this was so much funnnnnnn

OK OK LET’S START WITH BULLSHOE OF INK(gothTOBER!!!!!!! soooo yeah Like I don’t know how to draw those mcskeletons I WILL JUST DRAW THE BEAN AS HUMAN HRBGDFJEBCJDBJDFVDIEDB LIKKE ITS STILL GOTH AM I RIGHT!?!?!  SOOO YEEE The first challenge of the day was:

Day 1 Draw Goth for practice! You’re going to be drawing him a lot from now on

sooo yeee!!!! 

the Gothtober (I called it that dont judge me xxddx) is made by @daily-goth!!!! and obviously the bean- Ii mean Goth is made by @nekophy!!! so yee

I know it’s shitty but there you go!!! happy late bday Killua!!! <3

The Big Ass Mini Print Heichou AdVENture! Part 2

Part 2!!

We decided to come visits my cats chilling in the basement. Emmy wasn’t interested much in Heichou.

Saffy on the other hand won’t take shit from Heichou. 

I made Saffy make up with Heichou. He wasn’t having any of that still.

I wanted to treat Heichou to a movie, specifically Spirited Away…

…It wouldn’t work. Sorry Heichou.

As an apology, I treated Heichou to some iced coffee!

I hope he enjoyed semi-homemade coffee in fancy mugs.


We had a great (and problematic adventure)! I gave my Heichous a prominent spot on my Levi/Shipping wall!

THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I was ecstatic getting my prints in the mail. I rushed to do this because the sun would go down in an hour so some may be a bit blurry.

I like how I spend my summer days!

Part 1 Part 2