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I haven't seen the episode yet but are mon el and kara playing the pink panther or something? The scene seemed funny though.

Mon-El and Kara are basically the cutest detectives! Stealthy and sneaky. Mon-El is sooooo funny (thanks to Chris’s improv most likely) and the whole thing is amazing even though Karamel doesn’t get a lot of screen time. 

Murder and pastel

My sister came over today and was quite excited to tell me that she had spotted a “murder and pastel” at the thrift shop.

To which I replied “What the fuck does that mean?”

And she says “You know, you have one. That thing you use to crunch up dried herbs.”

Mortar and pestle.
She had seen a mortar and pestle.

In the Notes of a History Post

The OP who found something cool/interesting/funny that they wanted to post

Thousands of people commenting “OMG this is sooooo funny!!!”

People tagging their friends saying “this is you”

That one skeptic who reblogs it just to say “I doubt this is true” but doesn’t bother to fact check

Someone bitching about white people

People responding to said person by saying how unnecessary their comment was (they may or may not be right)

Even more people jumping on the discourse wagon to earn more Woke Points™

One smart person who isn’t hardcore into history that bothered to fact check. They are drowned out by the distant screams of “fuck white people”

Someone trying to relate it to Hamilton

Obligatory reminder that “these people owned slaves”

People adding on their own anecdotes, all with varying degrees of accuracy

Other people trying to correct OPs post despite the fact that OP was right, but didn’t go into detail

Someone else complaining about eurocentrism, even though the post came from a European history blog

Someone probably ends up talking about George Washington’s dick

People yelling about glorifying slave owners and getting mad at historians

and finally

Actual historians and history blogs desperately trying to do damage control to stop the spread of bullshit with varying degrees of success

Smutty Fangirl Fic Recs- Smut Appreciation Day

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Hi loves!

So SPN Smut Appreciation Day was amazing. THANK YOU. I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading and write my new fic, hence the delay.  Here are my favs. They’re obviously all NSFW. Feel free to tag me in your fics, I’d love to read them!

These writers are all amazing, you can’t go wrong with any of these stories or their collective works. Brava! 
Tags and links below the cut.  Enjoy!

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Very funny----crow is sooooo evil! But I'm curious about your choice here, in the style of clothing you've drawn. I know Slackwyrm world has modern conveniences like mobile phones and refrigerators, etc. I think the co-existence of the mediaeval and the modern in this strip is funny---doesn't bother me at all. I was wondering, though, why all the people this time around are shown in modern dress, rather than the typical Slackwyrm world gear?

I know - a few people have commented about that and to be honest, the modern dress just comes down to my own laziness and not paying attention to what I was drawing and keeping it consistent. Sorry about that. I did an extra comic this week because I had too much free time on my hands and got sloppy.

As to the modern appliances now and then, yeah, the prime directive of the comic is to secure a cheap laugh. If I need a laptop or a vacuum cleaner to make the joke work, I’ll do it. It’s fun for me and it makes the world all the sillier, which is a bonus. It ain’t Shakespeare haha :)

i find it sooooo funny when your own peers will judge you for not knowing exactly what you want out of your degree or your future like someone will ask me what my “plan” is and i’m like i don’t really know man….and they’re like oh…wow….well good luck with that haha! :) i expect that kind of judgement out of old folks but it’s just an extra shock when it comes from someone my own age, as if they have life figured out any more than i do. picking a major and having a “plan” doesn’t guarantee you anything at all like if u think for a second that your “plan” gives you any more of a shot at being successful than me you’re living in a fantasy. u can save the pitiful “awwww it’s ok you’ll figure it out just like me!” for someone else bitch i’m good