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Twisted In Love (D.T) Part 5

Summary: Y/N is an up and coming YouTuber. Grayson falls in love with her, and wants her to be his. Little did he know that his twin brother Ethan had the same idea. Who will win her heart? Who’s heart will get broken?

Word Count: 4,982

Warnings: None.

A/N: So far this is the longest chapter in the whole series!  Gabi ( @sniperdolan ) & I are having so much fun writing this! Yes we’re horrible people & you guys probably already hate us, lol! But thank you so much for the positive feedback! We’re so glad you guys like! Also let us know who you want the reader to end up with! Are you team Ethan or team Grayson?

* * * *

Ethan’s POV

“Um Ethan. You might want to see this…” Aaron said, showing me something on Twitter.

It was Y/N and Grayson. Together.

* * * *

Aaron showed me a picture of Y/N and Grayson. They were together at Disney World. I guess fans thought it was me, because I was going through my Twitter, and saw that I was getting tagged in a bunch of them.

@EthanDolan and @YourTwitterName are literally goals af! #YouandEthanShipname

@EthanDolan took @YourTwitterName to Disney World. My mom can’t even get my dad to take out the trash! #YouandEthanShipname

@YourTwitterName & @EthanDolan looks so happy! #YouandEthanShipname

After a few of the same pictures, one picture caught my attention.

It was a picture of them. Y/N was wearing a pair of glittery Minnie Mouse ears, cheesing like a 5 year old eating on some cotton candy. Grayson was standing behind her with his hands placed on her hips, while he was kissing Y/N on the cheek. 

When did @EthanDolan get highlights? But him & @YourTwitterName are still cute. #YouandEthanShipname

I didn’t get highlights. That wasn’t me. That was my twin brother Grayson. With my girlfriend! I guess Grayson thought if he wore his Ray Bans, and threw on a snapback people wouldn’t recognize him. 

How could he do this? How could Y/N do this? 

These pictures were taken today, meaning he was with her last night when I was FaceTiming her. Was that why she was acting so weird? Did they sleep in the same bed? Are they sleeping together? Y/N and I haven’t even done anything more than make out. Every time I tried to touch her or make a move, she would just pull away, or tell me she would want to take things slow. I obviously had no problem with that. But I couldn’t help but wonder if my girlfriend has been touched by someone else. By my own twin brother. A mixture of betrayal, and anger flooded through me the more I stood there thinking about this. 

“Yo E, you good bro?” Aaron asked, pull me from my thoughts.

“Yeah, I’m good. I’m going to head home. Talk to you later bro.” I said before dapping him up.

I got in the car, and started to drive back to the apartment. As I was driving all these things started coming to mind. Like how Y/N been acting really weird lately. Like when we were out getting ice cream, she seemed off. She said she was sick, but I’m thinking maybe she wasn’t. Grayson’s been acting weird too. Like how he randomly asked where she was that night when I came back from dropping her off at her place after our ice cream date. Then he left that night, and never came back, and when he did he packed a dufflebag, and his Gucci backpack. For fuck sake, I took them to the fucking airport together!

I pulled up to my apartment, but I didn’t get out. I was driving myself crazy with all these thoughts. What if she’s been cheating on me with Grayson this whole time? Is that why she doesn’t want to tell me she loves me? Is it because she loves him? I punched my steering wheel, furious at the thought of this whole situation. This was so fucked up. I took my phone off the aux, and went to call Y/N. After hitting the phone button, I quickly pressed the end button. I wasn’t going to tell her anything. I had a better idea.

I opened up my Twitter app, and found Tana’s page. I clicked on her message button, quickly typing up a DM.

EthanDolan: Yo. I need to talk to you. Call me. 310-657-1521

I closed out of the app, and locked my phone. I pressed the start button on my car, cutting off the engine, before getting out to head up to my apartment.

I had just walked inside, when my phone started ringing. It was unfamiliar number. Thinking it could’ve been Tana, so I answered. 

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hey, it’s Tana. You wanted to talk to me?” she said, on the other end of the phone.

“Yeah I-” I was started to speak but she cut me off.

“Does this have anything to do with how Grayson and Y/N were at Disney World all hugged up?” she asked, 

“How did you know that was Grayson?” I asked a little confused. I mean apparently nobody else was able to figure out that it wasn’t me.

“I fucked your brother enough to be able to tell you two apart just by looking at a picture.” she said, laughing on the other end.

I started by telling Tana about how I thought she was suppose to be in New York with Grayson, because well that’s what he told me. According to Tana they haven’t even spoke to each other since he broke up with her. I explained to her pretty much the whole situation. She was pretty amused by the whole thing. We talked a little more, and came up with a plan. 

Looks like Tana and I are heading to Playlist Live Orlando.

* * * * 

Reader’s POV

Grayson and I were at Disney World, having the best time. We met all the princesses, rode on almost every ride, and we ate a shit ton! I was glad that their weren’t many fans here. Probably because the were all at Universal Studios waiting to meet the performers. I mean we saw some outside when we were coming in, but I guess no one noticed that it was Grayson because everyone was shouting Ethan’s name. He had his hair pushed back into his snapback, and some Ray Bans on so people couldn’t see his face. We held hands, snuck in a few kisses here and there, it honestly was the perfect day.

Of course I feel bad. I feel like complete trash. But I was really enjoying my time with Grayson. The feeling I feel when I’m with Grayson is a completely different feeling from when I’m with Ethan. Yes Ethan makes me happy, but as wrong and fucked up as this situation is, being with Grayson feels right. I probably should break up with Ethan. In fact I’ve been thinking about it, because he doesn’t deserve this. But what am I suppose to say without crushing his heart? 

God I’m a horrible person.

The park started to get a little crowded so we decided to leave. Plus I needed to go see some people over at Playlist, to go over the schedule for tomorrow. 

The uber pulled up in front of the hotel, and I cursed under my breath at the site of fans all over the front door, and inside the lobby of the hotel. Grayson heard me, and looked up to look out the window.

“Shit!” he cursed. 

“Do we just run inside or wha-” he started talking but I cut him off.

“We can’t go out there together Gray!” I said, throwing my head back in my seat.

“You might pulled it off at the Disney, but I doubt you can fool this many fans!”

We decided that I would go out by myself, and he would have the driver drive around to the back, and he can enter the back entrance of the hotel. I got out the car, and closed the door. Fans started running up to me, with their phones out snapping pictures, and recording videos. 

“Where’s Ethan?” a fan asked, holding out her iPhone to take a picture.

“Oh. He had to go do something.” I replied, as I bent down to take a picture with her.

I said hi to a few fans, and took a few more pictures. If I could stay and talk to every single one of them I could, they honestly were all so sweet! As I was walking up the stairs of the front door, I heard a fan scream something.

“The pictures of you and Ethan, were so cute!” 

Pictures? Fuck there’s pictures! What pictures? 

I walked back down towards the fan, and asked her what pictures she was talking about. She opened up Twitter, and showed me a few pictures of Grayson and I at Disney. Some of them were just of us standing there at the ticket booth. Okay that’s not bad. But than she showed me another picture and my heart stopped. It was a picture of us standing by the ferris wheel. I was smiling eating my cotton candy, and Grayson was standing behind me with his hands placed on my hips, kissing me on the cheek. Fuck!

I gave her a hug, and went into the hotel. The security held back the fans inside the lobby, so I had a clear path to the elevator. I blew kisses to everyone, and walked into the elevator. After pressing number 5 on the keypad, I pulled out my phone and opened my Twitter app. My mentions were filled with those pictures. Everyone was tagging Ethan in the pictures. Wow people really did think Grayson was Ethan. I couldn’t help but wonder if Ethan saw these already. I went on his Twitter, but he hasn’t tweeted anything since the other night. I looked through his likes to see if he had liked anything, he hasn’t. But than again, if he did see those pictures, why would he like them? A loud ding, broke me out of my thoughts, and the elevator door opened. 

I stepped out of the elevator, and walked to my room. I used the key card to open the door, and Grayson was laying on the bed scrolling through his phone. 

“We have a problem!” I said, shutting the door behind me. 

“What happened?” Grayson asked, sitting up on the end of the bed looking concerned.

“Have you been on Twitter today?” I asked, walking over and standing in front of him.

“No. I haven’t been on my phone all day.” he said, pulling me into his lap, and placing a kiss on my temple. 

“Why babe?” he asked, tucking some of the hair that fell over behind my ear.

I pulled up the pictures on my phone to show Grayson. 

“These are all over Twitter.” 

“Everyone is tagging Ethan in it.” I said, giving Grayson the phone.

“Why would they tag Ethan?” Grayson asked, confused. 

He’s joking right?

“BECAUSE THEY THINK IT’S HIM YOU IDIOT!” I screamed snatching my phone back, a little annoyed. 

I tried to get off Grayson’s lap, but his strong muscular arms pulled me back down. Keeping them wrapped around me. 

“Do you think Ethan saw the pictures?” I asked, meeting my eyes with Grayson’s soft hazel ones. 

“I don’t think so. I mean I’m sure he would’ve called me if he did.” he said.

“But what if he does Gray! What do we say? I don’t want him to find out this way. I need to tell him. I’m going to go call him.” I said, removing myself from Grayson’s lap.

“No.” Grayson said, grabbing my arm.

“We’ll talk to him when we get back. You don’t need anything to stress you out. It’s your first time at Playlist.” he said, pulling me towards him. My back against him.

“Let’s just enjoy it.”

“Together.” he says as he places kisses down my neck.

I guess Grayson he was right. I guess it makes more sense if we talked to Ethan together. A part of me still wanted to talk to him first, but I didn’t want to stress myself out, and then have the fans pick up on the negative vibe. We decided that when we get back, we were going to tell Ethan everything. Let’s just hope that happens before he sees the pictures.

Ethan’s POV

I was able to book Tana and I a flight to Orlando for this afternoon. Our flight leaves at 2:30 so we would probably get there around 7:00 or 7:30. 

I finished packing my bags, and sat down in the living room waiting for the Uber. As I was waiting I was on Twitter, seeing if there was any new pictures of Y/N and Grayson. I kept scrolling past a few tweets say how good I looked today in a snapback and sunglasses. Yeah, too bad it wasn’t me! I scrolled some more and saw a picture of Y/N. It was just her. She was in front of the hotel taking pictures with fans. Anger ran though my body, thinking about how her and Grayson have been lying to me this whole time. If they wanted to be together they could’ve just told me. 

My phone notification went off, letting me know my Uber was downstairs. I threw my back pack over my shoulder, grabbed my duffel bag and started heading down to the car. 

When I got in the car I texted Tana, letting her know that I was in the Uber, and we were on the way, to get her. The whole point of going to Orlando, is to basically call them both out on their shit. No not right away. I’m going to play it cool act like I don’t know anything, and that I’m just there to see Y/N and hang out at Playlist.

Grayson said he was in New York with Tana, because they got back together. But knowing Grayson, he would just come up with another lie to cover up that lie. So that’s why I invited Tana. So Grayson wouldn’t be able to lie. I mean how can he when Tana is in his face. As far as it goes for Y/N. Hopefully she tells me herself that way I don’t have to bring it up. I honestly don’t want to. I don’t even know how I’m still so calm about this. Yes half of me wants to kill Grayson, but I don’t know maybe we can fix all of this before anyone else gets hurt. Or in my case more hurt.

* * * *

Tana and I made it out the airport pretty easy. There weren’t any fans hanging out inside or outside. I guess their were either all that the hotel or Universal Studios waiting to meet all the performers.

We got into the Uber, and began heading towards the hotel. The closer we got, the more anxious I was feeling. I don’t know what I’m going to say to Y/N. I mean I know I said I would play it cool like I don’t know anything. But what if I can’t. What if I get so angry that I just snap? I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t realize we were here.


“Hey Dolan!”  Tana’s said, shaking my shoulder trying to get my attention.

“We’re here.” she nodded her head at the window.

I look out and the front of the hotel was crowded with fans. I couldn’t let them see me. If they see me than the pictures would end up on Twitter, and I didn’t want Y/N to know I was here yet, and I didn’t want her to know Tana was here either. If I want my plan to work, than they needed to think I’m Grayson. I grabbed my beanie out of my duffel bag. I put on the beanie, and quickly pulled the hood from my hoodie over my head, pulling it over my face a little. Tana got out of the car first, with me following behind. The security came outside and helped us through the crowd. The whole time walking to the door of the hotel, I kept hearing everyone yelling Grayson’s name. Do we really look that much alike? Jesus. 

Once we got into the hotel, Tana got her room, and went upstairs. I pulled off my hood, and my beanie and walked over to the reception desk. 

“Hey, I’m Ethan Dolan, Y/N Y/L/N boyfriend. I don’t know if you remember us or not. But I forgot our room number, and she’s out going over her schedule for the Playlist live performance tomorrow,  so I can’t call her or anything. So are you able to give me the room number?” I asked the lady. She looked at me and laugh before she started typing on her keyboard.

“I remember you guys. My daughter took a picture with you guys the first day you guys came. Remember?” she said, her eyes on her computer monitor.

“Oh. Yeah, sorry. It’s been a long couple days I-” I said before she cut me off.

“Oh no your fine. I understand. Now did you want a key card or just the room number.” she asked.

Without even thinking about it, I asked for the key card. She handed it over to me, and I thanked her before heading over towards the elevator. I looked at the card and the room number was 5044. I clicked the number 5 on the elevator key pad, and waited for my stop. 

The elevator dinged. The elevator doors opened, and I walked out onto the fifth floor. Tana was also on the fifth floor but I think her room is down the other side of the hall. 

“5037… 5038… 5039… 5040 …” I counted the hotel room numbers in my head, as I walked passed them. 

“5043… 5044…” I stopped right in front of the hotel door. I held the key card up to the slot, but I didn’t slide it through. What if their in there together? What if I open the door to something I don’t want to see. 

Reader’s POV

I had just woken up from probably the best nap I’ve ever had. These hotel mattresses are the most comfortable things ever. I lifted Grayson’s hand from my waist, so I could reach the night stand for my phone. Immediately feeling his hand back on my waist and pulling me back towards him.

“Stay.” Grayson said, in his raspy sleepy voice.

“I’m not going anywhere. I was just trying to check my phone.” I said, making him pull me in tighter.

“You don’t need it.” he said, planting soft kisses down my neck, and down to my shoulders.

He removed his hand from my waist, and cuffed my cheek, lifting my face up to meet his. He licked his lips, and connected them with mine. I felt the tip of his tongue tracing over my bottom lip. I parted my lips, and our kiss deepen. 

We were in the middle of a pretty heated make out session when there was a knock on the door.

“Ignore it! Maybe they’ll go away.” Grayson said, pressing his lips back on mine, kissing me again.  

“You have no patience do you?” I chuckled, as I pushed myself off of him. I got out the bed, and walked over to the door. I peek through the peek hole checking to see who it was before opening the door.

When I saw who it was, my stomach turned. It was Ethan. 

Ethan’s POV

I knocked on the door.

“Surprise!” I cheered, wrapping my arms tight around her. 

My eyes roamed the room. Both sides of the bed were messy. The pillows weren’t fluffed, and the sheets were wrinkled. Letting me know someone else was in that bed with her. Someone as in Grayson.

“Ethan! What are you doing here?” she asked wrapping her arms around my neck.

“I got bored back home, so I decided I’d check out Playlist this year. And because I miss you.” I said, kissing the top of her forehead. I would kiss her on the lips, but to be honest I have no idea where they’ve been.   

“I missed you too E.” she lied. She didn’t miss me. She had Grayson with her keeping her company. She has barely texted me since she’s been here. 

I walked inside the room, and the strong, familiar scent of cologne hit my nose. Grayson and I wear the same cologne for crying out loud, so of course I knew what it was. I needed to play it cool. So I walked over to the bed, and I noticed something on the chair by the balcony. It was Grayson’s Gucci back pack. I could feel my blood boiling at this point. He’s in here. Where the fuck was he?

“Grayson’s here?” I asked, pulling Y/N down onto my lap. Waiting for her to lie.

“Uh yeah! He got here like an hour ago. He thought you were with me for some reason. But you weren’t… So… He said he’d drop his stuff off here, so he could go get a room. Then come back to get it.” she lied. Wow I never knew what a good liar Y/N was until now. Because that was almost convincing. Too bad I already know what’s been going on. But I’ll play along.

“That’s weird. I told him I wasn’t coming here with you, so I wonder why he thought that. And I wonder if Tana’s here if since he’s here.” I said, pretending to sound confused.

“Tana?!” Y/N asked, a little pissed. Clearly Tana’s name set off something inside of her. 

“I mean why would… Why would Tana be here?” she asked again. This time a little calmer.

“Well Grayson told me they got back together, and that he was going to New York to see her. That’s why I dropped you guys off at the airport together.” I said, my eyes on her the whole time.

She didn’t say anything, she looked at me and smiled at me. I gave her a quick kiss, and told her I was going to go and try to “find” Grayson, so we could room together. I told her I would let her have the room together, because I didn’t want to cause any “distractions”. I left Y/N’s room, and went down to the lobby to get a room.

Reader’s POV

As soon as Ethan left, I closed and locked the door behind me. I went to the balcony where Grayson was hiding, and told him to come inside. 

“Tana? Really? You were going to New York with Tana?” I asked, crossing my arms. I knew it was a lie Grayson made up, but still why did he have to use her?

“It was the only thing I could think of to say, so Ethan wouldn’t question me.” he said, placing his hands on the small of my back. 

“Obviously I’ve been here with you the whole time!” he said, tilting my chin up giving me a kiss. It felt kind of weird. I was making out with Grayson, than his brother also known as my boyfriend, comes I kiss him, and now I’m kissing Grayson again. I felt so disgusting right now. 

“Well he saw your back pack, and asked if you were here…”

“I told him you just got here, and that you were looking for him. But he wasn’t here so you went to go get a room. Soooo you better put on a shirt, and go downstairs, and act like you were getting a room or something.” I said, but Grayson moved his hands down on my butt, pushing me into him. 

“Since he’s here he’s probably gonna try to spend time with you. Meaning we can’t spend time together.” he said, before kissing my cheek, and planting soft kisses by my ear.

“I’m not ready to give you back yet.” he whispered softly into my ear. Giving it a little nibble. 

He placed a finger under my chin tilting it up. Our lips connected, and I could feel his wet lips melt onto mine. My hands on his chest, and he slide his tongue on my lips, and I gave him full entry to my mouth. My hands slipped around his neck, as I felt his tongue meeting mine. His hands moved to my hips, guiding my backwards to the bed. Him hovering over on top of me. With one elbow on the bed beside my head, as he kept his body over mine. Our kisses became faster, and sloppier, but still pleasurable. His free hand squeezed my hips, as he was kissing and sucking my neck at the same time. Light moans started escaping from my mouth, and I felt Grayson smiling as he was devouring my neck. 

“Are you going to answer it?” I asked, trying to push myself up with my elbows.

“No… I’ll… Call… Them… Later” he said, while he was planting kisses over the throbbing part of my neck. I swear to god if he leaves a hickey!

“What if it’s Ethan.” I said, knowing that would get Grayson to stop and check his phone.

“Fuck!” Grayson, groaned. I was right, it was Ethan. Grayson was pissed. He ran his hand through his hair, and sat down on the bed, before calling back his brother.


“Yeah, I got here about an hour ago or so…”

“Yeah, meet me in the lobby.” he says before hanging up the phone. 

“I gotta meet Ethan in the lobby. I guess I’m getting a new roomate.” he said, grabbing his back pack, and duffel bag.

“Talk to you later?” he asked, giving me a kiss on the cheek. I nodded and opened the door for him. 

“I love you.” he said, and gave me a quick peck on the lips before leaving the room.

I shut the door behind me, and threw myself on the bed. What the hell is going on? I’m cheating on my boyfriend with his twin brother, and now he’s here. I wanted to talk to Ethan, I knew I had too. But Grayson and I agreed to wait till we got back. I’m starting to think waiting isn’t a good idea. Ethan’s here. What if he ends up seeing the picture? Or what if fans say something about the picture? Fuck. What do I do? How did things get so messy? It’s like one big twisted love triangle. Like we’re all twisted in love

* * * *

I woke up to my phone ringing beside me. I didn’t even remember falling asleep. I checked my caller ID, and it was Grayson. 

“Hello?” I said, still half asleep. 

“So Ethan’s sleeping, so I’ll be at your room in a sec. We’re like down the hall.” he spoke lowly on the other end. His voice sounded a little weird, but I’m guessing he was whispering since he was still in the room, and didn’t want to wake Ethan up. Unlike Grayson, Ethan wasn’t really a heavy sleeper.

“I’m too lazy to get out of bed, so use your room key.” I said before hanging up. I hung up the phone, and checked the time. It was 2:00 in the morning. Jeez how long did I nap for? I remember Grayson leaving to go meet Ethan, and next thing I know it’s 2:00 in the morning. I noticed I had a few messages, so i decided to check them. A few of them were from Grayson, and a few were from Ethan.  

Ethan: Babe, we got our room. It’s down the hall from yours ;)

Ethan: Are you sleeping?

Ethan: Y/N!!

Ethan: Babe?

Grayson: I miss you already. Ethan’s being annoying. 

Grayson: We got out room. But I’ll come by tonight, when Ethan falls asleep.

Grayson: Can’t wait till this is over, and you can finally be mine. 

Grayson: Well you are mine, just not in the right circumstances.

Grayson: I love you.

I locked my phone, plugged it on the charger, and placed it on the night stand. All of this was making my head hurt. I’m tried of lying, and sneaking around behind Ethan’s back. I’m going to talk to Grayson when he gets here, and tell him that I’m going to talk to Ethan tomorrow in the morning. Because this isn’t right. It was never right to begin with. But he deserves the truth, as much as its going to hurt I needed to tell him. 

Thirteenth in this set of Mucha-inspired Versailles portraits - William of Orange, brought so brilliantly back to life by George Webster. Looking up the 17th century tulip varieties was highly enjoyable; his other flowers are nasturtiums, which symbolise ‘conquest’ or ‘victory in battle’.

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FcUK, SHIMA!! Is there anything you can't do? You can draw, you can write, you have amazing ideas, you can sing, you can make games (hacks are games too!!), and so much more I haven't listed asdfghjkl. YOU CAN SING I LOVE YOUR SONG AND YOUR VOICE AHHHH

FNSKNDJFJF THA NK YOU…(///w///) I guess I’m pretty fluent in the arts but heck I can’t do sports to save my life pal. Physical exercise? NO THANK YOU. Nuh-uh. Buh-bye. //whistles


You guys have given me so many nice comments honestly I—I’m inspired to write another song for Michael, this time about the tickets and how his time is running out and how he wants to confess to Jer!! Maybe I’ll do a full-length one this time hehehe

Thanks again ❤️

Upcoming Events :)

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 (some are requests)

Dating Lydia Would Include - this one is gonna be long ladies and gents, remember the Stiles one? Yeah I’m aiming for that goal.  **i am taking headconnon requests for this! got an idea of a good lydia headcannon or a cute lil moment her and y/n can have? drop it in my ask!

Camping Trip - Being Scott’s twin sister and Stiles’ girlfriend has it’s perks.  Like camping trips! Which would be so much fun! …right?

yet to be named fic - Stiles’ twin sister and you’ve got the biggest crush on the only human in his pack, but will it freak your brother out, if you ask out his best buddy’s ex?

Soulmates Pt 2 - What’s the future got in store for two werewolves that were born to be together?

The Hardest Goodbye Part Two - What happens when you show up at Stiles’ dorm? (ha no spoilers or anything in this summary)

Hands - That fluffy Stiles fic that I’ve taken two years to write and it’s basically done and just sitting in my drafts.  AKA the fiery (and messy) depths of hell.

Late Night Cuddles - Scott has a hard time going to sleep with all of the monsters that could be lurking around and putting you in danger.  But you seem to have the cure for his insomnia

The BFF - A platonic Malia imagine, where she reveals to you that you are her anchor, and her closest friend

that’s all folks, no i don’t have any dates for when these will be posted, but so far that’s what my plans look like :) what’re you most excited for?

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Hi. I was told yesterday that I'm allergic to milk and gluten, which means that I suddenly can't eat most of my safe foods. I also have to take supplements, which are in the form of syrup and I can't stand the texture. My parents know that I'm autistic, but can't understand why I struggle with this so much and even made fun of me crying when I had to take the supplements. I really don't know how to take the supplement, anyone has any idea, to make it easier to swallow it?

I would suggest trying to mix the supplement with juice or another flavored beverage that you like. It might be able to change the flavor/texture enough to make it tolerable. 

Another strategy I’ve tried when I’ve had to drink things I can’t handle the texture of is drinking it as fast as possible then having a chaser for afterwards. I hold my breath and chug as much as I can, then, without breathing, take a sip of my chaser (usually juice or soda) and that tends to work. I still usually shudder afterwards but at least I’m able to get it down. 

Followers, does anyone have any other suggestions?



Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

The signs as I know them

Aries: a fiercely protective lover, continuing an argument when you know you’re wrong, passionate loyalty, pushing past your comfort zone, fights that turn into sex, standing outside in the rain and screaming. Freedom. impulsive behavior. Loud and intense. Home.

Taurus: comfort food. Staying in bed on a rainy day. Smart but stubborn. Quiet calculations. Staying up all night talking. Outer space. Lazy days.

Gemini: books and coffee. Friendship tattoos. Smart and resilient. Beautiful. Making friends wherever you go. Two types; either wildly successful and organized like Pinterest in real life or a chaotic mess. Prone to addiction. Living art.

Cancer: musically inclined. Long walks downtown. Deep intellectual talks that leave you feeling calm but exhausted. Ambition. Second chances.

Leo: Staying up too late and drinking too much. Laughing until you can’t breathe. Doing your makeup drunk. Irresponsible decisions that make for good stories. Platonic kissing. Being held when you’re sad. Loyal friendships. Loud and exciting. Not talking for months and picking up where you left off.

Virgo: White furniture. Homemade Halloween costumes and holiday crafts. Careful and calculated. Cleaning for fun. Alphabetized book cases. Never saying ‘I told you so’ even when you’re always right. Motherly. Nurturing.

Libra: memes. Vibrant and super friendly. Always smiling. Eager to please and doesn’t like to disappoint. Goal oriented, and unstoppable once they have an idea. Surprise parties. Pretending you aren’t in love when you are.

Scorpio: staying up all night watching horror movies. Secretive and endearing. Will hold a grudge forever. Cemetery dates. Rough sex. The sound of a thunderstorm outside of your window. Feeling warm in a cold room. Extreme emotional intelligence.

Sagittarius: wanderlust. Forgetting to text back for days at a time. Always somewhere far away; unreachable. Feeing alone in a crowded room. Getting stoned and cuddling in bed all day. Japanese art. Staying out past curfew. Singing like nobody’s around. Inconsistent and deeply conflicted. Anime. Saying we’d still be friends.

Capricorn: Pretending to not like people but being really lonely. Cold. Immaculate attention to detail. Ambitious and unyielding. I haven’t met that many Capricorns.

Aquarius: Talking about alchemy and aliens all night. Doing drugs because I felt sad and you’re a good friend. Listening to me cry about a boy you told me was bad for me. Feels a lot more than they pretend to. Fireball whiskey. Marijuana.

Pisces: Knowing things before you’re told. Crystals. Tarot cards. Your life is a wreck but you always know what to say to help others. Die hard loyalty. Organized mess. Daydreaming all day. Boxed wine. Drunken yoga. A warm hug and a feeling of security. Selfless love.

nearly 200 writing prompts // feel free to reblog


1: “ Give me a chance. ”
2: “ Not you again.. ”
3: “ Leave me alone. ”
4: “ I don’t love you anymore. ”
5: “ Why do you hate me? ”
6: “ I lost the baby. ”
7: “ I thought you loved me. ”
8: “ I don’t need you anymore. ”
9:“ I can’t believe you! ”
10: “ We cant keep this up forever. ”
11: “ You’re a monster. ”
12: “ I hate you. ”
13: “ Don’t leave me… ”
14: “ You’re a disappointment. ”
15: “ Don’t die on me– Please. ”
16: “ I never meant to hurt you. ”
17: “ Are you upset with me? ”
18: “ I wish i’d never met you. ”
19: “ I’m going to kill you! ”
20: “ Please don’t hurt me like this. ”
21: “ Thanks for nothing. ”
22: “ Dont call this number again. “
23: “ Why did you spare me? ”
24: “ You need to leave. ”
25: “ I’m sick. ”
26: “ I’m dying. ”
27: “ I wish i’d never met you. ”
28: “ I thought we were family!”
29: “ There was never an us. ”
30: “ So that’s it? It’s over? ”
31: “ I fucked up. ”
32: “ I came to say goodbye. ”
33:“ He’s dead because of you. ”
34: “ I don’t deserve to be loved. ”
35: “ About the baby… Its yours. ”


36: “ I’m so in love with you. ”
37: “ Dance with me! ”
38: “ Isn’t this amazing? ”
39: “ I wish we could stay like this forever. ”
40: “ Will you marry me? ”
41: “ I’m pregnant. ”
42: “ I need a hug. ”
43: “ You’re special to me. ”
44: “ I’m going to keep you safe. ”
45: “ Do you trust me? ”
46: “ Can I kiss you right now? ”
47: “ You’re cute when you’re angry. ”
48: “ I’ve liked you for awhile now. ”
49: “ Lets have a baby. ”
50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
51: “ I want to take care of you. ”
52: “ Can we cuddle? ”
53: “ It’s lonely here without you. ”
54: “ I can’t stand the thought of loosing you. ”
55: “ Shut up and kiss me already. ”
56: “ Are you flirting with me? ”
57: “ Is that my shirt? ”
58: “ How did we get here? ”
59: “ You own my heart. ”
60: “ You’d be a great dad. ”
61: “ You’d be a great mom. ”
62: “ I want to protect you. ”
63: “ Whats the matter? ”
64: “ You’re so beautiful. ”
65: “ Did you do something different with your hair? ”
66: “ Is that a new perfume? ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”
69: “ You’re teasing me again… ”
70: “ This is why I fell in love with you. ”
71: “ You’re the best! ”
72: “ They’re going to love you, don’t worry! ”
73: “ Oh, Are you ticklish? ”
74: “ Of course I remembered! ”
75: “ You’re one hell of a girl. ”
76: “ You’re one hell of a guy. ”
77: “ Are you jealous? ”
78: “ Hold me and never let me go. ”
79: “ Stop hogging all the blankets! ”
80: “ Lets run away together. ”


90: “ Catch me if you can! ”
91: “ I’m fine. ”
92: “ Are you drunk? ”
93: “ Are you high? ”
94: “ We cant go in there… ”
95: “ Give it back! ”
96: “ Well this is just great. ”
97: “ Don’t touch me. ”
98: “ Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person. ”
99: “ This was fun— Lets do it again sometime!”
100: “ I didn’t do it! ”
101: “ I did it… ”
102: “ I don’t remember that! ”
103: “ Well that’s pretty rude of you to say. ”
104: “ Get that thing away from me! ”
105: “ You owe me. ”
106: “ Do you believe in aliens? ”
107: “ Do you believe in ghosts? ”
108: “ Are you hitting on me? ”
109: “ Why are you naked? ”
110: “ You did what?! ”
111: “ You have… Superpowers? ”
112: “ Why are you bleeding? ”
113: “ Where did all these puppies come from?”
114: “ Don’t make me come over there myself! ”
115: “ That wasn’t funny. ”
116: “ This tastes horrible. ”
117: “ This is delicious! ”
118: “ Are you mad at me? ”
119: “ Stop ignoring me… ”
120: “ I love that show too! ”
121: “ Can I borrow that book of yours?”
122: “ Lets blow this joint. ”
123: “ Let me help you with that. ”
124: “ Take that back! ”
125: “ Wanna go see a movie with me? ”
126: “ No way, that’s so lame. ”
127: “ What are you listening to? ”
128: “ I brought you your coffee. ”
129: “ Don’t fuck this up. ”
130: “ Run! ”
131: “ Lets run away together. ”
132: “ I haven’t slept in four days… ”
133: “ Your turn to do the dishes. ”
134: “ Was I really that drunk? ”
135: “ Was I really that stoned? ”
136: “Give me back my phone! ”
137: “ You’re an asshole. ”
138: “ Are you cold? ”
139: “ This place gives me the creeps. ”
140: “ I swear my house is haunted. ”
141: “ Did you hear that? ”
142: “ It’s just your imagination. ”
143: “ Just how stupid do you think I am? ”
144: “ Stop being such a baby. ”
145: “ Go back to bed. ”
146: “ Are you okay? ”
147: “ I can take care of myself just fine.”
148: “ Thanks for helping me back there. ”
149: “ Since when have we ever been friends? ”
150: “ What on earth are you wearing? ”
151: “ I can’t feel my legs! ”
152: “ Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night. ”
153: “ Put me down! ”
154: “ There’s only one bed… ”
155: “ It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is… ”
156: “ How did I loose it? ”
157: “ I read your diary. ”
158: “ This is awkward. ”
159: “ Didn’t you read the sign? ”
160: “ Do you think you can teach me that? ”

Below is NSFW prompts.
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161: “ Bite me. ”
162: “ Make me. ”
163: “ Fuck me. ”
164: “ Stop teasing me so much… ”
165: “ Do you like it when I touch you like that?”
166: “ Okay.. This is new. ”
167: “ Want to head back to my place and have a little fun? ”
168: “ You’re in trouble now. ”
169: “ What a pretty sight. ”
170: “ Bend over. ”
171: “ On your knees. ”
172: “ The food looks great but.. There’s something much more delicious i’d like to eat right now. ”
173: “ Lay back. ”
174: “ Take off your clothes. ”
175: “ Well, fine; just this once. ”
176: “ I’m waiting. ”
177: “ You’re so beautiful. ”
178:“ As you wish. ”
179: “ First one to make a noise looses.”
180: “ You have no idea what you do to me. ”
181: “ If you’re bored; Wanna have sex? ”
182: “ Ive wanted this for so long. ”
183: “ Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies. ”
184: “ Can I touch you? ”
185: “ Open up. ”
186: “ No strings attached. ”
187: “ Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you? ”
188: “ Mine. ”
189: “ The nights still young. ”
190: “ We cant do that here! ”
191: “ Behave. ”
192:“ What did you just say? ”
193: “ Good girl. ”
194: “ Good boy. ”
195: “ Come here. ”

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*

iilesgemeauxii  asked:

I really liked your awkward Hanzo comics~ Could you make one where McCree compliments his hair (particularly the white little hair-wings part thing) and the next day someone (Genji? Symm?) finds him with a little smile trying extra hard to make them perfect? (not in a snooty/prideful way. more of a "i hope they look good today maybe he'll talk to me again" way) I am not sure if I'm allowed to make requests/suggestions so i hope this does not come off as pushy~ '3' Welp, 25 letters left so this -

im super glad you liked it omg thank yOU!!! i am 1000% down for requests & suggestions hehe there u go!!!

pidge: keith i have a gay problem and need the help of a gay who is more experienced

keith: ok. what is it?

pidge: i like this girl but there’s no way she likes me back and i dunno what to do about it

keith: nothing. absolutely nothing. you do nothing, and then you do your best to ignore it but it’s just eating at you and it’s so hard to pretend it’s not there so then you watch ten thousand heteronormative hallmark movies but eventually you start getting daydreams about how great your life would be if you actually were dating and how much fun you’d have doing the cheesiest coupley stuff and you aren’t even paying attention to the hallmark movies anymore they’re just lights and sounds in the background of your daydreams but we’re in space so you don’t even have the hallmark movies so you just go straight to the daydreams and you get this idea in your head that if you two date you’ll finally be a happy functional person and you won’t have any more problems ever and you know that’s not true but you still wanna believe it anyway and now the crush is getting bigger and bigger and you’re even more of a mess and you talk to your friend about it since he says he’s always there if you need someone to listen so you think that’ll help a little bit but it turns out it doesn’t because your friend is an asshole and says “well why don’t you just tell him?” but if i could tell him then this wouldn’t. be a problem, shiro!

keith: (breathing heavily)



pidge: actually i think i’m gonna go to lance

keith: …good plan.

Humans are weird little aliens, Part 2

Oh wow, you guys really liked the first part, thanks a lot! Anyways:

“They’re starting to creep me out.” Said Captain Kii’o, hesitating to turn the page.

“Nonsense! Humans are harmless. Most of the time.”

“Precautions to take if a human ever tries to fight you and/or your crew:”, Kii’o kept reading the guide.

Do not try to kill them with Clear Poison. Humans need it to survive, and drink it daily.

Do not try to intoxicate them with Oxygen. They breathe it, and will ignore your attack.”

“They breathe the gas that fire needs to exist? Are we sure they don’t spit fire as well?” Maefaa questioned, his face turning a bright green hue.

“Well, I suppose, if they had some sort of spark mechanism… doesn’t matter right now. We’re still considering options.” Kii’o assured.

Maefaa briefly flashed yellow, which would be the human equivalent to ‘nodding’.

Do not try to attack them if no weapon rank 5 or higher is nearby. Even though human appendages were not evolved for hitting, they have made common knowledge of clenching their (usually five) mini-appendages together and swinging them with frighteningly high accuracy. I repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE ON PHYSICAL COMBAT AGAINST A HUMAN.

That being said, here are some tips on what to do.

DO stay calm. Humans are known for using their enemies’ panic to their advantage.

DO try to calm THEM. Saying phrases like ‘no one is here to hurt you’ or ‘we just want to help’ usually bring their violence precipitation risk down to about 20%.

DO offer the human food. We haven’t figured out why just yet, but humans LOVE sustenance. ‘Pastries’ and ‘tea’ are extremely effective when it comes to relaxing humans. If you are unsure of what these are, please refer to attachment H-05.”

“Ooh! Kii’o, can I look at the attachment? I’m really curious, how do ‘pastries’ look like?” Said Maefaa, excited.

“Uhm, sure.” Kii’o turnet do the last few pages of the book. After flipping around for 3 semi-jo’us, Kii’o removed a piece of paper from a folder. “Here you go.”

“Wow, this one looks really cool. ‘Nana’s Strawberry Shortcake’, huh? Who is this legendary ‘Nana’??”

“Pretty sure there’s credits at the end of each page.”, Kii’o replied.

Maefaa began to read the text out loud. “Research team 49 found this chemistry experiment quite amusing to taste, and brought a copy of the recreation instructions with them. When a young human was interrogated about the mythical ‘Nana’, the human simply said ‘The best at making food that ever was!’ Truly, the rest of the universe has been gifted with the legendary ‘Nana’’s abilities.”

“Sounds like a hero alright. I wonder if humans worship Nana as a higher being.” Kii’o said, while flipping back to the part they were reading before they got to know the legends of Nana’s pastries.

(I’ll post the next part tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!)

Easy Ways To Raise Your Energy/Vibration

While the terms “raising energy” or “raising vibration” may sound like there is a big complicated ritual involved in doing so, it can be a very simple process. There are many benefits to raising our energy/vibration, which range from aiding in spellwork to just simply feeling better. All of these things listed below are simple ways to do so! Thank you in advance to all of those that helped me put this list together! 

  • Enjoy things that you like!
  • Dancing (alone or with a partner!)
  • Singing
  • Listening to music (Any you like is good, but binaural beats specifically helps a lot of people)
  • Playing an instrument
  • Meditate
  • State how grateful you are for this moment you are currently in
  • Take a Bath
  • Eat raw, unprocessed food (organic is best!)
  • Go outside & enjoy nature
  • Earthing - go outside, kick those shoes off and enjoy the dirt between your toes
  • Do something creative
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Give someone a hug (& get hugged in return!)
  • Hug a tree!
  • Do something nice for someone
  • Get rid of all tech for awhile. Yep. Step away from the cell phone for a few hours.
  • Learn how to say “NO” to things that drain your energy!
  • Play with animals
  • Learn to forgive yourself as well as others!
  • Stop watching so much TV
  • Exercise
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Drinking tea
  • Drinking water charged with crystals
  • Burning incense/diffusing essential oils
  • Talking to plants
  • Focusing on the moon
  • Spending time with your favorite crystals
  • & Last but not least… having fun!

This isn’t a complete list of ways to raise your energy, because there are TONS of ways to do it easily, because pretty much anything you enjoy doing can raise your energy/vibration up, but this is a good list to start off to give you an idea of things to do! Go out there and have fun! <3

Ascendant-Descendant axis: Elements

Fire ASC - Air DSC

With a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) on the Ascendant, you see yourself as bold, energetic, and fun. When you walk into a room, you take charge and often take the spotlight; people notice you, you don’t “blend in”, you are seen strongly. You tend to want to liven things up in a room, get the energy flowing and people bouncing off each other. Stagnant, dull environments are something you hate.
You have an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) on the Descendant, so you tend to see and experience everyone else as being too shallow, impersonal and detached. Others live too much in the mental realm of ideas and don’t take enough action or actually do what they say they want to do, whereas you are the opposite. Everyone else seems a bit too flighty and concerned with social niceties or issues, whereas you interact only with what is immediate and in front of you at any given time; you don’t worry about what is not directly in front of you, but others seem to live too much in the future. Others can also seem mischievous and that they get away with things.

Air ASC - Fire DSC

With an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) on the Ascendant, you see yourself as intellectual, sociable and harmonious. When you walk into a room, you talk and when first meeting people, talking is your natural mode of behaviour. You have a nervous energy but you tend to say the right things at the right time. Lack of communication makes you feel uneasy and awkward. People need to be communicating.
You have a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) on the Descendant, so you tend to see and experience everyone else as being too passionate, attention-seeking and perhaps arrogant. Others seem way too concerned with their own selfish needs and perhaps their own feelings, whereas you tend to think about everyone. Others seem to lack social graces or be quite blunt and just blunder in without thinking about social graces, which bothers you as you do think about social graces. Everyone seems a bit too concerned with their own personal feelings and emotions and they tend to blow up about every little thing. You may find and feel at times that you are the most intellectual, clever one in the room and may fall into the trap of seeing yourself as intellectually superior over everyone else. Others can be a bit too passionate and not really think before arguing or losing their temper, they might not think before they speak. You are always aware of words though.

Earth ASC - Water DSC

With an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) on the Ascendant, you see yourself as realistic, practical and grounded. When you walk into a room, you don’t make a big show, you tend to be unassuming and reserved, but friendly. You see yourself as “normal” compare to other people, whatever normal is. You are concerned with how things should be and if things aren’t to your standard or expectations, you might start to internally judge and criticise. Material needs are important to you and if those aren’t provided, you can also start to judge people.
You have a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) on the Descendant, so you tend to see and experience everyone else as emotionally messy. People are too whiny and cry about things whereas you tend to just get on with fixing things if they are a mess. You don’t dwell in your feelings, but other people do. Their emotional messes can stress you out. Others may appear to be distant and detached too, but it’s likely that they’re just in a protective shell. Everyone may seem a bit emotionally high-strung and don’t know how to relax due to their strong emotions, whereas you feel and appear quite relaxed in social situations. Others may not be as ambitious or as work-oriented as you, and you may fall into the trap of either criticising them, or trying to fix their lives when they may not need or want to be fixed. You give people practical advice rather than emotional sympathising.

Water ASC - Earth DSC

With a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) on the Ascendant, you see yourself as as emotionally intelligent, and aware of emotions of everyone. You also see yourself as someone who is caring and nurtures the emotions of a situation. You aren’t as concerned about practical things or maybe ideas or making things funny or light; you get down and dirty with whatever mood or feeling surrounds you. You could be taken advantage of in this way. When you walk into a room, you blend in and want to merge with your environment - you do not want to stand out or to be different in any way. Usually, you maintain the status quo. You also tend to absorb the feeling of people around you.
You have an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) on the Descendant, so you tend to see and experience everyone else as too concerned with practical, ambitious, material needs, rather than the emotions of people. Others are too ambitious and work-oriented, too goal-oriented and focused on where they are going next, whereas you feel that you aren’t this way, you tend to be more about going with the flow of your feelings and doing what feels right, not necessarily what you should do. Others may come to you for advice and nurturing, either emotional nurturing or material nurturing, and they can deplete and drain you. You may feel that no-one is concerned about your emotional problems, but you are concerned with everyone else’s. Other people’s mess upsets you, people need to clean up after themselves.

Loki’s New Nickname

Originally posted by wandering-in-hopeless-night

Warnings: Immense fluff, cutesie whipped cream and strawberries and chocolate syrup fights, tackling onto to the kitchen tiles, awkward choking on food, SMUT, fingering, hand jobs, oral, (female receiving) lovey dovey loki

A/N: The wonderful Delilah ( @papi-chulo-bucky ) helped me write some of the smut for this, i became bloody clueless. the (*)  in certain parts of Loki’s speech is a quote (linked)  I’ve used from a blog I found, (trust my you’ll like the sound of it)

Word count:  4812


You were wondering around the tower, a book in hand and your reading glasses in the other. You had just finished a sparring session with Steve, showering and then putting on some lounging clothes; a baggy vest and some pyjama shorts with some fuzzy socks.

Times had changed with the Avengers; grudges were slowly dissipating, mutual dislike turned to civility and Thor and Loki had become loving brothers once more.

Loki was usually isolated in his own mind, he was a social vampire when it came to gatherings; you wouldn’t get a word out of him unless you invited him into the conversation. He became a good man- it took him a while to earn the trust of the people around him and it took him a while to learn how to control his powers to use them for reasonable purposes.

Everyone was still skeptical about him, though, especially Clint. The whole mind control back in New York made the man uneasy and on guard constantly. Natasha had to keep distracting him whenever Loki joined everyone in the living area, for the man shot imaginary arrows in his general direction.

You had reached said living area and you heard howling laughter. You peaked around to see everyone laughing, apart from Loki.

“What’s going on guys?” You questioned, placing your book on the stand next to where the god was sitting.

“We’ve given Loki a new nickname.” Tony snorted. You rolled your eyes, knowing it wasn’t going to end well.

“And what would this nickname be, exactly?” You arched your brow at them whilst crossing your arms across. The guys, especially Tony and Sam, kept doing shit like this and it annoyed you to no end. You wanted Loki to feel welcome here, and they were making that impossible for him.

Horny.” You heard Loki mutter softly. You turned and looked at him then, emerald eyes meeting your wide ones. “Because of my helmet…What does it even bloody mean?” You kept hearing snorts of laughter in front of you and sneered at the two ‘grown ups’, but you had to stop yourself from giggling.

“Y'know you’re real funny, Tony, Sam, whoever made the nickname needs to grow up.” You picked up your book and sat next to man on the leather couch. “Just ignore them, Loki, they’re children in adult skin.” You whispered softly.

“I still want to know what it means, though.” He mumbled to himself, he shifted slightly and his arm brushed against yours, the coolness of his skin behind the thin material of his t-shirt making goosebumps rise upon your skin. “What are you reading, Y/N?”

“Oh, I’m reading The Rise and Fall of the Krays. Yeah, it’s a true story about two really famous gangsters in East London back in the… 1950’s? I think? Let me double check,” You placed a finger between the pages so you didn’t lose yours, and flipped the book to look at the blurb on the back. “Ah, the 50’s AND the 60’s. I was close.” Loki gave you a small smile and returned to looking out of the window.

You sat in a comfortable silence for a while, the sound of soft breathing and distant conversations filling your ears, that is, until Tony piped up.

“We’re all going out in 10 minutes, wanna join, Y/N? Or are you staying here with Horny?” The man chuckled.

You usually declined going out- the hustle and bustle of busy bodies and widely socializing making you rather uncomfortable. You scoffed at Tony’s childish words.

“I’m keeping Loki company, so no thank you, manchild.” You smiled sarcastically at Tony and then looked at Loki. You jumped ever so slightly when you noticed he was watching intently.

“You don’t have to, dear. Go out and have some… Midgardian…fun…” He cringed at word 'fun’. Loki wasn’t used to Earth, still, his idea of fun was pulling pranks and scaring the shit out of people.

“No, no, I’d like to stay here with you - don’t give me that look, Loki -” You were cut off when you heard multiple farewells, returning them briefly. “I don’t like crowds…or large parties that much.”

“Ah, I see. I hope I don’t bore you too much, petal.” You blushed at the nickname he gave you. You and Loki had grown closer during his time at the tower; small talk turned into full blown conversations, boring nights turned into ones where you could bask in each others company for hours, no physical contact became small, innocent touches, but he was still very timid, though.

You shot up from your seat, heading towards the kitchen area, you felt the pang of hunger reside in your stomach, so you had to eat at least something to make it go away.

“Loki, would you like something to eat? I might make some waffles.” You received a hum and a soft 'please’ from him. You quietly turned to see him take a peek at your book and you smiled slightly.

You soon finished cooking, 4 waffles in total. You plucked needed confections out of the cupboards and fridge; chocolate syrup, whipped cream, strawberries.

Before you ushered Loki over, you connected your phone to the sound system and played some music. The place was silent, so you wanted to change that. You skipped through your music list, fist bumping the air as soon as you found ‘No Scrubs’ by TLC. It was one of your favourite as a young teen and you swayed to the beat whilst happily mumbling the lyrics.

“Loki, come get your waffles!” You hollered, the tall god swiftly made his way over the the kitchen, sitting at one of the stools by the island.

“I must admit, petal, I’ve never had these before.” You gasped at his confession, awestruck that he had never tasted the sweet food before.

“Oh, gosh, Loki. Here- try some of mine, I’ve got strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream. I promise, it’s really nice!” You urged, you took some on your fork and held it up to him. “Taste it.”

He timidly leaned forward and took the food from your fork, his teeth baring. As he chewed you saw his eyes roll back with a moan. You bit your lip as you saw his head roll back, exposing the fair skin of his slender neck.

“Lord, if I ever knew how good these tasted, I’d have them everyday. May I?” He gestured towards the confectionery on the table, you replied with a ‘of course’ before you dug into your own, you done good.

A soft tune came on, and you recognised it to be one of Hans Zimmer’s masterpieces. You always played his music whenever you and Loki basked in the late night silences, it relaxed him and helped him focus whilst he read, he told you.

“Could you please tell me the definition of ‘horny’ now, Y/N?” You choked on what you were halfway swallowing.

“U-um, yes, okay, er…” You stuttered, you really wanted to save Loki the embarrassment, but it felt like you were the one in said state.

“It’s bad, isn’t it?” Loki muttered, shoveling more waffle into his mouth.

“No- it’s just crude.” You grimaced. “It means a-aroused…” The clatter of Loki’s fork on his plate startled you out of your embarrassed dazed.

“Well, Stark is in for a thorough beating, dare I say. Not only is he humiliating me, but he’s insulting my helmet-” He stopped when he noticed you staring at him in shock, scared he would lash out and break any plates.

You noticed his amused gaze upon your face, he started to chuckle lightly.

“W-What? Loki, what’s so funny?” You laughed as you cocked an arched brow at him.

Seeing him so happy made your chest swell and a smile tug at your lips. Loki found it difficult to let loose, for he was almost on edge all the time, worrying that if he took his mind off of reality for just a second, something bad would happen.

Your eyes widened as you watched Loki swiped cream across your nose, you let out a shriek as you watched his hand dip into the little scoop of cream and swipe across your cheek, creating a giant line of the white substance.

“You…You’ve got a little something right here, Y/N,” Loki spoke, but this time, his voice was deep with seriousness. His eyebrows furrowed as his gaze focused on your mouth. You watched as his finger gently touched your lip, before smearing more of the cream over your mouth.

You gasped as you felt the cream on your face, but this time he wasn’t getting off the hook. With a sudden burst of confidence, you lunged forward and with all your might, tackled him to the ground. You both landed onto the kitchen tiles with a loud thud, knocking over the stools that were beside you in the process.

“Oof!” Loki wheezed, “Ooh, my head…” He winced, holding his large hand to his head.

“Oh! Loki I-I’m so sorry!” you cried before getting to your knees and placing your hands on his shoulders. You peered down, trying to catch a glimpse of the spot he was holding, but instead was met with his trademark smirk. One that everyone knew meant trouble would soon follow.

‘Uh oh’ you thought. You immediately sat up straight, trying to make sense of why he would be looking at you that way. Before you could think, you felt two strong arms wrap around your body and pull you back onto the floor. He pinned you down with a strong arm before wiping more of the cream from your jaw to your neck. You gasped at the coldness of his slender fingers mingled with the cream and you wriggled underneath him, though he was tall and lithe he was heavy against your smaller form.

Loki managed to wipe more cream on you, not allowing you to escape from his strong grasp. His arm slipped and he accidentally wiped some of the sweetness in the valley of your breasts, both of your breaths hitching.

Loki’s playful facade fell as soon as he caught a glimpse of the small opening of your vest, which gave a perfect -and might he add, amazing view of your breasts. His eyes focused on your body, taking in every single detail it had to offer. From your chest, to your hair, all the way down to your hips. Dare he admit it, but he was enchanted by you.

“Forgive me,” he spoke, his voice soft as his eyes met yours once again. “But you truly are…one mesmerizing creature, Y/N.”

You swore on every single star in the sky, you felt your heart swell with the sensation of longing. You slowly reached a small hand to move a stray piece of raven hair away from his face, your fingers lingering on his jaw a few moments longer than they should have.

Everything was a blur as you felt Loki’s cool lips against yours, the mingled taste of strawberries and cream lingering on the supple skin. You laced your fingers into his long hair and tugged him closer to you, pressing your lips harder upon his.

You were jerked back to reality when you felt him pull away.

“I- I’m sorry, Y/N, for being so bold.”

“Shut up and kiss me, Loki, I haven’t gotten sticky whipped cream and chocolate syrup over me for nothing.” You giggled, pulling him down once more. You moaned as you felt his cool tongue brush against your own, your hips unconsciously bucking to meet his in pure need. You squeaked when you felt cold fingers brush against your jaw, tilting your head to the side.

Loki’s lips left yours, placing feather light kisses against your skin in a pathway to your neck. As lips and tongue left a wet path in their wake as they lapped up the whipped cream left there, you whispered his name, the sound of your voice and the bucking of your hips against his made him groan.

“Do you have any idea how much I crave this? Crave you? The taste of you? The feel of you? (*) Oh, darling, I’ve had plenty of feelings for you since the beginning. So beautiful, so kind, compassionate. I hope my feelings are not unrequited.” Loki confessed, his mouth brushing the valley of your breasts ever so slightly, collecting the white sweetness with his tongue.

“L-Loki, I’ve had something inside me, yearning for you, for a while. I need you, please.”

With that, Loki stood up from the kitchen tiles, pulling you with him. Gently pushing you against the counter, his hands found your hips and hair, he couldn’t decide whether to bring you closer or push harder against your soft body.

You let out a small whimper as his hands slowly snaked their way down to your hips, his nails dragging along your flesh teasingly, making you suffer in the best way possible. Loki dipped his face until it was resting onto your shoulder and began pressing little kisses along your skin.

A small sigh escaped your lips as his kisses slowly began traveling to the flesh beneath your ear, his lips sucking just enough to get a reaction from you. His hands worked their way from your hips until they were resting on the waistband of your shorts, tugging them down slightly..

“So beautiful,” he whispered, his voice was deeper now, yet filled with a hint of sincerity.

You felt your pyjama shorts sliding down your thighs, before they pooled around your ankles with a small plop, leaving you only in your underwear and fuzzy socks. You hastily kicked thee shorts from around your feet and your socks, sending them flying to the side of the kitchen, before leaning back into Loki’s touch as a kitten does it’s owner.

“I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to do this, my love.” He confessed as he began undressing himself, slipping off the dark sweater from his body and revealing his incredibly toned torso. One that you found yourself growing extremely wet at the sight of. Loki was beautiful, despite his differences from his brother. To you, he was perfection.

“Please,” you whispered, feeling his erection pressing into your bum through his jeans. You felt his hands slowly making their way to your vest and one by one, began to unbutton each of the little buttons.

“Have patience, my love.” he smirked as he fumbled with the final button on your vest, pulling it back and letting the material slide off of your shoulders and onto the floor beneath you both, revealing the soft bra underneath, Loki dragged his slender fingers across the fine lacework, admiring the beauty of such an undergarment.

You could hear his breath hitch as his hands finally rested on your breasts, his slender fingers massaged each of them softly. He dragged his thumb across your nipples, before giving each of them an experimental flick over the thin material of your bra. You arched into his touch, your mouth forming an O.

“Oh my,” you breathed as a wave of pleasure coursed through your body.

He let out a breathy chuckle as he pulled away, earning a small whine from you. Loki quickly rid himself of his remaining clothes, tossing them to the floor without a single care in the world, leaving him in only his tight boxer briefs, his hardness apparent under the thin material.

“So eager, yet you listen to me so well, come, my love. Follow me to my room.”

Bending over slightly, you hastily picked up both of your scattered clothes, trying not to make your rendezvous obvious to those who came back this way. As you straightened, you gasped as Loki turned you around and bent down, throwing you over his broad shoulder, taking you back to his room.

“You cheeky bastard!” You squealed as you felt a light spank to your backside.

“Tsk, tsk. Such profanity from a pretty little mouth like yours, Y/N.” You both laughed at this, you let your arms dangle over his back and you dragged your blunt nails across his flesh only slightly, and you felt him gasp at the sensation. You got a lovely view of his behind and you smiled to yourself.

You felt Loki’s hands grip your thighs, gently digging his nails into your soft flesh. You arrived at the door then- because your felt your feet brush against the solid door. Loki turned the handle and walked in swiftly, setting you down on your feet. He twisted his body and locked the door, you watched as the muscles in his back rippled with his movements and were completely lost in him.

You were brought out of your trance when you felt Loki’s plump lips brush against yours and feather light fingertips brush against your waist. You let your mouth go slack against his, allowing his tongue to brush against yours again, mirroring the actions in the kitchen. You trailed your hands up his forearms, to his broad shoulders and all the way up to his hair, tugging slightly.

Loki let out a soft groan against your mouth, sending vibrations right down to your throbbing heat. He hunched and dragged his hands to the back of your thighs, not once breaking your ongoing kiss, and hoisted you up against him, pushing you gently against his bedroom wall. The coolness making you shriek, making Loki pull back to look into your dilated pupils.

“I’m a frostgiant, love, I don’t need my room to be warm, you should know that already…” He mumbled, placing butterfly kisses into your neck. His erection was pulsing against your heat and you ground yourself down onto him, both sighing at the tasteful friction of his hard cock against the damp heat of your panties.

He pulled you off the wall then, setting you down onto the soft mattress of his bed. He nestled himself between your soft thighs and kissed you fervently. You became nervous; you had done this before, but this was a whole different atmosphere, Loki was different to the rest of the men you had slept with. He was powerful, dominant, he was from another fucking realm for god’s sake.

Loki could feel you tense against him, “I sense your unease, but I’ll be gentle, my love, I promise, there’s no other way I would want this, with you right now…” His words were silk as he spoke and he connected your lips in a passionate kiss that made your arch your back, keening for more of him against you, you shifted your calf around his waist, pulling his hips closer to yours, eliciting a sharp groan from his chest as he felt your soaked panties grind against his clothed cock.

You rocked against each other like ocean waves, his hips shifting against yours, finding that much needed friction, “My sweet girl, so good for me, buck your hips, let me feel you against me.” The soft spoken words against your lips sent shivers down your spine, making you arch your back into him, your clothed core grinding against his once more.

Your lips broke apart, green eyes stared into Y/E/C and you felt his fingers tug at the waistband of your underwear asking for permission, and you granted him just that by swiftly nodding your head, bringing his face down to yours, kissing him deeply.

As Loki dragged your panties down your legs, your squirmed in excitement, the feeling of his cold fingers against your scorching skin making you wetter and wetter by the second. Kicking your panties off your ankles, you felt Loki set himself between your thighs once more.

“Do you want my fingers inside you, petal?”

“Mmm, Loki- please, I need you.” You soon felt to slender fingers part your wet folds, rubbing gently from your entrance to your clit, and you moaned loudly at his touch. He spread your slickness throughout your heat and slipped a single finger inside your sex, languidly probing at your g-spot.

“Such a good girl, Y/N,” Loki muttered, watching you as your face contorted in pleasure, your teeth digging into your bottom lip.  “So wet, darling, so wet, all for me?” You hummed and threw your head back against the soft pillow as he inserted another finger, curling and dragging them in, out, in, out.

“L-Loki, keep going and I’m going to-to cum.” You choked. At these words Loki quickened the pace of his fingers whilst his other hand came to to toy with your sensitive clit, bringing you closer to climax, but as soon as you neared the brink he removed both hands from you, making you whine.

“You’ll cum around my tongue first, petal.” His voice was low, gravelly, and it made you take a deep breath, your chest heaved in anticipation as he brought his fingers to his mouth, sucking your juices off of them whilst keeping his emerald eyes locked onto yours, the action was so erotic you couldn’t bare it.

He proceeded to kiss you then, the taste of yourself on his tongue as his hands reached behind you to rid you of your bra, flinging it across the room in haste. The cool air of his room made your nipples harden, making Loki take the chance to tweak and roll them between his fingers, making you take a sharp breath as you arched your back, yearning for more of his touch.

He shifted down the bed and used his large hands to part your thighs, his grip tight but gentle. He blew a soft puff of cold air on your heat and you jumped.

“You are a goddess, you deserve to be worshipped properly, pleasured like there is no more time in the world, let me give you this, Y/N.” You felt Loki’s tongue lick a thick stripe up your glistening folds. His tongue gently separated your lips, nudging the small sensitive nub that was your clit. You weaved your fingers through his thick, dark locks, tugging sharply.

You gasped, feeling the amazing sensation between your legs. You had your fair share of men please you throughout your life. You’ve had them try their hardest to touch you just right, eager to find what makes you tick. But none of them, no matter how hard they tried, could achieve what Loki was currently achieving at the moment. He made you crumble beneath his touch within seconds, and worshipped your body as if it were the last thing he would ever do on Midgard.

Your fingers weaved their way into his black locks again, gently tugging them as his lips connected with your clit gave a harsh suck. Your body, as if it had a mind of its own, arched off of the bed as he pleasured you, one of hands stayed gripping your hip as the other slithered its way up your abdomen, massaging each breast.

Loki pulled away suddenly and peered up at you, his mouth and chin glistening with your juices as he gave you a mischievous smirk. “Does that feel good, my love?”

“Hmm, yes, Loki-”

“That’s it, Y/N, say my name,” He intentionally groaned, the vibrations sending jolts of pleasure straight through your clit and you tumbled down from the immense orgasm. You were a panting mess, writhing and yanking at his hair as you came down from your high.

“I-If that’s what your tongue can do I can’t imagine what your cock can-” Loki silenced you with his lips, the familiar taste of yourself lingering on his tongue. “No need for filthy words, Y/N” Loki muttered against the skin underneath your ear, he could feel hot precum leak from his painfully hard cock, it almost drove him insane.

You relaxed and draped your arms around his neck, basking in the temporary silence, the only sound being both your heavy breathing. You snaked your hands down towards his hips and you palmed him through the thin fabric of his briefs. A choked groan tumbled from his lips at the gentle feeling. You continued to rub your palm across the length of his erect cock through the thin fabric, making Loki buck his hips into your touch.

“You can take them off, love.” You hooked your thumbs into the thick waist band and slowly tugged them down, your small hand curved over his ass, squeezing slightly and giggling at his shocked reaction. Loki didn’t flinch when the cool air of his room brushed against his swollen length, and it didn’t surprise you; he was a frostgiant.

He kneeled and shifted his boxers down his legs because your arms couldn’t reach. His cock stood proud and tall against his pale abdomen, the pinkness of his head contrasting beautifully against the pale.

Loki hissed in pleasure as your warm hand wrapped around him, your fingers smearing the precum around his tip. You began jerking him slowly, squeezing him here and there.

You let him take over, and you spread your legs until you were completely exposed to Loki again. Your breaths came out in short little puffs as he hovered over you, his green eyes darkened with a lustful gaze. You felt your entire body humming with excitement as he reached between your bodies and grasped ahold of his cock and gently ran it along your glistening slit.

His eyes found yours once again, but this time, instead of the predatory, lustful gaze, it was filled with love and passion.

“My love, as much as I want you to take you now, have you any precaution?” Loki’s gaze was serious, and he was relieved when you murmured the words ‘I’m on contraception’.

With a languid thrust of his hips, Loki was sheathed completely inside of you. You took a moment and felt the fullness of him inside you.

Loki held one hand on your hip as the other caressed your jaw as he gazed at you.

“You are divine, my sweet girl, so beautiful. (*) I will take you. Slowly, softly. And then I will claim you. Swiftly, thoroughly. So much that you will cry out for more. Your gentle whispers of my name shall become ragged screams of exhilaration.” He claimed your lips with his he began to slowly thrust in and out of you, the lude sound of slickness along with the sound of heavy breathing engulfing your senses.

Your arms hooked under his and your nails dragged down his back, bucking your hips to meet his thrusts.

“Patience, remember what I said, Y/N.”

You became the opposite, you wanted him thrusting harder, deeper, faster, you needed him pounding into you. Your wishes came true as you felt Loki’s large cold hand inch your thigh above his slim hips. Loki began to quicken his pace, though he kept his grace and steadiness whilst sucking your lip into his mouth, his teeth nibbling at the soft flesh, bringing a groan to rise from your throat.

“Ah-aaahhh, Loki I-” You hissed through your teeth as you felt bottom out, the tip of his cock hitting your cervix, as he pulls out to push back in again, his head brushes against your g-spot. Loki anchors himself by threading his fingers into your hair and pulling- not too rough, and not gently either. His other hand ventures down towards your heat, his fingers begin to draw pressured circles around your bundle of nerves and you begin to writhe against him in pleasure.

“That’s it, my good girl, cum for me, yes, cum for me, Y/N.” You feel your walls clench around him as your orgasm approaches at his words, with a swift pinch to your clit with his cool fingers, you come undone around Loki’s cock, your muscles contracting against him, adding pressure to the thick vein on the underside, egging his own orgasm on.

“Ah, fuck, Y/N. You’re so good for me, petal, my goddess, let me see those beautiful eyes.” Loki’s face contorted with his orgasm, as yours did prior. You felt the hot, thick streams of cum fill you as he almost collapsed on top of you and it prolonged your own orgasm, making you scream his name.

As Loki pulled out of you, he peppered tender kisses over your shoulders and neck. He shifted to lean on his elbow to look at you in your naked glory, the sweat was apparent on both of your flesh, gleaming in the soft light emitted from the lamp next to your head. Loki stroked a single finger over the skin of your cheek.

“I don’t think I’ve loved anyone as much as I love you, Y/N. It’s such a foreign feeling.”

“It’s okay, I love you too, Loki,” You pulled on a strand of his hair playfully, a smile adorning your lips, “though, I think we should shower, my hair’s gone a bit sticky from the chocolate syrup…horny.


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