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pairing; seventeen jeonghan x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!jeonghan, humor, fluff

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✎a/n; back with a roommate!au !! i’ve received a lot more requests for this series in my inbox, and i promise i’m getting to them! @kpop–fics is helping me with the main points so tysm for that

  • the ultimate chill roommate 
  • like 
  • you arrived at your dorm later than he did and he was just,,, sleeping
  • very soundly, if i might add
  • and the first thing you noticed was
  • !! nice hair !!!
  • for a guy.
  • you thought it would be kinda impolite ?? and creepy ?? to just enter the room so you’re just like
  • “…hello?” 
  • guESS WHAT
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • no reaction 
  • he didn’t even stir
  • is this boy even alive smh
  • that boy was probably deeeEEp in his dreamlamd
  • dreaming about vacation or something
  • who knows?
  • so you left him an introduction letter for when he woke up since you had to go to class and was gonna just leave your stuff in the room
  • the introduction letter was really short tbh
  • it just stated that you’re his new roommate and you had classes till 5 and those random luggage was yours
  • he woke up at like 4.30 and didn’t even see the note but that’s okay bc he didn’t do anything to your belongings lolol
  • but that also meant that
  • he was vvvv unprepared for your arrival 
  • so when you came back to the dorm he was so confused like
  • who are u
  • and why are you in my room
  • anddd you quickly guessed that he hasn’t seen your note so
  • “i’m y/n,, your roommate. those bags over there are mine and i already came here just now but you were sleeping so i left you a note but i guess you didn’t see it?”
  • wow such a long sentence for a first conversation
  • and he was just like
  • oh
  • his ears got a little red when he heard that you came in while he was sleeping lmao
  • “i’m jeonghan,, sorry about earlier. i was really tired.”
  • jeonghan rubbed the nape of his neck and was visibly embarrassed ?
  • you smiled at how polite he was and shook your head. 
  • “it’s fine.”
  • ngl he looked perfectly peaceful while he was sleeping and it was ;;; angelic
  • ok enough of that
  • so yeah that’s your first official meeting i guess?
  • tbh when is he not sleeping 
  • he seems lazy but is actually really active in household 
  • he helps out quite a lot and like cleans the room every once in a while
  • sometimes you just come back from a hella tiring day and when you see the spotless dorm 
  • you become so happy like 
  • it’s just ,,, really ,,,, pleasant
  • ya’know?
  • he takes care of you really well and he cooks sometimes (really simple dishes tho,, but it’s still nice so you wouldn’t complain)
  • but heh he’s also a clean freak 
  • not extreme but still a clean freak
  • “y/n! thERE’S STUFF ON THE FLOOR” 
  • and when you’re busy you just
  • “clean it yourself then, i thought you liked cleaning?”
  • jeonghan just stares at you with a hurt expression and you just laugh and 
  • “ok fine”
  • bc u know u have to do your part in cleaning too
  • andddd
  • he also owns more beauty products than you 
  • sometimes you don’t even know what it is 
  • “Toner Revolution Radically Melon? what’s that even supposed to be” 
  • “leave me and my beauty products alONE” 
  • like okAY THEN 
  • but honestly you know where he keeps his little basket of beauty products
  • and you always use them lolol
  • he never knew until one day ,,,,
  • he realized ,,,,,
  • why is my toner running out so sUsPiCiOUsLy fast
  • and he looks at you and you just 
  • “,,,,i don’t know what you’re talking about?¿??
  • he just smiles very sarcastically like yeah right you lil’ ass
  • also
  • your mom calls you a lot through facetime 
  • since she’s from your home country and you moved to korea for your studies and you two are always separated so facetimes are a way to catch up with each other
  • and every. single. time.
  • jeonghan thinks it’s necessary to pop up too
  • like wow, such a great idea !1!1!!!
  • so now he’s your mom’s favourite
  • he just casually grabs a chair to sit beside you in front of the laptop screen
  • “hey ma’am !!” 
  • and your mum just
  • “oh, jeonghan! how is it going with my number one child?”
  • and you just stare at her like
  • “MOM your child is literally riGhT hErE GDI” 
  • and both jeonghan and your mum would laugh at how kiddish you were acting
  • it was adorable to jeonghan ngl 
  • you were just so pouty whenever that happens HAHA
  • your mum would easily strike a convo with jeonghan
  • “how’s it like with my daughter as a roommate?”
  • “she’s so messy! i have a hard time cleaning up the dormm”
  • and your mum actUALLY agrees with him
  • “isn’t she? she’s always like that back home too! leaving her stuff all over the house.”
  • and your eyes just widen like
  • i’m- ,,,,,
  • and jeonghan laughs really loud and smiles really wide and just hugs you while you’re still in shock 
  • and your mother laughs along
  • so that’s that
  • and jeonghan as a cuddle buddy
  • woW
  • like jeonghan has a kind of ,,, scent ??? 
  • i dont even know
  • he just smells good all the time
  • so you can imagine when he just comes out of the shower it’s like
  • the whole dorm smells like a flower shop
  • but yeah when you guys cuddle it’s holy comfy bc his height and your height is pretty perfect
  • so typically
  • your head would be around his shoulders or chest area
  • and he just wraps his arms around you
  • and he sometimes just mumbles a few words before you two fall asleep
  • and his voice is like a lullaby 
  • and he’s just really pretty up close too
  • so
  • yep so that’s jeonghan as your roommate :”)
Hiro Mashima On The Ending of Fairy Tail

So recently Hiro Mashima was at New York Comic con and let slip that, indeed everything at the end of the series, he had no plan for. He once again brought up his original plan of FT being only 10 volumes and stated he hadn’t thought beyond that.

After hearing it straight from Mashima himself, I think I can finally say something I’ve wanted to to for a while and finally start confirming a suspicion I’ve had for a while.

Hiro Mashima having no idea on the future of Fairy Tail past volume 10 makes so much damn sense to me. I don’t mean in a term of “Ft sucked after a certain point”, but what I mean is you can see how this was supposed to be finished way earlier than it ended up being. If you look back at the beginning of FT, many praise the first arcs because of how they develop our eventual main cast and give them all relevance. The thing about why that worked was, Mashima was working with what he had established and built on. This might sound wierd, but just bare with me, imagine if the real ending of FT was originally suppose to be Fantasia and not Alvarez.

This might sound odd, but thinking about all the arcs up to that point a lot was established an kinda in a bottle resolved. Many characters didn’t have long standing motivations that need to be resolved later on in the series. A lot happened upon their resolution naturally. Gray’s story with Lyon was introduced on Galuna and concluded on Galuna, Erza’s past with Jellal was hinted at through Seigrain and then resolved in ToH, and Lucy’s familial issues were hinted at and then resolved after Phantom. Alot of these events were layered, having some form of build up or Mashima knowing what he wanted to do with the characters. This all concluding with Laxus, him and his crooked morality was the last built up thing and when it concluded there was nothing left to build on.

Now I want to explain a little more, after Laxus was defeated, we got the Oracion Seis arc, this arc was when the bad staples of FT really showed up. There was an increase of Fanservice, an increase of Friendship speeches with no point, and a lack of consistency. It strikes me as odd that this all started happening after Laxus was defeated. The last built up character. Another thing that happened was there was soon a lack of playing with expectations. Reading back, it’s hard to imagine how much foreshadowing there was in only the first real arc of the series. As small of a story it was, Daybreak told a compelling tale that seemed to lack a lot of the problems of Fairy Tail. It knew how to do the twist of “this book wasn’t something your father was ashamed of, but the best book he ever wrote” a lot better than say, “Wendy your guild is an illusion”. With Daybreak you get clear foreshadowing in Kaby’s own words, Lucy discovering a seceret while reading the book, and the tragedy of Zeuka Melon already happening, whereas Wendy’s guild had that one line from Rabaul after we had just learned who they were near the end of the arc. The thing is, playing with expectations is easy to do if you know how you want it to play out, but stuff like Wendy’s guild are clear sign of adding something in near the end.

Now that we know about the lack of planning in the series, a lot of choices still make sense. The ending of FT was ambiguous and left with no real conclusion, now compare that to the end of FT, it was ambiguous and had a lot of things open ended. The reason why FT worked more is that after 11 years what Hiro gave us in Alvarez was not worth it, while in Fantasia, we got a conclusion to a built up problem, Laxus and it was small enough we could accept it.

Now some might then point out things like, what about Grimoire Heart, Mystogan, Igneel, Zeref, the whole raven tail thing, well lets think about those. These do smell like additions to the series, nothing wrong with adding more concepts, but think about how he resolved most of them: Lazily. While these were later additions there was clear signs that unlike the previous arcs these new developments lacked any real direction.

Notice that dragon force didn’t get a name in its first outing (Aside from the title of the chapter), but Zero gave it a name. Another thing that stinks of inconsistency is that after the Laxus arc is when we get the dark guild hierarchy. Another thing is the cease of any of the development for side characters like Elfman, Mira, and Juvia. All really got the height of their characters in Fantasia (though Elfman in phantom lord). Hell the last scene of Fantasia was a montage of every character we had sen in the series so far.

The Laxus arc could’ve ended the series on the same ambiguous note and celebration of FT that the last chapter did.

My theory on this and why Mashima went this route was he was trying a repeat with Rave: extend the story longer by introducing three new villain groups linked by a signal thing. With Rave Master it was Doryu, Onigami, and Blue Guardians linked by sinclaire. With FT it was OS, Grimoire Heart, and Tartaros linked by Zeref. But the difference was in execution: Rave needed a reason to extend conflict while looking for the Rave Stones, but the rave stone quest never stopped being the focus, FT need a reason to exist. Aside from Natsu trying to find his dad, thee was no reason or these characters to go on past the LAxus arc. They had all been resolved: Gray and Lyon fought, Erza was freed from the tower, and Lucy stood up to her Dad. So there was no real goal for them. Zeref being the big bad was a concept introduced as the main antagonist was a add on. And it only loosely connected together.

I think your all tired of my rambling so I’m going to cut to the chase. Like a lot of people have said FT was a series with a lot of potential and that is true, but you can always see potential in a blank slate that has gaps to fill, but FT never filled those gaps, it gave us the same old thing and then hoped it would work. But if you don’t live up to your potential then the only thing people will see you as is lazy. I know this has seemed like a long bashing on Mashima, but after learning how he had no plan it really began to show me that FT wasn’t suppose  to be the next big action shounen, but rather an author experimenting in a borderless world a lot of people got invested in. I am disappointed in Mashima because I think with planning beforehand of FT and instead of diving into it like he did, then maybe this could’ve been a great series. There is one thing that I am actively angry at though and it goes back to mashima at comic con

FT might not be over because by keeping it ambiguous, Mashima now has a safety net to return to if after his next series fails then he can just keep going with FT. To me there is nothing more lazy then returning to what made you popular, you should stride to always do better than how you did before. So knowing that Mashima has the chance to return makes my blood boil. You had the chance to make a good series and give a conclusion, too late to try again. I hope to never see FT 2 in the future, but I am eager to see Mashima’s next work, because unlike FT, he isn’t rushing it. His new series isn’t coming out as the same time as FT ends, just like FT did when Rave was still running.

I hope you all could take something away from all this… whatever I just wrote… And see FT in a new light.

I did it. I managed to wait until Hope Arc aired to post this. 

I will reiterate that I in no way 100% hated DR3. For one, I really loved seeing favorite characters animated. Two I appreciate the hard work that went into animating it and bring it to the fans. And three, there were some genuinely funny and heartbreaking moments, but there were a LOT of problems, and I mean a LOT so I call this

Everything I Found Wrong With DanganRonpa 3 Despair Arc: The Bullet pointed List

I tried to separate it into general problems and plot holes I found

[Warning that it’s very….. long. I’m sorry.] 

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I have reached an epiphany.

DC comics is pissing me off with how they treat Damian, because I feel like he’s being fucked over right now.

Now, I’m new to comics, but I’ve been a Batman fan since I was a kid. I grew up on DC cartoons and Tim Burton Batman movies. Those are what influenced my impression of who Batman and Robin have always been. And from watching Batman The Animated Series as a kid, to watching Young Justice as a college student, I have always been under the impression that Batman and Robin are ALWAYS working together.

So I grow up, right? And I realize that comics are still a thing and that I have a tablet I can use to read them.

I start small. I find about Kamala Khan and that there was going to be a female Thor, so I start with them. I eventually discover the Injustice comics, so I throw that in. Whenever I feel I have the money, I buy an issue of each. Problem was, this tablet was kinda shitty and downloading things was a pain, and sometimes the download failed. I got impatient and lazy, and stopped reading for a while because doing anything on that tablet was a pain in my ass.

Fast forward to last Christmas. I get a new tablet, and decide to try comics again. Download Comixology, and I dive right in. This new tablet works better…

…and things quickly spiral out of control. What I call my “Completionist Complex” kicks in. And I don’t remember exactly how, but I end up with 41 different active series that I’m currently following, dropping around $45 a week to keep up with them.

I think it was Gotham Academy’s fault. I found Gotham Academy, and that spun out to me needing to try to follow the New 52 Batman comics. Which spun into things like Justice League and each member’s solo series and the solo series for the Batfam, and you get the idea.

So of course, at once point, Son of Batman was one of those series I was buying. And I don’t remember where I ran across it, maybe a Tumblr post, but I ran across the fact that Damian dies. And I go “WTF?!” because I thought the only one who died was Jason, so of course I go back into the that whole story arc and to how Bruce resurrects him and I try to find whatever I can about Damian Wayne. I’m still missing pieces. I couldn’t track everything down and have no clue where to look to find his first introduction.

But this kid quickly grew on me. I’ve read and seen so much on Tumblr, and I love reading any comic that involves him. I’ve learned he’s a little shit, but he’s my little shit and I love him.

And yet I am constantly disappointed.

Because the one thing I find lacking in everything I’ve read is Batman and Robin working together. That concept of the dynamic duo that I grew up with in cartoons and movies just…doesn’t seem to be there?

And reading the above panels in the latest Teen Titans broke my heart. And it left me wondering why the hell the Batman & Robin team just doesn’t seem to exist with Damian. He seems to be getting plenty of attention with the Son of Batman series and now the new Teen Titans and there’s Super-Sons coming up and the last couple issues of Superman where he met Jon were GREAT.

And when I read those panels, it kind of hit me that every series seems to be giving Damian some love…except, ironically, Batman and Detective Comics.

I mean, Batman is ABOUT BRUCE. How is it so hard to acknowledge the fact that Bruce Wayne has a son in Bruce Wayne’s own series? Why is it that Damian only seems to exist in the Batman comics when there is some event going on where the entire Batfamily is together?


And then we have Bruce putting together a team in Detective Comics, which I love. …But somehow I’m supposed to believe his own son didn’t make the cut?

Do people just forget that Damian Wayne exists until it’s convenient for them to acknowledge him?

What the hell is going on here?

Are the days of Batman & Robin together just over? Was that reserved specially for Dick, Jason, and Tim? But no, Bruce can’t work with his own son? That’s too hard to write in?

Trinity has Bruce talking about raising his son like any normal dad does? And they’re going out buying Christmas trees together in Superman?

And yet Batman and Detective Comics can’t throw the kid a damn bone?

Like.. come on, DC. Get your shit together. Is Bruce an affectionate father who goes Christmas tree hunting with his son? Or is he too busy being Batman for that?

Make up your mind. You can’t have it both ways.

Ok imma poop on the whole “sick Cloud feels” party a little..

Like I dunno.. I think Cloud was always kinda on the skinny, pale, not so strong looking side? And it didn’t bother anyone beside some fanboys who thought he was some buff dude with stubble.. So I dun think people are complaining about him being skinny really..

Also no one complained about his design when the first trailer came out. And why? cause it looked good. His arms looked good, his hair looked good. It all kinda fit nicely together, even though he still clearly had a very slender physique. 

The design in this trailer looks bad. His hair looks ridiculous, his body is kinda disproportioned, they gave him this weird muscle definition on those skinny arms (which is what makes em look weird, not the skinny part, but the muscle) like he looks like an 11 year old kid on steroids. 

And everyone can see it looks bad but for some reason some chose to explain it as intentional.. which makes no sense.

Actually you know what Cloud’s new design looks like, like this:

A draft, an unfinished scene that still needs work done on.

Now I’m guessing if everyone saw this scene before AC came out, everyone would go “Why the hell Cloud looks like shit??” and then you’d have people go “How dare?! ofcourse he looks like shit! he’s got PTSD!!  and his arms are so skinny cuz of geostigma!! And his face is swollen from all the crying, cuz he’s suuufeeering" and everyone would cry and write sad fics, cause this is what I feel like is going on right now pretty much… 

BUT, as we see in AC, he’s got PTSD and a deadly disease and he still manages to look hella fine in every single shot and make all the fangirls drool..(and I think people underestimate how much of SE’s goal that actually is..)

And they definitely had the graphics to portray how bad Cloud feels in his appearance back then…

And if they wanted to portray Cloud’s body in a more realistic way, true to what he’s been through, then he wouldn’t have any muscle definition at all! And probably had a small gut too. Cause being stuck in a tube for 4 years without moving doesn’t give you this kind of dense “I’ve been doing martial arts since I was 3″ muscles. And I think even with mako magics you gotta actually move to build muscle? And unlike society, the body values fat more than muscle. So muscle tissue is usually the first to go. Not fat.

Cloud should have no muscle mass and be kinda flabby.. So yeah saying he should be skinny cause he was stuck in a tube for a few years and then catatonic for another year, doesn’t makes sense. Yeah he should be skinny but definitely not muscular. (Unless he built it all with mako and Jenova magics during the short time before they blow up the first reactor..)

Besides he looks pretty ok when he gets out, and we all know Zack never lost his hot SOLDIER body after Nibelheim, even if he clearly does suffer from muscle atrophy.. But like he’s Zack.. his hotness defies logic and laws of nature and everything..

Anyway I think that just kinda shows you what SE really cares about.. So I think accurately portraying his physical and mental state wasn’t their intention.. (and if it was, it was still badly done.)

And if anything, Cloud shouldn’t look so freaking weak and fake SOLDIER like at the start of FFVII… Like he had some time to recover, he doesn’t remember any of the shit that happened to him..

And when Cloud is introduced we are supposed to think he’s some super-soldier hot-shot special-snowflake hero, like all rpg protagonists are, he thinks he’s all this and that, and we think he’s all this and that, and then gradually during the game we all kinda go “wait something is very off about this “hero”” until the big lifestream revelation when we gasp in shock like “omfg he was just a Shinra trooper loser all along!”

It kinda ruins the surprise and the whole nice “typical hero” deconstruction SE had going on there there when he actually looks like a loser and a fake SOLDIER from the very beginning…

And I mean look at SOLDIER. These guys are beasts! (Genesis not included) Like I mean Cloud’s already gonna have a hard time passing for a first class, since they were all kinda famous. But why the hell would anyone think Cloud is a first class SOLDIER or even ever was in SOLDIER if he doesn’t even look fit? Why would Barret waste his money on someone who looks like he just crawled out of a grave and is about to go back any second? Is that the reason he’s wearing shades underground? So he won’t see that Cloud is pulling his leg there with his ex SOLDIER act?

I mean not even Cloud gonna believe it when he looks at himself in the mirror and sees how awful he looks and be like “omfg wth happened to me? I look like I’ve been stuck in a tube for 5 years.. “ *war flashbacks* *end of game*

Like I dunno, since FFVII been around for almost 20 years and alot of people were introduced to it through AC or CC, everyone already know Cloud is full of shit so SE was like “yeah we can’t fool them lets just make Cloud look like the loser he really is…”

But I doubt it..

Cloud probably just looks bad because this is just an early half assed model and SE didn’t even start actually working on his design. And btw Barret’s shades might mean the same. ( Like you know when you can’t be bothered to draw the hands so you put em in the pockets…)

I dunno the CGI scenes in this trailer look ps2 not ps4.. They can and probably will do better.

And I mean I’m not a big fan of how SE tries to make Cloud the prettiest of all the pretty boys with every rendering of his design.. But really, there’s no way in hell they gonna make Cloud unattractive and not cool looking. No way.

As nice as it would be for the people who already know Cloud and his story to see these kind of things like Cloud looking bad and kinda sick, there gonna be hella alot of people introduced to FFVII with this game. And I think SE really dun have the guts to go with an unattractive protagonist. I wish they did, but I highly doubt they will. Besides the Final Fantasy pretty boys and girls are pretty much the trademark of these series by now. Dun get me wrong I’d love to see them change that with FFVII and kinda give it a darker more realistic tone, I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. Like atleast not in the way people think they did in this trailer anyway.

And besides, Cloud is a good looking guy! He’s supposed to be a good looking guy, since pretty much every female in the game has a crush on him. And you know his looks are probably the only thing working for him cause he’s either a dickhead or uses Zack’s dumb pick up lines.

haha jk, everyone knows girls like Cloud only out of pity. (word of god, can’t argue.)

Anyway, Cloud is probably gonna be prettied up and his hair and arms are gonna be fixed. And the fact he looks like shit probably only means SE got like 000000.01 of the remake done.