this was such a strange mall omg


(pls tumblr let this send)

ok omg that body swap idea… like imagine mukuro possessing a 10 y/o at the mall or smth to mess with tsuna because kids r creepy!! except when he tries to return to his body he can’t and then he hears a loud sobbing noise that sounds… like… his voice… and he turns and just ass flat on the ground is the 10 y/o in mukuro’s body making the worst wailing noises. (nana whispers to tsuna: “you have strange friends!” tsuna dies a little inside) chikusa’s just trying to drag mukuro’s body away while ken does damage control (which is mostly just yelling WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN AT HUH??? m.m. just leaves.) and the kid’s yellin STRANGER DANGER repeatedly and mukuro heads over to protect his street cred bc he cant be seen like this! but then the security guard comes over?? because someone is crying super loudly?? and then 10 y/o in mukuro’s body, ken and chikusa are thrown in Mall Jail for disturbing the mall peace and mukuro is sent the lost children’s services, saying stuff like “let me go this instant or i’ll use my powers to make you swallow your own intestines” but everyone just thinks he’s a potty mouthed chuunibyou??? and long story short that’s how tsuna ended up breaking mukuro out of jail, again. 

this is beautiful. mukuro’s body is in jail but mukuro himself is in baby jail

a man with tattoo sleeves who looks like he owns a gym just freely walked into the women’s washroom today at the mall LOLOL funniest thing that’s happened so far this year! then this lady who walks in behind him eyed me strangely like wtf and i didnt get her for a moment cos I FORGOT THAT I WAS IN THE WOMEN’S WASHROOM AND SO DID HE OMG it took me a second to understand her when the man came out ten seconds later, extremely embarrassed, laughing it out, apologizing and he explained, “I WAS JUST IN THE ZONEEEEE! I’M SO SORRY. THE ZONE, MAN.”