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Do I wanna know? (Part 1)

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(A/N Someone requested a Taemin stripper fic. I hope this is somewhat what you imagined. It’s inspired by the Arctic Monkeys song ‘Do I wanna know?’ It was also getting super long so a part 2 will be coming for this. Mentions of smut, part 2 will be smut.) 

You hadn’t uttered a word to Lee Taemin since he revealed his secret, his job on the side. Just thinking about the moment he told you made you feel sick and you couldn’t control your intense jealousy.

“I’m an adult entertainer…a stripper, (Y/N).” 

 Just when you thought he was all yours, he revealed he acts so sexy not just in front of you but in a room full of horny women, gawking at him and touching him on his stunning athletic body. Though he said it like he regretted it, through embarrassed eyes and a sigh of defeat, you didn’t know what to do or how to handle the news so you began to run away, out of his apartment. 

“Jagiya, wait! I’m sorry!” 

He cried after you, grabbing hold of your hand to try and pull you back to him but you yanked your hand out of his, feeling your heart break more by the second and as you ran home, tears trickling from your already tired eyes. 

After a month, he’d given up on calling you, texting you, asking your friends to convince you to let him talk to you. Every night, it killed you to know that while you were curled up on your sofa eating ice cream, he was peeling his shirt off and moving to the beat of the music, practically ghost fucking his audience. As much as you hated yourself for it, you missed him, a lot. You missed his excited smile when you turned up at his door, the way he’d hold you almost too tightly when you watched movies together and, how mesmerising it was when his clothes dropped to the floor at the end of the night. Knowing where he worked teased your mind cruelly. Sometimes, you were tempted to go there and spy on him, even though you knew it would crush you to see other girls pouncing on him. Well, on that particular night, you just wanted one last look at the man you thought was the one. 

Already, you felt sickened by the amount of screaming girls waiting around the stage for your ex, crying out and chanting his name like he was theirs. You sighed; he wasn’t yours anymore. Thankfully, you were calmed by the alcohol in your hand. You knew you couldn’t do anything like this sober. As the lights dimmed, you inwardly braced yourself for the heart ache. Hearing his name be announced, you leaned back against the bar, wanting to stay in the darkness while you watched him perform. The lights on the stage beamed as he strutted on like a true performer, confident, oozing sex appeal. You wondered if anything he showed to you was real, or was it just him being a stripper all along. Within seconds, money was being thrown at the gorgeous man as he moved his hips to the music, biting his lip, grabbing his crotch like he owned the place. The cries from the girls watching him were almost deafening. It was a harsh blow, watching them throw money in his face like he was the object of lust. He grabbed the notes from them and ran them down his chest like it was a towel wiping up his sweat. Your feelings were in a frenzy, giving you a migraine. You couldn’t understand the feelings of anger, sadness, love and an odd sort of arousal. All you knew what that your eyes were glued to him and the way he moved. Taking another sip of your drink, he was getting more and more naked before your eyes until he was just left in extremely tight fitting black boxer shorts, showing off his large, thick package. Quietly, you groaned; you remembered that weapon very well. There was one thing that you noticed and that was, even though he got all up in women’s faces and let them touch him all over, he never touched them. You saw his face get uncomfortable when he was encouraged to touch them back, pretending he never heard the request. The thought lurked in your mind: 

‘did he still love you?’ 

You were jumped back to your surroundings by the DJ announcing that a lucky lady was going to be picked to have a special dance by Taemin and everyone was going crazy, waving their arms and screaming ‘Me! Pick me!’ Spotlights flashed around the room in a pace that made you nauseous yet your eyes followed it, wanting to know which girl was going to get close with your ex; you already felt your anger bubbling within you. Placing your glass down in defeat, you accepted that this was too much. You couldn’t bare to see anyone’s face in Taemins crotch or vice versa but just as you were about to leave, you heard Taemin’s voice through the mic. 

“Her! I choose her.” 

You didn’t have to turn around to know that he meant you; he wanted to dance for you. The bar staff were urging you to turn around and go to the stage but you kept shaking your head in embarrassment. 

Taemin must have asked his colleagues to go and get you as you were grabbed by two insanely handsome, topless men, lifted from your feet and carried to Taemin despite your pleading. There was a chair in the centre of the stage, the star of the show and you were dropped on to it, face to face with Taemin who gazed at you with starry eyes the way he always did. Once more, the lights dimmed; you were glued still, anxious of what was to come. The heavy bass, slow yet sexual music began to play and Taemin was lit up, walking seductively towards you. 

“We need to talk.” 

He uttered just loudly enough so you could hear him. You gulped, shaking your head no. 


He hissed before grabbing the chair by the legs, yanking it and you closer to him. You gasped with the sudden movement, your face at eye level with Taemins prominent bulge. Sensually, he took your hand and ran it up his glistening torso, making your heart race dangerously fast. You felt your skin heating up, your cheeks practically setting on fire. He never took his eyes off you as he thrust his hips towards your face before getting on his knees, taking your legs and powerfully forcing them apart. Your pulse refused to calm down. He grabbed your thighs and pulled you forwards, your back sliding down the chair before brushing his plump lips across your crotch, mimicking the way he’d lick your pussy painfully slow when he took you to bed. Instantly, you felt a tingling feeling in your womanhood that began to send adrenaline through your whole body. Suddenly, you were being taken off the chair and pushed on all fours, feeling Taemins erection dig in to your behind as he pretended to fuck you doggy style, his fingertips digging in to the flesh of your hips. Roughly, he grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, causing a groan to escape your mouth and wetness sink in to the fabric of your panties. 

“I’m taking you home with me tonight. We’re going to talk things out before I fuck you senseless for leaving me. Understand baby?” 

It was meant to be a question but you understood it was a statement and you had no choice but to obey. Your body wouldn’t let you do anything else but what he wanted as by this point, you were eating out of his hand, crawling back to him. 

The Maiden- part I./II.

Pairing: Taeyeon + Reader

Genre: ghost!au

REQUEST: Taeyeon + ship for anonie

A/n: This was somewhat inspired by my Unravel scenario with CL which you can find here. I had this incredible urge to write something mysterious and supernatural again, and this requests was just perfect for it. Obviously the dates and events in this aren´t proper don´t fit and never happened, its all just a thing I made up in my head. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!  xoxo - G

*gif not mine unless stated*

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Ever since you were a little girl you loved mysteries. You´d do anything to try and solve something, even if it was a favorite toy of your baby brother that has gone missing. Many thought that you would grow out of it, the whole play on ´detective´ being a temporary source of entertainment to you. But as you grew older, the urge to look for clues and solve riddles grew with you. Others realized that trying to stop you from it would be useless and so they didn´t even try. For which you were thankful, of course. 

Infact, the need you had to try and solve all these ´cases´ was so strong, there was no other way to make it go away rather than become your town´s own private eye. Much to your dismay, the actual job wasn´t as fun as it seemed back when you were a child, examining things with a magnifying glass. Trying to find out if a husband was cheating on his wife just no longer did it for you, and the rush an adrenaline you felt when you watched someone from behind a corner also disappeared a long time ago. But since your pride was too big to do the favor to your town´s residents, you remained in your office, constantly stalking husbands or wives. All until a certain visit grasped your full attention.

Without any further hesitation you basically ran to the local archive, and thanks to a few connections you were able to bring all the necessary stuff back with you, into your office. Piles of newspapers; intact or not, all dated in the same year. 1895. All your determination returned after your client uttered the words. Ah yes, the great feeling of interest filling you up as you listen to the requests of a client that wishes to uncover a family secret after god knows how many decades. You almost forgot how it felt like. 

But as you weren´t able to find any sort of useful information, your hopes were getting smaller and smaller just like the piles of papers scattered all over your desk. By now you were ready to just bang your head against the polished wood and give up entirely and frankly, you almost did it, if it weren´t for the one piece of paper that was different than others. Maybe it were the visible signs of the paper burning or the two words that slightly peeked out from under a pile. Or maybe it was even the color of the paper, the yellowish tint standing out in the sea of white. Either way, you reached out for it, smiling in triumph. 


´Haunted cruiseship?´

The decks of The Maiden may be lovely but are just as terrifying to many! Stories of ghost sightings are all over the place, all claiming to see a young and mysterious woman. Perhaps its her that gave the nameless ship its name.


Despite being provided with only this much information, you knew exactly where to head. Luckily for you the dock wasn´t far away, only a fifteen minute drive from where you resided. And as eager as you were, you jumped behind the wheel and drove off, ready find more pieces to the puzzle your were trying solve so desperatly. As you parked near the stores down by the dock, you were already scanning the ships docked there. All of them were either way too small or way too modern to be the one you were looking for. You were sure that a crew ship such as that one couldn´t be overlooked so easily, but before you made any rash decisions, you opted to ask one of the fishermen.

“The Maiden? Oh yeah she´ll be docking soon.  But why is such a lovely lady looking for a ghost ship, eh?” A man with a thick accent wondered aloud, scratching his head in the process. You smiled at him, anwering that you were just plain curious. The answer seemed to satisfy the old man as he nodded and walked off, leaving you be. You wandered up and down the dock, impatiently waiting for the ship to arrive. You even took a seat after waiting for two hours, irritated. Maybe it wasn´t such a good idea to sit on a chair belonging to a restaurant, a waitress coming to you every few minutes.

“Excuse me, can I ask who you´re waiting for?” The elderly woman asked you, furrowing her brows a little. You propably came off harsher than you wanted to, but who wouldn´t be angry after two hours of waiting. 

“Not who. What.” However when you averted your gaze to where you thought the woman was standing, you were more than shocked to see no one there. Its normal, I just haven´t slept for a while, you thought as you rubbed your temples. Getting ready to stand up and leave you were interrupted by a loud horn breaking the ´silence´. Immediatly spotting a large boat approaching, pushing the urge to do a victory dance into the back of your head. When the ship finally docked, your smile froze as you noticed the word written on the side. ´Mercury.´

“Well hello there! Haven´t seen a beauty like this in a while, have you?” A man you assumed was a captain of the ship asked you as he walked down the wooden ramp to get to the ground. You grasped the opportunity as a drowning person would grasp a straw.

“I´ve heard of one. Her name was The Maiden.” The captain of the Mercury grew serious, the playfull yet proud smile disappearing. He closed his eyes for a minute before looking back at you, an unreadable emotion in his eyes. Who knows. All you knew  was that the mention of The Maiden seemed to upset him in one way or another. 

“Please follow me.” 


My Better Half (Delsin Rowe [Bad Karma] X Reader

AN: Hey Guys! I’m back with another request for Infamous: Second Son and it was requested anonymously for a [Bad Karma] Delsin Rowe X Female Reader story. The request was for a story in which Good Karma and Bad Karma Delsin exist in different realities and somehow they end up switching places (wibbly wobbly timey wimey). So Bad Karma Delsin ends up in Good Karma Delsin’s reality where he is dating the reader. So Bad Karma Delsin ends up having to act really nice to the reader and it is basically killing him to be that nice until he falls in love with the reader. By the way, the reader is a journalist and this story takes place after the events of the game about a year later. My musical inspiration for this story was “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Cary Brothers, “Lonely Boy” and “Ten Million Years” by Black Lab. Give them a listen if you get the chance. Disclaimer: I do not own the Infamous series or its characters. As always, I REALLY hope I did the prompt justice and I hope you all enjoy it (especially the wonderful Anon that requested this one).

           You groaned loudly and leaned back in your chair as you felt a somewhat satisfying pop followed by your muscles instantly relaxing. You hadn’t realized how long you had been hunched over your computer until your muscles were all but screaming in protest. Aching muscles aside, you had made amazing progress on the article that you were working on and you figured that you may as well call it quits for the evening. You were looking forward to an evening of simple relaxation it was only Wednesday but you were already looking forward to the weekend. With a weary sigh you heaved yourself away from your desk and gathered your things before leaving the building.

           You were vaguely contemplating how you should spend the rest of your evening when you saw a familiar figure milling about the front of your office building. You couldn’t help but grin before calling out, “Delsin!”

           He turned toward you and you practically launched yourself into his arms, he looked more than a little surprised but he caught you nonetheless. He eyed you for a moment before finally whispering, “Hey… Y/N…”

           You quickly wrapped your arms around his neck and pulling him into a deep kiss; it was a little strange to feel him tensing up slightly but he relaxed after a moment. In an instant he the kiss became an almost battle for dominance but you pulled away when he bit down on your bottom lip a little too harshly, “Ow! Easy there, Del…”

           He clenched his jaw slightly, “Sorry… Sweetie… I just really missed you.”

           You chuckled dryly, “Sweetie? In the entire year that we’ve been dating you’ve never called me Sweetie…” He simply chuckled albeit it a little nervously and that’s when you really got a look at him. His complexion was slightly ashen and there were rather dark circles underneath his eyes, you reached up and stroked his cheek, “Are you feeling okay? You look like you haven’t gotten a lot of sleep.”

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why can’t we be like that? // l.h

a/n; been awhile since i did a proper one shot haddnit? (is that slang? idk it is now) anyway! this was requested by that lovely anon up there, and I finally got to it! somewhat inspired by a mixture of prompts and little mix. enjoy!

word count: 1,791

Luke was a masterpiece.

His skin was carefully painted with the secrets of the galaxies. His eyes were the perfect pigment of hope; they were a shot of something holy and a handful of secrecy. His hands were carved right out of marble, the edges were perfectly rounded and sculpted just large enough to be a perfect prison for your own hands. Except—it wasn’t. You weren’t allowed to hold his hand in the public eye, you couldn’t rest your head against his shoulders, and you couldn’t get lost in his stars. He was someone that you could only touch in the privacy of your own home. Luke Hemmings was a masterpiece locked behind the glass of the public eye with a sad little sign that read do not touch. And you were just somebody who followed the rules, being afraid to ruin the piece of art that was carefully created.

You wanted to shout at whoever made it a rule not to touch the artwork in museums because Luke was something you just couldn’t resist. Perhaps that’s why you agreed that no one had to know about your relationship. You supposed the pros outweighed the cons most of the time; those times being when Luke gets home from a long day and wants nothing more than to nudge his face into your neck and leave wet kisses. However that wasn’t enough sometimes. There was nothing more you wanted than to wrap your arms around him while waiting in line for dinner. You didn’t want to pretend that you weren’t head over heels in love with Luke anymore.

Perhaps that was why you were standing in front of the backstage door. There was a picture floating around, a picture that made you double over in pain. You didn’t blame him. He was out doing what he did every night you weren’t there—fulfilling the lie that he was just a single rockstar enjoying his ending teenage years. You couldn’t blame him no matter how much you wanted to.

There was a lump in your throat as you raised your hand to knock on the door. Your heart was beating out of your chest, pleading for you to just walk away. “It’s not worth it,” it screamed desperately, “we’re both just going to end up broken if you do this.”

Despite the pleas of your heart, you knocked on the door. You heard shuffling come from the inside, the shouts of the young boys coming to a quiet stop as someone walked to the door. The door opens as you feel the air leave your body—it wasn’t Luke. It was Ashton.


You stared up at him with a sad smile. “Is Luke with you guys?” Stupid. Of course Luke would be with them.

“Yeah,” Ashton mumbled. “Luke, someone’s here for you.”

Someone. Just a someone.

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Bitter Betrothed

Member: Taehyung

Type: Hopefully Bomb ass story just for my Bestie!! Angst, Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 3559

A/N: Hello Bestie! I know this took forever but I wanted it to be perfect! I hope this is good enough. I love you <3 @look-its-a-nunn 



Today is the day.

You slide on your purple bridesmaid dress with dissatisfaction. Mock bouquet in hand, the day is about to start.

The commotion can be heard from 3 stories up in the attic guestroom, where you are examining your figure in the dress. 

Men are ushered out of the house as people begin to swarm her. 

The bride.

Though she isn’t quite blushing she is loving the attention. “Mother, I told you the makeup won’t hold unless you use MY setting spray. Don’t put an ounce of makeup on me until you get it.”

‘God it isn’t even 9 am yet and she is making demands.’ you think.

The bridezilla screaming a floor below you is your best friend, Hei. You use that term loosely in this case. And though her name implies grace you can assure anyone that is confused she is far from it.

Her appearance is admittedly breathtaking. She had always had men falling at her feet. But she is like the Cerbera Odollom, a relationship with her can paralyze your heart.


Groaning, you ducked under a rafter and followed the voice to Hei’s room, seeing her being worked on all at once. Legs being lotioned, Hair being curled, makeup being applied. Right now she was Queen of being pampered, not that she was a stranger to it anyway. “Why does that dress look so horrible?”

You narrowed your eyes. “I don’t know, you picked it, ChiChi.” She huffed at the nickname. You have called her that ever since she tried some experimental face scrub back in 7th grade and her face swole making her look like a Monchichi.

“Don’t call me that today.”

But there was another reason a wedge was being forced into your already challenging friendship.

His name is Kim Taehyung.

The man with the voice like honey and face like heaven. He had walked into your lives 3 years ago through vocal lessons.

This was during Hei’s “I want to be a singer, Mother” phase where she somehow convinced you to come with her. 3 lessons in, she had had her fill of another useless thing at her parent’s expense. But Taehyung remained. She boasted privately that he stuck around for her but really he had stayed in touch for you.

It began with plans for the two of them and him asking if you could come along. Then inseparable days of just the three of you. Soon it became you and him sneaking kisses when she was in the restroom or complaining about her incorrect order at her favorite salad bar she dragged you to. The link between the two of you was unexplainable and immense.

Which is why the news of them dating was such a shock.

You approached the situation every way you could and still had no idea how they ended up together. It wasn’t until a few weeks after, during a night at Hei’s home, that you learned part of the story. Hei droned on for an what felt like an eternity about how she “gathered the courage to say how she felt about him.” and how “at first he seemed shocked but admitted to his attraction”.


The kicker to her tale was the remark at the end.

“For a while I was scared. I thought he had a thing for you.” she cackled. “I don’t know why I was worried. After all you’re a foreigner.” Of course your face showed your offense but she quickly added bullshit about the language barrier between you and him.

You held your tongue for the night, knowing it was better to keep some choice words in your head.

He had avoided you well for a whole year.

It wasn’t until they announced their engagement that he even spoke two words to you: “Pardon me.”

And that was it. Two words hastily said as he passed you and another 7 months of not seeing him and suffering through wedding plans.

Now here you were, enduring more of Hei’s criticism just hours before she married the man you loved.



Hei finally reached the point where she was tired of insulting you, sending you away to have your makeup done.

“Excuse me.” Someone called to you in the swarm of people. You noticed one of the caterers trying to get your attention. ‘Yes?”

“Ms.Mei’s mother requests you in the garden.”

You nodded before thanking the woman and rushing off. You knew if you kept Mrs. Choi waiting there would be hell to pay.

The Choi family garden was an awe inspiring place. However the foliage was tall and for unfamiliar visitors it was somewhat of a maze. It took a while for you to find your way around when you were younger but now you could find the dandelions without even turning at the roses with your eyes closed.

Wandering further in after no sight of Mrs. Choi, you reached the center of the garden.

All that stood was the fountain.

As you admired the structure you felt someone’s hand on your shoulder. Naturally, you were frightened and jumped before turning to see Taehyung.


He was all decked out in his blue accented tuxedo. “To match the blue in my bouquet” Hei had told you.

“Wh-” You went silent when his hand stroked your cheek. Your confusion partially melted as you leaned into his hand, tears pricking your eyes for no particular reason.

“I am so sorry.”

And just like that his hand was pulling away and he was disappearing behind one of hedge walls leading back to where his limo was waiting.

Well that was anticlimactic.


“I believe we’re ready.” Mrs. Choi announced, clapping her hands to gather the bridal party for a picture.

The other bridesmaids forced smiles the same way you did. All questioning how they even began to tolerate her. Which you always found funny because a few of them were stuck up and rich just as she was but even they couldn’t stand the woman.

After the picture, her mother ushered you all into the white limo. As you climbed in last you saw her mother send you a look.

Though you weren’t sure what it was you were terrified because the main emotions you had seen the woman express over the years were fury and drunken happiness. She wasn’t drunk, yet, just a little “warm” from the flask she kept in her clutch so you assumed the strange look was building anger that was for some reason directed at you.

You looked away and slid in next to Hei.

Despite the morning of Bridezilla anger, she smiled at you with childish glee as she squeezed your hand.

An easy moment in a friendship of struggles.


“Look, sir.” you said through gritted teeth, accenting sir. “If I don’t get a drink now I will set this whole place on fi-”



You turned, ready to death glare the caller until they burst into flames but you relaxed at the sight of Jimin and Jungkook.

Jimin was Taehyung’s best friend and Best man. He was always the one at Tae’s side trying not to flick Hei in the mouth.

“Guys, shouldn’t you be in prepping?”

Jungkook snapped his fingers and the bartender poured him a glass of Bourbon. Your glare to the bartender was cut when Jimin grabbed your arm. “Shouldn’t you be stopping this damn wedding?”

“Hyung.” Jungkook said, not stopping the glass from coming to his mouth.

The older man sighed. “Fine. Taehyung is getting cold feet. Personally I think you should run away with him-”

Jungkook cleared his throat.

“BUT” Jimin continued, eyeing the maknae. “We don’t know where he is.”

“How do you know he has cold feet if you don’t even know where he is?” you asked, taking Jungkook’s drink and downing the rest in one strong go.

Jungkook took the empty glass from you. “Because it’s Taehyung.”

You nodded, knowing that was a perfectly valid reason.

When things became too much in reality, Tae preferred to be by himself and try to find some sort of grip on it. When there were no cartoons around of course.

You were about to ask what they expected you to do about it but they walked away. You shot the bartender a pleading look for more alcohol but he simply turned away.

Groaning internally, you went to find the missing groom.


“Kim Taehyung” You whisper yelled. Finding him before anyone else noticed was priority but you didn’t think you should be doing so. Frankly neither would Hei.

At the giving up point you sighed, about to turn around when someone pulled your hand into a room.

Pushing roughly in the direction of your attacker you almost yelled. “This is not a good day for me so unless you’re ready to get your ass whooped-”


His soft voice immediately calmed you. And confused you. And made heated nerves rise.

“Taehyung, you’re supposed to be with Jimin and Jungkook.”

He turned away from you, unsure of how to approach what he was about to do. You took the opportunity to look around the room.

It was much smaller than the others. Obviously a prep room. The building was filled with them. Huge rooms for ceremonies and smaller rooms for getting ready.

“Don’t make me do it.” he was facing you again.

You shook your head. “Taehyung, you did this when you proposed.”

At this he scrunched his face and pushed away from the wall in frustration. Like there was something he needed to say but couldn’t. “You don’t understand.”

“Understand what?” You stepped closer to him. “I need to know so I can help and you can go. I’m pretty sure you should be at the altar by now.”

“No!” he shouted, causing you to shrink away from him. He noticed, backing away as well. “This isn’t what I want.”

Crossing your arms with mounting frustration, you ask. “What do you want then?”

As if some desperate cliche response, he takes a large step toward you and pulls your face to his, connecting your lips.

The feel of his lips on yours had you giving an instantaneous response, falling into sync with his so easily. Almost as if hadn’t been nearly two years since you had last felt them.

After a second you remembered what was happening soon just outside the door and tried to pull back but his hands kept you to him. His fingers sliding back to feel your smoothed back hair under his fingertips.

After a moment more he pulled back, breathing as heavily as you. Your hands never left his sides as they turned into fists, grasping more of his dress shirt in your hold.

You looked to search his face and he was already doing the same with a forlorn expression.

You weren’t sure if what he was feeling was what you were hoping he was but there was no time to read into it.

He moved back, pulling off his jacket, intensely staring at you. He threw it to the side before approaching you again. His desperation working in his quick movements.

Everything in you was screaming to continue despite the voice way in the back whispering promises regret.

It didn’t matter. Your mind was made a long time ago.

It was obvious by the speed of four hands that neither of you were wasting time. Years of wanting this made goosebumps rise on your arms and you could feel his rapid heartbeat against your own chest as he brought you flush against him to grasp your ass with his lips to your neck.

He mumbled something against your skin that you didn’t catch before pulling up your dress. His hands squeezed at your waist, fabric resting on top of them. Feeling his hands gripping your skin was nice but it wasn’t what you needed.

Squeezing your hands between your bodies, you popped his trouser button. He moved back a bit to give you space as he smoothed his fingers across the hem of your panties.

You unzipped his pants, pulling the dress shirt out of the way and reaching into his blue boxers to pull him from his pants. His cock was already hard but you smirked and headily smoothed your thumb over the tip. He shuttered, eyes closing and grip returning tightly to your hips. “This isn’t how I imagined this happening anyway so please no teasing.”

Nothing would have excited you more than Taehyung begging for you but you knew you weren’t going to be able to keep that up long. You moved your thumb away to pump instead and leave a kiss on his neck. He took the hint, running a finger down across your covered slit.

You barely let out a breath before he moved your panties to the side. His knee went between your legs to push them further apart as he moved your hand away from his length. Replacing it with his hand to guide himself to your entrance, he locked eyes with you. You stared back, letting out a light gasp as he ran his tip over your clit. Though the situation was…less than ideal and more rushed than either of you would have preferred, his stare was something more than hungry lust. Taehyung’s gaze had you entranced until he began to slide into you. His nails dug into your skin. “Did you stay this tight for me?” he asked lowly.

You gripped his shoulders and nodded. “I didn’t want anyone else. I still don’t.”

He had no set pace, trying to gather his restraint. “Did you see anyone else?”

You whimpered at his ever changing thrusts.

“Amisha.” a demanding tone accompanying a snap of his hips that sent a cry tumbling from your lips. “Yes!”

A rough hand came to lift your thigh as he sped up. He pushed himself into you more, leaning his forehead to rest against the wall behind you. “Did you think of me while they did their best to please you?” His free hand found its way under the fallen side of your dress to rub your clit. “Did you think about how much better I could fuck you? Make love to you?” he whispered almost possessively in your ear. His tone no longer reflected his movements. Slowing down, he moved his face back to look at you again before softly meeting your lips. Gentle passion guiding his lips. You parted your lips for more but he pulled away. “Please.” you begged.

Another pace change coming as he thrust quickly. You didn’t fight to contain your moans, mixing curses and “Taehyung, more” into your loud cries.

Your hands slid up to his neck, your finger tips running over the hairs at the nape of his neck. An obvious fire built quickly in your stomach as he continued to rub your clit while his cock never let up.

His high came first as his hand on your thigh lifted higher for a deep thrust. His deep voice emptied breathy profanities into your ear. He continued to move, knowing you were on the edge. It didn’t take much more. His finger flicked your clit before gripping the upper part of your other thigh. “I feel you, baby. It’s ok to let go.” his words aided the feeling. His lips crashed against yours once more while you clenched around him before your mouth was falling open to cry out his name. The waves of satisfaction jerking involuntarily as he allowed you to ride out your high. It became too much and your hand gently pushed at his hips. He pulled out and stepped back, eyes admiring your fatigued form as he readjusted himself.

It wasn’t long until guilt took over. You turned away from him to fix your underwear and straighten your dress. “We, uh, we should get to the main hall. You need to be at the altar before she can throw a tantrum.”

His face dropped and eyebrows furrowed in confusion, face overall hurt. “What do you mean? You want me to marry someone else? Even after what we just did?”

“What we just did was betray someone.”

“She betrayed you first!” he semi yelled back. “Now you want to go in front of all those people and lie?”

You caught something he said“How did she be-”
There was a knock. “Taehyung?”


Eyes not leaving you, still shocked, he answered. “I’m coming.”

Without another word, he left. Still not looking away until he was out the door.


After pulling the make up artist to the side for a touch up, you got into line next to Jimin. He glanced at you with a knowing look but overall frown. You knew what he was thinking but looking ahead.

The moment you heard the music begin it was as if your heart was being squeezed so tight you couldn’t breathe. Jimin sensed this, whispering a soft “It’s alright.”

If someone heard him they would have guessed it was from nerves but you knew by the sound of his voice that he meant something else. You glanced over to him, seeing a smile smile sitting on his subtly makeuped face.

When it was your turn to walk you held Jimin’s arm tightly. As you split to stand on the opposite side of the groomsmen you tried to calm yourself. You looked up and met Tae’s eyes for the split second before the organ began with ‘Here comes the bride’.

The whole ceremony was a eye stinging blur. Until the question was asked.

You knew it was coming and your eyes shifted to Jimin. His eyes were urging you to act.

“-Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Gripping the bouquet tighter your breathing picked up. You watched Jimin’s eyes widen at you as if he were ready to scream.

Everyone tensed.

You glanced out at the guests, all waiting to see if something dramatic would happen. You looked down to prepare for the ‘I Do’s.

“Then if no one objects-” You noticed her mother breath a sigh of relief from the corner of your eye.

Until… “Really?”

Everyone’s head snapped to the bride. You couldn’t see her face but you recognized that tone.

She was annoyed. That she is getting married?

Your expression mirrored everyone else’s.

“You would really go through with this?” her voice was momentarily softer. She spun around and locked eyes with your wide ones. “What are you doing?” Confusion stared back at her. “You missed the ‘if anyone objects part!”


She sighed, shoulders sagging. Carefully lifting her overly puffed out dress, she stepped down to stand face to face. “I have done some terrible things to you and said more insensitive things than anyone else has been able to tolerate without being completely fake.” she shook her head, seemingly thinking back on all the terrible things she had done to you. “Yet you are still my friend. The best friend I’ve got. I don’t know know how but you are still with me.”

“Hei.” you begin, still so confused.

“I can’t do this to you.” her eyes are glassy now. She turns to the attentive guests. “I’m sorry for leading everyone on but I can’t do this. My mother pressed me constantly to marry someone. Someone good looking and sweet to make our family look even better. To please her and avoid her disowning me, I pressured Taehyung into being with me but I can’t. My family is far from fine and I can’t fix those cracks in our image by betrayal.” She glanced down at her surprised and furious mother. “I didn’t make those cracks, Mother. I don’t have to cover them.”

She shot the woman a disgusted look before pulling you over to Taehyung. “I ruined a perfectly good relationship but now I want to fix it.” She took your mock bouquet to slide hers into your hand. You stared incredulously at the beautiful purple bouquet with it’s lone yellow flower in the middle as you fought back tears.

“NO!” her mother shot up from her seat. “I paid for this wedding and I won’t allow them to use my money!”

“Actually it’s my money.” Hei’s father said, walking over to his crazed wife. “And I say they can do as they please.”

Her eyes widened. “Honey what’s mine is yours.”

“Not anymore.” she stepped back. “It never had been.”

Humiliated she fled the ceremony hall. Hei’s father turned to face the three of you. “Would you like to continue?”

You looked from him to Hei’s encouraging smile to Taehyung.

He held both of your hands, smiling sweetly. “I still love you as much as I did before if not more. I want to do this if you do.”

Your mind went into overdrive. Though you felt somewhat rushed, wondering if you needed more time to be with him, you thought back to all the sneaked kisses and late nights at his home goofing around or listening to music all night. Something said no but your heart took over your lips to say “Yes.”

Everyone rejoiced and Hei took your former spot as the ceremony continued.

“We should honeymoon near Donghwasa.” he whispered as you waved from the limo. You stopped and looked back at him, staring for a moment before smiling.

Love can begin at anytime but it never stops.


“Imagine: Audrey invites you on a surprise date by the lake and is surprisingly nervous.” [thanks to audreyjensen76 for the idea!]

Inspired by Leather Jacket by the Arkells

warnings: please note this has somewhat detailed sexual content and ya’ll have made me a sinner. how does it feel to corrupt your friendly neighbourhood ace?? :D

[i do not own the gif above]


The text came while you were brushing you teeth, almost ready for bed. It was Audrey, as usual, except this time she had a very odd request. Why did she want you to meet her down by the Oak Lake? You hadn’t been there since your cousin had taken you fishing once when you were ten. 

It was a popular place for students to hook up or do drugs a few years ago that you knew of, but you hadn’t heard of anyone actually going down there in a long time. In fact, you were almost worried that someone had stolen Audrey’s phone and was trying to pull a prank on you. 

You texted her back and told her you would just be a moment to get ready, deciding to trust that Audrey had a good reason to want to go down to the lake. It sounded like it was supposed to be a surprise by the short text, so you changed out of your pyjamas and into shorts and a pretty blouse you had gotten for Christmas. The air was warm but not suffocating, allowing you to wear the outfit without being attacked by the weather.

It was only a fifteen minute drive there with the radio keeping you company. You pulled into a small dirt parking lot by the lake where you saw Audrey’s vehicle parked. Hopping out of your car, you noticed that she was just sitting patiently, doing nothing. You were surprised to see she that she wasn’t even using her phone to pass the time. 

Was anything wrong?

You walked towards her and when you opened the passenger door, her head jerked up in surprise. You hadn’t meant to startle her but at least she didn’t look upset. 

“Hey, Auds. Fancy meeting you here in the dead of night,” you joked while curling up in the seat, facing her with a smile. 

“Very funny, Y/N,” she said with a strained voice, though seemingly attempting to sound amused. 

She pursed her lips as she searched for the right music on the radio station. Your lips instantly spread into a smile as you watched her deep concentration and the way her hair bounced slightly as she moved her head. You could tell she was trying to stay calm in your presence but was secretly nervous. The fact that she was trying to hide it was adorable. 

“Are you going to tell me why you brought me out here in the middle of the night for this secret rendezvous?” Your tone was teasing but that seemed to do nothing to ease Audrey’s nerves. 

She finally picked a radio station and put it on low, letting the soft rock music fill the car. 

“Can’t a girl just want to surprise her girlfriend?” 

You nodded thoughtfully and reached for her hand, hoping to calm her nerves a bit. It was endearing to see her so nervous but you still wanted her to know that there was nothing to be nervous about. She pulled her hand away from you and your lips formed an ‘o’. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted to grab this,” she said apologetically while reaching into the back behind her and grabbing a shopping bag. It looked quite heavy and when you curiously glanced into the bag you raised an eyebrow. 

It was full of coolers and junk food? Your night was looking a whole lot better. 

“I know you’re a fan of peach coolers and I brought your favourite chocolates as well. I just wanted you to know how much you’ve helped me this year. Ever since Rachel, I’d been a ghost of who I once was. I changed and not for the better. And yet when I met you, I became something better. Someone better than who I used to be.”

Your throat felt thick with emotion and you just blinked at her, unknowingly holding back tears. Audrey reached up wiped a single tear from under your eye and then leaned back in her seat. She stared straight ahead and was obviously trying to regulate her breathing. 

It had taken her a lot to admit that to you. 

“I don’t think anybody has ever said anything like that to me before,” you said in a low whisper. “You have no idea how much that means to me.”

She turned her head towards you with a smile and you swore she was blushing. Had you ever seen Audrey blush before? You had a strong desire to reach for your phone and snap a picture despite the dark sky. 

“I was thinking we could sit by the lake and just see where things go,” she whispered back. You nodded and the two of you exited the car, her carrying the bag full of goodies. 

She seemed less nervous after admitting her feelings towards you which made it easier for you to snuggle close to her once sitting. You fit perfectly next to her, your head resting in the crook of her shoulder. Some days it felt like Audrey was made for you, no matter how cheesy that sounded in your head. 

“I can’t believe you bought me coolers,” you choked out between laughs, realizing how absurd it was once she handed you a can. “I thought you hated this ‘prissy alcohol’,” you quoted. 

She scoffed and opened a can for herself anyways, taking a long sip like she was trying to prove you wrong. “It’s not that bad,” she argued. 

“Well I’m not the person you need to convince. Obviously I’m the one who loves them.” You drank the entire can of sickly sweet peach liquid in under five minutes. You had an addiction to sugar, but especially sugar mixed with alcohol, no matter how small the amount. 

Three cans later, you were feeling the alcohol begin to affect you in small ways. Sure, you’d have to drink two packs of four to actually get smashed, but three was sure enough for you. Audrey only drank one, presumably because she was driving home and also because she definitely hated them. 

“Everything feels great,” you commented while studying different ripples and movement in the water. It was a peaceful area surrounded by trees and covered in moss, protecting the small area like barriers. 

“Y/N? Can I ask you something that might come out as a little bit awkward?”

You pulled back from her shoulder and wrapped your arms around your knees that were drawn to your chest. “You can always tell me or ask me anything, don’t be silly Audrey.” 

She nodded and lightly chewed on her lip, clearly conflicted again about what to say. You wanted to tell her, again, that there was nothing she could say that would make you upset but she already knew that. You decided to just give her a moment to collect her thoughts. 

“We’ve been together for a year now, and I know we both agreed on waiting for anything serious because of everything that has happened in the past. I was always so scared I’d wake up one day and lose you. But I’m not anymore and I’m ready to be with you like I wasn’t before.”

If her soft, passionate tone wasn’t enough to make your heartbeat speed up, the way she licked her lips certainly was. Audrey had a habit of turning you on with one look, but you had always kept your thoughts under control by taking care of things yourself once you got home from dates. It was becoming a guilty habit of yours to think about her while you were alone so that you wouldn’t have to talk about sex face to face. 

Though if you were hearing her right, then you wouldn’t be going home and imagining her body against yours. 

“Would you like to be more specific,” you taunted lightly. You could tell Audrey was trying to stop herself from smiling and stay serious, but she was failing miserably. 

“Well, I guess I was a little vague…” She pushed her bangs out of her eyes and appeared to be in deep thought. “Maybe we could start with buying a place together considering we’re going to the same college next year. I suppose then we could think about where we want to live after school. Would you want to move to a different country, perhaps? And then one day I’d be the one to get down on one knee, and ask in the most passionate way possible, ‘Would you–”

“Take me by the lake?” you interrupted calmly. Audrey’s head jerked back to you and she completely lost all seriousness, letting out a gasping laugh. You began to laugh as well before grabbing her hand and kissing it affectionately. 

“I love you,” she said, sobering slightly to say the impactful words you had never heard her say. Those words were not what you had expected to hear that night. Who knew that begrudgingly forcing yourself to meet her at the lake instead of sleeping would lead to Audrey confessing her love for you? 

Perhaps you had known she loved you, but the way she said them out loud made your entire body hum with happiness. 

“I love you too.”

And then she was finally calm, every nerve released from her body so visibly that you could have sworn you saw her nerves floating away. That was what she had been so nervous about and you hadn’t clued into it. 

You pushed her gently against the elevated ground, her hair falling over her green eyes that were illuminated by the moonlight. It was a breathtaking setting to be apart of, but you couldn’t be more thankful that Audrey was apart of it too. You took a moment to appreciate the memorizing sight beneath you; your girlfriend perfectly calm and beautiful you. 

You wanted your hands to explore every part of her body and never have to leave the little piece of heaven by the lake. 

Your hand grazed the hem of her shirt and you looked up at Audrey questioningly. She nodded and she shrugged out of her jacket before you tugged her shirt over her head. The jacket was like a blanket beneath her and you couldn’t help but smile at the realization that you were going to have sex on her damn leather jacket. Not that you had ever fantasized such a thing.

You tugged down on her simple black bra, having no time to fumble with claps, and gingerly touched her skin, cupping the warm swell of her breast. She fit perfectly in your hand as your thumb skimmed her hardening nipple, earning you a sharp intake of breath. Her skin was as soft as flower petals and just as mesmorizing too. Audrey was hardly a patient person though, her hands grabbing your waist with a sly smile on her lips. 

“May I?” Her voice was low and the words came out in a rumble that resembled thunder. Her fingers were playing with the waistband of your shorts and you held your breath while nodding a little too enthusiastically. It was a pure feeling, watching her so willing to give you pleasure. 

She sat up effortlessly and your knees settled on either side of her thighs. As her hand slipped further down the front of your shorts, you shivered in anticipation.

Her grazed the damp fabric of your underwear and pushed it the side with two fingers. “Your shirt,” she said, the words coming out more like a demand than a suggestion. 

You pulled your shirt off in a singular motion just as her fingers swept through the wet folds at the centre between your legs. Your back arched and Audrey took the reaction as an invitation for her to put her lips on your skin. Her lips pressed against your ribs and kissed your body gently. You fingers became tangled in her hair as she focused on swirling her fingers in a circular motions, teasing you. 

Please,” you begged in a breathy whisper. You could just imagine the smirk on her lips as she realized the absolute control she had over you. 

Just when you managed to catch your breath, she slipped a finger inside of you while gently biting your skin. You gasped loudly and tugged on her hair, not minding whether or not it hurt her. She certainly had it coming. She inserted another finger and moved both of them in and out slowly. The motion was tantalizingly slow and frankly, mocking. She was trying to frustrate you.

“Is it more fun when I’m the one inside of you?” It was another thunderous rumble of words that matched perfectly with the hammering heartbeat in your chest and the lightening of thoughts in your mind. 

What had she said? Oh, fuck. “How did you know?”

“You told me once when you were drunk how much you love–” She was cut off by the moan that was released from your lips. Her voice seemed to make everything more excruciatingly vivid. You heard, felt and saw every single detail so clearly that it felt as thought your mind was never going to stop spinning. 

“I love you,” you promised with a hint of guilt. 

Her free hand slipped under your bra, palming your breast and humming in appreciation. There was a short moment where she just stopped. “You are the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt in my life,” she swore soothingly. 

Oh,” you whispered while her fingers continued to glide in circles, rubbing agonizingly slow. You tugged on her hair again and she laughed almost breathlessly. Her hand squeezed your breast in a gently way and you felt electrified, like every cell of your being had been waiting to feel her skin against yours. 

She finally gave into your body’s pleas, curling her fingers in a beckoning motion in just the right spot. You came gasping her name, your thighs tightening around her and your body completely void of a single rational thought. 

That was what heaven felt like. 

You watched her carefully with half lidded eyes, your pupils blown. She pulled her hand from your shorts and licked her fingers clean without any hesitation. Watching the pure adoration written across her face was poetry as she placed a soft kiss on your lips and smiled. 

You wanted to frame the look she gave you; it as though she had experienced the best thing in the world when she had been giving you pleasure. Knowing the incredible feeling she had given you with just her fingers and lips, you found the energy and confidence to say just two words. 

My turn.”


NOTE: Another reminder that I haven’t even romantically held a person’s hand so do not freak out at me for how pathetically terrible this was. Also, listening to Sex Yeah by Marina and the Diamonds doesn’t help apparently?? I want a refund.

anonymous asked:

could you maybe write a drabble or maybe someday a fanfiction about after httyd 3 the children of the gang discovering the secret but beautiful hideout of the dragons that desappeared incluiding the alpha toothless and the daughter of hiccup recognizing him but all the other dragons being wary of the human intruders? thanks!

could you write a drabble or fanfiction about (years after httyd 3) the gangs children discovering the secret hideout of the disappeard dragons and their alpha? thanks! 

Thanks exceedingly for the request!!! I’ve finally got some inspiration for what to write, so here it is. I’d like to polish this into something a bit more exciting and intriguing later, so I’ll keep you tuned! Thank you so much for your request and for your patience.

Crazily enough, an idea somewhat like this has actually been forming in my head already for months, though in a different time period with a later generation. So maybe someday I’ll actually get to making this longer and calling it by the title “Great-Grandfather’s Dragons.” I’ll let you know if that longer fic ever happens.

But this version of the story, in a little unpolished drabble, is just with the children of Hiccup, Astrid, Ruffnut, Eret, Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Gustav. Hope it works for you. Thank YOU for the rest and have a wonderful day. <3

They never knew to whence the dragons had gone. Never had any idea to where they disappeared. Not even a direction. Not north. South. East. West. Near or far, off the edge of the map, close to the Barbaric Archipelago… they never knew. Not even the Great Chief Hiccup Haddock the Third knew. Or so legend said. When the dragons vanished, they vanished… entirely.

Of course. That was the entire intention: to vanish. In order to protect the dragons, every single human being had had to let the creatures go to resettle in the wild, leaving Viking civilization behind completely.

Yet while the dragons physically departed Berk, they never departed the Hooligan’s minds. The Vikings of Berk continued to commemorate the species. Wood-carved dragon heads guarded doorways; banners of Scauldrons and Thunderdrums lined the Great Hall; and stories were told. 

Oh yes, yes. Stories were always told.

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Request: “You dated Chuck back from when he was ‘just a writer’ up until he disappeared to be God. Amara uses you to bait Chuck - knowing you were his true love. Angst, fluff, ‘My love for you surpasses that of my archangels.’ FEELS?!” Your wish is my command, @markandjackaremysuperheros!

Pairing: God!Chuck Shurley x Reader

Warnings: ALL THE FUCKING ANGST, SWEARING (as expected), out-of-character Amara (idk how to write her), really bad writing because I don’t know what the fuck am I writing at the end there 

A/N: The title is called Mercy because of this one song called Mercy by Shawn Mendes, check it out! OH. By the way, I may have stolen (borrowed…?) a bit of @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll‘s Consequences (which I am massively in love with still) for inspiration because the setting was so strikingly similar to the request, so you can check that steamy one as well! 

Originally posted by marilynmay

^by the way, isn’t this like, an amazing entrance by Amara, like ugh

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helenrenee  asked:

I just went through your recent posts and I would like to request a few doodles/drawings that somewhat go with these ideas(of course you don't have to draw them if you don't want to or don't have inspiration): [A platonic Soulmate color blind till you see them Au for Reborn and Tsuna] [Tsuna sleeping on Reborn] [Leon on reborn's hat] [Natsu snuggling with Leon]

All Cats Are The Same

this here is a man that loves his pet…. a lot…..

i’m holding off on the platonic soulmate thing bc i have An Idea but it’s probably gonna take a while ‘v’

“You deserve so much more than this.”

Request: Can u plz write an imagine with the reader and Thomas sangster, were the the reader has a broken family. The reader and Thomas are best friend and live near each other . Every time the readers mum comes home drunk and hurts her , the reader goes over to Thomas’s house and she stays the night with him , he comforts her and be’s all cute n stuff … (There was more, this is the basic gist) leahharley I hope you like it!!

A/N: I posted this last night, but either it sucked or it got swallowed by all the attention from tst trailer (AHHHHHHHH) but either way I edited it somewhat and I’m posting it again now. I know i haven’t posted in like 8 million years I’m so sorry I’m horrible, I just kinda lost confidence and inspiration, butttt I’m back! I haven’t forgotten about any of my requests, I WILL get to them all! Enjoy!

Warning: Possible triggers?? idk bottom line there’s some physical abuse in here

“(Y/N)!” You hear your mother’s voice angrily screech.

Instantly, your body fills with dread. Throughout the years of screaming, drinking, and abuse, you can tell simply by this one word that your mother is blackout drunk and you’re about to get it. While you had done everything she had asked you to do and more, there was no pleasing her when she was like this. There simply wasn’t a point in trying.

She stumbles into the room, and you shrink into the couch, trying to get as far away from her as possible.

“Answer me when I’m talking to you!” She slurs, pure rage filling her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you,” You lie. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?!” She shrieks. “I asked you to clean the kitchen and, as always, you refuse to listen to me!”

“I did clean the kitchen, Mom! It’s spotless!”

“Lying right to my face, you’re out of control!”

“Yeah, I’m the one out of control.” You mutter to yourself, but you instantly regret it.

Excuse me?!”

She lashes out and slaps you hard across the face. You’re hand instantly flies to cup your cheek and you grit your teeth at the awful stinging pain. The overpowering rage in her face was so terrifying, that it was almost comicalyou would never think someone would be that upset over the state of their kitchen. She must have seen the hint of amusement in your eyes for she roughly yanks you by the shirt and throws you to the ground, skinning your bare knees on the wood floors.

“Don’t you ever talk back to me again!” She screams, spittle flying from her mouth – you can’t help but wrinkle your nose in disgust.

“You smug little bitch! When will you learn?!” Her fist lashes out and connects with your nose, thankfully not hard enough to make it bleed, but hard enough to make tears spring into your eyes. Then, horrible, horrible things start flying out of her mouth. Things you should never have to hear from anyone – let alone your own mother.  

“You worthless piece of trash! You’re the reason your father and I got divorced! The reason why your sister left and never came back! You ruined all of our lives, everyone would be way better off without you!”

The list went on and on, and your mouth hangs open, each word like rubbing salt into a festering wound. After she’s finally done and stumbles off to her room, you sit on the same spot on the floor, unable to move a muscle.

Eventually, the tears come and that’s when you’re finally able to move and breathe again. You know you can’t stay in that house any longer, and thankfully you don’t even have to hesitate on where to go. You grab your backpack off the kitchen table, probably the “mess” that caused this problem in the first place, and you walk out the door, feeling to numb and sad to do anything but put one foot in front of the other. The brisk air bites at your skin, but your way too dazed for the cold to faze you. You walk down the street to the familiar apartment complex, basically your second home, and knock on the door of your best friend’s flat.

Thomas answers the door seconds later, knowing there was only one reason anyone would be knocking on his door this late at night.

“(Y/N)!” He says, clearly concerned. “You’re not even wearing a coat, you must be freezing!”

He pulls you inside and immediately pulls you into him, hugging you for comfort and rubbing your arms to bring some warmth into them. When he finally pulls back to look at your face, he gently brushes his thumb over your injured cheek, pain filling his eyes.

“You don’t deserve this. You’re so special (Y/N), you deserve so much more than this.”

This brings on the tears once more, and he brings you in for another hug.

“Maybe she’s right, Thomas.” You sob. “Everyone in my family just up and left me with her. If I was so special they would’ve taken me with them. Gotten me out of that hell hole. Maybe I do deserve to live with her. Maybe I am worthless.”

He tips his finger under your chin, forcing you to look into his eyes. “(Y/N), don’t you go believing that for one second. You’re my best friend and I wouldn’t trade you for the world. I know hearing that every day from her must drill it into your head, but for every time she tells you that, I’ll tell you five more times how amazing you are. I don’t know why your family just deserted you, probably just because they’re selfish assholes, but I know for a fact it wasn’t because they think you’re worthless. Because you’re you and you are the farthest thing from worthless. You’re going to do amazing things, (Y/N), I know it.

You feel some of the pain melt away at his kind words and you can’t help but embrace him once more.

“You’re my favorite person in the entire world, you know that, right?”

He looks down at you with a smile, “Yeah well, you’re my favorite person in the entire universe.”

You smile weakly, “Guess there’s no topping that, is there?”

He chuckles and places a kiss to your forehead before he disappears into the kitchen and emerges with the ice pack he keeps at the ready for you. Sadly this wouldn’t be the first or last time you had come to his flat with injuries in need of ice. He gently presses the pack to your cheek and you wince at the cold mixed with the dull pain from the wound.

“Sorry,” He murmurs.

You try to smile, “It’s not your fault.”  

It’s late, nearing 2 AM, and you want nothing more than to fall asleep, but you both know from past experience that you had to ice for at least 20 minutes to prevent an awful bruise.

You keep the pack pressed to your cheek as you both go out into the living room. He wraps himself in his blanket, sits on the couch, and opens his arms to you so you can share the blanket and body warmth. You don’t hesitate to snuggle in with him, your good cheek resting against his warm chest and the ice one facing out, totally numb with cold. You try talking to him, but soon you find your eyes glued shut and Thomas comfortingly rubbing your back is not helping – you find yourself slowly drifting in and out of consciousness. The last thing you remember was your hand falling from the pack, and Thomas’s hand quickly moving to hold it for you before darkness consumed you for the night.


You’re eyes shoot open the next morning and judging by the light streaming in through the windows you know you’re both super late. Falling asleep on Thomas’s couch meant both of you had forgotten to set alarms for school.

“Thomas! Wake up we have to go!”

His eyes dart open and once he realizes the time, he’s wide awake as well, running all over trying to get ready.

These impromptu overnight stays at Thomas’s flat were so frequent, there was a drawer of his dresser dedicated to clothes that were yours. You pull it open and find a pair of jeans and a fitted blue t-shirt, simple, but it would work just fine. You quickly brush out your bedhead and are ready to go – the fifteen minutes you had to get ready simply weren’t enough to do much else.

Thomas brushes his fingers against your cheek as you emerge from the bathroom, “No bruise?”

You nod, “No bruise.”

He hoists his backpack onto his shoulder and hands you yours along with a breakfast bar, “Guess we best be off then.”

The school day is agonizingly long and boring and you can’t wait to get home – a feeling you only felt on Fridays. On Fridays your mom would go out and not be back until the wee hours of the morning, meaning Thomas often came over to hang out and keep you company. You anticipate it all day, and when the final bell finally rings, you rush to meet him at his locker. He laughs at your out of breath appearance as you approach.

“Someone’s in a hurry, huh?”

“Hey, you can never get out of here quick enough.”

The two of you walk through your front door and immediately start your typical Friday night activities. You always order pizza from Dominos, eat it whilst constantly cracking each other up, and somehow always end up making fun of some cheesy movie on Netflix. Friday nights with Thomas were almost like an escape from reality. For one night a week you got to forget your troubles and just hang out with your best friend.

You look at him laughing from across the table with a slice of pizza in his hand, the moment almost in slow motion for you, and your heart swells with love and appreciation. He was the only person in your life who had always been there for you, no matter what. In a perfect life, you know you might be lovers, but right here with everything you were going through, simply being best friends was perfect for both of you.

By the time you’re both done eating and wind down enough to start a movie, it’s nearing ten o’ clock at night. You usually wouldn’t start that late, but due to the awfulness of the previous night, you were more in the mood to talk and laugh with him to lift your spirits.

You both sit on your couch and you flip through the movie options, Thomas insisting that you pick. Instead of picking a cheesy comedy as per usual, you choose What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, a classic and one of your all-time favorite movies. You both get under a blanket and you snuggle into his side, engaging yourselves in the film.

When the movie is about 45 minutes in, you hear the front door burst open and you jump out of your skin, your blood running cold. There wasn’t even time to move apart before your mom busts into the room – clearly drunk with a beer in hand.

“What the hell is going on here?!” She demands. You can feel Thomas’s whole body stiffen beside you.

“Nothing, mom, we’re just watching a movie, he–”

“You disgusting slut!” She screams, “You think just because I’m not around you can just sneak boys in here and have sex on my couch?!”

“Mom, please listen, we’re not–”

“I don’t want to hear any more of your lies!” Her eyes are wild, she looks almost insane with fury.

You feel mortified. You were at a point where you were almost used to this, but Thomas … Thomas had never seen this before. He could only imagine what it was like from the things you told him.

“I don’t know what kind of low-life would be wanting to sleep around with my daughter, but–”

You shoot to your feet, anger surging through your veins, “He’s not a low-life! You need to get out of here, now!”

Her eyes flare up again, and the beer bottle she had been holding whizzes past your ear and slams against the wall. It had been inches from smashing into your face – severely injuring or possibly even killing you.

“What have I told you about talking back to me?!”

She starts picking up everything around her and throwing it at you, books, pictures, cups, etc. At this, a previously frozen Thomas leaps into action, not hesitating to jump in front of you to shield you from getting hit.

“If you don’t stop this, I’m going to have no choice but to call the police!” He shouts, batting away the flying objects.

This was enough to make her freeze. “You wouldn’t dare.” She sneers. “(Y/N) would have no place to go.”

“You see, that’s where you’re wrong. My flat is more of a welcome home to her than this place will ever be. Clearly, you’re too intoxicated to realize what a spectacular daughter you have here. You don’t realize how you would fall apart without her here to clean your house and cook your food for you. I doubt you could even make it on your own.”

“How dare you talk to me like that!” She screeches, raising her hand to strike him. But Thomas is too quick, and he catches her wrist before she is able to do anything. He pins her arms behind her back and forces her down on the couch.

Realizing that she is beat, she looks up at you, tears welling in her bloodshot eyes, “Don’t go,” She whimpers. “(Y/N), please don’t leave me.” Her pathetic eyes never left yours, hoping to get some sympathy, but you’re surprised to find that none comes.

“Let’s go, Thomas.” His hand goes to the small of your back as he guides you out of the room and then onto the street.

The tears don’t hit you until you’re on the street halfway to his flat, and he doesn’t hesitate to pull you into his chest.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe that just happened, I can’t believe you had to see that,” You sob.

He pulls back from your embrace to look you in the eyes, “Don’t ever feel like you have to apologize for her, (Y/N). That’s wasn’t you in there and that definitely wasn’t your decision, you have no reason to apologize. Don’t worry about me, I’m more concerned about you.”

“I’m so scared, Thomas. What is something happens to her? What if she dies because she can’t take care of herself? She wasn’t always like this, she was good at some point. She doesn’t deserve to die like that. Regardless of how horrible she is now, she’s still my mom, you know?”

“Whatever happens to her, it’s not your fault. You’re still a teenager in school, you don’t deserve to have the burden of taking care of her. She’s your mother and she was supposed to be taking care of you, which clearly she couldn’t handle. If you stay with me, you don’t have to dread coming home because you’ll know you’re always going to be welcome, and more importantly safe. It will be like Friday nights every night,” He says, a small smile as he tries to cheer you up, “and if it makes you feel better, we can check up on her every now and then . . . together.”

You hug him tightly, tears welling up in your eyes again. “Thank you. For Everything. I love you.”

He kisses your forehead as you break apart, “I love you too.”

You then start again towards his flat, his arm protectively around your shoulders, ready to begin your new life.

knbaes-n-bakas  asked:

Ssssssseeeenpaaaaiiiiiissss!!! First off, I freaking love your writing styles! Second, you guys are one of the blogs that have inspired me to create my own scenario blog so I thank you so much for that. Third, I would like to request a GOM + Kagami reaction to their s/o being somewhat intimidating hehe~ Please and thank you!!

Thank you for the good wishes!! ^-^ Good luck with your own blog and enjoy the request! -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

He’d be surprised and a little bit awed at the sight of his S/O being scarier than usual, having very steady eye contact with the person they were speaking to and using a superior tone in their words. Afterwards he’d go up to them, saying, “I didn’t know about that side of you, ________-san.” Kuroko would have been a bit intimidated by that himself, but wouldn’t show it as he respected his S/O a lot.

Kise Ryouta:

Kise would be freaked out, honestly. He wouldn’t be able to believe that his S/O was capable of being anything but sweet and gentle while with him. Still, he’d find a good side to it regardless. “________cchi! That was so cool! You were so cool! It was kinda scary, but still!” Even though Kise himself had a cunning side to his personality when playing basketball, he didn’t expect his S/O to show an intimidating side at all. He’d be a little impressed, but still kind of freaked out.

Midorima Shintarou:

When in doubt, consult Oha-Asa immediately. Midorima would be very shocked and a little worried about his S/O’s compatibility with him, afraid that this newfound side to them could potentially cause bad fortune to either of their signs. Upon finding that their S/O’s intimidating side was natural in their sign, he’d be less worried, but still a little wary, being a tad anxious about his S/O’s hidden menacing demeanour.

Aomine Daiki:

Unlike the rest of the Generation of Miracles, he actually found that side of his S/O kind of cool. Seeing his S/O stand up for themselves and win made him feel pretty proud of himself, and of them. “Heh. Knew you could always handle yourself. I don’t see much of that side of you when we’re—” His S/O hits him before he can finish that sentence, and afterwards Aomine keeps his mouth shut, not really wanting to face that intimidating side of his S/O in public.

Murasakibara Atsushi:

“Hehhhh…? Ne, ________-chin is being kinda scary…” Thanks to his height, Murasakibara himself looked pretty intimidating already without even trying, and so he took his S/O by the shoulders and steered them away from the person they were intimidating. “I don’t really like ________-chin being so scary…if anybody’s bothering you, just tell me, okay? I’ll crush them for you.” He wouldn’t be afraid of his S/O’s intimidating side, and rather would be a little disapproving of it.

Akashi Seijuurou:

Akashi found his S/O’s intimidating side a little amusing, to be honest. He’d smile and walk up to them, regarding them with renewed interest in his mismatched eyes. “You never cease to amaze me, ________-san. Every day I discover a little something about you that only makes me even more interested in you.” But in the end, Akashi would never allow anyone else to be more intimidating than himself - even if it were his S/O.

Kagami Taiga:

He’d be surprised, too, and terrified. He hadn’t seen anyone with that level of intimidation since he’d left the States. “Wh-what the…you…” Poor Kagami would be at a loss for words, caught between being impressed and being very much afraid. He’d always thought he was the intimidating one thanks to his build and height and eyebrows, and seeing his S/O expressing that side of them spooked him a little.


Author’s Note

It’s somewhat inspired by The Vamps’ song Lovestruck.
And this is requested by anon, I hope you like it! :)

PS I don’t know how to end it.

“Today’s gonna be the day you wanna throw it back..” You continued singing the wrong lyrics to Wonderwall by Oasis while scribbling something on your journal at your favorite cafe. You always sit at the same corner table at this cafe. You’ve been a regular customer since day one of your college life in this town.

“Uhm, excuse me… miss?” A tall lanky boy approached you. “I couldn’t help but admire your drawing.”

You continued drawing, not noticing this guy praising your work. He felt embarrassed by this. You glanced up. “Uh.. hi?” You replied and took off your headset. 

“You didn’t hear what I said, huh?”

“ were talking to me? I am so sorry!” You apologized sincerely. “I’m in the moment and all..”

“I just figured that out a while ago.. may I?” He asked, pointing at the empty chair opposite you. 

“Yeah, sure.. you can sit here.. but ugh won’t your girlfriend get mad?”

“She won’t because I don’t have one.” He smiled. “But thanks for asking, though.” He sat opposite you. “What are you working on?” He tried peeking on your work.

“Oh, this? Ugh.. I’m working on something, I saw this cool picture and I can’t get it out of my mind and it got me so inspired and… I’m starting to ramble, aren’t I?” 

“Oh, no, no, it’s okay.” He encouraged you to continue. “I like people like you.”

“So like why did you decide to randomly chat with me?” You asked him.

“I guess you don’t notice it but uh I actually work here… like I’m the guy who always ring you up? It’s my day off and just got my pay check…I guess I look different without my uniform.”

“Oh, really? Oh god, for someone who is detail oriented, I’m pretty oblivious to that.. wait..” You thought hard. Curly haired. Tall. Sexy voice. Award winning smile. Sweet innocent eyes. Kissable lips. Cute nose. He was right! He’s the guy who keeps on asking you how was your day whenever you go in this cafe and draw for an hour or two. And you know his name too. “Hmm.. is your name Calum?” He was familiar to you now. 

He nodded. “Thank you. I thought for a second there I’d embarrass myself by walking up to you.”

“Sorry. It’s just that exam week is approaching and I get pretty preoccupied.. I need to relax.”

“Well.. if you don’t have any plans later, me and my friends are going to this karaoke bar.. wanna join us?” He really wanted you to go. He has been crushing on you since the day he first took your order in this cafe. He found you interesting from what you usually order, it may sound so cliche, but that’s how he feels about you. “Don’t worry, they’ll bring their girlfriends..” He can tell that you were hesitant. “And this isn’t like a date or something.. you said you want to relax and it’s just that we’re going out and viola! Perfect timing.” He grinned.

“Well.. since we kinda know each other.. why not?” You agreed.

“Great! So, uh, may I have your number?” He was nervous.

“Of course!” You took his phone and typed your number. “See you later.” You smiled.

“You were the song stuck in my head, every song that I ever looveed!!” Calum was singing. He chose a Fall Out Boy song as his starting song. 

You were seated beside one of Calum’s friend, Michael. He was the one who stood out in his circle of friends because he was the guy with a red hair who is chirpy and lively. “Hey, y/n, as Calum’s friend.. I wanna tell you something…” He started talking to you as you listened intently, knowing that he was slightly drunk. “You know Calum really likes you… like this night out isn’t really planned. He forced us to go.” He laughed then took a sip in his cup.  “Well, we know he really likes you because he can’t stop talking about you.. the girl with the notebook came today blah blah blah.. He’s into you. So much. Don’t tell him that I told you this.”

“Bro, what are you telling y/n?” Luke, Calum’s other friend, joined in. 

“I was just exposing Cal.” He laughed.

“You jerk!” Luke laughed.

“Uh.. he likes me?” Your face reddened. 

“Uh huh.” They replied in sync. 

“Do you like him?” Luke asked.

“Yeah.. he’s cute.” 

“Who’s cute?” Calum suddenly appeared, he sat beside Michael.

“Oh. uh, nothing..nothing..” You said. “I’m gonna go up and sing.”

You grabbed the microphone and started singing your chosen song. As you were singing you didn’t know that Michael and Luke told him what you said. He immediately lit up, smiling and couldn’t believe what they said. You didn’t know that Luke recorded what you said on his phone and let Calum listen to it.

You wondered what that was all about then panic came rushing in. ‘What if they told him you like him’ was what you thought instantly. You regretted what you said.

After singing your song, you sat beside Calum, feeling shy and awkward.

“Weeeelll, Luke and I will just sing. Byyyeeee.” Michael said as he grabbed Luke’s hand and went up to the platform. Leaving you and Calum alone at the table. Ashton and his girlfriend left off a few minutes ago, saying that they had an important ‘stuff’ to take care of and that it was urgent. Luke and Michael’s girlfriends were running late because of work. And the rest of his guy friends will catch up as soon as their shift at work ends. 

“So…” Calum started the conversation. “Having fun?” 

“Yeah.” You smiled. “Hey, what did Luke and Michael said to you while I was singing?”

“Oh…” He smiled. “Uh…..” He couldn’t continue.

“And what did Luke made you listen to?” You laughed nervously. “It’s not abo-”

“Y/n, I like you. A lot. I find you interesting. And I wanna go out with you. And date you exclusively.” 

“I like that idea.” You smiled at him and he smiled back. He started leaning on, making the spaces between your lips and his shorter and shorter and…

“Yo! Lovebirds! Michael picked a love song and I don’t want to do a duet with him!” Luke approached and pulled you two out of the chair.

“Here ya gooo.” Michael gave you his microphone and went back to the table. Luke did the same thing.

You two sang the love song Michael chose. Calum couldn’t help but smile while he looks at you and you can’t contain your feelings either.  You two didn’t notice Calum’s friends arrive one by one. It’s as if you two are the only people right now. It felt like time stopped and everything went slow. 

“Cal, you didn’t tell us that you have a girlfriend! You two really look good together!” Hanna, Luke’s girlfriend, said as you and Calum sat back at the table, finishing the song. “Introduce us!” She demanded.

“Uh… we’re not dating…”

“Yet.” Michael joked. “Watch it unfold guys. I got a feeling we’ll see y/n so much from now on.” He winked.