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Happy 2017!! Here’s some Nalu!

Hey guys, it’s Stormy :)) I’m back haha, sooner than I expected I guess! I think I was just depressed because my parents haven’t really been supportive of the fact that I was bisexual. According to them, I wasn’t “acting my age” and that “It’s just a phase.” Anyways, sorry I’m late! This was supposed to be a full comic strip/doujinshi, but this is the only thing I can publish for the time being ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So here you go fam! Enjoy!

So on the lines of Sparkpulse discussing headcanons, because I have a lot of them, over a lot of things, I feel tonight like talking about Shockwave. More specifically, about Shockwave’s emotions.

I think he has them. That’s my headcanon. There’s just a lot more to it than that, as is usual with me.

Shockwave was first introduced in Transformers: Prime in a flashback episode, and didn’t make his full, proper appearance until the third season. In that initial flashback he was stoic, static, and just a bit scary. His return in season three was an unexpected boon to the Decepticons. Megatron, especially, was happy to see him… him, and his newest experiment, a massive robotic dragon identified as a Predacon, who would later identify himself as Predaking.

Predaking is really important to some of my ideas, so yeah.

Now, historically, Shockwave is supposed to be a character who runs on logic. In G1 he could be a bit comical, but also in charge of some serious stuff and it was his job to run it all efficiently. In TFA he was more lighthearted, even openly pointing and laughing at Lugnut in one memorable episode, but it’s hard to say how much of that could be attributed to habits picked up masquerading as an Autobot for so long. IDW goes full-stop emotionless with him, making him an intense, driven character with no sense of remorse until it’s too late. This is something that was done to him, by force. It’s very sad and sometimes I think about it way too much. Anyway, this is the range Shockwave’s character usually falls into. TFP Shockwave is much closer to the IDW version than the other two. What little comic relief he provides is unintentional because he’s just so deadpan about everything. It is essentially accepted that he is emotionless with the possible exception of anger, which happens twice.

I don’t think so.

To me, one of the things that is most telling about Shockwave are his antennae… things. They move a lot towards the end of the series, just like in the gif above. The faux-wings on his back do the same thing. They twitch. They flutter. They emote. And I think the expressions they show amount to a lot more than rage. The two occasions where Shockwave becomes visibly angry are when the Wreckers send the Predaking through a groundbridge and out of his sight, and Shockwave goes down and personally kicks their afts for it. The second instance is when Starscream almost destroys all of his research data… he nearly blinds the Seeker for it. Both of these are clearly angry moments, which lends to the idea that Shockwave is unfeeling until something snaps. This idea actually ties in nicely with his IDW Spotlight… he’s unfeeling until he needs to feel rage to survive. But the movement of the antennae above isn’t angry. It’s a bit more startled, a clear reaction to something. He’s daunted. Sometimes, at other times, the movements seem almost inquisitive, like his scientific mind is curious and he perks up like a puppy. They respond to conversations like any other sort of body language.

I think he has no idea that they do this, honestly. I think that if you asked TFP Shockwave, himself, if he was emotionless, he probably thinks he is. He probably has no idea that his antennae and his winglets respond to anything anyone says. That’s where my personal headcanon comes into it. In one scene at the beginning of Season 3 that I remember quite fondly, Shockwave is actually standing next to his big dragon petting him… with the volume up, it sounds like Predaking could actually be purring. This moment, combined with his absolute rage at thinking that the Wreckers had somehow beaten his creation, indicate that he might just feel actual affection for the Predacon. But I don’t think he knows this. I don’t think he’s aware, at all, that he emotes, and that if you told him so, he probably wouldn’t believe you. Because he runs on logic. Emotions aren’t needed, so why would he be bothering with them?

I think if he was ever well and truly flustered somehow, those things would waggle back and forth like crazy, and if you told him they were doing it, he would deny it. Not because it’s embarrassing or anything, but because he honestly believes he has full control over all parts of his frame and he would never waste energy on emoting.

I think that if he became depressed somehow, they would droop. So would the faux-wings on his back. And he would be confused as to why anyone would ask what was wrong, because nothing is wrong, he does not let setbacks distress him.

I think if he got really, really happy they would stick up a bit more than usual and of course he just has no idea that he’s got a lovely mood ring right on top of his head. He really hasn’t got a clue. That is what I believe.

It makes me happy to think this, anyway, and I need happy, because sometimes I remember IDW and that just makes my spark hurt…

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to a call from your parents saying they had a break in, and that they had managed to handcuff the intruder at gunpoint (something that was legal where you live) and that the police were on their way. You quickly drive over to check on them, only to find a very flustered Doctor handcuffed on the dining room chair. He gets incredibly happy to see you, and reveals that the TARDIS had accidentally given him your old address instead of your current one.

“Oh hello!”
“Doc?! What are you doing here?”
“Well I was trying to surprise you for Christmas but… wrong house I suppose.”
“Yeah- you supposed correctly!”
(Parental Unit #1) “You know him?!”
“Yes, unfortunately. This giddy idiot is the Doctor.”


The muscleboy was so well trained now he instinctively sent his master videos of him working out, grinning and subtly flexing as he felt that familiar sexual appetite rise in his groin. In his earbuds, he could hear the sound of that pleasant, whirring buzz that subconsciously instructed him to think less…. work out harder… get hornier and hornier. His tongue flapped out of his mouth and his eyes glazed over in a glassy haze - he was nothing but a happy, horny himbo fucktoy now. The more he released his mind to the strange amicable lust he felt for muscle and sex, the more at peace he felt. This is how it was supposed to be

“Iris is the girl he wants, so he’ll probably wait for a while,” Grant Gustin.

“Barry is willing to let that go for now because in his heart he knows that eventually she would come around,” Candice Patton. 

“Barry and Iris are most likely going to, in the coming season even, potentially end up together,” Grant Gustin.

“Sometimes you have those relationships in your life that just never, never go away,” Candice Patton.

“Barry’s tortured by Iris and he’s not going to be really happy with anyone else right now I don’t think. It’s just kind of the way it’s going,” Grant Gustin.

“And she’s Barry’s kind of light at the end of the tunnel. He’s dealing with all of these changes and he’s dealing with all of these villains and Rogues and it’s nice to come home and then there’s Iris, the light in his life,” Candice Patton.

“You know that Barry and Iris are supposed to be together,” Rick Cosnett.

“Any time Iris and Barry are in a room together, there’s an electricity that anyone around them can obviously see,” Candice Patton.  

“Part of the thing is that they’ve got so much chemistry. They’re unbelievably cute together,” Andrew Kreisberg. 

“They just have a relationship that will stand the test of time,” Candice Patton. 

“They know each other better than anybody else in their life. And they’ve always been there for each other. There’s a deep love there! It’s a deep, interesting relationship, unlike any other relationship,” Grant Gustin. 

“With their relationship, sometimes they are unaware of how close they are,” Candice Patton. 

“That he’s in love with her all of his life,” Andrew Kreisberg. 

“It’s like the iconic relationship,” Candice Patton. 

Gustin believes the endgame is Barry and Iris, even if it takes a while to get there.

“It will never be the end…they are so iconic…It’s the love of a lifetime,” Candice Patton. 

“True love is timeless,” The Flash CW. 



I’m sorry, I spent far too much time on this, but I showed RvB to @idontlikecoconut666 and @vanveee and Nenée liked the song and it’s taken over and this was supposed to be a valentine’s day thing but look at this meme and what it’s become


Jealousy part 1 TaeKook / VKook Comic 

“Jealously is killing my heart while your soul is out there living a free and happy life…” 

(here you have the first part of the comic I planned announced last week. I hope it´s the “animation” is not too fast. If it is, tell me please. Also let me know if it´s too small to read! Then I´ll write the dialog down :3… It´s also my first time doing this so… please be kind to me :,D… not all of the pictures are suppose to move in case someone´s wondering. hope to continue with the next part asap and I also hope it will be better then this one… I´m cringing…LET`S CRINGE TOGETHER SWEETHEART!) 

Happy 4th, US Friends!

It’s been two and a half years since I joined your republic of states (I like saying that, it sounds like Star Wars). It’s been a blast so far!

Living in the US as a foreigner doesn’t come without its share of problems. While I just became a US resident for tax purposes, I still can’t work freely until I get a green card.

My today’s kickstarter announcement was actually supposed to be a Patreon campaign for Retronator. However, I am not legally allowed to work outside my job (currently a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley). When I come back to the US in September to study at Stanford, I’ll only be able to work on campus.

I’m going home to Slovenia in two weeks for my first return after these 2.5 years to see my family again. Because of the above limitations, the time I’m at home is also the only time I can earn extra income. While I can’t run a Patreon campaign over a long period, I have this window of 5 weeks when I can crowdfund for Retronator. In this case Kickstarter makes perfect sense.

On another note, as a happy consequence of becoming a US resident for tax purposes, I will be paying half the tax I would in Slovenia! Instead of about 35%, only 15%! Which means I will be able to keep significantly more of Kickstarter funds (otherwise you’d be asking yourself are you funding me or the government).

I’m happy to be where it’s easier for creators to realize their dreams. No better day to celebrate than today!

Happy Birthday yurika-schiffer!
… It was supposed to be punk!Daichi but it doesn’t even look like Daichi anymore…

I suppose I should post a work in progress since it’s been a while - and what better way to do it than with an animation? Playing with the theme of my dragon Ryuu loving to kiss folks but mostly always resulting in his draconic urges kicking in and eating them instead - naturally Enigma was the perfect victim for this!

Obviously there’s still more frames to add and more to come after the last scene here but I’m happy with it so far. I’m using PhotoShop to draw frame by frame - I’m by no means a pro but this is my first ever proper animation and it’s great to finally be learning it after years of putting it off!

Keep an eye out for more… There’s the link for mobile users since the app is garbage and won’t load the GIF.

Next up is Monofell!Papyrus!

(Muffet will be the last “official” reference I do with actual information on it–while all other ones will be PURELY just for people to know what they look like!)

More information will be revealed through the use of asks and once the comic starts!


Papyrus is very…



He appears to be extremely self-confident in his abilities to get a job done, but the truth is–he’s terrified of failing everyone he looks up to. When he’s around someone like Undyne–he becomes the ruthless second-in-command that he seems to be, but when she’s not around?

He’s our good ol’ Papy who just wants others to be happy.

Role in Monofell

He was supposed to be the one to capture the human–but what happens afterward will completely (or not) shock you!

He accidentally ends up befriending the new “monster” he meets after they compliment his scarf and shows him genuine kindness. Due to this, he leads Frisk through Snowdin and makes sure their journey isn’t interrupted.

Notable Differences

  • He acts like a completely different person when around people like Undyne.

  • He doesn’t scold sans for things–he actually appears to be awkward when around his brother for too long. He just doesn’t know what to do to help him after all.

  • He uses a solid bone as a weapon usually and is right-handed.

  • His laughs like “NYEH HA HA!”

  • He is one of the few characters that will actually change his wardrobe later in the story after meeting Frisk–as he’s not too fond of the color blue on himself.

  • He has Fluffy Bunny action figures instead of bed-time stories.

  • His bones are black and his spine is curved forward due to fatal injuries he received as a child. (He IS wearing thin pants over his legs but he ALWAYS keeps his spine exposed due to its sensitivity!)