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#1 Hey Kosmo! I am a big fan of your sims. I don’t have tumblr, but have been following you for several years now. I need some advice girl. I have been using Ephemera’s Natural tan + skin to make some grey-scale dark-skinned sims. They look great in CAS. However when out of CAS, I can literally see none of the details I’ve worked so hard on. What is going on?!? Is this game lighting issue or a skin issue? I’m thinking maybe this skin has too low of a contrast.

Ello Nonny! First of all I want to say thank you for following this Trash Sims Blog of mine lol 💕 Finding grey-scale dark skin is really hard and its easier to just lower the color saturation in GIMP/PS. Coming out of CAS, you have to make sure dark skin has a decent enough lighting because EA sucks at lighting dark things in The Sims games. It also helps to have your detail settings on high and have an HQ mod. Second, Sorry this took so long to answer. I ended up being rather busy the past few days but this post you made has just inspired me to do something of a general WCIF for Black Sims CAS CC basics (stuff that isn’t just hair). Specifically for Dark Skinned sims because its hard to find and I get a lot of questions about it. So without further ado:

Kosmo’s Genereal CC for Making Dark Skinned Sims:

First is Skins. Skins are usually what help shape and make a sim. That definitely is true for dark skinned sims. These are some of the skins that get dark and keep their detail or are made specifically to work for dark skinned sims that I keep in my game.


Next up is makeup that I think helps when making dark-skinned or just ethnic sims in general since Black people have the widest variety of facial features. Things like Nose masks can help give your sim’s nose new shape if sliders aren’t cooperating with you. And face highlighters are essential when it comes to dark skinned sims because without them, their face lack the natural looking shines and reflections that appear on them in real life. They’ll look flat and monotone in color which is just plain weird honestly. I also listed my favorite lipsticks that can get dark enough to match dark skinned sims.


A Few Slider Suggestions ^_^ I HIGHLY SUGGEST just going through OneEuroMutt’s Sliders in general. They have a lot of them and they’re very useful for sim making diversity


I hope this helps you guys some and I might add on to the list as I’m constantly discovering better ways to create and tweak my sims lol 💕 Sorry for any typos, I’ll fix them as I see them.

Tomorrow it will be two months since I saw BTS in person for the first time. I miss them so much. The whole experience at the concert in Chicago was amazing. The fans were so friendly, I met one of my favorite bloggers, I made memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Can I just say that photos, no matter how HQ, do not do justice to show how BEAUTIFUL they are in person. Like you think I’m playin’. THEY ARE SO PRETTY LIKE YOU CAN’T THINK.
Jimin is such an angel. At the end, when the confetti fell, some got into the stage lights and it started to smell like it was burning. Jimin noticed and started looking around and brought it to the stage peoples attention. I know it seems like something little but damn it made me love him even more.(I have this on video if anyone is interested?) Also, did I mention he is so pretty. Like words can’t describe. He has such an amazing stage persona and its hard not to seek him out when seeing them.

Yoongi. I fell in love with Yoongi. He is so cute and he paid so much attention to us. He is so beautiful and when he raps, its like an outer body experience. I’m pretty sure he saw my big face in the crowd and fell in love too. Not to brag.

Hoseok. WHY MUST HE BE SO GREAT AT DANCING? Mama was an experience. Hobi looked so HAPPY. Boy Meets Evil too. Like he is so sexy. I met so many Jhope stans and I was so happy like YES LOVE YOUR BOY. I love him too.

Namjoon was like a little kid on stage sometimes and it was the cutest thing. He jumped around and had fun and I loved it. His dancing has improved greatly. I hope hearing the crown scream that they love him during his solo made him happy.

JIN. JIN. JIN. He is truley a visual holy shit. His solo stage was almost as beautiful as his face I swear to God. His voice is legit angelic.

Taehyung is so fucking pretty it hurts to look at him directly. He seemed a little reserved but he still is fantastic. Also, EVERYONE SHOULD HEAR STIGMA LIVE AT LEAST ONCE. I cried. No shame.

Jungkook is so fucking cute.He is such a child but then he shifts into a MAN and it is so confusing. But damnit when he put those bunny ears on its like all was right with the world. Also how do his feet move like that in Begin like holy shit.

I know none of you asked for this. I’m feeling really nostalgic an I wanted to get this out. I know I’m a terrible writer but I couldn’t help but write this, so excuse typos.
(This is my second time typing this because Tumblr ate the first draft.RIP.)

“then the ball hit my hand and I was all like WOOSH!!”

Hinata and Kageyama as third years, they grow up so fast *wipes tear*