this was so shitty to colour ;____;

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what advice do you give to someone dealing with people constantly dissing their fav character or ship? :<

Do you want the mature answer or my way of doing things? Cause the mature, smart and healthy thing to do would be to ignore them and realize that there’s always gonna be assholes out there that have their own perspective on things that they’ll loudly tell everyone about, or…

You can do what I do and troll the fuck out of them by using whichever talents you have to insult, degrade and humiliate them personally or do it to their ships/fav characters/self-inserts. 

I used to hate the fuck out of people who made Hellsing ocs/self inserts/mary sues. So I’d take their shitty character, trace their even shittier art of said character while making small adjustments in the colour palette and details and call the shitty character mine and draw a better version of the stolen and renamed character next to the shitty rip and tell people to “stop drawing my character like that, do it better like this”. It drove people nuts and I had people going batshit insane and threatening me over it because the policies on deviantart made it so they couldn’t do anything about it. So many tears, such good memories.


whenever I’ve had a particularly bad day my friend will ask me what my favourite colour is because he knows that looking for the exact photo of the colour will distract me from whatever shitty thing happened that day

I hope you all have someone like this in your life


I still think it’s an abomination to the Queen’s English, but …

I’ve gotten used to it, unfortunately.



“The law doesn’t protect people.  People protect the law.  People have always detested evil and sought out a righteous way of living.  Their feelings, the accumulation of those peoples feelings are the law.  They’re neither the provisions, nor the system.  They’re the fragile and irreplaceable feelings that everyone carries in their hearts.” -Akane Tsunemori


Mind you, seeing as I’m not actually ageing, there’s a tiny little bit of wiggle room, isn’t there?

She used to be a girl who didn’t believe in ghosts, but in the end she became one. Because what else but a ghost is she now? A woman with no pulse, trapped between her last heartbeats, whose last second can last almost forever. No short cut through the graveyard this time; let’s take the longer way, let’s see everything that all of time and space can offer. The death can wait.

I need to start doing more flat colour stuff aha but yes

connor with puppies

little puppies that look up to him as big brother