this was sooooo difficult


FAM!!! OMGGGG~!!!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’m back in buuusssiinnneeessss~!!!!! HOOOO~BOOIIII!!! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!! SO GOOD!!!!! ((oO \/\/\/\/\/\/Oo)) AAHHHHHHHH~!!!! i finally had enough disposable income to go and buy a new drawing tablet!!!! it’s so new! SOOOO NNNEEEWWWW~!!!

i aspired to getting a really fancy new one, but in the end… decided it wasn’t worth my sanity to keep saving up and just got a Wacom Intuos with touch capabilities~ AND BOY HOWDY are the 15 years of difference between my last tablet and this tablet apparent. (O _____O) things have changed a LOT!

(=     3 =) and mostly i don’t like it! UGGGG!!!

(o     O <) it is VERY hard to draw for me! everything is so fluid and so sensitive (despite trying to change functions many times) i’m just so use to having NOTHING work really! LOL! XDDDDD plus sad old Photoshop CS can NOT keep up - it drops lines constantly! But i got Clip Studio Pro with my tablet! soooo~ i’m gonna have to figure that out too! (> //w//<) BUT!!!! THIS IS GOOD! THIS IS PROGRESS!!! IT’S TIME TO LEARN!!! (6O    A O)9 GWAAAHHH~!!!!

soooo~ (T     w T) i hope not to make TOO much garbage while i’m trying to get the hang of this… (@    w @) my apologize in advance!!! i’ll try to get the hang of it quickly so that i can FINALLY finish my otayuri comic and all the other work i left hanging when my tablet broke! though (oT   w To) i worry that some of it will be difficult to finish considering just how differently my old tablet and my new tablet functioned… *sigh sigh sigh* STILL!!!!! i’ll do my best!!!! (O ///3///O)


@estefra prompted me this based on the fact that some people noticed how the flexibility rune suddenly appeared on Alec’s shoulder before certain activities with a certain Warlock, and how he probably didn’t do it himself since it’s a pretty difficult spot to reach, sooooo, here you go. Please let me know, feel free to prompt me stuff, and forgive me if to rune is not actually a verb!

Alec’s considered all of his options. Really, he has.

But there’s no other way.

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WHAT I DIDN’T MEAN TO DO: make him look vaguely heartbroken

WHAT THAT HAPPENED ANYWAY: the thing I just said

it’s kind of the expression i imagine he had when von karma finally admitted to killing gregory so i just kinda ran with it ohgod

remora1212  asked:

Hello! Do you have any tips for "connecting" with a fursona, or creating one that truly represents the person behind it (hope that the idea is understandable??) Because I have two fursonas but I don't really feel that connection, so I was wondering if you had some advice?

OK ok i know i have a very strong bound to my ‘fursona’ so i’m gonna try and explain how i did that

first of all, there’s a difference between connecting to a character and connecting to a fursona. A character is like a different person you could technically interact with, and you love them for who they are. A fursona- is you. Especially when you hate yourself (like me lol) it can be sooooo difficult to make something FROM yourself that you’d love.

First of all, when you look at your fursona, does it FEEL like you? - it’s not that important to LOOK like you, actually. I have a lot of issues with my physical looks so all of my previous fursonas that looked like me ended up being ditched
I created pollo in some… dark days for me. So i had enough time to sit back, think, consider and FEEL. What color do you associate yourself with? What all-in-all Vibe do you give off? try capturing that in your fursona or persona.
And make sure you made your fursona yourself, from the core of your emotional being. It can be difficult to associate something as “yourself” when it’s done by someone else.
Of course you can also include interests! I live right by a forest and my family name is very close to the german word for “owl”, so i have pollo some all in all forest vibes, and owl-esque face.
All of those tiny things definitely do well on a fursona.

And an other note!!!!! Don’t pressure yourself to keep the design you made for EVER. Remember that everyone changes and so should your fursona, it’s ok to constantly make adjustments to the design to suit your interests. I mean that’s the point

i hope that was helpful!!

anonymous asked:

I love reddie fanfics so v much,,, but like,,, why does nobody acknowledge that it's sooooo difficult to make out with glasses lol, especially coke bottle glasses like jfc I have big glasses that are kinda like modern coke bottles just not as thick and when I kiss my girlfriend a lot they get sooooo annoying lmao I just wanna see a fic that shows the truth™ (also they get really smudged too so Eddie carries around a glasses care kit in his fanny pack but if you asked him he'd deny everything)


If Richie and Eddie are ever kissing Eddie tries to take his glasses off gently before he goes in and put them somewhere near them, or in his fanny pack if theres no where to put them. He knows how mad Richie’s mom gets when he breaks/scratches his glasses (especially since it’s such a common occurrence) that Eddie’s really careful with them. And yes, he totally would polish them before giving them back (and never tell anyone that he does that)

Colin you just spent 100 minutes lecturing me about how your job is just Sooooo Difficult to do and how you’re the only one who can do it right and yet you’re just like “yeah lmao whatever you can try your hand at this restoration work who gives a fuck”

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Out of the founders trio and Kakashi, would they prefer a boy or girl firstborn? Ans what kind of names?

Ooo interesting 

Hashirama: Honestly doesn’t really care whether his firstborn is a boy or girl. Having a boy would be great because hey, he’ll probably be head of the Senju clan one day and it’s always nice to prepare them and “train” early. But he has a softspot for girls tbh. We already know how much he spoiled Tsunade so can you imagine how much he’d spoil his firstborn daughter? So cute. Hashirama is kind of the guy who leaves the names to his s/o, to be honest. He waits to see if they have any ideas and agrees to just pick from their list

Tobirama: Probably wants a boy. Tobirama has this odd fear of having a daughter, because he doesn’t know how to handle girls tbh. He’s just too… testosterone-y??? A boy would just be easier to handle, and he wouldn’t worry about being too hard on his son like he would his daughter. Tobirama would dote the hell out of his firstborn daughter though. Omg that would be his baby girl. It would be so cute. Please let him have a firstborn daughter he would adore that lil girl. Okay but Tobirama is a stickler for names. He’d want an elegant/simple name. Also, a unisex name. He’s sooooo picky hooo my god the name process would be so difficult. I wouldn’t be surprised if his s/o wanted to kill him by the end of it. He might be the type who goes for names with common meaning, like Sora or Yuki. Kinda cliche but hey, it’s simple. 

Madara: He’d also want a boy. He’d love his little girl all the same but he’d bond easier with a son. Madara wants his child to become a shinobi, and he’s kind of traditional. So he thinks that training a boy is much easier, and more practical than training a girl. As for names, Madara isn’t too picky, but he’s not afraid to reject name ideas that his s/o puts on the table. Madara either likes unique names or common, simple names. There’s no in between. Something like Ryusei? Common name, I’m pretty sure. But has a unique ring to it

Kakashi also doesn’t really care if it’s a boy or girl. Though I for some reason see him getting more emotional when the nurse tells him “It’s a girl”. Idk I just picture his face softening and if he cried, the tears glossing his vision. Something about holding his baby girl in his arms for the first time just gets him. Idk if I’m being cliche or not, but hey Kakashi might name her Rin. He always liked the name, and he figures, why not? But he’s always open to his s/o’s suggestions. He’s another one who would just agree to something his s/o had in mind

daily log; 18/11

  • I just found out that my brother does calligraphy and he has loads of nibs and ink. Whoa.
  • I tried some of the stuff and it was sooooo difficult I’m going back to faux calligraphy
  • the funny thing was he was super impressed with crayola super tips and I gave him some of mine
  • stationery reviewing time
  • I want dat Lamy pen of his but it’s so expensive I gotta save money for it
  • he showed me some of his engineering drawings and I too got super impressed they were so neat wow
  • lil bro looking so proud aww
  • shh don’t tell him
  • also I made him do the MBTI test and turned out he’s an ESTJ while I’m an INFP.
  • a complete opposite oh wow
  • siblings bonding time?
  • yep.
  • we bond over stationery and personality test. what kind of siblings bonding is this ehehe
  • that’s it for today bye
Baking (Sam x MC)

(It’s fluff! I was really tempted to make it smut–I had an idea for it–but I was determined to keep it fluff! And also it’s A SAM FIC, WHAT!? Yeah, well, this is sort of dedicated to Dovah or thementalwayfarer because she’s been so sweet whenever I’ve bothered her recently for help on things! And Sam’s her husband, sooooo! 

Titles are difficult guys, just so you know. I changed it a bunch of times: Sugar, Sweets, To Bake or Not to Bake…

Btw Dovah, James is still bae and you can’t convince me otherwise. Enjoy!)


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Yay, it’s always a great day when you’re failing class!

So…nursing school is ridiculous because you get 4 separate grades: theory (lecture exams), clinical, simulation lab and skills lab, plus a ton of assignment points (our assignments are laborious, tedious, take a really really long time). BUT, we MUST make at least a 75 on our theory grade or else all that hard work we did in clinical, both of our labs and outside assignments literally means nothing. We won’t get the points for it.

So, I did well on the first exam (orthopedics). Second exam was a killer…it’s notorious for having like, a fail rate in the 90%s…and I failed that one. I’ve been sick as hell so I literally had *no* time to study for this respiratory disorders one, even though this information is sooooo easy to me…and I failed…again. And now my theory grade is a 72.3% which means I have to make above an 80 on these next 2 or I fail the class and have to wait an entire year to repeat. 🙃🙃

I’m totally not stressed at all. I absolutely am not about to have a mental breakdown and cry my eyes out.