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New Captain Marvel details emerge (x)

During their Comic Con presentation, Kevin Feige announced that Marvel’s first female fronted film will be a period piece set in the 1990s and will feature our heroine battling against the Skrulls, a race of shape shifting aliens. 

Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers and will be directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. It will be released on 8th March 2019
EW interview

Thanks @cornerbackcastiel for the link! I was far too tipsy to compute yesterday but having watched this morning…I’m so excited.

Yes ok of course, PR is not show running and the Cas stuff is just interpretative (imo that Cas is slowly and only partly back at first fits my spec that either he will be gone for a long long time or he’ll be not-himself for a while in order to fight out of it, for Dean and Sam to teach Jack about free will and Cas to choose it himself and fight out of his depression and find his self worth (perhaps linked to Jack himself but also Sam and Dean’s fighting for him), linking too to @super-sootica ’s meta that Jack might bring Cas back as not himself, without his agency because he believe he is helping Cas by taking away his pain, because 12x10, 12x12 and 12x19 have key elements that all foreshadow this and it fits Cas’ personal arc).

But! The fact that we are told they pick up where they left off and Sam is all logical re: Jack whereas Dean is angry and wants to kill him?

THAT is excellent :)

Again, this part now is just speculative but it just totally fits my spec that Dean will be so angry and distraught that he might push Jack towards the darkness to start with himself, of course not meaning to, but that might be the catalyst for Jack’s initial “bad” choices / actions. The nature / nurture aspect being key then having to counter this later on to get him back onside and win him back to the light. Thereby mirroring Sam’s story.

Also therefore showing the difference between the HEART and the HEAD reactions as is said in canon and as we always say comes into it re: Cas between the brothers and shows Dean’s feelings as stronger and more romantic. In a season that we expect will textualise things more on this account it seems to be literally the first thing that happens and the first and main point of the first episode.

With the 5 stages of grief being denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, this snippet of info is definitely a great way to start the season

Here’s a few tweets about season 4 from someone who was at the panel! 
(credit: JUICEfromtheBOX)

WHAAAA first part of season4 will be “Long Halloween inspired” second half will be “YEAR ONE” inspired. #Gotham#SDCC

Lee confirmed to return for S4 but she will be DIFFERENT. Darker, struggling with what she did and hanging out with Riddler & Grundy #GOTHAM



Cast currently talking about SCARECROW! (He looks amazing!) Scarecrow will take over his fathers work. FEAR TOXIC! #Gotham#SDCC


HOLY SHIT! Bruce will get BODY ARMOR! GRAPPLING HOOKS! A MASK! But will NOT become Batman in Season 4 #Gotham #SDCC


Ra’s has been looking for Bruce for 2000 years. But he will be trying to bring Bruce to the dark side all season.


Ben Mckenize has written episode 4 of season 4. #Gotham#SDCC


Solomon Grundy will have a very similar story to his origin! And will be best friends with RIDDLER! WHHAAAAAAA #Gotham #SDCC


HOLY SHIT! Just said at the panel. Barbara will be brought Back by RA’S AL GHUL!!!! Also she will trained by him!!! #gotham#SDCC

There should be a “triangle” between Selina, Babs, Tabs. New Gotham City Sirens?!?

Erin Richards talking about how she loves the show and is happy to be back. Looks like she might have a new direction in S4 #Gotham

Corey & Robin don’t know if they can be friends again. “Real house wives of Gotham” but they do have hope they can be.


Corey talking about what might happen to Riddler after he gets off the ice. Might not be the same guy.


holy shit! #Gotham trailer shows SCARECROW!!! Also Barbara returns, Bruce & Selina do a lot of fighting! Riddler gets free! Iceberg Lounge!

Mukami Family Headcanons Pt.2 :3

 If kou catches anyone so much as humming one of his songs he will tease them relentlessly about it for days (yUMA MAD)

 Ruki sometimes gets headaches (from thinking too much lol) so Kou thought it would be nice to make dinner for them instead of him… unfortunately Kou can only bake and cant cook for shit, so he called in azusa. Long story short they almost burned the kitchen, giving Ruki a bigger head ache. In the end he came down and they decided for take out.

Yuma, Kou and Azusa bought Ruki a #1 dad mug as a joke for fathers day. He still drinks from it.

 “Azusa, I’m going shopping, you need new clothes right?”

“No… thank, you…Ruki. I have…enough sweaters.”

Yuma comes stomping down the stairs: “OIII, does anyone know where my- AHA!!! SO YOU’RE THE ONE WHOSE BEEN STEALING ALL MY SWEATERS, AZUSA!!!”

“They’re big…and…warm.”

Ruki then began wondering whether his missing knitted pajamas also somehow ended up with azusa.

 Ruki developed a habit of reading in quiet dark places as to not be disturbed. And sometimes he gets so engrossed in the book he doesnt hear his brothers calling for him. This has resulted in ruki being accidentally stepped on, bumped into, or causing his brothers to scream many times (cause he’s literally just sitting in the dark in the middle of a room when they flick on the light whats not to scream about)

 Surprisingly enough, sometimes the sakamakis visit. usually at unexpected times, and its usually laito or subaru. 

- Laito just randomly leaves his house and heads over to the mukami’s during lunch time (Azusa didn’t mind, and kou depending on his mood, it took yuma a while to chill about it tho- but since he came so often Ruki allowed him to stay as long as he’s tolerable. As soon as he’s his pervy self he GONE)

- Subaru rarely visits, but when he does it’s to completely get away from his brothers for a while. Yuma sometimes agrees to let him wander around his garden but not to touch anything. He also doesn’t tell Kou because he understands Tsunbaru needs some time alone- that is until Kou looks out the window and goes over to pester him. 

- Ayato did visit with laito once for lunch, but only ONCE because he made the mistake of insulting Taylor swift, to which kou took great offence to and ended up blasting her songs infront of ayatos bedroom window. He only left when Reiji got in touch with Ruki to tell him about Kou’s whereabouts-

“Please…take him back. I know we don’t need sleep but I’m getting a headache.”

How to spot a J/alec shipper 101
  • “Incest? I don’t understand what the big issue is.”
  • Probably watch Supernatural and support a certain incestuous ship.
  • “But they’re soulmates!!!”
  • “Malec is so abusive!! Jace would never hurt Alec’s feelings!!”
  • “They’re not even real brothers…”
  • “If I ship Magnus x Jace x Alec then it’s okay”
  • Take everything personally.
  • Probably loves Riverdale and the shitshow of incest twins.
  • “They chose to be together forever!!” 
  • “Magnus pushed Alec to come out, Jace never did that!!” 

Feel ree to add..

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Sit like L, mention burning calories with your brain, talk about how you get withdrawal symptoms if you don't have apples, say you'll take a potato chip AND EAT IT

This is on a post-it note and I’m going to stick it to my forehead… Good to know I can count on you guys ;)

Also @ the person who told me to bring a bag of chips, the invitation said to bring food so….

Asche: “My friends are like my family, if that’s what you mean…”

“They’re usually here, with me, but right now they have some things to deal with.”

Two of them are solving some family issues, one of them is travelling with her trainer -though she said she’ll visit me soon, so maybe she’s in her way to this place?- and the last one… I don’t really know, he’s rather unpredictable- I think he was solving some issues too?”

“And- well…”

Asche: “I’ve always wondered what happened to them. Maybe they’re dead? Maybe they just abandoned me? Maybe they lost me?”

“I don’t really know, and I don’t care either. I mean- yeah, I’d like to know about them or something, but it isn’t that of a big deal to me.”

Asche: “…Mom just… went to search for food one day like normal and…”

“… And never came again…”


“We’re soldiers…We take pride in our service…”

I was so sure I’d be safe with Dunkirk. It’s Dunkirk. A World War. Sacred History. It Happened As They Said It Did.

I wouldn’t be Momento’d in a movie about Dunkirk. I wouldn’t be Inceptioned. This story is so carved in rock it can’t be muddled or convoluted. I was so confident.

But in swans Christopher ‘Fuck You’ Nolan, a man who I’m starting to believe will turn to ash and vanish on the breeze if he ever meets a simple linear narrative, to explain to me in IMAX resolution all the ways I was an idiot and a fool. All the while Cillian Murphy’s Sad Eyes watch on with a weary detachment, and Harry Styles chews with the brazenness of a man who has never seen himself chew on a screen the size of a football pitch.