this was so shitty to colour ;____;


The Last Shadow Puppets’ final act: Rock En Seine 2016

most hilarious/amazing moments


The quality sucks balls but I didnt spend the whole day on this to let it rot in my folder, so tAKE THIS!!!
If you want a better quality I will just link you to my giphy acc!

Also please listen to the song colour me on from Rae Garvey, its the song that inspired me to draw this and it’s absolutely beautiful.

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I had kinda a shitty first day of college and i told my boyfriend and when i got home he was waiting for me all fancied up with 2 dozen roses all my favourite colour. I start crying. I love him so much

I’m sorry about your first day but that’s great he was there to cheer you up!! Hope you have a great rest of the day!!

let’s talk!! send anything to me!!

i love how this ‘support girls choices’ shit only applies when women are ‘choosing’ to do things that are expected of them. it only applies when women are ‘choosing’ to wear makeup, etc. this whole alicia keys thing has really shown a lot ‘feminists’ true colours.

but it’s not surprising to me that the people being the most shitty toward alicia keys are other women. women that are very attached to femininity get really angry at women who aren’t. i used to wear makeup all the time but when i stopped, it was my female friends who were most offended. and like, although i used to wear makeup all the time, i’ve always been pretty relaxed about shaving. we don’t get warm weather here often so its rare for me to be wearing shorts or anything. i shave but not all the time. and there would be times when i would be at a friends house and someone would spot my underarm hair and it would be such a big deal like.. its so weird. and they would get SO defensive when it became apparent that i didn’t care and wasn’t embarrassed. i would be like.. its just us? a bunch of girls. friends. indoors. w/ no boys and no strangers. its not a big deal, i’m not bothered about it. and then they would feel a need to justify their own hair removal and their own makeup use and i would be like, ok? idc wear makeup and shave if u want no one is stopping u? i literally don’t care. 

i think women hate it when other women have the nerve to go out w/out shaving or wearing makeup because then they feel like they really have no excuse for doing it? they feel under attack even when that woman doesn’t give one ounce of a fuck what they’re doing. its so sad. patriarchy really can’t function w/out the participation of women.

I blame @y-annah because of the pastel lance and grunge keith thing

I s2g I wanted to do better with this like the colours but none of the edits got saved lmao technology hates me

Anyway I hope it is not rlly shitty bad, digital ain’t my thing, traditional is more like my thing so this was very lazy colouring n stuff but bleh. I still hope you like my attempt of not fucking up Lance :’v

btw the background isn’t mine, I just found it lol


so some more Jedistuck things! I did some lightsaber designing for a few characters. im excited to do some for the others, but really when thinking about jedistuck ive been focusing on these four and Aranea (and rose’s complete lack of lightsabers lmao). maybe now that this isn’t going to be a solid written AU, we can explore designs for what each kid might have.

1st image: Concepts for lightsabers.

  • dave’s original lightsaber design as being an unstable orange sword is an idea ive had for a long time. it’s the same colour as his bro’s, and notoriously shitty.
  • terezi’s versatile sword, which can connect at the ends, is an even older idea. ive only ever drawn it as two swords though. they have more stable crystals but are bifurcated in colour.
  • bro’s sword… i wasnt sure if i wanted it to be shitty like dave’s, or if i wanted it to be a powerhouse. so…. i melded the ideas together into what i call: the Blade Breaker. 
  • mindfang’s blade, an ancient tool, is another 8lade 8r8kr because i couldnt resist but also because… Vriska needs a powerful weapon.

2nd image: Blade Breaker in action.

  • The weapon is an extremelt heavy lightsaber, inspired by Darth Vader’s. 
  • It is, in fact, so hot and heavy that with a bit of pressure it can slice right through another person’s lightsaber beam, potentially overloading their blade and bursting it at the hilt. 
  • Bro is… uhhh….. Dave’s kind of brutal mentor. In Jedistuck he is a diferent character to Dirk, as is Mindfang to Aranea, but other ancestors are the same as their dancestor equivalents such as Porrim and Latula.
  • The Bladebreaker cannot be weilded by anyone, because it’s WAY  too heavy. When active, it’s like holding a light machine gun. So it’s not for all jedi, as most to be versatile. But some are able to get Force assistance.

3rd image: Hide and Serk

  • vriska’s robot hook is capable of weilding mindfang’s heavy blade with ease and power.
  • shes already a very powerful Force jedi… 
  • dave looks like he wants to go out there and chop her head off but terezis biding her time
  • the question theyll have to face is whether she deserves it or whether theyre taking their frustration on the wrong target… and either way, how it would change them.

4th image: Caledfwlch

  • i always thoughtdave would lose his shitty sword eventually and end up aquiring a superior one
  • i havent decided if he builds caledfwlch himself or discovers it elsewhere
  • the blade has a very refined, thin blade,with a wide flat side. in fact… it comes very close to resembling a metal sword. 
  • caledfwlch, while certainly breakable, is with the right about of force capable of slicing through and short-circuiting a bladebreaker.

isn’t she so kawaaii??

[anyone is free to redraw her into something more kawaii]


~Mod Rina

She’s beautiful I want her to be Sakura’s long lost sister

- Mod Spice

Wait ok let’s do that

Have a shitty animu mouse drawing of it

~Mod Rina

Rina this is beautiful omg

New blog canon, Sakura and Titsura reunited @ last

~Mod Wolfrun

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Do you think that is weird that I want more to be known by more than one name? Is it confusing/too much effort for others? I'm genderfluid, moving between both of the binary genders and a few non binary genders, and ideally would like my name and pronouns to be changed to reflect the change. I wear coloured bracelet to show which pronouns to use, but nobody is respecting that, so is it unfair to expect them to change names for me constantly as well? Is 3 names and 3 sets of pronouns too much?

No, I don’t think that’s weird! You’re allowed to change your pronouns and name as often as you want to.

I’m very sorry to hear that people are already disrespecting you, especially since you’ve got a system worked out with bracelets and everything. That’s really shitty.

But that is on them, not on you. It’s not your fault that they are refusing to respect you. You deserve to have your names and pronouns respected, no matter how often you change them.

AU where nico has to go places that aren’t close to maki lol

this is a SUPER ROUGH DRAFT so pls bear with my embarassing weeb ass the final version will have the same sized images and colour and everything dw


I drew the first image as part of a comic thing, but the whole thing turned out kind of shitty. So I ended up just taking it out as a panel I liked and colouring it. I actually think it turned out pretty cute! Though any tips/criticisms would be appreciated :) (and yeah it’s ridiculously out of character but whatever)

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Pastel-pink, pale- blue, and grey

PASTEL-PINK: if you had to dye you hair, what colour would you dye it?


PALE-BLUE: can you swim?

yep! fun fact, my mom taught me how to do a swimming crawl before i was able to walk there was a VHS tape of it somewhere lmao like, it was a shitty crawl since i was a baby, but u could see it

GREY: favourite type of weather?