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Ink-Bendy’s reaction to seeing the cutouts destroyed in Heavenly Toys!
I wish I could’ve gotten this on video but my recording program decided to suck and wouldn’t let me do anything.
But for those who saw the bug in the last update which made Ink-Bendy spawn on Floor 9, it’s basically the same animation as the one he used there.

He does it on the other side too. I tried to get screenshots of that but you can’t see that side very well from the Little Miracle Station, so I tried it from the stairs. Apparently I was too close to him because as soon as he got to the destroyed cutouts and was supposed to do the animation, he spotted me. ;__;


Castiel in every episode
↳ 4x18 | The Monster at the End of This Book

Captain Swan Football AU Recs

Hello Beautiful Fandom, Since Colin gave us so many good material for Football AU, the talented people of this fandom made some amazing fic and sets. Here is some that I found, If you know another let me know.

UPDATED!! I found one more!!


The Winning Goal, @therollyjodger

killian jones is a striker for the storybrooke wanderers. they’re playing in an fa cup final match against bridgeroad united. it’s 1-1. 5 minutes left of the game. who will win? and who will lift the trophy in front of 90,000 spectators?

Playing footy, @alexandralyman

Yeah, yeah, one of what is sure to be many Captain Swan soccer AUs after today’s game. Featuring Elsa, since Georgina was also playing.

Play the Game, @lifeinahole27

Storybrooke starts up a soccer club. Emma enjoys watching. 

It’s a Funny Old Game, @welllpthisishappening

Killian’s not sure why he agreed to this. Well, no, that’s not true. He does. Because Henry asked. And, well, maybe they’re some kind of family now.

Emma’s not sure why she hasn’t said anything. Well, no, that’s not true. She does. Because she’s not supposed to. And, well, things were pretty good already.

Or: A quasi Out of the Frying Pan sequel with soccer.


Winning Goal, @blowmiakisscolin

Captain Swan // Soccer AU ,  @blowmiakisscolin

Swan-Jones, @xemmaloveskillianx

let me tell you about pigeons

i’m in a birdy mood today, so i’m going to make a lil’ post about pigeons and why i love them

#long post ahead, press J to skip it if you like <3

This is a frillback! they are specially bred to have really curly feathers <3

these are jacobins! i think they look super pretty, like beautiful aristocratic pigeon ladies with frilly boas <3333

here’s another.

german shield owls! also known as old german owls, these are, actually, pigeons and not owls. :-P these are my favorite kind of pigeon, and if i could have any bird as a pet, i would have one of these. in the picture is a blue bar color variation, but they can also be brown, white, and many other colors!

also, old german owls are absolutely gorgeous. if people were birds, the angels would look like these cuties.

let’s talk fruit doves! fruit doves are the most colorful kind of dove or pigeon. if you want a bird with a lot of pretty colors, the kinds of birds i would recommend most are painted buntings, and fruit doves!

(this is a painted bunting, not a pigeon. i included it so you guys wouldn’t have to google painted bunting just to see it <3)

this is a wompoo fruit dove. doesn’t it look like christmas???

but claude, you say. why are you showing us doves when this post is supposed to be about pigeons?

well… be quite honest, that question is kind of like asking why i’m showing pictures of carrots when the photoset is supposed to be about vegetables.

here’s a fun fact! what we call a pigeon

one of these

is actually a different coloration of

one of these.

same species! columbia livia, the dove-slash-pigeon!

really makes you question why we consider one a sign of peace, and the other a pest to be exterminated. The only difference is that one’s gray.


@simbollocks - @quiddity-jones

simbollocks replied to your photoset “                                               ~Part 10~   Aisley…”

You made him cute.. and mysterious,,, and alpha like.. how am I suppose to hate him now?

XD well it is okay if you like him too!

simbollocks replied to your photoset “  Summer insisted that I come out with her to meet one of her friends….”

LOLOL! Fall off by now..

Is that possible?! Either way, he’s used it enough :P 

quiddity-jones replied to your photoset “Oh, by the way, I have a little outing with Mathew!      Araceli: It’s…”

That has to be the oddest silver lining I’ve ever heard, but it’s funny! ‘At least I don’t have to worry about him sleeping around….because he is but it’s work!’

LOL! Yes, it’s one of those kinds of grim silver linings! I wouldn’t put it past Connie though, she’d do it just because she has this odd obsession with trying to ruin Araceli’s life. 

harry, a ribbon, a buttload of daisies and finally, sparkle overdose +__+

it’s actually a part of a photoset i’m planning but uhh nevermind

also: SOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please check out my friend @seyaryminamoto‘s post here. things aren’t going well for her right now ; u; so in case any of you are interested in commissions, please approach her, it would be a big help ^u^ thankyou~

germansam replied to your photosetthis picture has nothing to do with the story or…

Are those /peach/ shorts she’s wearing???? Hmmmm ��

I’m gonna do a big reply post probably tomorrow, but…

In this case, no, her shorts are white and the lighting + how I edit makes them look peach-ish.

Although–the tank top she wore the first day camping and the ribbon in her hair when she visited Meringue were both peach :)

watchyouover replied to your photoset “And then he decided to organize himself a huge Halloween party to…”

Well, in here the All Saints Day that is a day after Halloween is very sad and serious holiday, so I guess it is seen as a little bit of inappropriate to have such a huge celebration.

Won’t deny it, even if as a good heretic I don’t commemorate anything, it’s a serious tradition. Probably the reason why marketing didn’t manage to establish the thing !
So…after saying that, can I suppose that in the current Overwatch timeline :


Dorian: Well… that’s it then, I suppose. Quite an evening, yes?

Varlen: Yeah…

Dorian: Something the matter, amatus?

Varlen: No. (sighs) Yes.It’s just… do you ever wonder if you made the right decision?

Dorian: Only every day. Not to worry; you do get used to it.

Varlen: I just… I know we all did our best. But what if the things you and Riven saw at Redcliff come true? What if we made the wrong choice here, and—

Dorian: listen to me. You will drive yourself mad wallowing on what ifs. What’s done is done, amatus. Certainly, you can stand here and depress yourself with morbid speculation of impending doom, but believe me, it will not help. You should try trusting yourself. Your sister. Us. Trust that we will act with good intentions, no matter what the outcome here.

Varlen: That’s… rather philosophical, you know. Coming from you.

Dorian: Oh? And what, pray tell, makes you think I am incapable of philosophical introspection? I am very deep, you know. Almost to a fault, if I had any to speak of.

Varlen: Oh yes, of course. So… I don’t suppose you’re out here with my best intentions in mind?

Dorian: (chuckling softly) Why, only always. Although, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping to steal you away afterwards for more… selfish reasons.

Varlen: Well then, by all means… steal away.


Bollywood Song Posters: Celebrity Edition
↳ Aishwarya Rai

Happy birthday, @emknightleys! I’m so glad I was able to make you something this year know..your imminent death. I’m totally proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year from KWK getting praise outside of Tumblr to your work with Urban Asian! I know it may not seem like it now, but these seemingly pointless efforts are going to lead to bigger and better things for you and I’m excited to see where someone with such a brilliant mind and kind heart yours like is headed in this new year. No matter what the haters say, you are truly a queen and a dominating force of this fandom and a powerhouse of knowledge of Bollywood pop culture along with your incredible personality. Therefore, I’m grateful to have kept such a close and lasting friendship with you (as well as running a total of 3 blogs alongside you!!!) that I hope only grows deeper as time goes on. Happy birthday, my little Capricorn!

Love, Destini

Head!Canon Sterek in "Riddled"

Pretty sure this isn’t what I’m supposed to take from this scene.  

But what else am I to think when Derek is confronted with the fact that “skinny, defenseless, weak” Stiles is protecting pack as well as Derek (former alpha, born werewolf and general badass) and Scott (true alpha)?  

Protecting ‘us’ and succeeding for a time, at the risk of his own life.

Protecting 'us’ against “a powerful, dark spirit.”

Protecting 'us’.