this was sooooooo cute

when girls shut their eyes really tight and tilt their head back while they’re laughing my heart explodes with love

“See ya Cap! :D”

I really wanna practice non-chibi style so I draw many of these recently :D Thank you for putting up with me and my poor drawing skills! :D

(And I am going to watch Spiderman tomorrow I am sooooooo excited!!!)

(There is a pose reference for this art)

*Squeals* I got the Halcyon Days artbook from @inediblesushi and was lucky enough to be one of the first purchasers and got this AMAZING original piece of artwork along with it!  Omggggg this is sooooooo cute - wartime stucky and Steve being all blushy!

The artbook is so adorable - like… my heart ached with all the really sweet, cute, and funny scenes, and just… aaaaaa so glad I got it!

Thank you sushi SO much!!  For the amazing artbook and this WONDERFUL art!