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Random Thoughts about Dragon Maid

Fafnir-dono from Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is just… I love him, him and Takiya as well - it’s exactly what I thought I’ll end up to being when I’m at my late twenties or thirties.

It is a taboo to be an otaku in Japan, and although it might seem odd, or might not seem odd to everyone, that small scene in Episode 6 that show Fafnir with Takiya is a realistic glimpse into the life of a NEET or an Otaku.

It’s not a bad comparison, neither is it a good one, but that’s how it is, our lifestyle and I’m glad they didn’t mock or exaggerate it, but show it as it is.

The interaction between Takiya and Fafnir-dono I feel is accurate to how people in that lifestyle would interact with each other, and it is something rarer than I am comfortable with instead of flatly showing that it’s negative.

And Takiya shows that it’s more than possible to hold a full time job and to live with the goods that you center your life around, he is living the dream and it’s such a good thing to see him making friends with Fafnir and him accepting him back for who he is.

Then again on the same episode there’s Georgia, the elder sister who likes to roleplay as a maid… everything’s relative?