this was such a secret quicky

The thing I love most about Jesse and Genji confirmed to be in Blackwatch together is that they’ve lived such diametrically opposite lives the likelihood of shenanigans just bursts through the roof so fast that it’s gonna give Gabriel a migraine practically 24/7.

Genji was a spoilt ninja rich kid so he tells McCree the benefits of exfoliating, how to kill a man with those huge thighs, to properly wear a suit and ball dance while undercover, make every cocktail known to man, and that there’s the way the military uses knives and the ways ninjas use knives.

Jesse McCree was a gang member in his teens and then lived in the military so he shows Genji how to actually use a kitchen, to fix vehicle engines while under fire, the many virtues of dishonorable fighting, make field rations edible, and dealing with the inevitable guilt and loss that comes with fighting in an army.

I just like the idea of these two guys making deep impressions on each other that blend into their personal styles of fighting and what type of people they eventually grow up into being.

Reaction Masterlist

Cock warming  []

They wake you for sex  []

Morning wood  []

Sex when the members could catch you []

Faking orgasm  []

Sex when sick   []

You being tight  []

BJ in group van  []

Quiet during sex  []

Sex in parents house  []

Touching yourself beside them  []

Ejaculating quickly  []

Slowing down during sex  []

Public sex  []

Friends with benefits  []  

They cheat  []

You cheat on them  []

Turned on at inappropriate time  []

Not shaving  []

Vanilla sex  []

Wanting to try anal  []

Skype sex  []

Pool sex  []

Nude to the wrong member  []

Makeup sex  []

Birthday sex  []

Can’t get it up []  

Clenching around them  []

Touching you in public  []

BJ in public  []

Wanting them to cum on your breasts  []

Touching them when the members are around  []

Members wanting to fuck your mouth []

Them wanting to be called daddy  []

Kissing another member []

Moaning another members name during sex  []

Overstimulate  []

Squirting  []

Being their first time  []

Hair pulling kink   []

Flirting with another member  []

Breakup sex  []

Spanking  []

Too loud during sex  []

Safeword  []

Mutual masturbation  []

Accidental boner  []

Wearing something ‘too’ sexy  []

Face riding  []

Wanting to shower with them  []

Role-play sex  []

Spontaneous sex  []

Thigh riding  []

Walking funny the morning after  []

Catching them with another member  []

Rough sex  []

Watching porn together  []

Choking kink  []

Bj/Handjob while driving []  

Threesome  []

Car sex  []

Catching them watching porn  []

Sex ban  []

Secret dating  []

Sexy dancing  []

No condom  []

Vibrator  []

Cute lingerie  []

Experimenting  []

Quickie backstage  []

Asking for a BJ  []

Waking them for sex  []

Making them cum  []

Bi/Pansexual  []

Teasing you  []

Walking in on them naked  []

Forgetting your birthday  []

Moaning in your sleep [] 

Refusing sex []

Dating another member []

BJ while on phone [] 

Stripping  []

Anxiety attack  []

Topping & Teasing  []

Too rough  []

Submissive  []

Begging them not to stop  []

Being ready for them  []

Swallowing  []

BBMAs  []

Anti-social  []

Nude picture  []

Breaking up with you  []

Not being a virgin  []

Seeing your body for the first time  []

Sexting  []

Finding kinky things  []

Walking in on another member during sex  []

Sleeping naked  []

Couple fight/argument  []

Dirty talk  []

Leaving your room with a boner  []

Walking in on them masturbating  []

You jealous  []

Shower sex  []

Drunk sex  []

Low Self-esteem  []

Your first time receiving oral []

Hurting you during your first time  []

You wanting to top  []

Waking them with a BJ  []

Touching them during a meeting  []

You masturbating  []

Jealousy []

Member walking in during heated make-out session  []

Bruises after sex  []

You being a virgin  []

They’re horny but the members are home  []

Wanting them to ‘cum’ inside  []

Biting their bottom lip  []

Walking in on you naked  []

You offering them oral  []

Shaking during an orgasm  []

Heated make-out session []

Grinding on them  []

After your first time  []

Bad dreams  []

You being thick/chubby []

Foreign girlfriend who has to return home  []

Comforting them by making them laugh []

You being an idol coming home from tour  []

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Secretly dating Steve Rogers:

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

Some NSFW content below

• You are dating Steve for about six months now and you are part of the staff working for the Avengers in the new compound.
• You keep this relationship a secret because the super soldier is technically your boss and you both want to stay very professional, avoiding some delicate situations.
• You both try to keep a straight face when you see each other at work.
• Him actually swearing like a sailor. Basically, he’s always been the one who swears too much in the team and you like teasing him about it.
• Steve calling you ‘Agent’ and you, calling him 'Captain’. Sometimes, your tone may sound very suggestive to his ears, so you cough and walk away.
• At this moment, your boyfriend excuses himself and joins you casually…
• Quickies ensue everywhere: restroom, office, gym… and Quinjet. Everywhere.
• Passionate sex.
• Quiet sex. You’re still trying to not moan, though.
• You both stop yourselves from kissing when you are in the same room as your coworkers.
• Sweet pecks when nobody is around like he can’t help it.
• Slapping or groping his butt when you walk past him.
 - “Nice ass, Captain.”
• Steve trying to keep his composure when he sees you biting your lip as you work.
• You always spend too much time in the training room because your boyfriend working out is a real beautiful sight offered by the heavens. He isn’t a walking pair of muscles, though.
• Spending secret moments on the roofs when you are sure you would have peace:
 - “This is beautiful.”
 - “The sky isn’t as beautiful as you are.”
 - “Aww, Steve.”
 - “Stop laughing!”
• Making out!
• Begging Steve to bring the stealth suit at home.
• Feeling like you are hiding your boyfriend from your over protective parents and that makes you giggle all the time, which he thinks is the most adorable sound in the world.
• You, playing footsie and you know exactly when you have to.
• Him surpassing the urge of punching Tony when he sees him flirting with you. Let’s be honest, that’s in Tony’s nature, so it’s harmless. Nothing serious.
• Staying away from each other during the billionaire’s fancy parties, yet when everyone is very drunk enough, you stay glued to Steve and just act like a normal couple: laughing, kissing and holding hands.
• The first time he said: I love you was simply whispered softly in your ear, just as he was passing by the same hallway.
• At this moment, you dropped every paper you had in hands and rushed to join him casually…
• Lots of makeup to cover up the hickeys and other love bites.
• Putting on your best unemotional face when you see him coming back from a mission exhausted or injured.
 - “I’m fine, Y/N. Get back to work; I’ll be there when you come home.”
 - “Are you sure?”
 - “Yes. Now, go before I have to suspend you for flirting with a superior.”
 - “Oh, yeah?”
• Sharing an apartment outside the compound, but you obviously keep your previous address in your records.
• The team actually knows about your secret since the beginning, but they decide to act like they don’t know because you two are pathetically funny to watch.

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100 Kinks (NSFW)

I’ve seen a lot of these around but I wanted to make like a super challenge. Some of these will have been seen before in other challenges. You can add or change kinks, change the order, do one pairing or a few. Interpret this in whatever way you want. Some of the things on here you might not have heard of so there will be a link attached to it to explain what it is. If you post your art/writing/ect on here, please tag it as 100kinks so I can see what you guys come up with. Enjoy! Here is the list of explained ones but they the link will also be next to the kink. (X)

  1. Kissing
  2. Discovering boundaries (making rules ect)
  3. On the sofa
  4. Masturbation
  5. Bodily fluids
  6. Oral sex
  7. Something new
  8. Romantic evening
  9. First time
  10. Blindfolds
  11. No speaking (only using body language)
  12. Sex game (e.g. first to come loses)
  13. One catches the other Masturbating
  14. Sex toys
  15. Surprise sex
  16. Dry humping
  17. Teasing
  18. Opposite sex (e.g. change who gives and receives)
  19. Almost getting caught
  20. Break up/make up sex
  21. Clubbing (as in night club, unless you’re really kinky)
  22. Spanking
  23. Dirty talk
  24. Rimming
  25. Correcting each other’s technique
  26. Not usual clothing/dress up
  27. Inappropriate location
  28. Gags
  29. In the bath/shower
  30. Phone sex
  31. Fully clothed
  32. Skype/web cam sex
  33. Morning sex
  34. Voyeurism
  35. Public/semi public sex
  36. Against the wall
  37. Pain/sensation play
  38. Medical play
  39. Creative sexual positions
  40. Cross-dressing
  41. Spontaneous sex
  42. Double penetration
  43. Bad sex/goes wrong
  44. Casual sex
  45. Pushing boundaries (comfort zone, maybe like a sequel to 2.)
  46. Unique to the pairing
  47. Bondage
  48. I love you
  49. Chair sex
  50. Loud sex/knowing someone can hear
  51. Telling each other a kink and doing them
  52. Fisting
  53. Mirror
  54. Writing a smut fic to each other and reading it to them
  55. In a really dirty place (like a public toilet)
  56. Food
  57. A third person watches them
  58. Sensory deprivation
  59. Leather and metal
  60. Breath play
  61. Dom/sub
  62. Comfort sex
  63. Getting caught
  64. Explaining their relationship to someone who didn’t know
  65. Fight sex
  66. Outdoors
  67. Threesome/group sex
  68. Filming themselves
  69. Involving a hooker (prostitute)
  70. After an injury
  71. Hot and cold play
  72. No foreplay
  73. Spider walking
  74. In/by a Swimming pool
  75. Inventing a secret sex language to use in public
  76. Smutty/sloppy/dirty sex
  77. Sex toys (extreme)
  78. Birthday surprise
  79. Calming the others anger (with sex)
  80. Sex machine
  81. Drunk
  82. Humiliation kink
  83. Quickies
  84. Needy, clingy sex
  85. Wake up In the middle of the night and have sex (then go back to sleep)
  86. Really rough, shove-y  sex
  87. No pain, just pleasure
  88. Sex marathon
  89. On a plane
  90. Bizarre kink
  91. In the dark (with or without torch)
  92. By the fire
  93. Christmas
  94. Silly giggly sex
  95. Plugs
  96. While one of them is on the phone
  97. The others birthday
  98. Restrained sex (not necessarily bondage)
  99. Tantric sex
  100. Repeating their favourite kink
Behind closed door - Bruce Wayne x Reader (NSFWish)

I feel absolutely awful, and for some reason, writing smut is oddly comforting, so here we go for some Bruce smutty story ! (with feelings, like the story is actually mainly relationship things between Bruce and Batmom and a little smut around there ;-)). Sorry again that I haven’t posted in a while, I just…had a major change in my life and wasn’t feeling fit to write if that makes sense. Anyway, hope you’ll like it :

THIS IS NSFW ! It’s SMUT. Meaning there will be a graphic depiction of SEX. Please don’t read if those sort of things makes you uncomfortable and blahblahblah. I have plenty of stories that are SFW without any of those “dirty stuffs”, so you can read those instead if you wanna :-). You can find said stories here : My masterlist blog :


Behind closed doors, Bruce Wayne was different. Of course, it takes time to get him there, to crack his shell and for him to allow him to be that man, only behind closed doors. 

Behind closed doors, Bruce Wayne was different. He could be himself…Finally.

The first time it happened, it was rather early on in your relationship.

On the anniversary of his parents’ death, to be exact.


You had been together for, technically, eight months by then.

Officially though ? Only 4 months. Half of your relationship has been spend hiding from paparazzis and people in general.

Hell, even Alfred didn’t know anything about you !

You understood why though. He was the famous Bruce Wayne ! He had a reputation to keep ! He couldn’t date a nobody from a poor part of town like you ! He couldn’t seriously date anyone ! Especially not you, a way younger girl who wasn’t even that beautiful, intelligent or famous ! (Bruce would argue that you were the most beautiful and intelligent woman he ever met though, but he was always so nice to you…).

Besides, you also thought that the reason you guys always went on secret dates, the reason for Bruce to sneak in your room quietly, or for you to “infiltrate” his office to go have a quickie on his desk, the reason you guys kept thing hidden…was because he didn’t want you to think this…”thing” you had between the two of you was something serious.

He didn’t want you to think he wanted to actually date you.

And if it was known that you and him went on little dates (or worst, if anyone heard about how you often went to just have sex with him in his office, or how the famous Bruce Wayne would sneak into your apartment complex to fuck you everywhere in your apartment…Well, it was a bit unrealistic and crazy to think anyone would know that but what if ?) and such, then you’d become his “official girlfriend”, and the day he’d want to finish this “thing” you had ? The day he’d want another girl ? …Then you’d be humiliated. You’d just be his woman toy and everyone would talk about you for days. The woman who wasn’t just a date, but a regular booty call…Of the great Bruce Wayne ! Surely, this would be all over the news for weeks.

You knew Bruce enough to know that he wasn’t that kind of man, he could sometimes be a bit insensitive and such but you knew him…No matter what he liked to say right after he slept with you, when his defenses were a bit down and he was trying to convince you he wasn’t good for you, he was actually a good man.

Sure he was known to be a womanizer but every women who ever went out with him knew what “this” was, they knew they probably wouldn’t stay long with him, even if they had hope about it. They knew that the next week ? They’d be out.

Sometimes, you thought about how, four months later, you were still not “out” but at the same time, you knew, just like those women he dated that you were probably just a phase. You were already so amazed that a man like Bruce Wayne would have any interest in you so…But yes, despite what he said about himself, and what the news sometimes portrayed him like, he was actually a true gentleman (thanks Alfred). So he kept it hidden, he kept it to himself because…It was just fun casual sex right ? Right. No.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I make a request? I saw somebody else do this & i couldn't help requesting it here because I love your writing! RFA + V & Saeran 7 minutes in heaven? Huehuehue 🌚

(●♡∀♡) Ooooh!

This might be a little self indulgent. Also, I’m assuming this is a spin the bottle type game? Or it is now in this hc post.


- His huge ass grin when the bottle landed on you and everyone else’s groans made your face completely red, but you followed him along in the closet anyway.

- I mean…He was a gentlemen, right?

- As soon as the door closed, you were pinned against the wall, blushing furiously as he leaned down to whisper in your ear

- “We don’t have to go too far, princess, but I would love to kiss you.”

- “I- Okay. Yeah, okay.”

- Part of you couldn’t believe he was asking you permission, but it was nice he was willing to at least make sure you were okay with this.

- It was sweet at first- He tipped your chin up, lightly brushed his lips against yours before placing a soft kiss on you. 

- But as you kissed him back, it just got deeper and deeper.

- Soon you had your body flush against him, feeling his half-hard cock against your thigh as you slipped your tongue in between his lips, teasing him with a light nip on his bottom lip

- You even managed to get him to let out a low groan that sent a fast shot of nerves right to your crotch.

- “Whoa whoa whoa, break it up you two.”

- Seven had opened the door while the two of you were, erm, busy. Zen instantly pulled away, a light blush on his cheeks as he cleared his throat.

- You could see Yoosung moping and Jumin looking pissed in the background, Seven just waggling his eyebrows at the two of you.

- Part of you wanted to smack him for being so dumb, but you ended up stepping out and instantly pulling your phone out.

- As the bottle spinned again, you saw Zen pull his own phone out and that blush deepen at the message you had sent him

- Like hell you were going to let just seven minutes be the end of it.


- He was so smug when you were chosen to go in with him. Zen was yelling and trying to make excuses for you to not go in with the ‘trust fund jerk’, but when you told him to hush, you almost made Jumin grin as Zen nearly lost it

- He let you step in first, closing the door behind the two of you. Before you could even have a coherent thought about the situation, he had you pulled to him and his lips greedily on yours.

- When you made a surprised noise, he pulled back a bit.

- “Is this what were supposed to do?”

- “W-Well, yes-”

- “Good, we only have a few minutes.”

- He started kissing you again, nipping your lips and starting to kiss down your neck as his hand slipped under the band of your pants-

- “Jumin!” You scolded him instantly, clutching his forearm as his middle finger slipped in between your legs and started teasing your clit

- “We have a few more minute-”

- You let out a gasp as a shudder ran through your body. How in the hell was he so stoic through all of this?

- You felt his breath against your neck as he attempted to say something else, but the door opened before he could.

- “Bzzt, times- Oooohoho shit.”

- Jumin just reached for the door handle, pulling it closed and holding it as Seven and the others started a fuss

- You ended up laughing, finally finding it in you to pull his hand out of your pants, giving him one last peck on the cheek.


- You nearly joined everyone in a groan when the bottle landed on him as he let out a doofy grin

- But, you smiled as you joined him in the closet. Yes, he was basically a living meme, but he was sweet and cute, too.

- The door closed, and you could hear how nervous he was in the little laugh he let out

- “So, Mc, whatcha going to do now?”

- You rolled your eyes, but pulled him a bit closer to you and planted a kiss on his cheek

- Okay, you missed a bit in the dark and felt your nose hit the frame of his glasses, but you kissed his face and counted that as a win

- He laughed a bit, cupping your face in his hands and managing to meet your lips with his own. Nothing hardcore, just a sweet and gentle kiss.

- “Have I told you how soft you are, mc?”

- “… I would find a better way to word that, Seven.”

- “Softer than our precious Elly~”

- “Seven.”

- You felt his breath against your lips as he chuckled before kissing you again, letting it last a bit longer

- Even though he was such a dork, his kisses were so sweet and careful. 

- You returned his kiss, and soon the two of you were starting a string of soft kisses.

- … Until the door flew open with a stern Zen interrupting the two of you.

- “Alright, alright, it’s been seven minutes!”

_” Oh, you misunderstood the name of the game, Zen. It’s minutes with Seven, so there’s not a time-”

- “Out.”

- The two of you laughed, but you both left the closet. Though, you made sure to grab his hand and make him sit next to you afterwards. 


- As soon as the two of you were shoved in the closet, you could just imagine how stiff she was due to nerves

- (Was she going to kill Seven? Yes. Right when she got out? Yes.)

- She certainly wasn’t going to do anything, but that didn’t mean you weren’t going to

- Carefully, you slipped a hand in hers. When she gave your hand a squeeze back, you slipped your other around her neck, pulling her closer to you and giving her a soft kiss on her lips.

- She froze, but after a few more soft pecks, she started returning them.

- It was awkward, clumsy due to the dark, but after a bit you pulled away and giggled, still holding onto her hand

- “M-Mc, you didn’t have to-”

- “You’re too cute, I wanted you to relax a bit.”

- She clammed up, but you knew she was blushing. 

- The two of you ended up just holding hands for a bit longer, and then Seven slammed open the door with a loud “BZZT!”

- (Seven may or may not have gotten socked right in the gut)


- When the bottle landed on you, Yoosung turned such a bright red. Seven pushed the both of you towards the closet, and once you got in Yoosung was rigid with nerves.

- “Mc, you don’t-”

- “Shh, it’s fine, Yoosung.”

- Your hands found his, and you could nearly feel the heat radiating off his cheeks

- Apparently the both of you moved to kiss at the same time, resulting in the two of you bumping noses. You pulled back and giggled, Yoosung letting out a shy little laugh in return

- You cupped his cheeks, pulling him towards you more carefully now, planting a soft but decent kiss on his lips.

- He clumsily returned it, his hands finding your hips and pulling you a bit closer.

- After a few kisses, he was starting to get the hang of it a bit, but he froze with a small yelp as you nipped at his bottom lip

- (Okay, might have moved a bit too fast there)

- He pulled back a bit, his hands leaving your hips.

- “W-Was that okay?”

- Your hand found his and gave it a squeeze. “Yeah, that was good.”

- “I haven’t really…You know.”

- “That’s okay, I mean we can always practice.”

- When Seven opened the door, you got to see how red Yoosung’s face had gotten from that, and it was hard not to giggle.


- No one really objected when the two of you were going in the closet. Not even Yoosung, but he did look a tad grumpy

- V, however, was blushing like mad. As soon as the door closed, he was going on and on. “Mc, you don’t have to do anything, it’s alright, don’t feel pressured. We can just talk.”

- You ignored his anxious ramblings, slipping to your knees, lifting his shirt up a bit, and placing a kiss right above the waistband of his pants.

- He let out a soft gasp, instantly covering his mouth. You could tell he wanted to say more, to insist that you didn’t have to do a thing, but you’d be damned if you weren’t going to continue.

- A few teasing nips and you unzipped his pants, pulling them down enough to slip his half-hard cock from his boxers. You felt a blush creep up to your cheeks with the realization you were going to finally give this man a blowjob, but you shook it off, giving his cock a few pumps to get it to stand at full attention

- He let out a strangled and low moan, trying his best to keep quiet. You could hear him start to whimper your name, but you didn’t give him a chance to finish before you slipped the head of his cock in your mouth

- You knew you were running short on time, but you were desperate in making this feel amazing for him. When was the last time he was able to fully relax?

- You started pumping your hand along his length as you bobbed your head, sucking on his tip and loving his free hand wrapped desperately in your hair

- You could feel him straining to stop himself from thrusting into your mouth, so you let your hands rest and hold his hips as you finally took him fully in.

- God the sound he made

- It didn’t take long for you to taste a hot and salty liquid in your mouth, his nails digging into your scalp as he struggled to keep his groans quiet enough. When his grip loosened, you teasingly and slowly pulled his cock out of your mouth, loving the little whimper he let out.

- You stood up as he quickly pulled his pants back up, both of you thankful he was able to right before Seven pulled the door open with an annoying sound

- You just smiled and left the closet, V still leaning against the wall with a stunned blush on his cheeks


- As soon as the two of you were in the closet, he had you pinned, your chest flush against the wall.

- “Do you think we could sneak a quickie?” He teased, his hands already fumbling with your pants as he grinded against your ass

- Sure, the two of you may or may not have been seeing each other in secret… And you might have been teasing him through text during Seven’s silly RFA afterparty….

- But you weren’t expecting him to already be raring to go, jfc

- You bit your lip as he tugged your panties down, his lips teasing at your sensitive neck.

- “Try to stay quiet.”

- You didn’t get a chance to respond before he slipped the head of his cock between your wet folds, rubbing it against your clit before finally moving back a tad and pushing inside you

- You started to let out a groan before moving clamping a hand over your mouth

- Saeran wasted no time in trying to get you to come as quickly and as hard as possible. One hand kept your hip in place as the other reached around to rub your clit. The two of you didn’t have long befor-

- “Bzzz-OOOKAY!”

- As quickly as the door had opened, you only caught a glimpse of a surprised Seven before the door was slammed shut.

- Saeran only paused for a moment, a bit surprised at how fast seven minutes had came and gone, but he wasted no time in starting his pace back up

- Guess the two of you had all the time you needed, now.

Imagine...Being in a secret relationship with Remus and him fucking you in a house full of members of the Order

Characters: Y/n, Remus, Molly, Sirius, Hermione

Pairing: Remus x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Mostly smut, quickie, regular smut, unprotected sex, fluff and…crack? Iunno…basically all smut…

Word count: 980

Summary: Remus drags you around the giant house until you find the perfect room.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon-Would you be willing to do a Lupin x Female Reader smutty fic where they have a big age difference (like the way he and Tonks did)? Lupin x Reader requester - Maybe at Sirius’ house, she’s part of the Order or something like that? They stay late after a meeting to help clean up, end up getting side tracked? Ok, so I didn’t do the whole cleaning thing and just did straight up smut. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

Tagged peeps: @helvonasche @notnaturalanahi @wayward-mirage @chelsea072498 @the-latina-trickster @aingealcethlenn @lucifer-in-leather @professsionalsinner @kumaartz @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @daddysxlittlexsunshine @moose-andnotmoose @wonderange @becaamm @mogaruke @aiaranradnay @bloodstained-porcelain-doll


“Seriously? Now?”

Remus smirked, grabbing your hand and dragging you up the stairs of the giant house.

You knew it was a bad idea.

The entire house was filled with members of the Order.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were here.

Not to mention the twins.

If either of those morons caught you, you knew your secret would be out.

And you had no intentions of listening to everyone lecturing you for sleeping with a man who’d been your teacher less than two years ago.

“What if someone catches us?” you hissed, looking around and praying no one was watching right now.

“They won’t, y/n. Stop worrying and get in here”.

He opened a door, switching the dim lightbulb on to reveal the room full of old coats and shoes.

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“Do We Have To?”

Summary: Bucky keeps ripping your panties. You take him to Victoria`s Secret to buy some more.

Word Count: 460

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: fluffiness, illusions to smut

A/N: okay, my first fic got a lot of love, so i wrote this fluffy drabble! please leave feedback! drop a request in my ask box if you want! ill tag a few of my favorite blogs at the bottom. *Part 2 is posted*

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“Bucky! C’mon you know that was my last pair!”

 “I’m sorry baby. I just couldn’t wait. I will buy you all new pairs. I promise!” Bucky used his classic puppy dog eyes and signature pout. He knew you could never say to him when he made that face.

 “Fine. But we are going now. Let’s go, get your pants back on. I`ll be in the car.”

 “B-but y/n, if you can’t tell I gotta little problem. Just please we can have a quickie then we can go.”

 “No Bucky, we are leaving now, if you`re good then I might make it up to you in the new lingerie I will be buying!”

“Oh Doll, now you`re speakin` my language! Let’s go!”    

One Car Ride Later…

               Bucky walked in to Victoria`s secret not realizing what he had just gotten himself into. He was overwhelmed with the amount of lace and silk in every corner of the store. He had no idea that there were that many styles of panties! He didn’t understand how girls could walk around with strings up their asses all day. He was scared, confused, and intrigued all at once.

 “Bucky, baby, this way. I need to pick out the ones over here. You can help me if you want.”

You spoke with a smirk on your face. You knew he was going to go crazy over the styles you picked. His favorite pair you have ever owned were the lace cheekies he ripped on your first time being intimate together.

  “D-doll, there are so many colors and styles. Just pick whatever you want, y/n. I will gladly buy them. Maybe you should get this.”

He picked up a lacey black corset that went with a silk robe. You knew the exact reason he picked the outfit. Your two-year anniversary was coming up and he had planned on a fancy dinner and not leaving the bed for the rest of the night and the following day.

You giggled quietly, pulling the outfit from his hands to add to your haul. You had picked out some boy shorts, cheeky panties you knew he already loved, a couple lace thongs knowing he would be very much into them, and of course panties just for your period. No one wears fancy panties on their period!

 “Okay babe, you ready to go? I think I have everything I need.”

You started walking over to the cashier when Bucky stopped you to whisper into your ear,

 “Maybe you should try them on first. I mean we have to see if they fit.”

You could feel the smirk on his lips. You quickly grabbed his hand and led him to the fitting rooms. You knew you would have to buy everything in your bag.


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Kink A-Z: Jason Todd

A/N: Heyyoo it’s time to get nasty ya’ll. Admittedly, this is more explicit than Dick’s but Jason is more explicit than Dick in general. And by god, I’m sorry this took so long. Long day. But I finally have RHATO Vol.2 and Injustice 2! Yay me! Also sorry if this is all over the place, I wrote this in short bursts, so yeah.

Warnings: Explicit. EXTREMELY NSFW.

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

  • Quiet. After the deed, Jason is fairly peaceful. He’s not opposed to pillow talk, but Jason is more of the guy to lay there, fingers in your hair and lingering on your body. If you talk, he’ll listen, maybe nod and hum. But usually, he’s there just replaying the night over and over in his head, in awe of his partner. Yeah, he gets mushy after.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

  • Jason loves his arms. Because of the pit, he’s stronger than usual - for him or any other human being - and it shows. Where Dick uses his legs, Jason uses his arms, so they’re nicely toned. Not too buff and not too slim. On his s/o, I feel like he’s way into boobs, big or small, and backs. He likes peppering kisses on his s/o’s breasts and sucking on them, and loves seeing their back arch, to the point he chooses positions where he knows he’ll hit the right spots to see them arch under him.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

  • I have a lot of opinions about this. His favorite place to cum is on his s/o’s face. Just something about seeing his cum on their face, them looking up at him, he finds it crazy attractive. He also loves handjobs and finishing on his partner’s hands.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

  • Guns. Now, Jason would never hurt his s/o nor would he having a gun around them with the safety off, but just having them there in the bedroom is a huge turn on for him. He would probably never bring it up, but his guns are his babies, and he’d never say no to adding them to the fun.

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caught in the act

Word Count: 855
Author: Ashlyn
Request: “Hey you should do a getting caught in the act preference it would be so good”
Warnings: smut
Notes: N/A

Where were you two caught?
His aunt and uncle’s house, on their bed.
What were you two doing?
Harry was pounding you into the mattress, you on your stomach, him on top on you, while he *thought* no one was home.
Who caught you two?
Dudley, whom Harry jinxed so he would not remember what he saw.

Where were you two caught?
Under the bleachers at the quidditch pitch.
What were you two doing?
You were up against a wooden post, one leg over Ron’s shoulder, a hand in his hair, the other gripping the post, as he was on his knees, violently assaulting your entrance with his tongue.
Who caught you two?
None other then Ron’s best friend, the infamous Harry Potter, who had been mindlessly wandering around, in search of his best friend.

Where were you two caught?
The forbidden section of the library. You had been helping Madam Pince when Draco decided to pay you a visit.
What were you two doing?
Draco had you pinned against one of the shelves, pants and boxers pushed down just enough to let his cock out, your skirt pushed up, as he rammed into you, while trying to be as silent as possible.
Who caught you two?
Madam Pince (surprise surprise). Luckily, she just reprimanded you greatly, and kept your excursion a secret, seeing you were such a great student.

Where were you two caught?
The kitchen at the Burrow. You had been making yours and Fred’s lunch, but he had other plans.
What were you two doing?
Fred was standing besides you while you cooked on the stove, and was fingering you, testing how calm you could remain. Every so often adding another finger.
Who caught you two?
It was only Percy, whom, although disgusted, laughed his ass off, only saying “Come on guys! We eat here!”

Where were you two caught?
The couch at the Burrow. George *assumed* no one would be home for a while.
What were you two doing?
George was leaned against the back of the couch, head back, eyes closed, while you were one your knees, blowing him.
Who caught you two?
None other then Ginny, who luckily knew what you two were doing, but still yelled at her brother, claiming she was never sitting on that couch again (that was until she forced George to clean the couch).

Where were you two caught?
In his dorm room, on Harry’s bed. You two had hoped the day would never come, but it did.
What were you two doing?
You were riding Neville, his head thrown back, hands on your hips, guiding your every movement. It was pure bliss.
Who caught you two?
All of his roommates, except Harry (I.e. Ron, Seamus, Dean). They all laughed their asses off, and kept their experience from Harry, all smirking whenever he sat on his bed.

Where were you two caught?
Snape’s office. Seamus had a bad encounter with Snape earlier that day, and wanted a little revenge.
What were you two doing?
Seamus had you bent over Snape’s desk, pounding you from behind, and panting in your ear.
Who caught you two?
Draco Malfoy, who had been searching for Snape to “tattle” on a fellow Slytherin when he stumbled upon you two. Only agreeing to remain quiet if he could join in *wink wink*

Where were you two caught?
The quidditch locker room after Gryffindor had won against Slytherin *again*.
What were you two doing?
You had snuck into the locker room after everyone had left, and joined Oliver in the shower. He had your legs around his waist as he rammed his member into you.
Who caught you two?
Harry had been searching for the captain so he could tell him that there was going to be a party in the Gryffindor common room. When he found Oliver, he decided it was best to let you two be, but still delivered the news.

Where were you two caught?
The Slytherin common room. Marcus couldn’t wait until you two got to his room, so he took you there.
What were you two doing?
He had you on the couch, both of your legs over his shoulders, hands in his hair, and his head between your legs, eating you out.
Who caught you two?
A few first years had wandered into the empty room, only for Marcus to yell at them, to which you lightly slapped his head. Marcus just proceeded to hex them, making them forget what they saw.

Where were you two caught?
In a dark corridor Cedric had pulled you into for a “quickie” (which lasted almost three periods).
What were you two doing?
Cedric had you against the stone wall, pants and boxers at his ankles, your skirt thrown on the floor, while he rocked into you.
Who caught you two?
Oliver had been sent by McGonagall to find the two of you. When he did, he promised to keep what he found a secret, and told McGonagall that you were sick and Cedric was taking care of you.



-Shu Sakamaki

-Reiji Sakamaki

-Laito Sakamaki

-Ayato Sakamaki

-Kanato Sakamaki

-Subaru Sakamaki

  ~Noisy (NSFW)

-Ruki Mukami

  ~Shower Fun (NSFW)

-Kou Mukami

-Yuma Mukami

-Azusa Mukami

-Carla Tsukinami

-Shin Tsukinami

-Karlheinz Sakamaki

-Richter Sakamaki

***NUMBER PROMPT REQUESTS***(No longer doing)

-Shu Sakamaki

  ~ #11. “Be my wife.”

  ~ #4.  “Are you drunk?”

  ~ #100. “I got you a present.”

  ~ #342. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.” 

-Reiji Sakamaki

-Laito Sakamaki

  ~#54.  “H-How long have you been standing there?” (NSFW)

  ~ #15. “Can I kiss You?”

-Ayato Sakamaki

  ~#21. “Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?”

  ~ #189. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

-Kanato Sakamaki

  ~ #4. “Are you drunk?”

-Subaru Sakamaki

  ~#15. “Can I kiss You?”

  ~ #49. “Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where she is!”

  ~ #86. “I did a pregnancy test.”

  ~ #3. “Am I supposed to be scared of you?”

-Ruki Mukami

  ~ #15. “Can I kiss you?”

  ~ #4.  “Are you drunk?”

  ~  #11. “Be my wife.”

  ~ #182. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

  ~ #34. “Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant?”

-Kou Mukami

  ~ #173. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

-Yuma Mukami

  ~ #11. “Be my wife.”

  ~ #26. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

  ~ #34. “Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant?”

  ~ #55. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

  ~ #386. “You’re safe now. I got you”

-Azusa Mukami

  ~ #46. “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”

-Carla Tsukinami

-Shin Tsukinami

  ~ #260. “Shut up and kiss me.”


  ~Their Favorite Physical Feature On You (NSFW)

  ~Their Favorite Position (NSFW)

  ~Their Favorite Way To Kiss You

  ~Wedding Dress

  ~Blow Job (NSFW)

  ~Wall Sex (NSFW)

-Shu Sakamaki

  ~Body Part, Cum, Dirty Secret, Kink (NSFW)

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Reiji Sakamaki

  ~Dirty Secret, Hair, Experience, Body Part (NSFW)

  ~Jack Off, Volume, Yearning (NSFW)

  ~Motivation, NO, Oral, Risk (NSFW)

  ~Aftercare, Intimacy, Kink (NSFW)

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Laito Sakamaki

  ~Aftercare, Pace, Stamina (NSFW)

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Ayato Sakamaki

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Kanato Sakamaki

  ~Stamina, Wild Card, Yearning (NSFW)

  ~Aftercare, Experience, Intimacy, Jack Off (NSFW) 

  ~Alphakink (NSFW) 

-Subaru Sakamaki

  ~Dirty Secret, Jack Off, Kink, X-Ray (NSFW)

  ~Experience, Quickie, Toy, ZZZ (NSFW)

  ~Aftercare, Cum, NO, Oral (NSFW)

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Ruki Mukami

  ~Motivation, Pace, Risk, Stamina (NSFW)

  ~Unfair, Yearning (NSFW)

  ~Aftercare, Favorite Position, Intimacy, Oral (NSFW)

  ~Body Part, Jack Off, Kink (NSFW)

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Kou Mukami

-Yuma Mukami

  ~Experience, Favorite Position, Kink, Risk, X-Ray (NSFW)

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Azusa Mukami

  ~Experience, Intimacy, Jack Off, Wild Card (NSFW)

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Carla Tsukinami

  ~Alphakink (NSFW)

-Shin Tsukinami


  ~They React To Their Lover Telling Them They Are Pregnant


-Shu Sakamaki



-Reiji Sakamaki


-Laito Sakamaki


-Ayato Sakamaki


-Kanato Sakamaki


-Subaru Sakamaki


-Ruki Mukami


-Kou Mukami


-Yuma Mukami


-Azusa Mukami

MASTERLSIT Magcon and Omaha squad UPDATED... AGAIN.

CAMERON: six flags

fame pt. 1 & 2

party smut

caught smut

helping hand

secret lovers

she can’t have you

shh smut

spicing it up (foursome with jack and jack and nash)

club sex


he’s not for me

I missed you (daddy!kink)

he gets jealous of Gilinsky

truth or dare

dance practice

I’ll take care of you

not as heartless as you think

Abusive boyfriend

baby blurp

dry sex

she’s a cheater



stress relief

Skylynn doesn’t like you

you can’t have him

cheaters, smut 3some with taylor

I missed you smut

bike ride smut

truth or dare

playing hard to get

spicing it up

silent treatment

me, or the fan?

You’re mine

she’s a cheater


abusive relationship

baby sammy

playing hard to get

cancer, sad

tease smut

game over

NATE: friends to lovers

MATTHEW: football game smut

before practice quickie

anniversary blurp

stress relief smut


spicing it up

the feelings are mutual


bad girl smut

jealous much?

busted smut

spicing it up


I’m not ready

couple moment

game over

our baby part 2

Our baby part 1


you cheated on him with nash and Taylor




I missed you smut


truth or dare

drunken mistake


his favorite thing about you

how he knows You’re in the mood

Interrupted Date

Requested?: yes!

A/n hello beautiful people! So this was requested by @xbackstageforeverx !!!! I wrote this before the Halloween party and all the rumors going around I was just SUPER busy and couldn’t upload it when I wanted to. But anyway requests are always open all you have to do is ask!  Hope you enjoy!

We enter the restaurant our hands interlocked. Shawn and I decided to go on a little date night since he has been super busy with his new album. He just wanted the two of us. No one else. Just us. I was surprised and excited as for every meal consisted of the whole crew having dinner talking about the new album.

“I’ll go ask for a table” He says and kisses me sweetly. “Okay I’ll be here” I say as he walks away.

I see him talking to the hostess and at the corner of my eye I see someone very familiar start to speed walk towards me. I couldn’t place her as she was walking towards me, until she got closer. Hailey. It was Hailey Baldwin. I just met her recently, she was sweet, a little too loud for me but she was sweet and her and Shawn were good friends. “Oh my god, Jaclyn! How are you?” She asks bringing me into her arms and hugging me tightly.

“I’m good how are you?” I ask, rubbing my upper arm nervously. Me sporting classic jeans and a tee she on the other hand had a dress that was well short. Too short for my taste. I always felt insecure, people having so much confidence wearing short dresses and well me wearing jeans.I see Shawn walk over to me with a confused look plastered on his face as of who I was talking to and he quicky walks over and wraps his arm around my waist. His face changes once he sees who it is.

“Hey Hailey” He says with grin and squeezing my waist. That was our secret code for ‘I love you’ 

Hailey’s date soon join her side as Hailey and Shawn started to catch up while I just daydream wishing I could have Shawn to myself for five minutes. “Mendes table for two” I hear the hostesse say in a loud voice for everyone to hear. I shoot my head to the loud voice and Shawn and I say our goodbyes and I follow the hostesse to the assigned table.

We order our drinks and are given bread to hold us over for a while. We talk about everything and anything on our minds. He takes my hand in his and brings it to his lips “I love you” He whispers so low only I could hear. We never said our I loves you out loud for people to hear. Who were we trying to prove we were in love? No one. The only person that needed to hear those beautiful words were the person it was being said to.

“Yes. I re-” I get interrupted by the voice I heard while waiting for our table. “This is so crazy! NO WAY!” Shawn and I both look over and see Hailey and her date sitting a table away from us. Shawn’s face falls and let’s out a sigh “I’m sorry Jaclyn. I know we wanted to be alone.” He whispers with so much sorrow in his voice. I smile weakly and shrug while taking a sip. “It’s fine. I mean she won’t bother us. She’s on a date too.” He takes my free hand again and brings it up to his lips and kisses my hand again. “I’m sorry” He mumbles into my hand multiple times. I feel my cheeks get hot and I know I’m blushing hard “gosh even now you make me blush” He shrugs and looks oddly confident “I guess I’m that-” He’s interrupted by someone patting his shoulder causing him to jump a little. 

I see Geoff was the one that pat his shoulder and my eyes scan and see the rest of the crew. I remove my hand from Shawn’s hold and place it in my lap and weakly smile. “Hey! Hailey how are you?” Scott waves from where he is and she waves as well and abandons her date. “Hey we should all bring the table together and have a group dinner date” Hailey suggests and everyone nods and Shawn shakes his head no.“You guys Jaclyn and I-” But it’s too late. Before we know it there are extra chairs coming and tables are becoming closer together. “Jaclyn sit next to Shawn” Andrew says sitting closer to where I was sitting.

My back is facing Shawn while my attention is on the people talking about god knows what. It looks like I’m listening, and extremely interested but really I just want to be alone with Shawn. I feel Shawn’s hand go around my waist and slide my chair closer to his. “Wanna get out of here?” He whispers so low I could barley even hear. I shift my body to him and our foreheads touch. I bite my bottom lip and nod slowly. “Fuck, Jaclyn don’t do that. It makes me want you even more.” I smile and feel my cheeks get hot again.

“Then we should go then.” And just like that we leave, saying our goodbyes and heading somewhere we can be alone.

We sit in the car with hot McDonalds bag in the back seat. One of Shawn’s hands creeping up my thigh and the other one the steering wheel loosely. “So much better than before” I say and he squeezes my thigh and we drive to the rented house in a bit of a hurry.

“When we get to the house; I’m not holding back” He Chimes in and I let out a blushed smile.

I take my chance at the red light and lean over the center console and whisper in his ear “then you better hurry home.”

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Okay, so I made this drabble because I couldn’t work the idea into a full fic. Enjoy it anyway!

Summary: Daveed puts you in a clipping. song but not in the way you thought he would. 

Tags: @butlinislin @daveeddiggsit @nadialinett14 @librarychild @spidey-boii @me-hoy-me-trash @serkewen12 @daveedish @anthonyramosobc @autistic-alien @runnerriley @hamilsquad-writings @thegirlonhamilton @hamiltonwrotetheother51 @thehamiltonpost @patron-saintof-sluts

“Shockingly, Daveed was the one to start this track off but it’s become one of our favorites.” Bill said, clicking through his gallery on his computer.

You were being shown new songs that clipping. had been working on and everything you heard so far was gold. This new album they were working on would be their best yet.

“Let’s hear it.” You said, smiling and leaning forward in your seat.

As the beat kicked in and the lyrics started you knew it was an extremely sexual one. These were your favorites because Daveed always went full out and to be honest it was a huge turn on. You nodded your head to the beat, getting deep into the song when a certain noise element caught your attention. You froze and listened in closer, paling as you realized exactly why it sounded so familiar.

It was you.

“Daveed can I speak to you in the hall?” You said as soon as the song ended, trying to keep any emotion out of your tone.

“Of course.” He responded, standing and following you out into the hallway.

Once the door shut behind you, you punched him in the arm.

“You put my fucking moans into one of your songs?” You hissed, glaring at him.

“Ow! Damn.” Daveed rubbed his arm, “It fit in perfectly and it sounded so good. You have to admit it makes the song sound dope.”

“Where did you even get the moans from?”

“Remember that time Jon and Bill left and we had a quickie in the recording booth? We accidentally left the mic on and it picked up our noises. Neither of them noticed the extra recording but I did. I checked it out and realized what it was. I was going to delete it but instead I stored it away in a secret file and then I started messing with it. I found a chunk where it was just your moans and it had a steady rhythm and I liked how it sounded so I let it build from there.” Daveed explained, rubbing where you punched him the whole time.

You tried to figure out what to say but nothing came to mind so you just stared at him incredulously.

“I wasn’t going to publish it anywhere without you hearing it first. I can take it out and erase the whole song if you’re really mad about it.” Daveed offered, leaning against the wall behind him.

You thought about it for a second, it was a bit flattering to have you in a song, even if it was just your moans.

“They don’t know it’s my moan, right?” You asked.

Daveed shook his head, “Nope. Only me and you know.”

“So it’s our little secret, huh?” You said, a small smirk spreading across your face.

“Mhm.” Daveed replied, mirroring your smirk.

“Then I guess it can stay. No wonder you were so into this song. I was gonna say you were rapping more aggressively than usual.”
“Yeah, well when you have your girlfriend’s moans on a loop in your ear for a few hours, it can get you a bit riled up.” Daveed chuckled, licking his lips.

“Is that so?” You raised your brow, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning on him.

“Mhm.” Daveed nodded, hands sliding to your ass.

“Will this be added to the list of clipping. songs we fuck to?”

“Definitely.” He agreed, leaning down and kissing you.

Part of you wanted to deepen it and thread your fingers through his hair but the rational part of you remembered his bandmates were only a few feet away from you. You pulled away, sliding his hands off your body.

“Nuh uh. That’s the last time I fuck you in the studio.” You giggled, starting to walk back towards where Bill and Jon sat waiting for you.

“You don’t mean that, do you?” Daveed responded, following you down the hall.


“Didn’t think so.”

100 Kinks List

Hi guys! I’ve seen lists like this going around before and used this one as a base to come up with something I hope will be a fun and long project. I’ll work on these randomly and post them whenever but I’m having fun creating stuff for spnkinkbingo (August is going to get smutty, fair warning) and I’d like to try more. They’ll all be tagged “100 kinks list” so you can blacklist in case it’s not your thing.

If it is your thing, all I need is for ya’ll to send me in a pairing of who you’re interested in seeing for these. It can be reader insert or a ship (check out my FAQ page if you’ve never requested before). Each prompt maxes at two. 

An example ask and the list is below the cut. Send in your pairings and enjoy!

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