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"Like one of those main characters in one of those super dramatic animes" you mean like,, where everyone is like "yAY FRIENDS" and the two maincharacters get together bc they find out they liked eachother orrr The one where its like. Almost everyone is dead, and the two mc's are standing over a city, staring at its demoliton like "well... this is the end" and they both go on their seprate ways.

p much like those types of animes.

So we’ve got a small but powerful token,

originally belonging to a powerful being, but taken by a flawed hero who didn’t know what he was getting in for,

and who is defeated, losing the item into the water.

This token comes into the keeping of an eccentric mortal for many years, giving them long life and vitality,

until they pass it on to a younger relative, and their health immediately begins to deteriorate.

The adorable, dark-haired, doe-eyed new bearer,

carrying the token on a necklace,

sets out to find someone else to take it,

but ultimately must take ownership of the quest themselves.

Along the way, they encounter endless dangers and obstacles,

finally facing their greatest challenge yet at a volcano,

and return the token to its source.

Featuring super idyllic, completely culturally stagnated hometowns,

raptors of unusual size,

Dramatic Tower Is Dramatic,

and tiny boats sailing into the sunset.

tl;dr - Moana is Lord of the Rings without the actual evil.


Okay but if you edit out Peridot in that one scene in The New Crystal Gems, Lapis literally looks like she’s telling some kind of dramatic Shakespearean tale and getting super into it.

Alternitively, if you edit Lapis out, Peridot ends up pulling some 2012 Gangnam Style moves

Silly YOI Headcanon of the Day

Yuuri has a t-shirt that reads “Precious Cinnamon Roll - If Lost, Please Return to Phichit”.  Phichit gave it to him for his birthday on the second year they were living together.  Yuuri only wore it outside of their dorm once – to the Detroit Zoo! – and that was only after some seriously epic begging, guilt tripping, threatened tears, and a promise that it wouldn’t end up on Instagram.

To this day, Phichit swears that he was actually trying to photograph the red pandas. 

Yuuri never told Phichit but he sometimes wore the shirt as pajamas when he was lonely after moving back to Hasetsu.

When Victor finally discovers it at the bottom of a drawer in St. Petersburg, of course he immediately has to make his own personalized shirt to give to Yuuri.  More tears, more begging, more crossed-fingers promises of social media silence, and suddenly a poor bewildered Yuuri finds himself in the middle of a shirt slogan arms race as his best friend and fiance try to bury him in custom clothing that he’s far too embarrassed to ever wear any of.

Svtfoe Review. Crystal Clear

First of all: THIS DUDE

He is nuts. 

When i first knew about the episode, i though he was going to call the entire council. Yet, instead he brough Star to…..(dramatic pause)

OLD super goat. Who looks like a nice and clever guy. And of course he did not like the “gift”. Star on a cube.

You can almost hear him saying: WHAT IS THIS?!?!?! 

Turns out to be that crystal dude thinks Star is the one absorving the magic of that place. Making those cristals more and more fragile.

As we see, Eclipsa is also trapped there.

Really, Toffee? That is your master plan?

Because that hole is clearly yours

What do you want from Eclipsa? Is she your boss? Your mother? YOU ARE THE MOSNTER SHE MARRIED TO?


This dude is technicaly 30 years old

Yuri x Princess Tutu

My silly headcanon for this was that Yurio started getting more interested in Japan after his time in Hasetsu, and he asked Yuuri about anime. Yuuri didn’t watch much, considering he always chose to spend his time skating, but he remembers Princess Tutu from his childhood and how much he loved it, even getting Minako-sensei to watch it with him. 

Yurio is skeptical when he sees the cover but watches it anyway, and falls so unabashedly in love with it that he forces Otabek to watch it, too (he doesn’t get it, but he likes that Yurio likes it so much). Yurio muses about putting on an exhibition show for Yuuri’s birthday, and eventually gets really into it, putting a lot of effort into his Mytho costume and coming up with the choreography on his own. It’s a ballet-heavy skating program, and Otabek ends up not doing much but lifts for Yurio’s dramatic (and super indulgent) performance.

Her Walking Around With Their Hoodie: BTS


He’d probably get super shy and giggly, loving how his hoodie looked on you. He’d also get super affectionate, coming up behind you and giving you little kisses throughout the day.


“You don’t actually think you can keep that, do you?”

He would act all annoyed that you stole his hoodie, but he’d secretly love it and break into a smile when you weren’t looking. 


He would be super dramatic and go into fanboy mode, squealing about how cute you looked.

Rap Monster: 

He would give you a suggestive stare when you walked by, to which you would roll your eyes. (He wouldn’t give up, though)


At first, he’d act all confident, trying to be smooth. But then he’d burst into giggles and moan about how cute you were.


He wouldn’t say much, just blatantly stare at you with a big grin as you walked by.

“What is it, Taehyung?”

“Nothing, you just look really cute, and I love you.”


He’d try hard not to smile too big but ultimately fail. He’d also end up getting more hoodies from his closet and giving them to you. 

“I think you should always wear my hoodies from now on,”

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Me: Harry is in NYC.. nice! Me @ me: Louis started following a NYC based clothing store last week. Me: what a coincidence.. but also me: 👀👀👀

Not to be super dramatic but trust no one and trust nothing

Constant vigilance