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"Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over again on person B’s back, assuming that person B is asleep. When person A is lying on their back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly, “I love you too.” Bonus if that’s the first time person A has ever declared their love for person B." With kurotsuki pls :3c

I am so sorry for how long it took me to write this, but here you go ^_^

Edit: it’s a little different from the way the prompt goes, but hopefully you like this as well?

Prompt: Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over again on person B’s back, assuming that person B is asleep. When person A is lying on their back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly, “I love you too.” Bonus if that’s the first time person A has ever declared their love for person B.

“Goodnight, Kei”. Tetsurou said with unmasked drowsiness as he settled under the thin sheet that had replaced the thick covers due to the warm weather. Kei yawned beside him as he carefully placed his spectacles on the bedside table and switched the table lamp off, shrouding the room in darkness. 

“Goodnight, Tetsurou”, he replied, still feeling wide awake. He let his mind wander, hoping to drift off soon.

Warm summers meant Kei and Tetsurou didn’t cling to each other in their sleep (Kei would like to believe he didn’t cling at all, but Tetsurou had proof that said otherwise). Even with air conditioning, it got uncomfortable too quickly. Most of the time, they slept with their backs facing each other, and didn’t mind this seasonal arrangement at all; the number of alternatives was few. 

Plus, five years of togetherness had made both of them feel quite secure in their relationship, despite the many obstacles in their path at first.

As if to verbally affirm this sense of security, his boyfriend chose that moment to add, “I love you”. Then, he promptly dozed off once more, breathing evenly. 

Kei stared at his back, a now-familiar warmth crawling up his face and fondness seeping into his expression. It was illuminated by the moonlight streaming in through the narrow strip of the window that wasn’t covered by a curtain. 

He decided to do something he hadn’t done before and decided to blame the decision on the fact that his exhausted mind had lowered his mental defenses. 

Shifting slowly, sluggishly, he moved closer and using his index finger, lightly traced three words out on his boyfriend’s back. 

I love you. 

He paused and did it again. 

And again. 

And again.

Then, sensing that sleep was imminent, he moved to turn back onto his side. Before he could do so, however, a hand snaked out from under the covers and grasped his. 

Kei’s breath hitched in his throat. 


Slowly, Tetsurou turned around, eyes glittering with an indescribable emotion, and kissed Kei’s knuckles lovingly. A blush bloomed on the blonde’s face, and he tried to look away as quickly as possible. 

Moving Kei’s hand to cup his face and covering it with his own, thus forcing him to look back at Tetsurou, he whispered, “I love you so much.”

Later, when Tetsurou had fallen asleep once more and Kei had turned back onto his side, ready to sleep, he found himself making a mental note to say those three words as often as he could, if only to see his boyfriend make that expression again. 

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What does Kuroda look like? Like hair/eye color and facial features?

I reread to see what we’d said about Kuroda so far. 

From Choose Your Blade: “a hard-muscled man in an abstract owl mask”

From Devil in the Details:  

The Vice-Commander stood by Genma’s desk in polished armor, abstract Owl mask clipped to his hip and narrow brows drawn together as he frowned down at a clipboard in one hand. Kuroda Ushio was a hard-muscled man in his middle years, a little shorter than Genma but built more like Raidou. The hilt of the ninjato protruding over his shoulder was shiny and dark with use. Ryouma had seen him around HQ a few times in passing—the first time pointed out by Katsuko as someone to avoid if possible, which had of course necessitated the story of Ryouma’s first encounter with the Vice-Commander and Kakashi at the ANBU trials. In most of those distant sightings Kuroda had looked preoccupied, perhaps annoyed, as he strode at Sagara-sama’s heels or shuffled stacks of papers from one meeting to another.

Now, standing in Team Six’s office, studying what had to be Team Six’s paperwork, he looked as coldly unreadable as his painted mask. Even the flick of dark eyes up and back again, as Ryouma entered the room, gave nothing away.

From Nezu’s headcanon just now:

Shorter than average, stocky, solid build, dark hair, squinty eyes, permanent scowl like he’s smelled something unpleasant.

And according to our secret Ninja Records, he’s in his late 30s. 

- Ki

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Tsukishima Kei x Yachi Hitoka 

“Could you guys go be gross somewhere else where I can’t see?” Kei asked glancing at his brother while walking into the kitchen.

“Oh come on Kei I was just giving her a kiss.” Akiteru says and Kei rolls his eyes, not responding to his brother. Did girls even like that? To be kissed on the forehead, why don’t people just stick to kissing on the cheek or lips. Tsukishima thought as he walked back to his room quickly. 

Thoughts swarmed his head, thinking that maybe Yachi would like it better if he kissed her forehead. She was pretty short and he just couldn’t get the picture out of his head.

The next day Yachi happily made her way to Kei’s house holding two styrofoam cups of coffee one for herself and one for Kei. It was getting a lot colder out lately and she just wanted the both of them to be warm. “Good morning, I got you a coffee.” She says handing the cup to Kei and he gladly takes the drink. 

He was trying to hide his embarrassment, Yachi just looked so damn cute. Plus from the cold her cheeks and nose were slightly red. “Thank you.” He mutters and she smiles wide.

“You don’t have to thank me. It was cold so I just figured it would be nice to get you something warm to drink.” She said and Tsukishima stopped walking. Yachi also stopped and looked back at him wondering why he stopped. “Kei-chan are you okay?” Tsukishima took a deep breath and nodded walking to catch up with her and stood in front of her. “Are you not feeling well, I can walk you back home if you’d like.”

Tsukishima leans down and softly presses a kiss to Yachi’s forehead. Kei pulls away and turns beginning to walk away leaving Yachi behind slightly confused. “Hey wait what was that for Kei?” She asks and he shrugs.

“For just being a good girlfriend.” He mumbles taking a sip from his coffee trying to hide his face behind it. Yachi took Kei’s free hand in hers and looked up at him. 

“Kei you’re such a sap.”


An Oni and his Club

K so uh…

Today was the cast party… (tomorrow is their final day of performances)

And uh… Tatsunari and Kenta showed up in their matching costumes…

Early on the series, Kageyama and Hinata’s combination used to called “an oni and his club.”  Kenma makes that comparison in the Revival show, and when he does, Tatsunari does pick Kenta up and swing him around (like a swing dance maneuver).  So the two got… oni… and… club… costumes…

2nd set of photos: (x
3rd set of photos: (x)

yamaguchi: don’t be sad, hinata! you’ve got plenty of good qualities. like, you’re good looking, you’re super funny, you’re super energetic-
yamaguchi: *elbows tsukishima and kageyama*
kageyama: you’re orange, you jump high-
tsukishima: your name is hinata
yamaguchi: you guys are horrible