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How do romanced companions react to seeing Sole come back from a mission all beat up?

Codsworth: The “By Jove!”s were flying through Sanctuary that night. Poor Codsworth, being extremely unequipped to handle medical emergencies, is frantically whipping out anything he thinks might help his poor master. It helps that Codsworth is a domestic wizard. Pillows, blankets, hot drinks and food seems to appear from nowhere. Sole is not left wanting as they quietly nurse their wounds.
“Sir/mum, I must say, as your romantic partner I very much do not appreciate you coming home in this state! This is- I-“
His buzzing, posh accent tapers off as he sees the look Sole gives him, which borders on incredulous.
“I mean… Master, if you have to go on these… Dangerous expeditions, would you at least take me with you? You can count on me to secure the home front, but I worry about you.  The world, it’s so…”
He stops talking again, and finds himself hovering very close to Sole’s bed. He watches his master reach out for one of his three arms, holding the metal like Codsworth could feel the warmth. In a way, he almost could.

Danse: When he spies that familiar silhouette against the horizon his heart leaps, only to immediately sink into his stomach again. He mumbles a lecture about “letting your guard down” as he helps Sole limp their way towards the clinic, disguising his worry as anger, trying (and failing) to hide how much the blood affects him.
Where was your power armor? Who did you travel with? Where were you hit? Is this broken? Do you need-
The questions are (rudely) stopped as Sole seal their lips with a kiss, and in the silence that follows, Danse has time to think properly. As a solider of the Brotherhood of Steel he had been trained for this exact situation. He had helped countless of his fellows with post-battle injuries. Sole didn’t even look seriously hurt. Then how come, if he was prepared for this, that his heart was beating so hard he could feel his pulse in his gums?
When the kiss breaks he lets out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding. “It’s gonna be okay,” he mumbles, not sure who he’s comforting the most.

Preston: Preston always claims the guard post at the front of Sanctuary, overlooking the road, just so he can be the first to see them. This time he’s glad he did.
His laser musket forgotten, running so fast his hat almost flies off, he’s at Sole’s side just in time to catch them as they stumble. Instead of getting help he sits them down right there, ass down on the dusty road, and insists on seeing the damage for himself. He speaks clearly and honestly, tipping Sole’s head up to look them in the eye.
“Please, please take care of yourself out there. We can’t afford to lose you.”
He bites his lip.
“I can’t afford to lose you.”

Strong: “Human, you’re leaking.” Strong grunts as he wraps a massive arm around Sole’s waist, hoisting them up and over his shoulder. The leader makes a weird, high-pitched noise and bury their fingers into Strong’s arm, who doesn’t seem to notice or care.
Leader is hurt. Leader needs helps. That’s easy enough, he has done it a hundred times. Humans get themselves hurt a lot, seeing as how their tiny, squishy bodies put up no fight against bullets and animals. That seems stupid, Strong thinks. They should really work on fixing that. Maybe if the leader was more like super mutants and had a strong body instead of a dumb and tiny one, Strong wouldn’t have to carry them quite as much.
…. All though, he did like it. A little. It was soft, and warm, like a scarf that talked too much. Just like when the human invites him into their bed and wraps around him for protection against the things that live in the dark.
He likes that too. And he knows from experience that when humans got hurt they spent a lot of time in bed. So really, thinking about it as logically as he could, this wasn’t all bad.

X6-88: He’s stoic at first, letting the “doctor” at whatever settlement he was waiting in get to Sole first. He watches silently as they patch Sole up again, paying no attention to the nervous glances coming his way.
It’s only later, when they’re alone and he sees how Sole winces when they move, that he reaches out for them. He pulls them to him, and when they’re standing this close he can clearly see the fresh bruises and the dried flakes of blood on their lips. It makes him… Uneasy. Like a calm, controlled sort of panic, swelling in his stomach. It’s an unfamiliar feeling, and he doesn’t know what to do with it.
“You have to be careful,” he mumbles against their neck. He refuses to let them out of his sight for long while they heal, feeling that same surge of worry every time he sees them hiss with pain. God, if he had to fall in love, why did he pick the unluckiest person in the wasteland?

Deacon: He knows Sole always comes back to him. He just wishes they would return in better shape.
He doesn’t show it, of course. When someone asks him how Sole is doing, Deacon happily tells them a (slightly exaggerated) story of how a behemoth the size of a skyscraper broke out of the ground, using an entire train as a mallet, and Sole took it down with only two bullets and a molerat skull.
The truth? Sole was in a fight, as always. Getting injured, as always. For all their accomplishments and skill, Sole is still human, and can still be hurt or even die out there. That thought terrifies Deacon in a way that makes it hard to sleep at night.
When Sole returns with new scars, Deacon adjusts his glasses and happily listens to whatever tale Sole tells him, laughing and distracting from the pain. At night, when they’re in bed together and he can feel the heat and bumps of broken ribs beneath Sole’s torn skin, that laughter feels far, far away. Suppose that’s just the price you pay for loving someone.

Piper: “Damn, Blue. Really living up to your name, huh?” Piper jokes. She wasn’t joking a second ago when Sole collapsed on her doorstep looking like they had ran there on broken legs.
In fact she might have been a little hysterical, but so what? It’s natural to freak out about the people you love, it’s just human nature. Piper’s nature in particular is extremely caring, so after patching her lover up the best she can, she lets herself slide under the blankets to begin the emotional healing as well.
To be fair, Sole was more purple than blue right now. And they really shouldn’t be playing on that pip-boy, in case of concussion, but Piper doesn’t have the heart to tell them to stop. Instead she just rests her head on Sole’s chest and listens to their heartbeat as they lose the fifteenth game of “Red Menace” in a row.

Curie: People may think she’s innocent, cute, maybe even weak, but Curie is first and foremost a medical professional. When she hears Sole has finally come back and “looks bad”, she responds like medical lightning. She knows she’s not the best fighter, the best builder or the most socially adept, but god damn it, this is something she knows. No one else is putting a finger on Sole while they heal.
Every complaint is silenced with a huff and a kiss, every cut closed, everything even remotely resembling a bruise is disinfected and wrapped. Sole has no choice but to lay back and let Curie do what she does best. Which is caring.

MacCready: After living the mercenary lifestyle MacCready knows a thing or two about first aid, but applying that knowledge requires him to physically be there. When Sole comes home, battered and bruised, he wishes he had been.  It hurts him to see them so vulnerable, and it hurts him even more when he has to add to that pain, but the bullets have to come out before the wounds close.
“Frick, sorry,” he whispers for the hundredth time as the tweezers slip and stab Sole in the back. At least it was just raiders this time; he had no idea what he would do if it had been the gouges of a deathclaw swipe, or the acid burns from a mirelurk queen. As another bullet hits the surgical tray with a ping, he shakily tries to wipe the blood away and bandage the wounds, pouring a bit of purified water on it for good measure. Then he offers to whip up an apology dinner, but Sole explains in (unnecessary) length that they don’t want to be battered, bruised and poisoned.

Cait: Cait is no stranger to injury, and yet there is something very wrong about seeing Sole all beat up like that. It’s all bloody, and raw, and wrong. She’s not the best with words, so when the settlers pull Sole inside and the bare lightbulb brings every fresh injury into focus, she can only manage a “God fucking damn it, Sole!”.
She cares for Sole the only way she knows how; a shot to disinfect the wound and a shot to forget the pain. Maybe two. Maybe three. Getting drunk not only makes it easier to speak her mind, but also helps dissolve that hard, tight knot that had appeared in her stomach when she saw Sole limp into town.
“You gotta take care of yourself, Sole!” she insists, getting a fifth blanket from god-knows-where.
“ ‘Cause if you die out there without me, I’ll fuckin’ kill you! Hear me?”

Nick: He knows pain doesn’t feel the same for him as it does for Sole. Besides, he’s a detective, not a doctor, so when Sole stumbles through his door looking like they got back from a hot date with a deathclaw, there’s not much for him to do. The constant reassurances of “it looks worse than it is” doesn’t help at all.
He cares for sole the only way he knows how; painkillers and chicken soup. He knows soup is supposed to help with coughs and not dislocated shoulders, but what else is he supposed to do? He tucks them into bed and tries to come up with an interesting story about his last case to distract them, keeping a close eye on them as they start drifting into sleep. If someone might be concussed, were you supposed to let them sleep? Or was it the opposite?
“If you keep this up you’re gonna end up lookin’ like me, doll…” he murmurs, and is surprised to hear Sole huff with laughter.

Hancock: There’s something charming about scars, Hancock has always thought. Maybe that’s why Sole is so goddamn beautiful to him. It feels like there’s a new one every time they meet, complete with an exciting story to go with it, and as he watches Sole clean the dirt from their wounds he feels his heart swell.
How did someone like him get someone like this, huh? He holds his charred palm over Sole’s bruised skin and feels the heat of every punctured blood vessel radiate from it. There’s beauty in that, too, and in the way his lover toughs it out, like the pain is just a part of life. A part of them.
“No use in hurtin’ yourself just for fun, love,” Hancock muses as he hands Sole another stimpak.
“There’s easier ways to get my attention.”
It’s said with a nudge and a wink, but he can’t help but notice how Sole winces at the touch. Then it’s not so fun anymore.
Still, Hancock knows a hundred ways to forget pain, and he’s happy to share every single one of them as Sole recovers. No worries. Nope, none at all.
… But maybe, the next time Sole goes out, he’ll insist on coming with them. Just to be sure.

Some of y'all

really need to understand what’s going on right now.

I see posts saying stuff like “Oh snap, Alec will feel so horrible when he realises it was Magnus in Valentine’s body and he hurt him and–” and other shit like this.

And yes, Alec will undoubtedly feel crushed and guilty for the way he acted and he’ll beat himself up over his disbelief. That’s true, I don’t think he’ll even bear to look Magnus in the eyes at first. But he isn’t the only one that exists in this situation.

Imagine how Magnus is feeling right now. He was forced into the body of a shadowhunter which’s goal is mass destruction of the Downworlder - Magnus’ - kind. His soul has to reside inside of a vessel that was carried by a rotten man, and now Magnus has to take care of it. Furthermore, Valentine is a man who’s plans Magnus fought against for so long, risked his life in the war between Circle members and Downworlders, later literally exausted his body’s energy to the point where he nearly passed out trying to heal Luke, then Alec, then he barely made it out of the Institute in time (saving Madzie, too!) when Valentine slaughtered every Downworlder that was there.

He’d promised himself he wouldn’t get involved with shadowhunters, but first Jocelyn, then Alec waltzed into the picture and he found himself helping the people fighting against a mutual threat - Valentine. And it comes in a full circle - he’s now trapped inside that threat’s body. He can’t call for help, because nobody will believe him.

I think that’s one of the things that’s messing up his emotional state right now, the fact that he’s helpless and no one can save him without trust. And he can’t prove that he isn’t Valentine, unless somebody will be willing to listen to him, which people aren’t in this situation.

Magnus is about to be fucking executed for the crimes he fought against.

And he knows that it’s total injustice, because oh boy, he was supposed to live for years to come. He was supposed to stay with Alec until the very last day. He was supposed to spend more time with Cat and Tessa. He was supposed to watch Madzie grow up into a strong young woman. He was supposed to visit the resting places of Ragnor and Jocelyn and Will…

He’s also lost his protection and weapon he’s wielded all his life: his magic. It’s impossible for him to feel comfortable when it’s all gone. Magnus would’ve died at ten if his powers wouldn’t have broken out, burned his human ‘father’ and ultimately saved him from drowning. It’s not only a shield and sword, it’s a tool he sometimes used to express himself. The color of the magic sometimes changed to represent his view of the situation and his current feelings towards people and emotions that he couldn’t keep inside.

And it doesn’t end there.

Let’s take a minute to remember that Valentine is now also in Magnus’ body. And that terrifies Magnus as well, because God knows what Valentine can do when he’s free again. Alec completely trusts Magnus, and Valentine can do whatever he wants, manipulate others, possibly hurt more people - and, most likely, those people would be Alec or Catarina or Madzie or literally anyone that Magnus knows personally and socializes with often.

Besides, a genocidal shadowhunter inside of our warlock’s body just seems so impure to me. It’s supposed to stay together, a body that commited intentional mass-murder and a rotting soul that planned it all. Meanwhile, while I will agree that Magnus certainly isn’t a little fluffy angel, you could - kind of, I guess - consider him a peaceful person. Sure, he takes absolutely no shit from nobody and will not hesitate to choke people that are disturbing him, but that’s all a part of his personality that has formed throughout his life and that shapes him into the fucking High Warlock of Brooklyn. Still, to me he seems quite reluctant to get into drama or fights if those aren’t touching him or the people he cares about directly.

While Valentine just really, really hates Downworlders because of their demon blood and his complete ignorance. Because come on, who’d believe that Magnus, Simon, Luke and the rest of the Downworlder Squad™ don’t have feelings?

((cam*lle doesn’t count in this situation. don’t use her against me. ew.))

And now this mentioned fucked up excuse of a living being is inside of Magnus like some damn infection, and he knows what can happen if this continues.

And he can do absolutely nothing to prevent it.

I mean, of course, they’ll switch bodies again next episode and everything will be a-okay (exept not really, because I swear to God, writers, show that Magnus will need to recover from this twisted turn of events), but Magnus hasn’t nuked the 4th wall and read the script.

And that’s why he’s fucking horrified.

((also if magnus isn’t the one to murder azazel, i will sue. not the show. not the actors. i’ll sue magnus. u deserve da kill, ma boi.

JAKE: Jeremy????

JAKE: Jeremy! yo dude! wake up!

MICHAEL: don’t just shake him like that! 

JAKE: how else am i supposed wake him???

MICHAEL: I…I don’t know just.. give him a minute..

JAKE: give him a minute!? Michael! last time I checked he didn’t freaking pass out.

MICHAEL: no fucking shit! it also didn’t last almost ten fucking minutes!

JAKE: so it would be fucking better for me to shake him to make sure hes not fucking dea-

RICH: guys stop it! you’re scaring Christine!

CHIRISINE: I-is Jeremy gonna die!?

CHRISTINE: did that thing kill him???

BROOKE: He’s going to be fine Christine! I promise!

CHLOE: the squip wouldn’t kill Jeremy. it practically needs his brain to live.

CHRISTINE: b-but what…w-what about *sniffle*

BROOKE: I promise! he’ll wake up and be fine!

JAKE: lets move him to the couch.

trappedjesus475  asked:

Companions react to Sole giving them Christmas gifts, even though they have no idea what Christmas is. (Great gifts too, like armor mods and a jetpack attachment for Danse, or a brand new printing press for Piper, etc.) Oh and they don't expect any gifts in return.

In Fallout 4, if you go into Diamond City on December 25th, christmas lights are strung up around the city. That kind of winter holiday has been around for centuries, and would likely still be around for centuries in the future. However, some companions may have a better idea of “Christmas” than others.

Cait: “Well, shite, Sole, you didn’t need to get me anything.” She’s taken aback by the generosity, even a little suspicious. “You’ve got to want somethin’ in return.” But Sole insists, so she shrugs off the gift and pretends it doesn’t matter that much to her. But, later, she finds herself watching and re-watching the kung fu holotapes Sole got her. She even cracks a smile when she pulls off a roundhouse kick, just like they showed in the film.

Codsworth: His voicebox crackles with emotion. “Oh, Mx. Sole…” If a robot’s eyestalks could water, Codsworth would be weeping. It’s a handmade set of matching oven mitts and apron, with a mitt for every claw and an apron that fits perfectly around his torso. It’s a simple gift, but one that makes him overjoyed. He insists on wearing them every time he cooks.

Curie: “Oh, Sole!” She claps her hands to her cheeks in glee. Real lab equipment is rare in the wasteland. Test tubes are often chipped or cracked, medical textbooks are ruined, microscopes are broken… She runs up and clasps Sole in a hug, thanking them profusely for her pristine lab equipment. “It is so beautiful! I will be able to do so much with this!”

Danse: “I…” He’s speechless. To most, it would look like just a few boxes of tech. To Danse, it looks like the pieces to the finest power armor mods in the wasteland. He holds up each piece of metal in awe, running his fingers over it, making a plan in his mind for how to put them together. There’s the faintest glimmer of a tear in his eye. “This is so generous of you,” he says at last, with a shocked, sweet expression on his face.

Deacon: He stares. For once, for a few critical seconds, the liar is rendered speechless. “Wow, Sole,” he murmurs at last, picking up the Pre-War “disguise kit” with a lop-sided smile. It’s full of paints and wigs and costumes. It’s something a make-up artist or entertainer might have used 200 years ago, but now… “I didn’t know you moonlighted as Kris Kringle,” he jokes. He laughs it off, but people don’t often get him things. It touches him deeply.

Dogmeat: He gets a Deathclaw bone to gnaw on. He’s delighted by it, and makes it his business to drag it around and chew on it all day and night, despite it being as big as he is. To show his appreciation, he lavishes Sole with doggy kisses, jumping up on them and nearly bowling them over as he nuzzles them.

Hancock: He waves away Sole’s insistence that he doesn’t have to get them something in return. “Fahrenheit!” he calls. “Have this framed.” He hands over his present - a copy of the Constitution, in all its glory. He’s never actually read all of it before, and it makes him unable to stop grinning for two days. He informs the Goodneighbor residents that they now celebrate Christmas, and proceeds to buy everyone presents. 

Nick Valentine: He lets out an uncharacteristic laugh. It’s a mug, with the words “World’s Best Sad Toaster” handpainted on the side. He smiles every time he looks at it. It turns out that he got Sole something for Christmas, even before he knew they’d get him a present. His gift is an intact snowglobe of Pre-War Boston. “Found it in a tourist trap,” he says, with a faint smile. “Dunno. Guess I hoped you were an old sap like me, and that you’d appreciate it.”

MacCready: His eyes bug out of his head. “This is for me? For me? You gotta be kiddin’ me, Sole.” It’s the finest, shiniest sniper rifle he’d ever seen. Growing up on half-modded, half-broken guns, MacCready always wanted a decent weapon but never had the heart (or caps) to get himself one. Though, after receiving the present, he drives himself half-crazy trying to think of a way to repay Sole, refusing to take it as a charitable gift. He’s still thinking.

Piper: “Blue, you- you-” She shakes her head, a wide grin on her face. “You amazing, wonderful person!” The printing press, all clean and fixed and good as the day it was made, gleams in the front of Publick Occurrences. Piper whips around and pulls Sole into a tight bear hug, squeezing the air from their lungs and thanking them a million times before running over and hugging the press and kissing its surface dreamily.

Preston: “Oh, Sole, you didn’t have to get me anything.” But he can’t help the blushing smile across his cheeks as he takes in Sole’s gift. A refurnished farmhouse, just south of the Castle. Preston might be a militia man, but in his heart he was a farm boy, who wanted land to tend and somewhere to call home. The house itself isn’t much, but it’s the promise of a future that makes him wipe an embarrassed tear from his eye.

Strong: “Is… for me?” He gives Sole a suspicious look. “Won’t get mad if Strong kill?” With Sole’s reassurance, he lunges into battle with an unsettling grin. Strong, being away from his brothers, does not often get the chance to wreak havoc. Sole spent a month collecting various wild animals and putting them together in a big field, then challenging Strong to wrestle/eat them to his heart’s content. The mutant is very pleased.

X6-88: “Mx. Sole, I really do not know what to say.” Coursers are not given presents. It just isn’t done. So when Sole shows up with a restored motorcycle and a brand-new pair of sunglasses, he’s not sure what he’s supposed to do. “Thank you,” he says at last, running one hand over the smooth metal of the bike. “Am I… allowed to use this?”


Part 2 of the Jock!Eren x Nerd!Levi prompt by ererifanatic. [Part 1]

I drew the tutoring prompt (well kinda) with a shitty flirting because it’s Valentines. Levi is teaching Eren about hormones and Eren didn’t miss the opportunity to prove he was paying attention.

I couldn’t draw more because my wrist isn’t proper healed yet but hopefully I’ll be able to draw the last prompt later.


1.30.17 - 2.5.17 // Last week I went for a slightly Valentines-themed color scheme. I also totally messed the Harry Potter quote up in the top right corner. It’s supposed to be “treasure” not “pleasure” …. oh well.

I recently hit 1.2k followers, thank y’all so much! You’re the best :)

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last batch! the smooches~! happy valentines everyone <3

so the project was to do all of these for celebrating 1K hits on my fic (it’s gotten way more hits and kudos since the start tho so these are now celebrating that, ahaha)

Im not yours, and youre not mine
But we can sit and pass the time
No fighting wars, no ringing chimes
Were just feeling fine
This is where were supposed to be
Sitting by a broken tree
No tragedy, no poetry
Just staring at the sky

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These were actually supposed to be charm designs, but I don’t know how to make charms so…..Enjoy? (If anyone knows please tell me…)

Blank version included for birthdays, confessions, end of the universe, anniversaries, etc.!

(Sorry I’m late! I finished this at 6 AM today after almost a whole night of working…….)


At my doctor’s appointment today, the nurse who was checking me in and doing the preliminaries asked me if I was an athlete.  I laughed out loud…but apparently she was serious!!?!?!  I have never considered myself an athlete or even “athletic”…Maybe because for so many years of my life I wasn’t?  I don’t know.  These days, I do consider myself fairly fit, but perhaps I shouldn’t laugh about or scoff at the idea that I could be an athlete.  It’s funny…you think you’ve gotten so far past all of the negative opinions you used to hold of yourself and then something reminds you that perhaps you still have some work to do.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For example, I am always hesitant to call myself a mountain biker–even though I am out on the trails usually at least three times a week or more–or a runner–even though I run…perhaps I should work on that.  Do I have any fancy gear or devices related to those activities?  Nope.  Am I the best at them?  NopeBut, would I withhold the label of “runner” or “mountain biker”–or “athlete“ for that matter–from others just because they weren’t the best or the most well-outfitted or techy?  NOPE.  Hmmmm.  Something to think about, I suppose.

In other news, it was a damn fine day!  The weather was no less than perfect!  I got up early to go to the bake sale some of my gym friends were having at their offices, brought back treats for my environmental engineers group from Samsung (some of my favorite people), left at 1 to meet my friend Shannon for a patio lunch, mailed my Tumblr Secret Valentine package, and then spent the last three hours on my bike and walking Walter!  Now: waiting for the husband to get home so we can go out for MORE patio dining–hello Greek salad and happy hour sangria–within walking distance!!!! ;)

Just as Sweet [Peter Pevensie]

Imagine : You, Lucy, and Susan are making chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Peter stops by the kitchen, where Lucy and Susan come up with a plan to get the two of you together.

Request : @starflight17 Can you use the quote from #2 with Peter and the reader? Where they end up confessing and kissing, since it’s almost Valentine’s day ^^;

Note : Happy early Valentine’s Day! Remember that there is always someone who treasures you in the world, and that you are never alone. I feel like Peter’s out of character in this one, so I apologize if this does not seem really realistic.

Warnings : More than a little cliché situations. Lots of fluff.

The rich scent of chocolate fills the kitchen. Trays of the dark substance in molds cover kitchen countertops as they cool and harden. You, Lucy, and Susan are busy making yet another batch of chocolate for Valentine’s Day, which is two days from today.

You start to put the cooled chocolates into little boxes. Sometimes you pop a chocolate in your mouth and dodge a smack from Susan for eating them.

“I’m just testing them out to make sure they won’t kill us,” you joke. You then hand one to Lucy and Susan, prompting them to try the chocolates. “They’re delicious. I’m sure everyone will enjoy eating them tomorrow.”

Lucy swallows her last bite of chocolate before shooting you a cheeky grin. “Yes, I’m sure Peter will enjoy them.”

“Lucy!” you yelp.

Susan smirks and shakes her head at you. “Why, you’re blushing just because you hear his name.”

“Hear who’s name?” A very familiar, masculine voice interrupts your conversation.

Whirling around, you nearly drop the box of chocolates you were packaging. “Peter! What are you doing here?” You are proud that you did not stutter as you speak, even though his arrival was a surprise to all three of you in the kitchen.

The High King plucks a chocolate off a tray. “Cook found me, complaining that people have taken over her kitchen to make some chocolate, even though she could have made them herself. I immediately knew it was the three of you and had to see if your chocolate is as good as hers.” Peter takes a bite of the heart-shaped sweet. He swallows and nods approvingly. “It’s very good. I suppose you’ll be giving them out on Valentine’s Day?”

Susan nods in response. “We’ll make sure to save some for you. Maybe one of us will drop the chocolates off to give you a break.” She pointedly looks to you and in return, you not-so-discreetly poke her in the side, causing her to yelp and step away from you.

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Happy late Valentine’s Day! 

These took wayyyyyyyyy longer than they were suppose to, but I am finally done! ^^

Here we have:

Windblade Starscream for my wonderful friend karrashi (and all the Screamer fangirls~)

TFP Knock Out for the lovely hellovivirose (And Doc Knock lovers~)

TFP Arcee for one of my Instagram buds “noisyboyHD”

AND LAST but certainly not least, A TFP Optimus for ALL THE OP FREAKs (like moi) 


This might be an unpopular opinion but honestly I hope Magnus is in the wrong during that fight. 

I know, I know, In an ideal world they wouldn’t fight at all but we can all agree that the last fight was because Alec was talking his anger out on Magnus. I hope this time, It’s Magnus. 

I mean, he lost Ragnor and then directly afterwards he was acting like everything was fine. Ragnor someone who, at least in the books, he’s known for centuries. Valentine and the Circle are back trying to kill them. I can’t even imagine how Magnus must be feeling about that. He’s already been through it once, he already watched his people being tortured and killed and now it’s happening again. His people, the people he’s suppose to be protecting, were slaughtered at the Institute. 

Magnus deserves a moment of not being okay. Magnus deserves to get angry and misdirect his anger. Magnus deserves to be the irrational one who get upset at something that would normally not be a big deal. Magnus isn’t okay and I really hope we get to see that and I really hope Alec gets to see that. 

Look I know Jonathan has done some bad things but he never asked for any of it. He never had a chance. He never got to choose his own life Valendemon took that from him. He just wanted a family. He just wanted to be loved. HE JUST WANTED TO BE LOVED.

It is not his fault he never got shown the right ways, that his blood made him see things wrong. He didn’t deserve any of this. I know he is supposed to be the bad guy but I was freaking damn rooting for him in the last fight. And it broke my heart. JONATHAN DESERVED BETTER. And I will stand by that till the day I die. (Or get a life.)

anonymous asked:

why dont you like the does jumin han is gay meme?

First was okay, then it was kinda overrated
Like….to prove you know MM = you know Does Jumin Han Is Gay meme

For example, I have an artbooth last year big comic event in Malaysia, some fangirls that know MM, will be shout “does Jumin Han is gaayyyyy” to show some sort of way they know MM, instead of chatting the content or character they like, they did this meme

Then the Cheritz Valentines contest was a disaster for Jumin, he was suppose to be saying the line (confession) while handing the chocolate to MC, instead he get the “I’m not gay”

last but not least, he’s not gay in the game, it was just a small joke.
Sometime I wonder if people really know whats the real content on Jumin’s story
Instead just a meme joke.