this was such a beautiful pass


I’ve always worked with artists, since my late teens. I’ve never approached the world of acting as just an actor. I’ve seen it in a way that is much more three-dimensional. That’s why my favorite TV show, other than Game of Thrones and Top of the Lake, was Twin Peaks, both when I was 11 and remains now. I thought I was going to pass out when I met Kyle MacLachlan (at Comic-Con). I was talking to some other members of the cast, and then I became aware of this presence that moved towards me like the most graceful, beautiful, silent, powerful, radiating energy monolith. I looked up and I said, “Oh, hello!”


I was drowning

It was a Friday night, dark and cold on the Southside as Jughead Jones pulled his leather jacket tighter around his shoulders, tucking his chin to his chest to avoid the bitter winter wind that whipped through the doorway of the broken down bar.

As soon as he stepped into the Serpent run establishment it was clear something was very very wrong. Gang members were running hectic around the bar, shouting and confusion filling the air as the older men spoke harshly into their phones and younger Serpents bent down low and seemed to be talking to something underneath a table.

Jughead flung his keys down, moving slowly toward the older man currently standing to the side typing furiously into his cellphone.

“What’s going on?” Jughead asked, scanning the faces of about twenty very angry Serpents. The man named Viper snapped his head up, hands flinging into the air.

“A kid, they dropped off a kid! He’s under the table, all covered in blood. It’s a message. A damn threat.” He growled.

“A kid? What? What are you talking about?” The dark haired teenager stared blankly at the older leader of the Serpents.

“Look for yourself! He’s under the table, it’s the ghoulies! They’ve gone too far this time, he’s just a kid, can’t be anymore than four years old, you gotta call someone. Now!” He ordered, marching away.

Jughead made his way to the table, shoving the boys surrounding the cracked wood as he bent down, eyes instantly meeting the aqua blue ones of the tiny boy, blood caking his face and a ripped t shirt hanging off of his too small frame.
“What the fuck.” He whispered, tearing his eyes away, it was almost physically painful to see the signs of pure abuse.

“Jones!” Jughead jumped up, “I thought I told you to call someone!” Jughead looked at the scarred man

“Who am I even supposed to call?!”

“I don’t know! I don’t care just get that kid out from underneath the table, lord knows who’s blood that is.”

Pulling his phone out from the pocket of his jacket Jughead dialed involuntarily, he only realized who he had called when the familiar sugar sweet voice answered from the other end, slightly out of breathe and tired.


“Betty, I’m….I’m at the Whyte worm…I….I need you.”

There was silence for a moment before she answered

“I’m on my way.”

The line went dead.

17 minutes later the Beautiful Blonde slammed through the door wearing tiny brown ugg boots, her cheerleading uniform and an incredibly loose bun on the top of her head. Every man in the bar turned to stare at the leggy Blonde, half drooling half staring in utter confusion as she pushed past and headed directly towards the crowded table, simply nodding at Jughead as she passed.

Viper came quickly to stand beside Jughead
“You called your ex girlfriend?”

Jughead crossed his arms
“You told me to call someone, so I did.” He shrugged, eyes trained protectively on the girl now crouching by the table, hands on the floor.

They had broken up two months ago, it had been brutal, words flung angrily, accusations that held no merit. And it was his fault, there was no question, he wanted to protect her, protect her from the gang, from situations like this, protect her from everything, but….

God he missed her everyday. He needed her to breathe, needed her warmth to sleep, he was freezing. Needed her arms to float because damnit he was drowning and he couldn’t do it anymore.

And here she was, he called and she was here, she always was, no matter what. That was Betty Cooper and you were the luckiest human being in the world If she decided to love you.

Betty crawled slowly towards the table, the warmest smile on her lips as she looked at the terrified child squeezed in the corner.

“It’s scary out here isn’t it?” She whispered, her voice echoing in the dead silent bar, she had everyone captured, they were hooked.

The little boy barely nodded, his hands shaking as he moved just the tiniest bit closer.

“I know how you feel, it’s all new and it’s scary. Someone left you here and I’m so sorry that they did that but I can promise you that you’re safe now.”

He moved closer, a shock of black hair coming into view.

“What’s your name love.” Betty reached a hand out, reaching to brush a stray curl from his eyes.


The voice was so small, so broken and damaged, cracking and hurt. Jugheads chest was thudding.

“Well max, my names betty, it’s very nice to meet you. Hey! how about we go and get you something warm to wear and then we can talk, there’s snow on the ground little bug, it’s awfully chilly.”

The little boy crawled to her, hesitantly taking her hand
“I’m…. it’s… dirty.. blood.” He whispered.

Betty nodded, clutching the little boy and hoisting him up on her hip
“Nothing a little soap and water can’t fix, does anything hurt you?” She questioned, gently patting the little boy as he coughed, a tiny smile on his lips as her fingers tickled under his chin.

“No, just cold… just.. hungry.” He whispered, burying his head into her neck, blood smearing over her smooth skin.

“Okay Love, Okay. Let’s go get cleaned up and then we’ll eat something okay?”

He nodded and Betty headed off towards the bathroom, eyes catching Jugheads, a broken hearted kind of look in her eyes.

As soon as the little boy and the blonde had left the room the silence broke.

“She’s magic.”

“I want to marry her.”

“She can be my baby mama any day.”

“But those legs.”

Viper turned to Jughead
“Good job. We have a lot to talk about, group meeting at my trailer, bring the girl as soon as she gets the boy down. She might be interested in what we have to say.” It was an order, not a suggestion and Jughead Knew there was no way of getting her out of this situation.

They were screwed.

Bucky Barnes x Plus size reader/ First Day of Christmas

-Word count: 6k+
-Warnings: NSFW, foot kink, y'all already know how dirty my mouth is so lots of cussing. But mostly this is just filled with Christmas cheer lol

The Holliday season was fully upon you; somehow September had turned into October and October to November, and then November had passed in complete blur. Where the fuck was time going?

You’d always been a “Holliday” person, growing up with your big family the last few months of the year we’re always a food fueled, dizzying experience. It had grown with you to adulthood, most years you would go back home to (y/h/t), to spend time with the family but on the occasions that you we’re working, like now, you’d still make due. Decorating and cooking we’re your vices, the evidence of your obsession with Pintrest showing clearly all over the living areas of the Tower.

A large Christmas tree stood tall in the center of the commons, spun with ribbons of gold and silver. Twinkling with Christmas lights and shiny bulbs, warming up the while room. Even if the tree hadn’t turned out so stunning(which would have never happened because you were an are a god damn perfectionist) the fact that the Avengers, the group of mercenaries and superhumans had helped you decorate it would be enough.

None of them we’re really in the Christmas spirit, kind of warn out and dragged by the consistency of having to save the planet and all the stress that came with it. It had taken a little bit of convincing, on your part.

“You guys are going to help me decorate this fucking tree and stop being whiny little fuck faces right now” You had demanded, your eyes stern as you looked them over. You know they’d had a long one, but you also knew that shit like this, team bonding, was so much more important then they realized “I am so serious, you know I cant reach the top! Help me!”

And they had, of course. Not wanting to “test your wrath”, but really you think it’s because secretly they we’re each craving some kind or normalcy. Like Wanda, who hadn’t celebrated the Holiday in the few years since her twin brother had been dead. Or Vision who had never celebrated at all, you know, since he used to be a computer and all that. Nat wasn’t hard to convince, especially after she got some of the spiked hot chocolate that Clint brewed up. Tony wasn’t as much of a scrooge as you though he would be, and even though he complained that he could have easily hired someone to do this. Pepper being by his side and handing him bulbs to hang helped. Bruce went along with the motions, drunk, his glasses slipping down his nose, Thor kept insisting that Christmas was just like some Asgaardian Holiday, and earth had obviously inherited it. Steve, Sam and Bucky we’re laughing about something, something Steve had brought up about Christmas in the 40’s, with warm mugs in their hands.

Was it kind of a mismatched, odd scene to behold? Most definitely. Wanda used her powers to decorate the top of the tree that no one could reach, Steve being so gentle with the delicate, glass, ornaments. Bucky…laughing. Really laughing. His eyes near absent of the shroud they usually carried. You had watched with a happy heavy chest.

That was a few of weeks ago, and you we’re still on your kick. Everyone more or less cooperating now. By force, or course.

You were currently sat at the long, glass dining room table, the one that was littered with a mess Christmas cookies of all kinds. Bowls of frosting, containers of sprinkles. Lila and Cooper, Clint’s kids, sat on either side of you and Wanda was across the table, Nathaniel in her lap as she helped the toddler frost a gingerbread man.

They’d come in from the farmhouse for the Holidays, which meant security was locked much tighter, but it was safer there for the time being anyway.

Forcing the kids to do fun Christmas with you was easy, and to be honest, they we’re kind of starting to ware you out. You’d taken them sledding just a half an hour earlier while the cookies were baking and were sure that you we’re sporting some nice bruises from it.

“Y/N!” Lila had obviously had too much sugar, her voice was vibrating. You just chuckle, amused. You we’re going to return her to her parents with a gnarly sugar high.

“Yes Lila?”

“What if we watch some Christmas movies after this? How the Grinch Stole Christmas is my favorite. Or we could watch Home Alone. Or Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, or Mickeys Twice Upon a Christmas?” She rambles this fast and you try to keep the amusement off your face.

“I hate how the Grinch Stole Christmas!” Cooper protests and you shoot him a look.

“Hey, kid, that’s a classic. Even if it does make me cry, you cant diss a golden Jim Carrey movie like that” You scold him, licking a small smear of frosting off your thumb.

“It makes you cry? Why?” Lila inquires and Wanda gives me a raised eyebrow “Yeah, why, Y/N? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any one weeping to Dr. Seuss”

“Because the who’s people reject him and make him go all hermit in the mountains and its super fu-” you catch yourself and your dirty language “Its really sad, what that does to him. It turns his heart cold. People can be really mean- they tried to make him shave!” You explain, you had been crying to that movie for decades.

“But then Cindy helps him and be’s his friend so he moves back to Who-ville and re joins society” Lila points out, her voice obvious and informational.

You try to bite your laughter, meeting eyes with the brunette across the table who seems to be doing the same, Wanda presses her mouth to Nathaniels head in an attempt to hide her smile.

“Very good observation, Li’” You praise her “You could probably go into Psychology, put me out of a job”

“Don’t go putting ideas in her head, Y/N” Clint enters the kitchen, Steve and Bucky behind him. They’d been helping Bruce with an experiment down in the lab for the larger portion of the day.

You give Bucky a small, fond smile, your eyes seeking his.

“Why Clint? We all know the amount of therapy you need, an are going to need, why not have it in the family? It’d save you a lot of money” You tease the older archer, good natured. Clint could take it as well as he could dish it, and the banter between you guys was never ending “You’d give your dad a good discount, right?” You look to Lila who just grins mischievously and says she’d give him the FAIR price.

“I think you’ve been spending too much time with Y/N. You guys give her hell today?” Clint ruffles Coop’s hair as he sits at one of the empty seats.

“They we’re actually really well behaved, Connor even saved me when I almost broke my neck on the hill out back. My hero” You give Clints eldest son praise, patting his shoulder before you stand, not noticing the way his ears blush bright red at your words.

Bucky does though and he chuckles to himself quietly.

I know the feeling, kid, he thinks as you come up to him and give his cheek a kiss, your soft lips a stark contrast to the scruff there. His large, metal hand splays across your lower back. He wants to dip it under the sweater you have on, feel the plush skin there but he resists. For the children…and because Steve had been bitching about the extreme level of PDA the two of you had been sporting lately.

“Hey guys. How was your day helping Banner? You guys hungry?” You wonder, you had been busy all day, taking the kids off of Laura’s shoulders(That woman needed a month long nap) You hadn’t seen Bucky since morning.

“Boring, really, we just made sure he didn’t blow himself and the lab up. For hours. It was like watchin’ paint dry” Bucky drones down at you with a small little side grin “A lot less fun then yours. You need to be careful with that neck of yours, sweets” You roll your eyes at the flirt in his voice.

“It wasn’t that bad, he got the research he needed done” Steve, ever optimistic shrugs “Are those crinkles? Did you bake them Y/N? Holy smokes, I haven’t had one of those in years” He goes to the table, the cavity wonderland and you chuckle and lean more against Bucky.

“Yeah I did. Your welcome” You tease before looking up at Buck. The near foot he had on you always made you feel so small. He grins as you just stare up at him wordlessly, your big y/e/c glossy with admiration and exhausted. Your cheeks rosy with frost bite from playing outside for so many hours and your hair piled into a messy bun atop your head, long, escapee tendrils loose around your face.

“I missed you today, baby” You coo, reaching up on your UGG covered tip toes, your lips pursed for a kiss. He doesn’t make you beg, he never does, pecking your lips a few times, grinning as you attempt to deepen it.

“I missed you too, pretty girl. You have a fun time with the kids?” you nuzzle at his chin with your nose as he asks.

“I did, I mean ate shit all day and I’m probably going to be sore until New Years, but it was super fun fun. That hill on the property is killer” He snorts as the sentence is broken by a couple yawns. You really do look totally worn out.

“We’ll have to check it out, you tired doll?” He shoots you a knowing look and you shake your head, he reaches his hand up to brush the loose hair away from your forehead, behind your ear. It’s so tender it makes your stomach flip. You don’t think you’ll ever get over how caring this man is towards you.

“No I’m fine. I was going to watch some Christmas movies with the kids” You protest, weakly. Accented by another yawn. “Fuck”

“Y/N, I’ve got it from here. You go take a nap and we’ll start the marathon. You can join when you aren’t half dead anymore” Clint, who had overheard you from his place at the table overhears the two of you. He’d noticed how droopy your eyes we’re when he’d first walked in.

“Yeah, Y/N, we’ll even wait for you to watch The Grinch” Lila reassures, her voice solemn as though she’s promising you world peace or that (Your favorite football team) would win the Super Bowl next year. She really is the cutest fucking thing.

“Alright, I’ll be there. Keep the hot chocolate warm for me, kay?” You smile as you link your fingers with Bucky’s and go to pass the table, heading towards the elevators.

“Promise!” Lila chirps.

“Hey” Clint stops you as you near him and you raise your brows “Thanks for keeping them entertained today. I know they can be a handful, me and Laura really appreciate it”

You smile down at him shaking your head.

“Nah, they’re really good kids… plus I’m giving them back to you with a massive sugar high so should you really be thanking me?” You hear Bucky’s chuckle behind you and Clint rolls his eyes, chuckling gruffly.

“Yeah, yeah. Go get some beauty sleep. You need it”

“Your welcome” You chime as you turn your back, pausing only for a moment “And Steve you’d better not eat all of those crinkles, they’re for everyone!”

The super solder freezes, his fifth cookie inches from his mouth and a guilty look on his face.

Bucky snorts at the expression on his best friends face and leads you out of the kitchen by your hips. You really we’re a force to be reckoned with. Five feet of sass and ass.

You guess you hadn’t really realized how tired you we’re until you entered your room; the still, cozy atmosphere made your eyelids feel like they we’re weighed down and you drag yourself to the foot of your bed and plop down- hard. Bouncing a couple times on your butt from the force before sighing dramatically and throwing your head back on top of the comforter.

Bucky watches you with an amused smile as he closes the bedroom door behind him, locking it into place and padding into the carpeted room.

“Ugh I’m going to be so sore tomorrow” You say after a large yawn, stretching your arms over your head and extending like a cat. Assessing all of the pain. Your thighs screamed in protest, your neck felt stiff. Your feet though, they pulsed with your heart beat. You sit up slowly, groaning as you go.

“Fucking Jesus, my feet are killing me” it comes out whiny-er then you’d meant for it to “I know I’m being super annoying, sorry” you add, trying not to be that girlfriend. You know? That girly, needs to be babied one.

Little do you know, that’s one of Bucky’s favorite aspects of you. Your such an independent person, you bending and needing him, really needing him, always makes his stomach churn with excitement. He comes over, and kneels down in front of you.

“What are you doing?” You inquire, looking down at his head that was almost resting on your legging sheathed knees, but figure it out shortly as he yanks on your leg until you extend it, letting him take it into his lap. He nimbly wiggles off your sheepskin boot, freeing you fuzzy sock encapsulated foot, repeating the action with the other leg. You cant tear your gaze away from him, a small smile quirks on your lips as he looks up at you, holding your foot in his big hands.

“Jeeze your toes are freezing” He hisses, he can feel the cold of your skin radiate through the sock “You said your feet hurt, I thought I’d help you put with that, sugar”

“Mmm, thank you. But come on, lets get a little more comfortable. My ass is sliding off the bed” You laugh and pull at the collar of his shirt.

After some shifting of positions, the both of you cozying into the bed, you find yourself laying back against the pillows, your lower body agled so that your feet rest in Bucky’s- who’s now leaning against the wall- lap. He’s pulled off your fuzzy socks and his hands are working on kneading the aching flesh.

You groan, the sound is fucking sinfully sensual.

“Tell me what feels good, kay? Don’t be shy. I want to make sure you feel better” He persists, pinching a certain nerve on the top of your foot with his fingers that makes you hiss. “Too rough?”

“No, it feels so good. Like orgasmic good” You reassure and he grins, all teeth.

“If you came just from me rubbing your feet darlin’ I’d be a little impressed. I’m not gonna lie”

You bark out a laugh.

“I bet your head would get so big it would throw off the earths balance” You tease. You remember that one time he’d made you cum just from toying your clit outside your panties. The man had acted like he’d invented sliced bread.

Bucky chuckles and shakes his head, muttering something that sounded like “smart ass” before focusing on his work, listing to you talk idly.

Does Bucky have a foot kink? He’d never thought so. Yeah, it was nice when a dame had pretty hands and feet, but he’d never sought it out.

He absolutely loves your feet though. They’re so soft, so taken care of. You we’re the kind of woman who pampered herself, took care of herself, and it showed. Your lovely shaped toenails we’re painted a vibrant shade of cherry red and he cant stop stealing peeks at your cute, chubby little toes.

It goes on like this for a little over a half an hour.

“Did you tell Steve to invite Sharon to dinner on Saturday?” You question him, your eyes are now screwed shut as you lounge out. Just focusing on the movement of his tender hands.

“Mmhm” Bucky nods “He said he’d make sure to do that”

“I’ll probably just text her myself. You know gramps going to forget” You sigh. Scatter brained, busy ass ‘Captain America’ would forget his head if it wasn’t connected to his body. He was the embodiment of an old man. Hence your nickname.

“Nah, I doubt it. He has a real thing for that gal. He’ll call her”

“Good! I love her. She’s so badass and nice and hot! She’ll do him some good- fuuuuuck Bucky” You moan out the last park as he focuses his attention on your Achellies tendon and ankle. He smirks at his handy work.

“You know you can stop, right? You’ve been at it for a while” You don’t want to say those words, you want him to keep massaging you forever, but your a decent person and he’s been your slave for too long.

“I’m aware” Is his simple answer, as he continues. You sit up, pushing yourself onto your elbows so you can see him.

“I’m serious, baby. When you get tired just tell me”

“How long did you massage my back after that last mission. Two hours? Three? I don’t even remember. You’re always so good to me” you scoff but he continues “You are! So stop your fussin’ and let me take care of ya’ alright?” His tone is smooth like chocolate- but firm. In that way that makes you ache. Makes you want to spread your legs wide for him. Fuck yes, daddy. You loved when he got dominate like this.

“Alright, boo” You squeak and he raises your foot to his mouth and gives the top a kiss. You cant help the surprised giggle that escapes you.

“I love your feet” He declares and you raise an eyebrow.

“That so?” You struggle. Usaully you we’re turned off when guys tried to do the whole foot worship thing with you but something about the look in Bucky’s eyes makes your breathing hard. Everything about this man just turned you on to no end.

“Yeah it is. You keep ‘em so pretty. Why’s everything about you so pretty, Y/N?”

You’d never really been with a man that complimented you like Bucky did. It had taken you a while…scratch that. You were still trying to get used to it. This beautiful, Adonis like man praised you like you we’re gods fucking gift. And the hot, sincere look in his eyes backed it. He loved every inch of you. Every cellulite, pudgy inch.

“I don’t know, I’m just blessed I guess” You tease obnoxiously. You weren’t one of those insecure types. Yeah, you had dark thoughts. Everyone did. But you loved yourself. Maybe even more then he did.

He laughs, it rumbles in his chest “Thanks for sharing those blessings, doll face”

You’re almost falling asleep, his skillful hands still working on you when you feel them raising higher and higher. Up your calves, the back of your knees, your thighs, the ones that part widely so that he can slide in between them. Bucky kneads the doughy flesh of your thighs smiling as you start to squirm a little bit.

“Tell me where you hurt” his voice is barley above a whisper. It’s gravely and sexy and it has you biting your lips together. You lift your hips for him as his hands begin to circle the waist band of your leggings, his fingertips tracing the elastic. A whimper slips through the bite you still have on your bottom lip.

“What, baby? Tell me” he taunts and you would be annoyed but you’ve been massaged into a pliant pile of goo. You’d probably do anything he asked you to at this point.

“Take 'em off. Please” you plead and he nods before he slides the black material down your curvy let’s, leaving you only in a pair of high waisted, leopard print panties. He loves these ones, loves the little hot pink bow on the center.

He presses his face against your chest, against the fuzzy material of your cashmere sweater and you lace your fingers through his hair, your claw like nails scratching his scalp soothingly. He lets out a long sigh at that. You know how good that makes him feel, how much he loves it when you play with his hair.

His big hands plane up along your thighs, one of his massive palms on each side, enjoying the supplness of your flesh and you tighten them around his waist, pulling his head deeper to your chest, your fingers knotting in his hair.

Fuck. You just want him closer.

He can’t help but smirk at the neediness, luckily his face is buried in your sweater “You’re such a sweet girl, ya’ know that?”

It’s funny. That he really thinks that. You had always been sharp- bitchy. Bossy. Your opinions too big and your mouth too loud.

“Only for you” you chuckle, your hand running flat along the locks of his hair, as though your petting him. He lifts his head, so that you’re eye level.

“No, I’m serious. What you’re doing for everyone, tryin’ to make sure we celebrate the holidays the right way- it’s really good of you darlin’. I know we’re not the easiest bunch either, when it comes to things like this… Being normal and all that”

You smile. And it’s so bright and warm that he feels his chest get a little tight.

“I mean if we’re being perfectly honest, it’s not completely selfless. I’ve always loved Christmas and I love you. And I’ve never been in love during Christmas time and as cheesy as it sounds I want our first one together to be a good one. Memorable. And normal and happy. Especially since the rest of our relationship is so, like, not. I want you to bake cookies with me, and do lame advant calendars and fuck me by the fireplace. You know. Normal stuff couples do in December ” You explain in a rant, your voice shy, as you stroke his prickly cheek with your finger.

You wish you could have taken a picture of the dopey, lopsided grin that stretches over his face.

“Is that why you’ve been putting mistletoe up everywhere? Trying to get lucky by the fireplace?” Leave it to him to tease you when you’d just bared your whole soul.

“Bucky!” You whine, laughing a little as your hands come up to cover your eyes and reddining cheeks and you start to squirm under him. He’s having none of that though, he presses his jean clad hips hardly down, pinning your lower body with his.

“Hey” he coo’s, trying to pull your hands away from your face with one of his, his other arm is supporting an little of his weight so he doesn’t totally crush you.

He chuckles at your “Fuck off, James!” but manages to pry your hands away from your eyes, his face hovering right over yours. So close that every breath you inhale, you can taste the one he had just exhaled.

“I want that too, darlin’. I haven’t celebrated Christmas in close to seventy years and I’ve gotta say, even though it isn’t actually until next week- this one already tops any one I’ve ever had” he tells you sincerely.

“How?” You scoff. All you’d done was force him to decorate a tree and eat his body weight in baked goods.

“'Cause I have you, of course” he looks down at you, his azure eyes soft and dancing and you shake your head.

“You’re such a big cheese. You know that, old man?” You cup his face in your hands, pressing your lips to his searing ones before he can reply. Bucky hums happily into the kiss, especially when your hands travel down his pack and tug at the hem of his shirt. He seperstes from you, only so that he can pull it off and toss it blindly across the room, your fingers hook in his jeans and boxers and he wiggles so they’re down his ass, once there you can pull them the rest of the way down with your feet.

This is what the super soldier does. He can get you naked so fast that you don’t even realize until his sucking on your nipples, your head spinning because when had he even taken off your bra?

“Bucky” you whimper as he takes the bud between his teeth and yanks at it. Like he knows you love.

He’s feeling particularly dominat today, you can tell. Your sleepy, whiny mood bringing out the cocky, alpha nature in him that lied just under the surface.

When he pulls away from your chest that was now an angry red from the attention of his stubbily face he only says two words.

“Hands and knees”

That sends a shock through your system. One that seems to cause your pussy to gush and your breath to catch.

You nod eagerly pushing on his shoulder with your dainty hand so that he rolls off of you. Giving you the room you need to get on all fours. Your head is pressed into the the duvet as you rest your chest on the bed, your elbows flat as you arch harshly so that your ass is perched high on your knees. Straight in the air.

Bucky takes a moment to appreciate the curve of your back, the intense arch. The way your plump ass is raised to high for him.

He makes his behind you way on his knees, groaning at the sight, had he ever seen a more perfect ass? So round and wide. Apple shaped and goregous. The kind that brought men of this generation to their knees.

He groans as he starts to palm the cheeks, pulling them apart, slapping them together. Making you gasp everytime.
His fingers slip lower, rubbing past your puckered rosebud and into the the steaming, dripping folds.

“So wet” he mutters it almost to himself as his flesh fingers delve in, two of the stretching. Testing the waters.

Your keening sighs let him know that your more then ready so he grabs himself at the base and guides himself to your slick, relishing in how your scorching juices flow over his hardness.

You can’t take it, can’t take the way he’s rubbing his cock all over you without plunging in so to reach a hand down, under you, grasping at the top of his dick and leading him so that he lines up with your hole.

“Please Buck”

That’s all it takes, his hips snap forward and he bottoms out within you quick, you can’t help the yelp that leaves your throat.

Oh shit.

How is it everytime you do doggy you forget how huge he feels in this position? Like he’s going to rip you open. You feel like you can feel him in your belly button.

You might forget, but he doesn’t. He gives your tight little snatch a moment to adjust, his metal arm caressing soothingly down your back as he slowly pulls him self back. Barley able to, with the vice like grip your walls have on him.

“God damn, you’re so tight like this” he hisses through his teeth.

“I-it’s okay. It feels so good, I want it” you reassure him. Stuttering, mind shaky. When you move, your ass pushing back into his lap responds with another fast, snap of his hips and you cry into your pillows.

Bucky is by far FAR the best sex partner you’ve ever been with. He had this ability to play two roles at once.

Like right now; he was pounding you hard into the bed, his pace unforgiving and mind numbing and yet he still had the capacity to his fingers soothingly through your hair. To tell you how goregous you were. You didn’t even know what you were saying back, you’re thoughts lust laden and drugged by how good you felt.

“I love you” you sob to him, lifting your face from the pillows so that he could hear you and he makes a sound, a needy grunt before leaning down so that his chest is pressed into your back and his hands can link with yours.

“I love you too. My beautiful girl. Fuck- you take me so well. It’s like your pussy was made for me. I’ve never- shiiiiiit. Felt anything this good before” he husks into your hair, the slapping sounds of his body crashing into yours filling the air. You gasp, trying your hardest to suck in a full breath but you can’t. Your over heated body is on overdrive. Your core screaming from the fullness.

You desperately grasp at his hands as your legs began to shake violently with everyone of his thrusts, his weight pinning you, his arms caging you.

You try to speak, to tell him how close you were but all that you can manage are little squeaks, his powerful thrusts choking you everytime.

When you cum, it’s white hot and deafening. You can’t hear the loud scream that rips from your thoat. So loud, Bucky’s metal hand covers your mouth in an attempt to quiet you because you’re not the only two on this floor. Tears well in your eyes and your whole body quakes.

“Shh, shh baby you’re okay” he reassures, his pace becoming frantic and sloppy. Like a pool stick missing its cue.

Your head is spinning and you swear, you don’t know how you haven’t fainted yet. The squelching sound of him fucking your overstimulated cunt seemed to be the only thing you can focus on.

“I’m gonna cum” he braces you and you nod numbly.

“Cum inside me. Please Bucky” you plead in a sob and that’s it. He breaks. His head burying itself in your neck as you reach back to pull at his hair. His flesh hand is gripping your shoulder, his mechanical your waist. He’s holding himself as close as possible to you as he emptied inside of you, his sack flexing as the powerful creamy spurts paint your walls.

His gasps are in your ear, his hot breath in your hair. And you’ve never felt more connected to anyone in your life.

It goes on like that for nearly a solid minute, him coming viciously. His cum filling you to the point that it leaks out because your body just can’t take all the genetically modified super soldier has to give.

When he’s finally sated, finally catching his breath he rolls off you and your lungs fill with air. Neither of you can move for a moment, both of you are just trying to find a way to reboot your systems that had just been totally fried.

He manages to form a sentance before you can.

“Are you okay, doll?”

Of course it’s to check on you, because your still face down. You can’t help the giddy bubble of laughter that leaves you as you roll over on your back.

“Oh my god- that was insane” you tell him. Your eyes are still wild. Your breasts jiggling as you suck in labored breaths and run a hand through your hair, staring at the ceiling in total awe.

He’d fucked you stupid.

“I know” he chuckles at the look of total discombobulation on your features and slides his arm under your head, pulling you closer to him, needing the skin contact. “You told me that you wanted to have my babies, ya know”

Your head snaps to his laughing, shit eating face.

“Not-ugh no I didn’t” you deny. You know there had been a minute there where your brain had turned off from the pleasure but you totally didn’t remember saying anything of the sort.

“You did. You also told me that my dick was your favorite thing in this world and you wanted to die with it inside of you”

Your cheeks burn red and you bury your face in his chest because you can tell he’s not making it up.

“Oh my god” you laugh into his collar bone.

“It’s okay, it’s cute. I like watching ’ you lose it like that” he reassures, his metal fingers swirling on your soft tummy. It’s so soothing that you know you’re going to be out like a light soon.

“Hey y/n?” Bucky calls for you, right as you’re about to drift off.


“Just so ya’ know, I’m game for fuckin’ you by the fire place any day”

You roll your eyes and snuggle closer to him.

-okay so I don’t know how this got so filthy? I was just writing some Christmas fluff and then one thing lead to another and all the sudden the reader is getting drilled doggy style? I don’t even know what to say lol except enjoy I guess?

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Patton Oswalt: Annihilation Is Now Streaming on Netflix (and You Should Watch It ASAP)

Patton Oswalt’s brand new hour special is now streaming on Netflix. That should be reason enough to carve out an hour today to watch Oswalt showcase his mastery of stand-up comedy.

However, you should watch this latest special as soon as you can, Annihilation, as Oswalt takes everyone on an unforgettable journey through the last year of his life, dealing with the passing of his wife Michelle McNamara and the aftermath. It’s as hilarious as it is heart wrenching and, ultimately, all the more beautiful for it.

Also, the message Patton has at the end is a maxim that we’d all do better to live by. 

titaniasfics  asked:

First sentence fic meme: Spring had a way of reminding her of all the ways a person could remake themselves. (Love your writing!)

You are so very sweet, thank you!! I hope you like it…

Spring had a way of reminding her of all the ways a person could remake themselves. The warm winds that scattered the last of winter’s icy grip, the tender blooms that grew from the rot of seasons past, each year from death and decay emerged bright bits of beauty and wonder, alive and new. It was a lesson she’d first learned as a child, heartsick and half-starved but with a belly full of burned bread and a dented metal pail overflowing with golden dandelions. A lesson repeated when, scarred and silenced by grief, Spring returned to her the only one who could understand her sorrow and reweave the tattered tapestry of her heart. So many springs had passed since, and with them so many changes, so many lessons learned.

Wandering the reawakening woods on the first truly warm day of the year, she rested a hand on her belly, full and ripe, and wondered how she would once again be transformed with the arrival of Spring.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my Ask box and I will write the next five.

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Pleasee, can you take a picture like the last one on instagram without having the phone hiding your face? I love how you did your hair and I wish I could see your beautiful smile on it 😍😍

I will sometime soon maybe. Feeling not very good or vibrant because of my families pup passing.

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And I don't know Kyla but I relate to her so much because I have had people always focus on weight telling me I can't do this or that like people treat with with a little meat on their bones or overweight like they aren't human and when I saw his video I was pissed. Anyways I'm sorry.


but honestly, i don’t know why he even spoke like he needs to focus on blending his foundation down to his long ass neck. he’s problematic and it’s sad that we have to talk about this again because babygirl (and others) has been getting dragged ever since they (pristin) debuted… let’s just hope that this’ll get better as the time passes. (kyla is so beautiful, stan pristin)


Imagine #25: Misty helping you through a panic attack

Your breathing was only becoming more rapid as the seconds passed. 

“Doll it’s okay, I’ve got you” her calming voice lulled through your red ears. 

Misty’s arms were wrapped tightly around your body and she held you close to her own. 

“I’m right here angel.” Misty started rubbing your back as she shushed quietly. “Deep breathes.” She whispered. 

As she continued to hold you, your breathing steadily started getting slower. Smiling as she heard you claiming down, misty whispered softly into your ear, “I’m right here beautiful, I’m not going anywhere.”

Today I visited my grandpa who’s flying back home tomorrow and I almost cried because I know i’ll miss him but he looked so happy. I also saw my grandma (my grandpa’s cousin) and she told me how much I resembled my great grandmother, my grandpa’s mother.. Even my father told me that when his brother (my uncle) saw me for the first time he said I looked so much like his grandmother. My grandma who passed away (may Allah bless her) was a tall beautiful woman and almost everybody in my family is tall apart from me and my cousin so my other grandma told me I looked like my great grandmother which made me smile.

I had tears in my eyes because whenever my grandfather sees me he’s reminded of his mother and that’s just so beautiful. Whenever my father or uncles see me they’re reminded of their grandmother. They tell me she was very beautiful but small and petite like me and we had almost the exact same features. I hope (inshAllah) I grow to become a great women like my great grandma. I hope we reunite in Jannah (inshAllah, by the will of Allah)… and I hope that my future grandchildren or great grandchilden resemble me somehow so my children are reminded of their mother.

Decidous Me

I am abundant like oak leaves

Girthy enough to support a whole clan

None can cut me down

I am a whithered leaf 

Wiry enough to break from a single snap

I will not survive

I am a thunderstorm

I bring growth and the blooming of others

My passing births the colours

I am the snow

Cold disposition, harsh 

But beautiful all the same

idk man the thing that sucks about not being really pretty is that no matter what you tell yourself and what your friends might say, you sort of always know that you’re just not. and i’m not talking about being stubborn and fishing for compliments, it’s just knowing that you’re not conventionally attractive, that people on the street won’t double-take when you pass by them, that people won’t be flustered trying to talk to you. and i know looks aren’t everything but damn it sure feels like it when you aren’t absolutely gorgeous