this was supposed to be a simple comedy


Okay, so I know Good Game is a simple comedy where every single emotion is grossly exaggerated and nothing is supposed to be taken seriously.

But seeing Alex all worried and alone in that bar actually fucking sucked. A lot.

Sometimes it seems like his relentless optimism and somewhat lame unconditional supportiveness are coming from his fear of abandonment. At least I got this impression from the way Alex’s character is portrayed in general.
Anyway, not to add the totally non-existent layer of drama here, but certain moments in ep5 were maybe a little heartbreaking (and by “little” I mean VERY, because I adore Alex and I’m also a giant sap).

The season has drawn to a close again and it’s time to review what I watched this season. Each day I’ll be writing a review for a show that finished or started airing during this season. 

Today I’ll be going with Aho Girl

Aho Girl a SoL about perhaps the dumbest girl to have ever existed. The title literally translates to idiot girl and that’s exactly what you get. Each time Yoshiko is on the screen you ask yourself how could she possibly do something dumber than what she’s already done? Only to find out that yes, it is possible. Surprisingly enough this short (12 minute episodes) has two super star voice actors for the lead. Yuuki Aoi is playing the one and only Aho Girl, and Sugita is playing A-kun who is the straight man for the show. 

Most of the show is comedy SoL goodness that revolves around Yoshiko being dumb and A-kun somehow getting dragged a long into whatever she is doing. It’s a pretty classic comedy routine in anime, and the show does it well. The comedy isn’t particularly clever, but the boundless stupidity of Yoshiko and the accompanying voice acting from both leads makes it enjoyable the whole way through. 

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The side characters are fine, though mostly tropey and do pretty much what you would expect them to do. Though they also get roped into Yoshiko’s shenanigans and it’s amusing to watch how everyone else deals with her being perhaps the dumbest person alive. I liked how every episode the OP changed slightly and was in of itself a running gag for the show. Also the dog. The dog is in fact the best character, and the scene of Yoshiko racing the motorcyclist was perhaps the funniest segment of the whole show. 

Overall I was pretty surprised with it. I was expecting it to be really dumb, and while it is in fact very dumb it was dumb in the right ways and ended up being really funny. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of this sort of comedy. 

Castle on the Hill : Ashton One Shot

Inspired by Ed’s new song xx

(Will edit this tomorrow, just needed to get it up)

Spring season in your hometown, where the fresh air smells like the ingredients of your childhood and the reborn grass doesn’t get much greener. You’ve missed the old place, having spent too long in your new life to revisit as often as you once swore you would. Seeing the sights again, you wish you would’ve prioritized your annual returns, noticing now how much has changed in the short three years you’ve been gone.

Your parents had let you know that they’d be moving from the house in which you grew up to one half of a more modern duplex, but the fact that you’d never get the chance to stay in your old bedroom again didn’t quite register until you drove past the street you all used to live on. While that stung your nostalgic heart, it hurt a little more to find that some of the quaint, rustic buildings that filled the inner city with close-community charm had been demolished to create a blank canvas for chain restaurants and other corporate projects. The small town that raised you is steadily losing what makes it so small, growing like you have while you’ve been away.

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Images from “68 Kill” (Trailer here)

“Trailer-dwelling, sewage-pumping Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler) may not lead the most glamorous life, but he’s got one thing going for him: he’s head over heels infatuated with his girlfriend Liza (AnnaLynne McCord). He’s more than willing to overlook her wild streak—the fact that she’s hooking up with their landlord; her rather extreme mood swings —so when she proposes a plot to steal $68,000, he goes along with the plan. But when what was supposed to be a simple heist turns into an off-the-rails, blood-spattered crime spree, Chip learns the hard way just how deranged the love of his life really is. The new film from Troma alum Trent Haaga blends wicked comedy with pure pulp thrills for a no-holds-barred blast of insanity.“

whizzerslinguine  asked:

I know you've probably been asked this before, but how did you come up with the idea for Welcome To Hell?

I answered this a loooong time ago on my W2H blog, and it’s a little wordy, but I think it’s a pretty good sampling of the things that influenced it. 

I suppose I didn’t really “come up with the idea”, it’s always just sort of been this nebulous thing I’ve wanted to develop for years, and it never really went away.  I knew I wanted to do a buddy comedy story that was centered around death or Hell in some way, with the straight-man being an un-energetic deadpan normal-ass guy, and the funny-guy being the supernatural element (a ghost, a zombie, a serial killer, whatever). 

I know that sounds pretty simple, but that’s about it!  It just kind of stuck with me and I kept doodling them and thinking about them and trying to develop them into something more.  I think if you have an idea that sticks in the back of your mind for awhile and never really leaves, it’s something worth developing!

Iain Glen’s Jack Taylor Is the Perfect Fix for Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal

The Thrones star also weighs in on whether Ser Jorah will ever get a change of clothes. 
by Joanna Robinson

For the last seven years, Scottish actor Iain Glen has spent a good portion of his time filming one of the biggest shows on the planet, Game of Thrones, in Ireland. When he’s out and about in Belfast, he’s the steadfast Ser Jorah Mormont. But a few hours drive away down on the coast of Galway Bay, they call Glen by a different name. “I can’t really go out and walk the streets without getting a lot of attention as being Jack Taylor,” Glen told over the phone. “That’s who they think I am, in very sweet, very supportive way.”

Jack Taylor is the hard-drinking, Irish private investigator hero of the books by Ken Bruen, and the lead of a series of nine hour and a half TV crime thrillers of the same name. In Taylor—a former officer of Irish Garda Síochána and something of a ladies man—Glen gets to bring the full force of his charm out from behind the layers of repression he plays on Game of Thrones. In fact, through a quirk of European TV’s laissez-faire approach to scheduling, Glen actually appeared in his first Jack Taylor episode back in 2010, before he ever picked a sword on Thrones. And now, all nine episodes—including the third season, which just aired in the U.K. last fall—are finally available for Glen’s American fans on Acorn TV. Talk about methadone for your Thrones withdrawal. The actor spoke with about the lure of crime thrillers, why Jack Taylor has more success with the ladies than Jorah, and whether we’ll ever see poor Ser Mormont change out of that nasty, filthy shirt from Season 1.

V.F. HWD: I heard that you’re a life-long crime thriller fan. What about that genre appeals to you?
Iain Glen (IG): All that crime does is just give you a structure to your story in a very simple sense—a very strong beginning, middle, and end. Within that, you’re just telling stories. It can have romance, comedy, whatever you like. I suppose I think it’s a liberating milieu. There’s been a rich vein of Scandinavian drama, The Killing or The Bridge; through those, I feel like I’ve got to know Sweden a bit and Norway a bit. You get to know the politics of the place, the people, relationships. You sort of discover a society through it.

If that’s true of Scandinavian crime, I wonder what about Jack Taylor is distinctly Irish.
There’s a great deal that is quintessentially Irish. There’s a strong obsession with religion and Catholicism within Ireland, which has done lots of good things and lots of bad things. The Irish boom and bust business—they made hay, and then it all went pear-shaped—means Jack is always deeply suspicious of business and those that are making money out of the community. Obviously you’ve got beautiful coastal Galway, but it’s a paradox in some ways—it’s a very beautiful coastline and city center, but there are problems. It’s got one of the highest suicide rates in Ireland. There’s a big youth population and quite a lot of drug culture there. There’s a dark underbelly to it.

One of the things I like about Jack Taylor is I do think you get to know a community. You get to know Jack, his family, his mother, his difficult relationship with his mother, the people he falls in and falls out of love with. There’s a kind of claustrophobia, which is very true of that part of Ireland. We know it. It’s very funny. When we film there, I can’t really go out and walk the streets without getting a lot of attention as being Jack Taylor. That’s who they think I am in very sweet, very supportive way.

You’ve got this great, big, beautiful blue coat that’s iconic to your character. How much does slipping that on put you in the Jack Taylor mindset?
Ah, Jack Taylor and his coat. The producers were a little bit wary to begin with because it covers everything. But like a dialect, I think it certainly helps me as an actor. In a single statement, it tells you that he used to be Garda. He’s ex-police, and he’s still fucking with them, really. He’s upsetting them by wearing the coat, and they constantly want it back and they’re never going to get it.

Meanwhile, poor Jorah would probably kill for that coat—he’s been stuck in pretty much the same costume since Season 1.
They found it for me, a costume that just felt right. I don’t know. It just felt like it belonged and belonged to him.

But every year it gets dirtier and dingier and more threadbare. I’m worried that by the end, Jorah will just be wearing scraps.
IG: I think Jorah just needs to land in a safer place, and then he’ll have time to change his clothing. Get cleaned up a little.

You’ve actually been Jack longer than you’ve been Jorah. I think it’s hard sometimes for American audiences to understand that you can shoot nine installments of a story over seven years.
It’s been a frustration, sometime, but I am entirely, or at least to some degree, responsible for the time it’s taken to put together because I need to be very available for it. Because of other commitments, that’s been quite difficult. But you try and keep a continuity thread. We hope to make six more as soon as we can, and I think somehow in that feature format, that hour and a half rather than an hour, I think you get away with more time between them somehow. But there are so many different platforms now for TV in a way that it’s been such a radical change. Now when it hits Acorn, people who never saw the first ones can watch it all at once. Hopefully, if we’ve done it right, you don’t feel the time it’s taken for us to put it together. Maybe I look ancient in the last one and I look young and youthful in the first. I have no idea.

I know a lot of people who watch you on Thrones are rooting for Ser Jorah to get the girl—any girl! Do you think they’ll be happy to see that Jack Taylor isn’t all about unrequited affection?
Yeah, it’s sweet, the fan reactions. I think that they wish Jorah well, and I think they wish he would—that he deserves physical love in return or something. I don’t know. I mean, the male fans react a little differently. But there is a certain female fan where maybe they see themselves in the story, and as long as you’re failing as Jorah, you’re maybe still more available for them in a funny way. Jack is a polar opposite in that he will get himself into terrible sexual pickles all the time, and is always doing very inappropriate things like having sex with the major suspect and that sort of stuff. He goes there without thinking and then ponders it afterwards, and Jorah ponders it too much, I think. Not that Jorah’s ever going to get it. Well, he might. Who knows?

Do you have any general words of optimism or hope for Jorah fans who are quite worried about that spreading stony rash on his arm?
In all honesty, no one is more worried than me. There’s a high death rate in Thrones, and I desperately don’t want to be part of that number. We’ll have to see what unfolds.

Double standards

I get so mad when some people *cough* think a female character *cough* is so strong and independent when all they’ve done is push around and batter a guy when they don’t get their way. They claim it’s feminism but it is literally the opposite. They glorify violent abuse towards males and it just makes me want to kick something. Feminism is all about genders being equal. It doesn’t make woman more important than men, have less agency then men, have the right to hit a guy when the other way around it is frowned upon and seen as the most disgusting thing. And people who use the excuse “but men are stronger they can handle it more” can actually leave. What does that have to do with anything? If the world wants to get to a better place where everyone is treated equal then there can’t be violence towards anyone.

Yes Robert has manhandled Rebecca, but like at least we know it was wrong for him to do that? At least we can actually see when our favourite character does something stupid. It wasn’t glorified and that is my point. Bex however, has actually slapped Robert, shoved him so he loses his balance and her fans literally glorify it and paint her as this big strong independent women simply because she’s beating up a guy. That is what pisses me off the most. The fact that violent abuse is seen as a catalyst for “feminism” when that is actually far from what it should be.

It isn’t even just Bex and Robert, but it happens in a lot of other instances in the show. Like when there was the comedy bit with Paddy, Rhona, Lydia and Chas. yes it was supposed to be funny but again the idea of females being strong and independent was reinforced by physical violence towards men. It honestly annoys me to no end.

When Aaron hit Robert, he knew he’d done something wrong. He apologised, simple as that. That was painting it in a different light and should be how the rest of the show is portrayed also.

But it gets my back up when Bex fans make gif sets and posts of all the times people beat Robert up. You are actually saying, “you go girl, he’s treated you like crap so go for it, batter him, make him feel your pain”

Shouldn’t feminism be about promoting equality between genders? Honestly say, “you go girl, you raise that baby on your own, you don’t need him” but why insinuate that for her to actually be strong and independent first she should batter him?

I’m not going to sit back and watch people pretend that any kind of violence should be glorified. Nobody has a right to say, they deserved it so it’s fine. That actually insults me so much.

Crying over a comedy-Johnny angst/fluff

Request- “ Could you do a angsty johnny scenario where you fight but with a fluffy/happy ending?? I love your writings!!”-anon

Song: Where U Are-Rina Sawayama

“Stop following me!”

“I’m not following you, Y/A! We just so happen to be going to the same place, in case you forgot!”

You were currently beyond mad at Johnny, your boyfriend of 1 year. You had just walked out of his dorm after an intense fight but now you were on a determined mission, him surprisingly hot on your trail. You rarely got mad at him but this time you couldn’t hold your anger in. He had been working hard for his soon scheduled debut so you weren’t able to see him as often as you would like. You were fine with it since he still had always managed to plan small, fun yet simple dates for you two whenever he could but for the past few months, it was like he forgot he even had a girlfriend. This small date tonight was supposed to entail what you thought would be a comedy that you had wanted to see since the first trailer came out. You kept dropping hints at Johnny about how much you had wanted to see this movie for weeks which soon turned into about two months due to Johnny’s busy schedule. You refused to go see it without him although the temptation was always there. You had ultimately given up on going to see it since it had stopped playing in the theaters and you had almost forgotten about it until this night, when Johnny texted you asking if you wanted to come over and “see something funny” with him. You immediately agreed, thinking he had managed to get the movie on DVD. It was pretty late at night but you figured it would be worth getting out of your bed to go and see your beloved boyfriend. After arriving at his dorm and watching as much as the movie that you could tolerate, you realized that your boyfriend’s text was very misleading. That’s how you ended up here, fuming and upset.

Honestly, you didn’t want to tell Johnny but the movie wasn’t the real reason why you were so upset. Sure, it was one out of two, considering your boyfriend had “accidentally” gotten the wrong movie, which was no where near being a comedy. But you could get past that. The real reason that you were upset was because you felt as if you were the only one giving attention to your relationship. Sure, he was busy but you were, too! You two were dating for a little over a year but it seemed like only about 5 months considering the time you two actually did things together. Heck, he had time to make chocolate dinosaurs with Ten, he could fit you somewhere in his schedule! You were beyond mad and you were using the movie as an excuse to showcase your anger. You were hoping the tall goof that is your oblivious boyfriend would read between the lines and see the true thing causing your anger.

“I still can’t believe we’re walking all the way to the store just to get some dumb movie,” Johnny muttered angrily under his breath.
“It’s not dumb and no one asked you to come, in case you forgot,” you said mimicking his words.

Johnny let out a huff while you started stomping harder as the store you were looking for came into view. You were determined to get that movie from the red box outside of the nearby store. You had finally ordered the movie out of the box, Johnny waiting a few feet behind you, bored and kicking rocks around on the pavement. As you stared at the movie in your cool hands, you felt your eyes starting to tear up. You tried to hold the tears in but after you looked towards Johnny and saw him now scrolling mindlessly through his him, you couldn’t help them from falling one after another until you were a sniffling mess. Johnny must have heard your sobs because he soon came over and quickly pulled you into a firm hug while trying to get your attention so that he could find out what was wrong. You looked up at him but when all you saw was a blurred figure, you simply buried your head into his chest, the movie hanging limply in your hand. After a few minutes of him standing there rocking you back and forth, you had finally calmed down. Once Johnny took notice of this, he widened his legs so that your heights were similar.

“Babe. Why are you crying over a comedy movie,” your now shorter boyfriend said as gently as possible.

You let out a weak laugh followed by a sniffle at the ironic joke. You were hesitant to tell him the truth, afraid it would cause another fight but you figured it would be better than pretending like you had been for the past few months.

“Johnny, I could honestly care less about this movie right now. To be honest…I’m just tired. I mean….it’s like we- we’re not even dating anymore! I know you’re doing your best baby but, I just feel too- too neglected. Too…forgotten.”

There was a long silence. You were looking down at your feet when you felt Johnny use his index finger to lift your head up. You looked into his eyes and saw his eyes now blurred this time. He straightened his legs so that he was towering over you once again. He looked up towards the sky for a few seconds to chase away his tears before he looked at you again to start speaking.

“Y/A. I- I’m so sorry. I truly didn’t know you felt that way. You’re right. I have been neglecting you and I’m so sorry that I didn’t notice until now. I don’t even know how to fix this. Please, forgive me.” He put his hands on your shoulders and looked deep into your eyes. Although it was tempting to forgive him easily, especially with his dark brown eyes still glossy and sparkling, you knew you had to put yourself first before forgiving him so fast. You pushed his hands off of your shoulders and took a step back, hurt evident in his eyes.

“Johnny…how do I- can I trust you? Not to do this again, I mean?”

He took a step towards you closing the space between you two once again. You looked up at him as he leaned down to rest his forehead on your own.

“I promise you and myself that I won’t forget who my wonderful girlfriend is, and how much she does for me. Thank you for staying by my side up until now.”

You took a moment to snap out of the way his lips ghosting over yours made you feel before slowly nodding your head. You believed he had good intentions and he knew better than to ignore you so thoughtlessly again.

Johnny took your nod as a signal to give you a kiss. It was long and sweet. He moved his hands from your shoulders to rest on the back of your neck, pulling you into the kiss even more. You gripped his shirt tightly, causing you to drop the movie you were still holding. The clash of it hitting the pavement startled you both causing the kiss to break. You both let out shy giggles as Johnny bent down to pick up the movie.

“C'mon babe. Let’s stop by the store to get some ice cream. Then we can go back to the dorm and watch this movie since you wanted to see it so bad.”

You nodded your head in agreement as you looked at the moon in the clear night sky. It seemed it little brighter, just like how you felt. You grabbed his hand as you two began to walk back in the direction of Johnny’s dorm. After picking the ice cream up you two were finally back and curled up on the couch together as you laughed at the movie planning. The other members of nct were also there and decided to enjoy the movie with you two. After the movie was finished you all were sitting in the living room chatting when you suddenly remembered something.

“Hey, Johnny. You said you had something funny to show me earlier. That movie you showed me earlier definitely wasn’t funny! It was scary, and you know I hate scary movies!”

“Uh..the funny thing I wanted to show you was Yuta’s hair in firetruck! I uh- I don’t know why that movie came on!”

He looked suspicious and you were about to question him again when you heard Yuta speak up from the floor.

“My hair may be crazy but at least I don’t confuse Ghost Busters with Ghostly Encounters!”

I hope you liked it! It took a while to post since I accidently deleted half of what I had already written and didn’t have time to go back and rewrite. i also don’t know if ghostly encounters is a real movie lol.

Something Like Karma

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing(s): Stiles Stilinski/Lydia Martin, with some Scott McCall/Allison Argent and a little bit of Cora Hale/Isaac Lahey on the side

Summary: It was just supposed to be a simple bachelor party for Scott in Las Vegas. Of course, when Stiles wakes up in a strange place the next morning and finds everyone is missing and someone is married, things get a little bit complicated. The Hangover AU based on this post by fuckyeahstilesandlydia.

Word Count: 6,676

Rating: T

Genre: Comedy, Romance, AU

Author: ladysansasnow / theshewolvesofwinterfell

Stiles Stilinski was a firm believer in karma. The whole ‘what goes around comes around’ thing had paid off big time for him over the years in various ways, usually working in his favour. He was a good guy, a good cop, and a good friend. Good things happened to him. Well, the occasional supernatural creature happened to him, but Stiles had learned not to apply the rules of karma to the supernatural a long, long time ago. So, when Stiles was jolted awake the morning after his best friend’s bachelor party by the loudest noise he had ever heard, werewolf howls and banshee screams included, he knew that whatever he had done to deserve the hangover he was feeling at that moment had been bad. Really, really bad.

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Blessing in Disguise, Chapter One

This is my first attempt at a fan-fiction. Like, ever. I’m always looking to improve, so any feedback is welcome! Once my email to AO3 has been approved, I’ll post it there too.

Synopsis (Because it sounds so much cooler than “summary”): Nick finds himself sitting in a bar, drowning himself in powerful vintage whiskey, after what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. He replays the events that led him to this moment and the local barkeep serves him a new perspective. 


When did life become so complicated?

The movies made it sound so simple, specifically the sappy romantic comedies Judy always forced him to watch. You’re supposed to meet a really nice girl, hit it off, get married, have kits, and eventually grow old together. For Nick, it was about the halfway point of that list where it seemed everything went to shit.

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, and yet here he was, drowning his heartbreak in a bottle of vintage, curiously strong whiskey. He had met Victoria through his police partner Judy, a mutual friend. She was a new resident in her building at the time, and Judy’s natural charisma made her feel welcome. Victoria’s fur was accentuated by the simple casual clothes she would wear, usually jeans and a graphic t-shirt under an old stained red hoodie. Contrary to the vibe her fashion choice gave off, the gray fox (who was roughly Nick’s age) was intelligent, headstrong, and an aspiring screenwriter. In fact, that was the main reason Judy introduced her to Nick. After hearing Victoria’s film idea, Judy mentioned Nick’s experience as a conman (which Judy reworded by calling it his “skill set as an unofficial police consultant,” which wasn’t a total lie), might prove helpful in bringing out a sense of realism in her screenplay. At first, Nick was reluctant to meet up, but eventually agreed to go once she promised him a box of fresh blueberries from the Hopps Family Farm. And so, one meeting turned into several, and before long, Victoria was able to produce a thrilling story about a seasoned con artist hired by two dangerous criminal organizations and finds himself torn between the loyalties of the Sahara Square drug cartel and the Tundratown mob. She sent the script to an independent film company that brought her story to life. Her film received about 1.3 million hits on Zootube, which surprisingly proved enough for a few screenwriting companies to take notice.

Although her film was produced, that didn’t stop Nick and Victoria from seeing each other. What started out as a few meetings in the same coffee shop escalated into a few trips to the movie house, then a few late night dinners, and even a couple of instances where she brought Nick home, which resulted in more than a few awkward encounters with Judy in the hallway. This went on for about one and a half years before Nick had built up the nerve to fish deep in the junk drawer in his apartment and bring out his mom’s safety deposit box key. One of the few possessions left to him by his late mother.

Judy ended up driving Nick to the bank just as it opened. “Nick? Why the big hurry all of a sudden?” She had asked.

“Just something I have to do, Carrots.” Nick replied, his muzzle buried in his paws in contemplation. Judy glanced at Nick somewhat worriedly. Nick would usually at least try and make a non-answer like that humerous. What has him so serious?

Nick took a deep breath as the banker brought out his mother’s safety deposit box while Judy watched curiously. Nick unlocked it and flipped the lid open. Its contents were few. A photo of Nick and his mother, beaming proudly as Nick wore his Junior Ranger Scouts uniform before the events that took place later that day, some old photographs of Nick’s mom and dad long before Nick was in the picture, some assorted documents, and a small velvet covered box, which was Nick’s primary objective.

Nick took the small box and held it up as he sighed. Judy slowly approached behind him, looking over his shoulder and gasping softly. “Nick, is that…”

“It was my mother’s…” Nick articulated, opening the box to reveal a simple diamond engagement ring. “Above everything else, she wanted me to live the life she couldn’t give me. ‘Find a girl who completes you, a girl you realize you can’t live without… and give her this…’” Nick cleared his throat, fighting to put on a brave face as he relived his mother’s dying moments.

“And you think Victoria’s the right girl?” Judy questioned, her big amethyst eyes darting from the ring and back at him.

“Not just think, Carrots.” Nick responded, holding the ring at different angles, “I know she is.” He shut the box and stuffed it into his pants pocket.

“Oh…” Judy frowned for a brief second before regaining her composure as Nick shut the box and slipped it back into his pocket. “When are you going to ask her?”

“Tonight. I’m gonna surprise her at her place.”

“Wow. Seems pretty sudden.” Judy cleared her throat and nodded, her long ears lowering slightly and her eyes fixated to the dark green carpet. “Good for you, Nick. Really.”

Nick turned to face her, concerned but still walking. “Carrots? You alright..?”

Before Judy could answer, her phone rang. She held up a finger to Nick as she pulled her phone out with her other paw. She plugged in her headphones and inserted one bud into her ear before she answered, holding her phone out in front of her. Nick only heard one half of the conversation between her and, judging on the caller ID, Chief Bogo. “Officer Hopps… Yes sir… No sir… Really?… I’ll be over as soon as I can… Yes sir… Goodbye.”

She hung up her phone and tugged the earbud out of her ear before turning back to Nick. “Sorry… The chief’s busting my butt about some late reports… And he says he’s gotta see me about something else… I gotta run.”

Nick smirked. “Don’t let me keep you.”

“You be alright walking home? He said this really couldn’t wait”

“I’ll be fine, Carrots. Go on”

Judy smiled. “Thanks, Nick. Good luck tonight!” she declared before bounding back to her car.

anonymous asked:

Why do you like season 2 so much? Honestly, I feel like it was the worst season (in terms of acting and effects and plot) so I'm curious to hear what it is that makes it your favorite!

man i just do not get tired of watching it i can’t really pinpoint a reason why but HEY I’LL GIVE IT A GO

  • the original 6 plus isaac/erica/boyd!! what a cast
  • omg opening titles f i na lly
  • everything about Abomination - s2 sterek was a dream
  • ‘i have a reSTRAINING ORDERRRR!!!’
  • alpha derek! the uncool big bro. not doing 2 well but looking so good
  • my babs scott and allison secret dating!
  • buzzcut stiles
  • allison’s arc :’‘‘‘‘( dark but fun to watch?
  • the scene between stiles and ms. morrell in 2.11!!! so simple so gd
  • the fuck is a kanima? wait who’s the kanima? wait who’s CONTROLLING the kanima? MATT bc he got a lil bit wet? this is ridiculous & i love it
  • the soundtrack
  • it surprised & shocked me in the best ways like… scott n allison breaking up/the wolfsbane hallucinations/lydia seeing peter/jackson the bad guy/stiles as more than the comedy etc etc
  • this:

oohh my god these are all so weak im 2 sleepy to think um it’s really just personal preference i suppose? yah the effects weren’t 10/10 but still! wolf make-up was good, the kanima was p convincing. i dont need the effects to be amazing like… im watching a show abt werewolves im never going 2 be conviced this is real. altho peter hale’s half dead rotting corpse was hilarious

i loved season 2 very much & it was around the time it was airing that i actually started watching teen wolf. during s2 i thought hey i need to blog about this! and 3 yrs later here i still am! ppl like different things for different reasons and YEAH ANYWAYS s2 just holds a special place in my lil trash heart i guess :~)

The Visit

There are absolutely legitimate criticisms to be made about using mental illness as a boogeyman in this film but just as far as pacing and delivery the Visit was a pretty strong return to fighting form for M. Night Shyamalan. It was a legitimately entertaining low budget indie-feeling comedy-thriller, it built fantastic atmosphere, the lines that were supposed to make the audience laugh made everyone in the theatre laugh, the uncomfortable parts made everyone squirm, it kind of played out like a movie adaptation of a solid creepypasta. With a budget of 5 million dollars and a disgraced director trying to get his head back in the game, it was a simple, solid product.

anonymous asked:

Please explain the France's fish meme to me? I feel so out of the loop oh my god. Does it have to do with that one official picture from Beautiful World with the cake and the chocolate fish maybe?

It comes from the English dub, second season of Axis Powers. Funimation is infamous for changing a lot of lines for the sake of comedy, and in episode 39 they switched France’s while he was talking to Finland about discovering America. 

In the original Japanese he just keeps asking more info on the little boy Finland saw. The fish swimming away was supposed to be a simple transition shot to not bore the viewer with just France talking, I’m assuming.

In the dub the fish is given more focus when France initially catches it and yells completely out of nowhere “Hey I caught a fish with my hands!” while Finland is talking, which sets up for when he drops it later on and yells “Oh crap, my fish!”

Like a lot of the memes that catch on, it was supposed to be a passing joke that grew.

✨ overdramatic ✨

when he gets a small cut from opening a “very hard to open” water bottle and he freaks out more than he should.

cal x you

word count: idfk actually 669 ;^)

genre: comedy, fluff probably

You tried hard to stifle in the laugh that was desperately trying to escape. How hard is it to open a measly bottle of water? And how long exactly is it supposed to take?

“You know, this isn’t funny.” He mutters, still struggling to twist the cap.

“You know,” you mimic. “it kind of is.”

He side-eyes you, giving you his infamous glare but stops immediately when he feels the cap move. “Finally!” He lets out, a smile creeping onto his face. 

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Sherlock vs Star Wars - The Empty Menace

The title is not what you think. Although there hasn’t been any sign of this on my blog – I am actually a massive Star Wars fan. I love Star Wars even more than Sherlock, which is rather ironic when I don’t have an “overanalyzing Star Wars” blog.  

Given my background its rather hard for me to ignore the similarities between The Empty Hearse and the Phantom Menace, so for once this blog is going to stray into another fandom. Buckle your seat belts we are going into outer space.

I’m going to discuss how the Empty Hearse fell foul of the same pit Phantom Menace tumbled into and what went wrong with both of them.

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