this was such a great season

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Hi there! I love your blog and I've been meaning to ask you about tall ship sailing for awhile, if you don't mind writing about it--how did you get started? Is it a job or something you have to pay to do? It sounds really cool honestly.

I started because my EU passport expired the same time the season began. I grew up in Maine where there’s a healthy tall ship community, and I’ve always been starry-eyed over tall ships, and I would rather have starved than gone back to being a bank teller. So I figured ‘why not, it’ll be a great story at least’ and emailed pretty much every captain between here and North Carolina. I got a job as a messmate - a beginner’s position on most overnight ships, sort of a combination cook’s assistant/busboy/assistant deckhand when you have free time. Mid season I was moved to deck crew, because we had a vacancy and I was pretty vocal about wanting to be on deck. I expected it to be a summer job, but I really, really fell in love with it! It can be extremely taxing, for sure - long hours, low pay, lots of customer interaction, dirty work. But it can also be exactly as romantic as you’re probably imagining - going aloft, crossing the gulf stream, learning increasingly complicated knots, swimming in bioluminescence, dolphins playing around the bow, sea shanties, being part of something as huge and complicated and lovely as a tall ship.

There are tall ships with programs where you pay to learn how to sail, and programs where you volunteer unpaid, but honestly if you’ve got enthusiasm, are willing to get dirty, aren’t bothered by the rough living conditions (small bunks, and especially during pre-season work, hot water/electricity/running water at all/refrigeration are rare) and low pay (from paid messmates, I’ve heard anywhere from $120-400/week), it’s not hard to find a paying job without experience! If you want to know a bit more about that, I wrote a post a while ago here.

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Great work on this season of Tabletop. Over the course of the series what have you learned about the best mix of personalities for an episode?

I just make sure that I know everyone who is playing, and that they understand the fundamental mission of the show: have fun, enjoy yourself, and don’t be a competitive dick.

I always do my best to get together a diverse group of people, too, but that doesn’t always happen, because of scheduling.

Very shortly we will be seeing Let’s Go Crazy for the last time.  What a great season it’s been, and especially special to me because it’s the first one in which I’ve been a fan of Yuzu!  Some people say that this fandom is a toxic one, but I extremely disagree.  The Yuzuru Hanyu fandom and the figure skating fandom is general are full of amazing, talented, dedicated, friendly people, and it’s such a special experience to be able to part of it all!

No matter what results he gets in this competition, I hope he enjoys it and that all of us do, too.  Ganbatte, Yuzu, and let’s go crazy!

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I can't believe you made up a game for the atla au. Or is this an actual thing??? I just want to know everything about it now.

Oh no this game legit exists! In season 1 of legend of Korra, Korra is on a pro bending team with mako and Bolin. It’s got some great action animation, and I liked the idea of getting more action in the comic that way. I also thought it would be something the Voltron characters could bond over easily :)

But seriously, check out legend of Korra. Phenomenal show. Go now!

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For the hunting ask - if people stopped hunting the populations would balance out over winter due to food supplies. It'd happen naturally instead of continuously via human involvement every single season. Animals do not need humans to balance something that would balance naturally if we were not involved in it and the idea that animals somehow "need" us to interfere is ludicrous and a bad argument.

Thank you! Great input! :)

The 100 Episode 4.8 Takeaways

1. And there’s the Mount Weather comparison we’ve been waiting for. Clarke was one decision away from becoming exactly what she fought against in Season Two.
2. While everyone else is doing their damnedest to find a solution, Jasper just wants to get high. Typical.
3. Nice to see everyone in the lab at the same time, and not taking turns napping. Missed you, Miller! Also, how damn pretty is Luna?! (Even when she’s low on blood and bone marrow!)
4. Assuming Octavia and Ilian are having a grand old time on his sheep farm. Not like Octavia has family she could be spending the end of days with. Oh, wait.
5. Murphy will fuck up everybody’s shit if they touch one hair on Emori’s head. And he does have a great point: Nurse!Murphy literally saved Clarke’s life at the end of Season Three, which was only a few weeks ago in the show’s timeline.
6. Raven didn’t have much to do this episode. A little disappointed that she didn’t protest more when shit started hitting the fan. Luna was the only one like, “fight me, we’re not doing this.”
7. Nice pep talk Roan! I don’t know about Clarke, but that worked for me on all the levels.
8. Jaha trying to National Treasure his way into the cultist bunker is hilarious. I’m sure there’s a clue on the back of the Declaration of Independence!
9. Who is this random rave hoe all over Bellamy? This whole set up is very Season One.
10. Getting some serious Mummy vibes with Monty’s fire solution to the bunker key. Kept thinking: “no harm ever came from opening a bunker.”
11. And finally, Clarke becomes a nightblood. Been calling this for a while. Obviously, Clarke is meant to be the next Commander. ALSO, APRIL 26TH IS BULLSHIT!!

Thoughts on Chicago P.D 4.18

It was a great episode..they are slowly easing back into that familar swing of things that I enjoyed in season 1 and 2. There are a couple things I want to get off my chest.
1. Is it just me but I don’t really care about Burgess’ sister? It’s clear she’s only there because ‘onechicago enjoys family drama that end in pain’ (my opinion)
2. Where was Jay this episode? Like was his head space not right or… ?
3. That scene with Lindsay and Sarah felt like Nadia and Lindsay all over again. It’s a NO from me
4. CONTINUITY WHERE IS IT?? We saw Jay have a monumental breakthrough and it got thrown away.
5. One of favorite scenes of the episode was when Lindsay takes with Sarah about her dad and her life. I want more of that.
6. Everytime i see Atwater with kids it reminds me that we literally know nothing about him and it saddens me.
7. Can we just talk about Erin?

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top 5 favorite and least favorite book tropes/cliches?

honestly i feel like the bad ones are a lot more prominent bc i don’t have problem with 90% of the popular tropes but boy do the remaining 10% stand out

1. unnecessary triangles, quadrangles, any and all kinds of geometrical figures or as i like to call it the perfect sleep recipe: 1 secret flavour pasta 2 blocks of white cheese, final dish is one bland bowl of mac n cheese with no spice or seasoning whatsoever
2. girls who choose love interests that are in no way equal to them over power/their own agency, a.k.a total disservice to that female character’s personal arc/story (side note: i don’t mean girls who choose love over, say, saving the world or some other great cause. i mean girls who DROP their entire life and dreams for a man and often shape themselves into smth they’re not just bc it would please said man)
3. a dystopian world… where everyone’s white and cishet bc idk i guess the rest of the world (read as: the non-white + lgbt+ part of it) died like men?
4. authors who decide that diversity is a one way street a.k.a the character is either non-white or non-cishet. you can’t POSSIBLY have both. (very few authors can actually Do Both)
5. characters who are also the narrator of the book/story and drop unnecessary descriptions of their future love interest’s eyes like the minute they go “he had eyes so blue” you know He’s The One ™ and i’d pay actual money for this to stop

In ASIB we learn to associate Mycroft with the Queen (“are we here to see the Queen?” “Oh, appearantly, yes”). In the “spoiler promo pic” for TFP, Sherlock is throwing away chess pieces, most prominently the white queen.

Season four has also drawn our attention to the Queen in other ways. For example, Culverton talks about what would happen if the Queen was a serial killer (“I’d be the first to know, we have that kind of friendship”). And then there’s Moriarty, arriving at Sherrinford to the sound of ‘I want to break free’… by Queen.

If there is a Lost Special, those elements definitely point to M theory. Perhaps this has been said before. Definitely some people smarter than me can write great meta about this.

It’s fanfiction time! I would like to recommend two of my favorite authors, Isadora and Bookjunk, who have written classic, beautiful stories before vanishing from the fandom forever–I like to think friendly zombies got them.

Isadora’s stories are extremely successful. My personal favorite is Trust. Carrie and Quinn are left alone in the CIA basement for a team-building exercise. And… yeah. You can probably guess what happens next.

It’s relatively short, sweet and sexual, with a pinch of BDSM - it’s about trust, after all.

Also by Isadora: The thing on the other side of the fine line to hate, a twenty-one chapter fic and rewrite of season three. Quinn and Carrie work together and slowly get closer. Slow burn, happy ending, a great read.

Bookjunk’s works are a little less well known, maybe because she only posted them at, but her stories are breathtaking.

Start with a very short, very bleak one: Certain Things Hurt–a tragic masterpiece.

Then, for a happier story, don’t miss Nobody’s crying, a nine-chapter fic. Quinn chooses to kill Brody… but he still wants Carrie.

(Interestingly enough, the atmosphere is very close to Isadora’s “The thing on the other side to the fine line to hate,” recommended above. A similar story, through a looking glass, with a MUCH darker edge and an extremely sweet ending. In this fandom, one of my favorite reads ever.)