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I know I post selfies too much but I actually got some that don’t look too bad w/o a filter and had to share this milestone w u guys

haven’t been active in ages but I absolutely love TAZ and after months and months I finally finished some of my sketches of tres horny boys. I love those goofs so much it’s hard to handle.

also special credits to @queenoftheantz who’s designs became my personal canon

when people complain about the new P3 and P5 dancing games

a new song

At long last, after years and years, I am writing asoiaf fic again. Okay maybe months but it feels like it’s been years. This has shades of Jon x Sansa, which should surprise no one. This pretty much ignores show canon in a lot of ways.

This is for @sansapotter​, who asked for a fic where the starklings get in a snowball fight.

Sansa felt the impact of the snowball long before she registered the feeling of cold water dripping down the back of her dress. Bran looked up at her questioningly as she gasped lightly.

“What happened?” he asked.

Sansa didn’t answer as she turned around to see who dared to throw a snowball at the Lady of Winterfell when she was on her way out of the godswood after praying with her brother. It wasn’t until she heard the ghost of a laugh on the wind that she narrowed her eyes and her suspicions.

“Sansa? Bran?”

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Holy smokes dudes. I can’t believe I’ve been here for a month. I’ve gotten to chat and write with some really sweet, amazing people. I hope I get to write and plot and chat with even more of you! I larb yall!

@friendlywebslinger yall should def give them a follow. Still low key convinced they’re actually Peter. Renee’s writing and characterization is so amazing. I can hear Peter’s voice in her writing. And she’s constantly killing me with the feels in threads and just plotting.

@pcindre is one awesome mun. I could go on for days about how awesome and kind Haley is. I love our d/scord chats. The time she’s put into hcs and Fe’s background is evident by how in depth they are. I’m living for the shenanigans that Fe and MJ get into.  Their friendship is such a weird one but it totally works.

@calliopeisms is one sweet lil nugget. Vee has the most awesome ocs. I’m honestly in awe of how she manages them all. All her characters are so developed and thought out. They all have different quirks and personalities to them. Def checks all her cool muses out.

Some more awesome nuggets yall should follow: @missppxtts @aracveined @atomotus @pastichemuses @softgenius @fortcvolontc @notimminent @ascotjones @perezimovat @cxpt  @aranece @godsperfectidiiot @criimsontigress @patrioticduty @yourhotaunt @websslinging @xspitfirex @ironmaidenfan @glftcd  @undrccs @soprincely @peniisparker @webwiings

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First I love your writing but it never hurts to remind. I love the-mysterious-redfox. Her "Iron Garden" story really gets into Gajeel's head. Spikerr has incredible oneshots that I ALWAYS love. Theres so much story packed into 500 words. How? Rivendell101 just paints the most fantastic pictures. Description is so captivating and so much content! Capaleran2 gives beautiful angst and suspense to writing. Gsut, sanguine-fairy, & miss-zei are wonderful for writing different, fun ships *woo Sildarts*


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So given your tags on that photo post is Alfredo going to show up in your writing now? (please say yes i love new boy)

The Fake’s have a shiny new sharpshooter and no one is safe. The LSPD find out about him in the worst possible way, a hailstorm of coverfire from an angle no known member of the FAHC could have managed. Even without the unprecedented display of skill just about every active crew-member is running around on ground level anyway, moving with the utmost faith in their unseen sentry as they sweep down the road. They’re calling out to one another, laughing and joking and audibly teasing their eyes in the sky, as distressingly jovial as always while officers are forced to duck for cover. The sniper is good, better than good, clips three cops in mere moments and leaves the rest scrambling to retreat, all the while avoiding the erratic movements of the crew as they breeze all too easily through their escape. This is bad.

Unseen and unnamed the LSPD have just about nothing to go on when they try to build a file on the new member, don’t even have a name let alone a description beyond a blurry silhouette photographed in a window before the sniper disappeared. There’s some chatter in the city, new guy’s skills are already making waves, but even the police informants don’t have much to go on yet. Apparently he was a gun for hire, a contract the Fake AH Crew decided to keep on indefinitely after they saw him work. People say when he gets his sights on someone they go down, no question. So the LSPD are probably right to worry, probably justified in their harried rush to build a file, though the temporary label they’ve adopted in lieu of an official title is questionable at best. It originated from one officer’s account, the dubious memory of what must have been a misheard comment, a mangled codename, but for now The Sauce is the closest thing they’ve got.

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I'm not super active in the HG fandom anymore but from what I remember people really didn't give a ton of shits about Katniss. She either was blamed/demonized for her flaws (which were normal), ignored, or just used as a prop to ship with Gale or Peeta. I'm not blaming you for these things because you're fine, but I think the (largely female) fandom puts Peeta on a pedestal and just kind of sniffs at Katniss.

I haven’t really seen anyone demonizing or sniffing at Katniss. I just think a lot of fans were protective over Peeta because the world at large seemed to treat Peeta like shit and as if he was ~the weak link~ so in response we rallied around him. 

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Hi maia , I dont know if you saw Harry's new hairstyle from his freinds IG stories but Harry has Magnus's hair now right !? So You can see that Magnus might have a bit different hair style just a little thing like the back of his head has more hair !!!! I probably dont make any senae but oh well😂

NO I GET YOU his hair looks like they’re retaining how it is in 2B, with the smoother fade instead of the more defined undercut he had in 2A. it looks great on him, I really love it!