this was such a secret quicky

you want to know what i remember? i remember walking to the car in the cold, shivering and you offered me your coat and pulled me close. i remember wrestling on the couch and knocking over an entire table and laughing uncontrollably while our friends glared at us. i remember both of us singing both parts of a shania twain duet in the car. i remember flying down the highway, yelling at you to put your seatbelt on and you jumping into the backseat to kiss me, taking my breath away. i remember the cheek kisses, the secret looks, and the quickies that everyone always noticed because i just couldn’t get enough of you. i remember waking up in a panic, and relaxing when i saw you sleeping next to me pumping heat like a god damn furnace. i remember everything.
—  but all we did was fight right
Updated Masterlist

I made a new list because the links were broken on the other one! I promise to have most of these on AO3 soon!



  • 40/41 year old Jacob finds out Jack the Ripper has S/O and goes to rescue her -  “Tell me to go and I will..” (COMPLETE)
  • “I’ve seen the way you look at me…”   (COMPLETE)
  • “I don’t hate you…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Who crawls through someone’s window…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Stop running from this…” (COMPLETE)
  • Quickie on the train (COMPLETE)
  • Jealous Jacob (COMPLETE)
  • Caring Jacob (COMPLETE)
  • You and Jacob attend Henry and Evie’s wedding. During the reception you two sneak off to have a little fun of your own (COMPLETE)
  • “Please talk to me.” (COMPLETE)
  • “I want to unlace your corset…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Secret passages…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Tell me a secret.” (COMPLETE)
  • “You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now.” (COMPLETE)
  • “You’ll get my c*ck when you earn it.” (NSFW) (COMPLETE)
  • “How bad do you want me?” (COMPLETE)
  • Jacob comforts you when you’re down (COMPLETE)
  • “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass” and “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?” (COMPLETE)
  • “There are certain moments…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Hm? Oh, sorry. I couldn’t help but stare at you” or “I need you more than you need me” (COMPLETE)
  • “You’re a terrible cook.” (COMPLETE)
  • Jacob comforting reader about certain insecurities (COMPLETE)
  • More Jealous Jacob (COMPLETE)
  • Snow day with dad to be Jacob (COMPLETE)
  • Unrequited love (from both Jacob and reader POVs) using “I want you to be happy with or without me.” (@hoodedbirdie) (JACOB NOT IN LOVE WITH READER)
  • Jacob as your mentor - doesn’t want to at first but ends up falling in love with you. (WIP - Look for Firm But Fair)
  • Jacob caring for Evie when she’s hurt - “Who the hell did this to you?”
  • Jacob helping the reader calm down during a panic attack
  • “We don’t even go on our planned date because we keep arguing about a thing and you just won’t give up!”
  • “Forget the food. We have to leave. Now.”
  • “Don’t look at me. This was your idea.” (@craziigamerchick)
  • “When I said start a small fire…this is not what I was talking about.” (@swiggle-muffin)
  • Drunk Jacob
  • Jacob comforting suicidal reader


  • Reader is Arno’s target but he finds out the council lied to him about you and now he wants to protect you (WIP - Look for Le Protecteur) (ON HIATUS)
  • Post-Elise Arno (requested by @freedomaboveallelse)


  • “Honestly, just stop it.” and Edward comforts reader and it leads to smut ;) (COMPLETE)
  • Smut in Havana (COMPLETE)
  • “I couldn’t take my eyes off you..” (COMPLETE)
  • Modern Edward x Reader in which Edward is very flirty (COMPLETE)
  • Some yummy porn with plot (COMPLETE)
  • “You can trust me.” (COMPLETE)
  • Edward tries to show reader that her boyfriend isn’t the right one - angst (COMPLETE)
  • Ballroom dancing (COMPLETE)
  • Edward and reader get into an argument that ends in good times. (COMPLETE)
  • Birthday fic (COMPLETE)
  • From prompt list: “It wouldn’t be the first time you broke a promise”, “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?”, “Well this is awkward.” (@itsjustsaladthoth)


  • From prompt list: “You’re jealous aren’t you?”, “Have you ever thought about…like…us?”, and “What, you scared I’ll kick your ass again?” (@freedomaboveallelse) (COMPLETE)
  • Templar!Reader leaves England to join the Colonial Rite. Shay shows her around NY and develops feelings for her. (@bunnyyumyum) (PART 1)
  • Shay is new to the Order and meets reader. They are both oblivious to the feelings they have for each other so papa Haytham has to step in and help out. (COMPLETE)


  • Claudia helps Ezio get laid (NSFW) (COMPLETE)
  • Ezio challenges new Assassin…leads to smut (NSFW) (COMPLETE)
  • Brotherhood Ezio reuniting with a long lost love (FLUFF!!!)
  • From prompt list: “It wouldn’t be the first time you broke a promise”, “Do you think you could just please go one day without pissing me off?”, and “Just this once, okay?” (@nataliarmnov)
  • From prompt list: “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”, “I have never felt this way about anyone”, and “Can I kiss you?” (@rinkydinkdagger)


  • “Tell me what you want.” (COMPLETE)
  • Forced familial bonding with Haytham


  • “That was barely even a kiss! Do it again - please?”
  • Haytham and reader have to get past their differences to work together after they are sent to America - search Better Together (this wasn’t a request I just felt like writing it)
  • From prompt list: “You owe me”, “The stars look especially lovely tonight”, “May I have this dance?”, “I’d like it if you stayed.”


  • Altair is rude to reader over some mistakes she has made but eventually comes to his senses and apologizes…confessing something in the process (this will most likely be more than one chapter).


  • “So, basically you’re in a cult.”
  • “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want. I just thought you should know.”


  • “Don’t look at me. This was your idea.” (Bellec gets both of you lost or trapped in the catacombs) or “I really don’t think that was in the job description.” (In which reader has to dress up to go to a function in order to get some info)


Black Sails:

Booker DeWitt:

  • “On a scale of one to ten…” Or Okay but consider this…” (COMPLETE)
  • “I never thought you’d hurt me…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Teach me to fight” (COMPLETE)
  • “I will never apologize for saving your life…” (COMPLETE)
  • “You’re so beautiful.” (COMPLETE)
  • “I need you in my life…” (COMPLETE)
  • “You wanted me to be rough…” (COMPLETE)
  • “Am I in love…” (COMPLETE)

***I won’t be going in any particular order.


As previously stated, I had to replace the starter on my car.  The work is done already, and it cost me around $280.  Round it up to $300 and that’s what I’m hoping to raise on this drive.

So what am I offering this time?  YCH’s and Shipfic cards.

Twilight Sparkle Secret Shipfic Cards

I still have plenty of Pirate Dash Shipfic sets available for $5.  And the Marigold and Mic Boom ones are $2 each.  Shipping will be $2 each for them, and be mailed in a lovely Christmas card.  I’ll even draw a quickie sketch in the card too!  Message me if you want some cards.

Your Character Here Commissions

I have a variety of new and old poses for each.  Each one is going to be $10 + $1 for the Paypal fee.  Here’s what you can get:

Postcard Prints featuring your character:

YCH Nose Nuzzle:

Running Pony:


Being Jax Teller’s Old Lady would include:

Author: Johannah

Originally posted by alil2confident

✦ Playing with his ‘SO-NS’ rings while you hold hands

✧ Calling him ‘Prince Charming’ to tease him

✦ Him checking you out when he thinks you aren’t looking

✧ (You’re always looking)

✦ Helping Gemma cook dinner for the club

✧ Him opening up to you when things get rough

✦ Waiting for him while he’s inside

✧ ‘I waited for you while you were in prison for fourteen months’ sex

✦ Morning sex

✧ Shower sex

✦ Quickies in the clubhouse

✧ Getting tattoos for each other

✦ Wearing his ‘Reaper Crew’ shirts

✧ Him thinking you look unbelievably sexy in his ‘Reaper Crew’ shirts

✦ Bum-pinching (Both you and him)

✧ You and Gemma being crazy close, and a force to be reckoned with

✦ Promising he’ll always protect you

✧ No guy ever being stupid enough to try and flirt with you

✦ Gemma sharing her secret family recipes with you

✧ Him picking you up from work on his Harley

✦ Him calling you his Queen

✧ Sharing cigarettes

✦ “How’d I get so damn lucky? I don’t know what I’d do without you, baby.”

Peter Maximoff x Reader Headcanons

Originally posted by miomeu

I’ve done these before, but I’ve decided to do some more! (some of these are from that headcanon list)

  • Lots of pick up lines.
  • “if your left leg is thanksgiving and your right leg is christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?” “did you sit on sugar? because you have a pretty sweet ass.” “you know what you’d look really beautiful in? my arms.” 
  • lots of cuddles.
  • his hands all over you 24/7.
  • secret make out sessions.
  • you get caught a lot. 
  • he loves to tickle you!
  • you have no idea why, he just does.
  • taking showers/baths together.
  • they don’t always lead to ahem ‘times’, but you both still enjoy it when it doesn’t. 
  • he loves to wash your hair.
  • you also love washing his hair.
  • him always being there for you during the bad times.
  • he’s not very secretive about your sex life.
  • he talks (more like brags) about it with the guys, and he’s always asking for quickies, and you guys normally get caught.
  • its almost like he enjoys getting caught.
  • whenever he gets jealous, he always wraps his arms protectively around your waist, and burying his head in your shoulder, kissing your neck softly.
  • (sometimes, when he does this, he’ll give the other guy the finger without you knowing)
  • (you find out later)
  • movie nights!
  • he usually picks out the movies, and most of the time they’re cheesy romance movies.
  • “peter, if you’re doing this because of me, you don’t have to.” “I like these movies!” “you do?” 
  • speedy kisses.

anonymous asked:

Katherine's wink burst my heart in flames. I just can imagine Tina giving newt that wink when they in public and she's wanna get him turning on or something like a secret gesture to let's go private. (I'm crazy and they consumed my life)


And you just know he would be TOTALLY up for it anytime to be honest. (what if he can’t even wait to get home, they just sneak to a semi-private place and have a quickie)

HELLOOOOO WORRRLLD!!! Er… TUMBLR! Blog, placey place. Sup!

Nice to meet you, Everyone! Name’s Ghost, your friendly neighborhood editor, artist, and pain in Star’s side! I thought I’d go ahead, since I’m an artist an’ all, post a quickie of Chibi!Chris! (He’s so adorable, I wanna pinch his cheeks) Anywho, this is my official ‘Hey, Waz up, yeah, I’m here’ but with a lot more ENTHUSIASM! Feel free to ask me questions and maybe even doodle requests! First order of business is to draw chibi versions of all the characters so that we can all pass out from SHEER CUTENESS! After that, I’ll probably throw in some sketches and maybe even a secret or two. Just as long as it doesn’t get me FIRED (not that I’m getting paid, teehee). 

So, yeah. HI! And I hope you enjoy the story!

vicesandbachelordeaths  asked:

what if Spencer invites you to his place and you think it's just for another "study session" but when you get there his buddies Brendon, who you had a quickie with that morning, and Jon, who you blew before your 10 am lecture. And then their weed dealer Ryan, who fucked you in his car while driving you to class the day before, and then your professor Dallon who fucked you after class that afternoon. And you had no idea they were all friends but they're all there and its Awkward to say the least


Romano NSFW requests.

He is usually very aware of aftercare when he gives his s/o rough sex or just a quickie at night because he thinks that’s when he is the toughest.

Body part-
Boob man, but loves a partner that understands him and his needs.

Inside or on a back.

Dirty secret-

Although he may seem like he’s experienced, he enjoys a person who clicks with how he rolls, lazy mornings, carb-y food, naps, ect. And that rarely comes by his door.

Favorite position-
He loves cowgirl so he can just worship his lover but he likes having one leg over his shoulder and pounding into them too. (Forgot the name)

Jack off-
Very often, he gets aroused at the simplest things, like, hey look a pineapple! GODDAMNIT AGAIN!! WHY?! Aroused easily and few partners…. Hmmmmmm.

MAID MAID MAID, dark, fitting lingerie, spanking, DADDY KINK WOOP.

In front of a fire, pretty cozy and traditional

Begging, pleading, neck kissies, and touching his abdomen.

Very good at giving to a woman but hates doing it to a man, gagging is a turn off for him.

Pace -
In the middle but he tends to go rough for a longer period of time.

Handcuffs and a riding crop

This boy teases like there’s no tomorrow but if you tease him he’ll turn the situation around no matter what.

X Ray-
I have a head cannon that he is the thickest out of all the European countries and he has a normal length.


6. Formal gala garb

Wow, I reblogged this meme FOREVER AGO (back in August I think…?) but I suddenly remembered these old asks in my inbox and decided to go back and complete the ones I have for a fun little break!!

This is the face of a man who either is going to set something on fire because he’s had enough of Orlesians, or he’s wondering if he has enough time for a quicky with his LI in one of the many rooms in secret 8′)

improvement : but wait

In class,
my tongue digs violently
at the hard candy embedded in my mouth;
my fingers detach
and sit in a glittering web around me.
I’m waiting for the sun
to rotate my heart,
cast its shadow
just right.

If I told you a secret, would you
hold it steady for me while I
nail it to the wall?

Wait. Quiet.
It’s growing arms.
Shut up.
It’s growing legs.