this was some kissing

i thought about kissing you today
and yesterday
and the day before that.
i know i’ll think about kissing you
and the day after that
and some more days after those days.
i think about kissing you
and tracing my fingers along
your lips.
i think about kissing you
in your car, in the rain, on your doorstep.
i think about kissing your
dimple, your cheek, your spot.
i think about kissing only you,
not anyone else,
just you.
—  p i l l o w  t h o u g h t s  b y  c o u r t n e y  p e p p e r n e l l

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It's sad that Jughead is aroace, canon in the comics. Says he's ace, doesn't get crushes, doesn't want to date anyone or kiss anyone. FINALLY a chance to get some representation in a show (and a main character too) and people, even some fans, try to make him gay or straight

It’s Exhausting, and such a cruel reminder of how incredibly demoralizing it is for actual real life aces and aros to constantly feel like we have no home or support system or safety.


Some sapphic date ideas

this is in no way a complete list so you should totally add to it!! (also none of them are really original)

  • Sleepover with movie, snacks, cuddling and deep conversations about aliens
  • Op shopping (thrift shopping) for cute outfits OR find the ugliest outfit for each other so you can make it into something you’ll remember
  • Ice cream in the park or a picnic
  • a ‘study’ date where you doodle all over each other’s books
  • a mini bake off
  • go to the beach or somewhere and draw or take photos of the pretty things there
  • stargazing
  • do each other’s makeup blindfolded
  • pillow forts!!
  • go see a movie and sneakily kiss when the lights are off
  • put some comfy clothes in the dryer and then go out into the rain and jump in puddles, when you get back the clothes will be one and you can enjoy warm cuddles. 
  • road trips with mixtapes
  • take a bubble bath together with music
  • aquariums!!
  • board games and chocolate
  • draw each other
  • read your favourite books to each other 
  • bike ride together and make a date wherever you end up
Jackson Imagine - Blushing

A/N - A cute little anon requested fluff~ I loved the prompt for this one so I had a lot of fun writing it! I hope you all enjoy it and keep on sending me your requests.

You were sat at home with your boyfriend, Jackson, having a regular lazy day together. Jackson was watching something on tv and you were scrolling through your phone absentmindedly. It was a normal for the two of you to stay in during this time of year since it was so cold. Because of the cold, it meant you often had dry and chapped lips - which wasn’t fun when you wanted to kiss Jackson. Beside you, Jackson had pulled out some lip balm, as if he could read your mind and wanted to torture you, knowing how much you needed it. He caught your eye and teasingly winked. 
“Want some lip balm, jagiya?”
“Please, Jackson.” He smiled and leaned in, kissing you strongly. The kiss had caught you by surprise and when he pulled away, your cheeks were blushed pink. Jackson giggled at your response, loving the effect he could have on you. 

“That wasn’t quite what I meant, Jackson,” you said shyly, still reeling from the loving kiss he had given you. 
“I know. But I love making you blush like that, it’s so cute.” Naturally, his comment made you blush even more and Jackson wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to him in a tight hug. He held you like that and kept saying how cute and adorable you were, stopping to kiss you every now and then. Feeling playful, you pushed Jackson away not realising that he was on the edge of the sofa. He fell back onto the floor, laughing at your worried reaction. 
“I didn’t think you hated my kisses that much, (Y/N),” he said breathlessly from laughing. 
“Well now you know,” you responded, wanting to tease him now you knew you hadn’t hurt him. You jumped off the sofa and climbed on top of Jackson, your knees locking his legs in place. Leaning down you kissed his nose and this time, Jackson was the one to blush bright red.
“Look who’s blushing now,” you teased, giggling from your spot on top of him. You watched as Jackson’s face changed to a cheeky smirk. Within a second, his hands were on your waist and he was flipping you over. Now Jackson was the one pinning you down and he had such a smug look on his face. He leaned down to kiss you, this time with much more passion in it. This time, he wasn’t trying to make you blush. He just wanted to kiss you for his own pleasure. His lips moved in sync with yours, loving the feeling of how soft they were. After a short while, you broke away from the kiss to catch your breath. 
“You’ve definitely got some of my lip balm on you now.”

Help! is such an awful movie, but I love it.

R: What was it that first attracted you to me?
J: Well, you are very polite, aren’t you.



Algernon about Foot: “He’s out to rule the world! If he can get a government grant…”


Intermission aka WHY (2)

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Gibbs x reader if you can 😊 the reader gets injured on a case and he is furious she's hurt and goes to see her at the hospital. Thanks x

Gibbs storms into your room. “(Y/N).”
“Hi, Gibbs.” Frankly, you’re a tad bit scared.
“Why would you do something so stupid!”
“Because there was a little girl!” You protest and sit up. “She… I couldn’t let her…”
Gibb’s eyes soften, and he sits on the edge of your bed. “You’re a good person.”
“Thank you.”
“But you also have to think about yourself. Being selfless won’t keep you alive.” You nod and let him kiss your forehead. “Now, get some sleep.” Gibbs orders gently, standing back and watching the woman he loves rest.


meet saskia aka sunflower, she’s our receptionist and shes the coolest gal lil alien bab. hanging with her at the shop for a couple hours today while its closed to get some paper work done. hope you all have a nice sunday kisses


I’m not very imaginative with romantic stuff, so a lot of this came from references, aside from the two larger poses. You can tell I don’t do this a lot. My virgin ass was blushing all the way through this.

Since I missed Valentines Day, I decided to may up for it with some belated kiss sketches. I’ve been trying to work out some love interests for Amelia, so I figured this may help.

(used faceclaim and pose references)

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I can only think of one thing: if it's not true, it's too cruel to play with us like that. Too cruel, man. They can't do that to us. To give us this tiny glimpse of a hope and then tear it away from us. They better deliver it! Otherwise it's too cruel.

Unfortunately, as happy as I am, I’m not really ready to trust the writers on this front lol. They’ve been talking for a long time about how all of this is a tragedy and how awful it’s going to go. So I agree, they better follow through on something, otherwise that’s just cruel and mean DDD: Even if it doesn’t stay happy, at least let them have a reunion??? A kiss, a hug, some tears??? Don’t let them die never knowing they were so close :((((((( WHY THIS NONNIE

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Aaaah I had my first kiss with my girlfriend of 5 months and I messed it up big time. It was really awkward and kind of gross and I think she's disappointed. She was really good and I don't know what to say to make it not awkward anymore. Can you give me advice?

Well, first off, literally everybody’s first kiss is awkward. Some people say that it was “magical” and “perfect”, but in reality it was really awkward because they had no clue. It definitely takes prectice 😉
Secondly, your girlfriend probably isn’t disappointed, or if she was, she is probably over it by now. Hopefully it will just get better with each kiss. It will take time, but eventually you will be kissing like a pro 😎😎

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Hi Gira! Good luck with the blog! :D Can I have some hcs about Polnareff's first kiss with his sweetheart? And maybe some general kissing style hcs for Pol too, please? (As in how he kisses etc.)

Thank you! I wasn’t expecting so much immediate niceness, y’all’re great

anyway I’ve actually never been kissed before so forgive me if this turned out weird orz

I also haven’t had French lessons for a few years, translation may be awkward

  • Polnareff always seemed like he’d immediately be all over you, but he’s actually spent your entire [admittedly short] relationship being as respectful as he can. He was a lot more flirtatious before you agreed to go out with him; if you want him to ramp that back up, you’re gonna hafta flirt with him yourself
  • Consent is very, very important to him, so he’s just gonna straight-up ask you if it’s okay
  • It would probably be after dinner, as he’s walking you home. You’d be holding hands, swinging your arms back and forth and laughing as you keep bumping into each other.
  • When you get to your front door, you can tell he wants to say something. He’s still got a hold on your hand, and is avoiding your eyes while his face slowly gets redder. He’s so embarrassed, he wouldn’t be able to make eye contact at all when he asks, “Puis-je vous embrasser?”
  • He’s been teaching you French, so it takes a moment for what he just asked to register. But when it does you can feel your own face going red. Naturally, you agree!
  • Seeing you smile and say yes just melts his nervousness away like ice in a sunbeam. He’s taller than you, so he’d have to lean down quite a bit before pressing his lips to yours. His lips are surprisingly soft, he’s really gentle, and he eternally tastes like mint.
  • After getting over that first hurdle, you can expect a lot of kisses! He’ll always ask beforehand, even if he just wants to kiss your hand or your forehead, and he always tries to put all his love into each one. He also prefers to keep things in private, if only to not embarrass you; the only times he’ll ever not ask or be bold in public would be if somebody was hitting on you and making you uncomfortable.

I’ve never even held hands with a guy, much less been kissed, rip. I hope these are alright!

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I think my friend may like me because he kissed me tonight. I'm not totally sure though because it was kind of out of nowhere? I noticed he's been trying to talk to me more and he's been staring at me but I told it was because he needed someone to talk to. Right after we kissed I posted a snap of some flowers from my friend john I got and he said" you went and go yourself a man so" but then I said that john wasn't my bf and he said "IDC. I'm just chilling" why is he being like this?

Boys™ are stupid.

Okay so #notallboys, but I think you should be straightforward about how you feel, you know? If he keeps playing around, forget about him, because he won’t stop that behavior when you date.


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