this was such a lovely scene!


narrysailsitself  asked:

ELOUNOR IS RISING!!!! I swear if we get a picture of Eleanor with Freddie I'm going to cry and scream and all things in between cUZ JUST IMAGINE THE SMILE ON LOUIS' FACE OF HIS TWO FAVORITE PEOPLE TOGETHER BEING HAPPY AND TOGETHER

DON’T FORGET THE DOGS! Imagine Clifford and Bruce playing fetch with Freddie??? And at the end of a long fun filled day they all collapse on the couch together for a snuggle fest :))))))))))) 


So there are new deleted scenes from Fantastic Beasts and I bet they might be interesting for some of you !

OH MY GOD. Webber made a new rule that says coworkers cant date and so Karev and Jo just had a big ass fight and broke up and he was yelling and she was crying and he stormed off and she ran off crying and he called her and was like “how was that?” LIKE THEY PLANNED THIS SHIT OUTTO HAVE EVERYONE BELIEVE THEYRE OVER SO THEY WOULDNT SUSPECT THEM TOGETHER THEY ARE THE COUPLE I WANT TO BE. I NEED A JO IN MY FUCKING LIFE DUDE