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consider this, richie and eddie in their late twenties after being a couple for years. they live together in los angeles and occasionally beverly visits them. one day they’re all going out for brunch or some shit like that and beverly just says “so when are you two getting engaged?” cut to richie choking on his water and eddie babbling about the prices of rings and beverly’s just like “ok ok! damn i thought by now you guys would have at least thought about it…”

and of course they’ve thought about it, richie’s wanted to marry eddie kaspbrak since he was 16 and eddie wants to marry richie just as much but ?? there was no proposal plan.

so they both dance around the topic for a while, throwing hints here and there so the other will propose or at least bring up the idea in conversation like “hey we should get married.” obviously, this gets them no where because they’re both hardheaded as hell. so they both buy engagement rings, separately deciding to propose when the time is right.

richie tries to do it at a baseball game, he had an entire plan for his proposal. since he’s a fairly well known dj he finds out a way to get on the kiss cam, and what better way to propose to eddie than at a baseball game? eddie loves baseball! richie is literally fucking sweating his ass off the entire game, barely paying attention to it and when they show up on the kiss cam he reaches straight for the ring in his pocket… and it slips from his sweaty hands right onto the ground. he’s trying to grab it but eddie, being completely oblivious, grabs him by the collar and kisses him for the camera. the moment is over by the time richie gets the ring back and he’s kicking himself the whole way home.

eddie tries to do it at a nice restaurant, he too has an elaborate plan that he thinks should work perfectly. the classic “hiding the ring in the cake” bit. richie loves chocolate cake, when they order dessert the ring will come in the cake like eddie planned! all dinner, eddie has this ecstatic look on his face and richie’s like “babe, you’re scaring me. what did they put in your spaghetti” and eddie’s just like “beep beep richie, who says i can’t be happy to eat dinner with my boyfriend!” unfortunately for eddie, richie had one too many buttered biscuits, and appetizers and after eating his entire plate he has to excuse himself to the restroom because it’s all coming back up. the cake is waiting for richie when he gets back but the sight of more food makes richie’s face turn green. “nuh uh… no way i can eat that.” eddie mopes for a week after that.

then one day, richie’s attending a pretty fancy party that a lot of djs are invited to alongside celebrities. it’s no big deal for him (but eddie’s not so secretly starstruck by all the people who attend every year. “oh my god richie that’s brad pitt!”) but this is just routine at this point, they’ve gone together a few years in a row and they have matching tuxedos and everything. all they have to do is walk around and talk to other rich famous folks, simple! richie walks up to the first person he sees at the party, some dj from toronto, canada with eddie on his arm he says “i’m richie tozier, and this is my fiancé eddie kaspbrak.”


eddie just laughs nervously and they both pretend like they give a shit about what all these posh dudes are saying, once no one is paying them any mind eddie grabs richie by the fucking lapels and drags him to the men’s restroom.

“richie. what the fuck.”

“listen eds, don’t freak out alright? but i… sort of kind of was planning on proposing to you and i tried to do it at that baseball game and… and… i dropped this stupid ring” and richie pulls it out of his jacket and he’s frowning because surely he’s fucked everything up

until eddie pulls out his own ring with a shy smile and he’s like “i wanted to propse to you numbnuts. this might still smell like chocolate cake…”

they’re both so smitten and heart eyes for each other but they’re also laughing their asses off telling each other the stories of how they fucked up their own proposals

they walk out of the restroom holding hands, each of them wearing the ring their fiancé gave them

{also they totally tell the stories at their wedding and the losers club is laughing so hard they’re in tears because that’s so richie and eddie to be that bad at proposing}

Alternate Song Titles for “Razia’s Shadow”

Genesis: I’m not sure what’s going on but it sounds cool

The Missing Piece: Cute couple song

Life is Looking Up: Nothing’s good enough for Ahrima

The Spider And The Lamps: Ahrima Fucks Up

Toba The Tura: Ahrima Realizes he Fucked Up

The Oracle: Prophecy™

A Thousand Year, Minute-Long Intermission: The Only Song in this Musical that has any Chill

The Exit: Adakias is too pure and Pallis is bitter

It’s True Love: Cute couple song Part 2

Meet The King: “Fuck you, Dad, you don’t understand!”

Holy The Sea:  Spooky Brothers Know All

Doctor Doctor: Moral of the Story, don’t trust weird old men who live in a shack in the middle of the woods and claim to be a doctor.

The End And The Beginning: Alliteration, character development, and heartache

or just “Pallis Fucks Up”


11.12.17 // the struggle of staying active & posting on tumblr when all you want to do is throw yourself off a cliff. i’m still on (semi??) hiatus bc oops my cold, icy heart shattered but i have a bunch of posts in my drafts so here you go c: i hope everyone is doing well~


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Hey Gaster! How come one of your eyes is bigger then the other? Are you blind in the bigger one or can you still see through it?

His eyes are technically the same size, but after an incident when he was younger, his right eye socket was deformed and movement became limited. Although the ocular light in that eye is diffused, he can still see out of it (just not as well as with the left eye). The facial cracks were caused by a different occurrence altogether.

I’ve posted a couple drawings of babybones Gaster before but ye this is roughly what he looked like as a young adult before the onset of several face befuckenings~

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Do you prefer top or bottom Levi?

Oops, this was also still in my drafts!

I ended up deleting the mini-rant I originally wrote in reply to this (not aimed at you, nonnie) and I’ll just say I enjoy both. I might have a slight preferance for top Levi but in the end I don’t really care either way. What matters to me first and foremost when it comes to him and Eren is their emotional bond, chemistry and good characterization. Topping/bottoming doesn’t change anything about their dynamic imo, so it’s not my main concern.

me: playing “Fifteen″ by Taylor Swift on 15th birthday

me: playing “18″ by 5SOS and 1D on 18th birthday

me: playing “21″ by Hunter Hayes on 21st birthday

me: playing “22″ by Taylor Swift on 22nd birthday

also me: playing “Forever Young” on every birthday

I’m sorry I’ve been inactive, school is kicking me in the ass rn ;-; this has been in the drafts for a while so decided to post it finally

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A fusion of my Paraiba Diamond and @chibi-bits Indigo Diamond, for funsies. I sort of forgot she did a fusion of a Rose Quartz of hers and my Purple Fluorite that’s a Mystic Quartz. The two don’t look anything alike at least haha, still seems like a little bit of an oops. Anyway this was a sort of chibi like version (and still a drafted idea not a final version) that I sort of came up with while in a long car ride. If @chibi-bits has any changes or ideas to add to the design I’m down for that as well.


@diiamondperfume asked : mawaru penguindrum + most attractive

Takakura Kanba


I currently have 8 drafts in my tumblr right now, guys! Maybe that’s why it’s taking me so long…?! Lol. Oops. Anyways. So I need your help in deciding which two I should work on first!!! I will be doing all of them but I need to focus on one right now and I don’t know which (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ) So, please give me some feedback as to which fics (up to 2) you’d like to read soon! (Also, thanks for the over 1000 followers I’m still shook)

Fangirl, Chapter Three

Summary: You’ve officially arrived to college. The upside is that your sister, Andy, is there with you! The down side? She lied to you about being your roommate. Now you have to live with who seems like the bitch of the century.

Bucky Barnes x Reader, College! AU

The Town With Pep, Chapter Seven

Summary: The aftermath of [Y/n] and Sally’s fight simmers down. Jughead decides he wants to keep his “relationship” on the DL. Meanwhile, Betty Cooper and [Y/n] reconnect.

Jughead Jones x Reader

XOXO, V, One-Shot…? may continue 

Summary: A small collection of texts between Veronica and Reader

Veronica Lodge x Reader

Stalker Tendencies, Part Three-Final

Summary: There’s a slumber party and B’s house and Archie has decided it’s time for Jug to come clean about his feelings for [Y/n]. 

Jughead Jones x Reader

Something Over, Final Chapter

Summary: In the final installment of the “Something Odd” series, [Y/n] faces the threat everyone’s been waiting for: her father. 

Peter Parker x Reader

Wet Clothes, One-Shot

Summary: New York has been hit with early summer fever, so the school committee and student body elected to have a car wash to raise money. You are attending because you are in dire need of extra credit for APUSH and Peter is going because, well, you exist. 

Peter Parker x Reader

Risky Business, Part Three

Summary: Peter and [Y/n] are sneaking around, desperately trying to keep their relationship secret from [Y/n]’s father, Tony Stark.

Peter Parker x Reader

Shameless, One-Shot

Request: Hello, I have a newt request for you! So reader and newt are best friends and newt thinks he has a crush on tina so reader helps newt to impress tina bc newt is a shy baby but during that process they realise they actually have feelings for each other and fall harder? Happy ending?

Newt Scamander x Reader 

Khatuns Braille

Brit Marling has mentioned in a few episodes that Braille will be an important part of season 2, and because I’m lame I decided I wanted to know what the Braille that we see on Khatuns face says.

I’ve made a post about this before, but since then I’ve translated the Braille differently (and probably more accurately). There’s also already a Reddit thread about this, but I don’t believe the Braille is in German because that doesn’t make much sense.

The Braille says nothing in English Braille, however Khatun speaks Arabic at the beginning of the scene so it makes sense for the Braille to be in Arabic. Please note I don’t know Arabic, and I definitely don’t know Arabic Braille. But with the power of the internet, (almost) anything is possible.

I say almost because most of the Braille on Khatuns face is illegible. HOWEVER. The Braille on her left cheek isn’t too difficult to read.

I read the first part as “she sees” but sadly the second part was illegible. However, the last word is “hand”. This doesn’t seem to make much sense, but then @chemically-defective came up with the idea that it might say “she sees with her hands” which makes a lot of sense!

It’s not much, but it’s still cool. You’ve got to remember that Arabic Braille is obviously not something I know much about so it may be incorrect, but it’s still- it’s cool! It makes sense!


A challenge I gave myself over the last couple of weeks after my husband and I talked about how Dairanger would have made a very weird proper Power Rangers. So I decided to try it out for myself! The main cast is done and public but I’m doing more that are gunna be exclusive to my PR/SS sketchbook. (this has been in my drafts for months now, oops. This sketchbook is still in the works)

I’m going the Time Force route where I kinda want to keep things the same so I’m staying close to the source material but just twisting some details. 

So here is Power Rangers … think I’m somewhere between Thunder Force or Star Force? 

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i have been laughing all day over "title here jackass", but i hope you still did well on the report despite it


I’m glad my grave mistake has brought you laughter for the whole day

Also it was only a rough draft THANKFULLY so!

But fun little side note

I was printing it out earlier, cus i figured I might need a physical copy and didn’t know my professor already made one

and before I hit print I noticed the title

and I was like: Oops! Better fix that! Haha. That would’ve sucked if I turned it in like that.