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Venus Jar Spell

Hey guys, this spell has been sitting in my google drive for a while. Its supposed to be potent as crap, if you follow these steps closely this will be pretty powerful. I made this originally for dealing with very negative entities and approaching it with love and care. 

WARNING!! I would not recommend replacing this jar with any medications or using it to permanently deal with negative problematic entities. Use at your own discretion 



Comfrey leaf





Venus Water (Put water out to charge anytime Venus is in the sky)

White coloring

Glitter (white, or bright colors)


Pink ribbon or thread


White, pink, and yellow candle


Very small mirror or other reflective object

Prepare everything, bless four tea candles, two with love, and two with happiness. Prepare a circle. Make sure all the ingredients are organized and neat, be in a space that is relatively clean. After completing the circle, meditate in silence or to calming music for 5 minutes to clear of all negative energies. Make sure not to completely wipe away all of your energy, you need the positive ones. Light the tea candles and white candle (center) the pink candle (right) and the yellow candle (left) and recite these words with the empty bottle in your hand.

“By the blessings of the Moon you will feel

By the blessings of Ceres you will feel nurturing

By the blessings of Venus you will feel nurturing love

With this bottle in hand

One will be in the caring embrace of these positive energies.

Any negative energies will be absorbed by this motherly blackhole

And instead of disappearing,

These energies will be transformed into positive energy,

and turned back to its sender.”

Now set the bottle down and take your charged Venus Water, start carefully and with a loving energy, pour the water into the bottle. Visualize all the things that make you happy, all the people you love, and take that energy transferring it from your core, through your hands, and into the water that is now going into the bottle. Try to be as gentle as possible in this part.

Afterwards, add your Iris into the bottle whilst saying : “Moon give us energy through this flower and this stone, make us feel.” Visualize what feeling literally feels like. As if you are touching it if you will. Then imagine the moon, how when you look at it you can feel its emotions. You are then going to take your moonstone and attach it to the side of the bottle left of the side facing you. Look at the stone and see its details, really inspect it, then imagine the moon itself transferring its energy into the bottle. Afterwards place a soft kiss on the stone and set the bottle down.

Next is Ceres, add the Comfrey leaf and say: “Ceres give us energy through this leaf and this quartz, make us nurture.” Now imagine anytime you have felt comforted, mothered, anything that helps you imagine nurturing. Take the jasper and attach it to the opposite side of the moonstone and imagine Ceres transferring its energy into the bottle while looking at the details of the stone. Then place a soft kiss and set the bottle down.

Lastly is Venus. Take the honeysuckle and say : “Venus give energy through this plant and this gem, make us love.” This part you should take the longest visualizing. Imagine anytime you felt love, now instead of only imagining love, remember the heartbreak, the sadness from love, or the lack of love etc. Remember all of those memories and thank them for teaching you a valuable lesson about love, you are the one who controls it. You can give love, it is an endless supply of energy. Now take all the love you can possibly manifest and softly blow into the bottle, releasing all the energy through your breath and into the bottle. Take the emerald and attach it on the side in between the jasper and moonstone. Look at the emerald and imagine Venus transferring its energy into the bottle. Softly kiss it then set the bottle down.

Next take your mirror and place it into the bottle, say: “Any and all energy’s this bottle receives, whether it from being near by or given to directly, will be transformed into nurturing love and sent back to its source through this mirror.”

Now it’s time for the fun part, making it look nice. Make sure it is light colors with a white base. Add the white coloring in, make it look milky, then add the glitter. Enough to see it swirl when you shake it. Now once it looks pretty, place the cork inside the bottle and seal it with the white, yellow, and pink candle wax (I would glue the cork in before putting wax over it to ensure no leakage will occur) now take the ribbon or string and tie two knots on both ends, attach the bells then tie the string/ribbon around the neck of the bottle. The bells ensure a quicker dispersion of the energies inside the bottle to come out when one shakes it.

After the ribbon is tied set the bottle down gently and draw the sigil of Venus on paper. Then take the flame from the white candle and burn the paper below the bottle, be sure to turn the bottle around every direction so the heat touches the whole bottle. Hold the bottle in your hands and recite these words again

“By the blessings of the Moon you will feel

By the blessings of Ceres you will feel nurturing

By the blessings of Venus you will feel nurturing love

With this bottle in hand

One will be in the caring embrace of these positive energies.

Any negative energies will be absorbed by this motherly blackhole

And instead of disappearing,

These energies will be transformed into positive energy,

and turned back to its sender.”

Set the bottle down and say

“I thank all the energies, entities, and spirits that came to help me in making this ritual happen

You have my gratitude

You are free to go and happy blessings be upon you”

Then blow out the candles, starting with the main three, then the small 4.

Clean up as necessary

How to use:

Anytime you feel sad, or just need to a pick me up, take the bottle and before shaking it dump all of your negative energy into it. Then shake it (not too hard). To charge it set it under the moon for a night or you can run a damp white rag over the bottle (the rag is soaked in Venus water). Do not get bottle soaked in water or submerged, if you cleanse it with the rag immediately dry it off.

Send me pics if you use this spell! I’d love to see how it turns out!

Goblin Ep. 1: color theory

There are a number of beautiful dramas being produced right now, but there is a difference between a beautiful drama and one that is using design, layout and color to convey messages and meaning. I believe Goblin is doing this, so I’m going to try and follow along.

Throughout the show almost everything is desaturated or a warm neutral except for pops of red.

Right around the time I was wondering if the red is supposed to represent blood…

The show drummed it in, that yes, yes it does.

These two characters are both treated with a bright yellow. Are they connected somehow? As in, the little boy will grow up to be a second lead, fall in love with Eun Tak, and his jealousy of the Goblin will create conflict and potential tragedy?

This is a case where the beauty of the shot was more important than portraying reality: there are no tire prints or footprints. Unless we are supposed to believe he stood there long enough to have the lightly falling snow cover everything? That’s pretty heartless.

Because I hadn’t read anything about this show ahead of time, I really thought the ghosts were saying the mother was the Goblin’s Bride and I was excited to see a romance involving a single mom. 

The drama gods squashed that hope.

It seems important for Eun Tak to always have something red around her neck. If it isn’t this scarf…

It’s the bow on her school uniform.

Eun Tak has blood symbolically draped around her all the time. She is the bringer of death to the immortal Goblin.

“Gender is here, not down here!”

A t-shirt design I’ve been working on for Trans Awareness Week. It’s not done by no means but I thought I’d post the sketch so far since I don’t think I’ll get it completely done before the week is out.

I want the finished the piece to be bright and colorful but not sure how to go about it. Maybe color the brain with the trans flag colors? Idk.

Tell me what you think guys! Would you by a t-shirt like this? What colors do you think would look appropriate? 

I’d love your input! :D

Was originally suppose to have “there” instead of “here” but i forgot the T. Oops!

Holiday Drabble ~ 12

12. Visiting ___’s family for the first time during Christmas and they absolutely adore you.   +   TOP

A heavy weight drops on to your back while you’re decanting a bottle of wine in the kitchen. You look over your shoulder, curiously at first and then alarmed when a hand slaps your butt, before you turn the other way and catch sight of bubblegum pink hair. 

“Things seem to be going well…” you murmur, smiling and swaying from side to side as he rests against your back. 

“Hmm…almost too well,” Seunghyun grumbles, his voice muffled.

You pause before turning around and looking up at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He’d dressed up for the occasion in one of his Italian suits, this time red silk with a bright silver tie, and the color seems to have stained your eyes a bit–everything looks a bit pink somehow. His hair’s gelled and coifed in a pink cotton candy swoop, still in peek condition despite his nephew’s attempts to run his hands through it. The watch that Jiyong had gifted him the past Christmas shines on his wrist, the diamond incrusted rim catching the light in nearly every room. 

Seunghyun pouts, his lower lip sticking out and his eyes wide. “My mother brought out the kid photos.”

“Oh, come on,” you scoff playfully, folding your arms over your chest. “You’ve posted those same pictures on your public Instagram. You’re not embarrassed by them– you’re more proud of them than your mother is.”

“I was literally the cutest child on the planet, after my nephew,” he replies with a straight face. 

“That’s a pretty bold statement to make. You’re competing with not only Jiyong but Song Joonki. He was a really cute kid.”

Seunghyun ignores you and steps around to pull several wine glasses from the cabinet. “And before dinner? My father gave me the heartbreak talk, when you were in the kitchen with Eomma. Threatening me about breaking your heart–me, his son.”

“Aww,” you coo excitedly, one hand pressed to your chest. “He really did that? Appa-nim…”

“And worst of all…” Seunghyun fills up his glass until it’s nearly overflowing, his head tilted back as he takes several large gulps. Your brows raise incredulously, your mouth falling open to tell him to slow down a bit, when he puts the wine glass back on the counter and bends over it, his shoulders drawn tight. “Yeonjun likes you more than me.”

You gape at him. “What?”

Seunghyun looks up, and there are actual tears in his eyes. “You thought I wouldn’t notice? I saw the signs– ‘Noona, play trains with me? Noona, color with me? Noona, break uncle’s heart with me? Noona, Noona, Noona–’” He gives you a betrayed look. “He hasn’t called for Uncle TOP once since you got here.”

“Seunghyun? Are you serious?” You ask with a small laugh, stepping forward to brush a hand over his back in comfort, but he spins away dramatically, his red suit jacket knocking the glass over onto the counter and sending wine all over the cabinets and floor.

“I didn’t realize I’d be losing my girlfriend and my nephew in the same night, but I suppose that’s life,” he sniffs loudly, his hands pressed over his face. “Take care of each other, for me. I won’t get in the way~”

You watch as he drapes himself over the kitchen table and cries loudly into the wood, shaking your head and pouring yourself a glass of wine once the decanting was finished. You take a sip before putting it back on the counter and walking over to the table. Seunghyun grunts when you pile on top of him, despite the wrinkles it’s going to create in your dress.

“You’re being ridiculous, Tabi. You know what he was talking to me about, at that coloring table and train station?”

“What?” he asks in a small voice.

You grin. “How cool his uncle is. How I must be really cool if I got to hang out with his Uncle TOP all the time, when he only gets to see you on birthdays and stuff. Asking about your concerts and rapping some of your lines–the PG ones, of course– and singing along to Bang Bang Bang.”

Seunghyun’s head turns to the side, his dark eyes peering up at you tentatively. “…really?”

You nod solemnly, a smile turning the corners of your mouth. “Really. You were in the center of his family drawing. He took a picture of you two together to show-and-tell, and evidently he’s now the coolest kid in class because his uncle is TOP.” You lean over and press a kiss to his cheek. “Don’t worry. You’re still his favorite.”

Seunghyun grins.

“Y/N, does your mother like homemade pottery? Because I was wondering about what to give her for Christmas and–oh, I–” His mother hesitates in the doorway, her cheeks flushing in embarrassment, before she winks. “I’m so sorry to have interrupted.” 

“Wait, it’s not–” but she’s already out the door. Your head drops onto his back as your face competes with his suit for brightest color, a quiet groan of mortification building in your chest. 

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A/N: dramatic christmas Tabi~~~ for you~~~

Apollo, Icarus thinks, must taste like sunlight and warmth and summer. His hair is spun-gold, eyes blue as a cloudless sky, and silky-smooth skin bronze with the sun’s kiss. There’s grace to his movements, a fluidity that reminds Icarus of flowing rivers in the midst of a peaceful forest.

He’s like the sun, Icarus believes, as he sees the soft lift of Apollo’s perfectly sculpted lips. The light is almost blinding in its brilliance and Icarus’ breath catches in his throat. Sunlight is supposed to blind, but why does it make him breathless?

Icarus, Apollo thinks, must taste like autumn and cinnamon and sweet vanilla sugar. His hair is a fluffy brown and his fingers itching with the need to run them. His eyes are the color of autumn leaves with flecks of gold. His skin appears soft and delectably bronze and all Apollo wants to do is pull him into a hug and never let go.

He’s an angel, Apollo believes, as he sees a bright smile light up Icarus’ face. His hair forms a halo, the innocence in his eyes painting a picture-perfect purity. Icarus doesn’t need wings; Apollo’s heart is already soaring. Angels are supposed to bring hope and salvation, but why does Icarus make him want to fall?

Apollo, Icarus observes, could freeze over hell with his eyes. The usually summer blue hue darkens with anger and becomes icy in a way that makes Icarus feel as if he’ll never be warm again. It makes him want to reach out and grab Apollo’s wrist, pull him into a hug, and ask who or what had wronged him. He wants to thaw his rigid well-guarded heart and bring summer back into his eyes.

He’s not himself. Icarus recognizes the signs, sees it in technicolor that Apollo is troubled. He doesn’t know what else to do, but to ask Apollo out for some coffee. His heart skips a beat when Apollo smiles that devastating smile of his and agrees. Icarus was supposed to help Apollo defrost, help him become warm again, but why is he the one melting?

Icarus, Apollo notes, is too good at hiding his emotions. The broken smile he wears is brittle only at the edges if one looks close enough. The slump of his shoulders and the nail indents on his palm are carefully hidden by a mask of sunny smiles and twinkling laughs, but Apollo knows the truth; Icarus is a little lost, a little broken and all he wants to do is help him feel whole again.

He’s hurting, Apollo notices as he sits down across from him. The bittersweet aroma of coffee washes over them, but he takes no mind, only looking to Icarus, who has this sad, sad smile on his lips and it breaks Apollo’s heart. He orders him hot chocolate, asking for extra whip cream and milk, the way Icarus likes it. His heart clenches wonderfully at the way Icarus beams when he finds out that Apollo has remembered (how could he ever forget?). Apollo is supposed to be the one to make him feel better, feel like Icarus again, but why is he the one who feels alive again?

I’ve liked you for a long time, he says, and I can’t wait any longer. He takes Icarus’ hand in his and swallows the lump in his throat. Something is hurting you and I just want to help you feel like you again.

Icarus smiles brightly, the pink crossing his cheeks rivaling its brilliance. I’ve liked you for a while, too, he murmurs so softly that Apollo almost misses it. I know you’re angry and feeling numb and I just want to make you warm again.

Wow, we’re perfect for each other, Apollo blurts out and Icarus laughs, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

I guess we are, he says and kisses Apollo softly on the cheek. The sun and the boy who fell in love with him.

No, Apollo corrects, kissing his forehead tenderly, the sun and the angel he fell in love with.

- Excerpt from a book I’ll never write write someday #60 // A Progression of their Love through the Seasons x


Fanart for the fanfiction Rogue by RedCoaster on AO3 and FFN. If you like SNK and you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! Drawn entirely in pen and then colored with colored pencils.

Since Kaede means “Maple”, and it’s fall, I thought I’d try to draw some colorful trees. And Kaede. 

But mostly this was an attempt at figuring out how to draw leaves (how???????)


@nerdy-cait05 wrote some too!! Go check out her blog she’s awesome

-I agree that he’s red/green color blind
-he has to focus on little details of each lion so he can tell them apart in other ways than by color
-“Keith can you hand me the screwdriver with the red handle? Not that one. Not that one. Not that one. Not that one. Keith it’s the only one you haven’t tried.”
-sometimes he asks Shiro what colors things are on new planets, just because he can’t tell if they’re supposed to be that weird brown color or if there’s actually a bright red sky here??
-I’m a slut for bff’s Keith and Pidge so Keith would definitely hang out with Pidge and ask her what color random objects are and ask her to describe colors too
-Sometimes he would mess up the colors of lions during missions and he felt really bad about it so Coran would definitely ask Hunk and Pidge to make little adjustments to their lions (and Keith’s) to make it easier to tell them apart

Also I’m Klance trash so here you go
-Lance actually doesn’t even notice that Keith is colorblind until they start dating? And once Keith mentions it in the middle of the conversation, it just sorta hits him like “ooooooooooooooooh that makes so much sense now???”
-so Lance is happy to describe colors for Keith all the time
-Lance also understands Keith’s weird 80s jacket now because I’m sorry but that bright red is just obnoxious

Juvia’s world was the color gray..

Nobody wanted to be her friend because they thought she was creepy and everywhere she went it rained. She’s never seen a blue sky. 

She meets a guy named Gray who changes her life 

This guy is her enemy yet saved her and she fell in love with him 

She joins the guild the boys in and that’s Fairy Tail 

She makes tons of friends 

Gray being the color her world used to be turned out to being the same name of the guy she fell in love with. He turned her world to a bright pink and filled her with joy. She joined a guild full of people who accepted her. She was no longer sad. She smiled now.

and thats when it finally stopped raining.

She’s now able to see a blue sky in a world full of beautiful colors.All thanks to the boy who was suppose to be her enemy.  

Genoary Day Thirteen- MOMMACQ
What’s a mother to do with her child? (Props to Alaina!)


Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Let’s listen to Spooky Scary Skeletons ALL DAY LONG. That’s what they did today.
This originally was going to be a continuation of Day 8 and Day 9, but whatever.
I kinda gave up on Fresh’s outfit because I couldn’t remember what it was supposed to look like, so I just colored the parts I couldn’t recall in bright colors and called it good.
I also forgot to color their shoes but who really cares?
EDIT: Also, can one thing Error and Fresh agree upon is that Spooky Scary Skeletons is a great song? I WOULD LOVE THAT TO BE CANON

Geno, Error, and Fresh belong to @loverofpiggies
MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana
Spooky Scary Skeletons was written for Disney (Thanks to @h2omeow for telling me)
The Genoary Challenge was created by @shinydiamondblog

Soulless Youth Character Profiles: Namjoon

| Kim Namjoon | Min Yoongi | Jung Hoseok | Park Jimin | Kim Taehyung | Jeon Jungkook | Jennie Kim | Manoban Lisa |

Soulless Youth Chapter |1|

Kim Namjoon

House: House of Malkave

Breed: Pureblood

Year: Senior High School

Vampiric Eye Color: Bright Yellow

Ability/ies: Knowledge, Ability to appear and disappear at any given time anywhere (Teleportation)

Background: A natural born leader, currently the dorm president of the Rose Dorm at Cross Academy. Namjoon is the second eldest of three in the House of Malkave. He was not supposed to take over the House, but after the eldest brother (Seokjin) left, he has been groomed to do so. With a constant need to please, he follows orders like a dog when in front of his elders. As a loyal son and follower of the Vampire Council, he never thinks twice or questions the council in their decisions, whatever they may be. When not at school, he acts as a collector of information during interrogations in relation to the uprising happening in the vampire community. When the time comes, he must choose between his friends and the vampire council.

“We’re not fighting a war Y/N. They are! We’re cozied up in our little dorm while the council is fighting for their lives against those beasts for the social structure which we have so lavishly engrossed ourselves in, so don’t ever tell me they’ve never done anything for vampires other than themselves.”

anonymous asked:

hi! i really love your au's so i was wondering if you could do a mckirk soulmate au where the soulmates cant see colors until they meet each other?? thank you if you do because this'll be great! i love your writing !!

  • The first time Jim’s world lights up, it’s blinding. He’s in the park and there’s a big party happening, which is fine, but suddenly all greys turn into lush greens and blue skies and it’s an instant headache. Jim doesn’t know how to deal with all these colors thrown at him at once and he’s just rubbing his eyes and blinking heavily to make sure this is actually happening. Though he’s not talking to anyone, and eye contact must have been brief, because the bright colours are starting to fade into greys again. Jim panics, rushing around the crowd in an attempt to find the one he’s looking for. That one person who’s supposed to make his life turn into color forever, not just for a few split seconds. But he can’t find them anymore, and he’s forced to move on. 
  • The second time Jim’s world lights up is two days later. Chekov’s dragging him to Sulu’s engagement party at their local bar because he doesn’t want to go alone. Jim’s just still hungover from two days of drinking in the park, and he’s really not feeling it. Sulu’s been engaged for literally three years, who throws an engagement party once a year? Sulu, that’s who. And Jim’s talking to a few people, and he’s taking it slow with the scotch, until a hand rests on his shoulder, a man slipping behind him and another stranger to get to the bar, and all that color is just back. The dark wooden interior, the greens of the cushions on the seats, the array of different colors in the liquor bottles. Jim spins around wildly, finding the other guy rubbing his eyes, too, and okay, Jim’s not losing his mind. And holy shit, this guy is gorgeous too. The way his lips pout when he frowns, his hair’s a mess and the smell of scotch is on his breath. And the other guy’s eyes are trained on Jim, and he’s taking his time checking him out and somehow that’s the hottest thing ever. “Jim,” Jim says, reaching out for the other’s hand. “Leonard. Were you at the park two days ago?” the other asks, and he still looks a bit baffled. “Yeah,” Jim replies, grin wider now that he knows for sure he wasn’t losing his mind back then. “So, do you want to get out of here and find some place quiet?” Jim asks, and Leonard laughs, taking his hand back and shaking his head. “I’m not just gonna go out and have sex with you. I don’t even know you.” 
  • He totally has sex with Jim. 
  • And he stays the next morning, making breakfast in Jim’s house, because Jim wakes up to the smell of coffee and bacon and honestly this is the best thing ever. Leonard’s in his kitchen in just his underwear, and he’s handing Jim a cup of coffee. “I gotta go  soon,” Leonard says. “I got this new job and I can’t be late.” “Okay,” Jim says, leaning against the counter and he watches Leonard prepare two plates of toast, scrambled egg and bacon. Jim wasn’t even aware he had these ingredients in the house, but okay. “We should see each other again soon,” Jim continues, sitting down at his dining table (which is a first. Who eats food at a dining table? That’s what a couch is for). “I want to take you out on an actual date. See some nature. Y’know, since we can actually see it in all its color now.” Leonard laughs. “You are so cheesy. Fine. Take me out on Saturday.”
  • Leonard leaves after breakfast. Jim takes his time getting dressed, watching the colors in his world fade ever so lightly when Leonard’s no longer near him. they remain faded, but never turn to grey, as he makes his way to his office and slumps down in his chair, on time for his conference meeting. “You were gone early yesterday,” Sulu says, nudging Jim’s shoulder, and Jim grins. “Yeah, I went to an afterparty in my bed-” “Too many details,” Sulu replies, tuning out almost immediately. 
  • Leonard’s his new boss. Jim watches the colors around him come blazing back to life when the door to the conference room opens and Leonard walks in - holy shit, he’s wearing a suit, too. And Jim groans under his breath because he’s slept with his boss, who looks far too good in formal attire. But hey, at least Leonard will go easy on him, because they’re soulmates.
  • Leonard doesn’t go easy on him. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Somehow he makes Jim work harder than usual. He’s mean, he doesn’t approve of most of Jim’s ideas, he literally throws a ball of paper at his head when Jim’s slacking of for five minutes (okay, maybe closer to thirty minutes), and Jim’s a 100% sure this date is never gonna happen because Leonard is so hard on him. But then Leonard calls him into his office, closes the blinds, and he just pushes Jim up against the wall with a firm kiss and Jim breathlessly realizes that, fuck yes, Leonard’s his new boss, and the whole world is full of bright colors because of it.

headcanon that natasha paints everyone’s toenails when they fall asleep in the commons rooms of stark tower 

it starts out as a joke to get back at tony for eating her leftovers but then she smiles to herself when she catches him admiring his sparkly gold nails & starts sneaking into his lab when he passes out in there to redo them & then moves on to planning out the colors for the rest of the avengers

& then she sees clint telling bruce that his bright purple nails are better than bruce’s pastel purple ones which dissolves into a conversation about the merits of the color purple & she thinks she’s on to something great

steve wakes up from an exhaustion induced nap after a particularly brutal undercover mission overseas in the living room & takes a look at his alternating red white & blue nails & just shrugs because everyone else’s are done & he’s seen other men with polished nails on tv sometimes so it must be a 21st century thing 

when bucky gets comfortable & recovers enough to openly fall asleep in such a communal area he wakes up with his toenails painted black with a silvery glitter top coat but later he asks natasha to redo them so they match steve’s

thor outright asks natasha to do his & his toenails end up a truly electrifying shade of blue that makes everyone’s eyes hurt but thor laughs in delight & thanks natasha & says he cannot wait to show his lady jane

they all get so used to it that natasha stops doing it while they’re asleep & it becomes a tradition during avengers movie night & she sometimes does their fingernails too but rarely because in their line of work it lasts for less than a week & starts taking so many color requests from the rest of the avengers that she has to order more online

meanwhile natasha’s toenails & fingernails are always red & they never seem to chip even after a rough mission & the other avengers always ask how she does it but she just smirks at them & tells them she’s just that good

so when the new avengers team moves in (wanda, vision, sam, rhodey) & see everyone’s nails the avengers just say it’s an avengers thing

wanda just goes with it & immediately asks for red nail polish & natasha is more than happy to oblige & they bond over it & vision doesn’t even blink while rhodey & sam exchange glances & sam wonders aloud, “do all superheroes do this?”

natasha just smirks at them as she gets out the huge box that contains her extensive collection of nail polish