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so i haven’t been able to really listen to All Night, like REALLY listen to it intently until this very moment so i’m going to be very camren-y delusional right now, forgive me. especially to lauren, i love you and you’ll hate me if in some magic world you’ll be able to see this, so forgive me.

at first i thought the song was all about tyren because it’s easier to like succumb into the thinking that everything lauren’s involved with right now (romantically) is about or with ty. so i’m ready to feel that pang in my chest hearing how, supposedly, drawn she is to ty even though i love her and support her and such.

ps. i think i’d finally enjoy In Your Phone in the future days wherein tyren doesn’t exist anymore. like, i’m all for lauren’s happiness and all, and if she ends up with ty, then so be it. i’ll still love her. i’m just saying, i’ll enjoy the music more if she find love with someone else, preferably a cuban-mexican with that signature butt. or already found it but whatever. 😁

back to the music, since i like listened really carefully to it, the lyrics is giving this vibe like the person that lauren’s (or steve’s) referring to is someone that they’re not really “dating” but someone that they have a strong pull towards. so tyren is not it, because as i’ve said, lauren’s romantic life is currently revolving around ty or atleast what she’s letting us on. and also, it shouldn’t be about laucy because she wasn’t really that private about it either. i mean, they even did a photoshoot. and the lyrics of the song implies that this love is kind of under the covers, secretive and sensitive. 😁

let’s strip the lyrics now shall we?


My heart beats a little faster, when our eyes meet in the middle of a crowded room. I’ve got a feeling, and I don’t know what to do with you

1. we’re seriously not strangers with camren’s secret looks and secretive stares. i mean, it’s one of the very reasons why this camren ship started, right?

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2. all of us also knows that “camren” and their very relationship has been really rocky.


You got me paralyzed, and I think I like it. Caught me by surprise, I’m not usually like this, no. Got me paralyzed, don’t think I can help it. Why’s it feel so right?

1. we’re all not strangers to lauren getting distracted by camila. i don’t keep tabs but i don’t forget. lauren have her moments. we can all agree to that.

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The crowd fades, tunnel vision. In a maze, and the only thing I feel is you. In perfect syncopation. Face to face, tell me do you feel it too?

1. i just recently saw this tumblr and lol i just want to include it

2. “in perfect syncopation.” — genius lyrics got it all covered. ; so again, we can rule out tyren because i don’t know, i think they started dating way past the day they met. not that they should fall in love easily. i’m just saying that we might know two people who instantly connected when they first met. 😉

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< ALSO, don’t forget when they harmonize together >


But maybe I should wait, let it fall into place, ‘cause I keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way. And I don’t wanna (I don’t wanna play), these emotional games (emotional games). Only you bring me closer, and I cannot deny that I want you to stay.

1. “but maybe i should wait, let it fall into place, ‘cause i keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way.” — if this is about ty, why would she wait, lol? let alone let it fall into place when they’re both so happy and all? with that being said, if camren, let’s say, was real or is real. it was suspected that they are keeping things on the low for years now because of the push and pull of their relationship. some even concluded that they were so problematic before because one wants to be on the out (lauren) and the other is not ready yet (camila). basing on their tumblr reblogs. SO IF I’M GOING TO LET MY DELUSIONAL THOUGHTS TAKE OVER; lauren outed herself on her trump later.

– next, is camila’s insinuation in her Havana Music Video, which is…

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2. “'cause i keep going over the things that can come from feeling this way.” — lauren had a hard time accepting her sexuality #fact , and IF camren was or is ever real… do the math. she was finally proud of who she is, and she can’t fully show it to the world IF the supposed love of her life is not ready yet. (OR I’M BEING DELUSIONAL AGAIN) OR it simply implies that her attraction to the person is really THAT strong that it overwhelms her.


anonymous asked:

While I'm not the same anon you responded to earlier, I'd like to point you to Momo's hero internship as a reference to Horikoshi's poor treatment of her: the whole thing is a 'fuck you' to her character, and the fact that every female character's arcs are so short and that they're never talked about again is a big red flag, especially compared to the male bnha characters. And does Momo's hero costume really have to be like That?


((but i appreciate you not approaching the subject in the same manner as the other anon haha))

uraraka and tsuyu (both girls!!) got AMAZING internships that we see a lot of!! both learned a lot bc of them, and we see exactly what we need to see that will be applied later. if you complain about the girls being cut short you have to admit that the boys were too! i dont even remember what tokoyami or tail boy were doing bc theyre secondary and tertiary characters! its not sexist to put the main character of a story in the lime light!!

ofc the intern arc is gonna focus more on deku!

now specifically speaking of momo’s internship




her internship SUCKED obviously
but it sucked for a reason

when she was in the tournament she never got to showcase her powers, so when this pro hero picked her it wasnt based on how well she could fight as a hero, but on how cute she looked


she was so excited to even be picked at all but then it turns out its not for her brains or powers, its for her looks

this is what avalanches momo’s overthinking and over-analyzing personality to the breaking point. even when the red head (who’s name i cant remember atm) tells her smth to the effect of “wow this sucks but lets at least have fun” momo cant

she cant let loose
the whole time she feels like there is something she should be doing, and worrying that maybe this is all she is good for; being pretty





so after failing in the tournament and suffering through a worthless internship, the girl who started at the top, entering the school under recommendation so she didnt even have to take the entrance exams, suddenly feels absolutely worthless 

its bc of this that aizawa is so determined to fight her and todoroki in their next test

with their quirks taken away what they need is strategy

not power

in this moment, after encouragement from her friend, she suddenly realizes


she’s wobbly at first but in the end they win thanks to her cunning.

((under the cut bc this post is already long haha))

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Okay so if you don’t know already, I love Doctor!Cas in destiel fics SO MUCH. Like I don’t even need to read the fic if it has doctor!cas in it, i’m already there XD. 

So here’s a list of the best/my favorite destiel fics with Doctor!Cas in them. I’ll update this from time to time when I find more fics :) (I track the doctor!cas tag on ao3 lol) All of these are AU and complete! 

Tagging: @deanscolette, @lostboycas, @seraphmisha, @rebmathegisher <3

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Waiting (Part One) (Stony Soulmate AU)

Welcome to the story! Be prepared for just crazy amounts of fluff. Just everywhere. Barely a plot, lovelies. Just Tony and Steve helplessly in love.


Enjoy :)

“D’ya think we’re soulmates, Buck?” Seventeen year old Steve asked idly, his small feet hanging off the edge of Bucky’s bed, kicking at the air.

“Why ya ask?” Bucky stopped halfway to putting his shirt on, looking over at his best friend in surprise. “What brought this up?”

“Jus’ thinkin’.” Steve shrugged. “My parents are soulmates  y’know? Mom always says it’s because her and dad were best friends. Aren’t we best friends?”

“Course we are.” Bucky frowned. “That don’t mean we’re soulmates.”

“You don’t wanna be my soulmate?” Steve asked, and his voice got quiet.

“Damn.” Bucky swore and flopped onto the bed next to him, nearly bouncing Steve’s ninety pound frame onto the floor. “Don’t do that, Stevie. It’s not that I don’t wanna be your soulmate. I’m jus’ not.”

“How do you know?” Steve challenged, dark blue eyes sparking. “They say you don’t know till you kiss someone.”

“What, Stevie, you wanna kiss me?” Bucky teased, but was taken aback when Steve flushed a deep red and looked away.

“Forget it.”

“Hey, hey come on.” Bucky reached for his friend and turned him onto his side easily. He had at least fifty pounds on the blond and even though he never used his strength to make Steve feel bad, he definitely used it to force the stubborn kid to listen.

“You know I don’t care about… about all that.” Bucky said with a short shrug, and Steve turned even redder. “You wanna kiss and see if we’re soulmates, let’s kiss.”

“Forget it.” Steve mumbled again and tried to move off the bed. “I’m gonna go.”

“You’re not gonna go.” Bucky argued and grabbed at his arm. “Come on, Stevie.” He toppled the smaller kid onto his chest and cupped his jaw. “Come on now.”

With a quick roll, Bucky pinned Steve to the bed and leaned over him. “Gonna kiss you real nice, alright? Let’s see bout this whole soulmate thing.”

Steve was trembling a little, even as his hands came up to grab at Bucky’s biceps. Bucky hated how weak the grip was, hated how hard this last winter had been on his friend.

“You alright?” He asked again, and Steve nodded quickly. “Alright, Stevie, come here.” Bucky dropped his head and gave him a gentle kiss, licking at his bottom lip until Steve opened wide beneath him with a desperate little pant. “Easy.” Bucky murmured and kissed him again. “How’s that?”

“Um.” Steve’s eyes opened slowly and Bucky smiled down at him, brushing some hair off his forehead. “I can see why the dames let you kiss them.” Steve finally said and Bucky raised an eyebrow.


“And…. nothing.” Steve touched his chest, over his heart where a soulmate mark was supposed to appear. “Nothing.”

“So not soulmates then.” Bucky actually looked a little disappointed. “That was my best kiss, Stevie, if that wasn’t enough to make us soulmates then–”

“–then I guess we’re just best friends.” Steve finished and shoved at Bucky’s shoulder playfully. “So get off.”

“Fine.” Bucky laughed and rolled off, reaching for his boots. “I got to get to work then.”

“Thanks Buck.” Steve was sitting up again, still looking a little sad.

“Stevie.” Bucky wrapped his arm around his thin shoulders. “Stevie one day you’re going to find your soulmate. He’s gonna be wonderful and sweet and at least half as handsome as me and–”

He?” Steve asked shakily. “Why would you say–”

“Hey I told you. I don’t care about all that.” Bucky emphasized. “Everybody else might but I don’t. So yeah, this soulmate of yours is gonna be great for you. He’ll find you, you just gotta wait. And if he’s not perfect to you, Stevie I’m gonna rip his candy ass apart. But he will be. He will be your whole heart, your entire reason for breathing, because that’s what soulmates are. Our heart. You’ll find him. Maybe just gotta wait a little.”

“Love you, Buck.” Steve mumbled and Bucky squeezed him.

“I’m with you always, Steve. Soulmates or not. Besides, this was your first kiss. I gotta make sure the next punk to kiss ya is just as good.”

“That’s a weird thing to say.” Steve rested his head on Bucky’s shoulder.

“Weirder than kissing my best friend to check a soulmate bond?” Bucky teased and Steve just blushed again. “I got to go.” Bucky jumped up, grabbing his work things. “Stick around all ya want, Stevie, I’ll be home tonight.”

“Thanks, Bucky.”

Steve glanced up long enough to catch one of those heart stopping winks from those light blue eyes and then Bucky was gone.

Steve flopped back on the bed and placed his hand over his lips. He hadn’t felt anything when Bucky kissed him. His very first kiss, and nothing. Barely even a spark and certainly not the flare that was supposed to accompany his soulmark.

But if it wasn’t Bucky, then who? Who else out there would love him?

He blinked back the tears at the thought of being this lonely forever, and took a deep breath, wincing when his chest hurt.

Whoever his soulmate was, Steve had a hard time believing he would run into them here in Brooklyn.

No, his soulmate might be out there, but they he was waiting somewhere far away.

Steve just didn’t know how to find him. And he didnt know how long he would have to wait.

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Snow White (stan uris)

Request: “I just had a thought. Stan crushing on a girl that is like a Disney princess like birds with sit on her shoulders and let her pet them and deer walk up to her and softly nudge her. Feral stray cats turn into kitten putty at her fingertips like stuff like that”

Pairing: reader/Stan Uris

Stan presses his back against the tall tree trunk, hoping you didn’t see him creeping by.

He had noticed a few times while walking home, that you had always split off into the forest. It always intrigued him, but he hadn’t the will to follow until now.

He peeks out from behind the tree, watching intently as you stand there in the clearing, a single arm extended out in front of you. You look almost angelic, with a single ray of light bursting through the thick canopy, making you glow.

Stan hears a few loud chirps.

You’re smiling softly as several small, colorful birds land gracefully on your outstretched arm. A few more follow, perched on your shoulder and one blue jay on your head. He can’t believe his eyes; he’d never seen birds behave like that, especially wild ones.

He blinks rapidly, assuming it must all just be a figment of his imagination as you give a particularly small yellow bird a stroke across the head with your index finger. Wild birds don’t just let people pet them.

As you’re preoccupied with your tiny friends, a fawn moves gingerly towards you, ears perked up, and head tilted upwards in interest. It makes a small circle around you, before giving you a gentle nudge and falling asleep at your feet.

Stan turns around, hands pressed firmly into the rough bark as he spies.

He didn’t know many girls – or people in general, that wouldn’t shriek in terror if a bird got too close. It was almost like a dream.

You seemed to have a real affinity with animals. You were like a living magnet to everything gentle and soft that inhabited the small portion of the forest.

Stan’s heart swells in his chest with a sudden affection, and he silently makes his way out of the forest, leaving you to your furry friends.


Stan checks his watch timidly. His friends were supposed to be there by now. He sighs to himself, feeling a little ridiculous standing alone by a street post with his bike untouched beside him, propped up on its stand.

He jumps slightly, startled when he feels something rough and wirey dart past his legs. His first thought is a monstrously large rodent; a simple look however, shows it is just a stray cat. It returns his firm stare and opens its mouth, hissing loud.

Stan shifts a little in the other direction, as if an inch or two extra space would turn the cat back on its path to wonder elsewhere. He was never fond of the things. Especially when they dropped dead birds at his feet, as his childhood pet had done several times.

He remembers all the tears spent burying the poor things in his backyard, never noting them in his book, and becomes bitter. Dead birds didn’t count

‘‘Hey there,” somebody coos to his right. For a second, he thinks they’re referring to him.

He looks over, cheeks flushing red when he notices you crouch down and begin to stroke the cats thick grey fur. It’s back arches into your outstretched hand as it walks circles around you, leaning into your touch with each lap. Stan is aware of the contented rumble coming from its tiny chest and he stares in awe.

He was sure it wanted blood, not even a minute ago.

You look up, and he looks quickly in the other direction.

“Hey Stan,” you say with a grin. “Was Greyson giving you trouble?”

Greyson…? Oh. The damn cat.

“You named it?” Stan asks in disbelief. The more he encounters and interacts with you, the more he begins to see you as just as much a part of nature as a deer, or a centipede.

…And the more his heart swells and flutters at the sight of you.

You shrug, “just then. I’ve seen her try to attack some of the locals, but I think she’s just misunderstood, you know?”

Misunderstood only to you, who can see the purity in even vicious beings.

“How do you do it?” He gestures to the cat now laying snug at your feet. “How are you so good with animals, I mean?”

The question isn’t at his own interest to interact with wild animals, though he didn’t dislike the thought of a couple of birds sleeping sound and cute as hell on his shoulder. Rather, he’s genuinely curious why animals are naturally attracted to your presence. Was it a natural charm? Was it learnt from an old book?

Maybe she’s not actually real.

He pushes the grim thought from his mind, and remembers why he was standing there waiting for his friends in the first place. They were going to Neibolt for probably – hopefully – the last time.

Unless she morphs into that clown and eats me alive before we have the chance.

“I never really thought about it. Maybe I’m just too good to be true,” you say with a wink.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.”

Your eyebrows raise in shock; you hadn’t expected him to actually agree with your joke. The boy that had perfect posture suddenly seemed a little too flustered to stand up straight as he realizes what he said, trying his hardest not to make eye contact with you.

His curls are cute, you think. You have a strange urge to scratch his scalp like a dog, or the cat at your feet.

You smile and stand up, heading down your original path. You had been meaning to collect a few bits and pieces from the convenience store before you got distracted, something that happened often. Your attention span was ridiculous at times, especially when outside.

As you pass Stan, you reach up and ruffle his hair. His curls shake and move from his face, but the wind blows them back into their rightful spot. He doesn’t move away from your hand, in fact, he could easily be mistaken for a statue.

“Well, catch you later, Stan the man!” You call over your shoulder.

His heart accelerates, and he quickly glances at his watch, noticing his 5 friends cycling towards him with grave expressions. He looks back to your retreating form.

“Catch you later, Snow White!”

maybe. just maybe.

requested: nope

warnings: mentions of insecurity and overall sadness. language as well

pairings: tom holland x reader

type: hc list

summary: you and tom liked each other, but paranoia sets in, and it messes things up for the both of you.

a/n: this one is a mixture of sad and happy. the start of it is happy, but it quickly turns sour. it’s also inspired by this song.

i wanted to write something that was sad, because sometimes, things don’t always have a happily ever after ending.

also, if you are on my taglist, PLEASE don’t feel obligated to read this just because you’re on the taglist. if you would like to only be added to happy things, please let me know, and i will make sure to make a note of it!!

  • you knew tom for awhile, maybe ten months give or take.
    • you two met when you were an extra for infinity war
    • you actually made the first move and told him you loved what he was doing with the new spider-man
    • which made him incredibly giddy
    • the day you left is the day he asked for your number
    • it just went on from there
  • it was obvious that tom flirted with you
    • at the start, it was subtle. some texts saying “your last instagram pic was really good.”
    • then you’d be like “good? like the quality?”
    • and he’d be like “no, like, it was cute”
    • which would make u feel so good!!!!
    • but later in the flirting stage, it’d be more straightforward
    • “you looked really beautiful on facetime”
    • “why didn’t you tell me that on facetime”
    • a call would be made just so it could be said on facetime
  • everyone started to catch on
  • mainly because tom would leave comments on your pictures almost instantaneously
    • and you’d do the same
  • and everything was going smoothly for a long time
  • you weren’t a big movie star (you literally only wanted to be an extra because of tom lmao) but you understood the fact that he couldn’t always be with you every single day, good or bad
  • and you were fine with that for the most part, until it became a bad day
    • you would just sit by your phone, and wait for his name to pop up. just waiting for his kind words to help make your day a little less shitty
    • but you wouldn’t get anything until you’d fall asleep, unfortunately
  • with tom’s new schedule, it was hard to communicate
    • but you wanted the best for your more than just a friend. this was his dream, and you weren’t trying to varnish it in the least bit
  • with the difficult communication, came the dry texting due to him being busy
    • his semi-long paragraph texts would turn into a couple of words, which meant he barely had a second to even glance at his phone  
  • of course, you kept telling yourself that this is his job.
  • and that you two weren’t even official, so this needed to calm down before you got seriously damaged by this
  • but that was kind of too late.
  • with everything you would say to yourself, it just piled up to the point where you felt alone
    • “he’s just busy” which is true, but you couldn’t help but think
    • “he’ll text back soon” which eventually happened, but not to the extent you were hoping for
  • your whole demeanor would change towards him
  • you felt so guilty for being so upset over this, but you couldn’t help it
  • because you truly felt lonely
  • but that’s when you decided to try and distance yourself for god knows what reason
    • you would wait hours to respond, which was different. you’d usually answer instantaneously, hoping he would still have his phone in sight
    • not answering calls, and claiming you were busy
      • but really you were just trying to show him what it was like
    • returning dry messages with one or two word replies of your own
  • eventually, contact just kinda vanished.
    • you didn’t respond to him one day, and he didn’t really attempt to get back into contact
      • which would leave you to tears some nights, because he was supposed to be your love. you two were supposed to make it. hollywood wasn’t supposed to end this.
  • everything was starting to feel normal. no communication was starting to be the only thing you could register.
  • until he had a break.
    • he posted on his instagram about having a while off due to having some of his wisdom teeth cut out
      • you seen it two days after he posted it.
    • next thing you know, you just sat in your bed with tears brimming, because if you had continued talking to him, he would be with you right now. you would be helping harrison and the twins take care of him
      • but you weren’t.
      • you were sat in your bed with one of his stupid old shirts thrown beside your bed in clear view.
  • a day had passed, and nothing but regret filled your mind.
  • but you didn’t know that he felt the exact same way.
    • while you were in your bed late at night, thinking about what you actually had, he would be doing the same.
    • it hit him hard when he was alone after getting his wisdom teeth taken out.
    • because, damn; you were supposed to be there with him. calling him cute little names and making fun of him, all while playing songs from alvin and the chipmunks and singing to him.
    • but instead, there was silence and heartbreak.
  • out of his mind, he tweeted about a song you had suggested to him a long time ago.
    • it was a song you listened to when you felt everything at once.
  • several of your friends texted you with links and screenshots of what he said, almost immediately after he posted it.
    • @TomHolland1996: Promise by Ben Howard always makes me think about the things I once knew.”
  • at this point, you didn’t know if this was about you, or if he was just enjoying the song.
  • until a local friend sent you a screenshot of a picture he just uploaded to instagram
    • @tomholland2013: Maybe, just maybe I’ll come home.”
  • it was a picture of a park in your town.
    • more specifically, the park tom would always make you go to because he thought it had a lovely, aesthetic feel.
    • his home screen for the longest time was actually a picture of you laughing while sitting next to him on a bench
  • now, you knew. he was thinking about you. he was talking about you in that tweet.
  • you knew you shouldn’t, but your heart couldn’t take anymore of this tomfoolery. you texted him.
    • “hey. what’s with those posts?”
  • it took him approximately three minutes to respond.
    • “What do you think?”
  • you sat still, looking at his response, not knowing what to even say. luckily, he did that part for you a couple of minutes after.
    • “Listen, i don’t know exactly what I did in order to make you not speak to me, but it fucking hurts.”
    • “I know I didnt try to talk to you either but thats because i thought you didn’t care enough to answer.”
    • “And I know that I didn’t talk to you a whole lot in the first place, but that’s because I was busy. You know that”
  • you finally stepped in with his last comment.
    • “i knew that perfectly well, tom. i’m not an idiot. i knew your job had consequences for us. i was prepared for that, for the most part. but what i wasn’t prepared for, was literally being isolated. i felt like SHIT because of the little half assed responses i’d get from you. like i said, i knew about the whole distance thing, but i didn’t think it would be this fucking awful.”
    • read at 5:28 PM
    • “and quite frankly, it broke my god damn heart whenever i’d get a notification that you had posted something, but there were unread texts from me sitting in your conversations.”
    • “all of this just made me feel so alone, and so clingy, that it messed with my brain. there were days when i wouldn’t even turn on my phone because i just fucking knew that there wasn’t anything to see.”
    • “i’m sorry if this was a lot to take in, but this was a lot for me to take in too.”
    • read at 5:44 PM
  • by now, you had let everything go. you didn’t care if you cried, or who heard you. you finally revealed everything you kept hidden for so long.
  • roughly thirty minutes had passed. no messages, no posts, no nothing.
  • you were about to head off to bed after a couple of hours of staring at the ceiling with newly dried tears staining your cheeks.
  • you kept your phone on, just in case he wanted to contact you.
  • after you had changed into your pajamas, and laid your head down, the vibration of your phone filled the room. you sighed, and turned over to see tom’s name on your screen.
    • “Im sorry i took to fcking long to reply. I didnt know what to say to you. But I guess I know now. Im sorry for being the absolute worst. I didnt know you felt like that. But while Im sorry, I dont think it would be healthy for us to go forward with anything. At least not rightnow. I don t want to hurt you anymore than i already have. Thanks for being there for the timet hat you were Y/n” 
  • you didn’t even finish reading the text, partly because you couldn’t see much through your tears. but still, you frantically went into twitter, and typed his user into the search bar, and then typed in your name after it. no results were found. reluctantly, you reopened instagram to see the damage. and sure enough, he had archived, or deleted every picture that was related to you. except for his most recent one, but he did change the caption.
    • “Maybe, just maybe you’ll come home.”
  • with that, you messaged him back with a simple response before turning off your phone.
    • “maybe. just maybe.”


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On Jashi

Samurai Jack has suffered a lack of waifus and women in general, so Ashi being a mainstay I think is a good thing. 

The episodes we have so far admittedly do not make good shipping canon, but it does provide a foundation. Even if their relationship does not go romantic, theres still the bases of a friendship, or even a master/student type of relationship because Jack is so much more skilled then she is. 

I personally do ship Jashi, but I can see why others would not, or would even DISLIKE the ship, as Ashi, well, shes kind of a little shit and she has traits that I think would turn people away. 

But then theres the idiots who HATE it and start discourse over it. 


For some reason people insist this ship is incestial because of a headcanon that Jack is actually the father of the daughters of Aku, 

To these people I ask “Are you retarded?” Theres NO evidence that Jack is the father to Ashi or any of her sisters, its just fan theory and not even a particularly good one at that. 


Another one ive heard. You know, im not even sure people know what Pedophila is, because they clearly have no fucking idea. 

Ashi is quite clearly an adult as we saw her grow up from a child. Id say shes in her twenties, shes more then old enough. 

And Jack is Ageless, sure hes around 75 years old, but he still has the body he had when he was in HIS twenties. And even if he wasnt, so what?

Shipping an 80 year old man and a twenty something woman, might be weird, but its NOT pedophilia and its STILL A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING ADULTS. 

Holy shit. 

Now these arent the only two reasons why I think people dont like the ship. I think they dislike it because it interferes with their own ships. 

Remember earlier I said that Samurai Jack suffered a lack of waifus and women in general? Well what happens in fandoms when you suffer a deficit in one gender? You get a bunch of gay ships! (Well you get a bunch of gay ships regardless if the genders are equal or not) So Jashi kills these ships. 

Jack x Johnny Bravo. 

During Cartoon Networks hayday, where Jack originally aired, they had these bumpers that played between shows where it showed the characters of cartoon network all living together in the same universe. One such bumper showed Jack and Johnny Bravo in a laundromat doing their laundry. They have an awkward conversation when Jack’s gi is accidently dyed pink because Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls left her gown in the washer. No one thought anything of this bumper at the time, but of course years later when Fandoms and Shipping became a Thing, people thought the conversation between Johnny and Jack was loaded with sexual tension or some shit. 

Its stupid, its non canon and Jack and Johnny have only ever showed interest in women, so……

Jack x Aku 

Yep, people actually ship this. Ok, when Aku turns himself into a girl and messes with Jack, its kind of funny (He does it once in the show as Ikra, and he does it again later on in one of the comics) But its clearly not meant to be taken seriously. But people took it seriously. Its clearly supposed to be the “Enemies to Lovers” trope, but the things Aku has done is wayyyy beyond forgiveness or redemption. Jack hates him and wants to kill him and Aku does the same to Jack. 

Jack x The Scotsman

*Shudders* I honestly cant tell if this is a serious ship or not, but I have seen mentions of it. No, just no. The Scotsman loves his wife. Thats….all there is to say on the matter. 

Now if you ship any of those ships above, you are certainly welcome to continue to ship them. I dont mean to bash on them and you are free to ship what you want. But I dont have to like it and I gave my reasons why I didnt like them. 

Anyway thats my very long post on the matter

artdigy  asked:

God, when you want to make a character, YOU DO IT. Can you talk a little about your process? Where you got the idea for Mother of Pearl, your jasper ame fusion, etc? Whenever you make them, you go by theme and intense detail. Ily and your art so much

thank you so much!! im gonna describe my design/headcanon process under cut because its kinda a wall of text with some pics of older versions of maxima as an example. hope this inspires and helps you!

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↠i miss you

↠ pairing: wen junhui/reader

↠ genre: fluff, every day texts, some stuff very very lightly implied

↠ summary: junhui loves pet names, and you

↠ author’s note: tumblr was not cooperating with anything about me posting this + i should write more jun

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anonymous asked:

Hey uh I hope I don't sound like a troll but what IS your stance on ace discourse? Im ace and following aphobes makes me extremely uncomfortable. If you don't want to talk about your views I completely understand.

i do not want cishets in lgbt spaces. it is not specifically about them being ace or aro, if someone is cis and het i do not want them in lgbt spaces. at my local lgbt youth group we have trans small group once a week that is specifically for trans kids to talk with each other and get help, and it is almost always hosted by a trans adult, but one week they were short on staff so the guy hosting was a cis gay man. the group was going and i was talking about how one thing every trans kid goes through when they first come out is a phase where theyre basically a cis-pleaser and that we need to all realize our transition is about us and us alone and it doesnt matter what other people think or whether they understand and that cis feelings are irrelevant. at a later time in the group someone was talking about how he tried to come out to his parents and family before but it didnt work so he wanted strategies and ideas to be more successful. he said that he needed to be patient with them and explain a lot of things. the cis chaperone takes this as an opportunity to pipe up about how doing that shows a lot of maturity and this whole passive-aggressive tangent about how its our responsibility to educate other people and be the bigger person and blah blah blah that i KNEW was in direct response to what i had been saying earlier, and his cis ass was completely fucking blind to the fact that the reason why the trans boy was being so careful about this in the first place was because he depends on his family to fucking live and if he makes a wrong move or somehow offends them he might be out on the street.

a trans-only space should not have a cis person in it. it is supposed to be safe to talk about being trans and to be completely open, and the chaperone made it the opposite of that.

when i think of “exclusion” discourse i think back to that group. for some people that is the only space where they can be out of the closet and they have to hitch rides in secret so their parents dont know where theyre going. when i first went there at the tender age of 12 extremely self hating and suicidal that group fucking turned me around. my first time there i wore super ultra masculine clothes (complete with a fucking snapback) but being there i realized i didnt have to put up a front because these people were like me. and even though we were still around cis people we also had our own space every week.

groups and resources like that are a lifeline for some lgbt people and the only place where they can be open SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE it excludes people. and my experience in the trans group shows exactly what happens when you dont.

i dont give a shit about identity politics, i dont give a shit about the whole “does being ace/aro make you lgbt” discussion, hell i wouldnt even fucking care if a cis aro and ace person showed up as long as they knew their place and didnt try and act like they faced homo/transphobia. but keeping safe spaces safe is extremely fucking important to me.

sorry that was a lot but i havent ever really addressed exactly why i feel the way i do

also i dont hate ace people i just have major issues with the ace community on tumblr and the way aromanticism is treated as discount asexuality and i dont like the appropriation of gay culture and terms, but that isnt exclusive just to ace people.

also also feel free to unfollow if these views make u uncomfortable but im aro so dont call me an aphobe


Genre: super angsty !!

A/N: it’s been long since i wrote a short story and tbh im glad some of yall actually read the previous few i posted and im very thankful but please do request for anymore scenarios or storylines because i can hardly think of anymore and i need people to help me and save this blog so thanks !! on a side note , i’ve been feeling really snappy and upset these few days so i guess it explains why i came up with this storyline , i apologise in advance if it isnt good or interesting but also i hope you enjoy reading too !


Everything was quiet and the atmosphere turned into suspense and tension . The sound of traffic and cars could be heard clearly from beneath the apartment that both of you owned-

at least for now.

The sound of the sofa creaking caused you to turn your head as you stared at him with your bloodshot eyes . His frown and clenched up fist told you that he was feeling the same way as you , and both of you had no plans to calm down .

Letting out a frustrated groan , you heard him mumble something under his breath . Raising your eyebrows , you crossed your arms across your chest and scoffed .

“ What did you just say ? ”

“ Nothing , you don’t need to know. ”

His cold reply sent chills down your spine as you had never heard him speak in that tone before . The cute , funny and romantic yuta was long gone , and you missed him dearly . But yet , it only seemed to get worse day by day , until you couldnt take it anymore so you decided to settle everything just a few moments ago .

Fame , popularity and money got to him . You remember seeing him coming back home one day bragging and sharing with you how successful his soccer team was and how much he earned just by playing in a single game . Hugging him closely , you were happy for him and proud that he could finally do what he wanted and love , and you wanted him to achieve more .

But who knew it was totally wrong to think of that

He became greedy , participating in different competitions and becoming a professional instructor to teach many other school teams . He hardly went back home , ignoring your calls and messages and often went home just to sleep and disappearing the next day again , not saying a single word to you .

Both of you grew further apart , becoming more distant . Although staying under the same roof , your hearts weren’t together anymore like how it used to be , you felt rejected . You missed cuddling in his arms and watching movies together , attempting to cook together without burning the kitchen down and sharing inside jokes with each other .

All of these were long gone , and you had to deal with it for 3 months .

You became tired of the relationship , feeling like you were the only one contributing and giving . He of course wasn’t aware , because he was too caught up with his own things . You couldn’t take it anymore , you needed a getaway .

Going on different dates and making out or hooking up with different guys , you lied to them that you didnt have a boyfriend . You needed affection and love , and yuta wasnt giving you any more so you were left with no choice . It felt good , but the emptiness was still there , as the warm and fuzzy feeling wasn’t there ,

the one you constantly felt when yuta expressed his love to you.

Sooner or later , you figured out yuta had found out as he stopped going home for a few days and even when he did , both of you slept in different rooms . But yet , he did not do anything . He didn’t stop you and talked to you about it . It was like as if he didn’t care anymore .

Were the both of you still a couple ?

You gave up , you didn’t want to try anymore.

“ I think we should end this . It’s not working out and all you care about is about playing a stupid ball and earning money , being that ’ oh-so-wonderful-popular-soccer-player ’ . When was the last time we even had a conversation apart from when we’re eating ? ” you blurted out , an upset expression showing as you glared at your boyfriend , who didn’t seem to be affected by your words at all .

“ You said you’d support me , and my dream . I’m working this hard for us , and you . If you think you cannot take this anymore then fine , we don’t need each other anymore . I don’t need someone who pulls me down for doing something i love . ” he bit his bottom lip as he avoided your gaze . His fists were still clenched and you could tell from his flushed face that he was angry .

You felt twitching on your left eyelid and your heart rate slowly increasing . Taking a deep breath , you said out loud again , “ Fine , i don’t need someone who neglects me all the time when he’s supposed to shower me with love too . I’ll leave tomorrow , you paid more for this apartment so you keep it . ”

Without saying another word , he got up from his seat and slammed the main door behind him . You saw his masculine silhouette slowly disappear as you finally let the tears that you’ve been battling in your eyes to fall. You bit on your lips as you pulled your legs closer to you.

How did love turn out this way ?
A Jade post? In 2017?

I could write this post in my sleep because I’ve written 40 just like it, but I keep seeing posts about lack of Jade meta, so I guess I was a little ahead of my time and must now answer the call. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might as well keep scrolling. You’ve seen this all before in increasing tones of despair.

For everyone else, this aims to be a general overview of Jade Harley’s character, back when she was allowed to have one, looking at her issues and development. I’ll condense it a fair bit because none of us want to be here all evening, but feel free to ask me to expand on anything. I used to do this all the time.

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jason todd’s post-crisis origins, a summary, pt 2, i read comics so you don’t have to: THE ENDING (pt 1 here)

batman #409

bruce: i just can’t keep my mind off that weird opossum wearing clothes i ran into tonight

bruce: i mean how did an opossum 1) find an appropriately sized leather vest and 2) learn to steal tires?? we just don’t know

bruce: well, time 2 do some stealth detective work

bruce: *walks into free health clinic in crime alley* hi im brucie wayne can u give me all the info u have on catherine todd??

secretary: she died bro :( here’s all her info, btw do u know what HIPAA is? bcs i clearly don’t

bruce: *walks into police headquarters* hi im batman can u give me all the info u have on catherine todd??

commissioner: her husband is willis todd. he died bro :( double-crossed two face

bruce: lol a pun

commissioner: oh shit lol

commissioner: anyway why are u so obsessed with the todds?? creep

bruce: “let’s just say i have an interest in a young man” REAL QUOTE

~~~~on the other side of town~~~~

ma gunn: children please gather round, we have a new student. KILL HIM

jason: what the fuCK ??? i just got here, i thought grammas are supposed to be nice and bake cookies n shit what t hell??

ma gunn: hm it’s been less than half a page of fighting and he’s still not dead, so i guess we’ll keep him :) what a nice gift from mr batman

ma gunn: *lights up*

ma gunn: today lesson is GUNS. guns is good. use guns to shoot people

class: k

ma gunn: drink alcohol it’s really good for u and what my dead sons loved to abuse lol :))

class: k

jason: this lady is batty (o shit a pun), i’m outtie *runs away*

bruce: well it is time for patrol, i guess that opossum was right abt people hiding until today to do crime. oh hey look over there, some rich college kids tryna buy weed lol


bruce: seriously tho “keep ur noses clean and ur butts out of crime alley” REAL QUOTE

bruce: well as fun as beating up nerds is it’s time to head home– O FUCK a civilian needs my help

civillian: help

bruce: did someone stole ur tires?? THAT FUCKIN OPOSSUM doesn’t it know any other tricks jfc

jason: *listening 2 punk records n reading a book in his shit apartment*

bruce: hey

jason: hey

jason: wait what the fuck WHY R YOU IN MY APARTMENT AGAIN stop its weird :/

bruce: U DIDNT KEEP UR END OF THE BARGAIN!!!!!!! *lots of dramatic pointing*

jason: like hell i didnt!

bruce: omg how DARE u use that DISGUSTING FOUL LANGUAGE around me watch ur fucking MOUTH like how dare u SWEAR at me like that u little shit

jason: sorry i mean, like heck. like heck i didn’t.

bruce: ok well wth happened then? y arent u in school rn??

jason: dude that was a fuckin scam school where they teach kids how to do crime (and they didnt even have cookies)

bruce: i dont believe u and i am 500% more committed to taking the word of this scary looking gramma than u

jason: ok well fuck u then. i don’t wanna learn to be no crook. i just boost what it takes to survive.


jason: idc if u don’t believe me. not ALL adults are saints, u know.


jason: tbh i overheard their plans, theyre gonna steal shit from the museum tonight

bruce: lol ya right u ridiculous marsupial, i’m leaving BYE

bruce: *5 seconds later* i better check the museum 2 make sure that nobody–  O SHIT HE DIDNT LIED

ma gunn: lol hi batman im just here to steal these huge fake gems (?????????? why tho) and kill u 

batman: no

bruce: *punches every one EXCEPT!!!! one student who sneaks behind him and is abt to drop a huge fake diamond on top of him–*

jason: BATMAN LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jason: *knocks kid out while making puns bcs its a requirement and otherwise he won’t get adopted*

bruce: nvm NVM i’m ok. thanks for the rescue small nocturnal friend, btw why r u here??

jason: i had to make sure someone stopped them :/// u were being a prick i wasnt sure if u’d show

bruce: get in my car

jason: the fuck

bruce: don’t be a little shit

jason: even tho im a streetwise kid and should know better than 2 accept rides from strange adult men, ok.

bruce: *points to jason* luv that robin

jason: robin????? :o

jason: …hell yeah heLL YEAH damN RIGHT FUCKIGN RIGHt

bruce and jason: *drive into sunset sunrise together*


Part 1: Did Isayama have any say in this?

I’ve exhausted my salt supply because of the Season 2 cour drama already, (the one thing WIT Studio couldn’t have fucked up but did it anyway…) so I tried to be positive in my replies!

Anonymous said:

I m deceived of how they made the rivamika scene :( 

I feel you, anon! But honestly, after almost being scared to death while watching the raw stream because someone whose stream was ahead said they’d skipped the carriage scene again (@suniuz​ I’M LOOKING AT YOU LOL), I’m just relieved they did not skip that scene entirely.

@noatchka​​​ said:

I watched the 3rd episode of season 2, and Levi didnt say ‘dont make a mistake’, or something to Mikasa, but Towards Eren. I like that tho xD 

Nevermind, i saw your post xD 

Despite popular opinion, I also don’t really mind, as long as they do justice to Mikasa’s character development during the Uprising Arc, whenever it airs. Apparently they changed Levi’s scolding to be directed at Eren because of the butterfly effect that came with radically changing season 1′s last episode (rage mode Eren)

Pros: Changing Levi’s dialogue to “I dunno why you’re so attached to him, but protect him at all costs” made him seem just jealous of Mikasa and Eren, and that’s it. In the manga at least he had an excuse for what he said - he was concerned about Mikasa AND her performance. Rivamika feels!

Cons: Mikasa not being scolded takes away from her flaws and makes her character more dependent on Eren, and less on Levi (which is actually what happens in later chapters). Cue “Mikasa is a Mary-sue” and “Mikasa is just shipping fodder” comments. Plus, Levi’s scolding is one of the catalysts for almost her entire character development in the Uprising Arc, and that’s what I like best about Rivamika - Levi is the one that helps her mature in that arc.

It’s also bad for Eren’s character. While they removed his “I’ll know exactly who to point all this anger at…” line, they added his rage mode to episode 25, and now Levi’s scolding on top of it makes Eren seem even angrier and more out of control. We know he’s going to snap later this season because of Reiner and Bertholdt anyway, so what’s the point…? At this rate I don’t understand what they’re trying to get at with Eren’s character anymore.

Anonymous said:

I feel like the rivamika carriage scene got really trivialised…. my only consolation was seeing Levi’s face literally soften specifically for Mikasa when he gave her orders 

In the manga, while we can’t see Levi’s face when he talks to Armin, we can suppose he keeps the same expression when he’s speaking to Mikasa.

Notice above how his expression doesn’t change at all when he scolds Mikasa, after asking her why she’s so attached to Eren. In this episode, however, Levi’s expression is stern towards Armin, becomes softer towards Mikasa and turns even harsher towards Eren, because of his scolding!

That’s a big deal and something I’m eternally grateful to the anime for!

Anonymous said:

As time passes by I find myself even more disappointed and salty about how the carriage scene was handled. Mainly because of how Mikasa’s character is portrayed in the anime and how all the anime-only viewers I know see her and I quote “ she is a generic MC centered character with no actual purpose other than fighting and following the MC around. She lacks all the depth and development of other characters and as it is for a supposed main her presence feels insignificant ” and to my dismay I can’t defend her since The anime adaption does portray her that way with all the changes in season 1 and I can’t reference the manga in our discussions. I’m honestly worried about her character going forward………( two part ask. I guess having more than a 100 people bash one of your favorites while you watch helplessly does that. I’m mostly venting but I’d love to know your opinion on this if you don’t mind. )

Yes, unfortunately. See the pros and cons I wrote about above. We can’t do anything right now except be patient and wait and see if they fix it this season or next (which is more likely because… Ackermans).

Anonymous said:

With these drastic changes in the latest episode (which I was looking forward to so much) it is likely that EreMika and EreRi (NOTE: I have nothing against this 2 ship whatsoever) will gain tons of fans, it just saddens me RivaMika don’t even get much screen time and then the studio will just change it like that, and to top it all they had ruined Mikasa’s character development. We won’t even get the “How’s your leg part”… Is that too much to ask?? Do they really need to do that? 

I don’t think it was all that bad for the Rivamika ship relatively speaking. But which ship gets more fans because of that scene should not be the main concern here, it’s Mikasa, Levi and Eren’s character development!

As for the “how’s your leg” moment from chapter 53: Hold on, we don’t know if they’re going to cut that scene from season 3 just because of what they did to episode 28! Some time ago I even talked about how they might tie Mikasa’s missing monologue from episode 25 to that scene when it airs in season 3. Who knows, maybe Levi will scold Mikasa differently, in other circumstances!

It makes sense to postpone that part of Mikasa’s character development to season 3 since the Uprising arc is much more about these two (Levi and Mikasa) than the Clash of the Titans arc. But it doesn’t look good for Mikasa’s character in this arc - it takes away the balance that Isayama gave her from Levi’s scolding.

Anonymous said:

Hi! I know that you talked about the change in the last espisode, but I feel that they took away what Isayama himself put through several chapters: that feeling of curiosity towards Mikasa. They also eliminated the guilt of her, because first the dialogue of “the strongest man of humanity is injured because of me” was removed. And now the one of “protects to Eren but controlate” which just referred to that occasion of the fight with the woman Titán. (½) 

I would not be surprised if they removed the part where mikasa asks for his leg if they animate the bow of insurrection. The only thing I rescued from that moment in the anime, was that in fact Levi did not even scold Mikasa, instead to Eren himself and made him rather annoying. Sorry if my English is with google translate xD (2/2)

As I said above, let’s wait and see if they include these moments this season or next. Since they emphasized his leg’s injury with the added dialogue from last episode, I think chances are low that they’ll cut the “how’s your leg” scene from season 3.

@dark-als​ replied to your post “EPISODE 28”

I get that they are adapting things to fit with season 1 ending but I must admit I’m disappointed with how they handled this scene. I always viewed this scene as an important character development moment for Mikasa where she acknowledges her mistakes and takes responsibility for them. Yet they completely downplayed the moment … I really hope this doesn’t become a trend with other important scenes

I also hope this doesn’t become a trend, but let’s just wait. They can’t ignore this aspect of her character for too long because of the Uprising Arc. 

I’m still hopeful that they won’t cut the “is your leg okay” scene from chapter 53. In my opinion, the anime’s biggest fuck up was making Levi, despite his injury, use the 3DMG to stop Eren from eating Annie. But they included this line to last episode’s dialogue to remind everyone that he’s still injured and to explain why he’s not actively fighting in the Clash of the Titans arc. So you see, if they fixed their blunder with Levi’s character, there’s still hope they can fix the one with Mikasa’s.

@suniuz  replied to your post “EPISODE 28”

I was a little bit disappointed but maybe this means Levi doesn’t want to blame Mikasa in front of everyone else? (Idk I’m just trying to make myself feel less salty but yeah Mikasa taking responsibility for her own mistake is so important :’(

Maybe it is. But it’s the second time the anime skips over that matter (Mikasa’s blunder versus the Female Titan). While from a Rivamika shipper’s point of view that might be great since Levi seems less harsh on Mikasa (even less than he usually is, considering how lenient he was to her during the Uprising Arc!), I really hope that means they’re just postponing these scenes to season 3 so the context is easier for anime-only watchers to understand.

Lastly, I’m going to quote Isayama, because here’s a friendly reminder that he’s genuinely worried about her character development:

Isayama: Mikasa’s growth probably involves separation from Eren. By separation, I mean she might be able to return to that ordinary girl that she used to be in childhood…… I read some interesting thoughts from readers on the internet. People would say male mangaka have a tendency to reject the notion of “fate.“ On the contrary, female mangaka draw works that approve “fate.” You meet your Mr./Ms. Right, you say “This is fate!”, and you accept that the trajectory of your life is already predestined. People who interfere with that and seem to affect your serene life are portrayed as villains. Of course, I am not speaking of all mangaka, but with my mentality as a male mangaka, I think it is pitiful if Mikasa’s life is only about staying together with Eren. However to Mikasa, it is a wonderful thing to be with Eren forever. Combining what I’ve said, if I were to draw the separation of Eren and Mikasa, I feel like my portrayal likely won’t be satisfactory for readers, because Mikasa would have to endure the strain of being stuck between Eren and Armin…

If he allowed these changes there must be a very good reason, and we’ll only know it when this season ends or maybe when next season airs.

anonymous asked:

how old were you when you were in your edgy anti-sjw faze and how did you get out of it and become the great guy you are now?

ok so this ended up being more personal than i thought but im not ashamed of any of this so im ok with people knowing about it

gonna be 100% honest i was kinda shitty even in the first half of 2016 but it was a super gradual change that happened because i became internet friends with a whole lot of other lgbt folks. ok, actually i might have to get a bit heavy here, sorry if this is rough to listen to but its part of it. ive talked about it before but mid-2016 was around the time when i started getting chemotherapy for testicular cancer.
now, dont worry, testicular cancer, when found around the stage when i found it, has like a less than 5 percent chance of death. and im now far enough away from my treatment to know that it was completely eradicated and im totally fine. but i still had to go through surgery to remove a testicle, which fucking sucked, by the way, and a month and a half later i learned i had cancer in my lymph nodes too so i had to go through chemo to fix it (theres a good chance that when you get the testicle with the tumor on it removed you’re just good but that didnt happen with me). 
this also happened to coincide with what was supposed to be the end of 12th grade (i failed two classes, still gotta pass those but, y’know, depression n shit which was by the way already there and still is and thats making it difficult but im going to by the end of the year). what this meant was that pretty much everyone i knew from school was out and still is. they were kinda shitty. so i got on tumblr and met some real nice folks, including a fair bit of transgender people, who up until that point ive never talked to.
throughout the entirety of my chemo treatment i went on here mainly for the funny jokes and shit like that to keep me distracted. and then one day i was on omegle and i met @petbud, who was already in this part of the website and i started making posts of my own, i gradually got more critical of shit i was used to just because i started going on here more.

this website isnt perfect but if you stay critical of it, too, especially as a white cis male, you learn so much from alternative perspectives that you never even thought about. honestly i feel like i was in the perfect age to benefit from a few different perspectives without being hurt by some of the things on here. i feel like if i was on here earlier it would have fucked with me more tbh but as it stands its made me a much better person, without exaggeration. i used to be the stereotypical redditor, making fun of genders and shit but im not any more and im really really glad about that. 

Our plucky heroine
  • To Meereen: Ewwww your city is gross and I don't like your crazy sports fans. I can't wait until I move to back to Westeros where the WiFi is SO much faster.
  • To Unsullied: Sure, I'll free you! And isn't it convenient that you're a brainwashed army that I actually need? Now I'm wondering if you'd like to joi...oh ok, that was easy.
  • To Lannister Army: I have dragons and I'm at war. Am I not supposed to not use them? Look, I gave you a choice, kneel or die so don't make this hard okaaayyy???
  • To Wildings: Let's make a deal. I'll save you from the ice monsters... and all you have to do is kneel and help me get my throne!! What's that? Something something Stannis??
  • To Everyone: Meet my new boyfriend Jon Snow!! We're SO ALIKE Omggggggggg. AND HE'S GOING TO HELP ME GET MY DREAM JOB! Let's dragon-up babe and go kill some CGI skeletons!
  • *later*
  • *checks mail* Hey, what's this letter?
  • Form Letter:
  • Dear Applicant,
  • We appreciate the time you took to come for an interview for the position of "Queen of Westeros." You were not selected to return for additional interviews. We received applications from many qualified candidates, one of whom has more experience working with our various departments and clients, a key job requirement.
  • Sincerely,
  • The True King of Westeros.
  • To the North: OMG I'M GOING TO KILL MY BF HE LIED TO ME AND I DIDNT GET THE JOB!!! As a single mom with three kids and an upwardly mobile career woman, this will not stand!!!?

anonymous asked:

would u mind talking a little about the timeline for ur top surgery recovery? I might have mine soon and am nervous

so i went home after i woke up from surgery and had drains and bandages and binder on  for the whole week. had to empty the drains every night (so gross) and I also was given like opiods for painkillers enough for the week but i switched to extra strength tylenol after a few days (bc being on the opiods too long will give u like consitpation and stuff).  The first week i was pretty immobile and stayed in bed like most of the time, the painkillers help a lot but still had some pain and just generally uncomfy. but i felt better each day and the first week is the worst so here are my tips for the first week:

  • for the first few days you should be taking the prescribed painkillers whenever you can and dont forget (mine were every 6 hrs so i set timers) bc even if u are feeling ok and think u dont need it, you will regret it later when you start to be in pain again
  • dont try to move too much (you probably will not feel like moving anyways)
  • make sure you have someone at least nearby that can help you with stuff for the first week bc u probably wont be able to cook your own food, or really do much at all for the first week
  • i had really bad chaffing for the first 2 weeks bc of the post op binder, especially like the armpit area, and you can kind of ease that a little by putting like a barrier there like a piece of fabric tucked into the binder under the armpit
  • wet wipes and dry shampoo bc u cant shower for 2 weeks after usually
  • make sure you are eating and drinking lots of water/getting lots of sleep

after a week i went and had my drains removed but i still had to wear the post op binder for another week but i could adjust it and i had to take it off each night and put it back on again so that i could change the padding on my nipples. i felt so much more comfy after the drains were out, like i still took some tylenol for a little bit as i needed it but like by the second week i was off painkillers and like right after they took the drains out i like was going out, walking around, so like really you feel so much better after week one and then gradually even better. after week 2 i didnt have to wear binder or bandages and i could shower, i still had tape on the incisions and i was supposed to wait until it came off on its own (usually like week 3 or 4) after week 2 i still had like some soreness in incision and nipple area and i couldnt sleep on my side til like week 3 but it has been going away, and nothing too serious that i needed painkillers for. good luck with your surgery!! recovery is tough but honestly you start to feel noticeably better each day and it goes by fast

so uh I haven’t touched this blog for a while but I wanted to describe the most terrifying experience of my fucking life that happened while playing Subnautica

few clarifications: I last played this game like, September 2016. IT HAS UPDATED SIGNIFICANTLY SINCE THEN. I also decided to play it on “creative mode” aka “invincible fun time mode” because I just wanted to ~have fun and explore the new stuff~, you know?

So, I haven’t kept up with the updates. The story bit of the game has bulked up significantly since I last played, and there’s much more direction now if you want it, which is nice; the icons are all cleaned up and such, a lot more stuff is textured, the cyclops can apparently be lit on fire, yada yada. I went ‘sploring and found a couple new faces, an electric eel type boy and a warp warp man. (Ultimate goal is to go up and scan a reaper but I am still???? too scared??? i literally cannot take any damage in this mode but the deep and ancient part of me that remembers being prey on the serengeti says DONT)

(subnautica is very good at VAGUE ANXIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL FEAR while also being very lovely to look at, and really grinds deep into the gray matter of Terror of the Deep, it’s very very good and I hatelove it)

anyway I started taking screenshots of the koosh zone while exploring/picking up samples for my soon-to-be-ultimate-creature-zoo, because this game can be very pretty

anyway after digging around a bit i discovered a TRENCH. i did not screenshot the trench because i did not realize i was about to have to fight for my very existence on this good earth.

did i enter the trench? of course I entered the fucking trench. there’s no crush damage in this mode and the game told me there was some sort of Big Energy Signature nearby. Down I went.

….and went. For 6000 meters. NOTHING. Except a kind of shelf at one point that I went and got under. (this minor detail is going to be crucial)

anyway at 6km i decided fuck it, i’ve held down on the s key for like 5 minutes, if i’m gonna plumb these depths i need to come back with my big boy sub. so i went back up. got to 3000 meters.

hey remember that little shelf i went under well turns out it was a ROCK CEILING 3000 METERS DEEP and i had gotten so turned around in the plumbing process that I couldnt fucking find the way out, it was all barren rock ceiling, no way back up even when i searched around and around and probably criscrossed my own path trying to map out featureless rock, i was boned as heck

OR…. WAS I….

said my own thoughts, because i happened to have in my possession a TERRAFORMER and as all good subnautica boys and girls know that thing can dig big ol holes in rock.

so… trapped 3000 meters below solid rock… i did what any sensible extrastellar refugee would do and decided to TUNNEL MY WAY BACK UP

leaving my trusty seamoth behind, i began to tunnel…. about 2000 meters through solid rock, in complete blackness, clicking frantically in the darkness, probably crying

(listen, i had some good eggs and scans in my inventory and i didn’t want to LOSE them by resetting, you gotta understand)

about 1km from the surface, i finally encounter open water!! i’ve done it!! i thought, foolishly, to myself. i brought out my seaglide and began to zoom up only to find

1. this was not open water

2. this was a cave

3. this was a giant cave filled with lava

4. subnautica has LAVA CAVES NOW???

5. the game was perhaps not totally sure about my method of getting INTO said lava cave, and didn’t seem prepared with some of the textures

by the way, IN ADDITION TO IT BEING A GIANT LAVA CAVE, there were like… structures down there?? which again I was not prepared for because I have not played this game in like 6 months?? but the textures wouldn’t load?? so I just got these really scary ominous unknown pieces of architecture that i was in no way prepared for and had no idea how they were supposed to look?? and everything was red?????

also because the textures weren’t loaded it was extremely difficult to tell what you could pass through and what you couldn’t, so i was basically ping ponging through invisible walls and wanting to cry because i tunneled 2000 meters thru solid rock and i was gonna die in badly rendered hell anyway

did i mention also, the noises

did i mention that there were a lot of VERY DISTRESSING SOUND EFFECTS IN THIS CAVE

and then, through the invisible walls, i saw the friend who was making them!!!

it’s hard to tell from this screenshot but that is a VERY. LARGE. BOY. TOO LARGE.

at this point ya boy koryos was basically like ready 2 ascend from this mortal plane. what is going on. WHAT AM I LOOKING AT. VERY DISTRESSED. ALSO WHATS THT THING IN THE CORNER

ok so i stopped trying to penetrate the invisible walls eventually and tried to burrow my way out again except APPARENTLY you cant burrow through LAVA which was STUPID anyway i was still very trapped

but i explored a bit and found……. this??

insert fuel crystal???

this mystery device bore all the hallmark of a Lazy Concept Sci Fi Warp Gate which was exciting to me because by god i was ready to be anywhere but there, in hell. but i didnt have a “fuel crystal” and it definitely wasn’t part of the game back in the center. But no problem!! This is creative mode!! I can just build a base down in hell!! A hell base!! Where I can craft anything I want!!!

so i made a base and a fabricator but uhhhhhhhhhhh there was no “fuel crystal” on the item list. so at this point it had been like an hour of desperate sweaty anxiety and i was like fuck it, i’ll console command it in, i just need…… freedom…… (without losing any of those good good scans)

anyway i looked it up and got the ~oddly pixelated crystal~, which powered up the warp

please… just take me somewhere that’s not red… that’s all i ask……





anyway i believe i accidentally stumbled on some plot because i found a “control room” set to deactivate the “weapon” but a tentacle boy didn’t want to “deactivate” it because i was “““infected”““

mind you im still fucking… 69 m under the water…. 69 huh? i just noticed that in the screenshot nice


anyway to make a long story short after getting lost about ten more times i FINALLY found an exit to the neon labyrinth and nearly cried when i saw my bud warp warp man outside

now that i was outside i could finally appreciate the fact that this shit was dope as hell, look at how cool that is, I LOVE MYSTICAL RUINS AND SHIT LIKE THIS

also it was connected to an island???? i thought subnautica was all about not having land???? anyway let’s just drop a beacon for later i need to get back to my fucking base and lie down to contemplate the ether for 6 hours



and so i survived the incident in which i was never in any actual peril, both in a real and virtual sense, but was still very distraught and very sweaty about, 10/10 would recommend subnautica to a friend

anyway i went on tumblr to soothe myself afterwards which was a MISTAKE because the monteray bay aquarium reminded me that there is no escape from the eldritch horrors of the ocean


Hey guys so this was my first request, I will be posting the second one latee tonight. This is unedited as it was supposed to be up last night but sadly wasnt due to technical difficulties. Hope this was ok!
Request: 2014!Donatello being a stuttering mess in front of his crush?


Donnie had been in his lab all day, working on a new gadget to add to his bo staff. He needed to get this done for the next mission, to help his brothers, to protect the city, to better keep you safe, to-
Donnie sighed. The real reason he was in there was because he was hiding from you. You always made him feel all jittery and awkward. He would get butterflies every time you met his eye, he would get all shaky every time you came near him, he would start to stutter and mumble everytime you talked to him. It was so embarrassing! He didn’t want to make a fool of himself anymore, so lately he just hid out in his lab or in the dojo, trying to keep his mind off you. That wasn’t really working well for him at the moment. Sighing again, he tried to connect the wires properly, gritting his teeth when they got tangled.


You climbed down the manhole latter, scrunching your nose slightly at the smellof the sewers.No matter how many times you came down here, the smell always made you gag a bit. You walked down the stone tunnels, humming lightly to yourself as you avoided wet spots and pieces of trash. Sometimes you felt bad for the turtles to have to live down hrre, never really getting to escape until nighttime where they had to run and fight most of the night until they came back. They shouldnt have to do this, you thought. Mikey should be out skateboarding with his friends, Raph should be out playing sports, Leo should be out with girls, and Donnie should be in school.
You let out a little sigh at thr thought of Donnie. Sometimes he was such a goofball, the way his eyes would,light up when talking about his,inventions, how he cocked his head to the side when he was confused, the way he would bite his lip when he got nervous, it was just so adorable.
Now you could never tell anyone about these things though. Your friends didnt even know the turtles existed, and the boys would all tease you relentlessly if they found out about your crush on the tallest brother.
As you entered the lair, you saw only saw Mikey, Raph and Leo probably training, while Donnie was most likely in his lab, working on another project. Upon seeing you, Mikey smiled and waved you over to him.
“Hey, dudette,” he said, “What up?”
You shook your head, “Nothing much,” you sat down next to him, “Just thought I should stop by and see you guys.”
“See us? Or see a certain someone?” Mikey waggled his eyebrows suggestively. He had figured out your crush a few weeks ago, even tho you hadn’t told him yes or no yet, he just knew. The little bugger had an intuition like no other.
“No, I came to see all of you,” you stressed the last part.
Mikey merely laughed, throwing his head back. You narrowed your eyes at him before smiling sweetly. You grabbed a pillow and threw it at his face. He stopped laughing and tackled you with a war cry. You landed on the floor with an oomf! He held your arms above your head, eyes glinting maliciously.
“No,” your eyes widened, “No, Mikey please, no.”
He merely shook his head before tickling you, making you let out shrieks of laughter. Tears began to come out of your eyes at his actions, writhing on the floor in an attempt to escape.
“What on earth is-” Donnie came into the room, stopping at seeing your predicament.
At his entrance, Mikey had lessened his attack on you, allowing you to take in some much needed air.
“Donnie, help me!” You called, before Mikey began to tickle you again.
Donnie blushed before coming closer. He pushed Mikey off, grabbing you quickly before running off with you in his arms. He chuckled as you tightened your hold on him, latching onto him like a leech. He put you down before turning and locking the door to the lab so Mikey couldnt get in. Soon after a thud was heard, and Mikey let out a fake wail.
“Noooooo,” he cried, “My prisoner! What shall I do now?”
You laughed at his antics, “I have been rescued! Now off with you, you fiend!”
“No! I shall never-”
“Mikey shut up before I pound you into your shell!” Raph roared. Mikey let out a yelp before running off down the hallway, Raph’s footsteps following after.
You and Donnie looked at each other before collapsing into giggles. After you two had calmed down, Donnie blushed before turning and heading for his work table. He sat down in the chair and began tinkering with his new device.
“Whats that?” You asked, leaning over his shoulder, pointing at the odd object.
He jumped slightly. “O-oh it’s a n-new pro-prototype of my electro-magnetic pulser.” He stuttered.
You just gave him a blank look.
He blushed and tried to explain it more, “It lets out a m-magnetic shock on m-my staff for when I fight.”
“Oh cool,,” you nodded.
Donnie just blushed darker and hunched over the device. He looked up again a few minutes later trying to find his screw driver. You had it in your hands pretending to fight with it as you would a sword. He hated to imterupt your fantasizing, but je really needed that screwdriver.
“Y-Y/N?” He stuttered. You looked over, mid-strike. “I-I kind of n-need that.” You blushed and handed it to him, your fingers accidentally brushing his hand. You looked up,to see him blush again and mutter a quick “Sorry.” Before hunching over again.
Through out the next few hours, Dknnie would ask you to hand him a tool and you comply, “accidentally” brushing your hand with his a few more times. As you spent more time together, he slowly began to grow more confident talking with you, stuttering less and explaining more about his contraption. You hadn’t even realized it was very late until you began to nod off, eventually falling asleep with you head on Donnnie’s shoulder.
Donnie looked down at you, blushing, before picking you up and laying you down on the little couch he had put in there, draping a blanket over you.
“Goodnight Y/N,” he smiled.
He got up and went to work again on his project, smile still on his face. He guessed it wasn’t too bad, not hiding from you.

So I’m really sorry, this ismt my best work and its unedited, but I was supposed to post this last night, but my tumblr wouldn’t let me do anything so I’m posting it today. Hope,it was an ok job, please forgive my spelling errors and terrible writing.