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I like to work; that is a big part of who I am personally. It’s also something I learned about myself in Iowa; before I lived there, I thought of myself as someone who enjoyed writing – songs, poems – but not as a person who likes, every day, to go out find some work to do. Then I worked a harvest on a grain elevator. I was probably the least capable harvest help they ever had on that elevator, because absolutely everything about the job was new to me, and I was pretty scrawny at the time: but it was transformative work for me. Southern California, where I grew up, might as well have been Saturn by comparison, so different were the rhythms of my daily life for that season: reporting to work at seven o’clock to open up the backs or the undersides of trucks so they could dump grain onto a grate which would carry it into the chambers of the great concrete elevator, sweeping the empty chambers that gathered dust just by standing there, climbing up hills of soybeans to knock down hotspots with a shovel. I stayed on in Iowa another seven years; my wife grew up there. It is a special place.

I started writing Wolf in White Van about a week after I handed in Master of Reality; I waited a little longer after finishing Wolf, just to sort of shake the wolf-water out of my hair. A quick inbox query tells me I sent the first draft of Wolf to the amazing and wonderful Sean McDonald, my editor, on the twenty-ninth of March, 2013. 

If I CMD+i  a folder called “Nevada Iowa Video Hut” on my laptop, I can see that about six months later I had this idea to tell a horror story that would also function as a cartography of grief set within that world I’d lived in for a long spell. That story, which I’ve been working on ever since, is a book called Universal Harvester, which will be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux on the seventh of February, 2017. There’s a more detailed writeup about the plot over at FSG’s Work in Progress page, linked at the bottom of this post, and, why not, here, if you’ve had just about enough of me talking about it and wanna get down to brass tacks just click this and some, but not all, will be revealed

To speak less announcing-new-stuff about the whole deal and just talk a little, I am really super proud of this book; I think it hits that sad/frightening axis that I’ve always found most inspiring in the writers I like best and in the work I seek out, and that I’m often aiming for in my stuff. The whole discipline of not talking about it while writing it has been both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, and I absolutely cannot wait to share it with you all. 

You can preorder it now from any place you might wanna preorder a book from! Please do, if you have a mind to! Be seeing you soon!

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Well, It’s about damn time I finished with this image. I gotta say i’m pretty happy about it. I took me so long not cause it was difficult because i couldn’t get myself to finish it. I’m glad i did though. I also had help from SoapMonster too.

I’m too hyped for Sonic Mania too come out so I needed a proper image to celebrate

Unfortunatly Tumblr won’t let me load gif over 2MB SO i have to give you this low quality version but it’s still ok.

Sonic © SEGA

Art © Geekoflove/Geeklovesart

Progress Gif of One Magic Lucy (BTW the gif is only working on desktop)

I had a few people ask what was my usual work flow with my work; this took a few hours. I don’t really count my hours but I’m certain it was around 2-3 hours. 

There’s a huge gap of work between the last two images I apologize I apologize I forgot to take shots by then though you can observe the beginning of most of my work. There was actually a lot of trial and error during this piece but I had an idea sorta set in my head when I sketched it out so that helped. I also played around with 3d effects using Krita. Otherwise everything else was done at Manga Studio 5. As you can see at the start, there was suppose to be this giant cut pretty much in the middle of her boobs but that sorta ?? didn’t make it. 

I had a lot of work on lighting for this which involved multiple layers using different blending modes. I took a bit of inspiration from those last episodes on Avatar the Last Airbender where Aang had all the elements around him and absolutely smashing Ozai. 


She makes me laugh, she draws me in. Not just a boy friend, but a boyfriend. How about it, what about me?

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“I can’t stay mad at you.”

“So, what does that mean?”

Oh hai, Tumblr!

We’re interrupting your regularly-scheduling reblogs to share some exciting news - you may have noticed that we’ve got a new intern helping us out on the ole NPR Tumblr, and she’s pretty awesome so we want to officially introduce you to her. Everyone, meet Vesta:

Hi! I come to D.C. in ✌ from the perpetually summery, concrete- & palm-tree- bound metropolis of Los Angeles. I just graduated from UCLA with a degree in Film, Television and Digital Media. I spent an intense couple years there developing my voice as a storyteller and mediamaker (film/digital/Web).

I always had a hunch, though, that working in Hollywood wasn’t the right fit for me. So I tried it out and realized I was right. I don’t like traditional film production or Hollywood’s gravitation toward lucrative blockbusters. I love nonfiction storytelling and socially responsible media. That’s why I chose the concentration I did (“interpretive” — a fancy word for experimental — digital media) and dedicated my senior year to researching, coding and filming Greenspaces, a participatory media installation in Los Angeles.

I'm here now, delving into creative possibilities at the intersection of social tech & storytelling. I like art, film, food, and fluffy things. 

…and while we’re at it, we thought this would be a good time to formally introduce ourselves, your NPR Tumblr mavens/webmasters/writers of terrible puns!

So hi, I’m Ariel, and I’m a photo editor for I used to work here, and I helped start this, and I’m a big fan of this lil gal. Also, people tell me a *lot* of Little Mermaid jokes… you know, bc of the name or whatever.

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Hiya, I’m Emily and I’m a producer for (and I sit right next to Ariel)! I started at NPR as an intern four years ago and before that I interned here and here. I love dogs but I’m highly allergic to them, so dog GIFs are perfect for my lifestyle.

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It may not seem like it sometimes, but we do read every piece of mail y’all send our way. So while we’ve got your attention, we thought we’d *also* address the most common message we get from you guys:

“Tagging your name to every comment is clearly the mark of a person over 40.“

Fun fact: Despite our penchant to reblog cute animals and the latest trend in knitting, we’re actually not 40! FWIW, we’re all solidly millennials and [mostly] digital natives. We like to sign our posts here (unlike on our personal Tumblrs) so y’all know who’s reblogging what, and who’s making which bad jokes. (Emily’s jokes are way better than mine. -Ariel) (That’s debatable. -Emily)

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So send us more notes, tell us what you like and don’t like, and *definitely* check us on our old-lady style. This is why we love you guys.

-Ariel, Emily, & Vesta

Danny Mahealani Appreciation Week (May 3rd-May 9th)

I think it’s about time the Danny tags got filled up, so I figured we should have an appreciation week for him! You can make anything you want for the week, including gifsets, graphics, fanfics, fanart, playlists, and pretty much anything else. The goal is to show some love for our favorite dimpled Hawaiian prince, so let’s do it!

  • Day 1: Favorite season
  • Day 2: Favorite outfit(s)
  • Day 3: Favorite quote(s)
  • Day 4: Favorite relationship
  • Day 5: One color
  • Day 6: One AU
  • Day 7: Free Choice

The date is set for the first week of May (May 3rd-May 9th). It’s okay if you post stuff a day or two late! Remember to tag everything with #dannymahealaniweek and #dannymahealaniedit (and your other character/Teen Wolf tags) so everyone can check out your bombass edits! (Feel free to message me if you have any questions–and if you want to reblog this post to get the word out, that’d be great, too!)

Have fun, everyone!

My child has come so far ;o;

On this day (Nov 27th) exactly 10 years ago, my brother helped me create my RS account (at that time called Tabbycat555 *cringe*) to make me mine rune ess for him. Needless to say, that lasted about 5 minutes before I got bored and went exploring. I had no idea that that adventure was going to last 10 years.
RuneScape has been such a huge part of my life for so long now; it’s inspired my art and my writing and has provided escapism when I desperately needed it. I’m actually pretty humbled to have been a part of it for so long and I like to think it’s grown up with me. Thank you Jagex for making such a timeless masterpiece and expect me to stick around for another 10 years to see what you throw at us next (bring on Sliske’s questline yass).

Happy 10th anniversary Chikyuu, my muse <3

So mushy crap aside, this didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it to. I feel the backgrounds are sloppy and I had a lot more planned that I didn’t have time to do. But I think it represents a small fraction of the journey I’ve been on and I’m content with that.

See you all early next week when I open my next lot of commissions!~