this was such a great scene

The things that I know about "Supergirl" without actually watching it.

*Maggie Sawyer invented dimples and heart eyes
*Sanvers aka ship of dreams (1000x better thank clexa)
*Bad lighting in sanvers scenes
*another wave of the great lesbian migration
*Everyone misses Cat (that was her name? Idk)
*Lena can’t be straight
*Lena and Kara have more chemistry than Kara and Mon-Ew
*Kara had better storyline in season 1
*Alex’s coming out story is really important and it had a strong impact on many people
*Kara Danvers and potstickers
*Danvers Sisters bond is pure and important
*Kara is #1 sanvers shipper
*There’s this guy who seems cute and nice and he doesnt have any powers (idk if im right)
*“Sanvers centric episode” was not “sanvers centric episode” and sanvers shippers are mad because they were fooled again
*Nobody wants Mon-Ew to babysit Kara because she can take care of herself

*+ the glasses don’t help (really)

actual transcript of the jane/frank scene
  • frank: i always helped u
  • jane: it was literally in your job description
  • frank: u didn't help me once we were in oz
  • jane: you brought us here by sabotaging my life's work out of pettiness
  • frank: ...
  • jane: how about i help you now?
  • frank: this is a trick u only care about everyone who's not me
  • jane: haha u got me...see you next episode when they're gonna give ME the gun

Can we just talk about how great HTGAWM is at representing gay sex? Like Connor not only has love scenes with his boyfriend. He’s had one night stands, he’s had actual sex scenes with men that are just as graphic, just as sexual, every bit as sexy as any straight sex scene. Where does this happen on any other show? We have Shadowhunters that doesn’t show the sex at all, and barely mentions it. We have shameless that will choose to have all the straight couples have tit bouncing sex every episode, but cuts away from Mickey and Ian whenever anything gets too sexual. I mean! This is an ABC show, and it is showing gay and straight sex as equal. Yes it falls short in some other areas (biphobic comments etc) but look at this media compared to other shows on television right now. This is a good step in the right direction.

TG:re Chapter 114 and Tooru Mutsuki

So I can simply observe all the chaos going on thanks to this lovely chapter we got today, and people are barely even talking about the Amon scene, so I want to give more of my thoughts on the character of Tooru Mutsuki.

So in this chapter we got a “revelation” that Mutsuki did in fact have attraction towards her mentor Haise. Surprisingly, this possibility was never actually discussed all that much thanks to Urie’s infatuation sweeping everyone off their feet.

Anyway, we already know that Mutsuki has extreme emotional problems because of her past. We knew that Mutsuki had a great fear of being taken advantage of by men, but now this chapter shines a new light on her character. Mutsuki still desires intimacy from men.

This doesn’t really surprise me, because it makes perfect sense why Mutsuki would feel attraction towards her mentor who I should note is the first man that Mutsuki ever felt trust for. Haise helped Mutsuki feel safe in times of distress. However, Mutsuki blatantly mutilating the body of Haise in front of her eyes doesn’t surprise me either. She has severe lack of emotional control, and you can see that Haise’s abandoning of the Q’s Squad frustrated her immensely.

What Mutsuki isn’t aware of is that another man close to her is also infatuated with her, Urie. I feel like Urie’s fault here is that he’s too introverted to open up to her, which keeps Mutsuki from trusting him completely. However I do expect Urie to eventually be honest with her, and Mutsuki would at the very least calm down to an extent knowing that she can trust another man close by her side.

Can I just say that I still enjoy Mutsuki’s character a lot, and I really hope that Mutsuki will find a way to fix her emotional problems and become confident as a person.

the God Seth at the prow of the sacred barque of the God Ra-Harakhty, repelling and slaying with His spear the cursed apopi (the enemy of the Gods, represented as a huge snake).
To the left, the God Ra-Harakhty (falcon-headed and wearing the Solar disk) enthroned.
Detail from the first scene of the second funerary papyrus of Lady Heruben, “Lady of the House”, “Chantress of Amon-Ra”, “Great One of the harem of Amon of the fourth phyle”, and “Second Prophetess of Mut”; Heruben was the daughter of Isis-em-kheb (wife of the High Priest of Amon, Pinedjem II, ca.990-969 BCE) and granddaughter of the High Priest of Amon and King, MenkheperRa (son of the High Priest of Amon and King, Pinedjem I). XXI Dynasty; now in the Cairo Museum

Christina’s World - Andrew Wyeth (1948)

The woman crawling through the tawny grass was the artist’s neighbor in Maine, who, crippled by polio, “was limited physically but by no means spiritually.” Wyeth further explained, “The challenge to me was to do justice to her extraordinary conquest of a life which most people would consider hopeless.” He recorded the arid landscape, rural house, and shacks with great detail, painting minute blades of grass, individual strands of hair, and nuances of light and shadow. In this style of painting, known as magic realism, everyday scenes are imbued with poetic mystery.

My favourite thing about archieronnie is how Archie lights up around her, his eyes shine and he has a dopey smile.  their chemistry is lit but the dorky moments are great too (like the scene where she kisses his injured wrist, it’s so dorky and adorable)

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Do you read JJBA fanfic at all? If so, do you have any fav authors or fics you can rec me?


Fanfic is actually the thing I look for MOST in this fandom, tbqh.  I love art, but I really super SUPER SUPER love fanfic and authors.

I’m mildly dyslexic so it takes me a long time to read and write sometimes, so I’m pretty picky with finishing fics in general… and so I’ve not read a whole bunch!  And to be completely honest the ones I’ve read the most are JosuYasu ones and only a few other ships here and there, so if that’s not what you’re into then I can’t give too great of recommendations ahaha.

I think my absolute favorite fic at the moment is Orange Tree WHICH IS NOT COMPLETE AT THIS TIME SO BE WARNED YOU WILL GET ROADBLOCKED AND CRY ABOUT IT(but it’s very good and makes me want to animate some scenes its just THAT GOOD)

A special shout out goes to the also unfinished-at-this-time Dollars to Doughnuts, written by winplaceshow who has since become very special to me!~  (I sought out their friendship bc of how much I loved where D2D was going and now they’re very dear to me IRL!!)  It’s a bit more dark, more what I was like when I was their age, and it’s all very super relatable. Also I’ve read the WIP upcoming chapter which is so incredibly amazing that I think about it nearly every day- and also can’t listen to the Violent Femmes anymore without thinking of Okuyasu.

YET ANOTHER UNFINISHED ONE is Friday Night Gurus. Oh my dear sweet bebe lort in heffen, this fic. It’s so many things I’ve wanted in one go.  Usually I shy away from fic that doesn’t have Stands (it’s kinda what I love most about JoJo is the Stands?? so without them I find it hard to stay interested)- but this one DOESNT EVEN NEED EM.  It’s definitely a fic that I would recommend to anyone without caveats.

A fic that isn’t JosuYasu (shocking!) is Evening Bath.  This one hit me really hard and made me actually exhale with a “whhhhhhhhhhhooa”.  It’s heavy.  And so good.  You could actually FEEL their emotions.

Also from the same author, and one of the very first fics in the fandom I ever read and is one of the VERY FEW for a rarepair of mine: Seven Days Makes One Weak. All i can say about this one is: dang.

Also, falling into a different category is Star Catcher. This one I’m really invested in and if you’re into a really interesting and awesome spin on SDC with a twist on how Jolyne happened, give this one a go.  This one is also not finished at this time, either.

Now there’s a bunch of authors I love, too, some I can’t choose a single fic, or some I just really appreciate their work and their style but none of their fics are general enough that I can recommend them (some kinky shit in here, woooboy, you’ve been warned- some things are NOT FOR EVERYONE and I will not stand for kinkshaming here) but I can rec these authors for their storytelling skills: 

Kawauso, jotaro_polnareff, carriejack03, twlboajkawaii_as_heck,  and a personal favorite SmuttiestPrincess.  Also EVERY AUTHOR FROM THE FICS ABOVE OF COURSE.

There’s a few more I’d love to recommend but this is already really long, so if you have a question about a specific fic or author you’d like to know how I feel about, you can ask!

So I just watched the first episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I love it! Well I’m going to love it. There’s a lot of good things I like about it already.

  • Bong Soon is tiny and super strong, yes
  • Ji Soo/Kook Doo dressed up as a woman, yes (he looked great)
  • Hyungsik/Minhyuk completely smittened by this tiny super strong woman
  • Hyungsik going around on hover boards, we all wish we could look that cool doing so.
  • That scene where Bong Soon and her brother were kidnapped as kids and she stopped the car with one hand like a tiny little badass.
  • She wants to work with video games! I love her.
  • ALSO the fact that Hyungsik’s character finds her strong woman attributes attractive, amazing.
  • I have more but that’ll do XD

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i dont understand why people ship bonnie and kai? i mean its pretty clear she hates him and he is a murderer and all. no hate, just dont get it.

You have to watch Season 6 to really understand. He’s a sociopath but he has a soft spot for her, and they have pretty great chemistry in the prison world. I can’t speak for all of us, but personally when I say I love Bonnie/Kai, I mean two things. 

1- I LOVE their interactions, even if they would never work romantically. I mean just look at that 30 second scene we got between them last night…they are incredible together. 

2- When Kai merges with Luke back in Season 6, he gains a conscious and a heart and he becomes obsessed with finding forgiveness from Bonnie. For awhile there, it really seems like he is going to change for the better. Bonnie ends up refusing to forgive him and sends him back to ANOTHER prison world (in 1903 with a bunch of starving vampires) so she kind of ruins the whole idea of “redemption” for him, as he comes back, well, REALLY pissed off. But if she hadn’t done that, and they had chosen to continue with the storyline of him growing and atoning and finding a way to make her understand how regretful he was, etc- there could have been a great romantic arc there. 

But. They went another way. It is what it is. Kai is still the best/most complex (Katherine is a close second) character written on that show and Bonkai is still one of the most engaging and electrifying dynamics we have seen in 8 seasons. 

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your opinion on bts?

Behind the scenes videos are great I love them , they give us a deeper look at how movies and music videos are made and we get to see the singers/actors get prepared and stuff it’s so cool , Rihanna’s for Pour It Up is so iconic. 

ok let’s be honest, a lot of why I like karamel is just because I love the actors. Chris wood is fricken amazing ok; when he showed up in TVD I was really intrigued and nothing was keeping me to the show except his character. He was the epitome of a charismatic villain and his scenes were so fascinating to watch. TVD’s strengths were always in its villains, Katherine and the Originals were so great, and Kai really brought something amazing to the show. I did end up dropping TVD into the sixth season but I watched all the stuff in the… what’s it, that world they were trapped in, because Kai was just so damn entertaining. I think any relationship with Chris Wood I would get behind, and same with Melissa because she’s just a radiant ball of joy, and their super vibrant and compatible chemistry just makes this whole thing that much better

Can you tell me the title???


So, I am trying to find a story I read months ago. Naturally, I didn’t take note of the title or the author. 

Here’s a synopsis-

Archie and Rae live together. Archie is leaving town and Finn comes to stay in their flat. Rae thinks Finn is there for his job. Archie secretly asked Finn to come stay to keep an eye on Rae. There’s a great scene where Rae is depressed and lies on the floor listening to The Smiths and Finn comes home and joins her. 

Any ideas? I appreciate the help in the search!

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Brain: you’d really like to write those two doctor/rose fic ideas you plotted out years ago

Me: not this again

Brain: here’s a great title for one of them

Me: are you kidding me

Brain: this song fits perfectly for the DH!Rose reunion fic

Brain: here’s THE reunion scene in detail. look at how great it would be

Me: noooo no i can’t do this! 

Brain: and the other one, you already had 6 chapters posted at one point and you took the time to revise it a few months ago to make it less complicated

Brain: it’s a shame to waste all this inspiration

Me: i do really love them.. maybe I’ll try to do at least one

Brain: it’s a terrible idea don’t do it

Me: …


It’s seems that the director of “Rocket Gibraltar” Daniel Petrie wasn’t too nice and good person. For example in this scene on the beach he didn’t tell Kevin that umbrella had been so far from the sea line. That’s why shy chubby hamster Kevin ran so fast and grabbed the shirt on ‘the medium long shot’, however after on 'the close shot’ he toweled. All right, it’s just a joke! Or…^^ who knows?! Anyway now we have some cute cherubic naked Kevin Spacey in his 28. And it’s great, isn’t it?^^