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Stan and Bill Theory

Okay so everyone has seen the posts lately showing the parallels between Stan and Bill (eg “buy gold” / “you’ve been buying gold, right?”; “eenie, meenie, miney, YOU (dipper)” / “eenie, meenie, miney, you (dipper)”, etc). You guys are hella observant and I literally applaud each and every one of you - but it got me thinking. Who is never around when Bill is mentioned/discussed? Who mysteriously fades into the background of every Bill-plot episode there is?  And who has read all three journals, and therefore must be at least aware of Bill’s existence? Wait for it - Stan Pines. 

I’ve seen a lot of theories and headcanons and fan art about Bill tricking Stan now, and the various reasons that Stan would comply (and they have all been amazing and heartbreaking!) but, what if Stan and Bill are already working together? Better yet, what if they’ve been working together for the past 30 years?

We learned a lot about the nature of Bill and Ford’s relationship in the last episode - and we also learned a lot about possession and how it works. Ford had an open-door policy with Bill - he could literally come and go as he pleased, and Ford was okay with that. That was the deal that they had made (this raises a lot of questions about Bill and Dipper’s deal - is their agreement still in effect? Could Bill just jump into Dipper’s mind whenever he feels like it - and if so, why hasn’t he?). When Ford got trapped inside the portal, two things happened 

  1. Bill lost his puppet
  2. The portal broke, and Bill lost his entryway into our world 

Conveniently, Ford left behind a very helpless and confused twin brother to manipulate, with no prior knowledge of Bill or his betrayal. Now, if you were an all-powerful dream demon who wanted a portal fixed, and a desperate man ignorant of your intentions happened to also want the portal fixed, what would you do? Bill is crafty, manipulative, and deceitful. The only other person in all of Gravity Falls who knew about him was Fiddleford McGucket - not exactly a threat, considering the guy had erased his own memory of the incident. All Stan had to aid him in his mission to get Ford back was Journal 1 - you know, the one that doesn’t mention Bill at all. It would be all too easy for Bill to swoop into Stan’s dreams one night and repeat the same lie he told Stanford - “I’m a muse, I chose your brother, blah blah blah … long story short, I want him back just as badly as you do”. And then he would explain how he and Ford had worked together to build the portal in the first place - leaving out mention of McGucket, of course - and how there was really no harm in possession; it just allowed them to work as one and gave Bill mobility in the physical world. 

We all know Stan. He’s not a very ‘trusting’ guy - but here’s this floating gold triangle with an eye telling him all he needs to know about the portal he can’t fix on his own, and offering to help him get Ford back. I have no doubt that Stan would be skeptical - but I also have no doubt that he would do whatever it took to get Stanford back; even surrendering his body to a dream demon that would control him like a puppet and teach him what to do. And after 30 years of working together, who knows? Maybe Stan does trust Bill - at least, a little bit. 

All right, let’s get to the good stuff. Evidence. 

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