this was such a beautiful moment..i'm still in tears

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I'm sure you've done some before but can you make more Style 5 + Sousuke dad headcanons!?!?

If anyone’s interested, here are the old headcanons that I wrote for Style Five.. Now, on to the new ones + Sousuke!



  • He’d shed some tears the moment his beautiful child/ren was born. I can even see them bearing a striking resemblance to him (blue eyes, and black hair)
  • He secretly loves waking up in the middle of the night to take care of his crying child. Though it’s mostly his wife’s responsibility, he’d still wholeheartedly take care of his child sometimes. 


  • He talks to his still unborn children while rubbing his wife’s stomach because he believes that it will make him even more closer to them. 
  • He’s probably the type of dad who can’t say no to his kids, especially if he happened to have a daughter. 


  • Nagisa would be more excited than his child to go to their first day of school. He’d go and wait for them until the day is over, and then ask how did their day go
  • He’ll always make sure to bring his kid some treats if ever they had an argument as he doesn’t like seeing them upset or crying. 


  • He’d often have some arguments with his children over a theory that they made that, for some odd reason, always contradicts his. 
  • Despite of being a strict dad, fun bonding time with his family is still important. He’d take them out or stay at home and watch some movies. 


  • Swimming would be his and his child’s bonding time, even if they don’t like to swim competitively. He just sees this as an opportunity to make his kids relax after a stressful day at school. 
  • Rin would cry whenever his child would bring home any kind of award, and he’d be the very supportive dad who would always watch them receive the award. 


  • While he’s normally known to have an expressionless face, it would be a surprise to everyone to actually see Sousuke smiling all the time whenever he’s with his child. 
  • He loves carrying his children, though he doesn’t carry them over his shoulder for obvious reasons. 

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omg I just kinda lost it because of your precious tags for that ereri selfie thing I drew because you see, I'm in love with your writing and... FJSLJFDlfjsfs I need a moment _(:3 」∠ )_ ((btw I should have probably expressed my love for your stories sooner but I'm shy and you're too cool for me so ;;u;;))

OMG I— I had to just do a double-take when I saw your name and your icon—!! Actually, I umm, I am secretly in love with your art ;A;♥ I have been following it since you first started posting your beautiful reincarnation au (SGHGHS I STILL THINK OF THAT PICTURE OF LEVI EMBRACING EREN WITH TEARS IN HIS EYES—) a couple months ago, ahaha *accidentally reveals stalker-like tendencies* I can’t believe that you have actually read my writing… *covers face* *needs 38785moments*

ahfoishf I am also shy and cOOL—? my cool factor is -10000 *A* aaahhhh I can’t believe that you’ve read my— *tries to breathe* I want you to know that I love your art so much and I hope you keep on drawing beautiful things♥ (and now I will curl up in a ball in the corner fahofsh)