this was still pretty fun tho

hello my lovely people, i hope you are all doing great 🤗 just a little heads-up, i don’t know when i’ll be able to post this weekend so i’m sorry in advance if the posts tomorrow are going to be late or not even there :/ i’ll try to post as soon as i can though! :)

also i have a tiny question for you: i’ve made some choreographies to a couple of bts’ songs and i was wondering if i should film them and post them on here? would anyone want to see that? maybe? possibly?

thank you and have a good weekend! :) ♥♥

pastel bois

Seventeen keep updating us with pics of bongbong but don’t let this distract you from the fact that they’re only doing that because they can’t post pics of themselves with their new comeback hair pledis I see right thru ur tricks



some more star pics!! this time its a whole buncha moon and toffee! cause i rlly rlly like both of these characters ok,, and they’re both pretty fun to draw

My second SU collab with Kiwi Byrd/@cat-pun!  They did the gorgeous flowing lineart and obviously I did…all this color stuff!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out except that I think the red lighting kinda washed out Lapis’ blue skin? ;v; BUT I STILL LIKE IT.

Surely you already know of Kiwi but if you don’t, damn dude!! Go check out their speedpaints and art in general, it is all TOP-NOTCH!

Also btw here’s my speedpaint of this angsty ocean gem:

Kiwi’s Lapis Sketch/Speeddraw
(Plus the other half of the collab trade!
My Punk Pearl Sketch/Video
Kiwi’s Punk Pearl Painting/Video)

so I said something about mezato and takenaka having the eccentric shounen detective vibe and guess what

yep its an AU

in which mezato is an independent reporter who’s famous for not knowing what fear or common sense is when it comes to investigation, and takenaka is a telepath trying to stay alive

pointers under the cut

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Klance finger gun wedding me and @lanceologist planned last night? Well if u insist…

So basically, obviously Lance is bisexual, and it is a well known Fact that all bisexuals do finger guns

One day while team voltron is on an alien planet, after saving everyone, Lance finger guns at Keith probably to say something along the lines of “nice work out there” and the planet’s inhabitants immediately Freak Out

On this planet, finger guns is basically asking for an immediate marriage, so they quickly begin planning the wedding, and literally everyone but Lance and Keith know whats happening

So basically Keith and Lance manage to get onto the alter and they still haven’t figured out what this ceremony is and everyone is crying and they just think its some Platonic Bro Thing

And of course the aliens dont use the word husband they use some other alternative so Keith and Lance awkwardly agree to it and they also dont use rings they get flower crowns and a small tattoo on their biceps

Pretty much the entire thing is a wedding, obviously a wedding, but only if you pay attention for longer than five seconds, which neither Keith and Lance do because theyre too busy with their mutual pining

And even tho at this point in time theyre friends everyone is still really shocked they agreed to get MARRIED and they bring it up a few weeks later and Keith and Lance have this matching look of realization

Its a fun story to tell their kids that they didnt even know they got married for three weeks. Almost as fun as the time Lance did jazz hands and accidentally challenged Allura to a duel

heres a fun fact that shows a lot about me: im pretty allergic to bananas but didn’t know it at all growing up until one day when i was like 17 i was like “man, i love bananas. theyre always so tangy and make ur mouth all tingly” and my friend was like “thats. definitley not what a banana is supposed to be like” one doctors trip later, turns out im fucking allergic to bananas.  

Voltron as the types of people at disneyland

Hunk: The one always buying food, he did research on the best places to eat at disney before they went. Hes Also never forgets to get fast passes although he never goes on the rides because he gets sick.

pidge: She absoulutly loves that one peter pan ride that flies over the city. She always scares everyone by telling them how people have died on rides, shes not scared though because she knows how unlikely it is. Everyone used to mistake her for being a lost kid and she would get super mad so she wears a shirt that says “Im not lost, fuck off.” or something like that on it. She always gets sunburt no matter how much sunscreen she puts on. 

keith: Knows all of those conspircys and secrets about disneyland and is always trying to find them with pidge. He says he hates theme parks but when he gets there he can never stop smiling. He also says he hates the ears but lance got him a pair and he secretly never wants to take them off (hes not as secret about it as he thinks tho). he also loves the rides but no one needs to know that.

Lance: He and Allura have fanfuckingtastic outfits. He wears a snow white themed outfit and it has like yellow overall shorts with a blue crop top and princess crown. Is an absoulute slut for roller costers and makes keith go on them with him. He always makes the group to dumb poses on roller-coasters for the picture. Space mountain is his fav ride and makes keith go on it with him over and over again (keith enjoys it, lance knows it). He also really like rides that get you wet. Makes the group take pics with all the characters walking around. He also snapchats EVERYTHING.

Shiro: Shiro is wild at disney but he still takes care of his kids™. He loves the tower of terror. Lance also got him a pair of ears and hes glad he did. He always goes to the tarzan treehouse and does ninja shit on it to impress the kids because hes six. Hes so goddamn pretty the princesses want to take pics with him, allura usually doesnt let this happen tho. Hes always the one to get snacks for long lines. He also gets a little tipsy to let himself have a bit more fun. tbut no one ever needs to know that. 

Allura: HER OUTFITS ROCK BRO. She wore a little purple crop top with high wasted green shorts to look like the little mermaid. She LOVES cotton candy, she had so much she got a stomach ache, coran had to stop her from buying more. She loves the story telling ride where you go through the whale because she thinks its cute. She also highly fucks with roller-coasters but gets scared right before she gets on, once shes on she has fun though. She loves winnie the pooh and bought like 4 stuffed animals. The water show makes her cry, She and lance also cry when they have to leave. 

Coran: He really likes splash mountain. He screams so loudly on roller-coasters and everyone but lance is embarassed about it. He loves the food. He also really like the light up ears and he says that “Its like a party on my head”. He always tells the groups stories when waiting in lines. He likes space space mountain because he said it reminds him of speeding through space.


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BTS reaction to them hiding in a dressing room from paparazzi where a stranger in underwear was there

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction please? Can I have their reactions when they go to the mall and see paparazzi so they have to rush into 1 of the changing rooms. However, you are in there with just a bra and undies. They have to stay there for a long time tho, because the paparazzi is still outside, looking for them. You guys don’t know each other. I think this will be fun 😂 thank you!

Hi pretty~thanks for requesting ! …that was fun to do ^.^ ,this’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

I don’t think he would accept the fact that he saw you just in an underwear and a bra ..the second he entered the room he started screaming ,so you started screaming ,which made him scream even more ,and dash out of the room where the paparazzi were waiting for him after they heard his and your screams . You guys are going to be the next hit news in the whole internet !

Suga :

I think he would be too angry to feel embarrassed .He entered the room and immediately raised up a finger in the air ,pointing to you so you won’t shout ,he was looking through the key opened place in the door to see if the paparazzi left or not ,when they were leaving the section the dressing room was in he said simply “I didn’t see anything ,sorry for bothering !” …and he would just go and leave you there as you were trying the whole time to cover yourself by anything was there !

Rap Monster :

I guess he would know where he was going to ..and only God knows if he would like it or not! he entered the room ,he quickly covered your mouth and started whispering “I’m Kim Namjoon ,23 years old ,Korean , an idol and I think you know me ! ..I ran from paparazzi and I swear I had no place to hide but this …I’m not a thief ,I’m not a serial killer and I don’t do drugs ..can I leave you without hearing your screams? “ …you nodded he smiled and left you ..looking through the door …then when he didn’t see them he took a glance at the clothes on the hanger “nice dress! …I think the green one would be better!” ,waved for you and left simply …

J-hope :

I don’t think he would like the idea that much ! …as soon as he entered the room his eyes went wide as he heard you screams ! …so he took all clothes which were on the hanger in a random panicked way and through them on you “just ….just don’t scream!!! …this …wear this …but don’t scream!! ..please!!” …and he would cover his ears ,close his eyes and turn to the corner ,giving you his back …”I’ll go when the paparazzi disappear …I swear!” …after a minute you wore the dress and said in a calm voice to make him relax “I’m done ,what about I go and check if they went?!” …he turned fast ,with eyes full of hope “yes ..please ..I would be so thankful !” ..

Jimin :

He was running across the shop ,when his hand caught the hand of the door ,opened it and got in ,so he closed it as he gave his back to the room ,his head stuck to the door ,trying to hear if they left or not! …when he didn’t hear anything he let out a sigh of relief and decided to see where that door got him into! when he turned he saw you holding a short dress ,covering your body ,with shocked eyes your back was to the mirror as you were staring at him and what he was doing! ..and him? …as soon as he turned he opened his eyes wide so his mouth ,from the huge surprise he looked at you from head to toes ,he was rude? …yes ..this little ChimChim has a dirty mind too ..right? he whispered “sorry~” as he was looking at your thighs ..his hand sneaked to his back and opened the door ,which made him fall on the ground outside cuz he was leaning on the door ..and his eyes still on you! ..but what made him stop that he heard the paparazzi he screamed “WAIT 15 MINUTES AND GO …SORRY AGAIN” slapped the door and ran away !

V :

He knew there wasn’t any place to hide but this room ,it’s the closest to the main door of the shop he changed his jacket into a new one ,put his hat on ,took a dress and stood next to the door ,talking to you “babe? ..did you finish?” …that was the time when a paparazzi arrived behind him …V heard him taking few steps closer when he heard you saying “excuse me?” …so Taehyung didn’t wait any second but entered the room “come on let me see it!” …he said as he locked the door behind him ,quickly he covered your mouth as he said out loud “ohh babe …I think it’s cool ..did you try the pink one?” …so you understood …winked him and let his hand down “yes ..but I didn’t find my size ..can you search for one?” …he smiled ,placed the dress on you so you won’t feel embarrassed when this play ends …when he saw that the paparazzi left he smiled but didn’t look at you, his eyes were locked on the ground “sorry ,I had to run away from this guy are smart by the way “ …you let out a fake short laugh “of course I need to be smart ..I would get killed !” ..he looked at you ..shocked ..did he got himself in a trouble? “killed? ..” smiled a weird one “yes ..aren’t you a murder and those are cops?” ..he giggled “ohh no ..I’m an idol >< ..but really ..this is awesome! …” ..and he pointed at the dress on the hanger ..and said “sorry again!” ..and left you .

Junkook :

I think he would be so taken by thinking of the way to run away to deal with you …he caught the hand on the door ,gave you his bag as his eyes locked on the paparazzi on the ladder ,as soon as he was totally inside you started hitting him on his back …so he fast closed the door …and tried to control your hands ..when he caught your arms you started screaming ..and all he could do was hushing you to shut up “shhhh …calm down!!” …and when he felt that the paparazzi heard you and came closer he whispered “ssshhhh ..he is here!” ..and you were caught by his phrase …so you stood there like a standard so he did …as his arms holding yours in the air as if it was a screenshot from a fighting video …and when the curious reporter left ,Jungkook looked down at you as you were pouting ,and trying to focus on what he talked about …smiled …”sorry! ..” ..left you and went out ..just like that simple as a peace of cake ! …

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Voltron Dream Daddies

OKAY so i spent way too long thinking about this but who cares we’re doing it, a couple of people seemed interested at least n thats reason enough for me lmao

dream daddy if u haven’t seen it is a new game (not released yet) where u play as a dad and date different dads, and i couldn’t stop myself from making a voltron au bc i have no self control, so voltron dream daddy au here we go!

right first up, we got the obvious Dad Shiro™

do i even need to explain?? buff daddy shiro af okay, 10/10, lift me over ur shoulder n carry me dad

then we got mr fancy but actual sweetheart Dad Lance™

baking n cute stuff w his kids? doing sick kickflips? dislikes when people dont get along? fashion hoe & disgusted w cros? LANCE so damn lance 

now here we have bad boy Dad Keith™

knife loving, cryptid hunting, leather wearing & emotionally stunted edge boi? hElla keitH

next up is best boy Dad Hunk™

taking his kids out n having fun, doing cute hearts in stuff he makes for people, & being slightly uncomfortable and anxious sometimes? beautiful hunk confirmed 

i thought why not just do everyone, so have a Dad Pidge™ (gender regardless, this is just for the au)

intellectual, yup, appreciative of books & book adaptations, check, against “cool dude” vape kids, lmfao pidge aint having ur shit, defo fits 

now we got ultimate i dont want to be out-dadded Dad Coran™

ur a fool if u dont think coran’s gonna brag about his kids, he loves all animals, corgis included, & wants to be best dad,, like do u see how much he looks after everyone?? no one can beat this dad

just gonna add this in real quick, but dad lance and dad keith would have such a great dynamic as well, just imagine their interactions, lance is so clean and neat and into his beauty, then u got dirty n rough keith out all night on his cryptid hunts and lookin like a mess 

like here’s some fancy dad n cryptid trash dad fanart that just screamed klance to me:

also bonus lance dad art bc honestly, he channels lance so strongly just look at him:

there’s an additional dad that hasn’t been revealed yet, the goth dad, & im still unsure what i’ll do with him at this point but we’ll see lmao

honestly dream daddy just looks so fun and i love that it exists,, plus they seemed to fit the voltron crew pretty well and im weak for aus- this is all i have so far, but feel free to add ur own thoughts or hcs! 

Touched up an older drawing from school times

If u guys didnt know i love faeries a lot