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Hi! I just read that fic of yours about MC and Seven and her ex boyfriend and I totally could relate when you said you love the tensiona between them in rika's place, so I was wondering if you would write Seven's thoughts before that called he makes scolding MC for getting out for 7 minutes? Please <3

Awww, I’ve always wanted to try writing something based on the phone calls <3 This is so much fun!

Hope you all like this!^^

Seven Minutes in Hell


He took his phones off for the first time in a few hours. Hum… so silent, maybe he didn’t need to put them on in the first place if you were so quiet. Strangely quiet, unusually quiet, worryingly quiet…

No, it was better like this. You finally understood you needed to give him space to work, this was for the good of both of you, wasn’t it? Yes, yes it was. But still… why so quiet?

He looked around the living room just to make sure you weren’t sitting on the couch behind him, or in the kitchen trying to find something to eat. For a moment, Seven was relieved you weren’t  there, noticing how he stopped typing in his laptop just to look at you for a little while.  But then, he got worried all over again. You weren’t in the kitchen, neither in the living room, the bathroom door was open, indicating you weren’t there, so… where are you? In the bedroom?

“MC?” he called. No answer. Which was good, and at the same time it wasn’t.

What were you doing, for Christ’s sake? Reading? Listening some music? Sleeping? Oh yeah… sleeping… it’s been a while he doesn’t really sleep, he forgot normal people like you do that from time to time. Oh… you were sleeping, that’s good.

Yeah, sleeping is good, you sleeping is good. Your face peaceful face expression, your chest rising and falling evenly, your hair getting all messy… gahh, he needs to take a look at you! Just to make sure you’re okay, of course…

He steps into the bedroom, taking the chance of look at you as much as he wants without you getting the wrong idea and… you’re not there. Not in the bedroom, or in the bathroom, not in the living room or the kitchen, so… SHIT!

“MC?” Obviously, no answer. You weren’t there, and kidnapped people don’t respond. Oh God… you got kidnapped! If not by Saeran, then by Vanderwood or some other agent, for sure! Oh God! This was bad! How did this happen? He didn’t take his eyes off of you this whole time! Well, maybe he did a little when he got really carried away in the work, but… still, it wasn’t that much to the point of forgetting about you and being unaware of your presence, he could never!

How did they get here? Or…did they set a trap for you outside the apartment…? Outside… THE SECURITY FEED! Of course! He just needed to check the cameras outside! Why was he so stupid and didn’t think of this in the beginning? Ugh… why can’t he think straight when it comes to you?

He ran to his laptop, accessing the footages of the last… seven minutes? Yeah, he remembered seeing you next to the couch seven minutes ago, messing in your phone, trying to tie your hair in a ponytail, your ears are so cute, and that skirt is so short… FOCUS, SEVEN! SHE GOT KIDNAPPED AND YOU NEED A PLAN!

Oh, there you are with your ponytail and your short skirt, quickly glancing at the camera and moving towards the elevator. Hum… nothing suspicious in the hallway. He takes another look around your room, your phone isn’t here. Hum… that’s a good sign, he can call you. Oh, but what is he going to say? He can’t just say ‘hello, how are you?’ after being so rude to you. Yeah, no wonder you left, you’re probably tired of all this rudeness, who wouldn’t be tired of a jerk snapping over everything all the time? But still… you’re smart enough to know it’s better being with someone rude trying to protect you than with someone nice who wants to… harm you. In other words, you shouldn’t have left without talking to him! Ugh… what were you thinking?

Maybe you’re hungry? Why didn’t you say anything? He would have found some time to do something for you, it was the least he could do after putting you in so much trouble. Yeah… he should do something for you to eat. Do you like sandwiches?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t like sandwiches? Okay… what’s your favorite type? Maybe he could find this in a quick research on you? No, he has no time! Better do some three different types and hope you don’t mind it looks like garbage. Oh… you’re probably thirsty too, what’s your favorite juice flavor? Well, hopefully it will be one of these three, If only he had a little more time…

Okay, now he can welcome you properly! I mean… not really, but at least you’ll have something to eat. Okay, now he gathered courage enough to call you… and scold you.

“Hello…?” ahh, your voice. He’s so relieved he’s hearing it again.

“Where are you? Where did you go on your own?” He wants to sound mad, but he’s pretty sure he just sounds desperate. Ugh… pathetic.

“You were so quiet I thought you were asleep… I had to check the security feed on the hallway to see that you left. That was 7 minutes ago. I didn’t realize that you’d left for 7 minutes… What if something happened in that time?” seriously… what if something happened? How would he be able to live with that?

“You didn’t answer me…and you seemed really focused…” oh, it almost sounds like you’re pouting. So childish! And cute…

“If you felt that frustrated staying inside, you should have just taken off my headphones and made me listen to you… Are you mad that I was ignoring you?” ugh… now he’s pouting! What’s wrong with him?

He needs to toughen up immediately! It’s for your own good!  “You do realize how dangerous the situation is right now, right? How could you leave on your own even when you know a hacker is after this place… Some stranger person could have been waiting outside to kidnap you.” Oh… just imagining it makes his chest ache. “Where are you?”

“I’m waiting for the elevator downstairs. It’s taking some time to come down.”Oh… that’s it? Well, he could have hacked into the security system down  there too, stupid! Or he could just have attached GPS in your clothing… yes! That’s a great idea! He’ll never lose you like that!

“…I should have put a GPS tracking device on your clothes. Oh… I brought a couple here. Give me your jacket when you get back so that I can attach it.” That pink jacket that looks so cute on you… shit, focus! “Why in the world did you leave?”

“I was going to get Honey Buddha Chips for you… but I couldn’t find them at the store.” Nnnnng, cute! Why are you so cute? Why are you so nice to someone who doesn’t deserve at all?

“…You don’t need to care about me. I told you to leave me alone just to work… Why didn’t you listen to me?” Ugh! What a dick! But he can’t help it… well, maybe he can a little? “Hurry back inside… If you are hungry, there’s a sandwich inside the fridge so go eat that. I made it so I can’t vouch for the taste, but it will fill you up.”

“You made it for me?” Yes, what wouldn’t he do for you, for God’s sake?

“No, I made it when I was making my own. I didn’t have time to care about the taste so it looks sloppy.” Definitely way less than what you deserve it… and this is not just about the food. “There’s tuna, ham, and egg, so pick what you want . We have orange, grape and grapefruit juice. That was all I could do in 7 minutes.”

You giggle, making his heart flutter. No, no, no, this is wrong! Don’t do adorable noises thinking he’s trying to be adorable! He’s not adorable! He’s fucked up! “I really… I really just wanted to eat all three types of sandwiches… so don’t take it the wrong way.” Yeah… this will push you away, right?

He can’t push away the happiness he feels when he hears the little ding of the elevator. “Oh… I just heard the elevator. You’re on it, right?” You’re back! Thank God, you’re back, and you’re fine, and you won’t mind this terrible food and this terrible company… you’ll be safe, and that’s all that matters.

“I’ll be waiting in the front of the door.” He runs to the door, how does one to take this relieved smile out of its face?  He has to look angry! What you did is wrong! Everything you’re doing is wrong! And he’ll be wrong if he smiles, so he needs to give you some tough lov… he needs to be tough on you! Yeah!

“I can’t focus until I see you… Hurry.” WRONG! Ugh… he’s so pathetic when it comes to you…

He furrows his eyebrows when he spots you in the hallway. Yep, you’re okay, exactly like you were seven minutes ago. And this can never happen again. All of this, for that matter.

Well, at least now he’ll be able to focus! Sorta…

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Could you please write something with Cassian taking care of lots of little baby Illyrians. (There is a serious lack of Cassian with babies fics in the world.) Pretty please! -Chloe

awwwwww the thought of Cassian with babies just warms my cold dead heart like no other!!

But, I think I am more suited to the headcanon thing. My attempts at fic writing are just me pretending I can write. Trust me. So here’s some headcanons for you Chloe

-Cassian is the baby whisperer. He’s one of those guys that everyone hates because all the babies want him. When he is walking through the camps or in Velaris the babies instantly hold out their arms like “I WANT THE TALL ONE GIVE ME TO HIM”. And while he is so good at making them smile, the real skills are in how he calms them down. Babies fall asleep on him instantly. It is not uncommon to see Cassian walking around the Illyrian camp with a baby on his chest, supported in one massive hand. He just goes about his business and the moms don’t care because “Thank the Mother, she kept me awake the entire night screaming”

-Once those babies turn into toddlers, he chases them around and throws them up in the air to heights that would be alarming if it weren’t for the fact that everyone knows he will catch them. Every time someone is trying to talk to their Commander™ he is also partially playing chase or hide and seek while saying “Continue with your report General, I’m listening!”

-The flying is the best though. Tiny Illyrians will line up for a chance to soar with him. He takes them up and holds them out below him by the waist so they can let their tiny wings spread while he gives them directions. “Okay now we are going to turn right, you need to help me! Lower your right wing!”… “I’m barely holding on anymore! how are you already so good at this! Look at you go!”

If I Believed in Fate: Lafayette x Reader

Request: I feel like you need to write more Lafayette fluff so maybe a Modern AU where Lafayette is a foreign exchange student living in her family’s house and she at first doesn’t like him but then he does something and she falls totally in love with him

Requester: Anon

Warnings: Death

Word Count: 1274

A/N: I took this in a slightly different direction, but it was honestly just something I needed to write. Next fic out will be the next part of Young God.

“Oh, you’re right, I absolutely love him. He’s practically family! I honestly don’t know where I’d be without him in my life.”

“Y/N, the sarcasm is not appreciated. Lafayette is a good kid, you just need to try to get to know him,” your mom said softly.

“I don’t want to get to know him!”

“Well, you’re driving him to and from school every single day that he lives here, so you might as well get used to having him around. Try to make the best of it,” she replied.

You rolled your eyes and called up the stairs, “Hey, French Fry! If you don’t hurry up I’m leaving without you!”

Your mom was quick to rebut, “No she won’t, sweetie! Take your time!”

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Mon Seul (My Only)

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,592ish
T/W: None! (just gets a little steamy)
A/N: For Anon’s request: “What about a fic where reader is Laf’s daughter and her and Phillip grew up together and he’s a little older than her and they date but hide it from their parents and then everyone finds out?”
Hope it’s okay that I gave the reader a little french accent/speaks French, I mean she’s Laf’s daughter, I thought I was only appropriate. I did make it a little different, so just let moi know if you want something else. I’ll be glad to write it.
Tags: @justfangirlingaround


“Mon beau, Philip,

I am greatly anticipating my return to America. Though it has only been two years since I left, I have been counting the days until I return with my family, we will be staying at my father’s land in New York. France is beautiful this time of the year, everything is in…how would you say, bloom? I often sit in the garden and think about when we were children, how you would always pick the flowers and bring them to me. I do miss those days, just as I miss you. I cannot wait to see you. You are much more interesting (and handsome) than any nobel my father could ever introduce me to. Do not worry mon amour, my heart belongs to you alone. I often lose myself in the thoughts of you lying next to me those Summer nights when you snuck into my room. I only hope we get the chance to revisit those memories this Spring. 

Forever, Y/n”


“Ma moitié, 

I cannot wait for your arrival, I am jealous of every nobel that has gotten to spend time in your presence. I too remember the days when we would play in my father’s garden. I brought you as many flowers as I could, but they all paled in comparison to your beauty, my love. I only wish you hadn’t moved back to France, so I could remind you of that everyday. I know your father is important and needed, but it was painful to say goodbye, I only imagine it will be harder the second time. I too hope to revisit those memories while you are staying in America. My love, I miss every part of your body, and only wish to have it near. My heart beats for you alone.

Always, Philip”

“Are you excited to see your friends again?” your father, Lafayette walked up beside you as you saw America’s shoreline come into view. 

“Oui, I am very excited,” you stared out at the port, “Are we going to see the Hamilton’s while we are here?”

“Yes my dear, I know you don’t like me working so much, but I do have some business to discuss with Monsieur Hamilton. In fact, I have arranged a meeting tonight, it will be late, but we will try not to keep you up .”

Your heart fluttered, “That sounds perfect!”

Once you arrived on shore a group of girls from your school came up to welcome you back, they took your hand and walked with you into town. You answered all sorts of questions about France, and meeting the King and all the nobel’s that were cashing after your hand. Many said you were lucky, but you felt so alone when you attended the balls in France. Your heart longed for only one…

“Someone’s waiting for you behind the theatre,” your closest friend whispered.

You smiled widely at her, she had been your best friend while you grew up in America and she now helped you and Philip exchange letters when you sent them overseas. She nudged you to get going as you said goodbye to your other school friends and hurried, almost at an unladylike pace. You made your way to the theatre and slowed down to a normal walking pace, making sure no one was watching you. You made your way around the theatre, before you knew it a strong pair of arms came around your waist. 

“Je t'ai manqué mon amour,” was whispered in your ear.

“Philip!” you spun around, hugging him around the neck.

“How I have missed you saying my name,” Philip pressed a kiss against your neck.

“And how I have missed your lips on my skin,” you pulled back to see those beautiful brown eyes, “I have news that your father is meeting with mine tonight, late…are you up to revisit some memories?”

“I’d visit them right here, right now if I could,” Philip leaned closer to you. 

“As do I, but we cannot,” you slid your hands down Philip’s biceps, “I must get back to my family, they will be wondering where I have been, but I look forward to seeing you tonight, my love.”

You hugged him tight one more time before heading out of view. You bit your lip and smiled to yourself as you walked back to where your family was. You anticipated the night more than anything. As it usually went, the day felt like it would last forever and it felt like a flutter of butterflies were trapped in your stomach as you went about your day. You simply couldn’t stop thinking about Philip.

That night, you spent a little time with Eliza and Alexander, updating them on how your life in France had been before heading up to bed while they discussed business with your parents. You went to your room, quickly changing out of that heavy dress, you slipped on your night gown, revealing much more than your father would approve Philip seeing you in. You untied your hair as you waited on the edge of your bed. You nervously ran your hand through the ends of your hair in anticipation. Soon you heard your bedroom window open, swiftly turning around you saw Philip climb through your window.

“Philip!” you hugged him as tight as you could, burying your face in his chest. 

“Ma belle,” Philip stroked your hair.

“I- I have missed you,” you pulled back to look into his golden brown eyes. 

“Not as much as I have missed you,” Philip held your face in his hands, seizing your lips in a passion. 

You immediately responded back, wanting as much of him as possible. Your hands made quick work of the buttons on his vest. He removed his coat and vest, when his hands returned to you, he lifted you up. Evoking a little squeak out of you as he squeezed your ass, you wrapped your legs around his wait. Peppering his face with kisses as he walked the two of you to your bed. He laid you down before climbing on top of you. Sadly, the transition wasn’t as quiet as you had hoped. You didn’t realize the stack of books that were on the end of your bed until you heard them hit the floor.

“Philip, what if someone heard that?” you asked with genuine concern in your voice. 

“I doubt anyone did,” Philip slipped a hand under your night dress.

“Mmm- Philip, how I’ve missed your hands on my body,” you whispered as he slid his hand further up your thigh. 

“I’ve missed the sensation of your skin against my hand,” he dipped down to sweetly kiss your neck.

Without warning Philip began to nip at your sensitive skin, evoking a small yelp from you. He continued to bruise your soft skin as your hand found his curls, you tangled your fingers into his locks.Your other hand found its way under his untucked shirt and your nails slightly scratched his skin as you drug them down his bare chest. You pushed your hips up against his, provoking a slight growl from Philip. 

“Baby, I-”

“Are you alright ma chèri? We heard a-” your father suddenly opened your door to see Philip on top of you.

“Father!” you exclaimed, wide eyed.

“Philip?” Alexander appeared at Lafayette’s side.

“Dad…” Philip smiled, trying to play it off.

There was an awkward silence before you pushed Philip off of you and sat up. Both of your fathers look petrified. You looked frantically between the two men, but just as you were about to say something.

“Ah, so your son, just like you can’t keep it to himself, mon amie?” Lafayette crossed his arms and turned to Alexander.

“My son? Who says your daughter didn’t escort him to bed?” Alex questioned back.

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any worse, your mothers arrived. 

“Is every thing okay, Lafayette? Oh-”

“What’s going on Alexan- Oh-”

You stood to explain, but your father took sudden action, wrapping his coat around you, as you were not in appropriate apparel to be seen by young men. Philip muttered something under his breath about having seen you in less, but quickly got up to get out of Lafayette’s range. 

“Atta boy! About time you found a girl!“ Alexander swung an arm around Philip’s shoulders.

“Why you-”

“Alexander,” Eliza stood in front of her man as your mother did the same.

“Lafayette, I think we all need to try to understand that our children are in love,” your mother explain.

“Yes, and though they didn’t tell us for some reason,” Eliza glared at Philip, “they are very obviously in love.”

“We wanted to tell you, but we were afraid that you might try to separate us and I might be forced to marry a nobel, I just- I don’t want to leave America father, I love Philip,” you rushed to Philip’s side, holding his hand with both of yours.

“My darling, I would never make you marry against your will, I want you to find someone who will love and cherish you,” your father uncrossed his arms and came over to you, “and if Philip is that man, so be it. You have my approval.”

You smiled and practically jumped into Lafayette’s arms thanking him, but then took sudden pause. 

“Monsieur Hamilton? Madame-” you began

“We would love to have you as a part of our family!” Eliza held her arms open for a hug, which you gladly accepted. 

“Imagine that, huh, our kids getting together?” Alexander smirked at Lafayette. 

“Love is love, mon amie,” 

want to be (yours) anyway (chapter 2)

“So,” Sofia says. “I have to tell you a thing.”

Nursey raises his eyebrows, pushing Maya’s stroller along the path in Centennial Common. Family Wednesdays are a rule–they always make sure to do something together on Wednesday nights, especially during the school year, so that Maya gets to spend time with both of them. It’s probably not really necessary to schedule it, they hang out all the time anyway, but it helps to have the routine. “Okay,” he says. “Tell me a thing.”

A gust of wind sweeps up, bringing the early December chill with it, and Sofia shivers, hooking her arm through Nursey’s and leaning close to him. “It’s, um. About me and Malaya?”

“Okay,” he says again. Malaya is Sofia’s girlfriend–they’ve been dating for just over a year now, and Sofia’s heads over heels for her. Not that Nursey can blame her, really; Malaya is five-foot-nothing of rugby-bruised knuckles and wicked grins, raps like a champ, and melts into a puddle of goo around Maya.

Sofia starts chewing her bottom lip, her expression uncertain, and Nursey rolls his eyes, tugging at her beanie. “Babe,” he says. “C’mon. Just say it.”

“I think she might move in with me,” she says in a rush. “During break.”

(read the rest on AO3!)

Something to Remember Me By - Drake x MC (A Royal Romance Fanfic)

#ChoicesCreates Round15

Prompt: “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime!”

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC

Rating: T 

Hosted by @zigisbisexual this week.

[A little note: I don’t know why all I want to write lately is TRR fanfics. Here’s another rather long one for Drake and MC. It began as Drake’s perspective but then whizzed off into MC’s. Hope it’s enjoyable! ]

[Summary: Drake’s unwillingness to let her go has nothing to do with honest intentions or loyalty. Will he find a way to convince MC to stay? My summary descriptions are still awful.]

“If words fail, let my eyes and my heart be my language.”

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Maybe that was the problem with wanting someone too much. You started to forget other things, the little things that should matter. You looked for excuses, anything just to see them again and ultimately make that last mistake. The final straw that doesn’t make it easy to go back. Back to the way things were before they became complicated.

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When I want to write a fic but I'm afraid the end product won't be as good as I envisioned it. How do I turn off this part of me? :,(

You just have to trust yourself!! We are our own worst critics, so even if you think something you write is “the worst” I can guarantee that many other people will think your fic is “the best”!

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Hey! I haven't asked anything yet, but I have so enjoyed these short fics. They are amazing! May I request Noctis saying, "You don't want to know where that's been." Or something like that, and Ignis quickly dropping said object?

I’m sorry. This was the first thing I thought of and I couldn’t unthink it. Probably not quite what you had in mind.

When Ignis finally reached Noct’s kitchen on his cleaning rounds, he was surprised to see a wine stopper on the counter. Noct hated wine. Unlike most eighteen year olds, to Ignis’ immense relief, Noctis wasn’t too keen on alcohol, so when he saw the curved, metallic stopper on the counter near the sink, Ignis frowned.

Picking it up, he leapt out of his skin as Noct’s voice called behind him, “You don’t want to know where that’s been.”

Ignis dropped the stopper and it landed with a splosh in the sink. “What do you mean by that?!” he yelped, eyeing the distinctive shape with older, knowing eyes.

Noct laughed and said, “Prompto used it to cork one of those sugary drinks he loves. Why?” he added, a menacing innocence in his wide, dark blue eyes, “Whatever did you think I meant, Ignis?”

Ignis flushed and returned to the washing up.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers (though I’m now somehow at over 300), I’m writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble (or headcanon) in return! (note, drabble requests will close around Friday/Saturday 23rd/24th June)

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prompt: we're neighbours/live in the same flat? and it's raining and you've left your clothes out on the line and its CHUCKING it down

Thanks for the prompt! :)
It got away from me a bit and ended up twice as long as I planned for it to be, but that’s really not much of a surprise!

It’s just something that I want to do

“For fuck sake, not again!” Lily shouted and aimed a well-placed kick at her dryer, which had apparently decided to crap out for the fifth time this month, and promptly collapsed to the ground clutching at her throbbing foot which was probably broken now. It would be just her luck and it would perfectly top off the shittiest day imaginable.

It had even started off terribly, which most of her shitty days did not – usually it was the type of awful that crept up on you, the kind you didn’t see coming, that hid behind a normal, every day morning, and then hit you quite suddenly and left you reeling. That was what had happened the day her parents had announced their divorce when she was fifteen. It was even how she had felt when her sister had sent her that nasty text telling her that she was no longer welcome in her wedding party because she had disagreed with Petunia’s fiancé. Fucking Brexiters.

No, today had started out terribly. Today, Lily had woken up late for work for the first time ever, had arrived over an hour late without even being able to stop for coffee on her way in, and had to listen to her god-awful cow of an editor berate her for something which, admittedly, was actually her fault for once.

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I feel like I've missed so much omg you're doing a different au wELL GOTTA WRITE ANOTHER FIC FOR YOU NOW lol but forreal whatever au you pick that art is still 💯💯💯💯👍👍👍

AAHHH MAN;; THE DEER AU WONT BE DELETED I JUST WANT SOMETHING NEW SO Yeah.. yeah there is gonna be a new au and omg dskhfjhdghkdfjghjfd your fics and writing are amazing I’m excited!!

Submission from Stardust425

Hi! I’ve been lurking in your blog since Rogue One destroyed my life last year. 6 months later, I’m still in this hell hole (I’m not complaining) and partly thanks you and your quality blog and also the talented fic writers and fanartists.

 I recently finished Rebel Rising, and honestly, i liked it! I loved every moment of Jyn and all of Jyn’s thoughts. It’s an read easy read. Can I share with you some of my favorite moments? (I’m sorry, this is just a jumble of thoughts, mostly about Jyn Erso, who i like a normal amount)

- Being on the run and in hiding, Jyn sometimes tries to help the people around her in clever and wonderful ways (there is one incident in particular i want to cite, but i don’t want to spoil you). 

- I get the impression that Jyn’s really smart, when she’s in a pinch, she can think very logically, she gets this from Galen, and she’s aware of this

- She wants to be brave like her mother. She thinks very highly of Lyra and while in Wobani, that crystal was the only thing keeping her from giving up and just taking her own life. Just like many of the prisoners.

- She considers herself Saw’s daughter, even called herself “Jyn Gerrera” at some point and Saw openly calls her his daughter. Which makes Jyn’s “come with us!” to Saw in the movie hurt 1000000% more painful. Because even after all these years, after being betrayed by him and convincing herself she hates Saw, deep down, she still loves him. Jyn’s as much Galen and Lyra’s daughter as she is Saw’s. I think even the Rogue one novel acknowledges this also

- This entire paragraph made me laugh out loud:

That night, Jyn started cooking. “This slop is disgusting, ” she said. “I don’t know much, but I can do better than this. For starters, let me introduce you to salt.”

Captain laughed, pleased with the variety, and the boys in general eased up around Jyn.

- Jyn’s knows how to cook! and She’s hella sassy as well!

Sorry for dumping this on you. I hope you get to read Rebel Rising. It’s a wonderful book, it’s not perfect, but it’s basically a look into Jyn’s mind, so I loved it since I love Jyn Erso :D

Dear Sterek writers...

I see loads of fics where Derek doesn’t believe he is worthy of Stiles; he’s filled with doubts and dislike of himself that we wants to push Stiles away because he deserves so much better.  I’m asking for a new kind of fic - I want to read something (long…as in minimum 10K words) where Derek believes he deserves Stiles and wants him and pursues him full force.  Point me in the right direction, or write something brand new, I am itching to see Derek feeling like shit has happened to him, it’s in the past and he WANTS what Stiles has to offer.  

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Taehyungs fic Something's gotta give

I’m so torn…. Part of me wants Jungkook to be the second lead with a huge crush on his “noona ”…..should I write that in??

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Can you write about bot!reader worrying that they're not good enough for Starscream and Starscream reassuring bot!reader that he loves them. I loved the jealousy fic you wrote and would like something similar.

[tapping finger on chin thinking] oooohhh like the opposite…i think i can spin a tale for you, dear anon… :3

~ ~ ~

“Star…” you’d meant that to have more of a question-like intonation, but it trailed off a bit.


a simple response. somehow, it made you even more nervous. “n-never…never mind, sorry.”

“don’t say that. what’s on your mind?” he turned to look at you from his spot next to you on the berth, putting his datapad down.

“…why me?” your voice was almost a whisper as your emotions built up.

“why you what?”

you took a deep vent and kept staring at your hands. “i’m…i’m not special. i’m not overly skilled, i’m not smooth or charismatic, i have trouble even speaking sometimes, i’m not even that pretty! and…and yet…i’m sharing a berth with you. you, the most talented, capable mech i’ve ever met…i really don’t think i’m good enough for you.”

at the utterance of that last phrase, his optical ridges flew up and he looked at you, incredulous. “of course you’re good enough for me! i chose you, didn’t i?”

“…well…i…i’m not…i’m not special like you are, and–”

“no. don’t say that.” he interjected, and it made you stop. “you’re more than just special. you’re one of a kind. you’re more than pretty, you’re beautiful. you may not currently have a finely-honed skillset, but you’re still young, my love - you will do nothing but improve.”

tears started to build up in your optics, and you looked up at him. he was smiling delicately - comfortingly.

“don’t compare yourself to me. me, or anyone else. i see you for who you are…not for what you aren’t.”

you leaned into him and began to cry. in response, he wrapped his arms around you and began to gently rock back and forth.

“i promise you,” he started, whispering into your audial, “that you’ll always be far, far more than good enough.”

Hey, so if anyone wants to be tagged when I post new fics, please send me an ask or message and I’ll add you to a list and tag you whenever I post something new. Currently I’m working on a one-shot for #FullerFeast (that I am so, so super excited about), a one-shot based on a prompt I received, and chapter 5 of Senza Tema D'infamia ti Rispondo. I don’t know how many of you are reading what I write, but I thought I would throw the offer out to be tagged in case anyone is interested.


I’d like to submit my own little Stucky fic. It’s my first ever Stucky fic and I’d love some people to feel free to comment and tell me what they think!

(Also it contains a Major Character Death and lots of feels so be aware!)

Thank you for writing in!

Smudged Writing by wtf_liv

Steve told Bucky he didn’t want him to participate in the fight.

Bucky told Steve he had to.

Steve knew something would go wrong. He didn’t expect something like this. No one could.

A take on the conversation Bucky and Steve had to have before the fight in Civil War, and, an alternate ending to the fight with Tony.
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So I know people probably want me to do something happy, and I promise I will at some point, but so much crap keeps happening, which then ends up in the fics.  (And it does make me feel a lot better to know Theresa has the precious pecan at home!)

This is dedicated to @politicaltestudine, who requested a fic set after Theresa got home from the church where she met fire victims…and who was a huge help writing this, too! :-)


“Soldier! Are you listening to me?”

lanzazul: Yoooo!!  You never really told me when captain Keith started to have a crush on the prince!

@ardcntblaze: Okay so hear me out. Keith always thought the young prince was kinda stuck up and spoiled. But one day, while doing rounds in town as a soldier, he witnesses Lance being very kind. Helping out some poor children and their families. Dirtying his hands to help out. And then he saw how much Lance cared about the people. And then he sees Lance’s genuine smile, not the fake smile that Lance wears in court and around the nobles but a sweet, honest, happy smile that just lights up his entire face and he gets these doki dokis


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Okay but Alec curled up on Magnus' lap, clinging to him with his ice cold hands underneath Magnus' shirt for warmth. Maybe there's a fire lit, or maybe just candles. It's quiet, peaceful. Just the two of them enjoying each other's company. I need this like air.

when one of the doors to the balcony opened, and then shut once again, firelight was flickering over magnus’s book, his dark nails pressed against the page holding his spot as he glanced up to watch alec step back into the loft. with alec came a chill, the night air even around spring still sharp enough to bite into skin, maybe not for magnus but definitely for someone like alec who hated the cold. he was shivering, magnus didn’t even have to see him up close to know that. alec was shivering as he walked around the couch and dropped his phone on one of the tables, rubbing his hands together as he gravitated closer to magnus, closer to the fire.

“is everything alright?” magnus asked, and with it he moved, closing his book and setting it aside on the coffee table, leaning in to glance at alec’s face. his brows were furrowed, his expression twisted and magnus couldn’t help but be worried. but as alec scooted closer and shook his head it became obvious.

“it’s just cold.” alec replied, soft laughter huffed out of his red lips rubbing his fingers together and reaching out towards the fire in the nearby fireplace. it wasn’t roaring as it had been earlier, but it was still warm enough that it was brushing magnus’s skin.

magnus hummed at that, a bit of a smile pulling at the corner of his lips. then he reached over, grabbing at alec’s arm gently and tugging him closer, patting the top of his thighs. “come on.” he whispered, leaning in to press his mouth to alec’s jaw.

alec didn’t need all that much coaxing, he readily pushed into magnus’s lap, in fact he nearly scrambled to, pressing his face right up against magnus’s neck and trying to get as close as he could. he was freezing, his skin an ice block but it didn’t bother magnus. how could it bother him when his boyfriend was trying to fold himself as tightly in his lap as he possibly could.

magnus closed his eyes and the light from the fire danced over his eyelids and the nape of alec’s neck. it danced over his rings as he pressed his palms against alec’s spine, sliding his hands up and down alec’s back. at some point, alec’s frozen fingertips found their way underneath magnus’s shirt and it was a tiny shock but he could only laugh, turning his head and pressing a soft line of kisses over alec’s neck as he thawed his fingers against the tight muscles of magnus’s stomach.

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If you have time (omg I'm sorry but this prompt in my head forever) It's 3am and they are in a community kitchen in college and one is making brownies.

Percy had just wanted to get a glass of water.

When he enters the communal kitchen, blearily rubbing sleep out of his eyes, he realises what had woken him up in the first place. One of his roommates is standing with her back to him at the countertop, cracking eggs into a large mixing bowl. The kitchen looks devastated. Shared by six people, it never looks pristine, but right now a bomb could have gone off for the state it’s in.

“Um,” he says, still disorientated from the light and noise and explosion aftermath.

She turns and swears quietly. “Sorry, I thought I was being quiet.”

She was not, but Percy won’t begrudge her that. Partially because he’s a little bit in love with her (alright, mostly, but that’s not important right now), partially because he knows he’s woken her up at least half a dozen times since they moved into the dorms three months ago.

“S’alright. Just gettin some water.”

Annabeth smiles. “Alright.”

Percy opens the mug cupboard and after several seconds of staring at its contents and coming to terms with the fact that they don’t own any glasses not made of plastic, he grabs a mug with Walt Whitman’s face on it and fills it with water from the faucet. Instead of taking it back to his room with him, he leans back against the sink and watches Annabeth squint at her phone as she holds it three inches from her face.

“You alright there?” he asks.

She doesn’t look away from her phone. “My glasses are somewhere deep within my bag and I have neither the energy or determination to find them.”


She looks at him. “Do you want to read this recipe for me or keep delivering these brilliant insights?”

He shrugs. “I feel like I could manage both.”

Annabeth hands her phone over with a roll of her eyes. Percy puts down his glass of water and shoves some of the debris aside so that he can sit on the counter top. Then he takes Annabeth’s phone and reads the title of the page.

“You need to google a recipe for brownies?”

“Alright, Martha Stewart. Just tell me what to do to make this delicious.”

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