his way to stardom when Purple Rain came out, but this band truly knew him when.  They were a family.  There is no question that Purple Rain launched them all into mega fame…together.  They made it big together.  When Prince accepted awards, the band was by his side.  Together they were part of arguably the best album and the best music movie of all time.  The album sold over 22 million copies worldwide.  All 5 of the title songs became massive worldwide hits.  Purple Rain stayed at #1 on the Billboard charts (back when that actually meant something) for 24 consecutive weeks.  At one point in 1984, this band simultaneously had the No. 1 album, single, and film in the US.  The musical score won two Grammy’s and an Oscar, the only time this has ever been achieved.  They did it all as a group.  They traveled the world performing.  Some people say they were only a band for two years as if that discounts all of this… but what happened during that timeframe was a lifetime of memories and monumental achievements.  It was significant in history and in emotion and the love that this band has for their missing leader is real.  I believe that even though he moved forward, Prince still loved them very much.  

Seeing them come home to Minneapolis and play on that stage, where it all began for them…felt like witnessing the sealing of a full circle.  It began there.  It is fitting that we say goodbye there.  While Wendy played the opening bars to Purple Rain she told us the story of how she first played those opening bars on that very stage when she was 18 years old.  In 1983.  Prince left her out there playing it over and over and over again… for 10 minutes.  Now, we got to hear her play it again 33 years later… without him there… but wearing his guitar in a beautiful and heartfelt tribute.  It was intense.  

Friday brought a plethora of purple people touring all over the city.  I was staying at the W Hotel and I watched from my view out my window as purple person after purple person appeared and stood by the music wall to take photos.  They toured Paisley Park, the music wall… and obscure places such as the hospital where Prince was born.  They were in search of a proper way to fill up that blazingly loud void that had been left in their hearts by a man that inspired them for a lifetime.  None of it worked, but all of it helped heal… bit by bit.  There was healing happening in Minneapolis this last weekend…all over the city, there was healing… and it was a beautiful thing to see.  

The Friday night concert I was front row, left.  Just underneath BrownMark and Andre Cymone.  While we waited for the band to come out, Questlove spun Prince song after Prince song from his throne atop FirstAvenue.  The entire crowd broke out in song.  I have never heard so many people singing “Starfish and Coffee.”  It reminded me of all of the times Prince would say “Go out and dance, there is nothing to see up here” …and I personally believe that he would have loved it.  

Night one felt like it was all about our sadness, night 2 felt like it was all about Prince.  This time I did not cry when the band came out.  The band did not look sad, they looked lighter… as if they had released a thousand waves of sadness and were ready to take a step forward.  They opened with the same song “Let’s Go Crazy” only this time instead of going crazy with grief we went crazy with dancing and singing and happy memories.  All night long I kept looking up at the purple smoke filled light illuminating the band and could not help but picture Prince dancing and enjoying a thousand grieving fans that loved him and were healing through his music… delivered by the hands of those that loved him so.  The Revolution.  

Night 2 we actually stayed for the dance party.  We danced to his music and I tried to enjoy it.  The music was fantastic but I was honestly just going through the motions.  I wasn’t quite ready to feel happy yet.  But I was trying and that was a very big step.  Just seeing First Avenue lit up with purple was amazing.  There was just so much love in that room.  

The 3 nights included appearances by Bilal, Kimbra (who Prince awarded the Grammy to in 2013), Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum (of Saturday Night Live fame and a Prince cover band named Princess), members of Prince’s family, his two ex wives(Mayte Garcia and Manuela Testolini), Apollonia Kotero, Brenda Bennett and Susannah Melvoin, among others.  

As someone online said: “When your ex girlfriend shows up… then your other ex girlfriend… then your ex wife… then your other ex wife…”  

It was very nice and Prince is the only man that could have that many women on the stage who still love him.  

In the VIP area were rumors and sightings of 3eg and other Prince related employees of past and present.  A replica of the Purple Rain motorcycle sat near the audience lit up in purple light.  Regardless of all of this power, center stage was really just the love that we all share for this amazing man.  

During the concerts there were many stories shared.  Apollonia came out the first night and had a big hoop earring on. “Would you like one of these?” she teased to the crowd who all completely understood the reference to one of the most famous scenes in the Purple Rain movie.  Then she threw it to the crowd… then threw a handful more.  This scene was repeated throughout the 3 nights with a different story and a different flare.  I love Apollonia.  I have a picture of her in a corset framed in my bathroom.  She is a lovely human being and is so very sweet.  She recently shared a story of her last encounters with Prince and all I could think is that it is amazing how he made so many people feel so individually loved and so special.  And here she was paying it forward.  

Night 3 saw the energy lift even higher.  The crowd cheered effusively.  Questlove introduced the band with “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Revolution!”

We all understood the significance.  

Wendy repeatedly held the microphone to the audience and let us to the singing.  “You are the band!  That is how he wanted it!” she told us.  The Revolution accomplished what had been missing since we lost Prince in April, they made us feel acknowledged and they made us feel like a part of things again.  

We’re still a group, right?

I was front row again.  This time I brought my 14 year-old daughter.  She has had some special interactions with Prince and she wanted to be there.  She is the same age that I was when I first discovered Prince and it felt complete to have her experience this with me.  These band members are some of the best musicians in the world.  She needed to see this.  

“You’re going to have to fight your own damn war, cause we don’t want to fight no more!” We all chanted and released and chanted it again.  It reminded me of when Prince left us chanting “Free, Free Yourself” at Paisley Park one night all the way to the parking lot and all the way home.  So many of us, tired of fighting this grief, chanting together and wanting to be set free.  

During the 2nd and 3rd shows Wendy did not wait to play Prince’s guitar.  She put it on right away and played it during the majority of the show.  This gesture was a clear statement.  He is here with us now and we are going to honor him.  There was a time to be sad, but now we are going to celebrate! Prince was all about healing through music.  The Revolution honored his legacy in the most perfect way…on the First Avenue Stage with heartfelt sincerity.  It was beautiful.  

At the end of the last night they predictably and fittingly ended with Purple Rain.  As soon as Wendy began to play that familiar opening note the entire venue began to cry.   There was no way around it but to openly sob as the circle completed right in front of us.  What began there was ending there.  As I was crying I looked up…Bobby Z was watching me.  His face was red and he was struggling.  His eyes caught mine and he nodded at me with a knowing look and pointed at me with his drumstick.  My daughter looked back at me.  It was so kind and thoughtful.  It was exactly what Prince used to do.  

Thank you to the Revolution.  Thank you for remembering us fans and for including us and coming together to help us heal.  I know that you had a choice and did not have to do this.  It felt right, you did it exactly right.  You did it exactly right because you know him.  You did it exactly right because you know us.  

At the end of the night I approached Dez Dickerson and gave him a purple rubber bracelet that said “Purple Army” on it.  It is a bracelet that I wear with my purple family near and far to help keep us close together.  When he went to put it on, he pushed up his sleeve and revealed a plethora of purple bands….gifts from different pockets of Prince Army members from all over the world.  Mildly different but yet all the same.  I was humbled in the vastness of this group of kindred spirits.  Prince touched so many of us in so many ways and his loss leaves a void that is glaringly open.  

No one can ever fill it.  As Wendy Melvoin cheered out to the crowd at First Avenue “He can never be replaced.  We won’t try.  That’s a promise.”

Full circle of love.  Complete.  We are.  The Revolution.  

We’re still a group.