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i was v turned on by maggie interrogating and i high key feel like alex would be to (aka we always need more smut written by you)

Alex watches.

Watches still with disbelief that this is her girlfriend.

That her girlfriend is interacting with her best friend.

That her best friend is clapping his hand on her shoulder because she’s fighting for him – she was fighting for him from the beginning – and he has no idea how hard.

Alex does.

Alex knows that her ass of a partner’s been racking up the number of lives he shatters and calling it fun in the precinct pool – the one competition that Maggie always turns down.

So she watches as Maggie makes that adorable little oh my god you weren’t exaggerating he really is as extra as Kara I love him so much what the hell how is he real face in response to Winn’s boom; watches as she teases Winn and maybe makes him a bit terrified: a good big sister’s job, as Alex comforted him lovingly last game night.

Watches as the woman she’s falling in love with – is already in love with – what’s this supposed to feel like, anyway? – whatever it is, it’s perfect – entwines deeper and deeper into her life.

“Think I scared him?”

Alex slings her arm around Maggie’s shoulder and relishes the way Maggie automatically leans into her, relishes the way she reaches up and puts her own hand on Alex’s shoulder.

“Almost as good as I do.”

Relishes Maggie’s adorable giggle, her perfect smile that Alex feels, hears, rather than sees.

“Take me home,” she tells her, and she relishes the way Maggie swoons at the intimacy of the statement, the way that – for the first time – it feels right, it feels natural, it feels perfect.

“Mmm, Danvers, my place or – “

“Nice work today, Sawyer. Good to see you arresting the bastards instead of protecting them for once, huh?”

And suddenly the perfection is gone, because Maggie’s body is stiff and her stance straightens and her perfect smile vanishes.

She nods stiffly at her partner, and Alex could kill him, and Maggie knows it, because Maggie feels the rage coursing through Alex’s blood. And that rage? That rage is what keeps her calm, keeps her voice level, keeps her suddenly slightly trembling arm around Alex’s shoulder bravely, as she counters smoothly, “Well, not all of us need to beef up our records with profiled cases, partner.”

“You accusing me of something, Sawyer?” His thin lips curl and Alex nearly reaches for the laser gun in her waistband and Maggie nearly lets her.

“Cool it, man, I’m just trying to go home for the night.”

His eyes drag up and down Alex’s body and he smirks.

“Bet you are, Sawyer.”

Maggie is out from under Alex’s arm faster than even her DEO agent girlfriend can react, and she is mere inches from her partner’s body and despite having nearly half a foot on her, he backs up. He’s seen her in action too many times not to.

“You look at her like that again and I swear to god you won’t have eyes left to look with, we clear?”

“No need to get all – “

“We clear?”

“Yeah. Yeah. Clear.”

“Apologize to the lady.”

“Maggie, it doesn’t – “

“Yes, it matters. You matter, Alex. Donnelly. Now.”

“Apologies, Agent Danvers. You have a lovely night now.”

He retreats through the hall quicker than Maggie’s ever seen him move when not chasing down an innocent suspect, and she sighs with her eyes closed and relishes the way Alex’s arms wrap around her waist, the way her lips nudge aside her hair and find the nape of her neck.

“You didn’t have to do all that for me, Maggie. I don’t want to make work harder for you.”

He makes work harder for me, Alex, not you. You never deserve to be disrespected like that, you – what?”

She’s turned her face to look at Alex, and Alex’s eyes are fire and fierce, fierce desire.

“What?” Maggie asks again, a slow grin starting to form, because she knows Alex, and she also knows what excited Alex Danvers looks like.

“Take me home,” Alex repeats, and Maggie gulps and grins and giggles and practically yanks her out of the precinct.

They’re barely even in the door before Alex finds herself slammed against a wall, Maggie’s lips crashing up into hers, Maggie’s tongue slipping into her mouth and making her melt, making her moan, making her reach down to undo Maggie’s belt.

“Uh uh, Danvers. You gotta earn it,” Maggie chastises with a kiss to her nose and a grin so sexy Alex’s knees threaten to buckle.

“I didn’t earn it, Maggie? I busted a crime ring for you, I – “

“Yeah, you did, and while we can… discuss… how attractive I find that later, while you were spending your twenty three hours and fifteen minutes beating the shit out of bad guys, I spent my twenty three hours and fifteen minutes jumping through administrative hurdles and holding off my terror of a partner from hauling Winn’s ass back into the precinct and getting my ass investigated for assisting a criminal enterprise.”

“Well, see now,” Alex gasps as Maggie nips at her neck and runs her hands through her hair. “That’s the kind of day that deserves a reward. And that’s all I wanna do, babe. Reward you. For protecting my friend, for protecting his girlfriend and her brother, for putting yourself on the line for someone I love, for your principles. For putting yourself on the line for me. For looking so damn sexy in that blazer – “

“Oh, you liked that blazer, did you?” Maggie asks between open-mouthed kisses, letting Alex back her over to the couch, nodding when Alex asks with her eyes if she can lay her down and, practically whining with desperation when Alex asks if she can nudge her legs open with her thigh, if she can hold her hands down above her head, and grind down with her thigh. Hard.

Maggie gasps and tries not to let it become a scream, and Alex smirks.

“I did. So much authority in that interrogation room, Detective Sawyer.”

Maggie chuckles breathily and glances at the way Alex’s hands are holding her wrists down.

“Not so much here though, huh?”

“You can change that if you’re in the mood to,” Alex invites, and Maggie moves.

Moves faster than Alex has yet seen her move in bed, until Alex is pinned beneath her, panting and whimpering and spreading her legs and sighing in relief when Maggie presses her thigh between them.

“So am I any closer to earning it?” Alex wants to know, and the frustration of Maggie’s day, the tension in her muscles, all ripples across her face, throughout her body, as she practically growls down at her beautiful, perfect, preening girlfriend.

“Keep being a good girl for me and we’ll see.”

Alex shrieks and Maggie grins and kisses her forehead. “All good?” she makes sure, and Alex rolls her hips up into Maggie’s thigh in response.

“Please,” she pants.

“Please what, Danvers?”

“Take me.”

Maggie tosses her head back and groans from deep in her throat. “Yeah, Ally? You want me to take you?”

“Well you already took me home, so…”

Maggie’s heart leaps and Alex’s eyes soften from the lust because they’re not in Alex’s home. They’re in Maggie’s.


Their home.

In the same moment, Alex leans up and Maggie leans down and their lips crash together because home, home, home, and Maggie makes good on Alex’s plea to take her.

Takes her with her jeans still on and her hair a tousled mess, takes her with her thigh between Alex’s legs and her wrists held carefully above her head. Takes her with Alex’s desperate pleas for more and Maggie’s body shifting so she can unzip Alex’s jeans, so she can slip her hand beneath her underwear, so she can check in one, two, three more times before Alex begs her to just fuck her, please, please, please, and Maggie does, she does, and Alex grabs at her ass and prays for more and Maggie obliges, bracing herself with one hand next to Alex’s waist so she can get a better angle, so she can fuck her deeper, fuck her harder, palm her clit firmer, and she reminds her what a good girl she is, and she reminds her how tight she is, how amazing it feels to stretch her out, how incredible it feels to take her, her, her, hers.

“All yours,” Alex breathes right before she slams over the edge, and Maggie watches her face because her face is beautiful and her face is rapture and her face is lust and her face is something that Maggie dares to hope is love.

And it is, it is, it is.

Why you should give Rock Dog a chance:
  • Rather lovely visuals, fantastic lighting effects and expressive animation.
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • The campy, hilarious anti-hero that is Angus Scattergood. 
  • Really good music like REALLY good and not just the main theme the whole score is hella good and the guitar oh my god the guitar.
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • Honestly the whole world design is really fun and simple, very reminiscent of a level in an old video game in a good way. And everything works and has reasoning and makes sense it was obviously well thought out.
  • Charming characters?? Bodi is a sweetheart and deserves nothing but good things??? I loved Darma she is so nice and jaded but she never lets it make her mean??? And the ‘evil’ wolves were genuinely funny I loved them almost as much as the heroes. 
  • The running gag of Sheep being forgetful is pretty funny and never gets old. 
  • You cannot convince me that the two wolves(Skozz and Riff) who are tasked with capturing Bodi are not boyfriends ok they are cute and dating and I love them.
  • Same director as Surf’s Up and that movie is a blessing so???
  • The actual mean characters gets what’s comin’ to them.
  • No potty humor?? Or problematic jokes??? Just all around good humor that isn’t at the expense of anyone and puns? DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS????
  • Character Redemption.
  • Dumpster Pizza.
  • Bodi has some tough lessons to learn but it never makes him like mean or anything and in the end the world was just as good as he always believe it to be and I love that?????
  • Fleetwood Yak
  • There is a sheep who just walks around in a towel the whole movie. 
  • A sick end guitar battle with fucking fantastic visual effects and music.
  • A good message about not letting where you come from define you but ALSO never forgetting your roots and the people who made you who you are?? Which was surprisingly deep???
  • “Can we get a RED cord for the RED phone, please?” 
  • Really sweet and surprisingly down-to-earth father-son relationship. 
  • A goat character has a spiritual experience while staring at a french fry.
  • Lewis Black and J. K. Simmons and Mae Whitman like hot damn good voice talent? And it really shows.
  • Fucking Fleetwood Yak.
  • Did I mention the music because holy hell the MUSIC.
  • I was smiling the whole time the whole thing was so charming ugh bless.
  • Honestly it was just a good movie and it really shows that the people who worked on it really cared about it and loved it and made it the best they could and that alone should be enough to convince you to see it so SEE IT.

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golden maknae, jungkook, is ready for your questions! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

have gotten mentioned on these things like……………… so many times tonight and in the past so lemme just……. slide this in here

@promiseleven: ky!!!! hey! you’re so awesome oh my gosh, you talking to me means s o much and i feel honored to have a similar typing style to you. i dont know what you look like, but maybe we’ll brush arms when im in cali next month lmao 

@dadharbour: LEAH!!!!!!!! YOURE GETTING MARRIED!!!!! CONGRATS MY BRO!!! you’re so down to earth and fun to talk to, and you make me feel like im being babysat by my best friend’s cool older sister when we chat. one of the best feelings ever!!!

@raesberri: RAE OH MY GOD. i still get nervous when i message you is that weird???? you’re always super happy and bouncy in your messages. and youre SUPER pretty!!! your hair is everything!!!!!!!! 

@elevenknope: this entire list is Your Fault. you and your positivity. being a good person and writer. being nice to me even though im the worst and we’ve never spoken. stop that you’re making me look bad >:0

@eggos-and-promises: I AM STILL NOT OVER THE FACT YOU HAVE CARLOS’S LAB COAT. give it to me!!!!!! i want it!!!!! seriously though you’re so funny and nice to talk to, i just wish we did it more. youre my only friend who listens to WTNV omg <3

@ghost-grantaire: emma hi!!! we dont talk all that much but u listen to me get upset about nitpicky shit like whitewashing stan in the new it remake. you’re also rlly cool and when you reblog my posts i feel good 

@stranger-art-things: sofia!!!!! youre so cool!!! i associate you with snow and cold mornings bc once we talked for 4 hours and i napped once in that time on a cold smowy morning, i love your art and byeler (we’re in a drought rn please save us). i wish we talked more. ill get on that when im not busy and you’re less busy. ily

@the-weirdo-on-maple-street: i dont think we’ve literally ever talked but. you’re great, i love your blog, i hope you had a good purim and will have a good pesach. enough said. ily <333

@will-mike: mmmmm your edits are so goooooood omg i wish we hadnt stopped messaging. i dont have much else to say but i love love love loved talking to you

@reallyjustaneggoscommercial: hey!! pearl!! wedont talk anymore but youre s orad and i love you sm omg i dont know how to describe it 

@strawberryscoundrel: im not exactly sure who u are but our chat log is gold. look at it and tell me it isnt gold. ot3 and byeler YAS

i decided against the extra list so im just putting rlly rlly long ones under the cut eyyy

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Platonic/BroTP prompts

~Almost all of the prompt memes I see going around are at least mostly romantic ones, but platonic friendships are so important and fun to write about so I thought I’d make this! Send a name of a character and a number and I’ll write a short fic about my favorite friendship of that character.~

1. “I don’t think you understand how much this means to me.”

2. “You are the best friend I’ve ever had, and I don’t want to lose that.”

3. “Newsflash, I’m still really fucking gay.”

4. “I…I hate you.”

5. “That was the worst pun I have ever heard, you idiot.”

6. “You’re such a nerd.”

7. “Oh, God, why do I know you?”

8. “This! This is why we are best friends!”


10. “Who do I need to kill?”

11. “Holy shit why do you have a cat in your backpack?”

12. “Can I borrow a piece of paper?” “No, I don’t want it back.” “Shut the fuck up you knew what I meant.”

13. “Do you need me to come take care of you?”

14. “I told you so.”

15. “Don’t you dare say I told you so.”

16. *just a facepalm*

17. “You look like crap.” “Thanks.”

18. “Call me back.”

19. “It’s been ten minutes and you haven’t texted me back, are you still alive?”

20. “Movie night?”

21. “Get your butt over here.”

22. “Look at this picture.”

23. “I…I think I’m gonna cry.”

24. “This is without a doubt the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me…Am I about to die?”

25. “Did you kill someone? Hold on, I’ll be right over to help you hide the body.”

26. “Stop smirking or I will stab you.”

27. “How are you doing? And don’t lie.”

28. “You really love them, don’t you?”

29. “I’m making popcorn.”

30. “I have invented a new game–No, it’s nothing like the last game. That one was just a bad idea.”

31. “I bought you a teddy bear.”

32. “Aw, does someone need a hug–holy shit, okay, you do need a hug.”

33. “You’re gonna be fine, nerd.”

34. “Nothing could possibly have prepared me for this moment.”

35. “You’re my new best friend.”

36. “You’re basically home to me.”

37. “I’m bringing you soup and a blanket and I’m gonna stay as long as you need me.”

38. “I fucking love you.”

39. “Don’t push it.”

40. “Road trip. You, me, the world.”


42. “Do you remember that day?”

43. “You need to play this video game.”

44. “You’re going down.”

45. “Dude. Chill.”

46. “If all else fails, we should just get married.”

47. “That was surprisingly deep.”

48. “There’s a new guy/girl at school/work and I think I’m in love.”

49. “I drew you a picture.”

50. “Oh, my God, you’re wonderful.”

51. “You’re acting really upset. Are you okay?”

52. “I need you right now.”

53. “Okay, but hear me out–laser tag only the floors are trampolines.”

54. “You’re one to talk.”


56. “That was a bad idea.”

57. “Oh, no, no, no, please stop crying.”

58. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t hate me, but…I dropped your phone and the screen cracked.”

59. “Did you seriously just take seventy selfies on my phone? I HANDED IT TO YOU TWENTY SECONDS AGO THAT ISN’T POSSIBLE!”

60. “Please tell me that wasn’t permanent marker.”

61. “Go on the roller coaster with me?”

62. “I didn’t mean to!”

63. “They don’t deserve you.”

64. “Listen–and I’m telling you this as a friend–you need to change clothes.”

65. “Oh, honey…”

66. “If I’m going down, I’m dragging you with me.”

67. “Eh, we’re both going to hell anyway.”

68. “I’m disowning you.”

69. “What would you do without me?” “Have an actual social life.” “That’s fair.”

70. “Cross my heart.”

71. “That’s really gay.”

72. “Your music taste is atrocious, but I still love you.”

73. “I failed another test. I’m going to die.”

74. “Time isn’t real.”

75. “With that kind of logic, you’d make a great lawyer.”

76. “You look fine as hell.”

77. “Have I ever told you that I love you?” “Yeah, but you can tell me again.” “Nah.”

78. “What could possibly have possessed you to make you think I’d be okay with that?”

79. “You know you love me.”

80. “Okay, but seriously. Your loss.”

81. “I’m going to eat the whole thing.” “Do NOT eat the whole thing!” “…I ate the whole thing.”

82. “I can’t believe you’d go behind my back like this!”

83. “You look sad. Let’s go get ice cream.”

84. “I need a hug. A several hour long hug.” “I’ll be right over.”

85. “If you get hurt, I will kill them.”

86. “Everything hurts. I’m dying.” “Don’t be so dramatic.”

87. “I don’t like it when you cry, it makes me feel so helpless.”

88. “You should stay the night.”

89. “I expected more from you!”

90. “….WHAT?”

91. “I know it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, but…”

92. “I’m sorry, okay?”

93. “I can’t lose you like this.”

94. “Take a deep breath. It’s gonna be fine.”

95. “Dance with me, you nerd.”

96. “What did I do to deserve you?”

97. “You are actually the worst person I have ever met.”

98. “That was magical. Thank you.”

99. “Hello!”

100. “Goodbye, my friend.”

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i feel like you don't get nearly as much praise as you deserve and honestly that's such a HUGE injustice. i absolutely love your writing (anything you write is super fun to read and really descriptive and ahh). the genuine joy i felt when i saw you updated was unreal, but keep doing what you're doing because i adore ITDM and ITQM so much, and yeah, you're great dude. much love and hope this wasn't weird and makes ya happy and not weirded out


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This is not weird or anything, this makes me so happy! I was like “oh man well the UT fandom is dead thank god I waited so long to update” so it’s nice people still read my story, lol :D :D

i really like the idea that rudy and louise are always gonna be friends

like she’s his number one contact other than his parents for the paramedics to call if there’s an emergency

imagine rudy and louise going on adventures and rudy of all people unintentionally getting them into really serious trouble and louise just lighting up because, yes, i like this kid

but he’s also the one who kind of slows her down because “you can’t do that louise you’ll hurt people oh my god stop”

louise helps him sneak out at night because his mom never lets him do anything fun but always makes sure he’s back in time for his nebulizer treatments (it’s a treatment for breathing, they can be daily, twice daily, or more)

rudy helps her get into a few books and movies she’s never heard of because being chronically ill means you have a lot of time in the hospital and in bed and on the sofa where you can’t do much, so he’s culminated quite the library of books, movies, video games, etc. 

whenever he comes into the restaurant she makes sure to cook his food herself even if she’s on like register duty or something because goddammit that boy has a lot of allergies and medical concerns and she’s not letting her incompetent family (and, as an adult, her employees) mess up this burger and send her friend to the hospital

i don’t see louise getting married (my personal headcannon is she and the pesto twins are all on the aromantic spectrum and they all live together to get jimmy pesto sr. off the twins’ backs) but i could definitely see rudy getting married so just imagine for a minute louise, still clad in her by now old, ragged and patched bunny ears, in a suit as rudy’s best woman, completely micromanaging the wedding and getting shit done and probably scaring the poor bride a bit

imagine louise being like godmother to rudy’s kid, and whenever this kid needs their meds or whatever (some of rudy’s conditions are hereditary) auntie louise is in charge, hand me that freaking inhaler and oxygen mask, i can do this

imagine rudy having a bit of money set aside at all times because of how many times louise has had to ask him for bail

imagine rudy sometimes not being able to pay bail because he’s behind bars with her, and that was really dangerous louise why would you drag me into that that but in all honesty it was fun and adventurous and he’d totally do it again

louise and rudy being best friends forever even as adults and never being condescending towards each other and being supprtive please

Happy Klancemas everybody!~

Day 2 - Tradition / Nostalgia

It SHOULD be a tradition to have your boyfriend’s face on your butt!

But oh my god guys! Thank you for your notes and tags! It makes me really happy!

Oh my gosh totally amazing hc just popped into my head

–L starts using Kira in place of God just all casual like but totally low-key making fun of Light for calling himself God and generally being a melodramatic asshat and they both totally know it but Light can’t acknowledge it because come on man, he’s not even Kira so why should he care.

designing the business in hhd is exhausting
the first shop was fun but then a second, a third, a fourth?
and the eating areas oh my god
I’m on the department store and it’s just
okay here’s chairs here’s tables here’s food
for the two stores it’s just here’s tables with stuff on them
and a cash register
oh my god done okay give me something else

The Signs as Tumblr Fandoms

Aries: The Walking Dead 

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Taurus: Phandom/YouTubers

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Gemini: Marvel Comics Universe

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Cancer: Harry Potter

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Leo: Supernatural

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Virgo: Sherlock

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Libra: Lord of the Rings/Hobbit

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Scorpio: Orange is the New Black

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Sagittarius: Hunger Games

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Capricorn: Game of Thrones 

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Aquarius: Doctor Who

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Pisces: Disney

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Hey guys! I had so much fun making this post with ironiczodiac. Oh my god you have no idea how freaking amazing she is. Her blog is super cute and one of the best ones I know. So make sure you go and follow her! Love you!


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Are you a giggly drunk or a cuddly drunk or a fight-me drunk or a sobby drunk or a sleepy drunk

i’m so gigglyyy everything is just so funny when im drunk? i laugh at everything??? also i win cards against humanity when drunk 

oh my god @actualyuuri @forovnix we should play cah one of these wednesdays HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THAT BE? SOMEONE COULD MAKE VIKTUURI FANDOM DECK IN CARDCAST? AND WE PLAY W IT??? IMAGINE KIC CARDS??? AND ATWAS CARDS??? AND BTDS CARDS???????

i also sing a lot when im drunk

(ask me anything)

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Thank you for making that internet support group post, you know a lot of people forget that Dan is very very self conscious about the videos he uploads and everyone hyped this video up so much for something they needed that they are just being kind of rude now that it wasn't what they expected. Like Dan did say the video he was going to make just didn't really fit how he was feeling at that moment. People really need to chill and be kinder.

OH god yeah. i def played into the hype bc its fun but i Always made sure to clarify it was all just fun u know?? isg is one of my favourite dan series?es? and im really happy he uploaded bc i was super sad 2day and he made me smile a lot :(( hes like a big warm hug

I’m sorry for spending all my time on ripping on the dude’s acting skills, probably to hide my concealed adoration for THOSE BIG OL’ EYES. Honestly, half of it is likely due to the director’s direction/casting choices/script so it’s not always on the talent’s “talent”. 

But also he was young and shitty once so RELATABLE

In all honesty, I relate so much more to this guy than ever in just SO MANY WAYS and he gives me hope as a performer as well~especially just watching him quantifiably improve with each new script he takes on. I only wish I could meet him in person to tell him that. Ah well, maybe one day…

For now I’ll just sit here and make fun of his B-list movies cuz oh my bloody God…

this is the song that just.. makes me feel things. The first SSO game I played was the Winter Riders and I’d spend /hours/ at a time riding around. It was always lonely though. I loved that game and had so much fun playing it, but it always had a lonely feel to it for me. I always wished I could play with other people, like my best friend at the time. It would’ve made the game perfect.

Anyway, I loved the night. I’d never save at night because I would ride up the mountain to look at the stars. This is the song that would always play during night/early mornings. The piano tune is.. the sound of my SSO heart. 

It’s not always apparent but this game has meant the world to me. I really hope they never f*ck it up because I’m just.. I love this game. I’m behind on quests and I’d like it to stay that while for ages. I’m never in a hurry. I don’t like endings. I like doing daily chores, exploring, and making memories with people. I don’t like stories to end, I like new ones to begin. I’ve never been good with endings.

Anyway. I’m just horribly nostalgic now and will probably see if I can spend a night on SSO sometime soon because.. I need it. Wish I could put it into words but. God. This song is making me feel feels and I need to go lie down on the floor and stare at the ceiling awhile lol.

FFXV Voice Actors gameplay livestream Highlights


This is so hilarious and adorable, and soooo funny to watch. And the fact that they are THE VOICES of the characters just makes it 500% better. I feel so happy that they get so much joy and fun out of playing this game they helped make. They are as much of a fan of the game as we are, and seeing them enjoy it and have so much fun with it makes me really really happy.

Personally I lost it with their reactions to “a new Recipe”, and the photographs. And Adam Croasdell (Ignis´ voice) reading Oric´s Chronicle just made me freak out and melt at the same time.

Disclaimer: This is not my video, it´s from youtube, and if you want more info about it you should visit it and read the description.

(I know this is from the 1st of February, but I just saw it and I had to make this)

My dudes, imagine all the boys staying together for a night and helping Riku get ready to impress Kokona. Includes fun sleepover events such as:
-How tf do we slick hair back oh god my hands are stuck Sota what do you mean you thought we should use glue to make it work
-Ryusei that’s the 5th pair of glasses you’ve broken it really doesn’t take much effort to take lenses out of glasses
-Sora you probably can’t even spell suave stop trying to give Riku dating tips have u ever even seen a girl
-Hayato stop he only needs one piercing and we all know you are the last person who needs to give ANY piercings
-Haruto we don’t need explosives to make this work. Fires are not romantic if it’s enough to consume the whole school. You don’t need to conduct a scientific study on this Haruto please put the fireworks away.
-Riku stop screaming u gotta get this earring to get the girl now sit still we know she likes brain over brawn but she probably doesn’t want a wimp so shut it

And much more

Oh my god guys … the physical science lessons are so short and look like they’ll be so much fun … imma cry is this even reality I’ll be studying a subject I actually at least partially like (I’m a hoe for astronomy and can’t wait to learn more about it pluto is my confirmed bf).



Studying a subject that doesnt make you wanna pull your teeth out with a dinner fork?

What kinda world do you -