this was so perfect omfg


What do you mean there is another version of the All Out!! figure????? And this version so cute omfg!! They all have different gestures and facial expressions and of course that is the training uniform version!!!!!!

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This is what a blessing looks like. 

They are too precious! HOW CAN THEY BE SO PERFECT?!?!?!

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Mod: You guys see each other a lot, I know the cast stays in touch. How does it feel to be up on the stage again? Is it surreal or does this feel like just another day at the office? 


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So you said we could share our married Hartwin thoughts with you and here's one: like I can never decide if Harry would be the one to ask or if it would be Eggsy. But imagine if both have a ring ready? Harry has his father's ring in his pocket 1/?

2/? waiting for the perfect occasion to ask the question and Eggsy’s has a ringbox in a drawer at his office back at HQ and everytime he’s back from a mission he thinks that this will be the day he’ll finally take it out and ask Harry.

3/? And just imagine, one day Eggsy has had a close call and he’s in the infirmary, but he’s fine he just needs rest. But after the fright he’s had, thinking that if he hadn’t been lucky Harry would never have known that he wanted to spend the rest

4/? of his life with him and declare to the rest of the world that *together* they would face anything that was coming their way. Well he can’t stand it ans he escapes the infirmary to go take the ringbox. Harry panics a bit when he gets to Eggsy’s

5/? room only to find it empty, right until Merlin contacts him on the glasses to tell him to “please bring agent Galahad back to the infirmary before he hurts himself. I don’t care what is so important in his office, he needs rest”

6/? So he goes to Eggsy’s office, buy before Eggsy can start to explain, Harry’s start a rant about how he’s being careless and doesn’t he know he’s worrying people? And somehow he takes his father’s ring out of his pocket and asks Eggsy to marry him

7/7 and Eggsy only answers is to present Harry with the box containing the ring he bought for him.



Oh my gosh it’s like 130 in the morning here but SOMETHING told me to check my phone and I’m so glad I did???

This is PERFECT. Like absolutely perfect. And I 1000% see Harry just snapping with Eggsy, like totally exasperated and desperate dragging Eggsy back out of his office, on the verge of tears because he’s had enough of his gorgeous boy throwing his life away sometimes for the sake of a mission, and that’s how Eggsy finds himself in the corridor between the lifts and the offices at two o'clock in the morning, a hand pressed to his mouth as Harry has the other, and Harry is down on one knee with a ring box in his hands, white shirt and trouser pants, sleeves rolled up to the elbows, and Harry has ripped off his eye patch and you can see the delicate patchwork of his eye and the white within, and Harry is just BEGGING Eggsy to be his forever because he’s so afraid that one day Eggsy will be gone and just to please Eggsy, please stop and rest evade you don’t have to prove yourself anymore just please stop. I know I’m old I know I’m broken but I love you and just please take me as I am because I NEED your heart, please.

And Eggsy just shakes and tears fall down his face and his shaking hands reach into his pocket because he’s so tired but he had to go and retrieve it so he could feel the weight of the decision in his hands because he’s sick of going home alone or being stuck during a mission and wondering ‘what could have been’ and he takes out the gold ring from his pocket, and his hands fumble and out of pure reflex Harry catches the object in his hand, and he just looks up at Eggsy who looks frightened and exhausted but grins wide as Harry just looks back and forth between his beautiful boy and the gift he saved the last of his energy to retrieve, and simply crumbles, and slips the ring onto his finger, and slides his own ring onto Eggsy’s finger, and Eggsy just bubbles with pure joy but he’s dead in his feet and Harry is up in a flash and sweeps Eggsy’s light weight into his arms and carries his back to his quarters because Harry’s is the closest with the nicer bed courtesy of his Arthur position and they stay there asleep for hours, with Eggsy curled up in his arms against the wall and Harry curled protectively around him, protecting his love finally in his arms.

And Merlin has stripped off his tie and thrown away his glasses and is tiredly drinking champagne in his office in front of the monitors.