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@ashlynblack30 asked me to write about Draco wearing Harry’s glasses that he stole. And sweetie, can I just take this moment to tell you (again lol) how amazing you are? Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words 💖
Even though I am very, very certain this is far from what you imagined when you asked me to write this, I still hope you’ll like it? :)

It’s also on AO3 :)

It probably hadn’t been the best idea to actually wear the glasses. Or at least it would have been better to just wear them at home and not to work. People were giving him all kinds of funny looks. Because, of course, they recognised the glasses. How could they not? They were incomparable and there was no question who these glasses belonged to.

Even if his colleagues didn’t assume Draco had stolen them, it made him look like a weird fanboy. That was the last thing he wanted people to think. But the urge to wear them had been bigger than the dread of all the humiliation he would probably face.

It had been so easy to steal them. Potter had fallen asleep on his desk, as he usually did these days. Draco had simply slipped into his office and snatched the glasses from his desk.

“Oi, Malfoy!”

Draco turned around and cursed under his breath. Damn it! What was Weasley doing here? Wasn’t he supposed to be on holiday with his wife? He eyed Draco suspiciously, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Are you wearing Harry’s glasses?”

Draco snorted.

“Why would I do that, Weasley? That is absolutely ridiculous.”

“I’ve never seen you wear glasses before,” Weasley insisted. “And you want me to believe it’s just a coincidence you show up here with glasses that look eerily like Harry’s, while Harry is in St Mungo’s because he couldn’t find his?”

Draco couldn’t help but gape at him.

“What? Potter is in St Mungo’s? What happened?”

“He has a concussion. Apparently, he kept bumping into things in his office, because he couldn’t see anything. When we found him, he was buried under one of his shelves.”

Draco’s eyes widened. Fuck! That was not what he had intended.

“Will he be okay?”

Weasley shrugged.

“I guess so. He already told the Healers he felt fine. But they want to keep him there for observation.”

Draco nodded absentmindedly, while the room suddenly started spinning. His right hand flew to his temple as a sudden shooting pain rippled through him.

“So, are you going to tell me why you stole Harry’s glasses?”

“I can’t talk right now. I’m busy, Weasley. Tell Potter I hope he gets well soon.”

“Yeah, right. Because you’re so concerned about him,” Weasley yelled after him as Draco hurried away.

Once he was in his office, he closed the door behind him and leaned against it. Everything was blurry and he felt really dizzy. It was almost like the floor was moving beneath him, making it hard to keep his balance. Maybe he needed to lay down for a bit. Yes, that sounded like a good idea. But before Draco could make his way over to the sofa, another wave of dizziness hit him and everything went black.

When Draco opened his eyes, everything around him was white. This definitely wasn’t his office. He looked around, dazed, until he realised where he was. St Mungo’s. He tried to remember what had happened. He had been in his office… Had he fainted? Everything was still a blur.

He tried to sit up carefully, his body aching as if he had been hit by a bludger. Multiple times.

“You’re finally awake.”

Draco jumped. He hadn’t realised there was another person in the room. It didn’t take him long to spot the mop of black hair in the bed beside his. Of all the rooms in this bloody hospital!


He was wearing different glasses. Well, obviously he was. Draco still had his. Or did he? It didn’t seem like he was wearing them anymore. Thank Merlin! That would have been awkward! Speaking of awkward, Potter and his new glasses were a very strange sight. The frame was angular shaped and thick. And yellow. It looked horrible on him.

“So, what happened to you?” Potter asked. He was sitting crossed-legged on his bed, his elbows resting on his knees.

“Um… I’m not exactly sure,” Draco said quietly. That wasn’t entirely true. But he couldn’t say anything to Potter. Not now. Not ever.

“Okay.” Potter gave him a weird look that made Draco want to avert his eyes. “Look, I don’t want to make things unnecessarily uncomfortable right now, but I have to ask you. Why were you wearing my glasses?”

Draco gulped. Had Potter seen Draco wearing his glasses after all? When? When he had been brought in? Where were they now? His eyes quickly darted to the nightstand. No sign of them. Had Weasley told Potter?

Just play dumb.

“Why would you think I’d wear your glasses?”

Potter pressed his lips together, either out of annoyance or to suppress a smile, Draco wasn’t sure. Instead of replying, Potter got up and vanished into the bathroom. Draco frowned. When Potter emerged again, he was holding a hand mirror.

“I hate to break it to you,” Potter said, “but with those marks around your eyes, it’s pretty useless to deny it.” He handed Draco the hand mirror and looked at him expectantly.

Draco didn’t understand what Potter was talking about, until he took a look at himself. Around his eyes, on the bridge of his nose and on his temples were angry red marks. It almost looked like he was still wearing Potter’s glasses. Oh, for Merlin’s sake!

“So, care to tell me what-”

Before Potter could finish his question, the door opened and a bunch of people in white coats entered.

“Ah, Mr Malfoy, you are awake. Excellent,” one of the Healers said. “Hello, Mr Potter. Still insisting on going home?”  

Potter made a face.

“I told you, I feel fine,” he grumbled.

“Yes, yes. Only a few more hours and then you are free to go. Now, Mr Malfoy.” The Healer reached inside his coat pocket. “These glasses you were wearing when you were brought in…”

Oh, great! Draco felt the sudden urge to take a pillow and smother himself with it.

“… it seems like they were cursed.”

Draco blinked.

“They were?” Of course, that had been his suspicion all along.

“Yes. You were lucky you weren’t wearing them that long. It might have had fatal consequences if you had worn them all day.”

Draco bit his lip and made sure his eyes didn’t wander over to the other bed. Potter wasn’t supposed to find out about this!

“Our specialist will take another look at them. In the meantime, you should rest, Mr Malfoy. I’ll bring you a few potions later. And we’ll get rid of those marks on your face. You must have had an allergic reaction to the glasses. Are they new?”

“Um…” Draco wiped his suddenly very sweaty palms on the mattress. “In a manner of speaking.”

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Ice Skating For Dummies

AN: I have decided that I enjoy writing these things, so here is some fluff as requested by my darling heart, roman-hippie. (I can’t tag for whatever reason so, yeah). Thank you so much to my wonderful gran for encouraging me, and I hope y'all enjoy.

Warnings: implied swearing but nothing actually said.


Thomas, for whatever reason, had decided that going ice skating sounded fun. Because having four different versions of yourself go ice skating with you is SUCH a good idea. Roman, being the most naturally graceful, was immediately skating like an Olympic champion. Logan had taken a bit longer, but he had figured out the science behind the necessary movements and was skating alongside Roman Virgil and Patton however, were a completely different story.

Neither had actually managed to stand up yet, and both were becoming increasingly frustrated. However, the Olympic duo upon discovering their plight whisked them onto their feet and around the rink.

Patton surprised the others by cursing vehemently in fear. As Logan pulled him along, Patton’s cursing decreased in frequency. Soon enough he was laughing and flying around the rink holding tightly to his partner. But then Logan tried to let go. Patton steadfastly refused to let him go, to the point of hanging around Logan’s waist to prevent himself from being left behind.

As this was going on, Roman and Virgil were laughing at the other two as Roman slowly increased their pace to match that of Logan and Patton’s. As they passed them again, they could hear Patton repeating over and over as he clung to Logan’s waist, “Please my darling Lolo don’t you dare fricking leave me how are you so good at this I swear if you leave me I will revoke your cuddle time.”

Virgil, at this point, was laughing his butt off. Suddenly, Roman released the grip he had previously had on Virgil’s hoodie. In retaliation, Virgil immediately grabbed hold of his hand. Following this, both of them turned bright red and let go of each other, awkwardly avoiding each other’s gaze.

Roman then smirked evilly, and turned around starting to skate away.

“ROMAN SANDERS I SWEAR IF YOU DON’T GET BACK OVER HERE AND HELP M-”, was all Virgil managed to say before he started to fall. Suddenly, his rapid descent was stopped and he was looking very closely into the eyes of the one that had LITERALLY JUST ABANDONED HIM.

“I told you not to leave me, I can’t do this.” Roman took his hand again and started gently pulling him along. After about two minutes, Roman decided that he wanted to try some new tricks. He gently positioned himself to twirl Virgil, and was going to go through with it in ten, nine, eight-


Roman twirled Virgil in a simple spin, and then let go of Virgil’s hand to turn around and watch him skate.

He laughed as he said, “But darling, you look so elegant. I’m loving watching you skate!”

“GET BACK OVER HERE AND HOLD MY HAND YOU DUMBNUT.” Virgil said with a tomato red face.

“Oh, so you DO want me to hold your hand?”, Roman asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Virgil somehow turned even more red after nodding his head yes. Realizing that he had embarrassed the object of his (secret) affections he speedily took Virgil off of the ice and the two shared a cup of Hot Chocolate as they laughed at Logan and Patton’s continued attempts to skate together.

Guardian Angel (1/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 3.297

Summary: Life had always had a way of putting Bucky on one rollercoaster after the other, and when Bucky finds himself being a guardian angel, he realizes Hydra might have been a piece of cake in comparison. 

Warning(s): language, all fun!

A/N: *insert gif of Mushu going “I liiiiive”* Hellloooo my lovelies. So I’m back from the dead, and this time I brought a multichapter fic with me! Apologies if the first chapter isn’t all that, but I promise this is a fun one, fluff all the way! I hope you enjoy, as always feedback is greatly appreciated and once again, you have no idea just how much I love you all! <3 

Bucky Barnes had never in his life imagined he’d reach being a century old. Not looking a day over thirty while in reality being a hundred, well that wasn’t exactly what he had imagined either. But most of his life had turned out far different than he had imagined. He hadn't’ imagined falling off a moving train, then be kidnapped by Hydra, wiped of everything he knew and used as a weapon for their agendas. But there was a saying that went along the lines with “Life is never what you want it to be.” And Bucky’s life? Well, his life had a tendency to always throw him out for a loop whenever he felt like he had it all figured out.

An example of this was when he had finally accepted he was just a weapon, Steve showed up, when he had finally hidden in Bucharest, he was framed for a bombing of the UN headquarters. When that had been said and done, and he had finally found peace in Wakanda, a war had broken loose from a different galaxy to ours. So life had its way of disturbing Bucky’s peace of heart.  

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dragon-dance  asked:

hey so.. have you ever considered like a human au comic? cause i love all your human sonic designs, especially sonic, knuckles, and shadow; i would TOTES read it;;;

thank you! i’ve got too much on my plate to do anything more than my doodles rn, but it’s a fun idea!

but like, sega, if you’re hiring………………


Monkees by the Numbers: Ten Romps [10 / 10]

This Just Doesn’t Seem to Be My Day from The Chaperone

Well, that’s it. I have completed Monkees by the Numbers! A huge thank you to @mrsarcadian for coming up with the idea, it was so much fun! I hope everyone enjoyed my posts! :)

Hi!! So to any of you who were in the Shawn tumblr fandom in 2016 you might know what this is,

This is the Shawn Mendes Accent Challenge!!

Last year it was originally @everythingshawnmendes ‘ idea and I decided to bring it back bc it was so much fun and the newbies get to enjoy this as well!!

Answer these following questions on an audio file to give your followers a sense of how you speak!

1. Name and url

2. When did you first get into the Mendes Army?

3. Fave Shawn songs?

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7. Have you seen/met Shawn, or are you going to?

8. What do you love most about Shawn?

9. Say these following words: Illuminate, stitches, Mendes army, tomatoes, muffin, Canadian, Handwritten, and any other words that come into mind!

10. What would you like to see next from Shawn?

11. Favourite random Shawn moment?

12. Who is your favorite Mendes?

13. Which tattoo of Shawn’s is your favorite?

14. Just basically talk about your love for Shawn!

15. What does Shawn mean to you?

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why you keep getting hurt, based on your moon sign

ARIES: you may find yourself doing the hurting in your relationship. love for you is supposed to be exciting, and when you’re not excited about the relationship, it’s easy for you to let go. but hurting people doesn’t feel good. not many people realize this, but aries don’t intend to hurt people. they just naturally put themselves first. it hurts them when people close to them hurt. you may have a lot of trouble finding someone who understands you and your carefree attitude about relationships. maybe love isn’t for you, you begin to think. 

TAURUS: you have an intense loyalty to the people you love. so much so, in fact, that you stay in situations that you may be better off walking away from. to you, a partnership is a long term commitment and any problems that may arise can be worked out, if people are willing to work at it. the problem is, you’re always willing to work on it and the other person may not be so willing. people take advantage of you. you don’t like to fail. when relationships end for you, it causes you a lot of pain because you feel like you failed. you start to think about all the things you could have done to make things work, but you can’t change someone else no matter how hard you try. 

GEMINI: you’re very hard on yourself. you have this weird war going inside you. a part of you thinks “im in a v srs relationship, this is srs business,” while the other side is wanting to have fun and gets bored staying in one spot. you can be hard on others too. you have these ideas about what a good partner should be like and what a serious relationship is supposed to look like, so you tend to dwell on flaws that may not even be deal breaker worthy. finding a balance and learning to let go of preconceived ideas about relationships is a challenge for you. if you don’t find a balance, you’ll feel lost and like no one is out there for you. 

CANCER: you care SO much about people. you always do incredibly thoughtful gestures for the people you love. maybe your partner made an offhand comment once about liking this super niche movie that’s hard to find, and you go out there and buy it. it’s hard for people to match your insane effort. the thing is, you want someone to treat you how you treat others. you want someone to remember that story you told about your favorite vacation as a kid and then they surprise you with plane tickets for your birthday. people show love in all sorts of ways, but it’s hard for you to accept love in a way that’s different from the way you love. if it’s not these insane, sentimental gifts, it’s not enough for you. you feel unfulfilled. 

LEO: you put people on a pedestal. you have high standards, or you at least like to think you have high standards. when you’re into someone, you’re like “oh my god! finally someone who is everything I’ve been looking for!” you begin to see them as this vision you had in your head of the person you pictured yourself with. but fantasy is not reality. when this person doesn’t live up to that fantasy, you get hurt. you’re a hopeless romantic and very grandiose in the way you express your love. everything about love to you is a fairytale. you’re setting impossibly high standards for not only potential partners, but even yourself. 

VIRGO: we live in a society where reminding someone to put their seatbelt on is nagging. to you, this is an act of love. you’re a perfectionist with yourself and your love life. you love through constructive criticism and communication. never mind the fact that people just can’t take criticism these days, people instinctually become defensive. you don’t mean it to come across as critical and naggy, you genuinely want you, the other person, and your relationship to be the best it can be. you feel misunderstood and you probably have begun to give in to thinking there’s something inherently wrong with you.  

LIBRA: love for you is more than just emotions, it’s a conscious decision you make everyday. this will cause you to stay in situations that aren’t right for you. once you’ve decided to be with someone, you’ve decided and now you have to deal with this commitment. pair that with a need to keep the peace and you can drive yourself crazy, dealing with other people’s bullshit that you shouldn’t have to deal with. you bend so much to the needs of the other person, because you’re adaptable so you can be the one to compromise to keep the relationship harmonious. but by doing this, you neglect your own needs and you become blind to how you truly feel and what you truly want. 

SCORPIO: not many people realize it, but you have very high standards. this comes from your overall pessimistic view on people, which probably stems from going through a lot of disappointment in your past. you are insanely loyal to those you’re with and you love HARD. you may often feel that no one will love you the way you love them. you don’t even always express just how deeply you love someone. you don’t like to admit it, but you get deeply attached to people. when someone inevitably doesn’t live up to your standards, this causes you a lot of pain. 

SAGITTARIUS: people fucking suck. everyone has skeletons in their closets and baggage. people take themselves and relationships too seriously. you just want to have fun with the person you’re with. you have a hard time dealing with the human side of people. why does everyone else have to be so negative, you think. love is an amazing thing! and we should have fun while we have time on this earth together. much like aries, you may have begun to think love isn’t for you because everyone else is out here taking the fun out of love. 

CAPRICORN: there’s an inherent loneliness than comes with being a cap moon. you come across as cold to others because the way you express love is so different than everyone else. emotions take a back seat, you love through providing for your partner and becoming the best at what you do to ensure a comfortable life for yourself and those you love. people see that as putting your work before your loved ones, but that’s not your intention. failures in your love life have caused you to completely stop seeking out potential partners, even if you would really love to be in a relationship right now. 

AQUARIUS: the person you’re with is not only your partner, but your best friend. but isn’t that a good thing? it can be, but you have the tendency to detach from the emotional and romantic side of the relationship. you’re afraid of your emotions sometimes, and you’ve developed this ability to completely detach. people you are with may feel like you don’t love them, they’ll begin to feel more like your friend than your lover. but that’s not how you mean for it to come across! you just have a hard time expressing love in a way that others can understand. 

PISCES: you give people too many chances. you see people how you want to see them, rather than for who they truly are and you usually default to seeing the best in everyone. you gravitate towards relationships where one of you needs saving. if you’re the one who needs saving, you put too much of that responsibility into the other person. if you’re the savior in the relationship, you have a hard time realizing that you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. 

let’s all have a group hug <3 astrology is a wonderful tool to not only understand yourself, but to understand others. treat each other kindly and embrace differences in people. 

this is based off of my very first series on twitter. you can follow me @classtrology_ for more frequent astrological posts! I am not accepting full birthchart readings at this time, but simple questions and brief sun/moon/rising combo readings can be done through my ask on here. 


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know


Promptober 10.01.17 with a dash of Noctober 10.01.17 

Starting off with a classic Incubus design I’ve had for months and finally did one for Noctis, prompts without suggestions will default to this or mix together! Prompto and Noctis are a matching set and I created them solely for @destatree and I to use this month! 

So, please don’t edit, repost or use for yourself! 

The Minyard-Josten Pros’ Coming Out

Or, That Time Andrew Got Pissed And Posted The Video That Broke The Internet

  • Years down the line, our boys are both pros and Neil is getting annoyed at all the press conferences that get derailed by either the Josten-Minyard rivalry or whether he is or isn’t in a committed relationship as some gossip magazines have been implying
  • he’s not allowed to deal with it, though
    • he’s actually not allowed to say anything to the press that his coach and PR team haven’t approved of
    • he calls it bullshit
    • he only ever antagonized a dangerous yakuza criminal once
    • people really can’t let anything go, in this sport

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maristine  asked:

Considering it's Lance's birthday today, can I ask for some Lance headcanons?

happy birthday to the goofiest guy in the galaxy!!!

  • [*you became friends with lance!] [*lance will now die for you]
  • keith: “we’re not rivals” also keith: “he triple dog dared me shiro i gotta-”
  • fun fact: alteans can’t roll their r’s
    • the first time lance does it there’s some confusion
    • coran: “did you just… growl at me??”
  • part of the reason lance looks up to shiro so much is because he reminds him of an action movie hero
  • lance, dropping his weight on pidge: “oh no gravity is increasing on me!” pidge: “lance get your bony butt off of me right now before i kick it” 
    • >:o his butt isn’t bony you take that back!!!!
  • lance and coran are morning people. everyone else is… not
  • lance: “god i hate him” hunk: “me too” lance: “you have no idea who i’m talking about??” hunk: “solidarity, bro”
  • he really loves his weird friends
    • “lance can you please stop introducing us to people as your ‘weird frien-’”
  • allura: “alright, lance, shake it” [lance shimmies] “…the container lance”

Dean matched his movements to Cas’, synchronising them. Without his remembering the choice to do so, his hands moved up to hold Cas’ sides more firmly, fingers splayed, while Cas’ fingers slipped into his belt loops, and pulled him in a little closer. The music was still pounding, but all Dean could focus on was the movement of Cas’ hips, the little ways that their bodies brushed and coalesced before falling apart again, on a rhythm; he looked down, watching Cas and himself as they moved against each other. They looked good, they looked right ; they looked like two bodies that belonged, fluid and unafraid and bold. He met Cas’ eyes. Cas looked almost frighteningly alive, intense as white fire. Dean smiled at him, and Cas tilted his head - for a wild second, Dean thought he was about to be kissed -

out of hand on AO3

written by @whelvenwings
illustration by me