this was supposed to be a colour meme

Yuta: Taeyong, I saw what happened. Is your boyfriend ok?

Taeyong: My boyfriend?

Yuta: Yeah the tall bitter one you’re always hanging around with

Taeyong: Doyoung. he’s not my boyfriend

Yuta: Are you sure?

Taeyong: Yes I’m sure! I don’t like him, he’s bitter and annoying and his favourite colour is purple. He’s everything that I hate

Yuta: But Taeyong you hate everything

Taeyong: What’s that supposed to mean?

Yuta: Well it means that maybe you like him…cause I kinda think you do

Taeyong: NO. How could I like him? Because I don’t like him. Because I can’t like him. Yuta, if I like him, shoot me

Yuta: [Points a finger gun at Taeyong] 

Yuta: POW!

  • <p> <b>707:</b> did you know ducks can see colours much more vibrantly​ than us<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> huh<p/><b>707:</b> their retinas are much better than humans<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> what are yo-<p/><b>707:</b> their eyesight is so good, they can see UV radiation<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> <p/><b>707:</b> <p/><b>Yoosung:</b> do I do with this information<p/></p>
The Nordics as shit my friends and I have said

Norway: Don’t ask me why the house is on fire, it’s magic, don’t ask stupid questions, Timothy.

Denmark: I’m supposed to be writing a poem but all I have so far is “BEEP BEEP GOES THE TONKA TRUCK.” 

Iceland: Yes, but can you paint with all the colours of the wind, ho? 

Sweden: I’m not gay, fuck off. Okay, his hair is beautiful, okay he has soul capturing eyes, OKAY HE HAS A NICE BOOTY…OKAY, SO I MIGHT BE GAY.

Finland: I like sugar and puppies and rainbows and feasting upon the souls of innocents, YOU BETTER GIVE ME MY DAMN COFFEE.

Humiliation Starters

“You’re dragging toilet roll along with you…”
“Hey, I’m today’s model– Oh, this isn’t the nude drawing class, is it?”
“I think someone played a prank on you, unless you intended to walk around with this advert stuck to your back?”
“Oh sorry, I didn’t know you were in here! And changing…”
“I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear you sing along to that.”
“Your zipper is undone…”
“Can you help me? I can’t get into my car– Oh… this isn’t my car.”
“Oh my god, how long have you been here?! You didn’t hear anything, right? I thought I was home alone.”
“I thought this was a nude beach…”
“Did you intend to send this to your whole contact list?”
“How was I supposed to know that this wasn’t normal attire for a wedding?! I thought it was rather colourful.”
“Oh god, I didn’t realise this was your bag. I’ve got one that looks exactly the same.”
“Yeah, I can give you the directions. It’s right behind you.”
“Oh shit, was that your coffee? I thought it was mine, sorry! This cafe is too small.”
“Haha! Who has a name like that?! Oh– you weren’t kidding?”



Colour Theme Meme - Cancer + Shinomiya Kojirou requested by @csdump


FFXV WEEK Day 7: FFXV Staff Appreciation Day // Chocobros // Free Choice

dont worry, Iris still caught the best squad pose after taking a secret selfie haha

technically this was supposed to be for the Staff Appreciation Day as well but I wanna finish it and add colours first! BUT ANYWAY, there’s finally motivation for me to do more Draw the Squad memes ;D


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Name: Holly

Nicknames: Berry, Baba, Holleh, Ghost Magnet, Rapunzel, Meme Queen, Wee wee face, Pizza Slut

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5ft 11

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Favourite Colour: hmm, I like black, gold and burgundy

Favourite Animal: Cats

Average Hours Of Sleep: About 7

Cat or Dogs Person: Cat person

Favourite Fictional Characters: TOO MANY TO LIST

Number Of Blankets: 1 B)

Favourite Band/Singer: ANYBODY IN MUSICAL THEATRE OR DISNEY, Zara Larsson, Ariana Grande, Little Mix

Dream Trip: Any Disney park, New York

Dream Job: Theatre actress or a princess at Disneyland B)

When was this blog created: October 2015

Current number of followers: about 400 I think

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: no idea :o

What Made You Join Tumblr: Mostly TYO


I called Child Services like you’re supposed to. But the mom, she wouldn’t believe it. Said it wasn’t true. And the dad, he was smart. He made sure what he did, how he did it, didn’t leave a mark. The law couldn’t do anything to help that little girl. But I could. I knew his routine. Waited till he was alone.

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  • Name: Allison (aka Moses)
Nickname: Moses (fave nickname), Weeb, and the occasional Ally (I like that name a lot more than I used to lol)
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 5'4″
Orientation: Pansexual I guess. But I usually just refer to myself as queer
Nationality: American
Fav fruit: Cantaloupe *heart eyes emoji*
Fav season: Autumn
Fav flower: Bluebells and any other tiny flower really
Fav scent: Citrus and melon
Fav colour: Mint green
Fav animal: DUCKS and owls. Also doggos
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa?: Coffee
Average hours of sleep: 8
  • Fav fictional characters: YOH ASAKURA, Illumi Zoldyck (obvi), Wes Gayle
  • Number of blankets you sleep with: One comforter
  • Dream trip: Germany and Japan
Blog created: Who even knows dude. 2011 probably
  • I tag..whoever wants to do it!

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9 and 10 for the syn ask meme :)

9:What do you like about having synesthesia?

I just… like it, I suppose. I think it makes the world interesting. I don’t really know, but I imagine the world is a bit more vibrant for me, you know? More colourful and interesting. And I think it definitely helps as a writer.

10:What do you dislike about having synesthesia?

Sensory overload can suck my inner ball I swear to fuck. Also it does interfere with stuff sometimes. Maths is the obvious example - the colours really trip me up sometimes, because I start trying to form the numbers into patterns and forget that they have their Own Thing going on. But also, while synaesthesia is of enormous benefit to being a writer, sometimes it’s… less so. When I have ideas for stories and worlds, those come with a whole sensory impression of colour and shape and texture and so on; but, as I start trying to structure the actual plot, that inevitably changes. Sometimes, it changes to something better, or at least tolerably similar. Usually it becomes worse though. And then I don’t write it, because I don’t want to write this image. I want to write that image.

There are times I wish I could turn it off. But it really is mostly good.