this was supposed to be for faceless

half the american gods tag is shipping mad sweeney and laura moon and crying about how sweeney is falling for her (which, to be fair, i expected of fandom)

the other half is mad as all hell that he didn’t just walk off with the coin, thinks it was a stupid decision, is angry that laura wasn’t just dead and off the show with that moment (which, to be fair, i also expected of fandom)

but it’s so much more complicated than that? laura moon is supposed to be at least sort of disliked, she’s a distinctly amoral character whose depression partially explains (but doesn’t excuse) her behavior, so the divide in fandom between stubbornly stanning for her or stubbornly hating her is typical

but that moment wasn’t about her. that was sweeney’s moment. that was the audience realizing that he’s been riding around with this girl that he killed, that he was only slightly guilty about it before—because it’s easy to shrug off guilt for killing a faceless and adulterous woman and her married lover—but now he knows her, she has a face and a personality and has the capacity for love, and when he finally gets his coin back, he screams and shouts at the sky, asks if he really hasn’t suffered enough and insists that he’s not evil, and he gives up the coin

that was sweeney realizing that shit’s always going to come back to him, that life is cyclical, and he had the opportunity to atone for this sin and didn’t shy away from it, so—probably soon—he’ll be staring in the face of his other sin, his desertion from battle, and he’ll have to atone for that one, too

imo it’s fantastic writing and made his character 100% more likeable than he already was, and pablo does an amazing job bringing it all to life

Prompt: You’re so mean when you talk about yourself.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts

Pairing:  Newt Scamander x reader

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arthureverest  asked:

do u have any autistic Finn headcanons

short answer: yes

long answer:

-knows the stormtrooper rules inside and out and gets Very Anxious when ppl don’t follow them. not in a killing ppl way, just in a ‘u know we aren’t supposed to leave the mess hall for another thirty-eight seconds ur gonna get in so much trouble’

-develops a special interest in the workings of the starkiller base bc it’s So Cool and look at all the things they’re so rad and the nice thing abt stormtroopers being faceless is that more than a few engineers have yet to realize that That One Stormtrooper Who Fixes All Our Problems is fn2187

-finn is literally the Almighty Janitor

-fn2187 echolaled (idk what the verb of echolalia is so i made it up) on the sounds of his letters fitting together long before he met poe

-finn makes Way Too Much eye contact and also tends to stand a bit too close to ppl when he talks and rey picks up the habit from him and so does poe eventually and soon they are an overwhelming, looming trio

-finn flaps with stiff hands, more vibrations of his arms than anything else, or flaps his arms like a bird while he walks

-finn picks up binary incredibly quickly, but no other languages so bb8 translates for him and he translates for bb8

-he is very good at doing voice impressions and sometimes speaks in binary when basic isn’t working for him (his accent is pretty terrible, but only the droids know that and they aren’t telling)

-he and rey train together and then stim together, usually by spinning, supporting each other before they can get too dizzy to stand

-he’s so used to keeping a tight schedule that his internal clock always reminds him when it’s mealtime and he reminds rey bc sometimes she forgets that ‘im hungry’ and ‘i can go eat something’ are related

-he learns how to fly and does it pretty well but he’s always better at being a gunner. it’s two steps: point and shoot, and not a whole lot of precision and calculating, the kind he’s really good at

-he sings almost constantly

-he and poe sing duets almost constantly, or at least hum together

-he rocks with the movement of starships even when he’s on land

-he grew up in a very controlled environment so he’s hypersensitive to most temperature fluctuations but he loves it

-he goes to bed incredibly overstimulated most days, but experiencing a brand new universe is worth it

-there’s only room in the bunks for one person, so poe sleeps on top of him like a big cuddly weighted blanket and it’s the best sleep finn’s ever had

CW: Home of The Mary Sues Ultimate Edition!

This is the ultimate edition of the CW Mary Sues. The Mary Sueness just doesn’t know when to end with these girls do they?

1. Elena Gilbert (aka Black Hole SuePurity SueSympathetic SueFixer Sue)

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2. Lana Lang (aka Sympathetic Sue/ God-Mode Sue/ Black Hole Sue/ Purity Sue)

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3. Hayley Marshall (aka Jerk Sue/ Anti-Sue/ Black Hole Sue/ Fixer Sue)

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I’m going to be Copying and Pasting each and every trope that these 3 posses that make them Mary Sue characters. BTW here’s the link to the site (

Let’s start with Personality:

What personality? In these cases, it’s fairly blatant that the author is just writing the character for amazing stuff to happen to instead of a character that actually exists as a person. Obviously, this is only a Mary Sue trait if what happens gives the character special powers,fantastic romances, or somehow lets her be a big damned heroine ; otherwise it’s just another faceless first-person perspective.

  • The personality of a Mary Sue — if she has one — is not nearly as important as how other characters react to it. No matter how shy or socially awkward Mary Sue is supposed to be, other characters will be drawn to her and inexplicably prefer her company over that of anyone else. All of her ideas are brilliant, all of her jokes are funny, all of her advice is an amazing breakthrough. People will trust her immediately, or very quickly, and feel more comfortable talking to her than to anyone else (even their own family or their significant other), even if she hasn’t done or said anything to make them feel that way about her.
  • If another character doesn’t feel this way about Mary Sue, it’s usually to portray them as either bad or just an idiot.
  • Mary Sue doesn’t have to actually do anything to be considered a good person—she just is good. By extension, anything she does is good, and even when she does nothing she brings more good into the world simply by existing than any other character ever could. Goodness just seems to seep out of her body like radiation.

All 3 of them suffer from bland personalities, and are praised for being brave, amazing, compassionate, etc. Here are some examples:

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  • Highly persuasive, regardless of the actual content of the conversations. Everyone finds her opinions are just better than their own — even when they’re usually stubborn bastards. This is especially likely in an Author Tract.
  • Is either brave and cheerful (despite her pastnot unheard of in real life, but with Sues it tends to come across as Angst? What Angst?) — or unnecessarily mopey and depressed.
  • Friend to All Living Things. It’s becoming gradually less common as authors catch on to the Mary Sue Classicframework.
  • She loves everyone and forgives them all for their imperfections. Plus she is willing to save, protect or risk all for the sake of someone she has met just seconds ago.
  • Occasionally a complete asshole, especially when she’s supposed to be all of the above. Nobody will call her out on her abrasive, casually abusive behavior. Strong badass characters who would normally rip someone’s spleen out for squeezing the toothpaste from the wrong end, are instantly cowed and become meek, spineless Wangst factories as soon as she “puts them in their place.”
  • Full-on Jerk Sues will routinely be flippant, snide, and rude, yet will be treated as a charmingly sarcastic character. They will flout authority as a matter of course and never suffer the consequences. Even if said authority figure is known for a tough stance on disrespect, they will either gamely ignore the Sue’s challenge to their authority, or—worse still—praise her for her “cheekiness” or “boldness.”

Now that (Jerk Sue) applies more to Hayley:

Her “major flaws” will be stubbornness and a bad temper. These will only ever help her, never hurt her — because she’s always right, so whatever cause she dedicates herself to with such stubbornness will be a good cause, and whoever she loses her temper with will deserve it.

  • Sometimes they’ll mess her up once so she can learn an important lesson. And then they’ll help her for the rest of the story.
  • A character who’s described as being blunt to the point of rudeness or tactlessness will be praised for being “refreshingly honest” or for “telling it like it is.” Only the bad guys or other unsympathetic characters will ever say, “What a bitch.”
  • If she has any flaws intentionally written in by the creator, expect them to be Informed or not really flaws to begin with. Bonus points if they’re genuine flaws that would actually be pretty awesome were it not for their drawbacks (e.g. substance abuse, nymphomania, etc.), and of course the drawbacks will never be shown.

This one relates more to Elena when Julie Plec stated that Elena’s only flaw was that “she cared too much.”

Let’s move onto Skills:

I mean… I have to pull up the gifs:

BTW, in one of the gifs Hayley is pregnant and is picking fights with a vampire. Not to mention when she fought Mikael while she was 9 months pregnant. You couldn’t get more Mary Sue than that.

  • Skilled in a type of martial arts in a setting or with a backstory that doesn’t allow for it. Not regularly skilled either; she could kick the ass of the resident ninja of her choice.
  • And with all this — don’t expect the Green-Eyed Monster to show up. Envy appears in the Mary Sue’s life only as a means of angst, and so does not appear just because the Mary Sue has everything.
  • Alternately, anybody who does get jealous is a bitch and is wrong. This is typically a single other character and may be Die for Our Ship or for other reasons. (Caroline jealous of Elena in Season 1, Alicia jealous of Lana in Smallville)

  • Mary Sue always has excellent fashion sense. Even if she’s meant to be a rough-and-tumble Tomboy type who doesn’t care about that sort of thing, she will always look effortlessly beautiful and other characters, often males, will frequently talk about how they like that she isn’t as high maintenance as other girls (if she has a female rival they might mention her specifically).

If anything a Mary Sue typically has a fashion sense of a teenager throwing random things together, but she makes it look sexy or badass. Here are the receipts:

Let’s move onto Physical Appearance:

  • So Beautiful, It’s a Curse. While being attractive isn’t a qualifier of Mary Sue (who wants to be ugly?), it’s a bit excessive to try and play it as being some sort of disadvantage. Alternatively, she may only be Suetiful All Along. In an Anti-Sue, this is reversed into a hideous monster. Regardless, her astounding beauty (or astounding lack of it) will make her stand out from the crowd — or so we’re constantly being told.
  • No matter what she’s been through, Mary Sue will never look ugly. The worst she’ll ever be reduced to is Unkempt Beauty, and even if she is somehow injured and scarred or handicapped, the scar will always be a cool-looking, Bond villain-type scar that serves as more of a decoration than anything else. Plus, when she overcomes the handicap, she will be just as amazing as she was before getting injured (or better).
  • Likewise, if Mary Sue has a birthmark, it will be in a significant shape (heart, half moon, etc.) and never in a place that compromises her beauty. Expect the Mary Sue to think the birthmark makes her unattractive. This will be despite the fact that other characters insist that the birthmark makes her more attractive, especially in comparison to physically flawless characters. (Hayley’s Crescent Moon Birthmark)

Now onto Accessories:

  • Magic jewelry. It might be used as a Green Lantern Ring to justify her abilities. Bonus points if it glows.  (Elena’s vervain necklace created by a witch, Lana’s kryptonite necklace)

Now onto Canon Character Relationships:

Some Wish Fulfillment with a character you think is hot isn’t that bad. But a Mary Sue seems to grab their attention straight away. Even if they already have a stable love interest in canon, that relationship will be treated as either non-existent, or the couple will be split up in some way. (Elena and Stefan were retconned so Damon and Elena could happen, Gia and Elijah were completely ignored so Elijah could go back to pining after Hayley)

  • Bonus points if the love interest stands aside or sacrifices himself/herself so Mary Sue can be happy, or is twisted into a hateful person to justify Mary Sue breaking up the canon couple. (Stefan becoming a ripper/no humanity in Season 3 in order to breakup Stelena)
  • Turns out to be the offspring of a canon character. Made worse if that character would have been too young to have the Mary Sue, is gay/asexual, or perhaps is just physically incapable of it. For added Wangst, it’s the villain.
  • Even the characters who don’t have sex with her give her more heed than they normally would. Characters she likes can’t stop praising her positive traits. Characters she doesn’t like can’t stop making themselves look bad by insulting her. Even if she’s not physically present, that just means everyone can speak “freely” about her. In addition to the previous scenarios, at least one character will confess to being secretly be in love with her. There may be just “something special” about her, with no particular reason why anybody would think that. In the worst-case scenarios, they pay no heed to their own responsibilities or lives, only to Sue
  • .Bonus points: the disliked character behaving badly toward the Sue eventually sees the “error” of his/her ways and grows to love Sue as much as everyone else does.More bonus points: the bad behavior and treatment of the Sue by disliked characters is portrayed as jealousy.
  • Previously-established personalities change in reaction to her. Arrogant gimps may admire her for everything. Sweet, mild-mannered characters (that she and the author don’t like) insult and degrade her. A leader with responsibilities pays attention only to her. Young, reckless characters who would never settle down just yet will become totally reliable. Evil characters follow her around like a puppy or seem uncharacteristically obsessed with her. Extremely competent characters become stumbling buffoons who require her help to do anything. The characters in general just seem unnaturally focused on her, positive or negative.
  • She may have relationships of some kind with multiple major canon characters. For example, she’s the secret daughter of A who gave her up to be adopted by B’s parents, making her his sister, and she goes on to have a passionate affair with C, remaining friendly with him even though she goes on to marry D, and she’s E’s best friend, F’s closest advisor…and so on.

Mary Sues tend to have multiple love interest either currently or pre-season:

Lana and Whitney

Lana and Jason

Lana and Clark

Lana and Lex

Matt and Elena (pre-season, but Matt was still in love with Elena in Season 1)

Stefan and Elena

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Damon and Elena (Bleh!)

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Liam and Elena

Hayley and Klaus

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Hayley and Elijah

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Hayley and Jackson

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All of the men fawn over them.

Now onto Story Elements:

  • Mary Sue is always on the Spotlight-Stealing Squad. Without her, there would not be a story.
  • She’s The Chosen One. Even if the canon hero is already The Chosen One, she either ‘shares’ the position or just steals it away from them.
  • Sympathetic Sue has an unusually Dark and Troubled Past to excess, but other subtypes often have them too, just to emphasize how brave and special she is to live through it. This past is never really a point in the story, just dropped casually into the conversation to get attention. Alternatively it’s written badly owing to not doing much research. How much she Wangsts about it is usually out of proportion with how bad it really is. (Elena and Lana)
  • Redeems the villain through her overwhelming goodness. Might be through Redemption Equals Sex (bonus points if it leads into IKEA Erotica). Even more bonus points if the story decides to mention that this is her loss of virginity. Yet more bonus points if the villain comments on how awesome she is in bed despite said virginity. (Elena and Damon, Hayley being the incubator for Klaus’s redemption) 
  • Is a princess. Everything’s Better with Princesses, after all. Bonus points if she grew up as a peasant (or equivalent social class) and only just discovered this during the story. Of course, in any case, it will be a position of high opulence and little actual responsibility. (Obviously Hayley)
  • Perform a Heroic Sacrifice as a way to prove that she’s Too Good for This Sinful Earth. Bonus points if the story goes out of the way to ensure she doesn’t leave an ugly corpse (whether it be by a method that doesn’t involve external physical damage or by her body not being recovered). More bonus points if it turns out to be a Disney Death. (Elena in Season 2)
  • She will often have a tragic family life. Coming from an abusive background is quite common. Her mother is often either dead or a Wicked Stepmother. In the latter case, she will most likely be in Cinderella Circumstances. Her father is frequently an Overprotective Dad (or in some cases, a Wicked Stepfather). Orphans are also very common, as is Parental Abandonment. (Elena is adopted by her Aunt and Uncle, her biological parents are assholes who want to kill the Salvatore brothers. They eventually end up dead. Lana’s parents die from meteor crash, and it turns out that she is adopted. Hayley’s biological parents are killed by Jackson’s grandfather as a result of a civil war in the Crescent Pack. Her adopted parents kicked her out at 13 when she transformed into a werewolf in front of them)
  • She will often suffer from Special Snowflake Syndrome, having some trait or backstory that sets her apart from her race. 

Now onto Presentation:

  • In visual media, the camera just can’t stop staring at her. Every angle is seen several times and her every action gets a heavy emphasis with close-up shots galore. Other characters don’t get to be in the frame alone if it can be helped.
  • When the character is off-screen, if ever, the other characters are still talking about her, taking it as a chance to speak “honestly” about the new girl. If they like her, they sing her praises; if not, their dislike will be taken as jealousy, as her “haters” will only talk about petty issues (Sue’s background, perceived promiscuity, etc.), and not genuine gripes (massive attention whoring, for starters).
  • She’s the vanishing point - everything revolves around her.

Reading these tropes I can honestly say that Hayley, Elena, and Lana are the poster children of these tropes. Reading all of these tropes I couldn’t help but think about how all 3 of them fit them so well. And that is honestly sad because writers write these characters as if they’re badass, awesome, compassionate, strong, and just want to be loved, and is what girls should look up to. When in reality that is not the case, Mary Sues are misogynistic, anti-feminist, self-insert characters. They are what writers imagine themselves to be, and place themselves into the story making up this character that is so perfect and badass, but has a tragic past. Mary Sues are what girls fantasize what they want to be in their favorite TV shows or movies, and they completely ruin the story. Mary Sues are the reason why people can’t stand watching a certain TV shows at times because they take up all the screen time and everything has to be about them. People say things like “Oh, but she’s the main character so it has to be about her.” when in reality that’s not how being a protagonist works. Yes they are the key center to the story, but you know what makes a good TV show is when they focus on the side characters or the supporting characters. For example True Blood, even though everything was supposed to be about Sookie the show still payed attention to the side characters and as a result people had a reason to sit through Sookie’s bullshit. Because the side characters had the same amount of screen time as her, and at times the show didn’t bring up Sookie at times. You would think she was a side character because the side characters got more attention than her, but nope she wasn’t. Being a protagonist is one thing, a protagonist is key central to the story but they still are no the center of attention or a Mary Sue, but being a Mary Sue is a completely different thing. Being a Mary Sue means you are bland, dull, lifeless. You are so perfect you have all of the guys fawning over you, and you can be a damsel in distress at times but then you become a badass bitch. You have some sort of supernatural lineage, and all of the girls that trash talk you are just jealous and want what you have. Everything revolves around you!

And the CW doesn’t seem to get the message that others are getting…


The first time Lefou feels it, he doesn’t recognize it. It’s tight, twisting and burning in his ribcage. It’s animalistic. It’s wrong, in every sense of the word; yet he cannot expel it- it fights him, ignites him, and he can’t turn back.

He’s thirteen years old. He’s quiet, tight-lipped and teary-eyed. He is jealous.

“Lefou?” Gaston asks. His eyes narrow in a questioning light. It’s beautiful, and it only makes the feeling grow. “You don’t mind do you?”

Lefou shakes his head quickly. His eyes dart from Gaston to the girl standing next to him. The two of them were supposed to have a sleep over tonight. They always did, every Friday night. It’s something Lefou doesn’t particularly look forward to in the way one doesn’t look forward to eating the same thing for breakfast every day. It’s just tradition, it’s almost mundane, it’s nothing special. But the second it’s taken away, it’s everything.

Because now, Gaston wants to go to the movie theater with this girl instead of sleeping over with him.

Gaston shrugs and throws an arm around the girl’s shoulder. The girl laughs daintily with her pretty fingers close to her lips. Lefou wonders if he were as pretty as she was, as dainty and soft, if Gaston might want to see a movie with him instead.

They leave, and Lefou goes home and does his homework in silence, doing all that he can to not think about Gaston and how Gaston was somewhere else with someone that wasn’t him.

The feeling returns frequently after that because Gaston begins to get interested in girls more after that. He goes through skirts like chewing gum. He dates one girl one week and another the next, every other day he has a new flavor, a new brand, a new type. Lefou feels jealous simmering under his skin like a pot of water sitting on a burner. The water doesn’t boil, but it is heating. The danger of a nearing boiling point is imminent, but Lefou walks away from the stove for not. It’s a whiles away, his boiling point, and he doesn’t want to sit around to wait for it.

The second time it really hits him is homecoming when they’re fifteen years old. Gaston and Lefou are sitting next to each other in the cafeteria, eating food and cracking jokes. Lefou feels at home. He feels high. He feels happy.

And then Gaston says, “Who are you asking to homecoming?”

Lefou blinks. “I wasn’t planning on asking anyone.”

Gaston looks at Lefou blankly, as if the idea was unthinkable.

“You have to,” Gaston sputters. “You’re going aren’t you?”

Lefou shrugs. “I thought I’d just go with friends if at all. Dancing, romance, girls,” Lefou gestures without particular direction with his hands, “Not my thing.”

Gaston stares blankly again, like Lefou is speaking another language. And it’s often like that: Lefou leaving Gaston behind with some of his words, some of his ideas or propositions. Gaston lives by a strict path and if anything diverts from that, he can’t understand it. The idea that Lefou wouldn’t be interested in dating every girl like Gaston is- it’s unthinkable to him.

Gaston turns his chin downwards, picks at his food, and then looks back up.

Gaston looks like he’s about to say something, but then he doesn’t.

For a minute, Lefou thinks that he said something wrong. He doesn’t know how. Just because he doesn’t want to date doesn’t mean anything. He just hasn’t met the right girl, right?

Before Lefou can ponder that thought, Gaston starts talking about football season again, about the team and who will win and what plays are the best or the worst. Lefou listens with every fiber of his being. He doesn’t care what Gaston talks about, if only he hears Gaston’s words so tenderly shaped on his lips.

They walk home. They say goodbye. They part ways.

And Lefou spends the night thinking of Gaston dancing in the arms of a faceless, shapeless shadow of a person. With enough time, that person might reveal to be a fantasy of himself in the place of a girl who can be pretty and soft. As time passes, Lefou envies the girls that hold Gaston’s hand and stand close by his side and kiss his cheek.

The pot on the stove heats further. Lefou wakes up one night from a dream where he took Gaston’s hand, pulled him closer by the shirt, and kissed him. He is shaking in bed, panicking about what he’s supposed to do when he sees Gaston the next day in school. Tomorrow is homecoming, and Gaston is going with a girl. A girl who is not Lefou.

In that moment, Lefou feels many things. He feels hurt, sadness, loneliness. He’s fifteen. He’s louder, bolder, and more courageous. But he is still jealous.

And at homecoming when Gaston walks forward as beautiful as he is, gorgeous from head to toe- with a girl hanging off his arm- Lefou presses his lips together. He can’t see them together. He can’t be here.

Gaston catches his eye for half a moment before Lefou runs, hides away in the restroom where the music dulls to a faint echo.

Lefou doesn’t even know why he’s here, what he planned to do or say or even think. How could he think he could endure this?

There are three stalls in the bathroom, but Lefou stands outside them, hands braced on the sink, heaving air in and out of his lungs. He closes his eyes- He feels stupid.

“Lefou?” Gaston is suddenly behind him.

His heart jumps, tight and cold and bursting.

Lefou laughs. He doesn’t know why he laughs, but he does. He looks up, and doesn’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong? Why are you in here?”

Lefou shakes his head. “I don’t know,” he answers honestly, “I want to go home.”

Gaston takes a few steps closer. Lefou is both attracted and repelled- wanting to close the gap between them while simultaneously wanting to run away.

“The dance has barely started-”

“I don’t care!” Lefou bursts. The pot of water, heating on the stove, has reached boiling point. “I don’t want to go back out there and-”

Lefou stops talking, and gestures to Gaston with his hand, sweeping up and down his body.

“-watch you dance with her!”

Gaston says, “I don’t understand.”

Lefou pushes past him. “I know.”

Outside the restroom, the music is deafening. Lefou is walking towards the exit. He doesn’t know why he came in the first place.

Gaston, though, stops him. He takes Lefou by the shoulders, spins him around, and pins him against the lockers. The locks clang and rattle behind his back, digging into his skin. He doesn’t care. All his nerves are ringing and buzzing with activity. He’s completely still.

“I don’t know what you want from me,” Gaston says.

He looks at him, eyes glistening with what neither of them will say. And against Lefou’s better intuition, he leans forward and kisses him.

The world bleeds out of color, out of sight and sound. Gaston’s grip on Lefou slackens in shock, and then his hands move up to Lefou’s hair. They kiss. It’s something extraordinary, marvelous, unprecedented. Lefou could write novels on everything he feels, everything he wants to feel and everything he will feel in the future. With the music booming in the distance, Lefou and Gaston stay in the hallway for a moment more, and forget conventions and everything they’re supposed to be doing.

And anyone would be jealous to have what Gaston and Lefou will have in years to come.

the argument that the souls games should be more accessible or have a difficulty selector is one ive heard a lot and while its not entirely wrong i know for certain the games would losing something by adding it

hidetaka miyazaki, the director of the series has gone on record saying multiple times that the point of the difficulty was never to make a “hard game for hardcore gamers” but instead as an aspect that draws you into the world

the plot of dark souls 1 in a nutshell is that you’re one of maybe hundreds of faceless nobodies attempting to fulfill a prophecy that most people dont even think is real

the very first guy you talk to laughs in your face when he realizes why you’re here and recommends you just give up like he did, because hes seen so many try and fail to be “the chosen one”

if you got dropped into the first level of dark souls or bloodborne and selected Very Easy when you started the game, you’d be slaughtering everything without breaking a sweat

this clashes so heavily with the oppressive feeling the level design and world is supposed to give off 

i understand that more people want to enjoy this series but to people that truly believe its inaccessible to them i implore you to consider that this is nearly everyone’s initial thought

the difficulty of these games was latched onto by the media circa 2011 and the publisher, namco bandai saw it as a great marketing opportunity, which is where the “prepare to die” slogan comes from

its not half as hard as some would like you to believe its a learning curve, and mastering it feels like not only an accomplishment on a personal level, but like a plot point for the games as well

your character, ____ the knight is supposed to be a shitty idiot, nobody believes in you and getting your shit slapped by Zombie Enemy #2 is appropriate and expected

but when ___ the knight kills the taurus demon, the player should feel as proud as the npcs are shocked

what im getting at is that the difficulty in these games is not a gatekeeper, its an aspect of the storytelling and world, and it sounds pretentious i know but without at least some challenge these games would absolutely lose the kick that made them popular

Morgan Rielly - Part Five

I’m so excited for the next part in a few days! Hope you all like it so far. 

I scramble into the car without another thought. The interior is sleek, everything a faceless black from the steering wheel to the floor mats. I eye everything warily until Morgan catches my eye, a smirk meeting me as I look at him.

               “Nice car, huh?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “No? You can walk then…”

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Prompt: There is a glitch in the system and for some reason there is two Komaedas in the NWP, one is from SDR2 and the other is from the SDR2.5. And the two are arguing between each other about talent and hope.

A/N I don’t know who you are anon but I hope you’re prepared for the consequences of your actions. Oh, boy I’m going to have a headache over this.

SDR2 Komaeda vs SDR2.5 Komaeda

This was the showdown nobody asked for.

“Hello, I’m Nagito Komaeda, SHSL Luckster.”

“Hello, I’m Nagito Komaeda, I have the worst luck but it’s no talent.”

Perhaps even worse than the appearance of monokuma was the glitch of having two Nagito Komaeda in the New World Program.

Out of all the possible hurdles to the rehabilitation program, Komaeda’s luck just had to trigger the event with the least likelihood. Even with a program this advanced, it shouldn’t have made such a basic error in creating a double. What’s worse was that the double just had to be an almost polar opposite of the original. And out of all the participants, it just had to be Komaeda.

Both Komaeda’s were unnerved by each other’s presence and in fact, they took it rather calmingly. Contrary to the rest of the class, they took it in stride and resolved at peaceful acquaintances until the matter was resolved. However, that treaty was effectively dissolved once they got to know each other. It wasn’t so much about having a doppleganger but rather the issue that their double had such atrocious values.

“I despise talent. While it’s true that I don’t have any talent, I don’t hate it out of a personal grudge or anything. I just think that the world would be a better place without it.” Komaeda 2.5 discussed with a carefree smile.

“How truly despicable your existence must be to have no talent and therefore, no hope within you. I don’t blame you for having such twisted beliefs. It’s only natural that the worthless would hate those with worth.” Despite the harshness of his words, Komaeda’s smile was light and easy.

“I think that it’s you who is pitiful. Just because you have talent, your ego has inflated so much that you think that that’s all there is to the world. Those who are born with worth are meant to rule over the worthless, is that it? Despite your grand abilities, your worldview is terribly narrow.” Komaeda 2.5’s voice dropped to an ominously low level as he muttered, “I feel so ashamed to share name and face with you.”

“By all means, I’m the one disgusted by your existence!” Komaeda chuckled almost lightheartedly if only his eyes didn’t look so set on killing. “How could worthless trash like you even dare to think outside your unamazing box? Of course, the only reason I can think so highly is because my talent gives me the right to do so.” He narrowed his eyes. “Something you clearly lack. Those born without talent won’t amount to anything, that’s just the way the world works.”

The two engaged in a heated staredown, neither giving way.

“Ordinary untalented people are just stepladders for creating stronger hope. They can be less than that but they can never be anything more. They don’t posess any hope at all and that’s what separates the two of us.” Komaeda almost spat his words in disgust. “You’re hopeless.”

“This is why it’s so bothersome to try and reason with people who have lost reason. Me, hopeless? Take a good look at a mirror. You’re already a lost cause.” Komaeda 2.5 crossed his arms and looked down upon him with pity. “You truly have been blindsided by your talent if you think that that’s all there is to hope. Hey, have you ever heard of that saying? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“I happily accept your acknowledgement of talent as power.” Komaeda laughed for a bit and then paused, expertly holding the conversation in air. “But let me correct you, hope is more than just absolute power.  Hope, in other words, is a proactive will and talent… It’s an absolute “good” that’s brought forth by that!“

"You honestly believe in an "absolute good” how laughable. You place too much faith in this talent of yours. Just because you’re more talented, you think that you’re that better than the rest of us.“ Komaeda 2.5 looked down in contemplation. "Well, I suppose there is some truth in that. Talent is what places people in a hierarchy. The world is unfair because there is an unfair distribution of talent.”

“Hm? It looks like there might be some hope in you after all if you understand that much. But it’s not that remarkable of a hope.” Komaeda leveled a seething glare at him. “Without talent, you’re nothing more than a faceless commoner. The most you can aspire is to become a stepping stone of hope.”

“You’re right. Without talent, I’m at the bottom of the hierarchy. I, along with the rest of the population’s majority, am doomed to become mere stepping stones only. Such a needlessly cruel fate.” Even though Komaeda 2.5 said such despairing words, he hardly looked affected by them. Rather, he even smiled. “From our point of view, doesn’t it make your absolute good look bad?”

The air was thick with tension that neither of them had any plans of cutting, only adding on.

“Without talent, then everyone would be able to lead modest lives and find a modest amount of happiness.” He continued and then in a threatening tone, he added. “Were I able, I would erase all talent from the world.”

“Listen, you are without talent trash. The only reason why I let you talked this much is because I pity you for sharing my face. Well just because I’m hearing you out doesn’t mean I’m actually listening. After all, your words mean nothing without a talent to back you up.” Komaeda loudly proclaimed. “And how do you plan to get rid of talent when you have no talent of your own?”

“I won’t deny that I’m just a regular guy with a bit of bad luck. But even though I don’t have any talent, I don’t see myself losing to you.” Komaeda 2.5 stepped closer, challenging. “I have such terrible luck that I couldn’t possibly hope to defeat you.” He raised his finger and pointed at him with an aim that could kill. “But maybe I can take you out with me.”

“I’d like to see you try. Although I highly doubt that an untalented scum like you could possibly do anything that world-breaking.” Komeada laughed off the threat. “Who knows? Knowing my luck, maybe you’d get lucky instead and achieve your ideal world. That would be absolutely despairing for me.” Komaeda’s smile was twisted at the corners. “Then all I have to do is take all that despair and change it into hope.”

All of this could have been prevented if only Nagito Komaeda’s luck wasn’t so powerful. Now that there were two Komaeda’s, they decided amongst themselves to fight for their own ideals. With talent or without talent. Which one’s beliefs was stronger and would ultimately shape the world after?

This was the showdown nobody asked for but Komaeda was more than willing to fight for.

FE:Fates Plot Hole Collection

I LOVE Fire Emblem Fates, and am totally addicted to its gameplay, but GOOD LORD, the stories are a mess! I understand it’s very hard writing 3 different perspectives to a single conflict, but you don’t get on the dance floor if you’re not prepared to tango, you know??

All of these can and should be treated as spoilers.


  • Dragon veins are just pockets of supernatural dragon energy sprinkled throughout the land? What causes their existence? Are they naturally occurring and replenish/disappear over time?
  • Where has Felicia/Jakob been all that time before they rejoined? Were they off trekking it in the Hoshidan outbacks alone for days/weeks??
  • How did Lilith appear to save Corrin from their free fall? Was she just following them the whole time?
  • Why did Azura have that Dragonstone on her? Does she just bring it everywhere with her? Because there’s no way she could predict Corrin would turn into a dragon today.
  • Why was the Yato buried inside the Dawn Dragon statue? Is this a “Sword-In-The-Stone” thing? You’d think they’d keep it somewhere safely away from the public until the right person comes along.
  • Who put the Yato in the Dawn Dragon statue? Was it Rainbow Sage? WHY?
  • The fact that Corrin being a dragon never plays into the story after chapter 5. There is never a problem that is solved or revelation that is made because Corrin is a dragon.
  • We never learn about the Dawn and Dusk Dragons, just that they eventually each slept with a human and spawned the royal families.
  • How could the entire town be leveled in that explosion - HUNDREDS apparently died - but Mikoto, Corrin and the siblings all survived it, completely untouched?
  • What brought Corrin’s memories back? Azura’s song? What are the limits of the power of her pendant, if any? 


  • That’s cool that Hinoka saw through Zola’s deception, but HOW did she acquire enemy disguises while under close observation and sneak in with the other Nohr soldiers?
  • What was Leo doing in Izumo if the one spearheading the operation was Zola? Was he just checking up on Zola like a quality assurance coordinator?
  • If Lilith can teleport Corrin to the Astral Realm, why can’t she, you know, teleport them straight to Nohr Castle to assassinate Garon?
  • Why did Azura’s song harm Garon during her performance? Their plan was to capture Garon without a fight while he was distracted. If Azura was attacking him with her song, he would know something was up.
  • Why is Corrin not affected by the Forlorn Forest’s swamp? What about being Nohrian makes one immune to disgusting swamps?
  • I love Leo’s convenient one-time teleportation tome. That’s just perfect.
  • What are the Golems? They kind of just appeared and are a thing now? Are their origins the same as the Faceless? No one questions them.
  • How did Takumi communicate information to Iago? Did he sneak out at night and talk to Iago who teleported to the Hoshidan camp? Or does Iago telepathically know everything Takumi knows?
  • Is Azura just ok ignoring Anankos and giving her life fighting Garon? If she dies, any knowledge of the true enemy dies with her???
  • So… is Gunter dead?


  • Why are Hoshidan forces occupying Fort Dragonfall? Hoshido has not shown any signs of invading Nohr yet and the fort is located deep in Nohrian territory. They have no right being there.
  • The fact that Iago obeys Garon at all after his lunatic reasons for making Corrin suffer.
  • Ryoma was apparently given entry to Palace Macarath by Iago in order to capture Corrin. Palace Macarath is Garon’s own personal villa, located close to the Castle Krakenburg. He’d have to be insane to accept such a suicidal offer. How did Iago even contact Ryoma, much less persuade him?
  • How did Elise have a vision of Gunter?
  • In Birthright, Azura had Zola’s magic hide her identity. Are we really to believe Corrin, who knows Azura’s song, appearance and voice, is fooled by a darker costume and veil?
  • Where has Azura been keeping that awesome crystal? It’s unfortunate that it breaks after a single use. Why can’t she find more?
  • When did Azura come to realize Garon is a fake? That implies she had more crystals. What made her even suspect Garon in the first place, and enough to use a precious crystal? WHY CAN’T SHE GET MORE??
  • If Corrin’s policy is to never kill the enemy, why could they not spare the Kitsune?
  • Why did the Kitsune, who instigated the fight, fight until all of them were wiped out? Kaden is a horrible chief.
  • How are the Faceless made? From humans? Or are they gross, magical beings? Who would even support the production of a weapon that can just as easily attack its creators? These are basic questions.
  • After Lilith dies, Corrin and co. can still travel to the Astral realms. ??????
  • Corrin for some reason believes dying will stop evil, possessed Takumi from killing the others.


  • How do characters like Azura and Gunter “sense” Valla soldiers before they even teleport in? Is this just intuition, or an actual skill/innate ability?
  • How is Azura so qualified as a strategist? Is that like a personal hobby of hers? Her brilliant first strategy of attacking Nohr and Hoshido generals is the cause of every problem Corrin has for the rest of the first act, btw.
  • How is the Bottomless Canyon linked with Valla? What makes it so special?
  • Why did Izana’s foresight kill him? We never see any implication or reason that future-sight is dangerous to the user. Even Corrin is baffled.
  • Who is this “ancient god” Izana is always talking to? The Dawn/Dusk Dragons? TIKI? Seriously.
  • Why are Kaden and Keaton both in Cyrkensia? Why are both so irresponsible? THEY ARE CHIEFS OF THEIR WHOLE TRIBES, they can’t be going off on random Invisible Kingdom adventures without notice!
  • Why is Valla so weird with floating islands? Is it just because it’s a different realm or something? I hope that’s not how it’s suppose to be.
  • What even WAS Anthony? Was he a real Valla boy, or an illusion slave of Anankos? How did Anankos turn him into a Faceless if only Nohrian mages can make Faceless?
  • What is the culture of Valla? We never see any citizens (except for Anthony), or any signs of life, really. Why is it worth saving?
  • Azura doesn’t use her pendant in Revelation’s final battle. Is that ironic?
  • Now that Anankos is dead, is it ok to talk about Valla outside of Valla? Or is it still basically Fight Club?

I’m so disappointed in Fates’s story. It really had potential and an amazing premise, and they just flopped it. Everything else was superbly done, especially combat. Clearly, that’s where Intelligent System’s budget and attention was more focused on.

I hope the next FE entry will have a bit more polish put into its story. If they put half of the effort into the plot as they did gameplay mechanics, they would have had a masterpiece, the whole package. Fire Emblem is a series that survived 14 entries because it always improves on its shortcomings, so I hope Intelligent Systems will see that the only flaw left to work on is a flowing, sensible narrative.

Are there actually explanations for these plot holes? Please share them, I very much want to like Fire Emblem Fates in every way possible. Are there any plot holes I missed?

Episode 109 - A Story About Huntokar

I’ve been misspelling her name all this time… damn. Heavy spoilers incoming, probably.

The very concept of them being gods… it’s satisfying, strangely. It doesn’t feel out of place at all.

She created Night Vale. Helped them… So she really was a god to them. I wonder.

Soft, meat crowns, bloodstone circles… A special one.

I wonder who the Faceless Old Woman (who secretly lives in your home) is, then. At the same time? I think we got more than enough information.

Oh shit, the beagle. She knows the fucking beagle. Doesn’t like him of course.

Intentions never matter, indeed.

The planet, lit by no sun… Is it something even more ancient than even Huntokar?

Goodness, so she did that. The Desert Otherworld is the Night Vale that never existed, I suppose.

Still, I don’t think that ALL strangeness of Night Vale can be explained just by-
Well. She did destroy them…

That is an early weather, wth. Has that been almost 20 minutes already?

Gosh the song is good, though. I like it.

The voice actress is great as well. It’s not that easy to play a goddess broken with sorrow.

My… This actually does explain. So much. Everything, really. And yet, it’s satisfying. It doesn’t break anything, as I feared. It’s just.


Many, many events in Night Vale now make sense, and yet they don’t. We got an explanation of everything, yet it makes no difference in the great scheme of things. Only puts the well-needed peace in your heart.

She doesn’t know the men with their crates, that’s good.

And the planet of awesome size, lit by no sun… We still know nothing of that. We may know, one day. Until then.

This was a damn great episode.

What did you think?

anonymous asked:

hi! if you're accepting prompts can you write the boy emperor verse scene where kylo wakes up after he's been shot defending hux a few days before his birthday please?

Yes, little honeydew melon, yes!  This is a sequel to this

Ren could hear before he could see. But he could hear.  

He was alive. He might be nineteen by now. Hey, fuck, he might be twenty by now. He has absolutely no idea how much time has passed. 

The Emperor and his son–Armitage! Armitage was safe, yes, that was the last thing he remembered, he had rescued him. Before Ren had gone sinking off into the darkness, Armitage had said

I love you

And it made him want to jolt, sit up, but his body was too muggy and heavy, unwilling to move, and so he took in a loud harsh breath through his nose and listened. Listened to them–they were arguing, not far away–

“You can’t possibly spend all day and night here waiting around–you’ll be alerted when he’s to be returned to you.”  

“Father, he could have died for me–”

Brendol’s voice was cold and sharp as an icicle. “He is supposed to die for you. That is the reason you have him.”

“You should have given me a trooper, then,” Armitage shouted. “A faceless nothing that I wouldn’t mourn! Instead you let us grow up together–”

“So he would die for you without thinking.”

“And you expect me to not think about it?”

“Armitage, you’re being unreasonable. You ought to be pleased that his devotion to you is so strong–”

Armitage’s shouting drowned out his father’s voice. “Should I treat him like an animal, then? Not show any concern for his safety?”

“Not to the extent he cannot do his job, Armitage!”

“He did his job!”

There was a brittle, frightening silence. Then Armitage spoke again, his voice cracked–

“We grew up together, Father, at your insistence. It is not preventing either of us from doing our duties for me to stay by his side.”

Brendol huffed. “Your weak heart will be the death of you, Armitage.” He sounded like he was crossing the room, moving away. “Do what you will. Your softness is nothing I can correct this late in your life, despite my attempts. He isn’t going to die, from what I’ve been told.”

And then he was gone.

There was another pause, but softer somehow, less tense. Then Ren felt a hand slip around his, and he had to open his eyes, had to–

“Oh! Oh, you’re–”

“What day is it?” Ren whispered, tightening his own grip on Armitage’s hand. 

Armitage squeezed back. “The assassination attempt was five days ago. You turned nineteen already.”

“Lived to see it,” Ren answered, closing his eyes again. It was too hard to keep them open, but he squeezed again to let Armitage know he was still there. Stil with him.

“Thankfully. I worried so much.”

“Not your job,” Ren managed.

Armitage stroked Ren’s hand with his thumb. Even with his eyes closed, Ren could tell that Armitage was smiling. “I’m the Emperor. I can do whatever I want.”

Ren gave a wheezing laugh. “Your father. Not yet.”

Armitage leaned in, conspiratorial. “He’s coming down with something, to tell the truth. He’s still infuriating, but he has less energy to be combative. It’s almost enjoyable.” He laughed, brushed a lock of hair off Ren’s cheek. “But really. I can’t tell you how relieved I am.”

Ren shifted, trying to turn a little bit towards the sound of Armitage’s voice. “Try.”

“Hmmph. I’ll give you your birthday gift, once you’re on your feet.”

“Not now?”

“You can’t use it in bed.”

“Oh? No thanks, then.”

Armitage snorted. “Don’t talk like that way, my father will strangle us both.” But the way he kept holding onto Ren’s hand suggested otherwise. “It’s a speeder, you idiot. I can’t exactly smuggle it in. So get better fast so you can use it.”

“I will. I promise.”

He wanted to ask if Armitage had meant it, when he’d told him he loved him, but he was still so tired and there was so much time, now that he knew he was okay, that he would make it, that he had lived to another year–it had passed him by in his medicated sleep, unnoticed, except no, Armitage had noticed. He had waited and waited for Ren to wake up. 


Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
◊ Summary: He never felt that he would enjoy living again, until he met you.
◊ Genre: angst/fluff
◊ Word Count: 1,205  

A/N: So this was supposed to be a drabble, but it turned out a little too long. I have zero idea where this came from, but I wrote it in an hour, and plus it’s not Jungkook! Finally a little variety to my masterlist.

Vision: an enormous part of almost every person’s life. Without it, everyone you meet is faceless, every sound you hear lacks a source, and every day that goes by only seems to become darker.

Taehyung lost his dignity the day he lost his eye.

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“Lucky me, my latest Tenno kill brought a Helios. Perfect chance for a selfie~” 

Tyl Regor face reveal!

Most of the Grineer are faceless mooks and are literal carbon copies of the same genetic templates used over a dozen decades. But I’m sure months of research on curing genetic decay has done wonders for Tyl’s complexion.

My personal headcanon is that he probably has the least decayed face among the forces, bar the Queens themselves. So I suppose he’s also the most handsome among them? (That may be a stretch…)

dont-offend-the-bees  asked:

i haven't read the salmon of doubt comics yet- what have they done to screw up ken's characterisation?? i don't want anyone messing with my child

oh man. Uh. So like. I can’t actually put it into words? There’s *one* scene with Ken, which is part of the mini-comics (of I think 3 or 4 pages) at the back end of the Bart Curlish issue. It’s supposed to be a ‘lead in’ to who Ken was before meeting Bart. But it’s so… ugh, there’s a strip club and just it’s so exactly what comics would go ‘ooh look dark and brooding he’s drinking and having a bad relationship with a faceless woman’ and just not anything like the Ken we know in the series?

They clearly have no idea how to characterise Ken into an actual person. Bad IDW.

Unprofessional Services: Chapter 2

Read on AO3.
Part 1 here.
Part 3 here.

Summary: Your first meeting with Commander Ren goes just as well as you would have expected. Okay, no, that’s a lie. You expected it to go at least three times better than this.

Words: 2500

Warnings: Kind of angsty maybe?

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: Yay! New chapter up! I want to see if I can do a thing where I publish chapters of my fics alternating weeks. One week, Little Bird, the next, Unprofessional Services. We’ll see! I’m feeling a lot better, recently, but I am starting a second job, so… YEAH!

Anyway, that’s my second chapter! Thanks so much for your feedback on the first one. It made me happy! <3 Love y'all.

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IT’S THE FINAAAAL CHAPTEEEEEER! (To the tune of Final Countdown.) This was a tiring challenge, y'all, but felt like the best way to come out of my writing hiatus. It definitely got me back into a writing headspace, and I’ll definitely be excited to continue with some stuff. If y'all have any preferences for the type of fics you would like to me to work on– like fluff, smut, AU, etc– lemme know! I will definitely NOT be writing something everyday moving forward lol Cuz that shit wild, but if you happen to have any prompts you’d like to sling my way, I’d love to do like one or two one-shots a week based on those! I’ll also most likely be starting a longform fic within the next week or so :) THANK YOU ALL FOR TAKING TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY TO READ WHAT I HAD TO WRITE!

(Also, nothing rated R, but some getting naked does occur near the end)

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