this was such a funny ep

Just based off the gifs I am seeing already, I do not regret being at work instead of at home wasting my time watching OB. What’s funny is that most of the posts  I am seeing about this ep are coming from the official OB Tumblr. Yes keep on pushing the Hendrix down our throats until the very end. 

Small tweaks that would have made ep 5x20 perfect

Okay so I finally got to episode 5x20 of Arrow and I’m torn between absolutely adoring that episode - Oh my GOD the Olicity feels! Character development! Relationship development! (and not just for Olicity). Actually funny moments! Super sweet moments! Intimate story lines (emotionally intimate I mean, not sex but also - drunk happy bunker sex!) - so yay, love it. But it also bugged the shit out of me because we had a lot of moments where a character would just plainly state their motivation for why they’ve been doing certain things for the past year in a half that just… don’t match with the last year and a half of the show. But with small tweaks we could make them fit! So instead of writing cover letters or catching up on work, I’m going to do this! :D

I know I’m shouting into the void here, but it’s going to actually make me feel much better.

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  • lance pointing to a trophy: what's that for
  • keith: oh i did trick riding when i was a kid
  • lance: trick ri- like what?
  • keith: like handstands and stuff, i guess.
  • lance: ...handstands. i've never seen you do a handstand in your life.
  • keith, shrugging: it's easier to do on a horse.
  • lance:
  • lance: who are you

I love that you can see Magnus moving closer and putting his hands to Alec’s waist.

(I wish it was more visible in the frame, but if that’s the price to be paid in order to have a closer shot of the kiss — I’ll take it!)