this was supposed to be a frozen parody

Do You Want to Host a News Report? (Do You Want to Build a Snowman - Night Vale Parody)

((What is this?! ANOTHER  Frozen parody? Woops!

Anyhooo, this is basically Cecil singing to Leonard Burton (NVCR’s previous host) if you couldn’t tell.))



Do you want to host a news report?
Come on, let’s do Night Vale proud!
I never see you anymore
Come out the door
Look at this story I found!
I love being your intern
But all you do
Is ignore me and block me out

Do you want to host a news report?
It doesn’t have to new report

Go away Cecil

Ok bye….

Do you want to host a news report?
Or do some research around town?
I think an update is overdue…
Valians are talking to
The legions of hell hounds!
It gets a little boring
Doing menial work
And watching the hours tick by
Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock

Management? I know you’re in there
And now Im wondering what to do
Leonard seems to have disappeared
I’ can do whatever you want me to
What happened to my idol
I’m just so confused
What am I supposed to do?
Do you want to me to host a news report?



This is the video that uses my very first recording so my voice is super flat and off-key, so most of the comments are about how horrible a singer I am (though most think the video maker is the singer XD, though I am credited in the description, nobody reads that). But I am not phased!

Also so many people hate it because of it’s “evil” nature, XD, like they don’t realize this is a parody and is supposed to be funny. 

That the other reaction btw. 

Either they hate it since it is evil, they hate my singing but love the lyrics, or they think this is the funniest thing ever. 

But wow, over 7 million people have heard my parody and I am so amazed. WOO HOO. 


Elsa saying Anna’s name in OUAT. Anna’s all she wants. <3

This was supposed to be part of a different video, but it turned out much longer than I expected, so I figured it deserved to be a standalone.