this was such a lovely scene!


Happy 264th Birthday, Robert Townsend!

Azula: We should do get help

Zuko: What

Azula: Get help

Zuko: no

Azula: come on, you love it

Zuko: i hate it

Azula: it’s great it works everytime

Zuko: it’s humiliating

Azula: do you have a better plan?

Zuko: no

Azula: we’re doing it

Zuko: We are not doing Get help

*door opens*

Azula: Get help! Please! My brother’s dying! Get help! Help him!

*throws Zuko across the room into guards*

Azula: ah, classic

Zuko: still hate it. It’s humiliating

Azula: well not for me it’s not

So let me get this straight… this game, Are You Scared, you just walk around trying to… startle people? That’s it?

Why are Stacey and Noah being so dramatic about it? Why did Noah lose nerve because I agreed to play?

This is literally the worst party game ever, I don’t get why everyone is freaking out about it.