this was super hard to choose actually

skiiiba  asked:

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats ur favorite green day song?????

Hey!!! Super hard for me… My top 3 are Homecoming, Jesus of Suburbia and She (no order really) but if I had to choose just 1 it’d probably be she because choosing over homecoming and Jesus of Suburbia is like picking a favorite child 😂😂

Thank you for asking… I didn’t know if anyone would actually ask anything

xverso  asked:

your opinion on the last movie/show you watched and/Or your opinion on your fave season of cm? like fave episodes and general thoughts if u want? hope u're having a good night!!!

ok well i just finished the second episode of doubt because my aunt and uncle are watching it lol? i don’t have a lot of strong feelings about it but it’s a pretty neat show–the characters are endearing, the portrayals of court proceedings actually seem somewhat accurate, and aaaaa laverne cox playing a canonically trans lawyer is SUPER cool and important! that being said i’m not super attached to it and idk if i’ll keep watching after i leave my aunt and uncle’s. also it has a really annoying het subplot haha

and ummm it’s hard to choose one favorite season of cm but season 2 has a lot of good stuff in it! sex birth death, profiler profiled, revelations, and jones are some of my favorite episodes in the series!

(i know the banner is shitty but u guys know me…any excuse to include hedric)
So here it is the winners of my tumblr awards, thank you to everyone who entered! I know everyone says this but all the blogs that entered were great, it was actually super hard for me to choose winners - so hard in fact i had to enlist the help of beka and alice cause i couldn’t make up my mind for loads of them (so thanks to the both of them for that).

 Anyway, here are the winners and runners up;l


WINNER  - @fantastlcbeasts
RUNNERS UP - @herboloqy@hcneyduke


WINNER - @meraudurs
RUNNERS UP - @zabini@leakycauldrcn


WINNER - @flnnegans 
RUNNERS UP - @professorlockhart@neiljostsn


WINNER - @sectumsempras
RUNNERS UP - @saintdraco @evansdeer


WINNER - @neiljostsn
RUNNERS UP -  @nevsbottom @myskywalkers & @pranksterprongs


WINNER - @bellatrrix​ 
RUNNERS UP@hyppogriff @lunavlovegood


WINNERS (no runners up cause i couldn’t pick and ur all LOVELY) - @pronqsie @remusmoopin & @narxissa 


WINNERS (again i really couldn’t pick) - @saintdraco @zabini & @vertaserum

again thank you to everyone who entered (i’m off to follow like a billion of you cause ur were so great) and congrats to those that won! winners and runners up can check what their prizes are here


Day 4: Favorite Quote

This was super hard because nothing came to mind and I was scrolling through other people’s posts looking at their really deep quotes but I had to choose one that I reblogged a couple weeks ago because it was one of the times I actually laughed out loud. I love when people forget Matt is blind lol