this was supposed to be a harmless thing

‘The Blade ship got away. Rachel…Jake had Rachel with Tom. Rachel and Tom are both…and the ship got away anyway. Thanks to you.’

The Erek hologram disappeared. He was an android now, a thing of steel and ivory vaguely in the shape of a dog walking erect. 'And I’m supposed to feel regret because Jake ordered his cousin to kill his brother and I didn’t allow him to massacre everyone else on the Blade ship?’

That made me mad and I guess I showed it.

'So, you, too, huh Cassie?’

'Jake did what he had to do.’

'Did he? Someone flushed the Yeerk pool into space. Did he have to do that, too? They were unhosted Yeerks. They were harmless.’

'We needed a div-’ I stopped myself.

'A what? A what did you need? A diversion? You’re going to tell me you needed a diversion so Jake massacred seventeen thousand sentient creatures? A diversion?’

I took a deep breath. 'Jake says maybe you should get off the ship, Erek. The Andalites will most likely be coming aboard soon. It’s up to you whether you go on keeping your existence secret. We won’t divulge it.’

'I see.’

'Bye Erek.’

He nodded. Then, as he was passing, he took my arm in his pseudo-hand. 'Take care of Jake. He’s going to need you.’

—  Book #54: The Beginning, pg. 36 (by K.A. Applegate)

hey friends i dont know how many people will see this but

if you reblog those posts that are like “shower thoughts” i guess like “its weird how we start dying as soon as were born” or like “seemingly harmless things like oxygen are killing us” or something along those lines, can you tag it with like “death mention”?

i dont mind talk of like death or suicide and its nice to be open about it, but the things that are supposed to be like funny or mind blowing or intellectual or whatever really set me off and make me feel like im dying so please tag them i will block it

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Cenah & Sera get caught attempting to hide something THEY broke in the library b/c why the heckie not

                                             ‘You wanted to be ‘ere, so YOU hide it!’

                                          ‘& YOU wanted to play pranks, you hide it!’

                                                  Why not both attempt to hide it?

     At this point Sera didn’t much care if they left the broken t h i n g in the open or not. AT THIS POINT Sera could laugh at the entire situation, what was supposed to be a completely harmless prank turns into ‘let’s just prank what’s in sight’. Apparently some tool for navigation - she believes they found it at the Storm Coast, not that she keeps up with these things half the time. A scope of sorts, isn’t it used by pirates? Hell - she doesn’t know.

                                          ( Bring it back & maybe someone can study it )

     Rings in her mind like as a vivid memory. Well there was no studying to be given now, it’s in complete shambles. Climb up onto the studying table, reach for the crows to shake them up a bit & drop the scope down the rookery in the process. The bang! of the bronze object hitting the floor of Solas’ office still plays on repeat. Thank the Maker Grumpy Elf wasn’t present either. Quickly Sera ran for said shiny object & returned & NOW - oh now, they were screwed. Who was even studying it? Shite if she knows - guess they weren’t now!

                                                             ‘Ugh, hold still, will you?’ 

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ok so i don’t really *believe* in the doctrine of paganism - that is, as a dogma w/ associated practices and rituals - but the philosophy behind it, i find, is extremely pure. i feel the earth too, i feel a ‘presence’ but i would not call it by the names of gods or godesses. naming these things taints them; the more formless they are, the purer they remain.

and i guess with that in mind i’d like to explore the practices and the myths according to how i interpret it. they seem pretty harmless, seeking only to bring one closer to the earth, and to ritually affirm that closeness.

i mean, i do that anyway, without needing to do anything ritualistic. but it’s the doing in another way that i would like to get a taste of i suppose.

We, as humans, have some of the most complex minds. Every one of us is beautiful, and wonderful. However, one of the most terrible things I have discovered, is that we all have a built in weapon. We all have different ways of honing it, too. That weapon, is words. Words are, indeed, dangerous. Some use them to build up others. Some use them to bring others down. We can twist words, bend them, and craft them in different ways, all to our own wills. I suppose you could go so far as to compare them to a blade. And no matter how dull or harmless a blade may appear, it still has the ability to harm someone.

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What do you think about Dee referring to you as a monsterous beast?

Perenelle Raised an eyebrow at the question. “I suppose I’m a little offended….especially considering the fact that he’s done just as many if not more monstrous things than I have in my life. As for a beast…He’s not exactly a harmless kitten himself, he hardly has room to go around calling other people such things.” 

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You don't question anything, you always assume the myths are true and thus whatever you're dealing is harmless because the myth says so, what would you do if a supposed creature who according to legend can't lie, lies? Your blind trust is gonna kill you someday and it will be your fault for making an assumption you couldn't prove!


I’ve lived among those myths. There are rules things have to follow. That’s… always been…

Keeping my promise to myself...

As you are reading this, you will realise I have finally decided I am strong enough to end my life. I guess it means that all the things I’ve made happen to myself have become too much. It is common for people in my life to reference my seemingly perfect childhood, in which I was described as “Bubbly, happy and full of life!” It is also a common occurrence for these same people to inquire “What has changed?”

I suppose that the answer to that assuredly harmless question is really very simple. It’s me. I have changed. 

I am no longer the type of girl who can approach some fabulous stranger as much as that may seem pathetic. I am not the sort of person who can truthfully smile and easily partake within general conversations for hours on end. Ii am not the sort of girl who has friends. I look for people who will serve a purpose in my life. It’s a dreadful habit, which will shortly end, but I look for those who I think are most capable of hurting me, and therefore most likely to help me to achieve my goal. I do this because the satisfaction of being verbally or physically put down by someone who calls themselves a “friend” is immensely overwhelming, and enables myself to have less of a job every night. (Not that I would ever hesitate to deliver extra punishments for myself I hasten to add.)

I do not enjoy living, nor have I for an unreconcilable number of years. My life seems to have a detrimental effect on others which is truly heartbreaking, and most certainly difficult to stomach. I am repulsed at the majority of my behaviours, and appallingly disgusted at the slightest personal consideration for forgiveness for all which I have done. 

I do not feel this way because of any person… Living or otherwise. I feel this because I am awful. I take things from people if I so desire, I hurt people to such an extent that they feel silence is the only possible necessary response, I ignore people who reach out in positive ways even though this (event is very rare), and I isolate myself from any formidable sign of life. I do this for a simple list of reasons. 

I am to blame for all misfortunes, and so I desperately avoid being an offender for trouble. I am a curse.

People around me die.

People around me hurt.

People around me lose their will.

People around me lose their hope.

People around me give up, or are possibly effected by a dreadful event which makes them revoke their life which becomes a living hell. .  

I cause death. I cause unhappiness. I cause hell. I shall not continue to be such a dysfunctional cause anymore. I can not. I will not. There is only one solution to soften and cure these people’s pain. There is only one thing to be done to rid the world of such a horrific criminal. I suppose, in fact, it is a fairly simple task. It is, however, a task that Ii find myself continuously avoiding, for many unknown reasons. I find little courage to complete this task as I am extremely weak. I am horrible. The loss of my life from this world will be unnoticed, or more hopefully, thanked. I am a trouble maker, and the only way to stop causing trouble is to put an end to my life. I’ve considered how… plenty-a-time…

I think, however, that I have finally decided upon the best suitable method. Suffocation. Neither the most painful, nor quick, but this will be solving so many troubles the method has become of seemingly no importance. The small amount of pain I feel will be nothing when compared against all that I have caused. All that I am to blame for. All that I have forcefully imposed upon innocent others. I am truly sorry for all I have caused, and all for which I am to blame. I hope that with my death you will swiftly forget me.