this was such an early 2000s look and it still confuses me

I don’t remember September 11, 2001

It was my sixth day of First Grade at Beaumont Elementary in Devon, Pennsylvania 
I was a 5-year-old new kid 
Mrs. Kowalski was still learning our names 
The School Board decided not to tell the students what happened
Didn’t want 7000 children in a panic
Thought we were safer in school
Than with distraught and distracted parents on highways
It was just another Tuesday

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember the weeks that followed 
The red eyes of adults around me 
The fantastical and horrific stories
The tears and denial of friends who lost loved ones
All burned into my psyche

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember my parents going to New York a month after the attacks for their anniversary 
They brought back gifts from the Toys R Us in Times Square 
And stories of dust covered cars that would never be reclaimed

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember hearing that we were going to war 
I remember my fear for children like me who would get hurt
I remember resigned acceptance 
“We’re just getting the bad guys,” people said 
“You’re too young to understand”

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember my confusion when my father couldn’t walk my mother and I to the gate at Philadelphia International 
“But the last time we visited Aunt Theresa you waved goodbye” 
What I would’ve given to go back to 1999

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember the dead 
Young Americans fighting out of grief and misguided patriotism
Iraqis and Afghans and Pakistanis slaughtered out of revenge 
I remember pushing a bully down a slide on a playground when he asked my friend if her parents bombed buildings
A week later he tripped me going down the stairs, spraining my ankle 
“Al Qaeda supporter,” he whispered

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember a war 
I remember being desensitized to images of gore and destruction 
I remember a norm of hatred and aggression in the name of patriotism and security
I remember learning of the ever-mounting debt being saddled on my generation 
Debts that my grandchildren will still be paying off
Debts of money and of blood

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember traveling to other countries 
Being reminded to exercise caution when telling people we’re Americans 
I remember the surprise on their faces 
“But you’re so nice” 
“You don’t look like war-mongers”

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember the nausea I felt when we learned in school that we armed and trained Al Qaeda and the Taliban
That we caused the Iranian Revolution 
That we fund corruption and war when it fits our needs 
That we’ve murdered millions in the name of freedom
That we are a nation of terrorists ourselves

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember years of teachers glossing over the early 2000s
“You know this already” 
I remember finally speaking up
Asking Mr. Palmatier to go over the events of that infamous day
I remember his stunned silence as he looked at his 2nd period AP US History class
“Sir…we were 6…we don’t remember”

I don’t remember 9/11
I remember the fear I feel every time I fly 
Every time I ride public transport
Every time I’m in a crowded area 
Every time I’m at a national site

I don’t remember 9/11 
I remember visiting memorials on a frigid day in December 
Sleet masked the tears on my face 
So much death and destruction
An endless war 
A generation that grew up on fear
A generation that could learn
Learn to empathize
Learn to love
Learn from the mistakes of those who came before us

I don’t remember 9/11
But I can’t forget everything since
I won’t forget

- Shadowed Memories [9.11.2017]

The Signs As Weird Shit My Grandmother Has Done, Part 2
  • Aries: Has a collection of magnets the covers the whole fridge, including one that says "tits out 2016".
  • Taurus: Refuses to eat cranberry sauce because she says it "still tastes like the can".
  • Gemini: Somehow got the movie Coraline confused with the movie Shrek and bought my brother 3 Shrek DVDs, despite the fact that we don't have a DVD player and my brother asked her bring over the BOOK version of Coraline.
  • Cancer: Refers to her sister as "that crazy woman Lanie".
  • Leo: Tried to set me up with my friend Nicholas when we were in third grade.
  • Virgo: Calls my girlfriend "that little Emily girl", despite her name not being Emily. Her response to this is "she looks like an Emily."
  • Libra: Has a CD of early 2000s hits including "Bring Me To Life" "All Star" "Fergalicious" and "Get Low" that she plays in the car at top volume to embarrass my dad.
  • Scorpio: Stands firmly by her belief that the movie Grease is the greatest movie ever made and makes the whole family watch it on Thanksgiving.
  • Sagittarius: Knows every employee in the Walgreens by her house personally. She brings them chili on holidays.
  • Capricorn: Once, when she was a teenager, threatened to set the movie theater on fire if one more person made her go see Gone With The Wind. She will not watch it, to this day. She's seen it 19 times, or so she says.
  • Aquarius: Asked my dad if she could take my brother, who was 8 or 9 at the time, to go see Mad Max.
  • Pisces: Sets her GPS then refuses to follow the directions because she "knows a shortcut", even if she has no fucking clue where she's going.
Landlord is jealous of my income, raises my rent $500. I screw him years later for $20k.

All names have been changed. Long story:

In the late ‘90s wife and I were just married, just getting started, and we decided to DINK (“double income, no kids”) it for a few years to save up for a down payment on a house.

The dotcom bubble was still rising and I was a newly minted software developer. I had an entry-level job for a while and then got recruited to a new city and a new job that paid 3x what I was making before. It was an offer too good to pass up. I ran the numbers and it was a no-brainer: by living frugally and saving my entire salary, living off just her income, we would easily have enough in a year to put 20% down payment on a new house.

We rented an apartment in the new city that was listed for $950/mo. The landlord was a real estate agent who owned a two-bedroom condo as an investment property. Let’s call him “Hank Wazowski”. Hank was a thin, gray, no-nonsense guy. He was pleasant enough, but perfunctory, dry, and had no sense of humor. He made a point of explaining that under no circumstances was he responsible for maintaining the garbage disposal and that it was NOT included in the rental agreement and he would not be responsible for fixing it were it to break. Um, ok.

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video messages (Reddie)

Helloooo! This is relatively short, (Im sorry!!) I’m on holiday though!! It’s a beach holiday so i’m not really doing anything, so i’m writing basically constantly!! So leave me requests for like any ships from IT!! I’m doing Hc’s, Fics, and one shots, so request anything here

Summary: Request: (Sorry if you aren’t doing these!) but imagine Richie being a Super Softie ™ around Eddie. BUT Eddie secretly takes videos of Soft Richie and sends them to the losers because they don’t believe it when Eddie says Richie isn’t always a Trashmouth ™

Wordcount: 1,549

“You look so cute today Eds.” Richie smiled, ruffling his boyfriends hair. Eddie rolled his eyes, a blush forming on his cheeks, as it often did when Richie was like this.

Richie acted like a comedian around all of his friends. He was cocky, and inappropriate, and could only be serious if you begged him. He was loud, and his friends all called him Trashmouth, because of his loud personality.

But around his boyfriend he was completely different. He was much ore quiet, and he didn’t crack any outrageous jokes. He was much nicer around Eddie. It was probably because Eddie didn’t take Richie’s shit. When Richie was with the losers, he would happily ride his bike around, and spend hours running around, and messing about. But with Eddie, Richie just wanted to sit on his couch, and hold Eddie in his arms, and play with his hair.

Eddie instinctively rose his hand, going to fix his hair. Richie grabbed his hand, lacing their fingers together, absentmindedly. His attention was focused back on the cartoons that were playing on Richie’s TV in Richie’s living room. They were watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons, because Richie didn’t want to get up and put a movie on. Eddie bit his lip, watching as Richie squeezed his hand, gently.

“Don’t call me Eds.” Eddie stated, shaking his head. Richie rolled his eyes, and scoffed in Eddie’s ear. His breath tickled Eddie’s neck, which made Eddie blush. Again.

“Would you rather I called you Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie asked, smirking, though Eddie couldn’t see him. Eddie was lying in between Richie’s legs, his head resting on Richie’s chest. Richie was sat with his back against the couch. Richie had his head bent slightly, so he could annoy Eddie, by whispering to him, about nicknames.

“No..” Eddie mumbled, shaking his head. Richie’s lips made their way to Eddie’s cheek, where he left a soft kiss. Eddie sighed loudly, turning to look at Richie properly. “Why are you like this?”

“Like what?” Richie asked, a laugh tumbling out of his mouth, and blocking the sound of the cartoons.

“Like all cute and shit!” Eddie practically shrieked. Richie’s laugh grew louder, as he titled his head back. Eddie shook his head, rolling his eyes, quickly. “It’s annoying. Very annoying.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, let me be a bad boyfriend.” Richie teased. Eddie glared at him. Richie burst into laughter again, shaking his head. “That’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever said, Eddie Spaghetti.”

“Shut up!” Eddie snapped, pointing a finger at Richie. “It’s annoying me!” Richie rose an eyebrow, and Eddie huffed.”None of the others believe me when I say that you’re cute. They all tell me I’m being ridiculous. That Richie Trashmouth Tozier can’t be sweet!” Richie laughed, in a teasing tone.

“They’ll never see me being sweet! That’s reserved for my Eddie Bear.” Richie continued, wrapping his around Eddie, and hugging him tightly. Eddie was blushing again, and also attempting to swat Richie’s hands away. Eddie gave up, after Richie kissed his head, making Eddie’s head spin. Everything Richie did had a dramatic effect on Eddie. He had only found out last summer that he liked Richie.

They had been at Bill’s, for the fourth of July. They had been listening to whatever playlist Ben had put on. It was mostly hits from the 80’s, with occasional 90’s, and early 2000’s pop ballads. A slow song had come on, and everyone had teased Ben over it. Eddie couldn’t even remember what song it was, he just remembered Richie pulling him up, when Mike pulled Stan and Bill up, to dance. They were doing a slow sway, pretending to hula dance, in Ben’s back garden. Richie had pulled Eddie close, and swayed with him.

“Why are we slow dancing, this isn’t even a sow dancing song.” Eddie had asked quietly. Richie had shrugged, smiling slightly. He interlocked his fingers with Eddie’s, His hand was already resting on Eddie’s hip. Eddie had his hand placed on Richie’s shoulder, and was grateful that Richie had a strong grip on Eddie’s other hand, because otherwise Eddie would have fallen over. He was suddenly horrifically self-conscious. He had no idea why.

“I wanna slow dance, and you’re dainty enough to dance with, Eds.” Richie still had the small smile, gracing his lips. Eddie felt his heart almost burst. Fuck, he looks so cute, Eddie thought. And then he panicked. He couldn’t have a crush on Richie. Richie would hate him. And he couldn’t throw away his friendship with Richie over a thought, though. So he kept his mouth shut.

Although that one thought turned into hundreds. And two months later Richie was the only thing on his mind. He was constantly thinking about him. About what he was doing, About what he was thinking about. Everything. It all overwhelmed him, so much so that one day he didn’t show up to a meet up, with the rest of the group. Richie was worried, went over to Eddie’s house, and climbed through his window.

“What are you doing here?” Eddie had whispered harshly, as he shut his bedroom door. “If my mom see’s you, she’’ flip her shit!” He was panicked. His mother would actually kill him. She hated Richie with a burning passion.

“You missed the meet up! We were all waiting for you!” Richie shrugged. His voice was soft, and his eyes were filled with concern, behind his large glasses. “I got worried.”

“Worried?” Eddie repeated, his eyes going slightly wide. Richie nodded slowly,  Eddie felt his heart race, as it set in that Richie had been worried about him. Eddie bit his lip, looking down slightly. “You shouldn’t worry.” He muttered after a second.

“Why didn’t you come today, then?” It was a simple question, but Eddie couldn’t answer it. His mind raced with excuses, but none came out. “Are you sick?”

“Lovesick.” Eddie muttered, running a hand through his hair. He realised it slipped out, and looked up quickly. Richie stared at him for a second.

“Do you like Bev?” He asked quickly. His eyebrows were raised in alarm, and his voice was shrill. He sounded panicked. Eddie looked at him, confusion written all over his face. “You totally like Bev! Fuck!”

“I don’t like Bev! Jesus, keep your fucking voice down!” Eddie snapped. Richie bit his lip, still staring at Eddie. “Why are you so shrieky today?!”

“Because when the boy I like says he’s lovesick, it worries me!” Richie snapped back. His face quickly turned to shock, as he realised what he said, but he didn’t have time to overthink it, because Eddie was kissing him, and Eddie’s body seemed to go into shock.

It always happened. Every damn time. He site quietly, standing up from the couch, and stretching. “You gotta stop with the nicknames.”

“But they’re great!” Richie protested, shrugging as he lay down on the couch, stretching slightly, after watching Eddie do it. He bit his lip, staring at Eddie, who rolled his eyes again.

Eddie grabbed his phone from his bag, which was sat on the floor. Richie was watching him, smiling slightly. “Staring is creepy, Richie.” Eddie stated, looking back at Richie. He looked back at his phone, reading the texts from the losers.

Stan the man:

I can’t believe you bailed on us, Eddie

Stuttering Bill:

And to hang out with Richie, ew

Eddie Spaghetti:

He’s being insanely cute today, sorryyyy

Stan the man:

Impossible, he’s Richie.

The text made Eddie roll his eyes. A lightbulb went off in his head, though, as he turned back to Richie, completely. Richie was still watching Eddie. Richie flashed Eddie a grin, and Eddie smiled.

Eddie walked back over to his boyfriend, and sat down on his lap. Richie rose an eyebrow, putting his hands on his boyfriends hips. Richie’s hands slipped under Eddie’s t-shirt, his fingers drawing small patterns on Eddie’s hips. Eddie couldn’t help but smile.

Eddie was already on the camera app, pressing record, Richie didn’t notice. He was still staring at Eddie, smiling. Eddie pretended to be preoccupied, fake typing on his phone. Richie’s grin turned into a pout, which Eddie pretended not to notice.

“What are you doing, Eds?” Richie questioned, quietly.

“Texting Stan.” Eddie muttered quietly, pretending to type again.

“You should pay attention to me instead, baby boy!” Richie’s voice was soft, the smile making a short reappearance. Richie grabbed one of Eddie’s hands, lacing their fingers together, which he loved to do. Richie pulled Eddie’s hand towards him, and kissed it. Richie grinned again, he kissed Eddie’s hand again, and again. He smiled at Eddie each time.

Eddie stopped recording, and sent it to his groupchat, quickly. He leaned down, and played a soft kiss on his boyfriends lips. Richie kissed back, smiling into the kiss. Richie’s hands held Eddie’s face in place, as he moved his mouth against the other boys.

Eddie’s phone buzzed in his hand, but he ignored it, as he deepened his kiss with Richie. If he had of checked he would have seen the texts his friends were sending

Stan the man:

That was disgusting, never send me gay shit like that again.

Stuttering Bill:

Stan, babe, we’re guys dating..

Stan the man:

Bill, shut up.

Happy Birthday! Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: littlepony-66

Prompt: Hi! I just read your Bill’s imagine and I love it. I was wondering if you could do one where he have this long-time girlfriend and she surprise him in set of IT for his birthday and he’s there dressing as Pennywise and it’s a lot of fluff 🙈

Warning: None 

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You were beyond excited when you checked the calendar that morning. Today was the day you could put your plan in set. You had been dating Bill for over 7 years now and never once do you question your relationship.

Well you did have the occasional argument of course but that doesn’t matter right now! You had already talked to the director of the movie your boyfriend Bill Skarsgård was staring in two weeks ago so your plan was ready.

You had been doing this for 7 years now where on his birthday you’d go over the top to celebrate his party. You had gotten up early to make him a simple pancake breakfast with itty bitty cutie pie pancakes.

You smiled when you saw him come into the room shirtless with only sweatpants that just barely held on around his hips. He came around you to make coffee and you  flipped the new batch of pancakes over to reveal a golden brown side.

You squeaked when you felt arms wrap around your waist and him place his chin on your shoulder. You giggled as he gently swayed you back and forth occasionally leaving light kisses on your neck and shoulder.

“Should I have stayed in bed longer?” He asked softly.

“What for?” You asked pretending not to know.

“You know why.” He said tucking your hair behind your ear.

You giggled and he wrapped his arms around your tighter. You placed the last of the pancakes on the plate and shook him off to bring the pancakes to the table where two plates with hash browns and bacon were waiting.

He sat down in his chair and grabbed a few pancakes before pouring some maple syrup over them. Of course when you took the maple syrup you get pouring…and pouring…and pouring…and pouring…the pancakes were floating in syrup…half of the bottle was gone…still pouring…and now your plate was a pond of sticky syrup.

Bill rolled his eyes but smiled at your antics and began to eat his little pancakes. After you were done you slurped the maple syrup from your plate and then took it the sink.

“I’m surprised you haven’t given me a box that will blow confetti in my face.” He teased.

“Whatcha mean?” You asked continuing to play dumb.

“C'mon you know it’s my birthday.” Bill said walking over to put his dish in the sink.

He leaned towards you nearly nose to nose and smiled looking from your lying eyes to your teasing lips. Just as he was about to kiss you his phone alarm went off from the bedroom that alerted him it was time to get dressed since he had to leave in 15 minutes. Bill sighed and walked off leaving your lips feeling cold.

You pouted wishing you could throw something at that stupid alarm to shut it up so he could’ve kissed you. You quickly cleaned the dishes before putting them back where they belonged.

When you finished putting the tray away Bill was walking out wearing a white shirt with black jeans. You purred and he grinned as he walked over. He kissed you for a few seconds before pulling away with a loud smack, “I love you. I’ll see you tonight!”

“Love you too! See ya!” You called.

You waited until the door closed and he was walking down the hallway before planning your attack. You took a quick shower, got dressed, and grabbed your keys and jacket before hurrying to leave.

You were careful when you got in to not run into Bill. You found the director Andy Muschetti and quickly ran up to him well it appeared he wasn’t busy.

“Andy do you have everything?” You asked.

The director looked up a little surprised by your sudden appearance but grinned at the enthusiasm sparkling in your eyes.

“Yeah just get Kelly to show you.” He pointed to said woman and as soon as she saw you she nodded and the plan began….

Bill finished doing a scene when the director called for a 5 minute break. He strolled out still in his “Pennywise mode” occasionally laughing in his clown voice.

“Hey Bill.” Andy called walking over.

“Yes Andy?” Bill asked.

“You might want to go to the makeup trailer. Your lipstick smudged.”

“Alright.” Pennywise replied.

He headed towards the “make up trailer” which was also his trailer since he required the most amount of makeup to cover his handsome features. When he arrived he opened the door only to jump back startled as least 50 red balloons suddenly poured out.

Bill blinked confused looking around but no one was here. He pushed through the balloons popping a few in the process until pretty much all of them were out. He looked at himself in the mirror but his lipstick and everything else looked perfect.

Curious, he walked back towards the set not finding anyone. It was like the cast and crew just walked away leaving all their equipment behind. Nervousness grew in Bill who slowly lost his character personality as he walked through the empty set.

When he arrived to where he was filming originally it was pitch black.

‘Hello?“ Bill called.

The lights came on and he jumped back even more startled as the whole crew revealed themselves shouting, "SURPRISE!”

Bill spotted you in the crowd and grinned walking towards you. Before you could say anything he smashed his lips into yours making you smile and kiss back. You wrapped your arms around his neck ignoring the audience awing at you.

A few of the kids cringed in disgust though.

When you pulled away his buck teeth were a little crooked and his lipstick was smudged and had rubbed off on your lips but you didn’t care.

“Happy birthday.” You said before kissing his cheek.

Bill smiled and brushed his thumb over your cheeks.

“Oh I also got a present for you!” You announced.

Andy came up holding a colorfully wrapped box and handed it to you. You took it and held it for Bill excitedly.

He smiled and took it before undoing the ribbon and opening the box…only for it to blow up in his face.


Colorful confetti blew up in his face and fell on him. He even spit some from out of his mouth. You laughed along with the others and he just rolled his eyes.

“Sorry babe. Gotta keep the birthday pranking tradition.” You grinned.

“Just wait until it’s my turn to prank you.”

That night you were snuggling with Bill in bed enjoying each others warmth well watching cartoons. Yes, yes, you were two grown adults over the age of 20 watching cartoons. But not like the new ones it was the good old 90-early 2000 cartoons everyone loved.

Bill’s head was resting against your chest (really boob ;) ) just listening to the sound of your heart beating well you stroked his hair in sort of an auto pilot mode. He purred loving his birthday.

When you got home your true gift was that you had gotten him a few new shirts and a nice leather jacket you had seen him eyeing since forever. You had even made him a birthday cake from scratch with rainbow sprinkles baked in and iced and shaped to look like his Pennywise character.

Turns out his character in cake form tasted pretty good. Then after that you both just decided to cuddle and spend some quality time together. He couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend.

“So did you like my cake?”

“It was okay.”

“Just because your the birthday boy doesn’t mean I can’t slap you or kick you out to sleep on the couch tonight.”

“You wouldn’t do that.”

“Ow! Okay, okay! I loved your cake!”

“Aw thanx. Happy birthday… ~ ❤️”

Epilogue: Yaya 3 requests done in one day! Whew. So because I’m in high school I will be doing one request per day on the week days and then how many I can do on the weekend. So please be patient. Thanx for reading!! XD!!!!

What if since meeting your soulmate is the best thing to happen to you, they get teleported to the site of the worst thing that’s happened to you?

or: my take on this AU by @shitty-check-please-aus

Jack skates through the crowd of his teammates who are currently mobbing the small blonde freshman who brought pie of all things into his practice.  He’s kind of intending to ask the kid what the hell he thinks he’s doing feeding these guys before they have to go run drills, anyway.  Like seriously, does he want a rink full of projectile-vomiting jocks?  Cuz that’s an ugly scene that he does not want to explain to the ice crew.  But he’s the captain, and so when guys on his team act like morons, Jack is always the one who has to go apologize on behalf of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team.

He’s more than ready to lay into the new guy, but when the crowd parts, and new guy looks up, he smiles this nervous little smile and says,

“Hi!  I’m Eric -” and then everything goes black.  

Coach Bittle got into the habit of always checking the janitor’s closet on his way out of the building every night.  After what happened to Junior, he ended up just sort of gravitating there.  The first time he’d had the urge to check inside, he’d ignored it and spent the rest of the night tossing and turning, imagining a tiny freshman, plopped on a bucket and crying their eyes out.  When the custodian showed up at 5, Coach was already waiting in his truck with a cup of coffee.  Now he just gives in.  Figures that as far as compulsive, guilty urges go, it’s not that bad.  Only takes him another minute out of his way, and now he goes home and sleeps like a baby.

Luckily, depite making it part of his nightly routine for the past few years, nobody’s actually been locked in there.  Well.  Locked in.  There were certainly a few encounters he interrupted.  Those times he was delayed more than a minute having to make uncomfortable phone calls to parents.  

The first and only time that Coach Bittle rescues someone from the janitor’s closet is actually not even during the school year, and he isn’t actually checking for anyone.  He’d just come in to do some paperwork for preseason and spilled coffee on his desk, and when he goes to get the actually absorbent paper towels from the closet, he finds a very large, very confused man in full hockey gear.

“AHHHH!” They both scream and jolt back, Coach stumbling and catching himself on the drinking foundtain, the large hockey man, being not so lucky and still wearing skates, sits in a mop bucket.  His only solace seems to be that it’s currently empty.

“What in the sam hell!?” Coach yells, regaining his footing.  Hockey man flinches and his eyes dart around like a cornered racoon.

“Where am I?” he chokes out.  “What’s - what’s going on?”  He looks up and meets Coach’s eyes.  Coach looks down at hockey man’s jersey.  Samwell Men’s Hockey.  And he is not a stupid man by any stretch of the imagination, so it takes only a few stunned seconds to realize that this must me Junior’s soulmate.  Why else would one of his teammates have been catapulted down to Georgia?

“You’re in Madison, Georgia, son.  Looks like you just met your soulmate.”

“My - but I - I was at practice?”  Hockey man looks up at him, and from way down there, looking so goddamn confused, he finally looks young enough to be playing with Dicky’s team.

“And now you’re here.  So what does that tell you?”  Coach raises an eyebrow.

“That…I…met my soulmate?”

“Sounds about right.  Also sounds like you probably need to be getting on your way back, don’t it?”

“Um, yes.  That would be.  I should.  Um.  Go.”

“Might want to start with taking off the skates first.”

“Oh, I.  Yes.”  Hockey man awkwardly lifts his legs one by one and scrunches up to untie his laces.  Coach helps him pull the skates off, and then offers a hand up out of the bucket.

“Thank you, sir.”

“No trouble.”

“Jack Zimmermann,” he introduces himself and holds his hand out to shake.  “Nice to meet you.”

“Eric Bittle Senior,” Coach tells him, trying not to feel a little pleased when the boy’s face goes pale in recognition.  “Come on, I’ll give you a ride back where y’all belong.”

“But I - That’s Massachusetts.”

“I know what I said.  Hussle, you’ve got another practice tomorrow mornin’ I bet.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then we oughtta hope traffic’s on our side.”

Meanwhile, Bob Zimmermann nearly cuts his ear off shaving when he hears a loud thump followed by a sqeuak behind him.  He turns to find a strange young man in a Samwell Men’s Hockey jersey sprawled across his bathroom floor, clutching a pecan pie to his chest.

“Chrisse!” He yells, razor clattering to the sink.  He manages to catch his towel before it falls, luckily, but his yelling seems to have startled the poor kid even more.  He’s shaking a little as he sets the pie down gently and sits up. The blades of his skates clink against the tile.

“I - Um - Oh dear, I am so sorry!  I don’t - I don’t know what happened!  I was at practice and then - I mean - I’ll just be going.”

“Non!”  Bob rushes to assure the boy it’s fine, but when he steps forward, it startles him all over again.  Clearing his throat, Bob steps back and switches to English.  “I mean, there’s no need to apologize.  I know why you’re here, I just - wasn’t expecting you at this particular moment.”

“You…were expecting me?”

“Well…not you exactly, but…the…concept? of you?  Jack’s soulmate.  We - His mother and I, we knew when he met them, they would show up here.”

“Oh…I…guess that makes sense?”

“I’m sorry we had to meet like this.  I feel terribly underdressed.”  The boy stares at him blankly until Bob cracks a smile.  Then, he breaks out into loud pleals of laughter.  His eyes are a warm brown and crinkle at the corners, his nose scrunches.  He looks like such a happy person.  Maybe happy enough that some of it will rub off on Jack.

Hockey boy stands up and shakes the hand that isn’t holding Bob’s towel up.  “Eric Bittle, pleasure to meet you.”

“Bob Zimmermann, nice to meet you too.”  Another good (although strange, very strange) sign: there isn’t a trace of recognition in the boy’s face at hearing the name “Bob Zimmermann”.  Of course Jack’s soulmate would be the only hockey player alive who had no clue who the fuck his father is.  

Eric hobbles out of the bathroom and sits against the wall in the hallway to take his skates off before making his way downstairs to the kitchen where Bob had said his wife Alicia was probably hanging out.  Sure enough, when he found the (gorgeous.  stunning.  drool-worthy.) kitchen, there was a  tall, blonde woman sitting cross-legged on one of the barstools, a cup of coffee in one hand and the other propping open a book.

“Hello,” he announces himself quietly.  She’s still startled, though not nearly as much as her husband had been.  When she turns and gets a look at him, she puts the coffee down and lets the pages of the book flop freely, unfolding herself from the seat.

“Hello.  You must be…”

“Eric.  Eric Bittle.”

“Right.  And -”

“Jack’s soulmate.  Yes ma’am, it would seem so.”  He smiles timidly, and is most definitely not expecting to be enveloped in a hug.

“It’s so nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, Mrs. Zimmermann.”

“Well,” Alicia steps back and puts her hands on her hips, regarding Eric with a motherly smile.  “Can I get you a cup of coffee while we wait for Bob?”

Jack and Coach switch drivers every state.  Coach insists that each time, they take a photo in front of the Welcome sign.  Jack snaps a few pictures on his phone when he’s in the passenger seat.  When it’s his turn to drive, he tries to educate Coach on the finer points of hockey and the top NCAA teams, and Coach in turn tries to explain how the hell football works.

The Zimmermanns put Eric on a plane back to Massachusetts that night with his hockey gear stuffed in a duffel and wearing the least obviously early 2000s clothes they could find in Jack’s old dresser.  

“We wish we could go with you,” Alicia tells him, seeming genuinely sad to be sending him off alone.

“But Jack probably wouldn’t appreciate…intruding.  He likes to keep his life at school seperate from his life back home, you know?”  

“Of course, don’t worry a bit.  It was so nice meeting y’all.”

When the airport shuttle leaves Eric in front of his dorm, he’s exhausted from the trip and starting to stress out about seeing Jack.  His soulmate.  Who he’d barely seen in the first place, only a quick impression of tall and eyes before he’d been wormholed to Montreal.  He thinks he has to be seeing things when he first catches sight of his father’s old blue truck pulled up against the curb.  

He shakes himself and starts for the building, but from behind him, Coach’s voice calls,

“Dicky!  Er- Eric!”  Eric’s head spins a little with how fast he turns around.  Because there’s no way.  His dad hadn’t been able to get away from preseason long enough to drive Eric up to school in the first place.  There’s no way he’s - But the there’s Jack, sliding out of the passenger seat.  Because Coach had driven him.  All the way from Georgia.  Because he’s Eric’s soulmate.  Coach is hand-delivering the love of Eric’s life and he just…cannot with this day anymore.

So he focuses on the one tiny part that he can wrap his travel-weary brain around.  He walks up to Jack, who’s watching him raptly, eyes darting everywhere like he’s trying to make sure he memorizes everything before he disappears again, and says,

“I don’t think we managed to introduce ourselves properly last time.”

Jack laughs.

anonymous asked:

A thing that I have noticed is that a lot of webcomic dont use the art as tool for storytelling, there's so much one can do playing with panel size, form, coloring and perspective to stablish a character or narrator mental state, the mood of the scene and the foreshadowing! I dont usually read manga, but recently I read one that hides tarot card numbers in panels and uses a lot of visual cues to enrich the story, like a particular gesture to indicate that a character is lying or nervous, (1/2)

(2/2) a checkered pattern floor to show that the protagonist is being manipulated or just a well-placed flower (flower language), I never though of this things but now it has made more conscious on how I draw comics and at the hour to read a webcomic it has made me pay attention to panels details and not just the dialogue, to really treat comics as a visual medium. Sorry for the long text and mistakes (learning english!), I just wanted to share thoughts and thank you for all your advices!

Back in ye olde days of late 90s early 2000s, basically no one in webcomics could draw. 

Questionable Content, 2003

Narbonic, 2000. Narbonic got very good very fast, though. 

And any comic with even a competent artist would get a lot of attention just for that. 

Nowadays, actual artists realized that doing a webcomic could build a portfolio and even a brand, and the market with flooded with quality art

Ava’s Demon


And it became the Conventional Wisdom among us Webcomic Reviewers that art “didn’t really matter”. There were tons of beautiful comics with terrible storytelling, after all, and they were a chore

Dresden Codak. Note that the thing we’re supposed to be looking at in panel 2 is the metal ring showing that Kimiko’s arm is a prosthetic, but the camera is pointed at her boobs. 

Whereas webcomics with bad art but good writing were good comics.

Dinosaur Comics sets the floor for artistic quality, but is still really liked

Some of this was a bit of jealousy, too. Most people who write reviews of comics are bad at art, and prefer to think of writing, which is the thing they do, as the Primary Driver Of Quality. Then other reason is 

Understanding Comics

But the actual fact of a comic is that art is writing, and writing is art. They’re too intermixed to think of as separate skills

Dresden Codak has bad art. 

Technically, it’s fine. Hell, technically it’s amazing. If I quit my job and spent 40 hours a week practicing drawing, It would take me years to get to this level. But it’s not functioning. The panels are in a confusing order, and the shot of Kimiko with her back arched way back as if she wanted to make her boobs more prominent in the shot both makes no sense for the scene (compare to the last panel, where she’s leaning forward in a way that makes more sense), and is the wrong type of shot.

The point of that panel is to draw our attention to the symbol on the back of Kimiko’s black crop top thing, but because it’s a medium shot for some reason (so Diaz can draw boobs), there are TWO symbols on her back. The one of the back of her top is center-panel, but there’s a gear symbol peaking out from beneath the top that more literally fits the description of “the one on your back”, especially since we have no reason to think that the silver symbol isn’t part of her shirt. It should’ve been a close up of the symbol! So that we knew which one it was! 

Compare this page in Gunnerkrigg Court. This is technically bad art. I could possibly draw something like this in a day with my current skills. But the deterioration of the drawing quality is good art, because it gives the sense that Annie’s falling apart, which is appropriate to the scene. 

Tom Siddel can draw like a motherfucker when he wants to (also this layout is excellent), but for this scene of Annie taking her makeup off, he doesn’t want to, and that’s an artistic choice. A pretty good one, actually. 

Order of the Stick is one of the simplest comics out there in terms of visual style. This panel isn’t that hard to draw (compared to Unsounded, for instance). But it works.Even if you don’t know anything about OotS, this shot tells you a ton. You understand that these characters have been going through doors at random, and you know that there’s a shitload of doors. Despite it’s simple art style, this panel effectively conveys the scale of the challenge. 

None of this requires gimmickry (and sometimes gimmickry is good). You don’t need to be great at drawing to make a panel like that OotS one. 

And that’s just basic shot composition! There’s also stuff like the tarot card gimmick you mentioned, color palettes, and visual metaphor. 


While it’s important to remember films != comics, they can be a good resource for this kind of visual thinking. If I’m filming a scene two people talking, I can “draw” nearly as well as any director, since I have a camera on my phone. The difference between me and a great director (besides budget) is where I point the camera, and what decisions I make.

Anyway, here’s a nice set of panels from Octopus Pie, which are great at getting us into Marigold’s frame of mind in a way a good drawing wouldn’t.

call no man happy

(that guardian angel thing)


Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk, staring out the window, and wishing things were different? Wishing the universe would throw something interesting your way, just to break up the tedium?

Stop it.

Stop it right now and get a dog, start doing macrame, learn to play the flute, anything else.

The universe is a tricky son of a bitch and will kick you in the teeth as soon as give you a sign. So be careful with that daydreaming because you could end up saddled with a celestial felon that tries to get you arrested and drinks all your beer.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Six months ago, several horrible things happened to Mo Guan Shan.

He dropped his brand new phone in the toilet, spilled coffee on his laptop, and he woke up to find a complete stranger eating pizza rolls on his couch. But we’ll get back to that.

At twenty-nine, Mo Guan Shan had resigned himself to a comfortable, yet mediocre existence. His job at the university library could be tedious, but paid enough for him to afford a small apartment in a not-completely-shitty part of town, food, and a little extra to put in his savings each month. The lower middle class American dream.

He had a few close-ish friends, co workers he got drinks with after work some days, and a boss that mostly left him to his own devices. So, no one actively horrible. Unless you consider the other tech that relentlessly hit, but she’s more obnoxious than villainous. His ex girlfriend was a bitch, but entirely avoidable.

His car was decent, a gold sedan from the early 2000’s that he routinely lost in parking lots. He’d bought it used the year before. It didn’t have air conditioning and smelled vaguely of cats, but it got him places he needed to go and had a working radio so… whatever.

There wasn’t going to be a movie made about his life, detailing his many adventures, but things could be worse and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

Even still, he found himself wanting more. He’d find himself daydreaming while shelving books. But he knew he wasn’t going to do anything to change his situation, so he’d stick to feeling sorry for himself.


One cool morning in October, things got weird. The alarm went off and he considered throwing it against the wall. He showered, brushed his teeth, managed to cut himself shaving, got dressed, and made his way to the kitchen.

He froze mid step and nearly fell over. There was a man sitting on his couch. His hair was dark and messy like he’d just woken up. He wore a faded black t-shirt under a dark red hoodie, tight black jeans, and tattered black boots caked with dirt like maybe he’d come from a construction site. He was heavily tattooed, and eating his God damn pizza rolls.

“Who the FUCK are you?!” he demanded, searching the immediate area for something he could use as a weapon against the man if need be, but came up empty. He fumbled for his phone.

“How did you get in here? I’m calling the cops.”

The man laughed, “No you’re not.”

Mo Guan Shan looked down at the phone in his hand, watching the man out of the corner of his eye, but it wasn’t there. Looking around, confused, he spotted it. The asshole on the couch was holding it, smirking.

“What the fuck, who are you?” Mo Guan Shan asked again, more perplexed than angry at this point.

“Isn’t it obvious?” The man asked, “I’m your guardian angel.”

Mo Guan Shan raised his eyebrows, “Yeah, and I’m the king of candyland.” The man looked around, clearly unimpressed by the sparsely furnished room and picked up another pizza roll. “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”

What the fuck.

Against his better judgement, Mo Guan Shan almost felt inclined to believe him, which was distressing.

“Alright, psycho, you need to get the fuck out of here.”

The man shook his head, tossing Mo Guan Shan his phone, “Trust me, I’d love nothing more than to leave. I’ve read your file.”

“What the hell does that mean? What file?” Mo Guan Shan asked.

“Your case file. You’re just some boring fucker with a case of ‘poor pitiful me,’ and i don’t want to deal with that shit at all.”

Mo Guan Shan was at a complete loss. He checked the time on his phone and sighed, shoving it into his pocket. He was going to be late for the second time this month. He could hardly say ‘sorry boss, some lunatic broke into my apartment, stole my phone, and insulted me’ so now he had to come up with some convincing lie. Great.

All he could think to say was, “you don’t look much like an angel.”

The man rolled his eyes, standing up and stretching his arms over his head. “Yeah, I left my halo in my other coat.” He pulled a rolled up piece of, what looked like, parchment from his pocket and held it out to Mo Guan Shan.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he approached, taking the paper from him and unrolling it.. He read it twice, trying to make sense of it. Long story short, it was a contract, chastising him for whining in flowing calligraphy.

It told him that by signing he was agreeing to accept ‘the guidance of a heavenly angel.’ The fine print at the bottom said he acknowledged the angel was part of a ‘special rehabilitation program.’ Fantastic, he’s a charity case for angelic criminals to get community service hours.

“Why would I ever agree to this? Even if it was real, and it’s not, It’s ridiculous”

The man’s smile was vaguely sinister as offered Mo Guan Shan a golden fountain pen he’d pulled from another pocket.

“Because your life is boring, and I am not.”

Mo Guan Shan considered that, studying the man more closely now that he could see him. His eyes were dark gray, like the clouds before it rains. There were three small dots tattooed above his left eyebrow and several small symbols under his eyes. They looked familiar but he couldn’t pinpoint what they were.

There was a small rose with stem and leaves from is hairline to the bottom of his jaw. Little bits of black right under his hairline told Mo Guan Shan that if he shaved his head there’d be some on his scalp. The large intricate design that seemed to wrap all the way around his neck looked familiar also, like something he’d seen in an old book.

If any of this was true, it was probably that last part.

Fuck it, why not.

He snatched the pen and scribbled his signature on the line, handing both items back to the other man.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“He Tian.”


1 I 2 


(A/N): I honestly love protective steve so much

Request: Can you write a StevexReader story where the reader is at college and has to work as stripper to get the money for it because her parents won’t pay it? And Steve sees her as Tony tracks him there one day to make him lose his virginity. And some guy starts to be rude to her and Steve comes to protect her?

Warnings: none

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   “You gotta get some experience Cap,” Tony mutters as he shakes his head, stuffing his hands in his pocket as they pass by the retro Strip Club, one that had ladies dating back to all sorts of times. You had your classic 80′s rocker, the 90′s grunge, the 70′s disco, the 60′s flower child, and Tony’s personaly favorite the 1940′s showgirl. “It’s completely authentic Cap, it’ll be reminiscent!” 

   “I don’t remember any strip clubs back in my day, “ Steve mutters as he nearly throws open the door, the old piece of wood smacking against the equally old brick. With an angry sigh he stuffed his hands into his pants pocket as he trudged into the club, his gaze raking over all the different girls. It was obviously a break of some sort for they had all congregated in the front room, not in their individual blast from the past showrooms. All the girls, some of them the drapper 30′s girls straight to the early 2000′s ones all sat around, either smoking or drinking, maybe chatting with one another. Every pair of eyes land on the two as they walk in and Steve can practically feel them undressing him on the spot. 

   “Hey girls!” Tony calls out boisterously, waving flirtatiously to some of the strippers. “We could a little problem here,” 

   “We’re on lunch break, sorry,” One of the girls gives him a small smile as she takes a drag from her cigar. If Steve guessed right she looked like she belonged to the 70′s era. 

   “Would uh- this convince you otherwise?” Tony waves a wad of cash in the air, watching as the girls followed his hand hungrily. 

   “Hm…” One of the girls rose from her seat, showcasing her rather voluptuous form. “I’m sure I could work on Mr. Tall and Blonde for ya,” She sways her hips as she walks towards the two, stopping just in front of Steve. “He’s pretty cute if I do say so myself,” 

   “Tony-” Steve begins, casting his friend a side glance when he stopped, his eyes catching onto one of the girls lingering in a corner, sitting by herself but still there. The dark of the room almost shadowed them but Steve would recognize that face anywhere. “(Y/N),” Steve sounds just the tiniest bit confused, his brows furrowed as he gazed into the corner. Tony perks up a bit too, his gaze travelling over the girls until they landed on the shadowy figure in the corner. 

   “Well I’ll be damned,” Tony chuckles, stuffing his money away as he made his way towards (Y/N)’s table. “Looks like we got yourselves quite the showgirl,” Tony clicks his tongue as he takes a seat right next to (Y/N), giving them a sort of twisted smile. “How perfect for our very own Captain America,” 

    “Leave me alone Tony,” (Y/N) mutters, folding her arms over her chest as she huffed just a bit. Even in the poor lighting Steve could see how exhausted (Y/N) looked, not even her copious amount of makeup could cover up just how tired she was. 

   “I’ve got money (Y/N) and if you’re working here you obviously need it-” 

   “Tony,’ Steve warns, his tone light for now. 

   “I just want to know why our precious little (Y/N) is out here, working that pert little ass off for money when she doesn’t need it,” (Y/N) bites her lip, blushing just the tiniest bit. “You’re so conservative at the tower, always covering up, damn- I didn’t even know you looked this good,” Tony licks his lips, allowing his gaze to travel up and down (Y/N)’s exposed body. 

   “Tony, that’s enough,” Steve growls, his patience running thin. “(Y/N) must have a good reason for working here, right?’ Steve looks to her, hoping his gaze was sympathetic. (Y/N) looks at Steve with almost shame filled eyes as she nods her head. 

   “I need the money for college, I can’t pay with a regular job but working here is sufficing,” 

   “You know,” Tony leans forward, getting way too close to (Y/N) to Steve’s liking. “If you gave me my own private little show I’m sure I could pay you those college loans for ya,” Tony’s lips brush against (Y/N)’s ear and the flinch, her face taking up an expression of both horror and distaste. 

   “Tony, stop-” (Y/N) whispers, attempting to push away from the man but he remained steadfast, quickly grabbing onto (Y/N) to keep her in place. That was all Steve needed to rip Tony away from (Y/N) and shove him against the wall, his elbow digging into his throat. 

   “When a woman tells you to stop you better fucking stop, got that?” Steve growls, pushing his elbow against Tony’s neck even more. The man coughs and chokes, clawing at Steve’s arm to let him go. Somewhere behind him the girls are all whispering about Steve and Tony and no doubt (Y/N) as well. “Do you understand Stark?” Tony nods weakly, clutching at Steve’s arm fruitlessly. With an angry grunt Steve let Tony fall to the floor, instead turning to (Y/N) to ask if she was okay. 

   “Are you okay?” Steve asks, his tone much lighter than it had been a few seconds ago. (Y/N) nods meekly, pursing her lips as she does. 

   “Wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened to me,” (Y/N) smiles sadly and Steve can nearly feel his heart break. 

   “When do you get off work doll?” The nickname slides from his lips easily, almost unconsciously. (Y/N) smiles just a bit, rubbing at her arms in the chill of the club. 

   “A few minutes actually,” 

   “How bout you get dressed and I can take you out to that cafe you like so much?” (Y/N) smiles even more as she nods, her spirits slowly but surely rising. 

   “I’d love that,” (Y/N) brushes past Steve, stopping by his side to give his cheek one little peck, one that had Steve’s cheeks ablaze and his heart hammering. 

   “Thanks Stevie,” (Y/N) whispers, their lips brushing against his cheek with each word. “I think I owe you your own private show sometime,” Steve’s cheeks flush even more, and he swears his heart presses against his chest with how fast it’s beating. 

   “Let me take you on a few dates first,” Steve smiles sheepishly. (Y/N) only smiles, nodding their head as they do. 

   “Cafe is date number one, bookstore is the second one next week, that okay with you?” Steve nods, a little unbelieving chuckle falling from his lips. 

   “That’s perfectly fine with me,” 

The Reunion

Alex had not been looking forward to this night. She had tried everything possible to get out of it; from feigning illness, to bribing Vasquez into reporting a false alien attack, to outright handcuffing herself to the bed and attempting to lure Maggie in with her feminine wiles.

Surprisingly, none of it had worked and Maggie had to practically drag her from the hotel room, kicking and screaming. It wasn’t until her wife had promised her a night of post-reunion sex and ice cream that Alex begrudgingly agreed to go. If only for one hour.

“And not a minute longer,” Alex added as Maggie drove them to the high school reunion on her bike. “Seriously. I’m setting my timer the second we enter the parking lot. As soon as it rings, we are getting out of there.”

“Understood,” Maggie had laughed, patting her wife’s hand affectionately as they stopped at a red light. “And you’ll get rocky road for your troubles.”

“Can I eat it off your body?” Alex purred in Maggie’s ear, making the other woman shudder. She knew exactly what she was doing—and so did the detective.

“Stop that,” Maggie husked, “or you won’t be getting anything.”

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soulmate!jeno au

requested by the lovely @starry-jeno !! sorry it took so long and i hope you like it ~

  • soulmate marks exists the very second a human sees light in the world - from blotches of black ink delicately painting across porcelain skin to patches of melanin oddly but surely forming half a human heart
  • nevertheless of its shape or form, each and every person is accompanied by one - a symbol of content and familiarity tying one to another
  • there’s a widely known rule when it comes to soulmate marks, one that states that a mark shall change comes the day a baby is born in a year signifying another decade
  • from inability to see color until you lock eyes with your soulmate back in the twenties to hearing your soulmate’s idle thoughts in the nineties, each decade holds a unique form of the mark
  • though a certain exception occurs on years that marks the end and the beginning of a new generation
  • a description which the year 2000 falls in place to - the very same year lee jeno was born
  • jeno didn’t really understand why his soulmate mark was different from his friends born only a year or two later than him
  • wasn’t he part of the new decade ?? shouldn’t his mark also be in the form of what he and the other person will be doing the moment they meet ???
  • it still confused him why his came in the form of a cursive writing wrapped around the majority of his forearm , , , but eventually he did see the definitive nature of it
  • one fact that differentiates jeno from his friends is that he already knows who his soulmate is the moment he learned how to read
  • not that he exactly knows who you are but hey !! he does know your name !!!
  • jeno thought your name felt both strange and familiar, foreign yet so close to home , , ,
  • the first time he spoke it out loud he had to take a minute to breathe because wow
  • warmth suddenly engulfed his heart and he , , doesn’t , , , know , , ,  why , , , ,
  • ever since then though, he’d been on a look out for the names of the people he knows and the names of the people known by the people he knows
  • but to no avail, he’s still yet to come across that one name that brings his heart a wave of content
  • yOU ON THE OTHER HAND , , were confused as to what your soulmate mark means , , ,
  • being born after the year 2000 told you that your mark is supposed to be what you and your soulmate will be doing the moment you meet
  • but ??? what exactly does “no jam” mean ?? will you both be at the disco dancing when you meet ??? will he be flailing around while you attempt to boogie your way downtown ??¿¿ wHAT ¿¿??
  • no jam was such a vague mark to live with ?? and sometimes you just wished it could’ve been as specific as the yell “I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DON’T STOP I’LL CHUCK THIS CHICKEN AT YOU” that tainted your friend’s wrist
  • but alas the unforseen upper force decided to give you a pair of out of context words instead
  • not that you were complaining, your soulmate mark does have its own charms and plus you’re comforted by the fact that somewhere out there - someone is just as confused as you are about those pair of words inked into their skin
  • exCEPT
  • jeno ?? wasn’t exactly worrying about no jam ??? not unless he hears it coming out of chenle’s and jisung’s mouths
  • they often tease him about being too uptight specially whenever the two are messing around, not that it bothered him or anything, he actually thought it was funny
  • the only other time he worries about having no jam is when he literally has no jam
  • apparently neighborhood friend!jaemin decided that it was only right that he empties jeno’s jar of jam “to make sure it isn’t poisoned or anything”
  • that’s why jeno found himself at eight in the morning on a saturday in the middle of aisle two at the 24/7 grocery near his house picking out a jar of jam
  • oH BUT WAIT ?? what’s this ?? you just also happen to be headed to that same aisle bc , , surprise surprise , , , you too have run out of jam ??? wHAT a coincidence ?!?!
  • but poor you was so sleepy and so set on “getting that damn jar of strawberry jam down the grocery” ((as quoted from what you said before stomping your way out of the house)) that you didn’t even notice jeno until he cleared his throat , ,
  • “as much as i hate to get in the way of you grumpily staring down the jars of jams , , , i was wondering if i could get your help on picking one out for me , ,”
  • by this time you were now half-awake because oH a cute guy is talking to me about jams hMMmMm
  • and in all your sleep deprived glory, jeno still thought to himself that hehe they look so cute in their fuzzy pajamas coUGH
  • but cute boy or not your mind is still set on getting that damned jam into your morning toast so you could crawl back to bed , , , so you just blinked at him , , grabbed a jar of your favorite strawberry jam , and put it on his hands
  • all of this before grabbing another one for yourself, putting up the hood of your jacket, and groggily walking towards the cashier
  • jam on toast & sleep: 1 jeno: 0
  • and any other person would find this - to say the least - rude but jeno ?? he just found it cute and adorable ???
  • like wow @ you zombie walking through a grocery early in the morning for jam, same
  • jeno doesn’t know what it was but something attracted him to you
  • was it the bed hair you were sporting ?? the matching pair of pajamas you didn’t even bother changing out of ??? or the “listen i just woke up and i won’t hesitate to murder someone who just as much irks me” look on your face ??¿¿ who knows
  • all jeno knows is that for a fleeting second this half-awake girl trudging along aisle number two made him forget about the cursive letters that spiraled down his arn
  • fast forward a couple weeks later though and oH Guess who’s back in aisle number two ??
  • it’s you !! ding ding ding
  • your friends decided to victimize the peace and harmony of your lovely house with your monthly sleepover - which then led you back at aisle number two browsing for premade salsa
  • “no jam this time?”
  • you looked up surprised to see that very same boy who asked for your jam expertise™ a couple of weeks ago smiling down at you
  • you chuckled at his question, “yeah, no jam
  • he too laughed before turning to the displays of jars before him and oH ?? your sleepy mind didn’t do him any justice by calling him cute ??? bc this boy is etHEreal ???
  • wOw his messy brown hair looks really good on him??? and am i hallucinating or is his skin glowing silver under this grocery’s lighting ??
  • either way , , you felt something bubble up inside of you , , , and uH is it normal to feel like this towards a boy just looking to buy his jam , , ,
  • jeno on the other hand wasn’t feeling far from what you’re thinking , the moment he saw you standing at the aisle he made an excuse towards his friends - something about “uH cOUgh i forgot my mom , , she uhh- she accidentally used all our jam in our dinner last night and she told me to make sure to get a new one , , ,”
  • jaemin at the background, “didn’t you just tell me you ate out last night bc your mom didn’t want to co-”
  • so there he was, the name on his forearm completely forgotten, because jeno just felt so compelled towards you that he had to make up an excuse to just talk to you again
  • “you know what’s funny ??”
  • jeno glanced up back at you after hearing your question
  • “what is?”
  • “no jam”, then you chuckled
  • aND JENO BEING JENO he thought that oH NO !! does cute aisle two girl think i’m boring ?? did i say something to make her think i’m no fun ? doES SHE KNOW CHENLE AND JISUNG AND DID THEY RAT ME OUT ??¿¿
  • and jeno’s standing right in front of you having an existential crisis for the first time in his whole life , , , bc oh god they think i’m boring
  • (( but wait he shouldn’t care right ?! cOugh he has a soulmate and if she was his soulmate he should’ve already known by now riGHT ??? wrong ))
  • but before he can even delve deeper into existentialism you quickly cleared your throat and averted your gaze back to the salsas, “yeah, no jam. my soulmark says the exact same thing and i have to idea what it means…”
  • hearing this made jeno’s heart sink bc oh they didn’t have my name written on their forearm like mine..
  • but before he can even start gloating about it though one of his friends came into view at the end of the aisle an-
  • and at the mention of no jam you were like ??!!?!?!?!!!
  • bc did he tell them about that dreadful morning a couple of weeks ago ?? did they make it a staple to call him no jam ¿¿ alSO wHY DOes hE nEed sO mAnY jArs of JaM ???¿¿
  • before you can even continue all of your friends came barreling down the other end of the aisle and oh oH NO - your mom friend was sporting an exasperated look and you know that look
  • that look means you’re about to get nagged at and cOUGH nOT TODAY MOM
  • so what did you do ?? you did what any good friend would do
  • and jeno and his friend were like ??what¿¿ until your friend and oh my god god bless your mom friend
  • because right then and there, in the middle of aisle two with both of your group of friends surrounding you, he heard the exact same name - middle initial included that even matched the one he knows all too well
  • and maybe - just maybe - if someone could’ve explained to him sooner that yes two people who don’t have the same form of soulmark are indeed capable of being soulmates
  • especially if one of them just so happens to be born on an exception year - a year that signified the end and the beginning of a new generation
  • maybe then jeno would’ve put two and two together and instead of having you run down the aisle holding a jar of salsa
  • maybe he would’ve been talking to you instead about how much he’s been waiting to meet you since the day he found out your name
  • but alas, the unforeseen upper force is yet again an assh*le, and they just had to make it harder for him
  • so now jeno is left with two options - option (1) would’ve been the better choice wherein he calmly goes up to you and explain the whole situation but then again ?? you’re too busy running away from your friends and ?? jeno doesn’t know how he can get your attention ??
  • so that leads us to option (2) - which could’ve been better thought out of - but considering the situation at hand jeno was left no choice
  • before you could even turn bolt down the other aisle ?? jeno ?? just ??? he just screamed your entire name and this time he even mentioned your middle name ??
  • and this made you stop bc not even your friends know about your middle name
  • so why , , is cute aisle two boy , , , screaming your name , , , ,
  • “jeno wtf why are screaming out the name you have on your arm you dweeb”, hyuck probably
  • and it didn’t take two and two together to make you realize that oh jeno was probably born on an exception year and that oH he had your name as his soulmark
  • also didn’t his friend just call him “no jam” and didn’t we meet , , because we both , , , literally had no jam , , ,
  • so as soon at it hit you, your eyes widened and you pointed an accusing finger towards him
  • ((  jar of salsa completely ignored as it came barreling down the tiled floor ))
  • “yOU’RE MY SOULMATE” - both of you while donghyuck groans in the background because oh god not again uGh we just got over chenle’s breadstick incident
  • one accusing finger led to another and the next thing you know you’re jumping into jeno’s open arms
  • jisung referring to the broken salsa jar, “uhh is that legal ??”
  • neither of you could’ve cared less though because after years upon years of confusion and on going self-doubt , , , you finally got to meet your other-half
  • jeno can finally put a face on the name that’s been lingering around him since the day he was born and you could finally rest knowing that - even after being so sure that it was nearly impossible - you’ve finally met your soulmate
  • it was right then and there at aisle number two that both of you thought that you wouldn’t have your soulmark any other way
  • working student!mark hitting his head repeatedly on the nearest wall after hearing the intercom
  •  "mark lee clean up at aisle two"
Bittersweet 16 | Rucas Oneshot

Prompt: I got requested to do a rucas au oneshot based on my favorite instant star episode awhile back as well as a different request to do another ‘Riley is Josh’s younger sister’ au so I decided to combine them lol. Hope that’s okay! 
A/N: Okay so like I said in this AU Riley is Josh’s little sister and Josh and Lucas (and Zay) are two years older. There’s an obvious connection between Riley and Lucas but he’s afraid to cross that line with her because of his relationship with her family and their minor age difference. Inspired by S01E08 of Instant Star.
Word Count: 6,336 (I’m sorry I don’t know why this is so long)

✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

“I can’t wait to see you either.” Riley smiled as she chewed on her bottom lip. Her best friend Isadora grinned at her from the other side of the couch before popping a handful of M&M’s into her mouth. She playfully kicked at the raven-haired girl who was now making kissing noises as she dragged out her goodbye over the phone. “Yeah, you too. Bye.”

The two girls shrieked in unison once the brunette hung up the phone. “Could it be the God’s are finally on my side?” She giggled, hopping up and down as she tried to contain her excitement. “I can’t believe I have my first serious boyfriend.”

“I can’t believe it’s Evan Carmichael.”  The bespectacled beauty teases, nudging her best friend. “Does this mean you’re over you know who?”

Riley waits a beat. Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at the mere mention of him. Isadora didn’t need to say his name for her to know exactly who she was talking about. Lucas Friar. He was two years older and best friends with her older brother Josh which meant he was off limits. Not that he was interested anyway.

The crush she had on him started way back in middle school but to him she would always just be his best friends little sister. She was just a dumb kid in his eyes despite their minor age difference. But none of that mattered now. She moved on, she was dating Evan now and was just 1 day shy of turning 16 and having the birthday party of her dreams. Things were finally starting to look up. She was happy.

“That’s in the past.” Riley assured her. “Besides, he made his feelings very clear.”

“That was 2 years ago, Bubbles.” Isadora gives her a pointed look. “Just because he saw you as a kid when you were 14 doesn’t meant he sees you that way now. People change. Feelings change.”

“Izzy, it doesn’t matter how long ago it was. Two years later and I’m still two years younger. I’ll always be two years younger. He’s 18, he’s a senior, I can’t expect him to want to be with someone who still has 2 more years to go before they graduate.” She knew it was the truth but that didn’t make it sting any less to hear it out loud. And even though it hurt, she made peace with his decision.  

Peace or no peace though, she couldn’t help but think back to that week…

Every year before the new school year began the Matthews family would rent a lake house up in Connecticut to celebrate labor day away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Usually the trip only consisted of the 5 of them. Riley’s parents, her two brothers and herself of course. But the summer after Riley’s 14th birthday was different.

Her parents allowed each of their children to bring along 2 guests. Her younger brother Auggie brought his two friends Ava and Dewey and in true Joshua Matthews fashion wherever he went the other two musketeers, Lucas and Zay, followed.  

Even though her parents said she could bring two guests Riley knew the only person she felt comfortable enough to bring along with her was Isadora. She and Izzy became fast friends in elementary school and have been inseparable ever since. It was nice finding someone who got what it meant to be different and once they found each other they vowed never to let go.  

Because of her lack of friends and an open spot being available, Josh begged their parents to let his girlfriend, Maya, tag along. Her parents, feeling like there was an uneven amount of boys and girls, decides it’s a good idea and before they knew it they had a full house.

It wasn’t until that summer that Riley even thought she had a chance with Lucas in the first place. Yes, she had a school girl crush on the sandy haired boy but in her heart of hearts she never thought even for a second that he would reciprocate those feelings. Not until the lake that is.

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Blue Exorcist timeline

Information gathered from: Chapter 87, 86, 78, 76, 75, 74, 39, 10, a shit ton of theories when what book was written and when what thing was built, the wikia, Wikipedia, my shitty math skills, assuming time periods by staring too long at chapter 86, researching school starts and breaks in Japan, the drama Faust which I reread twice for Blue Exorcist, some more manga chapters and finally two  posts by @duskwitch about the age of the Ba’al!

Also, as duskwitch informed me, there is a poster in chapter 45 stating it’s the year 201X. For the sake of actual dates though, I used 2009 as the present because it’s the year Blue Exorcist got published.

This could be more detailed probably but I’m not gonna search through every panel of the manga now. Maybe next weekend though and then add whatever else I find. It’s a work in progress! Now then, let’s get started:

38.000 BC [first cave drawing]: Creation of the concept of Ba’als; all demons perhaps?
2300 BC [Tower of Babel] to 100 AD [bible]: Ba’als gained defined appearances; some time later first incarnated. Lucifer incarnated and died first after about 10 years.
9th to 10th century: Samael takes up the name of Loki
1000 AD: Amaimon’s first incarnation
Middle Ages: Lucifer convinces his siblings to fight against humanity
12th to 13th century [Order of the Temple]: Samael and some of the Ba’al (two others pictured) gave humans the knowledge on how to fight against demons; Beginning of True Cross Order
18th/19th century: Samael joins the order and takes on the name “Mephisto Pheles”. Assumed years by significant days for the drama Faust: 1772–1775, 1788–1790, 1797–1805, 1825–1831
Start 20th century: Mephisto tries to convince Lucifer to not blow up Earth; establishing of Section 13/Asylum
20th century: birth of Amaimon’s current body with adapting the clones of the 3rd strongest Ba’al
8th August 1982: Shura Birth
1991: Shura gets taken in by Shirou for about one to two years
March 1993: Gehenna itself incarnated/Satan gains an “Ego”; Blue Night; Research facility destroyed; Lucifer goes off on his own
27th December 1993: Rin and Yukio Okumura birth; death of Yuri Egin (which I don’t believe until you show me a body)
2000: Shirou tells Shura to live her life
March 2009: Shirou dies; age 45
1st April 2009: Start of True Cross Academy Arc
Start of summer break 2009: Training Camp Arc
Summer 2009: Kyoto Arc and Terror of Kraken Arc
8th August 2009: Shura turns 27
Autumn 2009: True Cross Festival Arc and Illuminati Arc
Autumn 2009: Exorcist Exam Arc
Winter/November/December 2009: Aomori Arc
December 2009: Lightning and Bon get information about the Ba’al from Mephisto apparently called ”Blue Night Investigation Arc”
27th December 2009: Twins turn 16

i stopped being a huge fan of anime when every anime girl started looking like ten year olds literally just to pander to 23 year old guys who jerk off to young moe girls

i hate to sound like that person thats like “i was born in the wrong generation :(” but its not a rebellious notion for the sake of being edgy; 80s-early 2000s anime was just the most appealing to me. i feel like since 2010 the anime industry has just plummeted into this manufactured dark age where theres no real plot thought into it and its made just mainly burnt out cookie cutter 19 year old anime girls that look like theyre 10

see that 2010 style? i ha i hhhat hate

the 80s-90s style was common but at least it wasnt plastered on every anime girl’s face. i literally dont want to go surfing for examples but a lot of it is seen on 4chan or whatever as reaction pics and such. and these are animes that ive never heard of or seen like theyre being pitched out at the speed of light. where are they even airing on but you know what im talking about. that love-live whatever kinda stuff
and im not saying every post 2010 anime is bad nor am i saying every pre 2010 anime is good. it was just a simpler more enjoyable time to be an anime fan, like now you have to be cautious of someone with a moe girl icon because he is likely to be a nazi or white supremacist some shit. if they say kek you run

i really like when animes have their own unique art styles and you can tell who a character is without confusing them for another from a different show
and i know its certainly a lot more time consuming and costly but i really really loved cel animation from the 70s-90s animes. like that really specific unique bright yet muted palette where whites were off-color, the simple cel-shading and contrasting to the main colors, none of that gradient stuff

now i have to say i love the style of LWA, paswg, jjba (both 1993 and 2012) but man the animation in the 1993 ova was stunning, hell even the pokemon sm anime i think has improved from the stoic bw/xy character models. its so much more fun and expressive and it still hasnt given in to those infectious perfect-circle-huge-iris-gradient eyes thank god

the few animes i tend to get attached to seem to be more continuity-driven with a firm storyline that keeps you on your toes and makes you wanna binge until you cant keep your eyes open anymore. and jojo does just that for me.
not to mention that new anime lately has been overwhelmingly slice of life. as i said earlier, its more about the market of cloning kawaii anime girls rather than thinking of a decent storyline. we’re talking like king of the hill kinda slice of life but with fanservice and hardly any diversity.

these animes are like a typical japanese school setting every fucking episode or sports anime (sans the Beach Episode™) and fanservice. just sellin figurines and making bank over the same plots with lazy slight changes

see now a story of searching the globe for a shitass egomaniacal vampire and taking on a trio of aztec fitness gods head to head is goddamn legendary over this

another thing i like about jojo is that it retained its 80s art style even in the 2012 anime, only now its made with cg. no character looks perfect and symmetrical, including the women. holly joestar has a dimple on her left cheek i noticed

what i find hilarious though is that rather than having a 25 year old character look like theyre 16, a 16 year old character looks like a 25 year old. unlike the former i highly doubt this has to do with fanservice (i cant think of one person who finds muscles that bulging to be hot) because it honestly just lets the series live up to its name, jojos bizarre adventure. its supposed to be so over-the-top and extra all the time, with the serious blocky stroke shaded art style and the supernatural events and whatnot. and besides having a 16 year old boy look and act like a 25 year old isnt as creepy as infintalizing a woman to act like shes a submissive prepubescent 10 year old when she damn well could act and look her age and fight back if she needs to

and jojo is actually entertaining as im watching it and it has literally every classic dramatic shounen anime trope but then i realized jjba IS the grandfather of a majority of these tropes.

and FUCK ALSO jojo does diversity a great favor. were talking multiple characters who for once ARENT a cast of all japanese protagonists. like when i saw mohammed avdol as a main supporting character i was shook because like, how often are middle eastern people represented in anime as main recurring characters?? hes like a fav hes awesome

“ZA WARUDO (clock fart noise)” is much more likeable than “u-uwaa~”
the show is like watching extra comedic wrestling rather than a sexualized catfight and i wish a lot more modern anime had that same kinda jojo ridiculousness and focused less on marketability and more on heart and creativity

i want memorable characters, ugly if needed be, not perfect forgettable snowclone girls

i think what im trying to say is..its hard for me to respect modern anime? as a creator and seeing the potential going to waste due to capitalistic roots becoming more apparent it just makes me lose respect, and the audience its pandering to makes it more shameful

idk i wanted to say something what do you guys think

Seventeen as oddly specific family members:

S.coups: The dad that gets really upset and emotional (like with tears and everything) when the family doesn’t cooperate and only complain during a family vacation. The dad who cooks and maintains the garden. (Was the only one that cried when the oldest daughter left for college that’s near the house )

“I’m not mad, just disappointed” *takes off his goddamn shoe*

Jeonghan: The mom that would call your name from downstairs, you’d call back, and she wouldn’t answer, so you have to go down and ask all frustrated like: “WHAT.” But she was actually calling your other sibling.

“I drink to forget, but I always remember”

Joshua: The ‘hip’ uncle that always has money to pass around,obviously having a midlife crisis, and loves to embarrass his wife while awkwardly serenading her during karaoke. preferably with a early 2000s hit like ‘Toxic’ by Brittany Spears. Bonus points if it has rap (that no. He does not know)

*crawling on table dramatically reaching for his spouse* “your toxic tongue slipping under”

Jun: That one little cousin who’s awkward as hell at first, but as you get to know them you learn that they’re a wild child that also favors you

“Wanna play imaginary power rangers with us?” (that game’s lit BTW)

Hoshi: Uncle that yells during sports games or any time tbh and is a lot of the times the life of the party. The only one who is still traveling around the world not completely settled down like everyone else with their damn 60 children

*drunk*  “jokes on you guys, I get to see the world! You guys just have a home! children! Someone to love…a place to always go back to…. HAHAHAha” *intense crying*

Wonwoo: Older Brother who was once a childish weirdo, that then went through a teenage emo phase, BUT is now slowly forming into a new him that is more mature, nicer, and a GROWN UP weirdo…

*attempts a really stupid prank that failed* -me: obviously not amused- “Look at your face I GOT YOU HAHAHA, bitch you just got PRANKED” (<- this happened when he was  in elementary AND college -_-)

Woozi: That old ass dog that just strolls around the party as everyone pets him. Doesn’t mind it until he chooses to mind. He’s super cute and people make a sad pouty “awww” whenever they look at him (lol cause he’s old af, days are numbered bud) but deep down in his dog mind he’s prob. thinking:

“Oh Patricia; still not married huh? oh well… I’m not judging…” *judges*

Dk: Loud ass mother fukn cousin who is on crack 25/8; but then you dont see each other for a couple years and it’s weird, but then you warm up again and YUP. He’s still loud as hell (and you love it)

“BET I can eat this whole tub of ice cream!” -me: I’m not betting you th- *stuffs face* “I can’t believe you’re making me do this :D”

Mingyu: The successful, surprisingly young uncle in the food business who walks around wearing nice things, and looks like he could buy the world, but he and the whole family knows that he’s actual trash and breaks everything; still apologizes to the animals he cooks (it’s what makes him quirky)

*Walks into the party-host’s newly designed home* *Picks up vase* “ Wow where’d you ge- *drops it* *  NO ONE is surprised* “I-I can pay for that…”

The8: The somewhat violent cousin who is in between the “toddler and kid” phase and still looks small, but can form full savage sentences. His mom just put him in karate and he just loves using your lifeless body to showcase his ‘skills’ (but you love him anyway b/c he can play rough without crying like a lil bitch)

* doesn’t cry if you punch him, but cries if you tickle him for too long*

Seungkwan: The aunt who always tries to get your antisocial ass involved in the partay she’s always like “tell the kids how to play the game, sing for us (I’ll give you $5~), or eat EaT EAT.”, Gossips with your mother who was her childhood friend

“Ohhh you’ve changed so much! (from 3 days ago…) So sexy!!”

Vernon:The family friend’s child you grew up with (in which both your moms practically arranged a wedding for already*-_-), but they had a glo up (hot). They look different, have a new taste in music, and SEEM more mature, but act the exact same (stupid and childish. they act stupid and childish.), but you still dont know how to act around them because you’re a naturally awkward bean and they’re ppreeettyyy

*is literally 18* “ so are you gonna play power rangers with us (*cough* with actual 6-10 year olds)  or not?”

Dino: That one chill ass baby that like never cries for some reason. everyone loves him because he doesn’t cry and just seems kinda confused most of the time. Only reacts to certain songs being played. He’d crawl to the dog and feed him some good shit from the table.

*all the aunts pinching his cheeks till they turn red* Chan: *not crying but left with a confused/dIsGuSteD facial expression*

Inked (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: After spending the afternoon drawing all over your legs in sharpie, you’re worried a certain supersoldier won’t be a fan of your new tattooed look, but if nothing else, Steve Rogers is a man who’s full of surprises.

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N- inspired by “Ink my Skin” by the wonderful @fvckingsteverogers (their story is super cute- read it HERE) and by the fact that this is how I actually spent my afternoon today… well the drawing all over myself part anyway ;) (seriously my legs are covered in sharpie and I have work tomorrow.. thank goodness for long pants) Enjoy the fluff!

Warnings: none, I don’t even think I swore in this one!

Words: 2,833

You looked around your apartment and sighed contentedly, it’d been ages since you’d had time to really go through and clean the place, but since Steve had been on mission for the past week you could finally dedicate some time to clearing out your embarrassingly cluttered apartment. It’s not that you couldn’t clean when he was around, but when he had a day, or hell even an afternoon off, all thoughts of cleaning and productivity were thrown out the window. Even if Steve insisted that he didn’t want to distract you from your work, you just couldn’t keep your hands off of him if he was within arm’s reach.

You reached down and pulled up on the black trash bag lying at your feet, tossing it over your shoulder with a grunt, you carried it towards the front door and plopped it down by the other two trash bags that you told yourself you’d take out later. It was rainy and crummy today, and the last thing you wanted to do was run across the parking lot of your building just to throw out the trash. With Steve away you knew it was more than likely that you’d leave it there for a few days- with no one around to impress, your motivation to keep things super tidy waned, to say the least- but at the very least you knew you wanted to take out the trash before Steve got back from his mission, just so he wouldn’t have to do it.

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anonymous asked:

So I was re-reading Batgirl and in Batgirl #7, Babs starts to say "Cass" and then she says sorry. Do you know why? It confused me when I read it.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #7]

“Look, you need to relax, Cass – sorry – Batgirl. Relax.”

So I actually talk about this moment a lot but never particularly in the context you’re asking, so I’ve got to thank you for asking me!

This moment gets talked about a lot because this is the first time in-comic that Cassandra is referred to by any name other than Batgirl since her very first appearance in No Man’s Land, and it’s such a strangely unemphasized moment that most people completely look over it as is.

In the original continuity, there was actually a bit of mystery as to where Cass’ name even came from before later writers (specifically Andersen Gabrych on his later run of the series) would retcon it being her name from David Cain himself. But before that, the answer wasn’t actually in the comics but in the Batman: No Man’s Land novelization written by Greg Rucka.

The novel for NML actually has a lot of details and story elements elaborated on or tweaked from the comics (I argue usually for the better, with a few misses here or there) and one of those is that we get more establishment of Cass and Babs’ relationship outside of the initial handing down the mantle of Batgirl. And it’s in the book that it’s revealed that it is Barbara herself who names Cassandra – naming her after the oracle Cassandra of Greek myth. This is a neat bit of canon that I tend to prefer to the later retcon for Cass’ name (that I’ve talked about before as making absolutely no sense in context) both because it makes a lot of sense in-story, provides more connection between Cass and Babs, and establishes more of an importance of the theme of Oracle with the mantle of Batgirl. I like them being so tightly linked.

But that means that there’s an entire year of comics where Cass has a name that no one uses before right now, this moment, in her own series. Which is more than a little odd, of course.

Which brings us to your question. Why is Barbara seemingly apologizing for calling Cassandra “Cass” and then go back to using Batgirl? Especially at a time in the comic where Cass is not Batgirl and, in fact, is not allowed to put on the suit again until she gets approval from Bruce again a few issues later?

Well, the answer comes back to Cass and Bruce’s comparable dichotomy between their identities in and out of costume, or specifically how Cass is something of the living embodiment of what Bruce (thinks he) wanted for himself at the time: a life where the costume is the only identity.

Cass doesn’t have a social life, she doesn’t have an identity, and given she has been homeless since she was eight and on the run, let alone largely unable to communicate with other people before making her way to Gotham, there really isn’t a Cassandra Cain established yet. Not for the public eye, at least. As far as Cass is concerned, she is only Batgirl. And she’s only Batgirl because allowing herself to have anything beyond that would, in her mind, be regressing to the point of who she was before she was given the mantle. And that person, in Cass’ mind, is a murderer. It’s part of what drives her so much. At least at this point and time.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #5]

Cain, of course, still has a very shallow understanding of his own daughter, but he’s not entirely wrong here, especially in the early issues of Cass’ story. She hasn’t really allowed herself to grow a life outside of her mantle yet, which is kind of like subconsciously reinforcing that she doesn’t deserve those things that “make life worth living”, Cass only wants to use her own life to save as many other people as possible as a form of redemption.

This is actually something Babs picks up from Cass almost immediately – notably because, in this canon, Babs lived through and dealt with PTSD herself – and from the start was attempting again and again to push Cass toward building more of an identity and life for herself outside of the cowl.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #10]

It’s actually one of the things that Bruce and Babs fight the most about in Cass’ series – which is saying something because they fight a lot over the best way to handle Cassandra’s situation (not really all that unlike divorced parents, which is an entirely different meta for another time). Because Bruce actually admires Cass and lives somewhat vicariously through her situation, often flat out ignoring the toll the decision to not have a break from Batgirl is visibly taking on Cass throughout the beginning of the series.

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #14]

Of course, something Cass learns throughout the series and what Bruce learns for himself in the aftermath of the story Bruce Wayne: Murderer?/Fugitive is that this isn’t a healthy or sustainable choice, for anyone. And his support of this lifestyle choice for Cass leads to a complete 180 from them both that actually strengthens their relationship over the course of the series to the point that it is far more believable that he becomes a father figure to not only her but several other characters to follow.

But that brings us back to the initial scene in #7 and why Babs is apologizing for calling Cassandra “Cass” – it’s got a lot to do with this.

I don’t think that Cass wants to acknowledge that she’s anyone outside of Batgirl at this point. She doesn’t want to value the person she is behind the mask still which goes toward the symptoms of depression we see her displaying throughout the initial run she has as Batgirl.

Barbara is the person who most argues for the importance of Cassandra over Batgirl, and she begins to do so even more heavily from this point in the story on, but it’s not the time for that argument because Cass is in a really low place in #7 after having her costume taken from her by Bruce. So Barbara caves here some and refers to her as Batgirl over Cassandra.

It’s just one of those little touches that adds to the pivotal moment when we see Cass go from seeing no value in her personal life to being genuinely remorseful and maybe even regretful in the climax issue #25

Just Friends

Anon asked: Taeyong angst with the girl wanting him and him not being aware of it! Thank uuuuuu

You wish you could be more than just friends with Taeyong. But you knew that’s all you were ever going to be.

Can 300% guarantee this is not what you wanted but. here you go…? enjoy…?

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anonymous asked:

Could you possibly do a Jeremy x reader soulmate AU where they can't see colors until they touch and it's really fluffy and it's a time line of their relationship and they get married and have kids and grow old together?? Thank you!

u said have kids so its a female reader ik i usually write gender neutral stuff im soRRY

oh and i didnt rly have any ideas for how i wanted this to start so lol enjoy

my masterlist!

Warnings: expensive headphones, swears (OBVIOUSLY), jer is rude to bb michael :(, mikey talks abt SUCKING DICK, and thats it i think??

Word count: 1,815

Jeremy muttered curse words under his breath as he watched Rich rub the back of his neck, flustered at the adorable reaction Michael gave him. Rich had gifted a large bouquet of flowers for Michael, who expressed his gratitude by peppering his boyfriend with kisses.

After saying goodbye he sat back down next to Jeremy and didn’t notice his state “Jeremy, aren’t these flowers so pretty? God, Rich is just the nicest guy and-”

“I wouldn’t know, I can’t fucking see them,” Jeremy pouted.

Now Michael knew what’s going on, “Oh, listen, Jer, you know you’re basically my brother, but you gotta stop sulking every time you see a happy couple!”

“Oh, shit, sorry. Did I offend you? I didn’t realize you’re so deep on Rich’s dick you can’t even be sensitive towards your best friend’s feelings anymore,” Jeremy snapped.

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Back from Beyond

Originally posted by baraturtles

Leonardo x Reader

Back from Beyond

Prompt: Hi! I love your stories, they’re so cute! Do you mind writing a Leo x Reader where the reader fangirls about Leo out loud?

Note: Okay, so I kind of took some creative liberty here, and I had an idea and just kinda ran with it, so…hope you like it!

You didn’t know when exactly the shift had happened, but it had. The differences were slight, but they were there. You had grown up your entire life in a dimension where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a huge part of pop culture. You lived in New York, so you were never far when they were filming the latest movie, and of course you went to see them.

But one day you woke up and things had changed. Your TMNT mug was blank. Odd. Maybe you had replaced it and this was another mug you forgot about. Yeah, that must be it. And then, when you walked out of your bedroom, Megan Fox was sitting on the couch, her hair in a messy bun and soft pink pajama pants. She looked at you in alarm.

“Oh my God, you’re awake!”

“What do you mean? Why are you in my apartment? Aren’t you supposed to be in Hollywood or…not in my apartment.”

“(Y/N), what do you remember from before?”

“I…I don’t understand what’s happening.” Your heart raced. You were wide-eyed and so, so very confused. You pressed a hand against your forehead.

“I’m calling Donnie.” Megan pulled out her phone and dialed a number. “Sit down.”

“O-okay. Donnie who?”

“Donatello. Your boyfriend’s brother? One of our best friends? Don’t you remember anything?” April asked as the phone rang. You shook your head, thinking. Donatello. The ninja turtle. This wasn’t Megan Fox. No. This was April Freaking O’Neil. She was real. Apparently.

Oh, and one other detail. You were dating one of Donnie’s brothers??? When was this a thing? More importantly, which one was it? Growing up, you had always had a little thing for the leader in blue, but that was nothing you admit until you were sure he was your boyfriend. Maybe it was Raph. Or Mikey. You wouldn’t mind either, to be honest, but you were hoping for Leo.

Was this even real? Holy shit. Maybe this was a dream. Maybe you had too much sugar before going to sleep and now you were mass-hallucinating. My God, this was so surreal. Suddenly you felt dizzy.

“Yeah, Donnie, she’s awake. Just…get here soon, okay? All right. Bye.” April hung up.

“Donnie as in Donatello.” You stated. April nodded slowly. “As in Donnie, Leo, Mikey, and Raph.”

“You remember?”

“Not…exactly…” you stated slowly. “I grew up watching TMNT and…they’re real?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “What’s TMNT?”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? There was a cartoon in the 80’s and another in the early 2000’s and then a new one in 2012 and there were a few movies and…I grew up with these characters. And I kinda had a thing for-”

“Got here was fast as we could.” The group of large mutant turtles climbed through the window, Donnie in the lead with his first aid kit and Leo close behind him, followed by Raph and then Mikey. They all looked nervous to say the least. “She should be in bed.” Donnie said. He walked forward and pressed his large green hand against your forehead. “No fever.” He shined a light in your eye. “Slight concussion, though.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Raph crossed his arms. “After taking a hit like that, she’s lucky to be ali-”

“How do you feel?” Leo asked softly. You felt your cheeks flush with heat.

“I-I’m okay, I think. Just a little dizzy and, uh, overwhelmed.” You replied.

“Leo, can we talk for a second?” April asked. Leo’s eyes lingered on you for a few more moments before he nodded. She pulled him aside to talk to him privately.

“Mikey, take her back to bed while I set up.” Donnie instructed. You could barely utter a word before the orange-masked turtle scooped you up in his arms and took you back through the door to your room.

“How you holdin’ up, angelcakes?”

“I’m all right.” You stated quietly. He smiled.

“Good.” He set you in the bed and pulled the covers around you. “We were all worried. You were out for a long time.”

“How long?”

“Few weeks.” Raph spoke up, arms crossed across his huge chest. And though you weren’t trying to eavesdrop, you could still hear Leo and April’s conversation in the other room through the vents.

She doesn’t remember anything, Leo. She had no idea we existed.

What do you mean?”

“In her dream or whatever it was, we were fictional. Maybe that’s just how her brain processed everything while she was out.”

There was a long pause. You heard the blue-clad turtle take a breath. You could practically hear his heart break.

So she doesn’t remember anything?


And then Donnie waved his hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Do you know your name?”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You replied.

“And your birthday?” he asked. You answered him. “But you don’t…April said you don’t remember us.”

“I do remember you. All of you. I grew up watching cartoons and movies about you, but…I don’t remember anything from this…life I lived.”

“Interesting.” You could see the wheels turning behind the tall turtle’s brown eyes. By now, Leo and April were standing in the doorway. Leo pushed through his brothers to get to you. “Leo, why don’t you…You know.” Donnie motioned towards you. “I have to collect some data and do some research anyway.”

Donnie, Raph, Mikey, and April stepped out for a second, leaving you and Leo alone. His clear blue eyes met yours briefly before flicking away awkwardly.

“I, uh, I’m Leo. Leonardo. I, uh, we were, um…” He looked at you again and glanced away, tears forming. “I’m sorry.”

Leo.” You whispered. You reached out for his hand and took it in both of your own, studying each intricate facet of it. “I…the memories I have of my childhood…It was all about you. I…I watched shows and movies about you and your brothers and…well…you were always my favorite.” Your cheeks flushed again. Your eyes were fixed on his large green hand. “I dressed up as you for Halloween with my friends at least four times.” He chuckled a little. “So I think in some way, I did know. I always did. Just not in the way I should have.”

“So what you’re saying is that in this alternate universe, you were a fangirl? Of me?”

“Yes.” You blushed furiously, refusing to make eye contact with him. “I really was. I used to, uh, read fanfiction…about you…”

A slow smile spread across his lips. He leaned into your ear.

“You don’t need fanfiction anymore.” He whispered. It sent a pleasant tingle up your spine. Before he could move, you wrapped your arms around him, holding him close. His muscular arms gripped you tight, pulling you into his lap. “I love you. I missed you.”

“I…missed you too.”


It was a few days later. You were down in the lair, watching as Leo trained. The boys had had a fun time so far helping you readjust and relearn the things you had known. But there was something about this. About watching them fight that just…it felt odd. You tried to rack your brain, but you couldn’t…you couldn’t…you could.

Shredder had kidnapped you. He had used you as bait, and then the boys got there and he hit you and…

It all flooded back. You collapsed, tears running down your cheeks, and moments after your knees hit the floor, Leo was already kneeling in front of you, wiping away the tears.

“What happened? What hurts? Are you okay?” His voice was caring, but the questions came quick. You nodded, tears still flowing.

“I remember.”

“What do you remember?” his heart raced.

“Everything.” You sobbed. Your shaking hands ventured up to his scaly cheeks. “I remember us, Leo. I remember everything.”

His lips pressed a long kiss to your forehead and his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Glad to have you back.”

“Glad to be back.”