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Birthday Sunshine~

@thepetitekitty here is your belated bday fluff I promised! Sorry I didn’t make it on time, but I hope you like it still!! Remember that I love you, you are amazing, and I am still So Glad to be your friend💛 

[A/N: this is the song I refer to. listening isn’t necessary, but if you were curious~ ALSO sorry its not under a cut, but I wanted to make sure you could read this ^^;;]

The RFA crew knew how to throw a party, it’s what their organization did. So when they heard that it was almost their new member’s birthday, they went into action. Seven didn’t even have to try to get a hold of V, he called Seven. And he already had an amazing plan.

Setup started the morning before, all the members gathering together in a party location chosen by V. It was the first time all of them gathered in a long while, but their excitement was obvious. “Okay…I have an idea of how to set this up and Luciel has MC’s security taken care of, but I wanted to see if anyone had other ideas before we start.” V said, looking at all of the other RFA members. People he considered his family.

“I have more of a question, actually.” Yoosung said, looking a little wary. Of course he was. V knew he didn’t have the blonde’s full trust. “Yes, Yoosung?” He motioned with a smile. “How would we know what MC would like as presents? We’ve never even seen her…” Seven raised an eyebrow at V, giving him a look that basically screamed ‘he has a point’. V sighed, but nodded at Luciel. “You can show them the picture, but nothing else.” Seven grinned, pulling out his phone. “Don’t worry about presents either, I got that covered. We were thinking like, any other ideas. Someone taking her out all day and leading her back here? We bring her family? She’s celebrating with them today, though. Oh, and here’s that picture.” He held his phone to the other four. “She is the target for Operation: Birthday Party.”

The four of them gathered closer to look at the picture, all having similar reactions. “She’s cute, isn’t she?” Seven said with a smirk. “How dare you keep this from the rest of us?” Zen said, scoffing slightly. “She is!” Yoosung said excitedly. Jaehee rolled her eyes at them, but smiled nonetheless. Jumin turned back to V, “Luciel said she was celebrating with family today?” V nodded. “I think a surprise party would be better. It’ll give us more time to prepare. Assistant Kang, will you make an invitation?”

“But how is she going to get here? And she’s going to stay in that apartment all day? On her birthday?” Zen brought up. “Luciel could bring her over.” Jumin said, but Seven shook his head. “No can do, Mr. Chairman-to-Be. I have to stay here and keep watch over the place and the apartment - whether she stays or not. I think it’s actually safer for someone to take her around for a bit. Anyone volunteer?~”

It ended up being Zen. Who was honestly more than willing…of course he was. “And one more thing!” He said after it was decided. “Yes, Hyun?” V asked. “I have an idea, for what you were talking about earlier?”


Zen sent a text to MC, asking to meet him at this cafe that was apparently close to the apartment. Why V and Seven still couldn’t give him the address, he didn’t know, but part of him preferred to show up to the apartment with coffee for both of them. Or actually, that would be a bad idea. What if he got her something she didn’t like? Or she thought he was a creep? Or- “Uh, Zen…right?” A voice said, making him look up to see MC. Heck, she was even cuter in person.

“At your service, birthday princess.” He said with a smile, standing up and moving to pull out the chair for her to sit down. “The RFA have quite a day planned for you.” She let out a short laugh, putting her elbows on top of the table and resting her chin on her hands. “Really? Do tell me about this day the RFA planned for me.” Zen tilted his head, raising an eyebrow in amusement, “If you want a coffee, you should get it now. So I could just show you instead.”


The two of them kept occupied by doing quite a few things. 

He took her to a little shop where he bought a necklace with a little charm of her birthstone. “The others have the rest of your gifts, but I couldn’t help myself.”

They went to a little museum where they could go and view the artwork, took various pictures, and talked about…well, everything. In that little museum alone, they already felt like they knew each other better.

And since they spent more time in those two places than Zen expected, they only had time to stop by a photobooth before Seven texted and said they were ready.

“Ready for the grand finale, birthday princess?” He turned to her with a smile. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”


The two of them arrived at this building. “This is where the RFA parties are usually held. So when we get to work on that, we’ll come back here. But for now..” Zen said before opening the door, revealing the other four RFA members, who popped some party poppers and yelled out, “Happy Birthday, MC!” 

“You get to see us all earlier than we thought,” Seven said, running to her and putting a party hat on. “There’s presents and cake waiting for you, but first!” He took her by the wrist and pulled her towards the center of the room, where a chair awaited. “A little something from the RFA to it’s newest member~ Enjoy!” He patted her shoulder, making her sit down before he ran off again.

Music started on speakers MC didn’t even know were there, but one by one, the RFA came out from various hiding spots, snapping in tune. And one by one they started singing.

When you slightly smile at me, You’re so dazzling, you shine down on me,” Yoosung started.

Let’s be together today, have fun. You make me elegant, Audrey Hepburn~” Seven next.

How can you shine so much? You’re my perfect delight,” Jaehee sang, smiling

My breath stops. Beauty itself is you, sunshine,” Even Jumin joined in both singing and dancing.

You’re my sunshine, you’re so dazzling, my sunshine. All of you is sunshine,” Zen made his way to MC and bopped her nose.

You look pretty with any style. Wait I wanna make a photograph for you,” V sang with a grin.

And all of them finished with “You’re my sunshine, you’re so dazzling, my sunshine. All of you is sunshine!” Yoosung and Seven bringing out a cake, the RFA posing in front of her.

“Welcome to the RFA, MC,” they said in unison, “And happy birthday!”

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Hello, it’s me for the second time, haha. As I promised, here’s the 2015 recap. I tried to fit everything in, but of course I might’ve forgotten something, so feel free to message me to add something/explain etc. When it comes to locations, a lot of arrivals are staged of course, so you can’t take everything at face value, I am simply linking what I have ok.

note: this is larry centric because that’s who I am as a person (meaning locations, moments etc.), there should be all ot4 events and interviews (i hope) and Zayn stuff after he left that is somehow related to the boys.

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