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I’m starting a monthly feature of 10 special things people have said to me that have really impacted me, whether it’s watching my back and telling me someone reposted my story, asking advice, or just saying some really sweet stuff that makes me love what I do.  I love everyone!

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To be honest, I don't think Dead Note's adaptation counts as whitewashing, It's not like ghost in the shell, set in japan and it revolves around japanese culture and people and then scarlet johanson is there for some reason. They are taking dead note's story and setting it in the states so of course they aren't going to be japanese. Besides, if you want live action with japanese people there are already 3 movies.

you called it dead note i’m actually yelling

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So I don't know if this is a good idea or a bad idea but...a YoI Sabrina AU?


Yuuri grew up the son of a chauffeur to a rich family. He has always crushed on Victor Nikiforov from afar, with his luxuries and silver hair. When he grows older, he moves away, and when he returns he sees that Victor is still around and they fall in love. Yurio is Victor’s little brother who is protective of Yuuri but also pretends not to be and Yakov is the rich father/adoptive father.

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Relationship Status: T-Taken..

Lipstick to Chapstick: Chapstick lel

Last movie I watched: Beauty and The Beast (the one with Emma Watson’s bad voice)

Last Song I Listened To: oh boi this song

Top 3 shows/Dramas/Anime: ooo… Steven Universe, Fairy Tail, and Once Upon A Time

Top 3 characters: PERIDOT (ADORABLE GREEN DORITO), Kawaii~chan (it was so hard to pick one of the cast), and Pearl (because she’s a ballerina lesbian).

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What're your favorite samurai jack episodes?

im just going to give you a top 15 of the original series otherwise it would be a ranking of every single episode. 

  1. ep 29-the good, the bad, and the beautiful 
  2. ep 35-jack and the haunted house
  3. ep 44-the princess and the bounty hunters
  4. ep 5-jack in space
  5. ep 22-jack and the hunters
  6. ep 24-jack is naked
  7. ep 7-jack and the three blind archers
  8. ep 26-jack’s sandals
  9. ep 12-jack and the gangsters
  10. ep 19-jack remembers the past
  11. ep 32-jack and the travelling creatures
  12. ep 48-jack vs aku
  13. ep 8-jack vs mad jack
  14. ep 10-jack and the lava monster
  15. ep 1, 2, and 3-the premiere movie

so if you’re new to samurai jack and aren’t sure where to start i would highly recommend all of these episodes!

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The director was making this massive deal about Emma's 'feminist' portrayal of Belle. Now I saw the movie and I watched the whole thing. And Emma's Belle is not just boring but also bland. The whole thing about being an inventor is mentioned at the beginning. Never is it brought up again. I'm sorry but if this movie had wanted to be feminist and progressive, they would have done something different like make Belle black or have the beast be a woman. This movie is feminist lite if anything

Honestly it’s just too bad that you even paid to see it tbh. P much everyone was already saying Emma was dry toast in that shit (hint it’s because she legitimately can’t act). I can understand how we were like ‘wow progressive Disney on a roll!’ but I think by now we can all agree that Disney doesn’t give a fuck about anything but money and slapped Emma and her white Feminism on that ish just for the money. Also Emma is a shitty Feminist.

Notice how one of her and her fans’ arguments for The Dress was how she’d have to ride a horse after so why put her in a corset? And how in the movie (and the book) she’s not even IN the ball gown for the riding scene?


the obi-wan for me

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Jace never thought he’d be grateful to be forced to work on the day of the new Star Wars’ film’s release, all because Alec decided to cash in one of his favors so he could go on a date with that guy from last week, but turns out working instead of watching the movie wasn’t too bad.

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Crew reactions to Beppo the Pyjack so far:

  • Drack wants to eat him. I am Ryder’s complete lack of surprise.
  • Little guy scratched Cora apparently when he got startled after she tried to put on her helmet with him still hiding in it. Bad monkey >:(
  • Liam warned me he apparently pees anywhere and everywhere…. wonder if they’re already selling helper monkey diapers on the Nexus…
  • Vetra is mad at him bcs he apparently ate half her supply of chocolate which…. when you think about it is basically edible gold at this point. So, I mean, fair.
  • And Jaal is convinced the little guy is fully sapient because he has tool using hands and “wise eyes.” I think I may need to make Jaal watch Planet of the Apes at the bad movie marathon Liam is planning.

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is there anything that's really surprised you since working in a movie theatre? like random movies you thought nobody went to see, but people actually do go watch them?

oh totally. SO many people have gone to see the shack? people even went to see rock dog… which is a real movie…. other things: they play movies even if no one buys tickets (i keep bringing it up but it’s UNSETTLING). if you don’t tell people which direction their movie is in then they have no idea where to go. people think buying tickets online or at a kiosk is faster, but we still have to tear them and sometimes print them so the jokes on you. some people walk right past us JUST TO BUY POPCORN??? it’s a real thing, they drop 10 dollars on popcorn and leave. i feel bad when excited people ask me if i’ve seen this movie or that movie, when i haven’t because i Work Too Much. i’m starting to hate R rated movies because i have to card people now… which i’m bad at. it’s either usually super busy or completely dead, rarely in between. and finally, i’m getting really sick of the smell which isn’t just popcorn but also other fried foods and my uniform smells like it and i’m like wow… not the mood