this was supposed to be a warmup doodle


Here’s a 100% self-indulgent drawing of Older Chat/Adrien AU’s Marinette in a handmade cheongsam, the color choices an obvious homage to Chat Noir. 

In addition, since this is also a reverse crush AU, it proves too much for Adrien to handle  XD  (Chibi Adrien was 100% @midnightstarlightwrites‘ idea, that genius woman)  X3

Yet another example of how I have absolutely zero self control, since this was supposed to be a quick warmup doodle.  XD

Edit:  Btw, I totally forgot to add, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!


Trying to become more comfortable with posting unpolished and ‘imperfect’ stuff, so here are some warmups, train doodles, and other miscellaneous sketches. 

Click for captions they might not make a lot of sense I’m tired