this was sooo adorable

You Can Leave Your Hat On

He blames Rosie Watson- Not that he would ever be foolish enough to tell her father that.

While this is clearly the little gremlin’s fault, it would be utterly foolish to mention such a thing in front of John.

For as far as his best friend is concerned, his daughter is utterly without fault, a nonpareil just like her mother. She is therefore to be indulged in all things, most especially her fondness for giggling, gurgling and otherwise behaving adorably whenever her Aunty Molly puts on Sherlock’s deerstalker.

It’s almost as if, at the grand old age of nine months, she has mastered the arts of psychological warfare for which her late mother was so famed.

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in case you forgot your medicine, Yuta has it for you..the never-ending healing smile♥♥♥