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2015 recap part 2 - May, June, July, August

2015 recap part 1 - January, Feburary, March, April
2015 recap part 3 - September, October, November, December

full length page (because tumblr won’t let me post this all at once)

Hello, it’s me for the second time, haha. As I promised, here’s the 2015 recap. I tried to fit everything in, but of course I might’ve forgotten something, so feel free to message me to add something/explain etc. When it comes to locations, a lot of arrivals are staged of course, so you can’t take everything at face value, I am simply linking what I have ok.

note: this is larry centric because that’s who I am as a person (meaning locations, moments etc.), there should be all ot4 events and interviews (i hope) and Zayn stuff after he left that is somehow related to the boys.

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