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I saw your reblog indicating you're comfortable sharing bathrooms with transgender people; as a trans woman I'd like to say that reaffirms my opinion that you're a truly wonderful human being, and it made me smile.


Let me tell you something. New York City has, I can proudly say, not only added signs to their bathrooms saying “you use the bathroom you identify with”, but has passed a bill that will arrest anyone who harasses transgender men and women for using their designated bathrooms.

These are hard times. I won’t pretend that they aren’t. Things are being rattled, politically and socially. And sometimes it does feel like the world around us is falling to unkempt shards. But when in doubt, find the people who do care. Because our numbers are many, and we’re always doing what we can, whether it’s marches, awareness, or allying through support systems, to show how much you matter!

Keep being beautiful and brave, babe!

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Hello there Fishie...I have a question re photography if that's ok? You've said before that you shoot weddings... I've been asked to photograph a friends wedding (they know I'm amateur so they're okay with that) and I was wondering if you have any lens recommendations, or any tips to pass along :)

Hey lovely, sure thing!

So I’m slightly unusual in that I get hired for my fashion editorial stuff so I’m there mostly to take fashion beauty style shots. I also cover the whole day but that’s my forte. So I shoot everything in an 85mm (sometimes supplemented by a 50mm).

My friends who shoot more weddings usually like taking the 35mm, a 50 or 85, plus a zoom. For big weddings you have a second shooter but since you’re by yourself I would suggest having a zoom with you!

📷 TIPs: tell your friend to insist on an unplugged wedding or your ceremony will be a photo of everyone with their phones and iPads in the air. Disgusting.

📷 Make sure you scope out the layout of the land. If you’re short, make sure you get a box or something to stand on for the shots that need it. Wear shorts while shooting - I am constantly running, scooting, on my butt etc.

📷 If you’re doing fam shots, be rude, shout, be demanding - you are wrangling drunk people. Just do it.

📷 When taking bridals, make sure you think about instructing the subject. Generally ppl need to tipt their chin up and out; whilst keeping their chest / collarbone area relaxed and down. If in doubt, ask them to hunch a little bit from the spine and shoulders. Remmeber: People don’t just turn up pretty via makeup - I feel like 80% of my shot is my instruction to the model.

📷 Be very aware of the sun. Have your bridals after noon sun or before if you can. Where in doubt, shoot in raw and underexpose (ESP for those VIP shots eg first kiss, ring exchange etc.)

😘 I hope this helps! ❤️❤️❤️ come talk photog to me any time. RL might have forced me to give up my dreams and I’m usually depressed about it now but. APPARENLy talking about it online is still ok haha.

👀❤️❤️❤️ I’m making a travel blog ATM so if u guys are keen DM me heuhuehue. It’s under my RL name. If u guys are in Europe or NYC/Washington and want a shoot, let me know. Potentially can happen.

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Hi, i am finding difficulty in concentrating on studies . I am a medical student and i know that is such a big responsibility . I really want to be a good Doctor .And recently i had my 1st internals and i failed in all the 3 subjects (anatomy, physiology and biochemistry) 2nd internals is on mach16 Pls would u tell me some tips to improve my concentration.

Hi there beautiful ♥ Ooh, no, I am sorry to hear that! Medical school is notoriously hard, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t pass your first round of exams!

If you find that you can’t really handle long study sessions well, and find that your mind wanders a lot when you’re trying to grasp important study concepts, try going back to basics. Studying is a habit, and you can train yourself to study for longer sessions. It just takes a while to build that habit! So maybe start small. Start with 25 minute sessions. At the end of the session, take a 5 minute break. Make sure you turn off your phone and your computer during this time - often, they’re a big distraction! And if you find 25 minutes is too long, start with 15 minutes. Then work your way up to 30 minutes, and then to 40 minutes. You can increase your study sessions to longer, if necessary. But start small. Continuous studying will increase your concentration and attention span! I hope that helps - good luck on your next round of exams! xxx

He showed no concern at my facing him, and as soon as our eyes met I wished the world were not one black empty ruin of ashes and death. I wished it were fresh and beautiful, and that we were both living and had love to give each other.
—  Louis on Armand, Interview with the Vampire

Next up, one of my favorite pairs! My sai.

These ones are very, very dear to me, since I had to use them a lot. I mostly practiced Okinawan Karate (Shotokan, specifically, and not the Ryuken Hadouken fictional kind, the actual, IRL Shotokan HMPH), and Okinawan Karate has a lot of Sai teachings. I was absolutely not gonna pass up on the chance to learn me some cool ass sai techs so I went and BLEW my savings on these beauties, bwahahaha.

Look at that gorgeous gold weaving on black leather grip wrapped on black metal GOD WHAT A LUXURY I COULD KISS THEM (I KISS THEM DAILY). Gorgeous gorgeous weapons. One is used for defense and one is used for attack in the neutral position, but the beauty of sai is that you can shift their purposes at any time you want.

This is how you grip a sai, btw (also seen in the first pic, but with the thumb in; I left it out so you coudl see the sai properly)

Roka’s Journal

I haven’t written in awhile. Not since before I lost Tobi. I know.

A… Lot has happened though. Moons have passed and the whole world was turned upside down and inside out. I lost my heart, and it nearly killed me. I don’t know what I would have done, if not for those who still care for me, those who remained close and kept watch on my darkest nights. Two people in particular never let me fall far, they were always there for me.

Kulain, my beloved sister. I don’t know if I ever wrote of her, but she is dear to me. She is a Qalli chieftess, proud and beautiful, and I am honoured to call her family.

The other is Marl.

I think I might have been crazy, to let him into my life. So many people told me to stay as far from him as I could. He’s trouble, he’s bad, he can’t be trusted. I’m glad I did though, and to all of those claims I laugh. He’s been my best friend. He’s defended me, he followed me all the way to Othard just to help me get a ring to marry Tobi. He stood beside me as my best man at my wedding, and he never left my side when my wife died. Does that sound like someone who’s bad, or untrustworthy?

Things have been different lately though, something changed and I don’t know when it started.

Everything changed tonight though.

A friendly game between the two of us. That’s what it was supposed to be. We’d each made a wager, and the goal was to be the last  one standing. Somewhere along the way, the drinks stopped and conversation happened. A fight? Sort of. He learned something, something I’d told him before but he’d forgotten, or not heard me. It doesn’t really matter, I’ll do what I must to keep involved parties safe, but… Beyond the fighting and the anger he said something, and it was different.

Words he’d told me before only once, but the meaning behind them had changed.

He said he loved me.

I couldn’t hide the hurt when he tried to brush it off, pretend he hadn’t said it that way, and then he kissed me. Confusing and terrifying and exhilarating, I… It has been moons since I smiled so genuinely, since I felt my heart beat for more than just to live.

I want to believe she was there, giving us the nudge to cross the line between friend and more. I will believe that, because my Huskink wanted me to be happy and for the first time since her passing I think I am happy, with no lingering sorrow hiding in the depths of my heart.

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poetry on your plp?

You know that feeling
Of sitting by a fire
Laughing and telling stories?
Of being wrapped under blankets
With some chocolate and tea at your side?
That feeling
Of everything being at peace and infinite
As you stare up at the night sky?

The moon and stars have always been loves of mine.
I just never knew I would have them personified in my life.
You look up and see
The moon and the stars.
They always seem so out of reach.

I always thought I would be stuck on the ground
Staring up and admiring from afar.
Until one day,
The man in the moon and the twinkling stars
Let me join them up in the sky.

I don’t know what I am,
But I know I’m not out of place.
Maybe I’m the stories told about the constellations and the moon.
The ones you hear
And help you admire the beauty of the moon and stars
Because the stories get passed down
For ages and ages
Telling of the wonders in the night sky.

They’re there.
Constant as ever,
The moon and stars.
Something beautiful and so good,
Especially when you’re in the dark.
When you’re alone and sad.
And need some comfort and reassurance.
Or when you’re enjoying the company you have
Because you feel content.
Enjoying the chatter
Or enjoying the silence
Because you look up
And there they are.

They bring you peace
And the feeling of being infinite.
They bring happiness
And smiles and laughter.
They bring sleepless nights
And warmth and affection.
They bring unimaginable love
And trust and confidence.
They bring the feeling of importance
And belonging and loyalty.

My PLPs.
My QPRs.
My best friends.
My Moony and my Padfoot.
My moon and stars,
I am grateful for being part of your magnificent night sky. 

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I want to get an apartment and make lemon bars at 11 pm with a beautiful wife and decorate the place with art and plants and play loud indie music But I'm just stuck in America in high school with depression and anxiety and no lover and no lemon bars

SAME GIRL  thats such a beautiful dream <3

trust me: it gets better!! i was in a very similar situation to you just a year or so ago— mentally ill, lonely, sad high school lesbian but right now i have a buuunch of lesbian friends and i’m very grateful for them and i’m much happier with my life now :) 

there are so many good things in your future; sometimes you just have to wait for the hard times to pass and keep your chin up! take care of yourself and let us know if you ever need to talk <3

I want to point out why I chose cornflowers as design for this blog

Its not only lovely by appearance but also by its meaning! It stands for hope and also “I won’t give up my hope”

I really love its symbolism and I hope I can pass its beautiful meaning on to you as well!

What a beautiful week in north central Pennsylvania. We usually have at least 2 feet of snow and frigid temps at this time. Yesterday, it was 71 and I ran in shorts and a tee shirt. And I ran four, 10 minute miles. I didn’t think I was running that fast(fast for me), and about passed out when I saw the clock. I will take it. Past couple of weeks have been tough with moms passing, but I can honestly say I have no regrets. I took care of her right up until the end and was with her when she took her last breath, but she told me to live when she is gone. That is what I am doing, or trying to do. Have a good day everyone, and please have a great weekend. Dan

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous

so imagine a william poindexter who knows how to play the guitar and can sing like you wouldn’t believe, but only knows poppy boybands and early 2000s top-40s bc “billy play one direction! play ‘year 3000’ next!’” (he is physically incapable of saying no to his sisters.)

now imagine that smh finds his guitar and asks him to play. him saying he doesn’t really know that many songs, and they probably don’t like the songs he does know. they all assume it’s dad rock and tell him to play anyways. imagine derek nurse, secret jesse mccartney fanboy, passing out as dex starts strumming 'beautiful soul’