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Beating major d*ck.

Some people just like to use their power to bash people and degrade people publicly. Whenever I encounter these people I like to grasp the situation firmly in hand and beat them down. In this case I give you special piece of crap we shall call D*ck. D*ck is a older guy who has worked for a branch of state law enforcement for many years. He was very vocal about being three years away from full state retirement and about his rank in state gov.

I was working as a contractor doing some I.T. work. We had a large group to move the department forward at least 10 years technology wise. It was all hands on deck to prep computers for the incoming new computers and of course setting up the new ones. In my case as a coder/network grunt I was being ‘borrowed’ and more than happy to help.

D*ck was the only jerk out of at least 300 people I had enjoyably encountered. He complained about anything he could figure to complain about and would go over the departments managers heads to complain. Part of what I was asked to do was inventory their software used, directories mapped, and to copy files to their new network folders. Keep in mind we did a copy of the data and not a move. When new computers arrived the network copy served as a way to making sure the data was backed up before it was cloned over to the new system. D*ck was livid that someone touched his computer and swore we deleted a file we could not find.

I was marched up to his office with my management team and the department’s senior. I promptly found his file on his new system (and on the network). I happened to notice that he had newly installed a newsreader but did not say anything about it. I knew if I called him out on it I would get canned and they would not look into it. Instead I opened the reader while D*ck was bashing me in the hallway to his audience and changed his preferences. Now the files would not delete when they were read or deleted. Keeping in mind this was in the late 90’s and the internet was still a new thing for many. A lot of people would download their porn from newsgroups (usenet) by using a newsreader to download everything new dumped in the selected group (think like a folder). Groups would follow a theme or where supposed to. The reader would put all the pieces together so you could see the images or video and copy them to folders. I was made to apologize  in front of him and marched off in shame. D*ck was really throbbing with all of his smugness.

I was passed off from that project to just doing a rework of some DOS based software. I told my suck up manager that a lot of people were downloading and installing software on their own. My manager clicked that it was work we could be tasked with doing to create billable hours and that he could score suckup points with. This in turn created various email distributions and policy updates. I also point out that we need something about appropriate usage - great! The policy also now highlights that any private use on government equipment is subject to the same rules as fraud - perfect. This helps later because there is NO wiggle room for offenders. In turn my manager was more than pleased with me and treated me golden - hell he even bought me lunch.

I quickly forgot all about D*ck and found myself expanding the list of software that needed to be rewritten by me. This kept me busy and extended my contract. My boss was happy, my agency was happy, and my clients were very happy.

Fast forward few months later. I get back to the office and the bosses are there looking for a coworker. They asked me if I knew anything about d*cks new system and I told them HELL no. They walk off and told me if I saw the coworker to send him over.

When my coworker (who was an employee and not a contractor) returned I told him about the managers, my encounter with Major D*ck and tipped him off about the newsreader. My coworkers eyes lit up and he stood straight like a huge weight had been lifted. It turns out that D*ck once again had senior staff watch the 'stupid idiot’ fix the computer that the “tech broke being incompetent’. Surprise - It turns out it was out of disk space and would not re-start. The tech had to boot from a disk and delete temp files just to boot. In front of everyone the tech points out that one directory was filling the drive with images. Once he had everyone’s attention he then popped open some images. Porn immediately filled the screen including some very sketchy stuff from what I hear.

The tech was ushered out and D*ck lost his job. Instead of putting D*ck into jail they covered asses and terminated him. No job, no power, and pension for you D*CK.

Call Me Mistress – Ramen (M) (Part 2)

Summary: The Mistress meets with Ramen to discuss the terms of their arrangement.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, with guest appearance by Leo (VIXX)

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 10,050

Warning: Sub!Jungkook, Domme!Reader, BDSM, femdom, sexual themes, sex work, masturbation, mentions of violence against women, profanity

Series: Call Me Mistress

A/N: After receiving multiple messages asking about the Mistress’ business practices, I bring you this update. There’s quite a bit of dialogue in this part, but there are a few teasers for future releases sprinkled in here, mostly for my amusement.

Client List: Prologue | River (Namjoon) | Ramen (Jungkook): Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3 | Firetruck (Jin) | (more forthcoming)

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GF Back to School Headcanons

-When the twins have to write the typical ‘what I did during my summer vacation’ essay, Mabel leaves nothing out. She’s especially vivid about Weirdmageddon and Dipper is freaking out when she tells him what she handed in. He starts scheming about how he could possibly get the essay back and Mabel is just like “Bro, we were supposed to write about our summer!” and Dipper is convinced they’re going to be put into therapy. But thankfully the teacher is familiar with Mabel’s eccentrics and hands back her essay with an eye-roll and a “Mabel, you were supposed to write a factual essay, not a creative story.”

-Dipper wears his ushanka (Wendy’s hat) every day and California is hot. He’ll just be dripping with sweat but he refuses to remove it and eventually Mabel modifies it with a little pocket that fits an icepack so Dipper has a way to keep his head cool on particularly nasty days

-Mabel normally always gets unicorn-themed supplies for school and her mother finds a super pink and sparkly notebook with a white unicorn on the cover that has a weirdly striking resemblance to Celestabellebethabelle. Once she sees it Mabel gets a wild look in her eye and just flings it across the store with a war cry and her mother is just flabbergasted. Meanwhile Dipper is trying so hard not to laugh

-Gideon is released from prison and returns to school and it is really rough. Pacifica has it just as bad, her family no longer able to afford private school and so she now as to attend the local elementary school. Pacifica and Gideon have been stripped of their power (money and intimidation respectively) and are tormented by the peers they once tormented. When they’re getting pushed around by a group of older kids Candy and Grenda show up and come to the rescue. After the confrontation is over the two invite Gideon and Pacifica to sit with them at lunch as if the terrible things both did never happened and they’re just super grateful for the second chance

-Dipper is a lot more vocal in class and jokes around and his peers are surprised because this is not the same awkward kid they knew at the end of the last school year

-Wendy accidentally loses Dipper’s hat on her first day back and she’s on the verge of freaking out. Her friends immediately help her tear apart the school searching for it because while they don’t understand they know how important that cap is to Wendy. Robbie finds out one of their classmates took it for a gag and he just decks the guy, and of course after word of that confrontation gets around no one even thinks about touching Wendy’s hat

-Ford is Mabel’s tutor and whenever she needs help with her homework she calls him or sets up a video chat. Ford insists she contact him no matter the time (or time difference) and Mabel is relieved because she hasn’t had the best of luck with tutors before

-Mabel brings her grappling hook to class one day to show it off and the teacher starts to panic because it’s essentially a weapon. Mabel realizes she didn’t think this one through and smooth-talks her way out of serious trouble, saying that it’s just a high-quality replica and not real. The teacher believes her, and Stan is seriously proud of her developing lying skills

-When the trigonometry unit rolls around Dipper and Mabel experience nervous breakdowns for obvious reasons. The school counsellor chalks it up to school anxiety and stress and sends them home early. For the rest of the day the two speak with Stan and Ford and it is a long conversation. Eventually they are able to deal with the trauma dealt to them by Bill in healthy ways and start to see triangles as shapes again rather than demonic forces that want to murder them

-Dipper is being harassed by a kid who’s been bullying him for a while. He gets pushed around and his backpack is taken and he is mocked for his awkwardness and general nerdiness. Mabel storms over and yells at the bully to leave her brother alone, and the guy shoves her to the ground. This causes Dipper to snap, because no one messes with his sister, and he delivers a strong left hook, and the bully goes down hard. After that, he doesn’t go near Dipper or Mabel again, and Stan is extremely proud once he hears of it

-Mabel and Dipper buy a bunch of their school pictures and send one to pretty much everyone in Gravity Falls. Stan and Ford each have a wallet-sized version that they keep on them at all times

Authors, we need to talk about reviews.

This is gonna be LONG.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of posts about reviews. Authors pissed off at reviewers. Reviewers frustrated with authors. Various genres, different people, but the same basic theme - a review that rubs an author the wrong way, and an author who lets fly about it publicly. Y'all, we gotta rein this shit in.

Here’s the thing – I know it’s not fun to get negative reviews. I once had one that compared reading my book to getting a spinal tap. Another speculated about my sexuality, extrapolating (incorrectly) my orientation and experience based on what I’d written. The former was funny. The latter was humiliating. It killed my ability to write a particular pairing for *a year*. So, I get it. I know how much a review can hurt, particularly if it gets personal.

So what are we supposed to do? When a review is nasty, or the person clearly hated the book, or when the reviewer clearly hates the author for whatever reason?


We’re supposed to do….*nothing*.

Not a goddamned thing.

There are three things that are very easy to lose sight of, especially when a review hits a nerve or upsets you:

1. Reviews are for readers, not authors.

2. No review will ever damage your sales or reputation as much as your *reaction* to it.

3. Authors need reviewers, and we’re going to lose them if we make them feel at best unappreciated, at worst targeted.

Let’s unpack these a little.

1. Reviews are for readers, not authors. – Book reviews are product reviews. Books are reviewed by consumers for other consumers, not for the author’s ego or to give them pull quotes. Every reviewer has their own tastes, rating systems, quirks, pet peeves, etc., and they have the right to review your book accordingly. Yeah, sometimes we don’t like the results. But you know what? Sometimes that 1-star review for “way too much sex over the hood of the Ferrari” will be what makes the next reader 1-click your book.

2. No review will ever damage your sales or reputation as much as your *reaction* to it. – I think this is arguably the most important point I’m going to make. Authors live and die by their reputations. Unprofessional behavior will drive readers away a hell of a lot faster than a negative review.

I’m not trying to tell you that you can’t have hurt feelings or that you can’t be upset, annoyed, or pissed off by a review. Of course you can!  But be a goddamned professional about it. Vent, rage, scream, cry….in private. To other writers. To your crit partner. To someone who knows what it’s like to put a book out there and have it skinned alive right in front of you.

The minute you start ranting about it in public, it’s going to start reflecting on YOU a lot more than that review will ever reflect on your book. Whatever damage the bad review might’ve done to your sales will be a fraction of the potential damage of a public response. You want to minimize the damage of a bad review? Don’t draw attention to it.

I’m serious. Over the years, I’ve seen a number of authors who’ve flipped out about reviews, and you know what? I can’t remember the titles of any of those books or even what the reviews said, but I can suuuuuure remember who the author was. I can remember vividly who has ranted about mean reviewers, and especially those who’ve sicced readers on reviewers, but I don’t remember the books. Make of that what you will.

Do you want people to read your books, or do you want them to mentally categorize you as an author who can’t take criticism? Do you want people to review your books honestly, or do you want them to be afraid to even mention your books because you’ve proven you’ll go on the offensive if you’re not happy?  Don’t think about how much damage that 1-star review will do — think about all the 5-star reviews you’ll lose by revealing yourself to be combative and unable to weather criticism.

3. Authors need reviewers, and we’re going to lose them if we make them feel at best unappreciated, at worst targeted.

Reviews sell books. On Amazon, on Goodreads, on review sites – fact is, reviews make books move. Sometimes a review sucks, and yeah, sometimes the sales suffer for it. Sometimes a review is awesome and a book sells like hotcakes as a result. I know of what I speak because I’ve had both happen, including a book that barely sold 100 copies its first year, and suddenly sold thousands after a particularly spectacular review on Goodreads. Reviewers make your book visible, for better or worse.

But reviewers aren’t getting paid to do this. They have lives. They have things to do besides fend off attacks by angry authors. In recent years, there have been reviewers who’ve quit reviewing altogether because authors sicced their fans on them. Just today I saw a reviewer who was upset because an author lashed out at them for not reviewing an ARC promptly. (Spoiler alert, folks: reviewing a book weeks or even months after it comes out will STILL help its visibility and sales.)

The end result is we have fewer people reviewing books across the board, and that hurts everyone. Particularly those of us in niche genres.

Y'all, I get it. I do. I’ve had reviews that would make your hair curl. Some of them have been personally insulting. Some have suggested I skimmed a wiki article when in fact the subject matter was something I live and breathe. If you added up all my 1- and 2- star reviews from the last eight years, you’d discover I’m incapable of writing, know nothing about sex, have zero ability to pick up on speech patterns and emotional nuance, and have never been within 500 miles of a military base. I’ve been there, yo.

That stuff stings, but it’s part of being an author. You put something out there publicly, it’s going to be consumed by the public, and the public won’t always like it. Sometimes they’ll even say so.

Don’t be that author. Let people review your books in their own way and on their own time. Let people *hate* your books for any reason they choose to hate them. The readers who love your work won’t be put off by it.

TL;DR: Your sales won’t be destroyed by a 1-star review. Your career might, however, be damaged by your *reaction* to that 1 star review.

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Number 58 with jimin 🙈

Here you go anon! Sorry for the late reply. Hope you enjoy reading :)

Member: Jimin

Prompt Request: “You look cute with a baby bump.”

Genre: Angst & Fluff

Imagine Summary: You are having a difficult time getting pregnant and you don’t want to keep Jimin waiting. You decide that it is best that the two of you break up because you can never give Jimin the life that he wants.

Word Count: 1.4k

You stared down the person staring at you in the mirror’s reflection. She looked completely unrecognizable to you


“I think we should break up.”

I never thought that I would ever say those word to Jimin. Even with him sitting across from me on the couch, his eyes watering and his breath intake quickening, I still couldn’t believe I was really doing this.

I didn’t want to break up, but there was no way around it. We both wanted the same things but I couldn’t give him the thing he needed; a child.

The negative pregnancy test sat in the trash bin next to a broken soap dish I had thrown in frustration. After trying for the last seven months, I still couldn’t get pregnant. I knew how much Jimin wanted a baby. He would reassure me that it would happen at the right time but in my heart I knew that there would never be a right time. I couldn’t let him continue to have hope in our relationship when it would never work.

“Where is this coming from? Did I do something to upset you? Just tell me and we can work through this.”

“We can’t work through this Jimin. I don’t want to be with you anymore. You’re always busy and you never have time for me. I can’t live always being second to your career.” I lied. Deep down I knew that if I ever asked, Jimin would give up anything to be with me, but not a child. I couldn’t do that to him.

Jimin scooted closer to me on the couch. His eyes were darting as he struggled not to cry. I however already had a few tears leaving a trail down my cheek. He held my hands to his chest.

“That’s not what this is about.”

I looked away. My expressions always gave away my deception.

“Look at me,” he pleaded, cupping my chin to face him.

“What is this really about?” he asked.

I roughly pushed the hand wiping my tears and stood up, walking away from him.

“You’re right, it isn’t about you being away. It’s about the pressure you put on me to get pregnant!”

I’m yelling, now. My forehead is flaming and my hand begins to tremble.

“Do you not want kids?” Jimin looked so hurt but he wouldn’t let me go unless I looked him in the eye and broke his heart.

“I don’t want your kids.”

It was painful to get those words out. As they left my lips and reached Jimin, and I saw the pain of my words reflected on his face, I felt a knife slide down my throat.

“I never knew you felt this way.” He said in a low voice.

He took in a deep breath.

“If children is something you don’t want then we can work it out. We don’t have to do this right now. You might change your mind in the future.”

“I will never change my mind Jimin. This is just the tipping point in our relationship. I can’t be with you anymore.”

“Y/N listen to me. I’ll try and take more time off work or maybe work harder so I don’t have to practice so late. I’ll talk to my managers about us taking more time off. I won’t even mention kids unless you initiate it or are ready to. Please just don’t leave me.”

I turned away from him and he got up to hug me from behind.

“Please, Y/N. I know we can get through this. I never meant to pressure you.”

I brushed him off, rougher this time.

“It doesn’t matter if you meant to or not; you did. I can’t be with someone who has to change for me. I don’t need you to wait for me to be ready for something I never will be. We’re done Jimin.”

I walked over to the front door, unlocked it and swung it open.

Jimin stays frozen in his spot.

“Leave Jimin.”

I walk over and grab his jacket from the couch and push him out the door. Tears are streaming rapidly down his cheeks.

Finally out of his daze, his eyes dart and he begins to panic, realizing that I’m serious.

“Y/N, don’t do this to us-”

I pick up his shoes, throw them at his feet, slamming the door in his face and cutting him off mid sentence.

It’s silent after that. I wait until his shadow disappears and the sound of his footsteps die down before I allow myself to curl up on the floor and cry.

It’s been two weeks since I broke up with Jimin and things have been far from good. My sister said I lost a lot of weight and I haven’t really been out of the house. Everything reminds me of him. The smell of coffee reminds me of the time he brought my entire work staff Starbucks because we were working late. Rain reminds me of the time we planned to go the amusement park but couldn’t because of a storm so we just built a fort in our living room and watched 80’s movies the entire day. Speaking of 80’s movies, I couldn’t even watch my favorite one because it reminded me of the time Jimin had a theatre privately screen it for us on our second anniversary.

Just thinking about him hurts because I start to remember the way he looked the last time I saw him, when I broke his heart.

I get a notification on my phone which draws me from my thoughts. It’s my period reminder. I’m six days late now.

At first I thought it was stress because of everything that happened with Jimin and not getting pregnant but now a plethora of “what ifs” cascade my mind.

I rush to the bathroom and rummage through my cupboard and look for the extra pregnancy test I bought about a month ago.

I take the test and five minutes later, I am greeted by a red plus sign on the white stick.

I hold my breath and back up into the bathroom wall. What have I done?

“Jimin..” I whisper.


I trudge my way to the door of Bangtan’s dorm. My feet shake in my shoes and my hands fidget as I contemplate knocking on the door.

I’m terrified. Jimin probably hates me. I can’t blame him. I was cruel to him, kicking him out of the house with such hateful words.

I hope he’ll understand where I’m coming from. But at the same time, I feel like I don’t deserve him. I was willing to give up on us and now that things are the way I want them, I want him back. He deserves someone stronger than me.

I turn to walk away when the door swings open. It’s Jungkook.

“Y/N. What are you doing here?” He says coldly.

He crosses arms over his chest. Usually Jungkook is always so kind to me. He’s probably the member I’m closest to. Was closest to.

“I need to talk to Jimin.”

“He doesn’t want to see you. You should go. Now.” His voice is authoritative even though I am two years his senior.

Taehyung appears in the doorway, and moves to stand next to Jungkook, creating a barrier between me and the dorm.

“Y/N, you have a lot of nerve showing up here.” Taehyung sneers.

“I-I j-just wanted to see J-jimin,’ I stutter.

“Who’s there?”

“Hyung it’s no one Jungkook says moving to block Jimin from seeing me.

Taehyung motions for me to leave, but I can’t. Jimin has to know I’m carrying his child.

“Jimin, it’s me.”

I glance at Taehyung and if looks could kill, I’d be six feet under.

Jimin pushes past Jungkook to see me. He looks tired and worn out. I feel so guilty looking at him. He might have lost even more weight than I have.

“Y/N..” He breathes. For a split second I think he’s happy to see me, but then his expression shifts and his lips tighten.

“Hyung, you don’t have to talk to her.” Jungkook says, putting a hand on Jimin’s arm.

“Go inside.” Jimin says sternly, not taking his eyes off of me.

Taehyung and Jungkook obey and go back inside, closing the door behind them, leaving Jimin and I standing in an empty hallway.

“Why are you here?” Jimin says. His voice is low and distant.

I pull out a blue box I tied with a white ribbon and hold it out to him.

Jimin takes the box out of my hand and waves it around.

“What the fuck is this supposed to be? A present? Are you fucking stupid? You break up with me and then come back with a box and expect everything to be okay?”

“Jimin it’s not what you think it is-”

“Shut the fuck up Y/N. I’m over you. Like you said, we’re done.” At those last two words Jimin throws the box at my feet, the way I did with his shoes.

He moves to go back in the house so I quickly open the box and whip out the pregnancy test.

“I’m pregnant!”

Jimin stops in his tracks, his hand frozen on the door knob. He turns his head slowly to face me.

He stalks back over to me, and grabs the stick from my hand and examines it.

“I-I don’t understand. You said that-”

“I know. I checked that day and it said I wasn’t but I guess it was wrong or faulty. I only broke up with you so harshly so that you wouldn’t wait for me. I felt like I was holding you back from having what you really wanted and I love you so much and I never wanted you to have to give up something so important to you. I’m so sorry Jimin, I never wanted to hurt you. I understand if you never want to see me again–”

My rambled cry is cut off by Jimin’s lips. His hands hold my face to his as he movies his lips against mine. I feel our tears mix together when I melt into the kiss and throw my arms around him.

He pulls away after what feels like forever and holds me to his chest.

He doesn’t say anything and neither do I. Our silence is everything.


Jimin swings my hand in his as we walk around the elaborate children’s shop.

“This elephant is cute. It’ll match the animal theme we have going on.” Jimin says but I’m miles away from this conversation.

I’m staring at myself in the mirror. More specifically I’m staring at my protruding stomach.

Jimin catches me and puts his arms around me from behind. He hums into my neck.

“What are you thinking about?” He asks, placing a kiss on my shoulder.

“About all the clothes I won’t be able to fit into.” I sigh.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask.

“That you look cute with a baby bump.”

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brotp kidge headcanons

In these trying times, I think we could all use some quality Team Forestfire headcanons, so hi I am here to share my terrible ideas. 

  • Pidge and Keith have their own seriously complicated handshake that the rest of the team can’t figure out. They’ll take like a good 10 seconds to do it, usually after one of them makes a snide remark that earns the respect of the other, or after they win a battle.
  • They’re both sleep-deprived teenagers that never sleep when they should, so they start to seek out the other’s company when they’re having trouble tying to sleep. They’ll stay up together talking until one of them crashes out.
    • Some mornings, the rest of the team will find them both asleep, leaning against each other with Pidge curled into his side.
  • Overtime, Earth-related conspiracy theories start to get repetitive, so Keith and Pidge start to make up their own. Whenever they run into bad aliens that aren’t galra, their favorite thing to do is to make up theories behind why said alien is evil in the first place.
    • They had this one mission to a certain planet in particular that was a really creepy mix of everything halloween related in a run down carnival. The team all got captured and nearly killed by this crazy clown alien dude. Everyone else would like to forget that the entire ordeal ever even happened but Pidge and Keith won’t let it rest.
      • Pidge: “I’m telling you, that clown guy? He was salty because space ikea messed up his order.”
        Keith: “I’d be evil, too, if my dining room table set was missing a leg.”
        Pidge: “It keeps him going everyday.”
  • After rough battles, they bandage each other up. It becomes a routine for the two of them.
  • Pidge is the only person Keith confides in. He’ll complain or vent to her instead of keeping his anger pent up, and she’ll either give him advice or comfort. The team starts to notice his temper improving slightly, since he isn’t keeping it inside anymore.
    • Pidge knows how much the private vent sessions mean to him, so she never has any blackmail material against him. She’ll protect his secrets with her life.
  • Sometimes, they’ll sing the entire team rocket theme song, except add in their own names.
    • *literally walking into a galra base* Pidge: “Here comes trouble…”
      Keith: “—and make it double.”
      Lance: “Please not this again—”
    • Occasionally, they’ll just chant “SHORT STACK GUNSHOW!“ repeatedly, while they’re casually slashing sentries in half.
  • “Oh yeah! That’s what you get for messing with the arms of voltron!!” 
  • Sometimes, Pidge will just randomly wander around the castle wearing Keith’s jacket and nobody questions it. (All the other paladins have cool jackets she deserves one too.)
    • Since 99% of the time Keith’s in the training room and he just tosses it aside, Pidge will walk in and take it.
  • Literally running from a group of bloodthirsty bandits:
      Keith, running alonside her: “Mothman, sweetie, I’m so sorry that you’re being compared like this—”
  • Sometimes, they’ll reminisce what they miss about Earth, and Keith will open up and tell her about the foster homes and places he’s stayed at, and the stuff he’s experienced as an orphan.
    • Pidge: “Hey Keith, if we get back to Earth, you can stay with my family if you’d like. They wouldn’t mind, they’d love you.“
      Keith, smiling: “I’d like that.”

Lo prefieres leer en español?–>

I’m happy my first post of 2018 is creek yay! \(:D)/ 

Here they are! the character sheets of the beloved boys for the Inca!AU so some more points:


  • Both had a crush on each other for months, a kinda… ‘I see you from far away and I think you’re really cute/handsome’ one
  • Their interactions started when a previous suitor (a higher rank noble) that was really into marrying Tweek, went almost everyday to the palace for a blessing from the Inca so he could marry Tweek, because Craig being the useless homosexual he is (if your AU doesn’t have Craig being a gay mess, did you really made a Creek AU?) wouldn’t have made a move by his own, because although being the freaking Inca, he’s scared to go to talk to Tweek by himself without any ‘official’ reason to
  • Needless to say their interactions are awkward, 2 boys of different social classes, crushing on each other, trying too hard not to swoon in front of each other…yeah… 
  • When discovering his crush on the Inca, Tweek pretty much freaked out, how him, a low noble, decides to crush on the FREAKING INCA?!

The proposal/marriage ritual (the information I found isn’t that much in this theme, at least the Inca-Coya side) was made after a close call where both understanded that either they came clean with their feelings or they would lose each other


  • Tweek is very well recieved into his new circle by the majority
  • Everyone agrees that he’s not the typical Coya, besides the obvious fact that he’s a boy, he is very humble, gives their place to everyone, and pretty much helps in things he isn’t even supposed to
  • He tries hard to be a good Coya, though Craig and pretty much a big handful of nobles and even the servitude think he doesn’t need to, he’s already 
  • It’s a little difficult for Tweek to call Craig by his name, because even being husbands, he is afraid of being disrespectful to him, Craig always reassures him that he has the right to (he also loves hearing his name being said by him) 
  • Craig is pretty much lovestruck 24/7 towards Tweek (petnames, hugs, kisses on the cheeks, waist-holding, hand-holding and pecks) doesn’t matter where they are, he will show his boy how much he loves him, Tweek gets embarassed by this but he enjoys it, being reassured he is loved and tries his best to reassure it to his husband too 
  • Tweek is the only one being able to bring out the soft and sensitive side of Craig
  • Both are very jealous of each other, mostly based on insecurities e.x: what if he finds someone that truely deserves him? Tweek shows it verbally, while Craig shows it…quite physically towards the ones who cause his jealousy to arise
  • They have a lot of sleepless nights where they will just watch the stars, talk, getting to know more of the other, fall more in love 
  • Shhh don’t tell this but they aren’t supposed to share a room, but Craig didn’t like the idea of being away from Tweek even at sleeping time at all, besides he’s the Inca, what he says it’s done, period.
  • Craig ordered a private garden being made just for him and Tweek to be alone, and enjoy nature within each others company 
  • BTW want to die early? flirt or talk bad to Tweek, I assure you, the Inca’s fists will be onto you in no time!
  • Even being the royal couple, they don’t have it easy, being a gay couple, many old counselors don’t approve their relationship, constantly trying to persuade Craig to leave Tweek and go for a pure blooded woman for the Coya place, and is needless to say Craig never hears them, he has found the one he truly loves, and that one will stay by his side. He won’t accept it any other way
  • Same counselors, are the only ones that don’t welcome Tweek and won’t treat him with approval, they don’t accept their Coya is a boy, Tweek is afraid of them, but being the sweetheart he is, still treats them with respect

Some points she says, and I pretty much wrote all the fic I have in my phone notes ¬_¬ sorry, I couldn’t stop myself, I have soooo much more but it’s in Spanish and I’m quite being lazy rn to rewrite it to english, but I will do it later


I tried really hard to…keep everything as historically accurate as possible, me and a friend spent 1 month full on pure investigation, discovering so much, so… if by any means I offend anyone, please tell me in a polite way okay? 

Have a Happy New Year 2018! (^^)/)

anonymous asked:

Ok so if all four of them are gonna be in a *cowboy themed* motel in 13x6 they're gonna have to split up 2 and 2 right??? So I'm really gonna need Dean and Cas to share a room and then have a convo that's reverse of the "Talk to me" one in S8 where instead they talk about how they both did feel suicidal but how they've both overcome it. ~For reasons unknown~

That would be great mirroring, and it’s always good to compare the fun episodes where things seem back to normal to 8x08… However… Sorry, but this is a bummer reply, I’m just not good with leaving off things like this :P

I sort of feel though that neither Dean or Cas got to completely overcome things in their respective paths through dark other worlds… Cas said he’d just keep fighting and even if the standing up was an important part, he acknowledged he was going back with a sense of hopelessness that he’d get what he truly wants - and that’s just how it was in the Empty, while it sounds like he may have forgotten the experience so it’s for now a metaphorical state he passed through and we got to see it vocalised and it probably means roughly where he’s up to. But the despair of resolution, the fact need/want has been called out for US to know it’s a major theme but Cas of course hasn’t actually talked face to face with any Winchester, let alone Dean, to resolve need/want, which is the core of his depression, thematically… He’s come back with levelled up determination and a will to live, which is great, but there’s so much work to do before he feels happy even if he DOES remember the Empty. I’ve written ridiculously long things tracking his arc so I’ll just say that this was a great step forwards for him but in no way actually resolving anything. 

For Dean as well, Billie sent him back but it was with the “work to do” order/motivation that’s made Dean and Sam power through a lot of their worst times, and like how in the Empty nothing new was actually said about Cas, it just brought everything up that was troubling him so we’d get a sample of how he feels, that was just repeating the theme for Dean that he started this season on - that at best he’s going to feel like a guy doing his job, because someone more important than him told him he had to and he can’t stop now. 

Billie’s words are the sort of advice he got in season 7 after Cas (and then Bobby) died, from Bobby, Frank and Eliot Ness, all of which was a variation of the same sort of nihilism about doing the job because it’s the job and you’re the one who does it. I’m in most agreement with the meta I’ve seen that Dean didn’t go into that whole mess looking for a reason to die, he just was in that state Bobby described: 

I want to talk about your new party line.

Party? What are you talking about? I don’t even vote.

“The world’s a suicide case. We save it, it just steals more pills”?

Bobby, I’m here, okay? I’m on the case. What’s the problem?

I’ve seen a lot of hunters live and die. You’re starting to talk like one of the dead ones, Dean.

No, I’m talking the way a person talks when they’ve had it, when they can’t figure out why they used to think all this mattered.

I’m picking on this conversation because it’s the most detailed but also because it’s the one Dean has WITH Bobby so in no way shape or form can it be about Dean losing Bobby, except that of course this episode gave Dean and Sam both a private conversation with Bobby about where they were at, so we could have a good last moment with him each, and also to gauge how they’d react to his death (Dean with this massive depression caused by losing Cas and his betrayal to pile on top of) and Bobby’s last advice apply after as well. His advice being:

Come on, now. You tried to hang it up and be a person with Lisa and Ben. And now here you are with a mean old coot and a van full of guns. That ain’t person behavior, son. You’re a hunter, meaning you’re whatever the job you’re doing today. Now, you get a case of the Anne Sextons, something’s gonna come up behind you and rip your fool head off. Now, you find your reasons to get back in the game. I don’t care if it’s love or spite or a ten-dollar bet. I’ve been to enough funerals. I mean it. You die before me, and I’ll kill you.


But this is essentially what Billie does for Dean. She reads him, sees he wants to die, and he tells her that he doesn’t matter, so she reassures him that he has a job, that he is important, that he’s in this cosmic position of responsibility. It would almost be encouraging, to know you’re not meant to die that day, that there is a reason for you to be alive. But not for Dean in the state he was in then.

Cas coming back is GREAT and of course it’s going to make Dean wildly happy. But he’s been feeling this way about the job a long, long time in ways that aren’t to do with Cas at all but is just his underlying major trauma that you can see coming from a hundred miles off in season 1:

from 2x09:

I’m tired, Sam. I’m tired of this job, this life … this weight on my shoulders, man. I’m tired of it.


I just think we should take a break from all this. Why do we gotta get stuck with all the responsibility, you know? Why can’t we live life a little bit?

Or this speech from 2x20 I contractually have to quote at least once a month as a card-carrying Dean!girl:

All of them. Everyone that you saved, everyone Sammy and I saved. They’re all dead. And there’s this woman, that’s haunting me. I don’t know why. I don’t know what the connection is, not yet anyway. It’s like my old life is, is coming after me or something. Like it like it doesn’t want me to be happy. Course I know what you’d say. Well, not the you that played softball but… “So go hunt the Djinn. He put you here, it can put you back. Your happiness for all those people’s lives, no contest. Right?” But why? Why is it my job to save these people? Why do I have to be some kind of hero? What about us, huh? What, Mom’s not supposed to live her life, Sammy’s not supposed to get married? Why do we have to sacrifice everything, Dad? It’s… Yeah…

(And, side note, it really annoys me when people make 2x20 about brotherly wuv, platonically or not, because THAT is why Dean decided to go un-wish this life, not because of anything to do with AU Sam, who he still trusted he could find his Sam in >.> I’ll just keep repeating this until I stop stumbling over the idea… :P)

He’s had similar smaller moments like this but season 2, 7 and now 13 are his grief seasons, so I’m most interested in these parallels. Like, just in general. Specifically in season 2 because he was dealing with John’s order to save Sam or kill him, which of course is a dynamic that Jack could horrifyingly repeat for him if Dean gets attached to a kid with the same horrifying destiny. Specifically in season 7 Dean was dealing with losing Cas and it immediately struck him to the core, that even while Cas was still Godstiel he was having mirrors with his season 2 self after losing John:

Sounds good. You got any leads on where the demon is? Making heads or tails of any of Dad’s research? Because I sure ain’t. But you know, if we do finally find it - oh. No, wait, like you said. The Colt’s gone. But I’m sure you’ve figured out another way to kill it. We’ve got nothing, Sam. Nothing, okay? So you know the only thing I can do? Is I can work on the car.

[… five years elapse]

So, what? Try to talk to him again?


Dean, all we can do is talk to the guy.

He’s not a guy. He’s God. And he’s pissed. And when God gets righteous, you get the hell out of the way; haven’t you read the Bible?

I guess…

Cas is never coming back. He’s lied to us, he used us, he cracked your gourd like it was nothing. No more talk; we have spent enough on him.


Hand me that socket wrench.

Dean didn’t lose the car this time, just had Miriam deface it with “Bitch” on the window and the car was washed and shiny in a couple of episodes. But it’s metaphorically a similar process and I guess all they had time for when 13x01 was about taking time in a very different way, by giving Dean like 10 minutes at the end of the episode all about how he was grieving Cas. 

Anyway, I think there’s a lot of thematic overlap in what it means for Dean right now, with Billie’s reminder of his position on the cosmic ladder, to John’s order about Sam, to Dean’s responsibility to deal with Cas and the Leviathans, which eventually crystallises into his mission to kill Dick - and though Dick kills Bobby, finding out who is the head leviathan in 7x09 really just seals the deal of who Dean needs to personally kill to deal with everything, and the Bobby thing was just an extra motivation to fall into a revenge mindset, but it also about what happened with Cas (and when Cas comes back, he has to help kill Dick for the same reason it all happened to him and he was connected to it and responsible). 

We really haven’t seen anything yet, but I think getting Cas back is a temporary fix at least to a bigger issue, which is Dean’s burden of the world, which Chuck lumped on him in 11x23 and made me very, very excited that Dean’s duty to save everyone was hopefully going to get some microscopic treatment and maybe one day some sort of resolution. I don’t think Billie’s comment was a pick me up, and it reminds me of how Cas started picking on Dean on Heaven’s behalf in 4x01 - telling him they had work for him. In 4x02 Dean complains a lot about how he hates being singled out and it’s absolutely horrifying that he was saved for unknown reasons. And those reasons turned out to be being Michael’s vessel and one of the 2 grenade pins needed to be pulled on the planet being destroyed.

(Which we have some handy visuals for and reminders of in the AU world right now :P) 

I’d hope in the long run Chuck’s orders end up being destroyed as much as John’s were, because the parallel is 1 to 1 except bigger scale, and Chuck telling Dean the world has him to protect it literally in God’s own place is an absolutely horrifying unfair burden than broke him in season 5 and can be directly equated to how season 2 broke him when Sam, who was basically his whole world at the time, was lumped on him with the same burden. In the mean time, Billie’s adding to the weight on Dean, although long run she’s neutral, commenting on it rather than ordering, and seems to have some confidence that he has a purpose and will fulfil it, I can see Dean struggling with it in just the same way he took Cas’s comments in 4x01. 

So even if he seems happy to get Cas back, the root problem of his depression, his sense of being worthless, is still truly about how he defines himself as a hunter and the guy who is supposed to save everyone - who will trade himself for a house of random ghosts he feels he LET DOWN by not investigating well enough sooner. Because he has sole responsibility to fix the planet.

The job is killing Dean literally and metaphorically, and the grief of losing all his loved ones as they do it is just an additional awful, awful part of it. Not getting Cas back immediately thanks to Chuck in 13x01 just confirmed how alone Dean is in the world to him, and he directly mentioned the line from 11x23 when reaching out to Chuck… Getting Cas back and Cas returning seemingly on his own steam is going to be a nice turning point, and good for uplifting Dean, but the core problem remains and since 11x23 I’ve been pretty certain that Dean’s endgame is NOT to be a hunter… Billie also now makes me think he has some purpose to fulfil, and ideally, fulfilling it would let him finally get off the cosmic ladder and be who he wants to be without obligation. 

About all I can really speculate about that hopeful endgame would be that Sam seems to be lumped in with Dean on this, but Cas is literally outside the system based on how he got himself back from the Empty without Chuck’s interference, OR except for in thematic “rewards” or dramatic irony from just missing him really hard, Dean didn’t actually bring him back by DOING anything, and Jack, who is also outside the system in some ways, did instead. But that’s all a huge mess right now :P Need more data. 

So anyway, to go back to Dean and Cas next episode? I think they will have a lot to talk about but it has to be immediate character stuff about their actions and desires. They are both really good for each other and going through very similar emotional territory so I hope they get honest and tell each other how they’re doing, but I don’t think they’ll be talking about overcoming anything. I think if it does mirror 8x08 it MAY be a reversal that Dean admits how bad he was doing without Cas, and Cas is still too uncertain about what happened to him or with a link to make it directly about Dean to reciprocate the sentiment… For all the good communication lately I’m not entirely sure if Dean and Cas can absolutely knock down all the walls. 

And I seriously fear dramatic interruptions to their reconciliation just because of the extremely vague episode descriptions we have after 13x06, which seem to  be concealing exactly what happens in that episode… I’m really expecting silly cowboys for like the middle half of the episode, with the first quarter for reconciliation and getting onto the job, and the last quarter or five minutes for shit to completely hit the fan in some way, probably about Jack, and probably involving Cas since he’s specifically not mentioned in the episode descriptions *even though they just got him back*. 

I’m not worried or wanky about this, I’m just bracing myself for the next round of drama and what its subject will be. If Cas is fine and hanging out with the Winchesters still for 2 episodes and it was redacted spoilers for the sake of 13x05′s last 5 minutes that’s awesome :P But it sounds like time to brace yourself not to expect everything to be fluffy or resolved, either with plot stuff, or emotional arcs. We’re only 5 episodes in so the drama needs to keep on happening, and there’s no way Dean and Cas can or should overcome their arcs about their depression when it’s been set up so interestingly, just because they’re hanging out again.

But it WILL make them feel a lot better in the short term. :D I’m really excited for what they WILL say to each other, I just feel like in some ways we’re really starting to put the cart before the horse on identifying what stories are being told and what moments are being offered to tell them, and assuming the stories are over just because something really dramatic happened. I’m seeing it a lot with all sorts of thematic threads, that just because they’re becoming obvious or surface level or have had a really dramatic moment all about them, they’re being wrapped up as we speak. Instead I think it’s got to all be set up for the rest of the season, where this is all important stuff to know, but the real work hasn’t even begun yet :P

Yana’s favorite tropes

Today I feel like adressing one of the most popular topics in the Kuroshitsuji fandom, the BL subtext. The male on male fanservice has always been prominent in the series, has stirred up controversy, attracted many. annoyed some, and even spawned a funny rumor that the manga was supposed to be a yaoi one. The last statement, which has aready been proved false, has it’s roots in the author’s past as a yaoi artist and the shota BL works that she published under her pen name Yanao Rock. For this post I decided to read one of those works, Glamorous Lip, a one-shot consisting in six different short stories, and take note of the similarities with Yana’s current and most prominent work, Kuroshitsuji

First I want to note that with these observations I am not trying to prove a point or encourage any particular view of the manga, I simply thought that getting to know the author’s tastes might help to make future predictions on the current storyline. 

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Jon, Looking Back, and “The Wars to Come”

So I have gotten close to ten asks since the episode about how either the Jon/Dany goodbye was “cold” or asking my opinion on why Jon “doesn’t look back” at Dany. So I’d like to address this and just give my two cents on their relationship development in 7.05 and the meaning/significance of their last words to each other on the beach. This is huge so I put it under a cut!

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Maybe It’s Fate (Chapter 1)

pairing: Young Leonardo DiCaprio x reader

summary: There aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to meet kids your age as a teen in Los Angeles unless you go to their school, so you go to organized dances with your best friend every month. Over a year after going to your first dance, your friend was losing interest in the dances because you still hadn’t met anybody interesting. Not until a young actor catches your eye. 

warnings: i think i used a couple swear words, teenagers?

words: 4720

a/n: alright, so this is part one to that multipart slow burn teen leo fic i’ve been talking about! It’s like young leo in the modern day, it’s a bit weird with that but it’ll work. This is pretty much the exact story of how I met my boyfriend, and i plan on keeping things that way. we just aren’t in LA and he’s not an actor, I just had to adjust some things for the fic to work. this is just my way of keeping track of how things go with the two of us without being terribly obnoxious.

please please, PLEASE leave feedback, it would mean the absolute world to me!! 

Also, thank you @secretschuylersister and @icanneverbesatisfied for reading it over for me and just being fantastic people as always! 

“Do I really have to go with you? I don’t even like baseball. Or any sports for that matter!” A voice called out from across your suburban home as you straightened out your black skinny jeans.

“Olivia, you’re my ride to the dance. You can’t just ditch me an hour before it starts. You’re also my best friend which means you’re supposed to weed out any weirdos that I dance with.”

Your friend tried to stay straight-faced through her disappointment, but your words had her chuckling under her breath. This was a monthly occurrence with Olivia since you didn’t drive yet and your mom knew about every dance for high school aged kids in Hollywood, so you knew she wouldn’t actually ditch you.

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my friend told me the E version photoshoot makes them look like pokemon gym leaders and now i can’t get it out of my head so i wrote a bulletpoint list as to what type of leader i think each person would be!!!


NAMJOON - electric type specialist

  • namjoon is the first gym leader you have to face when you set out on your journey. you’re hesitant at first when you were starting out because your parents were well-known trainers back in the day, so you were scared that you wouldn’t match up to their reputations. however, meeting namjoon was a breath of fresh air because he held no expectations of you whatsoever. coming from an elite family of pokemon trainers himself, he was able to relate to your self-doubt and encouraged you instead to go on your own path to self-discovery
  • (that “encouragement” just so happened to be an hour long sermon, so you weren’t really sure exactly what he said after the 20 minute mark, but you assumed it was something along those lines)
  • you come back the next day hoping to battle him immediately, but like all gyms, his was designed as a puzzle.
  • “All trainers think that all it takes is power and experience to become the greatest out there. What they tend to forget is that intelligence and strategy are just as important!”
  • H O L Y SHIT was this dude a fucking sadist or something because his gym was a fucking MAZE
  • you were essentially stuck in the dark, maneuvering your way blindly while stumbling across trainers to boot. the place was filled with doors and hallways, each room only accessible after solving a riddle or trivia about pokemon
  • after much stumbling and a lot of bullshitting your way through the answers, you eventually find your way to namjoon
  • “Ah, so you made it! You were definitely much faster than (rival’s name). I’m excited to see how well you do!”
  • despite being generally nice and supportive, he definitely did not go easy on you during your battle
  • “What? Do you expect me to be the easiest gym leader just because I’m your first official battle? Not a chance, darling!”
  • suffice to say, you almost got smote out of the sky by his powerful raichu, whom you thought you could have easily defeated with your ground type pokemon
  • electric types have very little weaknesses (read: only two) so Namjoon is pretty much an expert when it comes to dealing with those weaknesses. 
  • you got a ground type? bitch, he has pikachu that knows how to use SURF
  • “Holy shit? I thought surfing pikachu was a myth!”
  • “The only thing mythical about my pikachu is that it’s about to pound you to dust!”
  • In the end, however, you were able to defeat him (although, you might have had to rechallenge him a few times. But you got there eventually)
  • “Wow. It feels just like yesterday that we just met. I’m sure that I will be hearing more great things about you in the future. I’m already excited to see how much you will grow! ‘til our next battle!”
  • ((he ends up climbing the ranks and joins the elite four. so that next battle comes sooner than you could have imagined!))

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Dressed like a daydream

Characters: Hoseok & OC

Setting: Royalty au, Cinderella au

Genre: adventure, fluff, romance, humour

Words: 10354

Prompt: Cinderella did not come to the party to enjoy it, but is instead an assassin tasked to kill the prince. (cr.) / I  snuck into the castle to kill you, but wow you’re good with a sword, and I quite like your eyes…

Summary: When the Crown Princess’ best friend agrees to go to the ball instead of her, to kill Prince Hoseok and save her from an arranged marriage, that’s definitely not how she planned this.

Written for @bangtan-bookclub’s May Theme Challenge: Royalty AU

For the sake of the story let’s just accept that all the big Korean cities are autonomous kingdoms, Incheon people are famous for their blonde hair, their style is similar to Disney royalties instead of traditional Korean dressing and wars, assassins, arrange marriages are common things.

Each part’s title is lyrics of Blood, sweat and tears.

For more fairytale aus, check my Once upon a fairytale masterpost.

Originally posted by sugamysavagebaby

The Royal Family of Gwangju invites you to the Annual Masquerade Ball in celebration of the Prince’s birthday.

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No Time Like the Present

Emma found a nice little clearing with a comfortably looking bed of moss underneath a tree. The feeling of seclusion was almost cosy, like this little space was magically protected from the rest of Neverland and all of the dangerous crap it hosted. Just to be sure, she still checked for dreamshade, but there was none in sight.

She plopped down on the moss and sighed. Alone with her thoughts at last.

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The Secret History quotes
  • “We think we have many desires, but in fact, we have only one. What is it?” …  “To live,” said Camilla. “To live forever.” 
  • I liked the idea of living in a city — any city, especially a strange one — liked the thought of traffic and crowds, of working in a bookstore, waiting tables in a coffee shop, who knew what kind of solitary life I might slip into? Meals alone, walking the dogs in the evenings; and nobody knowing who I was.
  • Forgive me, for all the things I did but mostly for the ones that I did not.
  • “In short: I felt my existence was tainted, in some subtle but essential way.” 
  • “It is easy to see things in retrospect. But I was ignorant then of everything but my own happiness, and I don’t know what else to say except that life itself seemed very magical in those days: a web of symbol, coincidence, premonition, omen. Everything, somehow, fit together; some sly and benevolent Providence was revealing itself by degrees and I felt myself trembling on the brink of a fabulous discovery, as though any morning it was all going to come together–my future, my past, the whole of my life–and I was going to sit up in bed like a thunderbolt and say oh! oh! oh!
  • “I suppose at one time in my life I might have had any number of stories, but now there is no other. This is the only story I will ever be able to tell.
  • That’s why he’s attracted to the Classics, and particularly to the Greeks — all those high, cold ideas of beauty and perfection.
  • Does such a thing as “the fatal flaw”, that showy dark crack running down the middle of a life, exist outside literature? I used to think it didn’t. Now I think it does. And I think that mine is this: a morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs.
  • “Why does that obstinate little voice in our heads torment us so? Could it be because it reminds us that we are alive, of our mortality, of our individual souls- which, after all, we are too afraid to surrender but yet make us feel more miserable than any other thing? But isn’t it also pain that often makes us most aware of self? It is a terrible thing to learn as a child that one is a being separate from the world, that no one and no thing hurts along with one’s burned tongues and skinned knees, that one’s aches and pains are all one’s own. Even more terrible, as we grow old, to learn that no person, no matter how beloved, can ever truly understand us. Our own selves make us most unhappy, and that’s why we’re so anxious to lose them, don’t you think?”
  • “After all, the appeal to stop being yourself, even for a little while, is very great.” 
  • But though I can digress with the best of them, I am nothing in my soul if not obsessive.
  • “Are you happy here?“ I said at last. He considered this for a moment. "Not particularly,” he said. “But you’re not very happy where you are, either.”
  • “Any action, in the fullness of time, sinks to nothingness.” 
  • In this swarm of cigarettes and dark sophistication, they appeared here and there like figures from an allegory; or long-dead celebrants from some forgotten garden party.
  • What are the dead, anyway, but waves and energy? Light shining from a dead star?
  • “But how,” said Charles, who was close to tears, “how can you possibly justify cold-blooded murder?” Henry lit a cigarette. “I prefer to think of it,” he had said, “as redistribution of matter.
  • A light that made me think of long hours in dusty libraries, and old books, and silence.
  • “Years ago, in an old notebook, I wrote: "One of Julian’s most attractive qualities is his inability to see anyone, or anything, in its true light.” And under it, in a different ink, “maybe one of my most attractive qualities, as well(?)" 
  • That was a cozy night, a happy night; lamps lit, sparkle of glasses, rain falling heavy on the roof. Outside, the treetops tumbled and tossed, with a foamy whoosh like club soda bubbling up in the glass. The windows were open and a damp cool breeze swirled through the curtains, bewitchingly wild and sweet.
  • Maybe that’s why I tend to equate physical beauty with qualities with which it has absolutely nothing to do. I see a pretty mouth or a moody pair of eyes and imagine all sorts of deep affinities, private kinships.

This is actually one of my favorite fucking books ever. The aesthetic … the characters … the writing … the themes. I’ll be recommending it until someone finally kills me.

Sam & his view of Dean

I’ve been having some thoughts and conversations about Sam’s view of Dean recently with Dean’s facade coming heavily into play in the narrative this season and thinking back over the seasons and some of my struggles with how I have perceived Sam in the past. 

I feel like this season is addressing this head on and I applaud this, it’s actually very refreshing and freeing to not have to keep my negative thoughts on some of Sam’s behaviour to myself as it’s clear that this is how it was supposed to be perceived as it is now brought to the forefront of the story in order to be overturned as Sam is led to realise some things…

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Continuing under the cut as this post got a long longer than I intended…

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Happy New Year!

“Stop moping, just because your boyfriend isn’t here,” Kyo teases.

“I’m not!” Furihata denies instantly, but privately, he admits he has been moping. He really wanted Akashi here for the start of the new year.

It hadn’t even occurred to him that he wouldn’t be spending new year’s eve with his boyfriend. But Akashi said his father was hosting a business party and that it was very important that he attend. Furihata would have gone to Kyoto, if Akashi had asked, but Akashi had rather pointedly not invited Furihata to attend. (Furihata is slowly gathering that Akashi does not want his father to meet Furihata. Furihata doesn’t quite understand it, but he respects his boyfriend’s wishes.)

So now he’s in his house. Moping.

“No moping on the new year, Kouki,” his mother says. “This should be a time of joy.”

“I’m joyful, I’m plenty joyful,” Furihata mutters, but inwardly, he continues to sulk.

The doorbell rings, and his mother tells him to answer the door. He sighs (unnecessarily dramatic) and obeys—

Only to see his boyfriend, standing in his door, wearing a tuxedo.

“Akashi!” Furihata cries.

“Hello, Furihata,” Akashi says, breaking out in a smile. “I am glad I made it in time.”

“Did you take the helicopter again? The neighbors are starting to complain—”

Akashi steps forward and presses his lips against Furihata’s. “Let them complain,” he says when he breaks apart.

“Didn’t you have a business party?” Furihata asks, feeling warm and dizzy with happiness.

“I did,” Akashi says, “I left. I hadn’t realized—it is a human thing, yes? Tradition. Spending New Year’s Eve with your loved ones.”

“Yes, but,” Furihata blushes, “I understood, if you wanted to spend it with your father—”

“No, I am quite happier spending it with you,” Akashi reassures.

Later, when they’re watching the first sunrise again, Furihata manages to say shyly, “It’s just—the first day is supposed to represent the rest of the year. And I want to spend the rest of this year with you.”

Akashi squeezes his hand and then kisses him again, and Furihata doesn’t need any more confirmation than this about how Akashi wants to spend the rest of this year.


A/N: Happy New Year, everyone!! I am finishing up the last of my indulgent-holiday themed short fic. I am determined to make 2018 a good year, filled with lots of writing and reading and good cheer. Here’s to an amazing year for us all, with love, success, good health, and peace.

anonymous asked:

I'm too shy to come out of anonymous... but how did you start your studyblr?? It looks so professional!

hey anon! dw, jo here has got your back! B )
     (& don’t be shy, anon! feel free message me or de-anon and tell me to answer privately if you have any questions or just want to talk!)

onto your question, personally, I kind of tripped into the studyblr community one day and simply put, fell in love. So I decided to start my own studyblr as means to motivate myself, but only started working on it about three weeks ish ago? anddd the rest, they say, is history.

WARNING: A LONG POST BC JO TENDS TO GO OVERBOARD (and i probably forgot something even tho there’s this huge post but whatever oops)

but hey! i’m sure my blabbering wasn’t quite what you’re looking for, so
here’s what I’d recommend if you’re looking to start or spice up your studyblr!!

  1. find a nice theme: I find that if you can find nice, clean, simplistic (but cute and aesthetically pleasing) themes, you’re well onto your way to becoming a v nice studyblr. but still, you don’t need a theme to be a good studyblr!
    here are a few blogs that make really nice themes you can look at!
    1. shythemes - is where I got my theme. Shythemes has very simplistic, clean type themes that I really like. These themes look crisp and neat and a sort of minimalist feel.
    2. ciralismthemes - has a cute, magazine/website layout (??) type theme. Cute and clean type of theme, ciralismthemes almost seems to build a little personalized "theme” within a blog. lots of choices, each theme different and unique.
    3. micaelis - has cute, tidy themes. ‘Mediocre’ is the theme that some studyblrs seem to favor, is compact and has lots of options and things, has other themes anime-related.
    4. zenthemes - zenthemes has clean, neat, minimalist themes. loads of options, all free. take a look around and choose as you like!
    5. tumblr’s themes - tumblr has loads of free themes all ready to go, you can pick and choose whichever theme you think you like!
  2. customized backgrounds/icons: let me say this first. you do not need to have all these “pretty, cute, aesthetic, personalized items” to be a great and amazing studyblr. you don’t. but I do suppose that it makes your blog look better strictly-aesthetic wise? I’m not saying you need perfect themes and great everythings to be a good studyblr, but this is something that people seem to like, if you get what I mean.
    but here are a few things you can do
    1. on your desktop - you can do a few things with your desktop theme and stuff
      1. find nice background wallpaper - choose a wallpaper! i don’t recommend complicated backgrounds or pictures as your wallpaper, because it can make your blog look messy and hard to look at. instead, choose pastel colors or solid colors with a simple pattern (like with gridded lines or dashed lines, maybe). 
        you can also put random things on your wallpaper to customize it. I put a border with my url on it, but you can do a lot more, like add pictures of people, flower petals, stars, anything! to do that, you can use photoshop (software) or picmonkey, etc. (online photo editors) to edit.
        the usual size for wallpaper is 1920 x 1080 btw!
      2. don’t clutter - make sure your blog doesn’t look to cluttered, i guess? remember KISS (keep it simple, stupid).
    2. on mobile - just like desktop view, you can pretty up your mobile look
      1. make a header - you can either make your own personalized header (like I did for my mobile theme) that fits with your desktop (or doesn’t) or you can put nice, pretty pictures as your header.
    3. make an icon - icons are like, super important. to me, at least. so try and make or find a good icon!
      1. letter/url icon - you can make an icon by putting the initials of your url or your entire url into the icon and setting a (most often pastel) solid color as the bg. it’s pretty popular and what my icon is. you can also add things that represent your url to the icon.
      2. photo icon - set a nice photo as your icon. i don’t think there’s much to say about this type of icon.
      3. selfieeeee - you can set yourself as your icon! only if you want to though (though i’m 100% you’re super handsome/pretty, i know it ;) )
  3. URL making - you can make up anything for your url!
    1. i’d recommend you add something related to studying or academics so that people know that you’re a studyblr, but you don’t have to!
    2. most often, people find good urls by either doing
      1. favorite object/thing/color/anything + study/studies or
      2. studywith + name
      3. name + studies/studying 
  4. Original Content - make original posts! here’s the thing, i’ll be honest with you. if you have good lighting, nice notes, nice filters, etc., your stuff is more likely to get noticed. but they don’t have to be. the only step is that you post stuff! don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a lot of notes because you aren’t defined by notes. just post photos (if you need motivation, try doing the 100 days of productivity challenge), make your own masterposts, write about things, make a advice/tip list, etc. do anything! 
  5. Signal Boost - related to original content! when you make your own posts or whatever, you can tag people! put their urls or whatever tag they track in your tags because then studyblrs will see your posts! the studyblr community is a great and friendly place, we won’t ignore you or your posts (promise) unless we don’t see it on accident! people do it, and if you don’t feel comfortable tagging studyblrs you look up to or just studyblrs in general, tag me! i’ll def reblog and boost your stuff, so feel free to tag me (and it’s ok to tag other studyblrs in your posts, honestly!) and if you have any mutuals, tag them too!
  6. Intro Post - oh gosh, the intro post is like, the most important thing ever. you should make an introduction post, introducing yourself to the community! in general, the formula for an intro post is your name, age, what you’re interested in, etc. etc. and tagging studyblrs that have inspired you or helped you make a studyblr. It took me a month to get around to this, but ohhh boy, can I tell you what a difference it made. It’s important to show yourself to the community, so do this!!
  7. Get Talking & Be Nice - not like you aren’t nice, but be friendly and outgoing and nice and kind to people in general and you’re gonna get far in both the studyblr community and in real life. and you should talk to people! reach out! find new studyblrs or talk to studyblrs that you look up to, etc and message them / send them an ask (like you did me!) this gets you far, youngun, trust me <3
    1. Communities - also, you can join communities and other study groups to get connected. 
  8. Reblog - reblog posts and stuff that you like and you’ll get nice content filling up your blog in no time. also, the queue is your best friend if you’re pressed for time. 
  9. Extra things - extra things idk where to put
    1. nice things - you can buy nice things to treat yourself. buy stationery, paper, just nice things to treat yoself. they look really nice btw and yes just do it. 
      1. stores -  you can buy things at stores like muji, kikki.k, tokyo pen shop
      2. brands- that are really nice include pilot, uniball, sharpie, copic markers, etc
    2. apps/extensions - apps and stuff people use
      1. Focus Now/Forest - keeps you on focus by having you put your phone away. you either kill or grow a tree for a certain time you don’t use your phone. (extension for chrome: Forest)
      2. Leoh - chrome extension that opens on a new tab. includes to do list, time, goal for the day, news, weather, etc.
      3. Momentum - the typical studyblr extension, gives time and sets goal for the day
      4. - alternative to Momentum, gives time, has a built-in pomodoro timer, and a lot of lists and stuff to keep track of things.
      5. Flashcards+ - helps you study by opening a new tab and having you do flashcards.
      6. OneTab - a super lifesaver. Onetab collects all the tabs you might’ve had open and saves it so you can go right back to here you were last time if you need to close your laptop, etc.
      7. Pomodoro Timer - sets a 25 min timer to have you do things and keep you on track, etc. 
    3. Bullet Journal - keep a bullet journal! A bullet journal is a sort of to do list, note, journal, and everything else mashed into one. Lots of studyblrs and other people use bujos. You can search reach the official bullet journal website or look on tumblr to see more about bujos. 
  10. I don’t know what else, but if you have any more questions or if I didn’t answer your question properly, contact me again, anon! (If you were referring to my wallpaper and icon looking professional, I made them myself and you should contact me if you’re looking for stuff like that!) 

Other (great and quite possibly better than my hastily written answer) New Studyblr Posts:

also, some great studyblrs you should follow just to get you on your feet, etc: 
@standardunistudent @succulentstudy @hope-studies @studyign @studybuzz @studyblr-bri @haleystudies @hayley-studies @academla @sirenastudies @studylikeslytherin @studytildawn @elkstudies @studycxlture @study-well @studylou @katsdesk @studyvet @the-brightest-witch-studies @studyandblacktea @green-tea-and-studying @emmastudies @milkystudies +  hella lotta more lovely people

i hope this helped, anon! feel free to come and talk to me whenever xoxo


Kat's Dream - Analysis of a Scene

(Mildish spoilers, mainly vague references to the final case. I use LMJ to refer to the new series as a whole, MC for the game itself, Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy.)

I want to talk about the opening of MC, because not only is it one of my favorite cutscenes in the game, it serves as a striking contrast to MC at large. I find it an intriguing addition that hints at the unfolding of a larger story, one that, if the title is any indication, could shape up to be the new series’ driving force. Buckle down for a long post that often segues into review of the game as a whole.

Keep reading

No One Knows Part 3

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual themes, cuddling

A/N: This is shorter than I had hoped but it was 1 am when I finished it so…



Part 1, Part 2

Originally posted by danniejgrayson

Two more weeks went by before she saw Eggsy again. It wasn’t because she needed a babysitter, but there was some men causing a bit of a ruckus out in the performance areas, grabbing the dancers and being obnoxious. Even the bouncer hadn’t been able to get them to stop. There was too many to throw them out and they were harassing the other patrons now. Y/N had moved to the back to get her phone out and the note Eggsy had left her. First she called his phone, but he didn’t pick up. She wasn’t sure if he was asleep or not, but he wasn’t a very heavy sleeper to begin with. She dialed the next number that he had written down, staring down at the little phrase to say when they asked.

“Customer complaints. How may I help you?” a woman’s voice said through the phone. Y/N gulped.

“Um… My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N, I was told to call this number in case of emergency by a friend. I’m uh… There’s these guys at the club I work at harassing everyone and-”

“Sorry, ma’am. Wrong number,” the voice interrupted.

“Wait, wait!… um… Oxfords not brogues?” she said once the line went quiet. It stayed silent for about a minute.

“Your complaint has been duly noted and we hope we have not lost you as a loyal customer.” Then the line went dead. She stood there for a few minutes, trying to calm herself enough to go back out there. Once she did, what she was not expecting was to see Roxy there, in her very fancy pressed suit and two other people dressed the same. Neither of the other two were Eggsy, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t glad to see them.

Roxy ran up to her as soon as she saw her, wrapping her up in her suit jacket. The men were being escorted out in what looked like handcuffs while the bouncer waved to them smugly.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Roxy asked, looking her over. Y/N nodded, sighing gratefully. She wasn’t expecting much out of that phone call, but it had somehow brought Roxy here.

“What… How did you get here? What are you doing here?” She asked, looking Roxy over.

“Well, that’s not something I’m allowed to talk about, but let’s say that we aren’t only tailors where we work. We technically are private security,” Roxy replied. She lead Y/N outside to get some air while the men are hauled into a cop car before she looks at the young mother.

“So… Eggsy does this too?” Y/N asked, pulling the suit jacket tighter around her. Roxy nodded, giving Y/N a small smile.

“We all do this. It’s a pretty big private security company,” Roxy explained.

“So… why isn’t Eggsy here?” she asked.

“Oh, Eggsy actually stayed with Tilde in Sweden this last week. He was supposed to be back last week,” Roxy stated, though she didn’t sound too happy about it. Y/N tilted her head at Roxy curiously.

“Oh, I guess that’s why he didn’t answer when I called,” she said, pulling out the phone.

“You called him?” Roxy asked, eyebrows raised in surprise. Y/N nodded, confused. “Oh, you might get him in trouble with Tilde.”

“What do you mean?” She asked quietly.

“Tilde doesn’t like women calling him. I’m not even allowed to call him. I have to have Merlin call him,” Roxy replied. Y/N bit her lip, hoping she hadn’t gotten Eggsy in trouble. Her boss poked his head out the door.

“Y/N/N, I need you back in here please.” She handed the jacket back to Roxy and gave her a hug before turning around and going back into the club. She only had two hours of work left, so when she finally got home, she was exhausted. Y/N made it to her bed, but not willing to change out of her work outfit.  

The only thing that woke her was gentle knocking on her bedroom door. She sat up confused. Noticing her outfit, she quickly changed into her pajamas before opening the door. Her mother was standing in the doorway looking very uncomfortable. Y/N looked her mother up and down, confused.


“Eggsy’s here… He said he wanted to see you,” She said, clearly uncomfortable. Y/N groaned and wandered out to the living room to see Bean showing Eggsy his school work. Eggsy was smiling at him with pride in his eyes. He was wearing that suit again and those eye glasses.

“Look at you. You’re so smart yeah? A real genius,” Eggsy said, looking over the homework. He looked up when Y/N sat next to him on the couch, her make up from work still on and slightly smudged from her sleeping. Bean took this opportunity to crawl into her lap. She rested her head on her son’s, wrapping him up in her arms. She closed her eyes tiredly.

:Mum… don’t fall asleep. Mr. Eggsy’s here,” Her son said, squirming. She just hummed and pulled her knees up, trapping him. She didn’t see her mum enter the room again, Eggsy did.

“You called last night. Sorry, I couldn’t get here in time to help,” Eggsy said, nudging her until she opened her eyes.

“It’s okay, Eggsy. Roxy was there. Plus she told me you were with Tilde. I hope I didn’t get you in trouble,” She said, stroking Bean’s hair. Bean squirmed until she let him go and he slid out of her arms. He ran to his room to get ready for school, Y/N watching him leave. She turned back to Eggsy who was smiling at her.

“You get me in trouble? Never.” She rolled her eyes and got up to get herself some coffee. Eggsy stood and followed her.

“You want some?” She asked as she poured herself a mug. Eggsy shook his head, pulling out one of the dining room chairs to sit on. She joined him at the table.

“Are you okay? Roxy told me there were some guys harassing people at your job,” He said, crossing his arms. She nodded as she sipped her coffee.

“Yeah. They groped a few people and were causing a big disturbance. It’s against company policy to touch, so the manager will file it to the owner, who will most likely sue them.”

“Did you get groped?” He asked, looking concerned. She debated on whether or not to tell him the truth.

“No, they weren’t in my area. They would have gotten punched,” she said truthfully, sipping her coffee again. Eggsy chuckled, shaking his head. They sat in silence for a couple minutes, him just watching her as if she wasn’t actually real. It had been so long since he saw her. Maybe he could take her out after she dropped her son off at school.

“What time does Bean go to school?” he asked.

“He’s got twenty minutes to get ready. Takes an hour to walk there,” she replied softly.

“I got my car. We can take him to school that way. Maybe we could catch a movie?” he asked, leaning his crossed arms on the table with a hopeful look in his eyes. Y/N set her mug down to stare at him.

“What is with you Kingsman Tailor’s with wanting to treat me to things?” She laughed softly, shaking her head.

“What do you mean?” he asked, smirk tugging at his lips.

“I mean, Roxy took me to lunch a little while ago and now you want to go see a movie. She didn’t let me pay, and I know you. You definitely won’t let me pay. It’s like you both enjoy paying for things,” Y/N laughed again, running her thumb over the mug.

“Well, maybe we just know when someone deserves to be treated,” He retorted. Bean wandered into the kitchen with her mum behind him. Her mum didn’t seem too excited at seeing Eggsy, but she also didn’t say anything because she didn’t know what to say. Bean slipped himself into Eggsy’s lap this time, who was all top happy to bounce the boy on his knee.

“Mummy, is Eggsy going to babysit me again?” Bean asked. Eggsy looked at Y/N hopefully. She smiled at her son, but her eyes flicked to the man holding him.

“Maybe. If he isn’t busy,” She said. Eggsy grinned at her before looking down at Bean.

“Not all the time,” The man responded. Bean smiled happily before sliding away from Eggsy and tugging on his mum’s elbow.

“It’s time for school,” he said, little hands holding on to her arm. She stood up and looked at Eggsy expectantly. He stood as well, grabbing the boy’s backpack and leading the way out to his car. Bean held Eggsy’s hand while he walked, but Y/N stayed behind to tell her mum that she was okay to leave. She made it down to his car a little while after them and sat in the front seat. Eggsy already had the car started and was ready to go with her son buckled into the back. The drive to the school was quiet despite her giving him directions on where to go. When they got there, she got out to walk Bean to class. Eggsy exited the car to follow, hands in his super expensive suit pockets. She looked at him surprised. Bean grabbed her hand like he always did.

“You’re… coming with?” She asked. Eggsy shrugged.

“Waiting in the car would be boring,” He said, taking Bean’s other hand. She slowly lead the way to the classroom, thinking way too much about how he probably looked like Bean’s father. Not that he wasn’t. But was this how it was to be if she had told him so long ago that he had gotten her pregnant? She wanted to cry. This was too much. Eggsy didn’t seem to notice though.

Y/N bent down to give Bean a tight hug and a ton of cheek kisses as a way to say goodbye to him. Eggsy ruffled the boy’s hair and waved when Bean walked into his classroom. They walked back to his car quietly as Y/N thought about telling him that Bean was actually his son.

“Let’s get you home so you can change,” he said, startling her. She looked confused for a moment before she remembered what he was talking about.

“Oh right. The movie. Yeah, let’s do that,” she responded, getting in the car after he opened the door for her. She yawned and sunk in her seat while he drove her home.

“We don’t have to go to the movies if you don’t want to,” he said when they pulled up. She unbuckled and looked at him.

“A nap would be nice first,” she said, offering a smile. He smiled back before grabbing a bag from the backseat.

“Alright well then I’m gonna join you in the nap. I was on a plane since you called the complaint line,” Eggsy said, getting out of the car. She followed him and was glad to see her mum had left. She went to her room to take her makeup off and went back into the living room.

She wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t think she would ever see him in a T-shirt and pajama pants ever again. Yet here he was, lounging on her couch without leaving her room. Eggsy looked up at her before moving over, despite the fact that he was a broad human being. She was going to be crushed against him. With a sigh, she got on the couch and her back was pressed to his chest.

“Been a long time since we cuddled huh?” he asked, voice teasing as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Are you even okay with this? You have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, as long as it doesn’t go much further than this, we’ll be fine.” Y/N rolled her eyes and turned on the TV. Eventually, she drifted off with Eggsy holding her tightly, it almost felt like old times when they were still together.