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Tastes Like Love

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Three different sweet treats for a very sweet day.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,925 words

Notes: So…it’s been too long…LMAO. I haven’t been happy with my writing lately and I can’t seem to put any ideas into words but last night I got this little idea and ran to write something before it escaped! It’s not much but at least it’s an update. Here’s the visual of the cookie I mentioned down there, if you want. Happy (belated) Valentine’s day y’all! <3 Enjoy!

It’s around 9 in the morning when the team finally lands at the Avengers facility, having flown an all night flight after a mission in a remote place in the globe. Everyone is just so tired and so damn sleepy that the usual formalities are forgotten and Steve settles for a late debrief, after they’re all rested and fed, at least.

All Bucky can think about is taking a shower and hitting the sheets.

He knows it’s Valentine’s Day and he knows that it’s likely that his doll would be anxiously waiting for him to come home, but the idea of a shower and a nap is just too appealing for him to pass away.

That is, until he finally arrives home.

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Blind By Your Side/ Part 3 [Final]

Morning soon came, as well as the sunrise. Still half asleep, Nightmare summoned a tentacle and pulled the curtains, so that the sunlight wouldn’t reach and hurt him. He tried to go back to sleep, but some small groans were annoying him and stopping him to do so. He slowly opened his eye, still feeling sleepy. His face flushed in dark blue when he realized that he had his arms wrapped around Cross, who was sleeping with his head on his chest.

The lords heart started beating faster on his chest, causing Nightmare to groan in irritation. He didn’t know what was that weird sensation, but he didn’t like it.

Cross suddenly started to groan and move a little. He was waking up. Nightmare stopped hugging the smaller skeleton and turned his back on him, quickly hiding his face under the blankets to cover his stupid blush.

Cross soon sat on the bed and looked around. He didn’t say anything, but his hand reached for his eyes, touching the blindfold. His hand started to slightly shake and he felt like his eyes would start watering at any second so he tried to focus on something else.

“Nightmare? Are you awake?”

“… Yes.”

“Hm. Did you sleep well?”

“… Yeah. I did.”

“Ok. So… Are we going to any missions today? I really feel like punching someone’s face.” Nightmare didn’t look at Cross, and took a long time to respond, making the other worried. “Nightmare…?”

“Cross I… I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He didn’t want to admit, but he was worried about Cross. The whole being blind thing seemed to be getting on his head, like everything around them could seriously hurt Cross.

Nightmare didn’t understand why he was feeling that way. He was supposed to hate him, wasn’t he? So then… Why was his mind so confused?

“But… Why not? I can take care of myself!”

“Like you took care of yourself on the last mission?” Nightmare replied sarcastically.

“I was just trying to prot- to help you!” He complained, his cheeks getting a little purple.

“I can take care of myself. Ever thought of doing that for once on your life?”

“Can you at least pretend that I can still see and don’t treat me like a freaking kid!?” His aura was getting more negative and Cross felt like he could cry at any moment. But he refused to stand that low. “You don’t need to treat me like someone special just because I can’t see anymore. I don’t like to be treated that way.” He sighed. “Why am I even saying this? You won’t care anyway. You never do…”

“And you never made me so confused before, but you’re doing it now.” Nightmare mumbled, but Cross managed to hear it.

“I made you… Confused…?” Nightmare’s eye widened and his face flushed blue.

“How did you hear that?”

“The same way I heard killer stop in front of the door a few minutes ago, and he’s standing there right now.” Nightmare turned to the door.

“KILLER! IF YOU’RE THERE WHEN I OPEN THE DOOR I’LL TEAR YOUR ARMS AND LEGS OFF!” fast footsteps were soon heard running away from the door.

“Heh, called it” Cross said.

“How did you know he was there?”

“Meh, blind people can hear better. That’s one of the good things about my condition” an awkward silence filled the room.

“Cross… I’m sorry.”


“For… Being the reason you’re stuck like this. I shouldn’t have let you and the others just choose a random dimension without my order.” The other gave a smile.

“It’s okay, Nightmare. It wasn’t really your fault, we were just stubborn as always.”

“Yeah, you were. You should just hear me when I say that you should hear me”

“Hehehe, yeah…” Cross took a deep breath and felt his face heat up a little. “Nightmare.”


“C-can I… D-do something?”

“Hum… Sure…? What is it?”

Cross reached out his hands, luckily being able to grab Nightmare’s face on the first try. The other was a little confused as to what Cross was actually doing, but just stayed silent. Nightmare’s face suddenly flushed into a deep blue when he felt Cross press his lips on his own.

The other’s face was really purple, like he was running out of air or something. They didn’t break the kiss, as much as a part of Nightmare’s mind kept saying for him to break it and slap Cross across the face, but he just ignored that thought and kissed him back, slowly wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling his body closer to his own.

They soon broke the kiss, both painting a little from lack of air. Cross gave a small smile, his face boiling from embarrassment. Nightmare on the other hand, was pretty much speechless, his mind still processing all that happened.

“W-why did you do that?” Cross caressed his cheek, giving him a little smile.

“Because I love you, Nightmare.” His eye widened. Cross blushed a little more. “I-it’s been awhile since I felt that way and I didn’t know how to tell you… But since I lost my sight you became so nice to me that I didn’t know if I could hold it any lon…ger…” His voice died once he felt the other caress his cheek, also getting him more nervous than he already was.



“… I love you too.” He pulled Cross again into a kiss, the other slowly melting into his arms. It felt like a dream come true…

Just as they separated, Cross practically threw himself at Nightmare’s arms, hugging him tightly. “Hehe, you seem happy.”

“Yeah… But also so Killer can take enough photos to post online.” He said. Nightmare’s eye widened in anger and he turned to the door.


“Just let him be. You can get him later…” Nightmare groaned.

“Humpf. Fine. But only because you asked.” Cross smiled. “Hey Cross… Does being blind… Bother you?”

“… It used at first, but I think I’m getting used to it. And as long as you’re with me, I don’t care that much” Nightmare blushed and hugged him tighter. “Killer’s going to get a lot of pictures huh?”

“Yeah…” he kissed Cross’ forehead, causing him to blush. “… He will.”

The End


I suck for endings ;u;

Englih is not my first language

Hope you enjoyed my little fanfic and I hope that it didn’t suck so much 

 Maybe I’ll bring more in the future

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Kairi Week Day 4: Favorite Feature

Picture is from KHInsider. And it’s actually not the one I wanted to use, but meh. I have the flu right now, so it’ll have to do.

What I love the most about Kairi is her feisty-ness. 

Whether it’s calling Sora a lazy bum twice in the first game, slapping him upside the head, the “Aye, aye Cap’n, Sora!” joke (or a number of things she says to Sora in the text bubble scenes, like “no more slacking!”, “you’re hopeless!”, or telling Sora NOT to get drinking water from the ocean), this girl knows how to speak her mind. And I adore that about her so very much. 

And that’s not even covering her KHII stuff: “You’re not acting very friendly!”, “Not with you around!”, “You know Sora’s completely hopeless without us. C’mon, Riku!” (or even other text bubble lines, like when she pretty much orders Sora to tell her about his adventures later… says that she’s sick of waiting and so wherever one of them goes from now on, the other follows… her insisting that she wishes she could fight like Sora and Riku, etc.)

There’s even the new golden: “Who’s this new Riku and where’s the old one? …Yeah, you’re more like Sora. …Well, we still like you.”

Even in art, we have her making fun of Sora’s crown in the 1.5 art… Or laughing about everyone stretching out Sora’s smile in that one concept piece, and pointing at Sora.

There’s also that concept pic–from where the beginning Island stuff was going to be longer, apparently–where Kairi just looks completely incredulous and done with the world. LOL.

Kairi’s one of the people in this series with the biggest original personality and attitude, and that’s saying a lot–seeing as how we don’t get to see her that much.

And I just appreciate that they didn’t go down the “Kairi is a Princess of Light. Let’s make her incorruptible pure pureness, and have her just be nice–where she can’t say anything mean thing to anyone ever” route, but rather made her more mean than a lot of the characters in this series. Even when she’s supposed to be purer than they are. It’s refreshing.

I looked up to Kairi a lot growing up. Mainly because she made me feel like I should also speak up about things, and not care about how people react would react in response. So that’s why she’ll always be my heroine, honestly.

And I’m thinking/hoping/praying that this trait of hers will help her to be the hero she always should’ve been when KHIII rolls around, and that she’ll sound witty as hell while doing it:D

Engraved pt. 18

<– Engraved 17 | Sheltered 4 –> | Engraved 19 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 7317
Notes for Update: 45
Warnings: tattoos, needles, angst, murder, kids related to murder, smut, oral, (bts)
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: feedback is welcome <3

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Angel pov

After all the bad news it was nice to spend some time with someone who wasn’t tied to the group. That it had to be your old school friend Taehyung was a whole different point of discussion. In your eyes it only brought him in danger. Truth be told though, you had missed him, and he’d missed you too.
“Angel.” He smiled widely, wrapping you up the tightest of hugs ever and then spinning you around.
You hugged him back but croaked. “Tae, I can’t breathe.”
He laughed with you and put you back on the floor. Taehyung always had a bright wide smile on his face, perfectly white teeth, sweet eyes. You’ve known him for as long as you can remember. He’s 2 years younger than you and you were never actually in the same class. But he used to live a few houses over from here so you always walked to school together.
“Ah, this is the famous Angel?” A younger boy followed him inside, his facial features soft and smile cheeky paired with a little round nose. He was Taehyung’s height but you knew he was younger, but more built than your friend.

Originally posted by dammithoshi

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A/N: The first paragraph was the prompt given by my professor. It was a little strange, and not my writing style but meh… it is what it is.

-Admin Kay

Johnny Dystopian AU

It was dark when Johnny awoke. Too dark. Was the power out? Johnny fumbled for the clock on the nightstand and in the process knocked it to the floor. His fingers brushed the smooth face of his phone, which he grabbed tightly and laid upon his chest. His head was pounding and he was terribly thirsty. After clumsily kicking off his covers, Johnny held the phone upright and pressed the ‘home’ button. The harsh glow of the screen hurt his eyes and he squinted at the sharp, bright background image of a tropical beach. The bar at the top of the screen read ‘no service,’ and only 10% of the battery remained. There were also about a dozen missed calls and a bunch of text messages from his friends. At a glance, most of the texts contained the word ‘relocated,’ which Johnny did not find amusing. You guys sure picked a great time for practical jokes. But what made him gasp and sit up was the date and time, floating over the clear, blue water and the dappled white sand like some sort of mirage. August 29, 2016. 11:34 p.m. That’s impossible! How could I have been asleep for an entire week?!

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Braids & Bilbo

Also known as Imagine knowingthe intimacy of hair braiding to Dwarves, so you ask Bilbo to do it, simply to keep it out of your face. But Thorin sees and gets extremely jealous.

A/N - I really am feeling meh about this one to be honest. I can’t decide whether I like it or not but its late as it is so I’ll just put it on. Hope you enjoy it!

Words - 1,439
Pairing - Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

You blew the long strand of hair from your face yet again.
The company had been riding for what seemed like hours and to make matters worse, it was stupidly hot.
The sweat made your hair stick to the sides of your face and made you even more uncomfortable.
You sighed and glared at Fili’s hair.
It wasn’t fair.
He had braids to keep his hair from sticking to his face.  
You shoved your hair back and growled as it fell in front of your eyes once again.
It was then you decided you had to find someone to braid your hair.
You’d do it yourself but you didn’t know how to braid hair, let alone your own.
Fili knew how to braid hair simply but you knew you couldn’t ask him unfortunately.
In Dwarven culture, hair braiding generally equated to courting or intimacy and you really didn’t fancy courting any of the dwarves.
Well, except Thorin.
You gazed at Thorin leading the pack of ponies with Fili beside him.
He probably wouldn’t mind (well at least you hoped not) but he was to be king.
He couldn’t go around braiding any old hair.
He especially couldn’t go around braiding a random human’s hair.
Balin would probably have a heart attack.
“Stop the ponies!” Thorin called from the front of the company.
You halted your pony beside the hobbit.
Then the idea struck you.
Would Bilbo know how to braid hair?

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You’re in love with him but he has a girlfriend PART 2 - Niall Horan requested imagine.

Okay so can I just start by saying that I know I’m awful. It’s honestly been over 2 weeks since the first part and I said that this imagine would be posted days ago. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. A few things went on and I was feeling really shitty and not up to writing. BUUUUTTTT here is the second part to the Niall Imagine. I don’t know what it is but whenever I sat down to write the first and second part of this my brain went blank and it felt like I didn’t even know the english language. I was stumped for ideas and feel really eh posting the second part but I hope it had the ending you wanted! Let me know what you think :) 


Two months.  No call. Not even a text. Nothing. The person who you gave everything to for eleven years of your life didn’t even want to pick up the phone to try and communicate with you. Not that you blamed him, you didn’t. You hadn’t tried to speak to him either, but from the moment you walked away from him on his front porch two months ago you had somehow hoped that he would come after you. He didn’t.

You wanted to say you had at least tried to get over him, or that you were trying to be the bigger person and be happy for his happiness, but you weren’t, and you hadn’t. You checked the articles written about him, stalked the twitter fan accounts to see what he had been doing day to day. Nothing hurt like seeing him go on with his life when it felt as if yours had been put in reverse.

You also wanted to be angry with him for not making any sort of effort towards you, because if he cared he would have at least called, right? You couldn’t bring yourself to be angry, all you were was sad. The kind of sad that ate you up throughout the day, having you check your phone constantly every five minutes, hoping that he would have at least liked one of your Instagram posts. The kind of sad that made you restless throughout the night, when you desperately wanted to sleep but the ache in your chest and the lump in your throat made it impossible. You felt so small.

The pictures of Celine and him at another music festival came out three days after you had exploded in front of both of them, and the Tuesday night after that pictures of them eating at one of the most expensive restaurants in London came out. You were petty, you were bitter, but you could admit that. You hated her. You hated that she made Niall happier in four or so months than you had in eleven years.

Every Tuesday since what had happened was the same. You would walk to your favourite Italian restaurant, order take away pasta and then make your way back to your apartment, before eating alone on the couch. You missed your Niall filled Tuesday nights, talking about whatever came to his mind or listening to him strum different chords on his guitar to bits and pieces of songs he was working on.  You missed how at two o’clock in the morning Niall would be mumbling nonsense because he was too tired to form proper sentences, and how he would then push his face into your shoulder, telling you it was too late for you to leave and you should just stay. You always did.

This Tuesday was no different to the rest. You finished your classes at midday before making your way to work, after going home to get dressed and then walking to buy yourself dinner. It felt stupid that every Tuesday hurt, but it did. You were feeling unusually light today, the weather was starting to warm up for spring and you didn’t need to be wearing 45 layers of clothes.  

You rambled down the sidewalk, taking the longest route possible trying to enjoy the weather and also if you were being honest with yourself, to waste as much time as possible. The longer you could delay eating alone in your apartment while you saw new paparazzi photos of Niall and Celine out at dinner, the better. You watched children being ushered away by their parents, young couples giggling and striding through the streets and an elderly couple slowly walking through the park, holding hands. Your heart squeezed in your chest, tight.

After thirty-five minutes of wandering, the sky was its darkest blue and the streetlights were glowing. You only had to walk into the shop for the owner to smile and nod at you, gesturing for you to take a seat because he already knew what you were going to order. You sat down on one of the plastic chairs before unlocking your phone and scrolling through it. You hadn’t seen any new photos or articles about Niall and Celine for a while and were beginning to wonder what tropical island he had whisked her off too, free from the paparazzi and obsessed fans. This hiatus made you want to nose dive into cement.

Soon enough your food was called and you thanked and paid the owner before quickly leaving the shop. The warm weather had left along with the light of the day and you hadn’t thought to bring a jacket.

Putting your head down, you started back to your apartment, determined to get there as fast as possible, the complete opposite to how you had walked to get your dinner. The feeling of guilt, loneliness and sadness had sunk back into the pit of your stomach and you just wanted to be rugged up in bed, watching shitty television to try and make yourself feel better.

“Stubborn thing yeh are” A voice stopped you in your tracks, your eyes widening although still looking down at the pavement. You knew that voice.

It wasn’t.

Had you missed him so much that you were imagining his voice on people? You were fucked. Quite literally deluded.

You slowly looked up at the owner of the voice before blinking. Once. Twice. Three times even. You weren’t going crazy. Your blonde haired, sky blue eyed shit head of a best friend was really standing in front of you. You realised you had been staring at him for a little bit too long, but you couldn’t find the proper words to respond to him.

“uhh, what?” You questioned, hoping that it was an understandable response.

“We’ve had fights before, but yeh usually call meh after a few hours. 8 weeks an’ nothin’. I was startin to think we’d never eat dinner again together”  

You were supposed to call him? Did he not hear you pour your heart out to him and tell him that you were in love with him? You couldn’t help but be irritated. For the past two months the only thing you had properly thought about was him, and now that he was standing in front of you, leaning against a street light, you wanted to kick him.

“I figured if you ever wanted to speak to me again you would have Niall, didn’t know it was up to me to come back to you.” You muttered to the ground, not being able to look at him.

“Wha? Just because you were rude to Celine at dinner once doesn’t mean I never wanted to speak to yeh again”

“That’s not really why Niall, and I think you know that, but I’m glad I’m forgiven for that anyway. How is she? Celine?” You could almost see the bitterness of your tone in the air as you spoke those words, hoping he wouldn’t pick up on it. Either he was choosing to ignore what this was really about or he was thicker than you ever thought he was.

“Wouldn’t know,” He mumbled. You looked up at the same time he looked down, your positions swapping.


“We broke up, bout two weeks ago now, maybe three” He nodded at you, looking up from the ground

“Oh Niall, I’m so sorry” You didn’t like her, but you’d rather you be upset over him being in a relationship than him being miserable and heartbroken.

“s’not a big deal, really” He softly smiled before continuing, “Yeh probably wondering why I just showed up on the side of the street near yeh house. I actually knocked on your door, bout half an hour ago and I was just leavin. M’not following yeh”

“Oh, no I didn’t think you were. Confused that you’re standing in front of me, yes. But not worried that you’re stalking me. I’ve been thinking the complete opposite for the past two months” You chewed on the side of your cheek, not sure why a conversation with him was becoming so awkward so quickly.

Neither of you spoke for a while, not even glancing in each other’s direction as the air grew thick between the both of you. You felt sick. You hadn’t thought about what your first encounter with Niall would be like, but it definitely wasn’t awkward silence on the pavement.

“I miss yeh,” He whispered, almost inaudibly. “I miss yeh so much it’s fuckin eatin me”  

“What?” You almost gasped, staring at him dead in the eyes.

“I couldn’t do it,” He started, narrowing his eyes at your shoes, breaking the eye contact before continuing “Yeh know when we were around 17 I was convinced I was in love with yeh? You were the only one who was still you after everything changed. After X factor, when things started getting crazy everyone started being so fake to meh. It’s like I couldn’t do anythin wrong. But yeh didn’t change with me, not one bit. Still rolled yeh eyes at me, told me I was an idiot when I was doing things wrong. Yeh kept me grounded. But you were my best friend, so I couldn’t think of yeh like that could I? I was so scared I was goin to fuck something up that I pushed those feelings away. Pushed em so far away I didn’t even think about them until dinner with Celine.”

“Niall, you don’t have to explain” you muttered, but he wasn’t having any of that.

“Let meh finish, please. So I hadn’t thought about any of that stuff, because we were best friends, right? Yeh don’t think about yeh best friend that way. I needed you; I couldn’t be in a relationship and mess it up, because I needed my best friend. And then when yeh said what yeh said at dinner all the feelins’ just came back. I thought they only came back because you said it, and it was meh 17-year-old self being an idiot. I had a girlfriend who I loved so I couldn’t be in love with yeh. But it didn’t go away, as hard as I tried, the feelin just didn’t go away. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone while the girl I loved wasn’t even talking to meh.”

You inhaled sharply, not sure if you had heard any of the conversation correctly or if you were making it all up in your head.

“And I know I was an asshole, I didn’t even try to speak to yeh, I’m so sorry” He finished, walking up to you properly.

He slowly lifted up his hands to gently cradle your face, thumbs wiping at the tears you didn’t even know had started to fall.

“Don’t cry over this, ‘m not worth yeh tears” he whispered, his face so close to yours.

Your heart was rattling in your chest, you were positive he could hear it. You closed your eyes and leaned into his touch, his warm hands forcing you to forget that you were only wearing a thin jumper and that it was freezing out. Wrapping both your arms around his waist you pulled him closer to you, his scent washing over you. You knew you had missed him, but this was more than you thought.

“Niall?” you asked softly, looking up at him.

“Hm?” He replied, keeping one of his hands on your face while winding the other around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“Kiss me.”


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Why Hope Estheim is ‘accidentally’ one of Final Fantasy’s most well developed side characters

I was with a couple of good friends of mine that visited during the summer. We hanged out and played soccer and went fishing, as much as I hated it. We also played some games and then the other day one of them asked me what I thought about the new games coming out. Final Fantasy XV was part of that subject and before I knew it we started talking about Final Fantasy as a whole.

Then FF XIII was brought up and two of my buddies asked me right of the bat if it was as terrible as people said it was. I had to say I was shocked that they didn’t even try to play it, but I suppose when people exaggerate and it catches on, it becomes a consensus that whatever reaction is given must be the absolute answer. I told them that they should play it especially since it’s so cheap now. I talked to them about the game structure and was honest about the linear 2-3 hours that goes on to a traditional style FF overworld you can explore.

They asked me about Lightning and I told them they should play the game, again experiencing and talking about a game are two different things. But as things went on I started talking about Hope and before you start thinking that I hyped this character up to my friends I found myself having difficulties. Because truthfully I hated Hope when he was introduced. Not disliked, hated.

Powerful words for a video game character, I know. But that got me thinking, did Square Enix create this character as a typical reluctant hero/tragic innocent youth quota that they seem to like to have in every FF game. I mean for goodness sake Rydia mother was killed when Cecil Harvey followed the commands of the King that ordered for Rydia’s village to be destroyed in FF IV.  Rydia then becomes one of Cecil’s trusted partners after he tries to become a white knight. But Hope Estheim is different than any other side character. In fact I’m convinced Square Enix accidentally made Hope become one of the most unique developed characters in the lore of Final Fantasy. Before you roll your eyes at my wild statement I want to remind you that I hated the brat the first few hours into the game.

With that being said you’re going to have to forgive me if I go into details that may (or may not) change your mind about Hope Estheim. So what all Final Fantasy games consist of and what we as fans expect out of the series are always the same 2 or 3 things.

  1. A unique universe that grabs your attention
  2. A cast of characters that you want to get behind
  3. (OPTIONAL) Luxurious hair For number 3 it’s kind of a thing with newer games and I’ll be honest everybody looks mighty fly in those cut scenes. So how did Final Fantasy XIII do? (According to me)

A unique universe that grabs your attention?


A cast of characters that you want to get behind?

VERDICT: Hmm…lets dig in on that one…

Claire Farron AKA Lightning the main protagonist who is a guardian corps soldier who is stoic and strong. On a mission to save her crystalized sister.

Snow Villiers a renegade member of NORA that wants to fight against the acting government known as the Sanctum. Also trying to save his fiancée Serah Farron the younger sibling of Lightning.

Sazh Katzroy a pilot who is forced to walk a path to save his son, and well-armed with pistols.

Oerba Dia Vanille and Fang are two Pulse inhabitants that are trying to save their people and fates after being crystalized. Gifted in magic and used to fighting.

Then there’s Hope Estheim Here’s the official description from the game.

“Hope is a normal boy from a normal family whose childhood on Cocoon can best be described as uneventful. Inexperienced in the ways of the world, and won’t turn to his mother for protection, he is completely unprepared for the turmoil into which his life is thrown when he is unexpectedly caught up in the Sanctum’s brutal Purge.”

    He doesn’t fit in with the rest does he? In fact there is no indication that he can fight or has any real reason to worry until his mother dies. Then that’s when the magic happens… From the beginning you have your standard 14 year old Hope Estheim that about 24 hours ago was just another teenage boy with first world problems. In fact you might even go as far as to call the boy selfish and self-centered. I know I did.

    But as the Purge occurred and innocent people were hauled away by PSICOM soldiers to execute them to cover up their mess; Hope and his mother are caught up in one of those buses. When Hope is trying to escape and Snow saves them all before Nora Estheim decides to lend the resistance team N.O.R.A (I know) something terrible happens. Nora (Hope’s mom) dies saving Snow. I don’t remember how many seconds Hope had to mourn his mother. I think it was 1.85455 seconds, because you know; there’s fighting going on. I’m not going to go through all the details for Hope just enough to make it easy to understand how interesting he is at this point.

    If you said ‘meh’ don’t worry you were the majority of people (myself included) that felt that way.Here’s the awesome part. The way the game is designed characters can level up by using your CP to learn different abilities. How you choose to spend your CP is up to you, but Hope right off the bat is the weakest character in terms of HP. (He’s just a kid with no fighting experience after all) However if you think, well with any final fantasy game you can always tweak weapons and armor to make up for the weak points you would be half right. This is a character that is impressionable and is constantly running away from trouble. When Lightning takes him under her wing one of the coolest and most adorable partnerships is formed (that’s for another time though) and they play on each other’s strengths.

    YOU: Wait I thought you said Hope sucks? What strength does he have?

    Well he happens to be the strongest character in terms of magic. People argue that Vanille is better, but out of experience of the two Hope seems to be more versatile, and I swear that his magic attacks do much more damage. But that wasn’t what I consider to be Hope’s real strength. No his secret weapon is a subtle one. Something that probably many players missed out on. He’s normal. Yup that’s it, the fact that he is a normal person makes him strong.

    Case and point, Lightning the main character has a will that won’t be stopped. Although she is very strong physically her ability in strategy is more instinctive than anything. But she is also conditioned to trust no one other than her sister. At one point in the game she is stranded with the other characters and goes on her own to find a way out. She happens to bump into Sazh, Vanille, and Hope later on. In a span of 30 seconds she goes from wanting to hurt Snow, to fighting Sanctum while starring daggers at Cocoon (the world they live in) and finally leaving the three characters while turning to Hope and Vanille and saying next time they meet they may be enemies.

    I know. The girl can’t help it. Here’s where Hope’s first sign of strength kicks in. While he is using a rationalization for his mother’s death he traces it all to Snow. Being a character that is cocky and loud Snow doesn’t make it easier for Hope to dislike the man.

    If anything Hope is dealing with the trauma that he didn’t have proper time to get over. He didn’t even cry when his mom died (sadly when he tells his father later about Nora’s death Hope’s father cries). Hope doesn’t when his mother died, that is terrible and honestly something that no kid should go through.

    Throughout their adventure Hope is paired up with Lightning out a mutual relationship. Hope’s hometown is where Lightning wants to go so he agrees to take her there. While Hope wants to follow her so he can learn how to toughen up. He wants Snow dead because that’s the way he wants to shift the blame. When Lightning and Hope are teaming up two things happen that change both characters.

    For Hope: He learns how to control his emotions better. Focusing on a task is easier if you have your feelings in check. It also helps him direct his plan to kill Snow. Operation NORA is what he calls it.

    Secondly there is an unknown ability that he has. He is very smart, using information given to him to sort out logical approaches for solutions. In a funny way he does sort of become the spirit leader of the group where in two cases has all party members just stare at him in awe. 

    There is also a sixth sense that he has, but I think that may have to do with his magic ability. Basically he is (adorably) taking point while Lightning watches the rear and Hope stops and randomly grabs Lightning to hide behind shelter as PSICOM patrol units hover over them within seconds.

    Impressive and it happens a few times in the game as well. For Lightning she gets more things out of their partnership. First is the fact that Lightning learns how to look at things from a broad perspective. Trust me she’s smart, in fact she’s always prepared for all random encounters. However whenever she is on ‘Serah’ mode she gets tunnel vision and focuses only in the here and now. This isn’t all bad, but in a key moment of the game Hope finally brings her to Palompolum the location Lightning wanted to go to.

    While they are hiding from PSICOM through an underground facility she and Hope encounter a Fal’Cie called Carbuncle, which is responsible for the food distribution of the people. Hope and Lightning stare at the thing and Lightning makes a clear cut statement about how she sees these Fal’Cies as conveniences. Hope casually brings up the thought that really all Fal’Cies do is keep them (people) as pets. This makes her open her eyes (literally) and suddenly has a clear vision of who is really responsible for all this.

    Also this is the first time she willingly admits that she doesn’t know what to do. That is the second thing she got out of Hope.

    Being honest with herself and with others.

    Usually she would make an off remark about how things were in her way. Or if somebody complained she would dismiss it and move on. But with Hope around she is more open about these things and in terms of character development makes her better for it. Thirdly Lightning makes a friend. Which isn’t a joke by the way it’s actually really touching, because within a moment of almost abandoning Hope in the beginning of the game she unleashes Odin.

    Quickly after that she and Hope work together and tame Odin. Within moments she tells him to call her ‘Light’ and as the two venture off they become closer. My favorite moment with these two is actually during a time Hope is resting and Lightning gets asked about Snow. She goes on a tantrum about the guy and the way the camera positions Hope listening on the ground makes it look like two kids talking about what’s bothering the other.

    Its adorable is what that is. But enough about that because there is another thing Lightning learns from Hope. Hope in many ways becomes Lightning’s substitute for Serah. Even if people don’t want to admit it, she tries to not repeat past mistakes from Serah with Hope; who again is a 14 year old kid that doesn’t belong in this mess. It also makes it more important for her to keep him safe since she later reveals to him her personal life.

    About her parents deaths and how she had to be tough as Serah’s only remaining guardian and family. The Lightning nickname is also explained to him, again vital information that for whatever reason she only tells him about. So there are similarities in their back story already and yet they couldn’t be much further apart in characters.

    Good stuff huh? It’s called character development.

    So what does all this have to do with why Hope Estheim is such a unique developed character? Ah well then I hope you took notes, because I just established how crucial and how (at this point) motivated he is to avenge his mother’s death by killing Snow. The gift that Serah gave Lightning on her birthday was a survival knife.

    Lightning let Hope ‘borrow’ it to help him get stronger. There comes a time when Hope does give the knife back to her after realizing that killing Snow was not the way to go. There is a hug yes, but I honestly don’t see much from that other than relief. As far as the story goes after that, its Hope’s world essentially. You see him lead the group into Grand Pulse. Point out facts that would make the party members realize how strong they really were.

    And probably the most crucial part is he becomes (get ready to roll your eyes) the guidance of ‘hope’ through their battles.

    YOU: Okay so maybe Hope is a little bit better than I thought he was. So he improves a bit too. I still don’t see why he’s such a big deal though.

    There is a scene where Hope is by himself looking out at Grand Pulse and Vanille joins him. She asks him if he’s thinking about something. They have a nice conversation about cause and effect and this is where Hope shines through.

    He explains that up to this point, he’s had to accept that sometimes what you know to be true ends up being a lie; (maturity coming through) but maybe if you work hard enough you can make that lie become truth. That is called hope.

    And that sense of idealism follows Hope through his adulthood where we all know he becomes a director with God like ambitions. (He builds a planet) Imagine putting that in your, “Hello my name is,” name tag.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 is essentially a time traveling adventure game with Hope Estheim being the John Connor of humanity. I’m serious, the guy is fixed on getting assassinated in 3 days in one the many paradox endings. That and the fact that Hope seems to be the only one who doesn’t screw up royally, and typically is left with fixing the mess Serah and Noel make. I would also like to add that Hope takes up Lightning mantle as Serah’s guardian.

    From the moment they meet up again he is very affectionate and constantly cheers her up. It’s only more adorable when you realize that how Lightning was Hope’s protector in the first game. Hope is returning the favor with Lightning being gone in Valhalla.

    YOU: Ah wait a second Lightning chose Noel to protect Serah though? Isn’t that a bit farfetched to say that Hope is the one doing the job?

    Well I’ll put it to you this way, Hope made sure Serah was safe with every step of the way. There is even a moment where Serah and Noel are finally united with Lightning in Valhalla and somehow Hope guessed the road these two would meet was in fact Valhalla and sends an item capsule with a personal message to Serah.

    The last two gifts in that area are from Lightning and Hope. The recipient in mind? Serah. That and the fact that Hope becomes the gamer’s representation at how frustrating it is to see Serah go through so much to find Snow and he’s off doing his hero act. (Yes he had one or two valid points) but he could just ask for help and gotten it done more effective. Anyways Hope tells him off and I remember doing this…

    Keep that sass strong Hope! Lightning would be proud.

     Anyways besides the ambition and the guidance that Hope provides to the game there is one thing that remains constant. He still misses his mother, as he should I suppose. His father passes away after a while, but it’s implied that Hope and his dad lived together in peace. Traveling 100 years into the future Hope still had the idea that maybe he could bring back his mother along with Fang, Vanille, and Lightning.


    Remember this! It’s going to be on the test!

    So we all know what happens at the end of the game right? Serah dies and Lightning is put into a state of crystallization or something like that. What about Hope? Still has to keep his job along with the other guys. There is a novel now that explains the details of what happens between XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. It’s very cool and interesting to read, since its canon and it involves Hope a lot.

    There is some very heartbreaking moments that the poor guy has to go through, but I don’t want to include that stuff since it’s not what most people can experience anyways.

    The novel is called Tracer of Lost Memories and it’s only printed in Japan. English translations are available online, but if you’re not into that just stay with me.

    So the final game we have Hope Estheim alone in the abandoned Cocoon Hope named “Bhunivelze”. Also curiously the name of the God of all Gods, the Mighty Bhunivelze. (Its foreshadowing)

    For a lack of a better term Bhunivelze is an asshole.

    Especially after what he made Hope go through. Not going to bother going into specifics just know Hope was practically tortured for 169 years. In this final game Lightning Returns, Hope is tasked with giving Lightning the savior of the world; the missions to save as many souls as possible.

    With both characters a shell of their former selfs, not having any emotions nor being able to understand why they have been picked by Bhunivelze himself. (You don’t want to know by the way, this God is sick and twisted) Hope is physically regressed into his 14 year old self again. Although still an adult in mind, he explains later on that Bhunivelze is using his body as a vessel.

    So through Hope, Bhunivelze is watching Lightning’s every move. To give Hope a bit of credit he plays some 3D chess with Bhunivelze and makes sure that he knows enough to help Lightning with her mission to find Serah, without knowing too much just in case Bhunivelze is hearing in.

    There is a lot of moments Lightning and Hope share, that I would not like to spoil for the most part.

    But the highest point is when Hope is finally done with his job and Bhunivelze is ready to use him as a vessel. Hope manages to say his final goodbye to Lightning. In the entire conversation Hope is the one assuring her that she’ll be fine and that she will succeed. He leaves her saying he’s glad that he met her all those years ago and expresses that he’s not afraid anymore. This right here is an important moment. Because there is a comparison of two similar moments that symbolize the beginning and the end of Hope’s growth.

    Here is Hope taking point for Lightning for the first time in Final Fantasy XIII. The beginning of his development.

    Finally the adult mind trapped into his youthful body in Final Fantasy Lightning Returns. The ending of his journey in this world.

    Notice anything at the last two images? He’s grown up. He went from being a scared youth that depended on others for help. To a person that did whatever it took to keep people from losing hope.

    He kept his namesake alive to the end. And here is where I will tell you I’m a sucker for characters that welcome death in happiness. Something about that mentality is just powerful to me. I’ll tell you right now, if I knew I was going to die in 10 minutes I would be scared shitless. So many things left for me to do, and even a few regrets I’d like to clear up. So to have the mindset of finding peace with yourself till the end to me, is the definition of strength.

    YOU: Alright, I get it Hope is awesome. But uh didn’t you say there would be a test or something?

    AH! I’m glad you remembered! Why yes indeed, because the last part is coming up. Like I said before, up until Lightning Returns Hope was restless to bring his mother back.

    So guess what happens?

    Lightning makes the choice to give up her life in exchange for her friends to be united together in a new world. With Hope being the last soul she saved, they have a faceless exchange where Lightning tempts Hope with….you guessed it!

    There she is! Hope’s wish right in front of him. Hope takes his mother’s hand and guides her to-

    I rest my case.

    Reine des Fleurs - slight summary + CGs (Ghislain’s route)

    Continuing with the good fight, here’s route 3 of 5. It…………uh. So Ghislain’s supposed to be the tsundere with way too much soldierly pride, with some other related issues thrown in. He thaws really severely, but this route…loyalty end was good, though you can’t really screw up a bad ending, honestly. The love ending…those of you who have played it will know why all I can do is just sit here and laugh my head off at the absurd harlequin romance mess it became.

    At least we got gorgeous piano music.

    Keep reading

    Dragon Kin Chapter 1

    Levy had a plan for her future and had worked hard to get to where she was and continues to do so to reach her goal, but though she grew up reading fairy tales she never expected her plans to change when she met and fell in love with a real fairy tale creature. AU. Mainly Gajevy but other Fairy Tail characters will appear as the story progresses. T for now for language, may change later.

    You can read it on fanfiction too. 

    “Levy! I need you at the register!” Levy jerked, nearly knocking into a bookshelf in the process, at Zekua’s voice. 

    “I’ll be right there Mr. Melon!” Levy replied as she hurried over behind the counter where a line was starting to form.

    “I told you just Zekua is fine,” Zekua muttered, but Levy saw the kind smile as she took position at the register. As she dealt with the customers, Levy’s mind couldn’t help but wander back to a certain book she’d been looking forward to reading for sometime now.

    ‘It sucks I couldn’t get it when I first laid eyes on it, not when I had to pay for rent and um… my last book purchases. But I’ll finally be able to get it for myself today!’

    A movement out of the corner of her eye shifted her attention to it to see that it was a man browsing the shelves and if she was honest he looked out of place in the bookstore. The man had long, spiky, black hair that went down his entire back, and though his back was facing her he wore a sleeveless shirt that exposed thick, tanned, muscular arms, she couldn’t tell if by exposure to lots of sun or if that was his natural skin tone. It also exposed two other things on his right arm that was in the midst of reaching up for a book that peeked her attention.

    ‘Whoa, those are nasty scars. How does someone get scars like that? And… are those piercings?’ 

    “Um, miss.”

    “Wha!” Levy jumped back from the waving hand that appeared inches from her face, only to blush when she realized she had zone out while holding the customer’s book and cash at hand. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Here you go!”

    Once the customer left, she spared a glance back at the man but to her surprise he was gone.

    ‘Where did he… Focus Levy! You’re on the job! No time to think about some random guy. Focus on getting that book after work instead!’ Levy mentally scolded herself along with a headshake and launched herself back into her work with only a passing thought of the man that seemed familiar somehow.

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    I have words about Mystic Messenger

    I was gonna post this earlier but Tumblr mobile ate it.

    I stayed up entirely too late last night playing through the end of 707’s route and the secret endings and the following is a summary of my thoughts about the characters, characterization and the overarching plot line. I didn’t expect to get so involved in this silly lil game but other than a couple criticisms I absolutely ADORED playing this game and the world within its text. :3

    Below the cut cuz long and SPOILERS.

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    Gruvia Week Day Two: Quiet

    “Gray-sama! Juvia is home!” A overjoyed Juvia called as she walked into the apartment she shared with her fiancé Gray Fullbuster.

    The apartment was a small one bedroom apartment, with a fairly large kitchen and a decent sized living room. All the floor was hardwood, which made cleaning easy, especially when the men of fairy tail come over and make messes.

    Juvia had taken it upon herself to decorate their sanctuary. Knowing that the ice Mage might not take to kindly to an overly feminine apartment Juvia decorated the apartment with blue, black, gray, and whites. Hoping that the more neutral colors would work better then say perhaps pink or yellow.

    In the end he liked the apartment. As long as there was nothing with his face on it.

    As the water Mage closed the door and hung her jacket she waiting for Gray to respond. When there was nothing but silence she crept further into the home.

    “Gray-sama? Are you home?” Juvia called again, thinking perhaps he was asleep and didn’t hear her the first time. Worry began creeping into her mind.

    What if something happened to him while he was out with the boys at his bachelor party?

    That was when she spotted something resting on top of the kitchen table.

    After further investigation Juvia discovered that it was a note. Picking up the page she started reading, hoping to solve why Gray wasn’t answering.

    Hi Juvia!

    Just wanted to let you know that we got the ice princess really drunk last night and got it all on tape for you! You can thank us later.

    Natsu and Gajeel

    P.s. Ice prick is going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow! Have fun!

    Juvia was so stunned by the letter she read it two more times before placing the letter down and looking at the shiny video lacrima.

    Taking the lacrima in her hand Juvia made her way over to the tv before connecting the video lacrima to the screen. Rushing to the couch she plopped down an waiting for the video to start.

    “Hey is this thing working?” Suddenly Nastu’s face was seemed on the screen. It looked like he was fixing something on the recorder.

    “Oi! Flame brain! Where’d ya go! Ya said ya were gunna get meh another drink! Where is it!” Juvia’s hand flew to her mouth as Gray’s heavily slurred voice was heard.

    “Shut up you drunk! I’ll be right there!” Natsu called back as he looked at the screen, “Hi Juvia!” He gave her a tooth grin, “and future hungover Gray, Gajeel and I are here recording just what happen at your, um, his, um,” he rolled his eyes, “Ice pants bachelor party, let’s have a look huh?” Natsu turned the recorder and showed Gray sitting at the bar throwing back what looked like a shot. In front of him were a a bunch of empty glasses, showing just his much he drank.

    “Hey, ice prick, say hi to Juvia!”

    With a very drunken excited wave and toothy grin Gray said, “Hey baby!”

    Juvia couldn’t help but blush, and giggle at the sight.

    “Have I ever told you guys how pretty Juvia is? Like she’s like SO pretty! She could be a model or sumthin!” Gray said as he hung his arm around a annoyed Gajeel.

    “We know stripper, you just told us five seconds ago.”

    “Ha! You call me stripper! You know Juvia loves it when I strip!” Natsu laughed off camara, and Gray turned towards the bar, “Give me another one!” He ordered.

    “Hey Gray, how do you feel about getting married?” Natsu asked. And Juvia finally understood the purpose of this video. Everyone knew that when Gray got drunk his loose lips could sink ships.

    After throwing back another shot he answered, “I’m fucking excited man! I mean me, Fullbuster Gray is going to marry Juvia! I’m going to be Mr Juvia Locker! No, that don’t sound right…oh man who even cares! She’s gunna be mine! And she’s so pretty, and I get to wake up next to her every day,” he was quiet for a second, “I just love her so much you know? I don’t even deserve her ya know? I mean she’s so perfect and nice, and she loves SO much. And I’m just me ya know? How did I even get her? But don’t think I’m gunna let any of you guys steal her!”

    “Calm down stripper no ones taking sprinkler away from you, now get off me!”

    The scream turned back to Natsu, though in the background you could still hear Gajeel and Gray fighting, “There you have it Juvia! How Gray feels about getting married! Hope you liked it! Now we are going to go have some more fun with him! Don’t worry we will bring home home before you get there!”

    The screen goes black and Juvia still has her hands over her mouth. A few tears of joy escaping the corner or her eyes.

    Juvia always knew that Gray loved her, but hearing all of that was just so heart warming. Juvia got up to disconnect the video lacrima when suddenly there is a noise and Gray is seen again on the screen. It looks like he was running naked in the streets of magnolia, singing horribly at the top of his lungs.

    🎶“If you like my body and you think I’m sexy Juvia come let me know!”🎶

    “ICE BASTARD COME BACK HERE!” Natsu yelled as he ran after her naked fiancé.

    “I TOLD YOU NOT TO LET HIM OUT OF YOUR SIGHT SALAMANDER!” Gajeel yells from somewhere behind Natsu.


    Juvia burst out into laughter at the sight of Gray running naked, singing to her.

    🎶“Juvia! I love you! You love me! Please come out and bang with me!”🎶 Juvia blushed at the crude song Gray came up with and it looked like Natsu and Gajeel were at the end of their rope because right before the video cut all that Juvia saw was both fire and iron being thrown in Grays direction.

    Feeling very happy, Juvia made her way to the bedroom where she assumed Gray was. Creeping to the room she pushed open the door and peaked inside. As predicted there lay Gray Fullbuster, he was surprisingly wearing a pair of black boxers and sleeping in one of the stranges positions Juvia has ever seen.

    He was on his stomach, his head on the end of bed, both legs over the edge. His head was buried under a mountain of pillows in an attempt to block out the sun.

    “Gray-sama?” Juvia called out gently.

    Her only response was a groan.

    Chuckling softly Juvia made her way into the room and took off her clothes and changed into a pj. Seeing as how the black shades were already closed she made her way over to the king sized bed and gently crawled on and moved next to Gray, who moaned in pain at every little sound. She wrapped her arms around his waist and moved some of the pillows until she could fit her head under them as well.

    Once she adjusted to the dark she looked at Gray’s face. His eyes were shut tightly and his face a mask of pain.

    “Go to sleep Gray,” Juvia said in a whisper.

    Gray just moaned and mumbled a “Too loud” as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. tucked her head under his chin, surprising the water Mage. He mumbled incoherent words falling back asleep. Smiling gently to herself Juvia got comfy and closed her eyes. Enjoying the silence of the room. She figured that Gray should get a bit of total peace and quiet before he had to face the day and the video Natsu and Gajeel so kindly provided.

    And even though it was very early in the morning, it was okay to go to sleep, just the two of them, in the quiet of their bedroom.

    Though Juvia couldn’t wait to show him the video.

    Transformers Age of Extinction Review (Spoilers Ahead)

    Like I said earlier this morning, I saw Age of Extinction and rated it as okay. It was ten times better than the last three, but did it work for me? SPOILER FILLED REWIEW. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE YET, I AM NOT LIABLE TO ANY DAMAGES TO YOUR MOVIE-GOING EXPERIENCE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


    The first 10 minutes was such a treat. For once, I was actually interested in the characters in this movie and how they’ll interact on screen together. So this is where I’ll start…

    The Characters (Human): As we’ve all read time and time again, Cade was a struggling inventor set on trying to make a better living for his family. To be clear, I actually enjoyed him so much more than I did with Sam. When the black lady comes on to his property and he got the bat and bantered them off was hilarious. I noticed from the beginning the comedy was tuned down quite a bit. They’re more hilarious moments but many came from the Autobots.

    Tessa, what can I say about her? Did she file out better than Megan fox? Sure. Was her acting any better? Meh. It didn’t notice a difference. Yet for all the time she was on screen, I felt like I could relate to her, because I’m from a middle-class family. She just wants to see good happen by her dad, and that couldn’t happen when the “truck” came into their lives.

    Lucas. Lucas. Lucas. For all the time he was on camera was a good time. There was just something about T.J Miller that brought out the comic relief. The first bit when Cade and him were throwing the football was good and genuinely funny. Slapstick perhaps, but still hilarious. So when he had the death by cyber-matter, my heart broke, as did Cade and Tessa’s. 

    Shane. To be honest, I didn’t like Shane. He was basically what Sam would be if he got a billion dollar contract somewhere. I remember laughing at only one or two of his moments. 

    Joshua. I tolerated the minutes he had but nothing else. I feel that Bay killed Lucas to give him a spot at comedy. It didn’t work with me. His arrogance was somewhat obnoxious but unlike other pompous millionaires, Joshua sees the error of his ways before it’s too late. And that is what saves everyone in the end.

    Attinger and Savoy. The two human evils were not as interesting as they kept hinting. Actually I was disappointed with how easily Savoy was dispatched. There’s not really much I can read from him, except he’s cold, merciless and will kill anyone to get the job done. That being said, Attinger was de facto of that whole thing. He was calculating, patient and ruthless. Exactly how the trailer portrayed. The only thing I knew, but never wanted to happen was his partnership with Lockdown. Michael Bay lied. Plain and Simple. I was so intrigued by Attinger but in the end, I was right all along. Attinger was more or less like Dylan, but instead of being able to rule, he wanted all the Autobots wiped out and out of the way, so he can cyber-form a good portion of Hong Kong. It’s such an unusual justice that Optimus does exactly what he said he would. He killed the man responsible. 

    Character Verdict:All in all, despite any flaws, the humans were more relatable and tolerable than in the last three. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first one, but every other movie afterward made me cringe, sigh or shake my head. Bay kept his word for the human character. Not too much character development however, but I supposed we can out from that. 

    Characters (Cybertronians): The Autobots were the stars here. Bumblebee had me dead half the movie. Sure, he was a little flamboyant with his wording but god! It was so perfectly timed and never out of nowhere. Bee and Drift’s moment was great. When Bee “said” “This boy’s about to kick your ass!” I went “Bee stop!” And then in the room where Stinger was held. I was laughing at Bee’s jealousy the whole time. I’m mad that Tucci’s character got to drop the only F-bomb and not bumblebee. Cause when Bee “said” that, I was crying. But as always, Bee comes through in this movie and I enjoyed his interactions with his human as well as autobot peers. 

    Crosshairs. I said it once, I’ll say it again. I’m so in love with Crosshairs. I was actually afraid that a character I liked was going to have next to personality and just have a stick up his aft most of the movie. He didn’t! I loved him for that. I think he’s more trigger-happy than hound and even Ironhide. His interactions came more with Hound than anyone else. But much like Hound, he appreciated the leader above all. And hated Bee’s leadership, so when Drift and Bee got in a fight, he got so giddy! That was great too. Also, he was a bit too hard on the humans that wanted to help, but that come around when he helped Cade and Shane shot the guns was incredible. Oh yeah, and bee still can’t drive!

    Galvatron. I was genuinely disappointed with Galvatron’s turn out. He was sentient all along and had even me fooled. He’s even more maniacal than he previous incarnate. The main thing that pissed me off was that even after his reveal, there was nothing else to him. All he does the last 30 minutes of the film is bark orders at his drones. And then he disappears saying “this ain’t done prime”. Not exactly what he said, but he was there. I felt it and didn’t give too many hopes for him.

    Lockdown. Still more questions than answers with Lockdown. Pissed that he was working with Attinger all along, but it would make sense. How else would he get intelligence? He made up for it in his absolutely brutal nature. In the first 15 minutes, he comes to a severely wounded Ratchet and rips out his spark without a glint of mercy and stores it away. God! I was so pissed when Ratchet was killed but the show must go on. It was good to hear Ratchet speak, but it was so pained and scared. My heart shattered. Anyways, back to lockdown. He kept speaking of the “creators”. Many are possible to speculate the quintessons, but I think it goes further. When you look in Lockdown’s arms room, you can see  seven ancient swords. Optimus pulls one and proclaims that “one of the Knights has returned”. I went “what the hell?” So I speculated what if Lockdown was a rouge that left the Knights? His death was so underhanded! Really Prime?! You had to rip open his face and after all that time hoping Lockdown would survive the first movie.

    Hound was destined to be my favorite. I literally said “If Hound dies, I gonna riot!” Hound was like my grandpa! He was badass, funny and ready to get his hands dirty. The only thing Hound was that my grandpa wasn’t however, was fat! I mean I adored that he was a fat ass. And when did a flip and got stuck I lost my shit! Every moment Hound was on screen was great but the only thing was he was saying “bitch” a lot. The funniest being when an alien specimen shot green goop at him. His relationship with all the characters made me love him all the more! He seemed to have such a chemistry with Crosshairs and Optimus. I enjoyed the moments he’d shout loud that Optimus had come back or had arrived. The first reunion was awesome and the bots got a clapping ovation from the theatre. I started it, I’m embarrassed to say.

    Drift. I can honestly say that I tolerated Drift. The fact that I wanted him to speak through a mask overcame my judgements. So when he had like a liquid metal face, it was unnerving at best. His first moments on screen were rather odd and out of it, but none the less got some recognition. And also he was an ass to Bumblebee. When he’s on the ship with Cade and the others and told them to keep calm and quiet, only to be attacked and promptly lose his cool and shiv the shit out of the tentacle was funny. The “Die Die Die” part killed me. 

    Optimus. Months back, Bay had promised us a darker Optimus. He delivered tenfold. The first time we see him, he is so terrified, it terrified me. I mean holy shit! He straight up has a panic attack and tries to kill everyone in the barn. And he hits Lucas in the head with his gun. I thought that rather unbecoming of him to take down a human. But all of his compassion was not completely gone.

    He and Cade have nice moments and one of them was funny and genuine. First of all, when Michael said the bots would interact with the humans and the others, he meant it. Such a moment was when Cade complains to him about raising kids, where Optimus shortly responds with “Yeah, I had to do the same around Bumblebee.” THAT IS CHARACTER! THAT WAS THE WAY I WANTED SAM AND OPTIMUS TO INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER! And it warmed my heart how he felt around Cade. Because no matter darkness Optimus saw in the humans, Cade was the exact opposite. He gave him a reason to keep fighting, even when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.  Cade was Optimus’s instant human friend and confidant. The fact that Cade cared for Optimus so much and convinced him to save the world instead of forsake was a genuine concept. Of course, something flipped a switch in Optimus’ demeanor and added it even more so with Ratchet’s death. He got so pissed! And I don’t blame him. The people were practically melting his good and old friend down right in front of him. That alone would make me wanna roll some heads. 

    Thanks to Lockdown, we get a bit of a shallow glimpse into Optimus’s past. It is not a lot to go on, and will be expanded as the next movie rolls around in 2016. So apparently, Optimus is a Cyber Knight. And commissions the Dinobots who are apparently freed knights. But now, I’m interested in knowing more. 

    Character (Cybertronians) Verdict:They were all so epic and at the same time, so much more than met my eyes. I was expecting the same recycled bash boys but they weren’t. They all had expressions, fears and triumphs all there own. It made me love all them so much more and I cannot wait to see them back on screen with each other with hopefully the same formula that made them work! Michael Bay had done something right by these characters! I think that was his greatest accomplishment. 

    Story:This is the part that I most dreaded in all three movies. The first was like an intro, the second didn’t even have a story and the last was too damn complicated. This one builds off of Dark of the Moon and in a way still manages to stretch it, by a lot. DEAR MICHAEL BAY, FIRE YOUR WRITERS! The only good thing about the plot was the mystery. I wasn’t surprised when Galvatron was the main baddie all along. Hell, he played us like a violin. But like I said about him the first time. He had nothing to show for his reign other than barking out orders. His first time on screen was a treat sure but after everything else. He took a serious decline. I guess Megatron rubbed off on him too much. 

    Story Verdict: I don’t know what Michael bay was trying to do by writing this off as a sequel. It’s not. This is an exact reboot. Not the off-brand version, an actual reboot. I would over-exaggerate if I said the story sucked. Look back at revenge of the fallen. That will change your perception on a lot of things. 

    Music: The score and melodies worked. Plain and Simple. There were those times that were greatly intensified by just a drumbeat. Imagine Dragons made their money and Steve Jablonsky sold yet another score.

    Music Verdict: Seriously when the score and soundtrack hit shelves, I’m getting them!

    Transformers Age of Extinction As a Whole: Although this movie didn’t appease any critics, it was refreshing to see Michael and his crew at least try one more time. Is it perfect? No. Can it have various tweaks? Sure. Is this movie complete and utter shit? Nope! I saw this in Epic Experience where the sound collided just right with the movie. And the best part, this movie didn’t give me an explosive, concussive headache like Revenge of the Fallen. The plot wasn’t as complicated and the characters and their moments are definitely worth remembering. I’ll probably see it again late on today. 

    "Steal a kiss in the dark" - Jaime Preciado Imagine #1

    Request : can you do one where you are in new york for new years eve and you are with your friend and their fiance so you have no one to kiss and when the ball drops jaime preciado is next to you and dosent have anyone either so he kisses you even though youre stangers? thanks and happy new year!

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    but imagine this concept

    haruka nanase, aged 18

    know how to user the computer!!!!!



    haru knows how to use the computer AND EVEN the internet. he can even type in the address. and write a blog. in fact he’s p popular on pixiv.

    (altho he prefers drawr or tegaki because uploading pictures on pixiv is bothersome)

    aaaaaaaaaand at first he was drawing only water and water stuff like oceans and waterfalls, and people LOVED THEM (and still do!!) because they were not only aesthetically beautiful but also had Soul, as if the artist was born in that place and knew everything about it. he’s kinda known as that wild dude who draws rad-ass water pics….. but is lazy as heck, as people realised when someone told him to release a book and he was like, ……..that would require me doing addional work. mmmmmgh

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    MYSTERY TEXTER | Chapter Three | A Gail x Holly Original Fanfiction

    part one | part two ]

    MYSTERY TEXTER (chapter 3)

    Gail hated desk duty almost as much as she hated being at the morgue. But at least she could drive her colleagues crazy while on desk. She grinned as she picked up a paperclip and tossed it across the desk at Chris, then quickly turned back to the computer in front of her, feigning innocence.

    “Mature, Gail,” Chris said, tossing the paperclip back at her.

    “I am mature; thank you,” Gail said, flashing him a wide, over-done smile.

    Chris just shook his head and resumed his work. Damn. He must be in one of his pouty moods. Gail couldn’t blame him—he had just found out his ex had hidden his child from him for three years. Still, he was boring.

    Gail sighed and slumped in her chair, glancing around the squad room to see if there was anyone else she could annoy. No one stood out. But then she spotted her phone on the desk’s surface and grinned.

    Save me?

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    I thought this would be fun…

    Just send a number and character from shows/movies I listed and I’ll try my best to exceed your request! Also, if you’d like me to use a specific gender or race, just send me in the ask along with the number and character/s.

    1. “She’s missing, not dead.”
    2. “Promise me you’ll stay.”
    3. “I’m sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore.”
    4. “All of those people are alive right now because of her.”
    5. “No! I’m tired of doing what you say!”
    6. “You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.”
    7. “I’d rather caress my asshole with a chainsaw.”
    8. “I’m never getting up again.”
    9. “I told you I was better at this.”
    10. “Oh, don’t tell me you’re afraid.”
    11. “What the hell is plan b then?!”
    12. “…Wrong number.”
    13. “How long have you been watching me?”
    14. “I’m…sorry?”
    15. “W-what are you doing?”
    16. “I’ll teach you.”
    17. “Well…fuck.”
    18. “Are you seriously ordering a pizza?!”
    19. “I am not jealous!”
    20. “What…what is this?”
    21. “Don’t use me as an example. I wasn’t a good kid.”
    22. “Hey!…Shut up.”
    23. “Why do you own that?!”
    24. “We’re…fighting to the death.”
    25. “Because I love you!”
    26. “…I forgot we had a cat.”
    27. “Why are you laughing?”
    28. “Because I had her/him!”
    29. “I might have set him on fire.” 
    30. “What? I have a lot of free time.”
    31. “Oh, like you were so perfect.”
    32. “Yeah…we’re fucked.”
    33. “If I was drunk, it doesn’t count.”
    34. “I was high!”
    35. “You walked away! Not me.”
    36. “Who am I to say no to a little murder?”
    37. “Remember me? I shot you.”
    38. “Everybody loves a good bloodbath.”
    39. “Why did you pull a gun on me if you didn’t want to have sex?”
    40. “Well, ain’t that a bitch.”
    41. “Dude, I’m kinda in the zone here.”
    42. “Not awkward guys. Not awkward unless we let it be awkward.”
    43. “C’mon, if you don’t laugh then it’s just mean.”
    44. “Still funny…still funny…still fu - and now it’s sad.”
    45. “What do you mean we, white man?”
    46. “I peed in an alley which happened to have a church which I did not see because I was drunk! “ 
    47. “The best I can give you is a fake smile and dead eyes. “ 
    48. “You’ve got a boner.”
    49. “You big fucking idiot.”
    50. “Don’t leave.”
    51. “Fine, but your paying.”
    52. “I’m coming in and you better be wearing clothes.”
    53. “No money in the world can make me sleep with you.”
    54. “Cause I look good.”
    58. “Seriously, don’t giggle tell me.”
    59. “Why do you have a gun?”
    61. “There’s nothing left for me here.”
    62. “You’ve earned the right to get hit by a minivan.”
    63. “I don’t care if I go to prison again.”
    64. “I’ll see you in hell!”
    65. “It’s funny isn’t it? That moment you realize you don’t know shit.”
    66. “Hit ‘em with a banjo.”
    67. “You stab him as many times as you need to.”
    68. “Two things I wanna make clear to everyone in this room. Never betray me, and it’s time to go.”
    69. “All you do is bitch and moan and pull a gun on us.”
    70. “I don’t want your pity.”
    71. “Did you just blow in from stupid town?”
    72. “It was supposed to be a simple sting operation.”
    73. “Why were you using my laptop in the first place?”
    74. “Turn off the cameras and close the doors.”
    75. “Fuck. You.”
    76. “Kill him.”
    77. “The walls are thin.”
    78. “Just go do him.”
    79. “Dude, yes!”
    80. “You had me at ____.”
    81. “Eat a dick, ____ and get the fuck out of my house.”
    82. “I’ve hallucinated. I spent a day inside that wall thinking I was a mermaid.”  
    83. “I’m sorry,  but your opinion means very little to me.”
    84. “I don’t give a fuck what you think.”
    85. “You’re still my first love.”
    86. “Guns beat karate every time.”
    87. “You made one mistake. You let me live.”
    88. “I’ve never colluded in my life.”
    89. “Sorry, but that’s democracy.”
    90. “I honestly don’t know. You both are equally insane.”
    91. “You’re crazy. You’re all fucking crazy.”
    92. “You’re the final test.”
    93. “You’re as _____ as _____ is dead.”
    94. “Uh…probably?”
    95. “I/You llook like a fucking teletubby.”
    96. “And also, my best friend.”
    97. “You say that about everything and it’s never been true!”
    98. “Holy Mother of Satan. Dibs.”
    99. “I regret nothing.”
    100. “It was all worth it.”
    101. “Hugs not drugs.”
    102. “Good day as any.”
    103. “Stop fighting!”
    104. “Meh, I’ve seen worse.”
    105. “Well, no shit.”
    106. “This is some bullshit.”
    107. “You’ve got a serious problem.”
    108. “This is white nonsense.”
    109. “Are you out of your mind?!”
    110. “Being a tattletale is how people disappear.”

    F A N D O M S

    • The Avengers
    • X-Men
    • Mr. Robot
    • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Daredevil
    • Spider-Man (Sony & MCU) 
    • Fantastic Four (2005 & 2015)
    • Jessica Jones
    • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
    • The Walking Dead
    • Star Wars
    • Flash
      • Earth 2
    • Teen Wolf (s1-s2)
    • Game of Thrones (s1-s4)
    • American Horror Story
    • Suicide Squad
    Roommate! Calum

    Here’s my first ever Calum fic, pretty poorly written so sorry, but can’t say I hate it, anyway hope you guys like it.

    “Why would you want to come over anyway?” You spoke into your phone wondering how this girl even got your number, “uhh, your hot roommate duh.” You could practically see her flipping her long curly hair, “yea, that sounds like a perfect reason to have you over.” You said sarcastically, “well of course cause your fun too!” The girl squeaked on the other side, “no. Screw that, I know you’re lying, now delete this number and never call me again.” You hung up the phone shoving it into your pocket, and spun around almost hitting into Calum who was right behind you. “Oh Jeez! what the hell?!” You exclaimed dodging him “wow who was that? Seemed pretty serious.” Calum said completely ignoring that he almost made you fall onto him.
    “Another college ‘friend’, I really hate you, you know.” You pointed your finger at him, and he smiled “I said I was sorry, and I promise to never, ever, ever give you a ride to school again.” You crossed your arms, trying to be serious but Calum’s smile made you smile,“Yea, you better not.” You started walking off “you know it is kinda your fault to.” Calum said nonchalant, you stopped walking “what? How?” You asked quickly, “you should’ve just told them I was your boyfriend.” He shrugged and plopped down onto the couch, “but we’re not.” You stated, “I know that, but they don’t have to know that.” He said like it was obvious, “I can’t lie to everyone in the whole school.” You retorted “what? Why not?” He asked “because if the school has some sort of social event everyone would ask where you were.” You said like it was obvious.
    “Or I could just go with you and be your boyfriend.” He shrugged, “you mean **pretend** to be my boyfriend?” You asked, “meh potato, pahtato.” He said using his hands like a scale.
    “Uhm, not really, but whatever. You wanna eat something?” You sat on the Otherside of the couch, “yea, what should we eat?” He asked leaning forward to look at you, “well do you wanna order? or do you want to put some pants on?” You simply asked, you were used to coming home to Calum laying around in just his boxers occasionally he’d be wearing some pants but almost never in a shirt, you were ok with it since he let you lounge around in a sports bra and muscle tee.
    “Are you actually asking if I want to get dressed? I think you already know the answer.” He said laughing, making his eye’s almost disappear behind his wrinkly lil cheeks. “Alright, I’ll go order something then.” You said getting up.
    You both sat on the couch eating some Chinese food, you were on your phone Calum was watching a soccer game and he was getting pretty into it, you looked up from your phone admiring how he would sigh when the other team made a score, and he’d lean with some of the players, you quietly giggled when he spilled his drink on himself from being to into the game; he side glanced at you “see the perks of not wearing a shirt is I can just wipe it off.” He grabbed a piece of cloth from the small table infront of him, wiping his chest then tossed it back down, you glanced at it then double glanced “you just used my shirt!” You whined, “oh sorry, you shouldn’t leave it there though.” He shrugged.
    You picked it up smelling it, and your nose scrunched up cause it smelt like his beer, Calum chuckled “look I can wash it if you want."He held his hand out for the shirt, you tossed it to him "thank you.” You nodded.
    You went back to your phone and he went back to watching his game.
    After awhile he suddenly grabbed your wrist jumping up and pulling you with him, “we won!” He exclaimed excitedly, and you half heartedly cheered with him even though you didn’t care all that much, then he suddenly grabbed your head and kissed you, it was quick but it made your stomach flutter and your lips tingle, you just stood there frozen as his cheering died down.
    He grabbed his beer bottle and his empty cartons of food, waved at you goodnight and went into his room, you sat down on the couch hating that, that one little kiss made your stomach flip, you tried to shake it off thinking it was just from his excitement and it meant nothing to him and should mean nothing to you too, you started to clean your mess up and do a couple of dishes.
    “Damn it!” You heard Calum suddenly from his room, seconds later he came out, “I kissed you, didn’t I?” He asked walking over to you, you weren’t sure how to respond, “uh yea, just a little.” You shrugged, trying to play it off like it meant nothing, his cheeks turned a dusty pink and he slid his hand down his face sighing “Sorry 'bout that.” It sounded almost like a question, “don’t worry about it, it doesn’t have to mean anything.”
    You tried shrugging it off again, “yea.” he shrugged and leaned against the counter next to you “unless you want it to?” He asked waggleing his eyebrows, “no, it can’t.”
    You said trying to convince yourself more than him, and started to wash a plate.
    “And why not?” He asked, his chin held high as he looked down at you, his lips tight, “Because.” You said simply trying to drop the subject, “well it’d get rid of that problem at school, plus-wait can I try something?” He asked suddenly, “uh yea sure?” You answered still focused on the dishes, suddenly he grabbed you around the waist pulling you against him and kissed you, your first instinct was to pull away but the feeling of his warm plump lips against yours pulled you in so fast, it was to soon when he pulled away, you whimpered at the loss with your eye’s still closed, then you heard Calum’s deep chuckle and your eye’s opened, you instantly looked down embarrassed by your reaction.
    “See based on that reaction, you like me to, so what’s wrong with us dating?” He was starting to get frustrated, “because I just don’t think it’ll be a good idea, one, we live together dating your roommate can really screw things up, two…. two, I just don’t think I could give you what you would want from a girlfriend.” You finished your sentence quietly, turning off the water from doing dishes and walking away.
    “What? What do you think I want from a girlfriend?” He followed you, sitting on the couch together “Calum it’s midnight, are we really doing this now?” You turned on the couch facing him, and he did the same, “yes we’re doing this now, because late night talks are when were the most honest.” He said smiling a little.
    “Alright, fine.” You shrugged, “so what do you think I want from a girlfriend?” He asked, “I don’t exactly know, you probably want sex and….. fuck I don’t know, all I know is I’ve just never been good at the girlfriend thing.”, Calum’s eyes thinned “wait so is sex the problem?” He asked, “yea, sorta.” You said playing with loose strings on the couch, “what’s the big deal, it’s not like your a virgin.” You winced when he said it, and his mouth hung open.
    “You never told me that!” He said excitedly, “shut up! I don’t need to tell you everything.” You play hit him on the knee, “uh yes you do, we’re supposed to be best friends Y/N.” he sassed, in a mock girl voice. “Oh shut up.” You said laughing at his voice.
    It was always so easy to talk to Calum, he always knew how to make you smile or laugh no matter how serious you thought the conversation was, he had a talent for putting a light spin on things, and even though he sometimes made jokes you knew he was still listening.
    “so are you saving it till marriage?” He asked interested, you shrugged “nah.” You sat back leaning onto the arm of the couch, he laughed a little “just? nah.” He asked mocking you, “yep, just nah.” You giggled.
    He layed back onto the arm of the couch, and your crossed legs were pressing into each others “so have you ever been in a relationship with someone?” He asked, “yes. You know I have, remember Daniel?” His nose scrunched up in disgust, making his eye’s smaller “oh, yeah.” He sighed.
    “Ooh, salty.” You said chuckling a bit, “well the guy was a prick Y/N. C'mon I would treat you better than he did.” He said with one cocked eyebrow and his lips pulled to one side of his mouth.
    “Yeah, I know Calum.” You said quietly looking down, “will you let me show you?” He said matching your tone.
    You thought for a while, wondering if 'just because we’re roommate’s’ was a good enough reason not to date him, it could work out great, after all it was Calum you two had always gotten along so well,
    “yes.” You said breaking the silence that had settled, his smile slowly grew, he sat up and grabbed your hands pulling you up to stand, he rested his hands on your waist and his face slowly inched closer to yours “can I kiss you?” He muttered lowly, all you could do was nod your head and in an instant his full pouty lips were on yours, he pulled you closer into him wrapping his arm’s more tightly around you, deepening the kiss.
    You pulled away, “Calum?” You said just inches from his lips, “hmm?” He responded “how come you seemed upset that you kissed me earlier?” You asked, “because I didn’t want that lame 'we won!’ Kiss to be the first time I kissed you.” He explained “oh, well at least it. Led. To. All. These. Kisses.” You kissed him between words, and he smiled and said “yea.” Admiring you.